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Welcome to a slob comes. Clean the PODCAST. I'm Dana K. White I blog over at a SLOB COMES CLEAN DOT com. That's where I share my personal diesel vacation process as I figure out ways to keep my own home under control. I share the truth about cleaning and organizing strategies that actually work in real life for real people even those of us who do not like cleaning organizing. Thanks for joining me today. This is podcast number two fifty two and I think I'm going to call it Limiting what comes into the house. We'll see anyway so I'm answering a couple of listener questions today and In it there are two questions related to that and then when that's not related to that but whatever anyway so that's what. I'm going to basically be talking about today in case I'm super rambling. You know the stuff that's going on right now. On March of twenty twenty you know. It's a little overwhelming and I've had kind of a morning but hey I am recording a podcast. Let's see if I make any sense. We'll see what happens okay. I'm before we get started though. I want to remind you that I do have books that are not super rambling. And that had editors and everything who like make sure that everything all made sense and I went back over two million times and spent over a year writing it and Blah Blah Blah anyway Those are available. Wherever books are sold you can go to Ace. Lob COMES CLEAN DOT com slash book. And that will give you my I Anyway it'll have links to wherever those books are sold which is everywhere all the different formats. So they are how to manage your home without losing your mind if you're feeling completely overwhelmed in your home right now like. Oh my word. I just don't know how it gets this bad all the time and what is wrong with me. That's the one you need 'em and then there's decluttering at the speed of life if you're wanting to declutter and you're feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed. That's the book for you so anyway. There's no one to start with. I'm just saying but Those are available in audio form. E-book kindle nook all any paperback whatever okay before we get to the two questions that are more related to the actual title of the PODCAST I did have one that came to me And I'm just going to be honest. I have been meaning to do this. Podcast with answering questions for a while and I had written out notes for it and then I didn't save it and my computer turned off and I don't know which documented is and I just don't have the energy right now to like do a major dig in my computer to find the recovered about whatever anyway so. This question is from memory Also I it's been so long that the questions. I thought I was going to go back and check in my instagram messages. Yeah those do go away after a while so anyway this is one of the and it was basically about the trip up issue of there being one or two dishes that need to soak When you are getting your dishes done at night now to be clear especially for those of you who are all day and have weird schedules right now yes I am I mean. I have t shirts that say do the dishes. Okay I mean like I am huge about doing the dishes but the time of day is not actually the issue. Okay for me. It works best for me to to do them before I go to bed. Put them away in the morning And then that way I can just keeps things running more smoothly. Not that things are running smoothly and my house right now but whatever But that's not the like whatever time of day works best for you and you're GONNA only figure that out by doing your dishes and figuring out what works best in your home so it's not so much an issue of nighttime but anyway it was at the question was what do I do when I can almost have the dishes done and yet I have one thing left to soak okay. Here's what I'm going to say about that And this is one of those things where I don't have all the background and everything and because I don't have the thing in front of me I just remember this being one of the things I was going to talk about so I don't actually have the what somebody wrote as their their question. If it was you were not okay. There's like what twenty thousand of Y'all that listened to each episode within the first week or two and I just said I don't know if it was you which feels weird but whatever anyway. I think this is an issue that a lot of us have however for me. This was an issue that I had before I was actually doing my dishes every day like it was a predicted issue for me. I assumed that would be one of the problems with doing my dishes. Every okay well. Yeah but what if I get them all done and then I have something that has to soak and so they're not technically all done. That was my tie. It was a predictive trip up something that I was. Pretty sure would be an issue if I would do this everyday k. Here's what I have to say about it once. I started doing my dishes every day like literally every day. I found that I rarely had the need to soak things because a lot of times what I was soaking was something that had sat for awhile. Sat sets it. We know it's not sitted but y'all seriously my brain issues. Anyway that had been on the counter for a while. Let's say that that had been on the counter for a while Getting Christine Christine. Okay once I started doing the dishes pretty much every night you know. Then it was only a couple of hours at the most after the pan- had been used that I was washing it and things didn't you didn't need to be soaked as much the other thing too as a. Lotta those dishes I'm not telling you which things to put your dishwasher or not because I put things in my dishwasher. I'm not supposed to just deal with the fact that they're not as pretty as they used to be so. I'm not going to tell you to do that because that's your business but by doing the dishes every night. I generally have room now. It's a little bit harder right now because at the moment we're using a lot of dishes okay and I'm generally running my dishwasher twice a day but or at least like an extra time every other day or something anyway. Whatever like I said things are not great right hearing them on that front but when I was running my when I'm running my dishwasher every night I generally have space in it for some of those bigger pots and pans. And here's the other thing. Make sure you're using high-quality dishwasher detergent. You're doing dishwasher okay. if you're handwashing and you are sure that it needs to be soaked let it soak at the beginning of your handwashing okay and then by the end most likely if you only used it an hour or two ago. Most likely by the end of this round of washing the dishes. It's GonNa you're GONNA be able to wash it pretty easily kate a hand. Wash it if you're using a dishwasher. I recommend that you get the tablets or pods okay. And I've explained this before. I think I had a podcast on getting the most out of your dishwasher This is something that I as a super duper cheapskate used to not do. But when I went to the Maytag labs years ago eight years ago now. Goodness gracious that's crazy Or longtime ago at least however long. It's been one of the things that they talked about. Was that because of different changes in what was allowed to be in dishwasher because of environmental type things When they had they had to remove one of the most common ingredients that they use to To have in dishwashing detergents for dishwashers. And when they did that Was around the same time that pods and tablets and things like that started to be really popular and so they started putting all of their science all of their research into tablets and pods and so that was. That's why those items are much more effective. Okay so if you put a pot or pan or something and it's not getting that clean check and see if you were. You're using the more expensive stuff because I'm telling you it's not that much more expensive. It's more expensive. Yes but it's not much more expensive and it is so worth it to me to have my dishes. Get sparkly clean okay. 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I can spend a hundred dollars and get enough toys for the year at regular price. It would only be enough for one or two items. I don't know how to get the best deals while not going overboard. How did you cope with items for pennies at yard sales verses the prices after the yard sale break So I have another podcast on how to stop cluttering and it basically is on this concept. That might be another good thing for you to listen to at that point I mean or whatever after this. I don't know like I said random words coming out of my mouth today. Here's the thing for me. Yard sales were my Kryptonite. I mean like I was obsessed with yard. Sales loved them. Planned out had so much fun. I really honestly. It was something I truly enjoyed doing. I enjoyed the hunt of to yard sales. Not Knowing what I was gonNA find. Getting shockingly amazing deals on all kinds of crazy stuff that was I. I'd look back now and even though at the time I would have said that I was doing it to help my family. I look back now and I acknowledge that it was more about the hunt than it was about the deals I was it was much more about the thrill of finding staff and getting great deals that it was about me actually needing these things that I was getting great deals on okay. So as I've changed now you know we do. My daughter and I went to some garage sales well back a couple months ago before there weren't grudge hills anymore and You know we were specifically looking for an office chair. She wants an office chair for her room. And so I still will go. But it's when I need something specific now. The hard part about that is if you go to garage sales every single week. Oh you go find a lot of office chairs. You're gonNA find one this week and then you're gonna find even better when the next week and then the next week you're going to be like. Oh my word. This one has all the things that those other two didn't have an. It's only two dollars or whatever and you're going to bring all this stuff in your house. That was me okay. So did we find an office chair? No we did not have. We survived. Yes we have okay so and here. Here's here's the thing and I always hesitate when I'm answering questions because I don't want anybody to feel like I am picking on them but I wanNa make sure you understand that I'm coming from my own. Having had the same exact issue. Okay you also know that. I was a coupon her when I before I started the blog or when I very first started the blog and so yes I was all about getting those deals even when it wasn't a garage so but shifting that perspective and realizing that I had too much stuff in my house. And that's where I have to say that if you're listening to a podcast about decluttering and if you are sending an email to me I feel like I should be safe to assume that clutter is an issue. Okay which means at other thing when I answer these questions is y'all we all have these same issues. I mean that's the thing I've learned over and over so I'm not picking on any one person but I'm saying most likely clutter is a struggle you otherwise you wouldn't even have sought out or found my podcast and blog and books and stuff. Okay so you know because I know people who are major bargain hunters and don't have cluttered houses. So obviously there's something different there. Okay it's not the bargain-hunting what the real question here was. How can I stop from getting too much? So here's where the practical things come in going when you need to. Even though it's taps a maybe you you can still shop for sales at the time when you need something. They're not going to be as great of a sale as they were. When it was seventy five percent off but often I have found. I'm more able now because I don't get things ahead. I feel like I get things that are a little more personalized for my kids. Not that they're necessarily toy age anymore. They're not wage anymore But I'm able to get things a little more personal than back when I would just grab grab grab anything that they might like. Okay because then the things that they might like would come into my house and make our house harder to manage okay. So it's kind of a win win even though they're not getting as much stuff. They're getting a little more like okay. This is what they're into this actual moment so we we have my sixteen year old home. Goodness you guys. Teenagers are really fun and they really are. I love them like it's so much fun but who anything you thought you were getting away with when they were little. Oh it's GonNa come back okay and one of the things that my sixteen year old brings up all the time he's like. How did you convince me to ask for a tool set for Christmas? How did you convince me that I wanted a tool set for Christmas and I was like because I found it on sale? That's why I did it now. That's what I had to do when the kids were little because we didn't have a whole lot of money but So there's nothing wrong with that but what I'm saying is it's kind of Nice nail to be able to wait now. It's hard now because we do have more money than my than we did when my kids were little so I. WanNa make sure that I'm not acting like oh just spend more money. It's no big deal but at the same time even back. When I was shopping for sales I was going against my GRANDPA's which was always. It's not actually a great deal if you don't actually need it. Do you see what I'm saying? My husband just walked through the room everybody. He waved. Okay soon now. This gets awkward. Okay anyway so But but it's not it's not actually saving money because even though yes. I only spent ten dollars for what I might have. If I'd paid full price I might have spent four hundred dollars for a whole bunch of stuff and I didn't actually need it so I would've saved even more money if I would have only gotten what I need whatever. So how do you go about doing that? Well the container concept okay first of all. Try to just shop for what you need. Which is really hard and I know. That's difficult to say But it it comes down to the Container Concept K. The container concept is. This is the amount of space that I have in my home to store toys. That are going to be given to my kids over the course of a year for their birthday for Christmas whatever. This is the amount of space that I have. That is your determining factor on how much you buy versus how much you can get for one hundred dollars make sense so ultimately you know that amount of space. This is the space we have which means you go. Look at that space before you go. Hit that seventy five percent off sale. You don't go to this or if you get to the seventy five percent off sale and you realize that you didn't look then You know maybe you run home and look at it or you ask somebody who's allowed to look at that space to take a picture of it or something and send it to you and say so you can have visual realistic understanding. Of How much space do I have to store these things ahead of time because it is great? I mean it's a great way to make your life easier and save money and Blah Blah Blah to go ahead and pre by while things are on sale. However if you're struggling with clutter. It's likely that you're overdoing that okay. Which is what this email is about. So I understand that. It's just all comes down to that container concept. This is the amount of space that we have to do that. And maybe if you can't resist the sales to realize okay because I know my kids had way too many toys. I mean it. All kind of went together back when I was shopping at garage sales and couldn't believe that I was getting this fifty dollar toy for two dollars and so I was buying twenty of those fifty dollars toys for two dollars. Each my kids at the same time had so many toys that are play room was literally knee deep and couldn't even be played in and their rooms were complete disasters and so all that stuff kind of went together for us. Was this meat overbuying. Because I was putting myself in situations where I was finding all these amazing deals on toys and so I was stocking up on toys and their spaces were disasters and we couldn't keep that under control and it was very hard for me to stay under our clutter threshold under the amount of stuff that we personally could keep under control easily and that being unique to each child of what they personally could keep under control easily. All that went together at the same time me over buying them having more than they could handle. Jerem saying okay so The other thing too is to go ahead and declutter right. Now if you're listening to this in real time and April twenty twenty. It was March earlier because I might have. Who knows anyway? But if you're listening to real time you can't go to these sales anyway although you can do them online but you know what I mean And your decluttering instead. Go ahead and declutter declutter their toy area. And be honest with yourself as you declutter. Be Realistic about the money that you spent on this even though it was a great deal. And what did it didn't get get used because that for me personally was the very best way for me to get over. Spending money on sale items was decluttering and realizing. Oh yeah that was two dollars wasted. That was fifty cents wasted and it made our home harder to live in and gave my kids more than they could handle. Who which was my fault and and with that I started to change my mindset in go maybe instead of ten toys for one hundred dollars. Maybe it's actually better for me to have to toys for that hundred dollars that I was going to spend anyway or even best to toys for twenty dollars so the decluttering will help to change your mindset So it all comes down to the container concept comes down to clutter threshold and realizing realizing your clutter threshold by doing the decluttering and acknowledging which things you thought were going to be great and weren't and that's going to change how you look at things even when there are a great deal you're gonna see things differently because you've declared so much stuff in your house. Okay let's see. Here's another question. Do you have any questions you use for new stuff? That has just come into the house to decide whether it should stay. She doesn't mean intentional. Purchases but like for example empty kitchen roles for craft. I think that's paper towel rolls Or a pretty shaped box that something came in or nice wrapping paper. That could be reused. Both of her children left a craft but only intermittently but they both loved the idea of it and so they always want to keep stuff like that and she says I kind of do too because it's useful school projects CETERA. Do come up. Is it a container concept thing and the answer to that is yes okay. We're done no but yes it ultimately has to be a container concept thing meaning you know designated space for craft projects and then as things come in they go in there and when it's a designated space it will trigger in your brain that it's completely full or almost completely full of empty paper. Towel Rolls. Okay or you know pretty boxes or something like that and win. It's a contained space. A designated space and pretty box comes into the mail. I mean comes in the mail just recently. My daughter has been taking several really cool boxes that have come in the mail. And she's MoD putting them and she's using them for something specific okay and so. I am more than happy for her to do that. The reality though is we have boxes come in all the time and so I'm not saving them for just in case. I'm just saying Oh. This one's cute. Do you want or feel free to take any box that you see but I let them go. Because I know that more are going to be coming in the future but if you want to keep it if you WANNA keep it in a space it needs to be a designated space that you can't afford to give to it okay. So the container concept is you have to fit your whole life within the space that you have to live. Which means that. It doesn't make sense for you to have an entire room dedicated to craft staff and then there's no place for the new baby to sleep. You know unfortunately as much as you may love craft stuff. The reality is the new baby. Needs a place to sleep okay. So that is how I had to change. My thinking is is to go. Oh okay while prioritizing people I people come first. We need the space to do the things and live and sleep and do the things that we need to do. And that takes top priority over storing things but if you have the space to store it and you want to keep these pretty boxes then as you get a new box and you think Oh. This is such a pretty box. You go take it to the space where you have designated that those are going to go and you go. Wow I have six other boxes that I've saved and we haven't even used yet and so it may make you go. Oh Yeah I don't need to keep this one or you may say. I have six other boxes that I haven't used yet but I really like this new one that came in. And then you just say okay. What what in here do I not like as much? Maybe WANNA keep all the boxes but there is fifteen paper towel rolls and you can get rid of three those to give room for this box or whatever but it's space for space concept of the container concept and it applies to everything. Okay or like I said I had on here or use it right then and that was what I was talking about with my daughter and using the boxes. We just kind of as something comes in we say. Do you want to use this or not? And you know you might decide my kids really like to use these repurposing more than they like the set of really cool paints and paint brushes that so and so bought them. You know the paints and paint brushes. Sit there while the boxes and the paper towel rolls get used so that means that the boxes in the paper towel rolls deserve space more than the paint or vice versa. Whatever okay I feel funny saying. I hope this has been helpful. I think it may be has been mostly. I hope it's been comprehensible. I think that's a word. Okay that's where I am today. I don't even sure what words are. Words okay I will talk to you guys next week bye.

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