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Tonight crowd control with almost every state in the nation partially reopening this weekend. Forty eight states including New York easing restrictions covert nineteen cases on the rise in five of them. The death toll topping eighty eight thousand some beaches reopening trial run before Memorial Day weekend concerns about crowds already a New York park painting circles in the turf to help people keep their distance. Alarming numbers in Texas after reporting. It's deadliest forty eight hours so far. A man Hawaii arrested for breaking quarantine. Police say after posting photos on social media news tonight about that rare but dangerous syndrome affecting children more than two hundred twenty cases in twenty states doctors now looking at cases from months ago looking for signs of the condition they may have missed the first time reopening reality check the tough restrictions in some states putting a stranglehold on small businesses trying to restart tonight business owners telling us what it's like and the alarming new stat about the restaurant industry. Also tonight president trump's late night firing of the State Department's Inspector General Democrats immediately launched an investigation saying the firing was politically motivated. Severe storms striking from Texas to the northeast. A lightning strike possibly igniting a massive fire at a condo complex heavy rain now slamming parts of the South and the tropical system gaining strength in the Atlantic tropical storm. Watch just issue the desperate search for a missing mother of two and Colorado last seen going for a bike ride on mother's Day and the wild crash and out of control. Suv slamming through a fence. Jumping over a pool. News about the driver can dogs. Tell if you're infected with the CORONA VIRUS JUST BY SNIFFING. The new project underway and celebrating a comedy master his career spanning decades including best in. Show this is spinal tap and Anchorman tributes pouring in tonight for Fred Willard heating seen this is ABC news tonight and good evening. Thanks for joining us on this Saturday. I'm Tom Llamas. And we begin with almost every state in America easing restrictions this weekend amid a chilling prediction from the more than one hundred thousand deaths in the US by June. First the death toll rising at an alarming rate now topping eighty eight thousand overall cases are on the decline forty eight states now easing restrictions but none of them with suggested fourteen day drop in cases five states including Texas report spikes of the virus beaches in New York. Take a look New Jersey and Connecticut among those reopening Memorial Day weekend. So I'm using this weekend as a trial. Run GYMS PREPARED TO WELCOME BACK. Customers with some restrictions. Some members may even need to make an appointment. I and horse racing returns to Churchill downs horses on the track. No fans in the stands. Abc's Trevor All in New York leads us off tonight. Americans taking the warm weather as an invitation to leave home crowding together by the thousands in parks and flocking to beaches to friends. We're having a good time making the best of IT IN BELMAR NEW JERSEY. Hundreds lining up many ignoring social distancing and. They're not even going to the beach just trying to get passes for the Summer Season Down Jersey shortly protest twenty five years and nothing ever like this well. Many public beaches are still closed. State beaches in New York New Jersey Connecticut and Delaware will open Memorial Day weekend with some restrictions like no concession sales to try to keep people apart whether it's warmer they're going to come out. How do they act when they come out? And that is the big question. More hoping to prevent a second spike in cases and why officers handing out face masks on the Coney Island Boardwalk Mayor Bill de Blasios doing the same in Queens Brooklyn Popular Domino Park White Circle Space six feet apart to promote social distancing in crowds of people waiting to get into the most popular sections of Central Park New York City. Deploying more than two thousand of what they call social distancing ambassadors encouraging people to stay six feet apart and across the country others are testing the boundaries of ongoing restrictions. A New York man who travelled to Hawaii arrested authorities accusing him violating quarantine orders saying they were tipped off that he repeatedly left his hotel because he posted several beach photos on instagram in Chicago as several churches push to hold services. Mayor Lory lightfoot with a stark warning rushing is playing with a gun at fully loaded and cocked the original pancake house in Northern California is defying states orders reopening. Its dining room with workers wearing gloves and masks and blocking off booths to create space our employees and businesses literally living my paycheck to paycheck on a best pace scenerio. You can see the dining room right. Now decently busy. At least forty eight states now easing restrictions though when at least five of them? The number of new cases is on the rise. The Governor of Texas sending a task force to Amarillo after a dramatic surge in cases stemming from meat packing plants the state now recording. Its forty eight hours so far in Ohio. Where restaurants can now reopen outdoor areas? Cincinnati bars patio quickly filling up on. Its first night back. And there are anti night in neighbouring Kentucky. An institution having to adapt. We wanted to do this. In a very responsible way. Historic Churchill. Downs resuming racing with the seats. Empty believed to be the first races with no spectators in the sites one hundred forty five year history one of the many bizarre from this pandemic trevor. All joins us now from Central Park in New York Trevor. I walked the park today. It is very packed. The city is they'll take a new approach when it comes to enforcing social distancing. That's right Tom. After backlash over racial disparities in the number of arrests and tickets issued in his general confusion over the rules. New York City's mayor says it's time to reset social distancing enforcement tonight the NYPD says they'll no longer arrest people for violations though the NYPD. Commissioner has denied any allegations of racist police. Tom Trevor all leading US off tonight from Central Park. Trevor Thank you growing concern about that rare but dangerous condition linked to Kobe. Nine thousand nine hundred and targeting children we've been tracking it spread for weeks more than two hundred twenty cases in twenty states the WHO and CDC with urgent warnings for both parents and doctors and now guidelines on spotting possible symptoms. Here's ABC's Diane Macedo Tonight. The mysterious disease associated with cove nineteen affecting and sometimes killing children. Now has doctors rushing to investigate health records for cases. That could have been missed weeks ago. At least twenty one states plus the District of Columbia have cases under investigation with New York Michigan and DC. All reporting new suspected cases and Alabama. Now reporting its first suspected case known as multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in children. The new sickness is defined by both the positive tests for corona virus or antibodies and match with certain symptoms that include fever a rash of the hands feeder mouth and gastrointestinal. Problems like diarrhea. The first symptom was fever than the second symptom was of course her energy and was we got to the hospital. She's started to the shortness of breath. She couldn't bring an ABC News survey reveals. The condition is still rare with just over. Two hundred suspected cases nationwide and experts say cove in nineteen on its own remains a low threat for young children but with at least three deaths in New York attributed to the new condition and covert still spreading. Doctors are revisiting health records from late winter and early spring investigating whether cases were misdiagnosed. Possibly as Kawasaki Disease a rare childhood illness with some of the same symptoms. We just want to make sure that any children that needed to have their heart looked at that can now happen retrospectively. So we WANNA to make sure that we didn't miss anyone all right. Diane joins us now live. This is a new chapter in this. Pandemic and health departments across the country are sending out warnings to doctors to be vigilant for looking at possible cases. That's right doctors nationwide or getting letters from the State. Health departments essentially encouraging them to be on the lookout for these symptoms to manage these symptoms aggressively and to report any suspected cases. Immediately Tom or diamond mosquito with that. New Reporting Diane. Thank you and news tonight about the reality of reopening in this current American economy restaurant owners. Now say if this crisis last six months they have about a fifteen percent chance of survival. Here's ABC's deirdre Bolton tonight. A harsh reality as some businesses reopen with restrictions. Half of small business owners say they will be out of cash within a month. According to the Census Bureau the restaurants. They're being asked now to operate at maybe twenty five or thirty percent. Occupancy Level Moseley's restaurants had had a hard time making a profit on at a hundred percent occupancy Robin Steve Humble run free range of farm-to-table eatery in Basaltic Colorado. They are racing against the clock. When we're told that you can reopen but you can only reopen at fifty percent capacity if you start to do even the quake map on that you realize that again is unsustainable tourism supports their business and with numerous events cancelled. There are a lot of unknowns. There's no crystal ball right now. We don't know when things are going to change again and there is going to be another crisis. Quick Cook is a barber in Illinois. He hasn't received a paycheck in two months. It's incredibly frustrating to be sitting home and know how much money I have missed out on when he does go back to work. He says he's going to have to pay for his own protective gear. We have to have P P. We have to have the disinfectant. It's expensive for us just to go back to work. A new restaurant report shows that if this pandemic lasts another six months owners say their own. Chances of survival are only fifteen. Percents Tom Fifteen percent. What a shocking stat. Alright deirdre Bolton throws tonight did thank you tonight to other major headline investigation already under way into president trump's late night firing of the State Department Inspector General. Democrats say this. I had been investigating secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Abc's Rachel Scott is in Washington. Tonight are launching an investigation until the Friday night. Firing of federal watchdog. That they believe is politically motivated. Part of what House Speaker. Nancy Pelosi calls a dangerous pattern of retaliation against patriotic public servants overnight. President trump getting rid of State Department inspector. General Steve Lennox Writing Pelosi. He no longer had confidence in him. Move recommended by Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo who according to Democrats was being investigated himself a congressional aide saying the I was looking into whether Pompeo had misused the political appointee to perform personal task for himself and his wife Congressman Eliot Engel accusing the president of trying to protect one of his most loyal supporters Lineker. An Obama era point. He is the latest in a string of independent oversight officials removed in the last six weeks on April third. The Inspector General for the intelligence community who alerted Congress to the whistle blower complaint that triggered the impeachment. Investigation was dismissed. He took a fake report and he brought it to Congress. Not a big trump fan that I can tell you a few days later. The Acting I g for the Department of Defense demoted after a decade of working under both Republican and Democratic administrations as. You know it's the presidential decision when we have you know Reports of bias and when we have different things coming in the president fired back after a health and human services watchdog report warned of severe and widespread supply shortages that hospitals longer. Did I hear the word inspector? General really it's wrong weeks later. The president moved to replace her to Tom. President trump has the right to remove political appointees now lennick in that role for the next thirty days then he will be replaced by a senior State Department. Official who once served as an advisor to Vice President Mike Pence back when he was the governor of Indiana. Tom Or Rachel. Thank you for that new details tonight in the shooting. Death of a newly obtained text messages raising more questions about the controversial shooting. Here's ABC's Zachary Quiche. Tonight the family of a Motte arbitrary is demanding. Answers and protesters are calling for Justice. New Text messages obtained by ABC News. Show in officer with a Glenn. County Police Department told the owner of this home under construction that his neighbor Gregory McMichael would help if he noticed anything on a surveillance camera gregory and his son Travis are now charged with murder. According to the police report they told officers. They followed our berry in attempted a citizen to rest after seeing him. Leave the construction site in February since late last year. The homeowner surveillance system captured several images of people entering the property. According to the homeowners attorney two months before the shooting a police officer sent him this text. Greg is retired law enforcement and also a retired investigator from the DA's office. He said please call him day or night when you get action on your camera. The homeowner maintains nothing was taken from the side and says he believes are Berry may have stopped to get a drink of water from the working sink. Police made no arrests in the killing for more than two months and tonight one of our berries lawyers telling ABC News. He thinks Ahmad died because he was black. We know there were white people in construction that we see in the video and nobody had a plan to confront and capture them. The only reason they did this apparently because of the color of my skin and lawyer for Gregory McMichael insists. There's more to the store. The truth will reveal that this is not just another act of violent racist. Greg McMichael did not commit murder. President Obama acknowledge our tragic death in America's complicated history with racism in his address to graduate. Saying this kind of injustice. Isn't anything new Tom? The former president weighing in tonight. Alright Zachary thank you now. The Tropical Storm Watch in effect for parts of the North Carolina. Coast a tropical depression forming late today and heavy rain in the south tonight. Storms damaging homes and buildings lightening strike. Look at that possibly blamed for massive fire in Texas. Here's ABC's Senior Meteorologist Rob Marciano tonight. Dangerous weather taking on Texas. Lightning strikes in south padre island potentially sparking a massive fire at an apartment complex in neighboring Houston flash flooding more than five inches of rain falling leaving car stranded there in an Oklahoma one. Firefighters home destroyed more. Lightning hit the southern plains. Don't expect it to happen to you. But that does a separate system slamming the east battering New York with wind gusts up to fifty eight miles per hour. This ominous looking mezro cyclone hovering above the Hudson River damaging winds ripping the roof off this apartment building in holyoke Massachusetts falling debris crashing onto the cars below tonight thousands and the state still without power are. Let's get right to rob now with the forecast. Good evening good evening Tom. Clearer weather tonight thankfully for the cleanup efforts here but there are several systems that are not coming together including that tropical depression that you mentioned. It's now off the coast of Florida. There we'll get to the track and a second tornado. Watches up for the for the architects reason and flood watches posted for Chicago and Detroit as that low pressure in the Midwest creates a lot of heavy rain. Several rounds of it tomorrow tomorrow night into Monday morning Chicago and Detroit and then that tropical storm potentially getting to the Carolina coast by by Monday morning. Here's the official track. We've got a tropical storm watch posted and potentially see misting turn out to sea waters way too cold for significant development but it's going to be messy on the east coast. Tom or I will keep our eye on that travel depression. Rob Thank you and there is much more ahead on world news tonight this Saturday. The desperate search the mother missing for nearly a week after going on a bike ride new discovery by investigators and the NFL cornerbacks turning themselves in accused of robbing a party. At gun point the charges. They are now facing and the car going airborne family's backyard pool and update tonight on the driver next tonight to the desperate search for a missing mother vanishing during a bike ride. Here's ABC's Clayton. Sandell tonight clues in a mother's Day mystery. Investigators say forty nine year old. Suzanne more few was reported missing Sunday night after failing to return home from a bike ride near her home in rural Maysville Colorado. We've used well over two hundred personnel in over two thousand man hours have gone into the search. But unfortunately we haven't found Suzanne yet. Investigators say they did find personal items. They believe belong to more few but won't say what question is do. We believe she's still alive. We were certainly hopeful. She is Obviously as time goes by IT GIVES US concern but we're searching as though she's alive and we do believe she should still could still be alive the FBI and state investigators have joined the case. The Sheriff Says No theory has been ruled out and Moore fuse. Husband is cooperating. More fused friends and family now offering a two hundred thousand dollar reward and tell them the sheriff says they're still checking out tips coming in from the public but they still need that one critical clue that might solve this case. Tom Clayton thank you when we come back and dogs help. Stop the spread of the corona virus time now for the index and NFL players charged with armed robbery New York giants De'andre Baker in Seattle seahawks. Quinton dunbar turning themselves into police in Miramar. The quarterbacks are accused of stealing watches and money at gunpoint. A party on Wednesday lawyers for both players. Say They are they have evidence that will exonerate them and the wild car crashed through families back yard to be an. Suv slammed through fence. It happened at a home near Miami. Florida police say the drivers suffered a medical emergency but is expected to be okay and the trials underway to see if dogs can detect Kobe nineteen in humans researchers in the UK now testing if medical detection dogs can spot the virus through a body odor before symptoms appear. The dogs have already been trained to detect certain cancers and other viruses. Finally tonight celebrating. Fred Willard the comedian and actor. Who Left US laughing over decades? Here's ABC's David Ryan. His specialty was the guy trying to hard parents stuff. It seems that our youngest Chris was on something called. Acid was firing a bow and Arrow into a crowd. You know how kids are. That was in anchorman. We're best in show just an idea at the top. I had put the blood on on those Sherlock Holmes and put little pipe in his mouth ever allowed to do anything like that dress up a dog in a funny word in the mockumentary. This is spinal tap fred. Willard was the earnest Air Force officer giving a rock band. Tour of the base is our monthly at ease. Weekend gives us a chance to let down our hair. Although I see you all have a head start. Read Willard stole almost every seem he about ernest and its precise comic. Timing who else could be Phil Dunphy Dad in modern family but I still need the fedora. Pull Up Jack. Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald careful. Obviously the gun won't be loaded. Pothole Fred. Willard was eighty six David Wright. Abc News New York. He was so funny. Thank you so much for watching. I'm Tom Yomas in New York. I'll see you right back here tomorrow night. There's not a person in America hasn't been impacted in some way by the corona virus pandemic but at every community. There are pockets of people who suiting up every day. Last seventy strich drive off a better produce one of our tenants. These are America's essential workers. The people who are keeping a world moving. I've turned into a home school mom and now a new from ABC News. You're going to hear from damaged their own words. I I actually went back to my office on started crying. Because it's just not fair. Our community has to eat self. Thank you rain. This is the ascensions inside the curve from the emergency rooms the police cruiser to the checkout line. You'll hear what this pandemic sounds like to the people putting themselves in harm's way there's always the risk. I could bring this home to my kids or my husband array. Parents listened to the essentials inside the curve on Apple podcasts review podcast APP.

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