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TV rewind episode. Three hundred sixty five. Hello and welcome to TV rewind episode three hundred sixty five for the week of January twelfth. Twenty twenty I am Stephanie Zimmer. Happy to be with you once once again happy new year. It's been a while since we've chatted so I'm sure you've been eagerly anticipating a new episode waiting waiting waiting and it didn't happen since November and member Thanksgiving time and here. We are now in the New Year. And all I I can see about December as I was watching a lot of homework movies. And if we're honest I'm still watching them because they still have a handful from this year and my new work work schedule is taking my by not giving me a lot of opportunity to get caught up on things but I'm here now in the New Year and hoping it can have a little bit more consistency with this New Year. But time will tell. This podcast is sponsored by Bass David Michael Donna Donna. And Lisa thank you for being five dollars a month sponsors and Wayne and mark as our one dollars a month sponsors. Thank you so much you can join them at Patriotair Dot com slash TV rewind which I'll link in the show notes and there's also a button on the homepage of the website here on TV rewinding bring Mr thoughts in the last week television. We'll take a pause for the news rewind the last week in fast forward to next week so we have a lot of stuff to talk about since I last recorded boarded which seems so long ago now. A whole bunch of renewables ride with Norman Rita's for season five on AMC. I did not know it was going for that long. The Marvelous Azel for season four and Amazon has renewed that in the wake of quote their most watched opening weekend weekend ever. So that's awesome. I'm GonNa talk about that show later. But it's fantastic star trek card for a season two on CBS. All access assessed that is before season one has even premiered van housing for season five. which will be its final season of thirteen episodes on Scifi raising dion for season two networks? I've just heard about but it sounds like an interesting premise. Killing Eve for season. Four on BBC America. Uh again before season three has premiered American Horror Story for seasons eleven twelve and thirteen on FX in new Amsterdam for a season three four and five on NBC and making it for a season three on NBC. And the ones in that less than I am the most excited about are the marvelous Mrs Mazel. I just adore that show and making it is really fun. Show too and I don't watch any reality. Shows goes but a competition show about crafters. That's hosted by Amy Poehler and Jim Offerman. I mean that's ed recipe for greatness and it is it is great you should. You should watch it. I would highly recommend that you watch it if even if you only have a mild interest in crafts but you have more interested in amy and nick. 'cause they are they make the show fantastic back. The judge is on the other. Hand are not fantastic. If I'm honest but the hosts are great and the contestants are awesome and they do. Some crazy crafting stuff and it's great. I highly recommended the W is kicking off the New Year with a huge renewal. Bang picking up additional seasons of thirteen current shows basically their entire lineup except for the ones that it or ending the list of the show is confirmed for next season include the flash for season seven Riverdale for a season five supergirl supergirl for a season six black lightning for a season four. DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW FOR SEASON. Six all American first season three charmed for or season three legacies for season three in the dirk for season three Roswell New Mexico for season three and freshman series bat woman and Nancy drew also scored renewables as did. And you think this was a joke. But it's not even dynasty coin indices indices in four has been renewed. That's a lot of shows to renew and they do this every year. But I'm always shocked that they continue to do it. Just announce them all at the same time especially because this is really early to do it usually do it out. February or March said dude in January is like very confident of them. So I'm excited the flash skying back. I have really enjoyed that show. Even even the fact that it's in season six now and you know after a certain point you think they'd only have so many stories pseudo. They continued to kick them. But I gave up on Riverdale. I really gave it a good effort for a long time and and I was kind of phoning in for a while last season and then going into this season they did some really weird stuff last season and are almost ready to quit. And then I had to wait to watch the period episode in the premier which was great and then they started going off the rails again with their stories in Iowa's output so I'm out supergirl. I'm almost out on that one. But I'm not going to quit the superhero show and they have those characters occurs as part of this crossovers that happen and I do like the characters are involved. So I'm not quitting that Joe but I have been tempted from time to time for sure tomorrow is always great. I'm excited for that. Came back very I think. Back this week with the crossover and that's all. I'm watching on that list. I only watched the pilots of bet woman and Nancy drew sure and they also announced that. Katy keene which is the Riverdale. off-shoot will be launching on February sixth. And that has received an order for thirteen additional scripts. I will not be watching that one. I mean I like Lucille Lot but I'm just not on interested all right. We gotta start at the good news. Let's move on to the knock. Great News cancellations and with an e after three seasons On netflix and in Canada and third season is out now mystery science. Three thousand after two shoe seasons of the revival on Netflix. I'm so sorry David and Fred and everybody else. WHO's watching them? Maybe it'll come back. Different Form Hope Springs Eternal Rate Reef break after one season on. ABC daybreak after one season on Netflix. And sweet sweet better. After two seasons on stars those last three I've never even heard of before I saw these news p pieces it was also announced that brock. Meyer will we'll be ending after season four on IFC which seems to be a mutual decision amongst the cast and creators. So that's good good. They didn't get cancelled. They made a decision and fresh off. The boat will also be ending after season six on ABC. When I first saw this piece of news it was recently because I saw it on a list of shows were ending and I was like wait? Did I miss something that it was cancelled. And I didn't see it so I went back into the archives and I saw that this was actually announced at the beginning of November that it was ending. I was very surprised to see the news if we're honest because the whole constant constant sleuthing that happened last season like oh that spells trouble for the show. Maybe it'll be cancelled but it turns out as I continue to re different things about this and ABC has come and shared their thoughts at the TCI winter. Press tour. They said it would hadn't and it did not have anything to do with that. Although in the MEG reminds Yet did but the real reason is that it seems to be a natural end for the show because he's graduating high school. I mean what kind of stories you tell after that it seems to be coming to a logical conclusion and the show is still. Oh good but I think it makes sense after sixties comedy to move on and of course those constants will end the other the people in the cast. I'm sure wanted to move on with their life for the boat ending the season. And you know what I'm okay with that school or remain in session at ABC with a slightly different administration at the helm. The network has announced a full season order for the spinoff bringing its order or to twenty two and Tim. Doyle who assumed show running duties from the series co-creator in August is being replaced placed by CO executive producers. Tom Hurts and Vanessa. McCarthy hurts and McCarthy will be working closely with the co-creator Adam Africa Goldberg. So that's what's happening. I really like school watt so if they have new people that are already part uh of the show that are doing the show running. I'm cool with that. I mean I have been on shows where one person steps back so other people can do it. I mean it doesn't has anybody like a whole big Hullaballoo like one producer laughed and there's nobody to replace them. 'cause that's happened on other shows speaking of one. That's coming up later in the news news but I'm fine with it. I think it'll be fine. I really like the show a lot. And I'm glad that it's continuing to do good. In not great news. The audience now work has left the building. At and T.. Is shutting its network of original programming down after a a two decade run according to variety but channel will cease operations this spring in transition to becoming a preview channel for HBO. Max which is also owned by a t and t that's launching in May and is taking over the Internet because it seems like a lot of going to that show to that network of course as leaves the network's original series in limbo. The Stephen King Adaptation Mr Mercedes wrapped up its third season in November. No word on a possible four season louder milk oak a comedy. Starring Ron Livingston Livingston was renewed for a third season more than a year ago but as yet to air and and the ram calm you her was renewed for a fifth and final season in May but there are no official word on where these shows might land sources versus. Continue to say that they might go to. Hbo Max which would make sense. But no official statement has been made about that so so stay tuned for news about where those shows are going to go now that audience network is GonNa be shutting down. I never watched anything audience network so I don't have any eh claim on any of those shows but I know there's a lot of people who watch Mr Mercedes that I'm friends with so hopefully it ends up in a place. That is watchable for those people. The Connors will come down with a case of the presidential election fever this February when the Family Sitcom Dot com broadcasting live episode on the night of the New Hampshire primary. I suppose our primary in the Midwest is later on in the year so so it wouldn't fall into their season. ABC on Wednesday announced that the connors. We'll go live on Tuesday February eleventh with two separate productions for the East East and west coasts. The politically tinged outing quote will find mark watching the results of the primary for a school report with Harris who is apathetic apathetic to the electoral process and believes money's influence in politics. Means real changes impossible that seems appropriate Britt to think about that. Seems like an appropriate Way To think about it. It may not be true but it's definitely an attitude. A lot of people have the rest of the connor share their different takes on why they all think everyone should vote including they're working class perspective that they may have to vote for a candidate. You don't love but one that will screw you the least. ABC News Coverage will be incorporated into the episode in real time. All of this happens against the backdrop of romance that description continues when Louise who's played by Katie. Seagal gets an opportunity to that. Might send send her away from Lanford. This prompts the family to interfere in dance complicated relationship with her by throwing Louise surprise going away. Party creating major new tensions engines between Dan and his daughters. I really liked the connors a lot and I'm kind of on the fence about why this is a good idea or not to make an episode political. Because it's a real quick way to Haggar audience. Stop watching but I really liked the show so I will continue to watch it. And it's only you know a short episodes so I'm sure it'll be fine either way but just in case you wanted to skip that episode. Just know that it's going to be February eleventh. We have lots of announcements wants about networks and schedules because a TCI winter press services last week and ABC had a whole bunch of announcements. The done fees will be done for as of Wednesday April eighth when ABC air is the very final episode of modern family. ABC has announced that American housewife who returned to Wednesday nights starting march eighteenth. where it will I lead out of modern families final episodes at nine thirty then as of April fifteenth they will claim modern families hallowed nine pm timeslot and will it help their ratings time Tayo other midseason scheduling moves announced? Ask the winter press tour how to get away with murders own series as finale is confirmed to land on Thursday may fourteenth and it resumes its season on April Second Shark Shark tank will return to Friday nights leaf spot on February twenty eighth the baker and the beauty co two modern day fairy tale about an unlikely a couple who end their lives to be together starring Victor Razzaq from Jack Ryan Ryan and Natalie Kelly from dynasty whoa premier on Monday April sixth at ten nine central. I don't watch any of those shows is but I know people do so. I just wanted to talk about it for a minute. TV's much-anticipated Liz. McGuire revival has hit a snag original series Creator Creator Terry. Men's ski has stepped down as show runner on the Disney. Plus project prompting a pause in production fans have a sentimental attachment Liz McGuire and high expectations for a new series A.. Disney spokesperson told. Td Line after filming two episodes. We concluded that we need to move even at different creative direction and we are putting a new lens on the series. Men's ski was also attached Three Bible as an executive producer butts currently currently unclear if she will continue in that role a search for a new show. Runner is underway. I'll it'll be interesting to see who they actually get for this. And if they need to reshoot those first two episodes ones. There's somebody else in charge but I know a lot of people are excited for that. Show I mean I watched the original. I would definitely check it out eventually even though I don't have Disney plus but hopefully it works out good and bad news for Atlanta fans. You'll be getting more of Donald. CLEVEREST affects comedy. But you'll have to wait a little longer for it season season. Three of the Emmy. Winning series will consist of ten episodes rather than the previous eight which was announced the winter press tour but it is likely it won't air until January of next year with the eight episodes season four which was filmed at the same time slated to air that fall a good portion of Atlanta's third season what we filmed outside the United States with the new season. Picking up right where season two left off as for future seasons. Atlanta hasn't officially been renewed for season five yet but affects US definitely opened to keep hanging in Atlanta if Donald Glover is still interested and the spokesperson said as long as Donald wants to do it. I'm down for it and it's his choice. What does good I mean? The Creator Star show runner whatever his official titles. Those are should be the one that make that decision not the network. But it's not usually the case more. FX News from the press tour were basing criticism about its decision to launch American crime stories latest season which revolves around the Monica Lewinsky. INSKEEP scandal on President. Bill Clinton subsequent impeachment ahead of the twenty twenty election the cobbler is now backing off from the scheduling move in speaking to reporters at the winter. Press tour affects chairman maintained that the decision to put a pin in seasons threes. He's targeted launch. Date was driven more by production concerns. Ryan Murphy is probably objectively. The busiest manage show business and he's not available to Mr Production until March twenty first of this year. That means we won't be physically done actually shooting the episodes until October because of the long production. Shen so I think we initially announced that we'd air in September but I don't think that's reasonable given that it won't finish production until October. Asser one will schedule it. We don't know we sort of have to get into production sort of see how the production goes how long it will is going to be so it's probably TVD not at this time but definitely not temper so stay tuned for that. Whenever it's going to air is going to be based on the Jeffrey Tobin's bestselling book a vast conspiracy the real story of the sex scandal? That nearly brought down a president speaking of this case if you want to know kind of more of the real story instead of listening to a TV show based on a book. Luke that who knows how actually accurate is you should go check out. Monica Lewinsky's interview on Armchair expert. She goes into some detail there and how it changed her life in some good ways and bad ways to be linked to that in the show notes you can check that out affects has also announced premiere dates for some new and returning series launching early this year including what we do in the shadows second season and the long awaited foresees in Fargo. A slew of dates were revealed on the winter press. Tour shadows will and see see the sun. On Wednesday April fifteenth at ten nine central with the premiere of its ten episode. Second season two episodes airing that night followed by single angle episodes every week after better things will begin season four on Thursday march fifth at ten pm two episodes so to kick start the season. Fargo's Chris Rock lead. Fourth season will premiere on Sunday April nineteenth at ten pm again. Two episodes leading the pack among fresh fare. The new comedy breeders. Stirring Martin Freeman will debut on Monday march second at ten pm with two episodes and the DOCU series the most dangerous animal of all his set set for Friday march six premier with two episodes airing back to back at ten PM with three and four in the weeks to follow. I'm definitely a big fan of better. Things love that show. I'm glad that's coming back and I might check out Fargo. I didn't know the Chris Rock was going to be the star of that but I don't even know what the premise of it is. So maybe I'll look into that one as well seth Macfarlane is now doing business with NBC universal having signed an overall deal with the company that has reportedly worth at least two hundred million good for him and B. C. Universal content studios studios the New Business Division Outbid Twentieth Century Fox television where McFarland has created TV series for more than two decades. His deal with Fox expired in June and his first packed with NBC. You is said to spend five years for a nine figure payday under the deal. McFarland and his production company fuzzy door all developed and produced TV projects for NBC. You you various networks and platforms including the peacock streaming service set to launch in April. So the only thing that kind of curious about this. I wonder what this means for him at his Fox projects is he still going to be involved in family guy. American dad on the Oroville if he's doing win this other network. NBC related as deal expired. And so I don't know what it actually means but good for him in finding new ventures to be involved with but I'm not sure what it means for. His current projects likely indicative of both Fox series ultimate fates almost family and flirty. Dancing will relocate to Saturday nights to wrap up their freshman runs. Forty dancing and almost family will stay. Put this coming. Wednesday January anyway fifteenth but the week after a rerun of nine one one lone star's first two episodes will fill the Wednesday night. Then on January twenty ninth ninth episode of Twenty Four Hours to Helen back last man standing in the soon to Premiere Sitcom outmatch will fill the void as a result for dancing air. A two hour season finale on Saturday January twenty fifth. Almost family won't burn up. Its final final. Two episodes until Saturday February twenty-second so it doesn't sound like good news for those two shows. We have quite a few celebrity deaths to share about ten of them celebrated British British chef. Gary Rhodes who hosted. PBS's Master Chef USA with several UK. Cooking shows has died at at the age of fifty nine as of November twenty seven. He fell ill while filming a new. TV Show in Dubai eye shaft. WHO's restaurant roads odes? Twenty four earned a Michelin Star in two thousand five roads hosted a number of cooking shows in the United Kingdom including BBC. MASTER CHEF DOC before moving onto master CHEF USA which ran for two seasons on PBS in two thousand and two thousand one. Fox's Master Chef hosted by Gordon Ramsey debuted in two thousand ten and followed the format established by roads shows roads also co hosted a season of house kitchen in the UK. Okay after Ramsey departed. So that is British chef. Gary Rhodes who started the whole master master chef thing which is pretty cool. I didn't realize that was a thing that was started by somebody else. I always thought that was Gordon. Ramsey's thing so that's pretty cool to you. Hear the next one is actress. Shelley Morrison best known for playing maid Rosario Salazar on will and grace died of heart failure on December. First at the age of eighty. Three though Morrison was only intended to appear in one will and in Greece episode. Rosario quickly became a fan favourite character and Morrison went on to play. Karen Walker's housekeeper for sixty eight episodes of the show's original run. She did not rephrase the role for the revival and Rosario passed away off screen in November twenty seventeen installment and it was very powerful episode for the character of Karen and the actress who placer it was a really great episode for Morrison was also known for her work on the flying nun where she co starred as Puerto Rican nun sister sixto and enter showbiz career spanned more than fifty years with television credits included. Gunsmoke the Partridge Family L.. A. Law and murder. She wrote among many others. More recently. Only Morrison lent her voice to various projects including episodes of animated Disney Channel Series Handy Manny. She survived her husband. Spend Walter Dominquez set is Schilling Morrison from will and grace. The next one is Emmy and Tony Award. Winning actor Reina China. Liebman who played Rachel's father Dr Leonard. Green on friends has died at the age of eighty. Two as of December Sixth Lebron won an Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a drama series for final tidal role in the CBS crime drama caz which he co created treated as well he also originated the role of lawyer. Roy Cohn in Tony Kushner's Broadway play angels in America America winning a Tony in nineteen ninety-three but he is best known for T- TO TV audiences as Rachel's Dad. Dr Green on friends are role. He only he played in four episodes. He was a wealthy so surly man who divorced. Rachel's mother played by Marlow. Tom Thomas N season two and and delighted in antagonizing. His daughter's boyfriend Ross. His last appearance was in the two thousand four episode. The one where Joey speaks French during in the tenth and final season Lebron went onto play physician Dr Pup leader in. HBO's The Sopranos and appear uh season six episodes iota lent his voice of the character of Ron Cadillac in FX is archer pine the husband of his real life. Wife Jessica Walter her his other TV credits include law and order. SVU and murder. She wrote that. Is Ron Liebman from friends. The next one is caroll zero spinney the legendary puppeteer behind sesame street characters. Big Bird and Oscar. The grouch died on December eighth at the age of eighty. Five spinney originated the roles of Big Bird and Oscar in sesame. Street's nineteen sixty nine premier. He stay with the program for five decades waits until he retired in October twenty eighteen at the time of his retirement. He released a statement in which he said before. I came to sesame street. I didn't I feel like what I was doing was very important. Beg Bird helped me find my purpose even as a step down from my roles I feel I will always be big bird and even Oscar. Once it's in a while they had given me great joy led me to my true calling and my wonderful wife and created a lifetime of memories that I will cherish forever for his life's work. Expanding was the recipient of four daytime Emmy awards as well as the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences lifetime achievement award. The Library of Congress's is living legend. Award two Grammy Awards and a star on the Hollywood walk of fame puppeteer. Caroll spinney definitely will be well known for a long time in the history of sesame street. The next one is Rene amrried annoys best best known for his Roy Rolls on Benson and Star Trek deep. Space Nine died on December. Eighth of a medicine tastic lung cancer. Her at the age of Seventy Nine Arbor generous got his big break in nineteen seventy when he was cast. Father John McKay he in the nineteen seventy film mash. He works really over the next decade before he landed the series regular role. I'LL CLAYTON RUNNING MED endicott third on ABC's Benson which earned him an emmy nomination for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy Nineteen eighty-four then from nineteen ninety three to ninety thirty nine aboriginal race pro-trade Oto in D. S. nine in two thousand one arbor generous burned his second emmy nomination this time for outstanding guest actor in a drama series for his turn as judge man's on ABC's the practice just three years later he would join the cast of practice. SPINOFF Boston legal as a different character. He played managing partner. Louis Stan an for the show's first. Three seasons then shifted to recurring status beginning season for his. Most recent Primetime Gig came in two thousand sixteen when he appeared in four episodes of. CBS's Madam Secretary as Walter Nowak additional TV credits. Include episodes of criminal minds reigns the good wife crazy enemy. It's always sunny in Philadelphia the librarians masters of sex. NCIS and warehouse thirteen. That is Rene Rene Aborigines which I admit ahead to Google how to pronounce his name and help. I did it right. The next one is Danny Aiello. Best known for roles in Spike. Lee's do the right thing. Moonstruck and godfather per to he died at the age of eighty six on December thirteenth eighteenth. The renowned actor passed away in a New Jersey medical facility following an unspecified sudden illness. I L O got his start heart stirring with Robert Deniro in nineteen seventy. Three's baseball drama banged drums slowly. He continued making a name for himself the following year when he played mobster Mr Tony Risotto. In the Godfather sequel he ad libbed the now famous. Line Michael Corleones says hello. The actor was nominated for best supporting actor Academy Award for his performance as cell. Francine a Brooklyn pizzeria owner and do the right thing. A film the chronic race relations in the nineteen eighties. His character helped initiate the movies race riot after he shunned black celebrities on in his restaurant. Beloved Wall of fame. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for best performance by an actor and his supporting role in motion picture for the same role in Nineteen eighty-one. He won a daytime Emmy Award for outstanding individual achievement in children's programming for his appearance in the ABC after school special family of strangers other notable television credits include lady. Blue nineteen eighty five to eighty six Donovan. Ventura nineteen ninety eighty seven to ninety eight the mini series and last dawn in ninety seven and difficult people in two thousand seventeen. His film credits include once upon a time in America America in Nineteen eighty-four the purple rose of Cairo in eighty-five Harlem nights in eighty nine Leone. The professional and ninety four and lucky numbers Levin in two thousand six I allude behind his wife Sandy and four children that is Danny Aiello Chewy Bravo who served as Chelsea handler sidekick. On her e- Television Show Cha e talk show Chelsea lately died. Suddenly December fifteenth in Mexico City at the age of sixty three exact cause of death is unknown. Born Hazou Smell Goza in Mexico in nineteen fifty. Six Bravo was the youngest of seven children. The actor entertainer immigrated to the US F.. Fifteen moving to the San Fernando Valley in California before embarking embarking on an acting career in the nineteen nineties. Bravo's credits include films like Heim owners. In two thousand and five and pirates of Caribbean. At world's end in two two thousand seven his role as handler's sidekick on Chelsea lately gave him increased notoriety. He appeared alongside handler on the late. Talk Show from ninety two thousand seven to fourteen starring in more than one thousand episodes and it's no question that Chelsea handler. I loved him and two thousand twelve. He shared his battle with prostate cancer with his website. Latina the onus was quickly. You'd lead was treated quickly after his diagnosis. He also divulge. She was newly homeless at one point and that he was a recovering alcoholic. I've been through a lot in my life but it's how I overcome my struggles. Nine finally living my life sets Chewy Bravo and the next one really early carts close to home because fuller house is saying farewell to a very good boy boy in their family. We're sad to share the fuller. Faithful Dog Cosmo who grew up on our set pass away after complications from surgery. According to the official count tweeted on December sixteenth. There will never be quite another quite like our boy. We'll miss him forever. And the reason why this cut so close that we just lost one of our golden retrievers at the beginning of January just a few days after the new year last Friday and cosmo course was a golden retriever and he was a great little guy show according to fuller house. How's Lor Cosmo the character? Not The actor was the great grandson of comment. Who spent eight seasons as the Tanner's pat on the original fuller house by the way I haven't put Fuller House on my list for this for recommendation for this week was pretty good? The first half of this final season season was great anyway. I'm really sad about Cosmo as well. And especially because they've already finished wrapping up the series and then the dog dies a month later and they don't get to include that in the series so he gets to live a full life on the show very sad and it all happened after the show had already been debuted on net flex for the first after the season simply though doing for the second half controversial talk show host Don Imus who's popular show was simulcast on. MSNBC and Fox business for more than a decade has died at the age of Eight. Seventy seventy nine. I miss passed away in college station Texas after being hospitalized on Christmas Eve and he passed away on December twenty seventh starting his radio career back in nineteen sixty eight. I miss hosted a daily talk show titled is in the morning that originated in New York City and was eventually syndicated nationwide cured by dozens of stations and becoming one of the country's most most widely radio shows a rowdy mix politics and comedy along with celebrity interviews. Imus in the morning was picked up by Cable News Network. MSNBC Nineteen ninety-six and simulcast there until two thousand seven when he got himself in a little bit of trouble double and the network axed the show. And I'M NOT GONNA go into what he sad Kaz. It's very derogatory box. Business picked up the imus in the morning. simulcast in two thousand nine and aired it until twenty fifteen. I'm asking you to host his radio show until he retired in early. Twenty eighteen eighteen after a half century on the air he was also one of VH1's original disc jockeys when the music network launched in nineteen eighty five imus. I miss was inducted into the National Radio Hall of fame in Nineteen Eighty nine and the be broadcasting hall of fame in Nineteen Ninety six that that is radio talk show host Don Imus Silvio Horta who created the ABC hit ugly. Betty was found dead under on January seventh in an appearance suicide. He was only forty five years old whore to died of a self inflicted gunshot wound. According to sources sources. His body was found in a Miami Hotel Room on Wednesday Hortus. Mother Anna Horton and his Sister Hill. The Horton released Lisa Statement to the New York Times. It spoke to the circumstances surrounding his staff. There is friendships his love and his work in television and films. Silvio we owe touch the lives of millions hit an ongoing struggle with addiction and depression and through it all he always found a way to turn a struggle into laughter. He was kind and beautiful. Oh man he may be gone but his light will shine on. Oh man it's so sad such a great show and it's always sad to find out that you know someone who's involved in the show didn't have such a starry life. Despite doing a hit show he also created the UPN SCIFI series. Jake two point. Oh starring Christopher Gorham who was also on liberty later on and road for Scifis the chronicle plus he wrote the screenplay for the Nineteen Ninety eight horror film urban legend along with the sequel the final okay scientists Silvio Horta in the last one is buck. HENCH IS BUCK Henry. A writer who with Mel Brooks created. TV's get get smart and the frequent host during Saturday. Night lives early. Years died on January eighth from a heart attack at the age of eighty nine. Henry's early early writing credits included. TV's the Gary Moore Stroh and this was the week that was before he and Brooks created nineteen sixty five get smart which went on for I five seasons for the big screen. E- helped pen both the graduate for what she earned an Oscar nod the L.. And the PUSSYCAT. And what's up doc. Doc before he shepherded the short lived TV. Space Spoof Cork starring Richard Benjamin as the captain of an intergalactic garbage scroll on SNL. He hosted ten times from nineteen seventy six to eighty and put in at least a half dozen appearances beyond Matt playing recurring characters. Such as Mr Bentley. Who was straight man to John? Belushi Samurai and the father of bill. Murray's todd in the nerds as an actor. Henry's credits included the graduate. His nineteen seventy adaptation of catch twenty two and Heaven can wait which he co directed earning an Oscar nod with Warren Beatty as well as TV's Falcon Crest Murphy Brown thirty thirty rock as Liz. LEMON'S DAD hot in Cleveland and Franklin and Bash and that is book Henry and because you had so many announcements of of deaths which is always something that I like to talk about by. Don't always like to end on that. Especially when there's other things that are going on the news and this last week we had the Golden Globe awards so I just wanted to talk a little bit about who won each of the categories and any any thoughts that I had about the broadcast. Hbo Succession Amazon's Fleabag and HBO's Chernobyl led the TV pack each Picking up a pair of wins including the top prize in their respective races by outlet. Hbo Amassed Four Total Wins and while Amazon and Hulu each crab to netflix entered the night with seventeen total nominations but only car converted one for the crowns rounds. Olivia Colman not flexes. Unbelievable was among the Globes was nominated program only to get shut out for the night which is sad because I've heard really good things about. TV's Ellen DeGeneres was honored. This year with the Carol Burnett Award and Kit Mckinnon de an amazing job on the your speech and Tom Hanks was the last. Latest recipient of the sessile beat lifetime achievement award so let's go through who won four drama series the winner wise succession. which was a surprise? But I've heard really. Hey good things about it. I haven't seen it myself for a drum actor. The winner Wise Brian Cox for succession and drama actress. The winner was a Livia Coleman for the crown and I haven't seen either one of those shows so I have nothing to say about that category for comedy or musical series. The winner was fleabag for series. Actress was phoebe. Maybe Waller Bridge and comedy actor was Rami. Yosef for Romney and I haven't seen fleabag but they swept of the Emmys as well so that is not surprise me but very sad that Rachel Brosnahan did not get a chance to win this again because she was. It's great but you know flags GonNa do all the awards this year. Maybe that means that other people get a chance maximum goes. I don't think you astros continuing and I haven't heard of that. Romney seemed like a nice guy. I haven't seen that show for TV movie or miniseries turnover was the winner for TV. Movie or mini series actor. The winner was Russell Crowe for the loudest voice. The TV movie or mini series actress winner with Michelle Williams. First Bossy Verdon. TV movie or mini series. Supporting actor was Stellan Skarsgard for trouble TV series. TV movie or mini series. Supporting actress was Patricia. Arquette for the act she also won the Emmy. So I'm not that surprised about that. One and Michelle Williams also won the Emmy as well noble won quite a few things that does not surprise me. Because I believe they also won a Hawaiian Emmys as well. I have been a fan of Michelle Williams for a long time so I'm glad that she's getting awards. She made a political speech speech as she accepted her word to talk about the right to choose overall I did. I did enjoy the broadcast overall. They chose to have a repeat host this year and he did fine. I mean he's always entertaining -taining when he shows up some funny bits but it was kind of a lacklustre program. I mean I watched at work which I probably should not have been but it was not busy and there wasn't like a whole lot of standout exciting moments. There weren't many at all he was. Just okay much say about it. I mean usually really enjoyed at the Golden Globes because the the people who are involved get to drink and have a good time. I know it's kind of just okay and the last piece of news that I have. Is that Tina fey and amy poehler will return to host the Golden Globes next year. So I'm sure next room and have a lot more to say about it this year. It was just okay. The news was announced bipolar herself at the winter. Press tour on Saturday and and they've hosted three times before so I'm very excited to have them back. It's kind of strange that the Golden Globes seems to be going back to host that they've had before they've had continued the new success with like ricky surveys again this year and amy and Tina again next year which is fine. It's a fine choice to me but kind of boring but I'm sure they'll be great. They define the links. Anything I talked about you can find that at. TV Ran PODCAST DOT COM slash. Three six five and with that will move. Onto the weekly rewind. Nine Levine to that weekly rewind and talk about shows that have aired in the last week can give you some thoughts on what happened and this became talk about two new shows that have aired and that is the new version of party. Hardy a five on free form and Zoe extraordinary playlist on NBC. So we had the pilot for Party of five which aired on on Wednesday at nine eight central on free form. When I saw? They're going to be doing a party of five reboot but focusing it on emigrant issues and and having Undocumented parents being arrested and deported by ice kids are going to have to be raised by the oldest son. As like. That's interesting you know. It really could be. It could be really good could be really cheesy but you know the original show was really cheesy and I watched the original show not when it aired but you know many years later several years ago now but I really enjoyed it for what it was and you know what I really enjoyed this new version hailing ailing from original series creators. Amy Lippman and Chris Kaiser the two episode Premiere Kicks Off with Mom. Gloria Kosta and Dad Heavier akasa very much of the picture whereas the Fox drama never showed them but there are still plenty of similarities. Clarity's the original. The first thirty five had salinger's restaurant and the form freeform version the across appearance own a family dining established as well that is actually where the purest attained by ice in front of their daughter Valentina. Who is really good decrying? Which makes her very well put in this show? We pick up six weeks later. Gloria Harvey are still being held in a detention center and back home. The kids are holding down the fort not well. The House is a mess oldest daughter. Lucia skips family dinner to throw a party and his talking back to the teacher. Lucius twin brother Bego is barely keeping the rest. Run Afloat. Al this brother. Emilio is a womanizer and aspiring musician. Russian who is then tasked with carrying for his siblings. Not that he's around that much and he's definitely not a stabilised. Charlie was in the first show. Oh you know Charlie had to grow into the father role as well so that kind of works out in similarity. He didn't WANNA path to be the father role but he grew into it as well. So mealy we call into the vice principal's office about right listen as behavior and Betas absences and if the VP feels. The kids aren't being parented properly. She will have to report him to social social services which puts pressure on Amelio to keep the family together mainly Haider's inexpensive attorney to take on his parents case and the family freaks out when they find out that he paid seven grand to get this lawyer and it didn't actually do them any good at all even vows Al's teary plea to the judge that she needs her. Mom and dad isn't enough to convince the judge that the family is facing extreme hardship. heartbreak is anything but uncommon in these cases. The judge says the law is clear foul worries that she and her siblings will be split up so Melia moves back fulltime and quickly starts ordering the others around like Julia. Lucia tells Emilio to go to hell when he forbids her from going on school nights while Val resists her new early bedtime. Just as Claudia. Dead that Amelia in Beta have a fight. That is eerily similar to Charlie and Bailey really in the pilot of the original about how being the oldest doesn't Melia makes him apparent and he needs to get a job ace APP meanwhile glory glory and heavier or discussing. We're in Mexico. They should live once. They are deported. She thinks they should stay close to the border so baby Rafic and see his brothers and sisters and and heavier argues that the baby is an American citizen in already has the life that he was trying to get back to just before they boarded on the bus to Mexico. Glory Korea Heavier asked their kids to look after Rafeh. If you're not crying at this point in the episode you're definitely feeling it inside cause it's really hurt breaking. The parents are torn from their children and deported. It's just very very emotional and dramatic matic as it should be. It's very very sad even Amelia. Who can't visit his parents in Mexico because he's docker and we'll we will come back isn't it isn't emotional mess? He litter picks up the pieces taking over the restaurant. And actually pretty well. Considering echoing a scene between Bailey and Julia Lucia and Beethoven have a heart to heart on swings about their fears Beta whose natural naturally paternal athlete like Bailey. Reassure his sister that their parents figured it out with even less resources and so will they as the first hour comes to a close baby. Ross or it's crying in the middle of the night waking everyone in the house I think he just misses them. She comments as has the siblings agreed to take turns sitting with Rafa. When it's amelio stern he sings to a sleeping Rafeh then sings the song again? It's banish rush. And you definitely get another in your throat. Sal was the first episode. They also aired a second episode. But I didn't get a chance to see it yet and like I said I really enjoyed the original version of this and I'm really really interested to see how this plays out and I really like it a lot. It's definitely be checking out more and watching the second episode beyond I'll check in and let you know how I think it's progressing pressing. It definitely had a lot of callback. The original series. You can see how close these characters are to the originals. I mean obviously it's different contexts. Because they're you're in a different situation. There are different ethnicity but at least they're kind of following the same kind of roles that each of those kids hat the original series are the you know the older young adults whose parent role and then the teenage kids and the younger kid and the baby there all playing those roles very very well and I'm interested to see how this how this works and if the parents are able to have any interaction with their kids at all I mean it's a little bit different in this situation because the parents didn't die they're just in another country and and they'll still be able to you know call their kids and talk to them on a regular basis but we still have the concept of the oldest kids still having take care of the other her younger kids hopefully it works out well for them. I mean freeform shows don't tend to live on forever and some of the new ones really really cut off fast after a season or two so I won't be this one hangs around because I really liked it from the original premiere of it and I'm looking forward hard to sing more so if you WANNA check it out it's definitely available on line. You can find on free firm's website as well who very easy to find party if I I would definitely recommend you check it out. Even if you haven't seen the original series it might be interesting interesting to you to see how it is and if you like it. So it's on Wednesdays at nine central on free form and the second show I have to talk about is always extraordinary playlist list which also premiered this week and you have quite a while. He caught up on this one because it doesn't come back until February sixteenth on NBC. And Sundays have you ever wished that you could hear other people's thoughts. Zoe Clark can attest. The power has more drawbacks than you'd expect played played by suburban Tories. Jane Levy. Who is fantastic? In this role. She was so great. Zoe is an introverted Kotor. At the center of the series which made its NBC debut this week in the pilot episode. She reluctantly scheduled an MRI verse self. After after experiencing days of headaches her father played by the O. C.'s. Peter Gallagher suffers from a neurological disease. That has left him mostly immobile and unable Bulla speak. And so we just freaked out enough by your stress headaches and I pay to see a doctor and ensure she's not sick too but the poorly timed earthquake takes takes place while as always in the machine causing the technicians computer to go berserk and play all kinds of music at once. The ordeal only lasts a few seconds seconds but zoe leaves the Murray. She can suddenly hear other people's thoughts inside on which just sounds like a crazy premise. But it works really really well and I'm really excited about the show. Understand why her new ability fricks router. I there's nothing calming hundreds of people breaking into the Beatles help on the streets of San Francisco after all plus her life is complicated enough without hearing strangers inner monologues in addition to her dad's health issues in love hate relationship with her neighbour who's played by Alex knee. Well and she's great although she's she's various stereotypical right now and hoping that she gets out of just being the talk to African American woman. Zoe is in the running for a big promotion at work but she sort of tanks interbrew with her intimidating boss. Who's played by Lauren? Graham who is great later she finds that she's able to make emotional connections with others now. She's privy to their most vulnerable fought after watching her seemingly happy co worker Simon Singh mad world so eas able to strike up a meaningful conversation with him the next day. Hey she shares her father's dying of a rare disease and Simon reveals he struggling with his dad's recent suicide the to form of fast bond and it seems to be kind of a romantic thing until she finds out that he's engaged to a lovely woman named Jessica and he admits Zoe the way that he can relate to the emotional baggage more than his fiancee can a few days into the confusing new existence as a mind reader so he sits next door data Macau In Christ him sobbing that she doesn't feel like herself these days and could really use a sage advice then in a really the most tear jerking sequence of the episode so it gets to hear her dad's thoughts in song although he can't speak or move in real life he sings true colors to her. A wonderful fantasy sequence swang with her a slow dance around the living room while she weeps and suddenly you know tears in your own is within your body within you. Oh she seems reinvigorated about this musical number and things start looking up. She realizes that her dad is still processing. Everything happening around him and she decided to take him sailing for the first time in ages since he loved the outdoors when he was healthy. Zoe's mother who's played by Mary. Steenburgen and and brother joined the trip as well and her brother and her dad sweetly reaches for his mom's hand when they're out on the water which was really really nice. Meanwhile work a newly the energy. Zoe has a breakthrough and single. Hanley identifies a bug. That is in messing with one of her company's newest products. Joan Juliet Impressed Springs Zoe into her office for a second interview and Zoe is much more selfish word. This time as she describes why she should get that promotion and she does. She's now manager of Engineering and she looks more competent than ever as she struts off the elevator the next day of course. The high doesn't last long just as Zoe. Zoe is thanking her. Co Worker and best friend. Max Who's played by scholar Aston who we know can sync. Because he was on crazy ex girlfriend and pitch perfect and I think you is on Broadway as well for calming her work induces anxiety these last few days mech suddenly gets quiet then breaks into a rendition of. I think I love you. which absolutely stuns Zoe? Max might not know. He just revealed his romantic feelings for her. But Zoe sure does. And and she's real conflicted. Now this was such a delightful show and I would highly recommend it especially if you're a fan of musicals or fantasy shows are just over the top kind of shows if you are a fan of glee or La Stone. Don was very similar to this where I would hear you know. Songs over the top fantasy shows are are definitely my bag. I'm a huge fan of Jane. Levy a huge fan of Peter Gallagher and I hope that he gets a chance to sing even though is characters unresponsive responsive Mary Seen Merges Grade Schuyler on Aston is awesome. I really like the show a lot and I hope it does well. But I'm nervous because you know these high concept fantasy kind of shows don't usually last especially when they're midseason so I'm nervous so please watch it. So it doesn't get cancelled after three episodes and Lauren. Graham is going to be the straight women on the show which is GonNa Refund to watch so check that out you can find it on. NBC Dot Com. You can also find it on Hulu. And it's going to be starting February sixteenth on Sundays. Nine eight central on NBC. So at that move on to record for later and give a recommendation Ismay to check out on DVD streaming or on TV. And this week I have to streaming picks soundtrack season. One is now on Netflix. Six and if you have not heard about this show I would definitely recommend that you at least check out an episode Susan's suit and see what it's like. It has the bed of this. Is US vibe to it. Because it's telling a long story but you find out at the end there's a little bit of a twist that shows how the characters are connected so unlike so not unlike. This is us. There's a twist that connects all the characters and I. I really liked what they did with it and not only is it just a really good family relationship drama. But it's also a musical call because at frequent times in the episodes characters break out into song but in stead of it being just us them singing it like it is on Zoe's extraordinary pre lists here they are lip synching to pops on so that was kind of disappointing. It did not have the characters actually singing. But you know if you don't mind characters just randomly breaking it on like they do on this show and on Zoe's this extraordinary playlist. You might enjoy this one especially me. I'm a huge music nerd so I love one characters breakout countersign seemingly for no reason at all so I like it a lot and I've only seen two episodes so far it's definitely mature content but I really liked it a lot so I definitely would recommend that for you to check out if you're fan of musicals and my second in pick is the marvelous. Mrs Mazel Season Three on Amazon was really really great. And I'm glad that they have been already renewed for another season seasons season three was really an point. Some really great moments happened so definitely would highly recommend you. Check that out if you've fallen behind her haven't had a chance to ever watch that one. It definitely would would be great to check out. We are an Amazon affiliates. If you're interested in ordering anything to help us out you can do that by going. To TV ran. PODCAST DOT COM slash crash Amazon defined online twitter dot com slash Angel Steph or facebook at the scene Lincoln instagram angel. Six twenty one you could set a speed back at TV or rewind PODCAST DOT COM slash feedback. You can review and subscribe to us on Apple. TV Rent podcast dot com slash apple Or even Vina's rush android slash radio slash bill slash IHEART radio defined us on facebook spoke at facebook dot com slash groups such rewind or twitter dot com slash. TB rewind if you like to help out financially can do that by going to patriarch dot com slash ATV rewind. Thank you so much for your patience in waiting for this episode aspirin quite a while since I've recorded but as I said there was a lot going point nine watching a hallmark movies during December and I still am just had our best to raise very recently recently. So thank you for your thoughts and concerns for my family. Thank you for your patience in waiting for this episode you'd find all your episodes and show notes. TV RENARD GUESTS DOT com slash three six five. Thanks for listening. I will talk to hopefully sooner than last episode yeah.

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