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I'm your host ed valentine and today we're going to talk a little bit of vote of giants football as the giants get ready to face the new york jets in their two thousand nineteen preseason opener and here to help me break down <hes> the giants breakdown training camp break down a little bit of <hes> of expectations for the giants in two thousand and nineteen is matt williamson williamson occasional contributor here at big blue view and host of the locked on n._f._l. Podcast matt thank you very much. Thank thank you ed great. How's things going good good. You're you're busy these days. I keep getting messages from you that you're that you're driving back and forth and going to pittsburgh steelers practices a lot these days yeah one of my many hats i wear as i am on healer nation radio regularly and we're doing shows from camp almost every day. It's about an hour and a half from my house so i pretty much live in the dorms like the players and seacombe from time to time to mow the lawn and those type of things so you know don't don't we ever kind of grow up from from dorms and hotel rooms and stuff. It's fine manners. There's like community showers and it's true dorm lights but the food's good in the atmosphere is good and go to watering hole in the evening and hang with the some of the people from the team and whatnot so defined environment but it wears on you a little bit too there. You go yeah i'm doing. I'm two and a half hours from <hes> from metlife stadium from where the giants train and i've been going back and forth a little bit. I usually try to hang out. You know spend a couple of days there. When when i go oh you know put myself up in a hotel and in in in in stay for a couple of days at a time yeah i don't blame you. It's good stuff so hey okay. Let's <hes> let's talk about. Let's talk about the giants a little bit. <hes> i was interested. We just had <hes> hall of fame weekend. The latest <hes> enshrined ease into the hall of fame. You did a post for us on the on the two thousand twenty class on the guys that <hes> on on the former players that you would like to see enshrined in in twenty twenty which is a year when they're going to expand the class first of all. Are you cool with them. Expanding the class for one year sort of in <hes> in honor of the of the centennial sort of i mean i think it's a cool idea it something different but i'm watching you know the guys given their speech a couple of days ago thinking what if there were twenty of these. He's just take all week long enough as a._r. And my problem with it and i love hall of fame pocket head i really do i. I talked about a lot of my podcasts and i prefaced by saying. All these guys are great players. Obviously and we're talking about the ugliest girls at the beauty pageants so to speak but with all respect to the veterans get in isn't one a year plenty and i almost feel like they deserve their own wing thing because hey guys again it sounds callous but you weren't good enough to get him the first time around and now all of a sudden and of them. I just don't see the logjam the the same way they do. I mean i came up with some names on that article. That are the guys that are expected to get in but none of them jumped off the page to me like wow what a travesty that elsie greenwood's not in the hall of fame i mean i think they're all borderline guys or guys. It shouldn't in the first time around they had plenty of opportunities and now we're sick ten of them. In i mean to me it's not the same as when word sailor goes i i tend to agree with that. I mean you're either hall of famer or you're not and right. If you're if you're not a hall of famer the first six times a year on the ballot. What makes you a hall of famer the seventh time you're on on the ballot i get it. I yeah i yeah i feel the same way about the baseball hall of fame. It's like if you get thirty percent of the vote. You know the first time. Why are you still on the ballot right. I mean it's not like your resume changes. I mean you're done playing. Many of these. Guys haven't played for many many a moon and people don't even know who some of them are <hes> again. I'm sure they're wonderful players. I'm sure they're wonderful human beings but to me they should have their own wing or at a separate section and along those lines one thing i do like though is more contributors and more coaches going in so so <hes> i don't have a problem with maybe an extra one of the one or two of those guys going into this upcoming year but the veterans who played back in one thousand nine hundred fifty that weren't enough to get in the first time around. I just don't see it. It's interesting you went to the contributors because i was actually going to go there our next and it sort of the other side of the coin. I mean here. I am saying you know what if you're not a hall of famer the first x number of times. You're on on the ballot then then. Why are you won the seventh or eighth time. You're on the ballot and i'm one who for years and years now has beaten the drum for for former giants general manager george young as a hall of famer. I for the life of me have never understood why this man who did so much to turn around the giants franchise a guy who still referenced in the hallways when you talk talk to people there a guy who many of his philosophies still impact that organization today i for the life of me understand why he can't even get to be a finalist. I'm kind of with you on that one to it to me when you talk about contributors to the n._f._l. He seems like the definition of it to me. I mean he in a way. I guess pun intended. He was a giant in his field. The old and i do think what's different about them as opposed to the committee that we just saw the veteran players we talked about is i kind of feel like the contributors. There's coaches got a little bit of the short end of the stick for a lot airs. He did a ton yeah he did in you know so it's <hes> it's it's to me i just i don't understand that. I hope that that this time with the expanded now number of contributors going in. I hope this time you know the hall of fame voters will will will rectify that but i'm not optimistic because as i said he doesn't seem to even get the support to <hes> to be considered a finalist yep if it doesn't happen this year. I think he's in trouble. Yeah you're probably right. It's <hes> it's it's tough but anyway. Let's <hes> let's talk about the the current new york giants and you know there was an interesting piece from from bill barnwell in e._s._p._n. The other day listing the giants as despite fight you know everything that went on this off season and and the disparaging thoughts about dave gettleman i mean he was listing the giants as one of his five teams that he felt was most likely to improve. You know not that. He felt like they were very good but he was looking at that five win bar and thinking that they should do better than that means d. Do you think that this is a team that that despite all of all all of the the controversy over cattlemans moves is more or less pointed in the right direction. I have mixed feelings on that and red barn. Wells call them. I i like him. I think he's a really good analyst. He has a really strong football outsiders background in background and the antics tell you that the giants should rebound you know for all the reasons bill mentioned and i urge everyone to check that out but i'm not sure that piss passes. Ask the smell test for me. I mean it's a i think it's a difficult division. I mean the two teams that are clearly better than them and i have a hard time envisioning asian them having even league average quarterback play in two thousand nineteen <hes> i think cattleman has gotten too much criticism criticism. I mean i. I wrote a couple articles for you. Guys mentioning how i thought he created a nice nest for landing spot for a quarterback <hes> working working on the offensive line. The defense is going to take time but it's a a youth movement there <hes> i just think that in the end i wouldn't have taken jones. I you know i just don't think he's worthy of that kind of pick and that's where the future i mean it's really dependent on one guy. Unfortunately maybe he hits. Maybe he proves ruseler wrong. Many quarterbacks have but he would not have been my selection and yeah. I mean i've been wrong about quarterbacks before but jones to me was not a first round talent alan. He's not a future franchise quarterback. He would not have been my selection but unfortunately well. I mean if this happens a lot of teams. The giants go as far as jones will take him over the next. Several years and gettleman is going to be tied for tied with them to him forever. <hes> hopefully hits hopefully. I'm i'm wrong because i do think there's somewhat of a good infrastructure there for him to come in and be comfortable but for the short term i don't see the giants being even league averages quarterback because they shouldn't <hes> we'll see for the long term i do see some optimism and some signs signs you from my perspective that other areas of the roster especially with some young players. I think gettleman did a good job job. In the twenty eighteen draft you know with with barclay. I mean just based on the talent alone with barclay with will hernandez you know bringing in some some core players i think b._j. Hill is stepping up. I know the giants are excited about lorenzo carter this year he's having in a nice camp and a lot is riding on his development for the giants because they're so desperate for pass rush and this this draft aft- class if he hits with a couple of those cornerbacks if owes shane's immunised turns into turns out to be a pretty decent player this draft class could could also be a good one so there are some signs that areas of the roster are improving but but it it is all gonna come come back to whether jones is what gettleman thinks he is yeah and i agree with everything he said and i do think these past two off-season especially the draft but also guys like zeitler are building blocks. I mean our quality young players. <hes> i think the defensive tackle position you mentioned the corner position. We'll see you on the edge guys but there's upside there <hes> so i do think you know certainly at guard with hernandez barclay star. We know that so. I do think there are pieces is in place but like said too. I mean i mean jones is going to be the key of course organizations and you know. I think ideally takes over sooner than later. Shows promise isn't going to go to the pro bowl this year anything and then they have one more big off season around them then. We might be having a different conversation at you're now. Let's take a quick break for a word from our sponsors and we'll come right back here on the valentine's views tied cast and continue our conversation with matt williamson. Hey i'm spencer hall. I'm holly anderson. I'm ryan nanny. 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About your two thousand nineteen new york giants people have asked me gettleman settlement and pat shurmur have talked about improvement because they're never going to put a number of wins on it. They're never going to say we have to make the playoffs and and i've made the case that i think if some of these pieces show promise if these young defenders show promise if gebriel peppers apper looks like what the giants think he is if this offensive line plays a little bit better and maybe the giants are able to add a young piece to that in the draft next year ear no matter what the number of wins is you can make an argument that there's been improvement especially if jones uh-huh gets to play and looks like he can play quarterback in the n._f._l. Yes i think that's very true. I think there's a lot of a lotta guys on the team where you could certainly say their best football is ahead of them and if eighty percent of those guys that we've brought up in the last couple of questions or so are or what we think they can be then yeah then you do have an infrastructure then you do have some star power in the making <hes> you do. I know people are very critical cattleman for taking can barkley over darnold but he's superstar and i mean he can put the offense on his back and guide them through some tough waters. Hopefully i think again with better blocking and you know guys like evan ingram around and we mentioned him. I think he's a really good player as well but yeah i mean so yeah i mean it's not all doom and gloom. That's for sure you're one of the other questions that i get from giants fans. All the time matt is is how long will all the giants ownership give dave gentlemen in pat shurmur to get this right and i you know people say oh they if they win three games four games this year gettleman has to be fired. Pat shurmur has to be fired and i'm one who thinks that probably especially with the drafting of daniel jones but y you know but also because you're trying to build that young poor and you're building so much on the around the draft that this you know gettleman in n. Shurmur especially gettleman has probably built himself a little bit of a window here of of two or three years or so to see how this all pans out to be who knows what ownership will do. I mean we know how the league works. People get fired all the time. You know what a quarter of the league changed coaches this year but i think to be fair to those two judging them after the season is too the harsh is too quick i would give it to i mean i wanna see jones producing all those young players. We talked about getting better one more off-season in the books to kinda build it in his likeness and around the way the coach wants it but to be fair i think they need to give these guys two more years and if it's going it's clearly going in the right direction and they're to the point at that stage of the game where they're you know borderline playoff team or maybe eighty better who knows or certainly a formidable organization then you keep them and if things are <hes> wheel and and you're not winning games then you move on all right matt we've got a preseason game coming up on thursday and the giants of course get to a place sam darnold in the new york jets although i don't think darnold will play so preseason is preseason is pretty much here. I know you'll probably maybe <hes> you'll probably be in pittsburgh or or following the steelers around a little bit. Why don't you just tell people if they don't know where they can find your work where they can where they can find you on twitter yeah. I'm at williams and n._f._l. When you mentioned my podcast locked on n._f._l. Doing that daily <hes> those are the best places to check me out so much and this is all right matt. We'll talk to you soon. All right giants fans are thanks to matt williamson for spending some time with us as we always encourage you guys please be sure to subscribe to big movie radio on on all of your favorite podcast applications. Thank you very much and we'll talk to you soon bye bye. Are you troubled by strange. Hockey trades to the middle of the night. Do you experience feelings of dread about n._h._l. Free agency have you or your family ever seen it new york islanders game. If the answer is yes then don't wait another minute it pick up your mobile device and subscribe to lighthouse hockey podcasts from espy nation today. 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