At the Podium #9.5: Doug & the Meaning of Dallas Week


They. Hi, this is Jim chica- our podcast step over will be ballers podcasts that work for all of your Sixers needs. Says game breakdowns with a course in headband and more subscribed. Liberty Bowers podcasts heathen, I tune Stitcher sparked by or ever you get your favorite podcasts. And check out the step over a podcast about Sixers basketball. Mostly. Locum to at the podium episode nine point five brought to you by the fine folks at SP nation and leading green nation. I am your host Michael kissed men. It is Dallas week, and we have an avalanche of content coming so shake off the bye week laziness and get ready for a packed rest of the week here on bleed greed nation yesterday. We had eagles legend Brian Westbrook on a special BGN radio to talk about his work with the crown Royal purple bag project. And of course, we talked about the birds to we also have to kissing so elect preview shows coming along with Brandon league out and John Stolnis. Previewing the game for BGN radio. Plus, we have a new weekly show coming sorry for the teaser, but stay tuned and find out what that is. But for now, we have a double decker press conferences. First up is Doug Peterson talking about Dallas week. He also gives updates on Darren sproles, Emily Johnson among other topics. Then next is our franchise quarterback. Carson wentz. He updates us on how things are developing with him. And golden Tate and much much more. So let's get to those right now. Mourn. Finally Sieg as a while smile faces. Dares rose will practices week. Yep. Plans. We hope to. Yeah, we hope to be day today. A little bit limited. The expectation would be that. He does play. Will again, I'm not going to divulge all our secrets. But we have we have a backup plan if that's the case. Yes. Johnson will practice may be limited. But he's gonna go, and you know, see where day by day. Lane. Exp- experts expecting him to play us. He's he's been here. Everyday. He in Bruin, micro, even my self. We've we've kinda kinda tackled him every single day. And so trying to get him caught up to some just our terminology long way, we call things line up. But he he's been he's been awesome been bidding. Give back his Ciccio Corey Graham while we expect Cory Cory depositi. Yes. Practice time this week in NC where he's at by by weeks end Sydney's a little bit different. We'll see where he's add by day. But. He's doing well with Israel. Also. Downunder looking at Golden State figuring out how you to commend him into the. Well, number one. We've I waited the player on the person. And then basically just how he would fit in the routing running in Detroit back watched some of his Seattle tape in federal comfortable with him coming in and giving us giving us some added doubt, you know, and it's an opportunity great opportunity for all our receivers. But but for him to to come in and his ads as buddy. Laura get up in the work. Wellness, though, you know, that's the Chesapeake that we as coaches trying to do each week who's gonna be on the field in the matchups in everything else. You know? I think the skill sets Nelson. Does some great thing straight line speed good route runner smart guy. Golden kinda the same way. He's probably a little more. The you know. Short intermediate type guy will quick twitch. He's you know, he's they've used them out of the backfield before in our and things like that. So similar styles. But but also in some aspects of different. Especially with. Letting us answered question. Yeah. I mean, we look at all the positions, obviously. You know, you try to see if there's a DB out there. Maybe there's pass rusher out there in you know, what are you giving up as a team? I mean, that's that's the thing. You gotta you. Gotta concern yourself about I think how he does a great job. Obviously trust him in his decisions in what he what he's willing to to spare. But you know, that we have to look at it as as coaches, how are we going to implement this guy. You know, it any position any he adds depth the adds value. So we're excited to get him in here on it's exciting for for him. You know will change of scenery in. We'll see see how it goes in the next few days. The journey while he just we're gonna bring him slow slowly day by day. Just we got time with him. We don't have to do anything right now. We got some couple of weeks with him. So we're just gonna you know, each day give give him more more. He hasn't dining football wise for a long time. So just wanna see res at healthwise each day. Injure usually comes with a multi week absence. Had he kinda splaine his ability to lanes late. Let's lanes at tough guy. Now, he's a tough guy. And you know, in his mind, I think he would would wanna play in our expectation is that he does play. And but at the same time, I say that in the NASA. Hey, I don't wanna put somebody out there that might be less than a hundred percent to you know, so. You know, we'll get him ready. We'll get all our guys ready. Like we do each week in. You know, just the expectation would be he plays. This rivalry is. It's exciting rivalry. It's to really great franchises. Obviously. Great teams. It's always exciting. Dallas Dallas week in others. Lot of energies, the NFC east opponent something we talked about all the time. I go back to my days when I was here, you know, as a player, obviously and play in the Cowboys, or what it meant to obviously this city and of our fans, and and so I expect all our fans to be Rockin the link Sunday night. Will evaluate day by day. He might be a touch longer. But but he he's comments and we'll see where he's at again at the end the week. When you look at all. Blows ones generally spread the football thing. The spreading field with person out the golden give you the ability or livens for football. Of more. It helps you know to be able to do that. But you know, you still have to worry about protection in with five guys against some some really good pass rushers. You know, we don't over ninety this week is is really pass rusher. So we gotta be careful, you know, with the amount of spread sets empty sets that we do. But it does it does add value. It adds doubt that had some explosive. You know opportunities for us in one of the things we have done the last couple of weeks. If we we've been a little more aggressive down the field, and that's opened up some things for us. And we just gotta continue to to manage that to around make off going forward here. Jerry. You have to remind everyone that is one. We got time the handed all this ground just this week or next week ahead that say lot remind comeback. I do. Reminded him of that really on on Monday coaches players really the organization that one coming off a lengthy by getting some guys back. But at the same time, we gotta we gotta make sure that. We maintain that physicality we maintain the aggressiveness. Yeah. You can. You can look down the road a little bit and see kind of break it up the next four four weeks in the last four weeks and NC exactly what's in front of us. But. You know, we always focus on one week at a time mentality. We talk about winning our division opponent games. And this is one of those that you know, you try to win. And you know, when you say things are right in front of ya. It's it's kinda kinda right there for this Balti to go attack in and try to try to capture so. I'll just remind you know, each and every day that. When the discussions were made about bernudo, that's a piece. Definitely had say unit. Obviously, you know, how this person, you know, we didn't know who was golden how he was gonna fit and how we're gonna use it. You know, that's that's a key element. You know in in with the guys that we have and how do you, you know, how do you give everybody enough touches? Are you your titans touches alshon? Touches are there's there's things you have to factor in. But. I think this is where where Migros really he's done a nice job this week and really last week on implementing, you know, the the guys that we have and and putting plays in in things together that that can take advantage, you know, of this game plan, but at the same time managing who's in the game. And then of course, as a play caller making sure that that, you know, everybody's getting opportunities to touch football. Arson and Otake gun the same as. Sproles engen. Well, I mean. Is gonna take a little time. You know, they're gonna have to spend Electra time either during or after you know, practice and get some extra extra throws possibly just to feel. I think is a quarterback you'd want to do that. Then same way with. With golden Matthew Stafford throws probably differently than Carson does. So getting used to Carson is something he's gonna have to do. But we got to fast, you know, like now, so it's can take some time. The money in that first game. Will one we gotta make sure to as this week goes that he's healthy. Sent you know, he feels great. But, but yeah, we're gonna you know, again, we're gonna just just makes them in, you know. And I think I think we're a different team from week one to two to now, you know, obviously, we would have Jay know, but coys done a great job when del now, you know, the emergence of Joshi's kinda stepped up his game. And he's played well this last game now. Now, we dare back. So it's great opportunity for him. Again. It's like with golden. We gotta make sure I gotta make sure that that we have plays in for for those guys in the news use them in the game. So I can't tell you that we're gonna feature Darren can tell you that we're gonna feature Josh or any of those guys but Darren can be a big part of the game. Timing. Played everything. Well, I think the timing of it it it helps everybody I think even helps the coaches kind of getaway in catch their breath. Low bid be, you know, get reenergized. But in his case specifically, I think I think definitely helps he can he can rest in. He'll even go back. And, you know, watch the watch the games he played in and see where he can improve. And so it was a key time for off the bye. Vander injury by you. What's the likelihood that in the future? He can be used in a situation as running back. Question. I don't know, you know, these definitely used to carrying a larger football. They call it football. The ball. Very athletic guy. I it's intriguing. I mean, it's not out of the question. In museum. Well, obviously, I think I think one of the things they defensively is a good football team is really good football team on defense and other really good up front. Good pass rushers. Third down one of the top. If not the third down defense saw getting off the field. You know, we understand Elliot what a tremendous back. He is a lot of things offensively run run through him. Basically stop him. If you can he's tough to tough to bring down. So this is a team that has a lot of weapons. Mark Cooper now is going into a couple more weeks of practice in getting more comfortable with Dak in Daqing. Obviously beat you Nali with his arm with with his legs. So listen, this is this is this is a tough tough match again NFC east great opportunity for us. I mean, I was saying adding a piece like that's exciting guy with a big play ability goal brings ally all the time and just things you can do after caskets excited. Obviously, I'm practice yet. So it'll be it'll be pretty cool finding out there today. And kinda see I get to know him as receiver and everything. So I'm getting off the field this little bit definitely excited to work with him. I think he's a big fits really well with this culture. He's help us for sure. Up. Around by week trying to get away. So that up to them, and you know, they've made great great decisions executed great really over the last couple years since I've been here. So full confidence in their decisions on that. And I stay out. A process to get used to savers. I mean, everyone's different everyone's different. Obviously, the more the better. But at the same time, you try, and you know, you turn on the film of what he's done in Detroit to try to see his body language a little bit on routes what he's good at those types of things. So like, I said it'll be defining it out there today finally start to get used to build that chemistry right away. I was in North Dakota hunting and everything. Coach countries. Command informing house was down. So. Yeah. It's pretty. I knew. College coach per those guys are definitely on it. And I know same time. I, you know, I think we all try to maximize by we can get our minds away from this. So definitely started talking to the golden right away. But I didn't come back early to to work with under started taxing things building chemistry. He said you said what the first? Church. Off the field. It's tough season. You know, we're all busy families. We had things going on. So it's sometimes hard to build that that chemistry outside of civility and everything. But I'm just getting to know each other, especially can, you know, grow Ganj in everything are really big for that staying about life into skin in person. Like, you said inviting him to church type things just trying to get to know him something you can you can do. But again, it's tough during the season two fully built on that bond and everything outside of agility for sure. Cole is stretch. Guys. A lot of work ahead for a schedule. Like, wow, real tough schedule coming up. How do you try to simplify that help devoid stretch? I mean, obviously the last half season. Really, it's it's tough stretch vitamin didn't really kinda decides a lot of things for us law. We simplified into one one game at a time right now, we have douse Cowboys this week work cited about that come into our house Sunday night football. You know, everyone's always excited for for the Cowboys in general now, it's national television all that fun stuff. So. So for us. We really just send five one game at a time. And we're excited. We're definitely excited for this matchup. Another weather. That later how much of that. I mean, I love it. I love it. I mean time we can add weapons guys like like golden with big big play capabilities. I think it makes us, you know, the potential to be much more explosive and just keep building trying to find ways to get big plays in those types of things. So I'm always sided anytime. We can have weapons like that dramatic increase in your actors. I think just better decision-making not trying to force the ball down field all the time. And just taking what the Defense News me. I think a lot of it also has to do with. How defense is buying us? We are getting probably overall more soft zone than we have. In passages taken underneath stuff is probably part of it. Play opposite dach- times. Now trait about 'em stands out that you have, you know, coming into the end of the league at the same time stack knowing him as a as a personnel competitor. I just love his competitiveness. I think we're both kind of wired the same way in that area. And just you know, he's always competing fight till the end in kind of wired the same way side definitely Meyer that about. It's part of the game. Everyone's kind of its own thing. I never wanted to say it's part of the game happens. I wanna I wanna clean it up. But at the same time each is such an individualized at playing case so overall scope trying to be better at that. And get the ball out quicker situation. Dousing Fed's new defensive applied caller. Yeah. A little bit different overall. They do a lot of similar stuff. But you know, the starring point is a little bit different hit a lot more one high coverage this year, but again, similar players fly around extremely sound players coached while you can tell and overall it's very similar, but just a little bit different with our starting point and some of their coverages, but the way they playoff run everything. It's very simple. Going out of the by sometimes come out of it pretty slugging. Yeah. Like, you said I mean avoid coming out sluggish. I think over the years sometimes you come out of by weeks are long weekends Thursday night games. A little slow and everything and something we've already talked about in size for really starting today at practice fast and just coming out fast coming out swinging right away on Sunday that'll be big for us all season yet wedding. That was by wing. Probably the biggest great you've had a while was good for the by week was great. I think it you know for really the entire team came out perfect middle season. I can ask for better by week of Nadan just to get away in her freshman mind like you said three having everything that's been going on a last off season. This was a big break for both physically. Mentally Fisher quarterback leader. How do you came everyone happy that you've added? Yeah. I think first of all the idea of keeping everyone happy. I think first foremost stems from just the culture, we haven't place. Now, we realize one week it might be somebody with one hundred game in a couple touchdowns in next week's probably someone different culture. We built around here of unselfishness in spreading the ball out. So I'm really not worried about that. I know the calling and everything just take care of that itself. But that's that's a luxury that we have we can spread the ball out. We can find the mismatch whoever it is each weekend. Take advantage of honest of the radio this forty of this Cowboys organization fans what what's your take doubts? How do you feel about the route for me? I try to not make anything ever bigger than it is in the fans and everyone takes this game. Maybe a little more seriously little more aggressively. You could probably call it. But have for me we got a game to wing. I'd try and keep my motions the same definitely excited about it. Anytime we play Sunday night game on national television. I'm always a little more excited about it than I'm just add in the fact that Dallas, and I know the fans are going to be really really live, really active. I think it'll be fun fun environment. Traced by the standards over directions of insult verticals ordered that. Did you? In standards over feelings something coach Taylor talks about quite a bit in. It's I'm just being critical and being critical of yourself in always trying to to be parking. You never gonna be perfect in a game. But just being able to really dissect out where where you can improve every single play in strive to be perfect. Strive to be great every time and try and take the feelings emotions out of whether he's coach may harder or whatever it is just kind of look at it and over over the idea of standards, and where can. What are some of the standards? I mean, it's it's just as was the play successful in standards. Completions. Standard is making right decisions. Right rates. All those things in a lot of you'll never fully know just looking stack column, it's something we talk about on the Cuban room. Like, I said progressions reads decision making all that stuff. And just being it'll be coach -able for sure. Trades. I believe with the Zack in darning off season will kind of scouting report that they bring to you about. I haven't talked to them a bunch about their workouts with golden. I just heard that you know, that now he's a he's a good, dude. I've team at hard worker. I'm excited to find that person. On field chemistry. Golden of health what receiver can do things which sort of ninety factor touches whether of bubbles. I think you could say that, you know, I think anytime, you know, a certain receiver as Goldens case can do some different things. Even in the run game end around those types of things or catching quick passes in making ten yards out a two yard or something like that in the potential to make big plays. Adding, it definitely helps, you know, the idea of getting them involved early in really just adds a element to that player for sure. So that definitely will help build that chemistry faster. No doubt. Egrets by of. Mike. And when we go hunting, we hang out. We don't talk too, much baseball or football. We keep strictly hunting and just hanging out and have good time time to get away from from our sports and everything. So we don't talk too much about that. Lots of ducks and geese in North Dakota. We had we had a great trip. Like, I said earlier, I mean, it was just perfect timing for for me and some of my friends family just all get together. Get away and get refreshed rechargeable second season. Stats some involved. Yeah. I mean, I think ultimately whether it's like, you said personnel decisions game planning all those things, you know, having having an opinion on things is big. But again, so many things that already have to worry about from accident standpoint that I don't get too much involved in those things and who knows someday. But right now, I'm trusting them they've never let me down so far that make decisions and I'm confident that keep doing that. Thanks. Hello. I'm Spencer hall from Espy nation, and I wanna tell you about my new show. It seemed smart. It seems mart as a show about people doing things that for some reason or another same smart at the time. Those things might include doing a little cocaine driving a bike up mountain or I don't know maybe racing one hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing a bat from an empire is room in a major league baseball park, check it out. And if you like it tell the friend, I'm Spencer hall. Don't do anything smart.

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