Ep 215: KUWTK Season 19 Finale Recap


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I saw a tweet from the crash into countless warning. That was like in the finale tonight. And i was like. Are you going to tell us. I had no idea. But so julie wash episode before i did and i love when this happens when she tax me. She's like 'em you're gonna love this ad. Oh my god were you right. This was everything. I could want out of an episode. Do you think this is the most open they were. I'm not gonna say the most open. Because i feel like there have been other things but definitely this season. Yes it almost felt like because they physically couldn't have any other bullshit because they didn't have the capability to do so and they really just had to chronicle what was going on in their real lives and this just happened to be happening in their real lives they had to give it to us and yeah i guess i would say so. Also we'll get into this because it's like the main chunk of the episode but so much of it obviously takes place on facetime zoom and i just feel like when they're in person sometimes the conversations they have seemed like a little for the camera little acted but the zoom conversations were so so raw. Oh for sure. I hope that all of you listening if you wash that you felt the same way that we did because it was like so many things that i know we have all been thinking in wanting to discuss and then they did it and i was just like wow especially because you know another element is that we didn't even discuss. Tell me sorry. I'm so passionate it was. It was the fact that one hand we got behind the scenes. Ak when the whole scott rehab thing happened. We saw that but we never saw the behind the scenes so we that but then the tristan stuff we never saw something about. Of course we've been wondering about the general concept and it wasn't like we knew one. Specific scene was happening. It wasn't like we were ever teased as to his conversation with chris so it seemed like two different types of behind the scenes but some that we had been previewed on that. We had it exactly. Yes i can't wait we start. I would still much to say. let's start. i know okay. So i let me just tell you guys were doing this on a little bit differently just because instead of going seen by seeing we basically split up into the two biggest topics which obviously were trysted and chloe and scott with rehab thing so we put together all of the tristan and chloe scenes into one and then all of the scott scenes into one. So we're going to discuss them in sections because it just. I think it will lead to more meaningful conversation. We can get rid of the stupid bullshit. That honestly has no place in this episode. Exactly i'm so excited. Joy am no. I can't even okay so right now. we're just gonna start out with tristan employees. Okay we start out with khloe corny interests and they're all working out khloe hasn't worked out in a while. Obviously because of covid and she sell filming shooting outside with him and you can just tell. There is a real flirty nece. That's happening here you know. Yeah very flirty. Like not outright touchy but definitely a distinct energy. She sets the scene for us in her confessional. She says ever since california has been locked down tristan and i basically have been quarantined together. But not like he doesn't live here. He has his own house. But i know he self isolating and he saved to come back and forth. He's inciting a ton of time here. And i know it wasn't for quarantine that we wouldn't be spending this much time together but i like spending time with them which i was grateful for because i wanted to know exactly the breakdown. So it kind of made sense. She was like he can go back to his home but because he's safe he's coming back and forth right make sense. I was very curious about that. Especially during when she was quarantining in he was taking care of true. Yes also total sino when they're sitting in. She's saying they're six depart and then he stretches out his leg and he's like no more like three feet and she's like you're like seven feet tall like oh i know that's why you got into this mess in the first place island. We were going to say that It really i say this. Every time. And i actually. This episode wasn't even stopping myself. I was kind of just letting me go with it. It was the finale. I was getting into it. But tristen is one attracted man. I know not everyone agrees nelson. Is we say that and people mess adjustment. I don't see. I really really see it. I can't help it. No he looked really fucking gut in this episode us just like honestly. I think that the i think that you can put personality or anything. You don't like about a person aside and just judge them based on their looks and say that they're hot you don't have to be attracted to them based on what they've done or based on how you view them but you can admit that tristan's one attractive person with that beard's different breed. Let me tell you what he had the braids stop. he's he. Yeah it's a lot. Okay let's keep going so next scene were on this family. Zoom and. it's chris. Khloe scott rob kendall and kim amazing crew obviously amazing scene. Yeah and scott's kind of starting out by saying he rented this house in malibu trying to change up the scenery and he feels like it'll be good for him mentally as well as the kids. Don't worry we're gonna get into a very lengthy. And i would imagine analytical scott conversation after we do this entire khloe interesting thing by. Yeah i know you're like so chloe's putting on makeup and they're kind of just playing with ron christie. Like where are you going. What are you doing in scott's like oh tristan's coming over and close like no. He's not and chris says you're doing total makeup. Where are you going. Scott goes pound tout by the way. Julie scott was elite in this scene. Scott's in every scene scott elevates every single scene that he's in his commentary is superb adjust. The show would not be the show without scott for for the past one thousand nine seasons you know how e for the people's choice award they always do like reality television star of the air and a lotta times either kim workload. That's up for it. It should be it. We'll know what i was gonna say. I don't actually think that he would win the main award however there should be a category for like narrator or commentator because the show genuinely would be significantly less fun to watch if it wasn't for his commentary. I so agree yeah anyway. So scott like he's she's gonna pound town employees goes. No one said anything. When kim is doing makeup tutorials the other day and rob goes they. Let's go and scott says what are we all think has. Chloe slept tristan yet. Arrive goes yes. Is like percent sky goes. That's what i said. She said no close. No i haven't. Chris says by the way it's none of our business you. She should do whatever she wants to do. And scott says. I want her to lady employee says. I don't think anyone is coming from an attacking place. But i would say i genuinely haven't the only thing we've done is like peck by the way i am just like yes. I want to know this information so badly. That's why this episode was so. I felt like a lot of times. They scoot around things. Like no ha ha like this is just i know but this no but this yes we did this. No we didn't do. It was like every single question i had. I felt like i actually got answered. It was also the type of thing. Where if you were in this group of your in. This family of this same situation was happening with one of your friends of like. Oh they're kind of pointing with her ex boyfriend. You'd be asking this exact question. It was very relatable missiles that they were asking. The questions at any of us would be asking to our friends. Okay so interconfessional. While this is all going on she says my family just up each other's asses all the time and it's just strange. But i love it but sometimes i have to process things. It's okay to go through motions. We don't have to go from eight. Eze and kim says let me tell you. I thought they did one hundred percent and i was convinced she was lying and then i sat them both down two days ago and talk to them. Scott says. why don't you tell me that we talked about it on the walk yesterday. Just he ever try. Clo- khloe says every day. I say no because i love how friendly we are. Is it right to keeping hanging out with him. And i don't even know what motives are. I don't know but i know it. His are and scott. Says i think he was still rather hang out with you in this capacity. Nothing at all great point by the way yup and chris says and by the way. There's no dating going on right now. We're not allowed to leave the house. Rob says no one's leaving the house. You're absolutely right. Mom and kim's like mushy wants to get on tinder. I fucking loved this. Seen everything about it. I can't get over it also. Obviously i'm wondering like could have charged hinder for that one line mention. You know they should have. That scene was just. It was like the perfect example Of a family facetime like obviously in later scenes. We get into so more deeper information and the clothing maliki maliki interesting whatever but this was just such a good starting point in terms of information like i feel like i really got my bearings together. This conversation you're so happy right now. I just loved this episode. Nothing makes me happier than when you're watching something or seeing something before i do and your taxes and you're like em i'm not gonna say word but you're going to be so happy it gets me so in the mood gami so in the mood and i'm just really great right now. This is the thing that you and i always say. We don't need the theatrics of an episode. We just need the information and that's all this was straightforward information that we watched exactly exactly. Okay so next. Scene comes from also telling. Facetime julia transcribe pretty much all this. So i'm going to read. I think the entire scene. And then we'll get into a discussion. Because i don't want to even try to attempt to summarize her words because i think the actual language use is important so close on facetime with malaysia and says. Ots's visiting with his son. You know we've got this co-parenting thing down khloe says he's one month old she goes. We've got down on thinking positive. How're things truce daddy and chloe's talking. They're in a good place that he's being really helpful and she says i can also tell. His energy is different touch shoulders. Or something like okay. You're getting a little too touchy. He's like i just want you to know if ever you're thinking the same thing i'm here for you and me says he still love you and chloe says no one. I know that. But think i feel a little more pressured even my family's like so. Are you guys leaving together or not. Like no we're not and he's like we never said. I need an answer but i always feel like he needs an answer. So what are we doing and interconfessional khloe saying. I do feel pressure from tristan but not because he's told me like i've never had an ultimatum from him. I just feel like it's been over a year since we broke up. Now that we're hanging out more. I can tell he's getting antsy and chloe salita. I just wish. I had a definitive answer on my end. Like i wish i either said i have all these feelings richardson. I'm just afraid or gosh. i don't have any feelings. I just don't even know how to get a feeling about him. Any feeling and malaysia says because you're scared and you're blocking out your feelings about those things because it safe. I think you're just not open to being loved because all the shit that's happened. Okay what she says next. Confessionals really important so listened intently. Close as i one hundred percent have a block up but who when ever relationship by going to. They're always disappointing in fucked up. So i have every reason to be guarded. I have every reason to have these bricks and layers up and if somebody cares enough they will take those breaks down brick by brick otherwise. I'm very good sitting my pals with my mot- alligators. And all the walls around me. Powerful us talk about that thirty seconds. Okay i can't wait. Maliki says and in most cases no one wants to get back with the guy who broke your heart in front of millions of people but to be quite honest with you. The khloe that i know doesn't give a fuck people think he loves you and i believe deep down inside. You still love him. She says. I just don't know magically i can get there. I don't know i don't know how to even try that and will go says you won't if you don't try take baby steps opened up a little bit. You won't even really have a conversation with the man about your relationship. And the past like no two people actually move on from things without at least communicating about it. You gotta start somewhere. Oh god what are you saying. I think so much. Do you wanna go. I know you go okay. There's so much happening here. I felt like it's not. The khloe has ever been in denial about being guarded rate. I don't think that she tries to lie about that. However the way that she outlined. I was so glad to hear her. Say because that's what we've been saying and that's what we've been feeling like she really does have this guard up and i genuinely think she's almost okay with that kind of like she said you know what if it doesn't work unhappy in my palace with my mot- like that was a very kind of telling analogy to the way that she's building this emotional up around her and so i felt like to hear her. Say it. i mean personally. It was just validating. Because that's how we've been feeling but also it was very self aware and very honest. And i i just. It was a really good feeling. That's how i fell also and curse saying non her admitting that i think it does give context to them getting back together. Actually because i think a lot of the times when we talk about tristan and the idea of them getting back together we do treat it like. It's an isolated incident just in terms of like close relations. Guys like we always talk about. Like how off was i like. How could i be so trusting of so many different people who hurt me in such extreme ways. But i think a lot of times when we talk about trust and we just talk about tristan. If were expecting that khloe is going to eventually be in a relationship again. Which of course she is. She's a beautiful young woman like it. It's only natural that she's going to want to have a relationship again. I think that if you're khloe and you get hurt by somebody who's already hurt you before. Then it's like it's kind of like the devil you know is better than a double. You don't know because it's like okay. At least i can say like. I knew this was going to happen. I weighed the risks. That i still got involved if you enter another relationship and then this happens again. It's like how many more times can i go through this. It's a you can trust the person who hurt you better than you can trust somebody that you don't know that you will assume will hurt. You inevitably no. I think that's an excellent point. And i actually have a question about that because while i completely agree with you and you know as we know now they're seemingly back together so for whatever reason she got back with him. She did probably a combination of a lot of different things. That i guess my thing is like while i think that's absolutely accurate and fair and could have played into the decision. It would make me sad if that's the reason that she got back with him. Do you know what i mean like. It's not a it's not a good feeling to not trust your judgment so much that you go back with what hurry because you can't even stomach the idea of choosing someone else poorly and then having that reflect on your kind of judgement so i guess. My question is like other. Things have played in her decision of of getting back with him right thousand percent. I don't that was the sole reason. I think that when she was kind of mentally weighing her own pros and cons of being back with him. I think that that definitely played a role. I think because when you're khloe and you think about your history and you think of who you've been with and the ways in which you've been hurt and the idea of having to go through that again no matter who is with whether it's tressler somebody else when your just weighing the pros and cons of being back with him the idea of could he hurt me worse than you already hurt me has to play into it or can he hurt worse than he already hurt me or somebody could potentially hurt me. I think it's gonna play a role whether that's a healthy processor. Not a when you're in a situation like chloe's in not every thought process you have in this decision is going to be a healthy thought process because you're getting back into something that is inherently unhealthy in certain ways right exactly. That's kind of the point that i wanted to clarify. Have no part of me feels good about that. Being a portion of the reality of it because to me like khloe is one of the most generous of love and spirit and such a unbelievably like giving partner that. I would never want her to get back with someone because she feels like oh well kind of the lesser of two evils and not. I mean like she should be settling for her emotional trauma. If that makes sense and i totally agree with you. I don't think she should be there. And i don't i also don't think it's as simple as that but i think that you can also look at a lot of celebrities who kind of handle relationships like that. I think that when you're a celebrity and your frost is already so diminished by the people around you. You weigh pros and cons in every single relationship. You're in whether it's business. Friendship romantic like i think. That's just a natural part of being a celebrity for chloe. A huge part of losing her trust in people were having to rebuild her trust and people had to do with her relationships. But i think there's already an inherent lack of trust just based on who she is and based on the celebrity that she hasn't who are family is a million a million percent. I also think this be a very different conversation. If they didn't have a child together and hundred there wouldn't have been given a second chance. And i think that we also can't discount the role that her parents divorced played in this because they think that from her perspective. It could have been yes. My mom cheated on my dad. Yes like they split up because of that would. My childhood have been better. Wanted by parents have given me a better childhood. Had gotten back together or had they been able to work through that and gone to a point where even though she cheated they work through their issues and they were able to parent together and be a family together and be in a relationship together. And i think that chloe's desire for that can't be discounted in her own decision to want to give that to true. Oh for sure. I mean you know that's a conversation. We have a lot with his family. About how cheating is. I'm not gonna say taken less seriously than in other situations. That's completely not fair statement however we've seen multiple times cheating happen and not only the person and forgive the person and get back with them but also the entire family culture around. It has been more accepting i mean. Some people could say that they could resent chris for the rest of their lives for cheating on robert. And that's not the case and there's no right or wrong there however they chose to deal with. It is the way that they chose clearly. It works for them. But i'm just saying the concept of cheating. Generally in their family. I think is handled differently than we see with a lot of other people. Yeah i think that is one of the areas that they are probably more forgiving than most in and probably has so much to do with. Chris and i think maliki says that later on where. She's at christie's one of the most forgiving people that you'll meet bright because i think chris really appreciated the grace in which her children forgave her. Yeah i'm sure. And i think the last thing before we move onto the next scene is just in terms of chloe's judgment and in terms of her reasoning behind getting back with trust than i think we can't discount the fact that tristan seems to be really improving in seems to be growing and changing and accepting what he's done. I think this episode really showed that at least for me a dead because it would be discounting the person that khloe is to just be like while she got backed him. It was inevitable. Flowing is a smart enough indefinitely. Strong enough girl to have to have multiple reasons beyond just unhealthy wants to get back with him. I completely agree. The last thing that i want to say about the scene is when she says i don't know romantically i can get there. I don't know. I don't know how to even try that. My point on that is kind of like you can interpret that statement in a couple of different ways the first is. I don't know if i could physically allow myself meaning being intimate with someone. Yes i know. They had a kid together. They've had a million times. It's like a very very emotionally raw act right like you are in essence giving your body to someone momentarily while you were having sex with them being naked with someone that is your most vulnerable and so it really takes a lot. It's not just sex when there's this much involved right. There's no way that it can be just sexy. And so you can interpret that statement in that way or you can interpret it in the way of. I don't know if i can even open. That can of worms. Because then i don't want to. I don't want to have that influence my decision. You know. there's a couple of different interpretations than i would imagine. It's a mix of all often times even if you're really really attracted to someone it's hard to wanna go there if the vulnerability isn't there so while she still has these emotional walls up. It would almost feel counter intuitive to then feel okay having sex with him and as she does. That's totally her choice. I'm just saying it's it's a common thing specifically for women. Our bodies are sanctuaries and so i definitely think there's a layer of vulnerability there that i don't know if she's fully comfortable confronting a million a million percent and also the last thing just going off of that is throughout the whole episode. You see chloe kind of struggle with the guilt is she leading trust and and like is does it make her a bad person that she hasn't been able to make up her mind yet with what she wants. And i think there's just added layer of like if it was just a need based thing where she felt like she wanted to have sex because it had been a while and it was just that she wanted to do. She felt like she could be there vulnerably with him without of being like a huge emotional experience. I think there's a layer of guilt that she has where she's like. I can't do that to him right now. Right exactly exactly. That's very much true. Because she's again much more conscious than he is. Yes we're gonna go to an outbreak. I feel like god in that was intense but did you see that. Hailey and johnston both on follow. Carlin's that's kinda crazy. I did follow him before. Yes of course they did on. Wow that's z. that is crazy. That whole thing is crazy. I know but it. It really does feed into what we were saying. We were talking about last night. Of like how i really genuinely think justin was like personally impacted by this well and that goes into the whole point of think of as a celebrity. How many different ways. Somebody can ruin your trust in them. A yeah especially because he. I'm sorry know this unrelated identical I literally dot com. I also think because justin has been open about the fact that he didn't know if he had confidence in himself to like be faithful and so he really leaned on his faith and he leaned on other examples of men that have been to like. Give him that confidence within himself to do it. I know that sandra giggles because you should be able to. But he was honest in saying he didn't now he hundred can so i think it was a real kind of hits gut. Yeah i so agree. And i'm so glad he has chance there to step in for him. You and me both both okay. Let's cut to an ad reagan. We will come back with facetime. I love this company. I was so excited. When i found out we were doing an ad for them. And i'm sure most of familiar. 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Are you guys in a good space. And he says yeah. We're in a good space. But obviously you know. I lost my partner in crime. It's like damn it hits you hard. She sacrificed the world for me at for me to be immature. Not smart and not really understand what i value what i realized that i put a lot of weight on opinions. It didn't matter we get so used to make everyone else happy. We forget what makes tristan happy and with me realizing that. It's okay to be deeply in love. You don't lose your manpower that doesn't define you. I wanna break the wheel of what people think is okay regardless if you're a professional athlete or entertainment it's okay to be a guy deeply in love. I'm sorry we have to talk about that for you and continue. I'm so glad you saw. I have never heard him say that. Know anything he said in this episode. I've never heard him say before. First time that he was honest about anything. And i have to say. I really money i. I very much was giving him the benefit of this entire episode. Because it's just it's a much more. It's a much more interesting conversation to do. So like what are we going to sit here and just shit on the entire time. I don't think that's a productive way to do this. We've done that enough in previous times. I only didn't feel like the need to do that. Same no not at all not at all. But i'm saying like you could be if you wanted to. You could be incredibly critical of this process. But i'm saying i personally everybody listening can choose to do whatever they want personally for me like. I was trying to acknowledge and appreciate his vulnerability and like go from there. And you know it's it's interesting. Because i have all always thought that not just with him but with a lot of other men in various successful positions whether it's an athlete weather's actor whether it's someone that has women kind of falling all over them but a lot of time we hear them say it of like i just couldn't control myself whereas this was more like i didn't want to let down the boys like it wasn't cool to be faithful cool to be in love. That's basically what he was saying. Yeah it's interesting. We've spoken about. And i specifically the nba because it does have that reputation and clearly that that's what trust is talking about here kind of cheating culture within the nba. I think is something that's pretty well known For a long time that's been the case and that component of that is something that we've spoken about before and i don't think it's necessarily valid excuse but it is interesting to hear him say and hear him kind of site that as part of his thought process exactly. I mean this was what we were getting. Here was a very very clear insight into a man in his position. Stop process which i would imagine is consistent with a lot of other people and the conversation probably only came because he was talking to melinda. And you know this is only something that could have come from talking to melita talking to scott or talking to one of his friends because this is not something he was going to say to kris jenner or to kim. No of course. And i think what's really interesting is if you kind of think about the two occasions that we know for sure that this happened on. I'm sure there are others. Previous to the first cheating scandal day occurred when he was with a group of people. Yeah so. I'm not an excuse. But it definitely like if you're if that's what he citing and that's what you're thinking back to does line up well lineup completely completely. So she says in response to what he said but there was something needed to learn obviously about yourself and he feels that you've got everything's not lost especially because you guys have a family there's always gonna fight for. It's a long hard fought journey but the two of you if the two of you believe is something truly fighting for them. That's exactly what you should do. At interconfessional she says by vice attrition when it comes to chloe's honestly be forthright humble yourself leave your ego at the door and i think the more he shows that side of himself the marshall open up jim and he says losing her main meals. A part of myself and i was going down about. That was not who i wanted to be the toughest part. So when i first met chloe i told chris i would love to take your daughter to cleveland and i gave her my word that was going to protect her daughter and i failed. That kills me the most when you look at someone in the is someone you respected in high regards for. And he left them down. Emily says just. Let chris know like you're not going anywhere and maybe even tell her your angle. She has a big heart is the most forgiving person but she can also read the bullshit so she's the person that's like i do. Then you got yourself in a much better position in prisons. As i want my baby back i want my queen back in the league. Says you gotta work. This was like right out of a fucking hallmark movie. That's how i felt too. It was. I really love the angle of two people who are not in the immediate family but are as close as you can get talking about the family. There are just something about that. That i was like i felt like they could just understand each other and give each other really sound advice on being an outsider unquote also. It was interesting with monica. Because i personally didn't feel this way. But i was wondering if other people would where if you're a couple of seasons ago when they went to that i think in atlantic city or something like that and treason had left that diamond necklace for chloe in and melito was the one that was kind of coordinating the whole thing and i think we may have criticized her. I think other people do to of saying like why are you being so supportive of them getting back together when she's clearly so hurt he fucked up so badly and so. I didn't feel that way here like i felt like now. There's been a lot more time but let's just not forget. Molina has been in the corner of them getting back together for a long time not to discredit what he did. Like joe's ming a bad friend. Chloe but this is some for her. I think this was a long time in the making. Yeah definitely. I still stand by the criticism of the necklace thing because i felt like a it was too soon and it was. Here's the difference. This is tristan. Finally coming forward with an honest conversation with honest feelings with acknowledging what he did wrong. How he's going to fix it the way he genuinely feels the thing with the necklace the thing with the gifts it was like that was the bullshit. You don't get somebody that you love and hurt that badly by giving them gifts and avoiding the difficult conversation and the thing we always said we were talking about in the beginning is. I don't know what i want to do differently. But i know it's not this. This is what it is owning up being a man like. I felt like this was the first time where i was like. I can understand that. This wasn't just khloe saying the easy way out is to get that with trust in. I can understand why. I don't have to agree with it and neither does anybody else. But i can understand why khloe felt like her frost. Him was being built back. Because this was the first time that i was like tristan. Drop the bullshit. Drop the bullshit. He recognized gifts clearly. Were not her love language he was about to look kris jenner in the eyes and i completely agree. I completely agree and agree. I stand by my previous criticism of that before. Because you're right. It was too soon. And the only real point that i was trying to make there was like out of everyone i would say for talking cam courtney chris etcetera mollica was probably the most forgiving of tristan the earliest. If that makes she was the easiest to convince. Yeah which were. Yeah which is interesting and you know one could argue. Do her experiences in her relationships plan to that i don't know her stuff with. Ot came a little bit later on. But i don't know as much as you want to be objective. It's physically impossible to because you always judge things through the lens of your lived experiences. We just do that as human. Of course we try to be objective you can and so depending on what happened. In malaysia goes love life. It could have totally influenced the way that she felt about tristan. Yeah also i think laliga is such an incredible friends who khloe and even though the backless thing i still don't love a really approve of. I thought it was just done. Well think that maliki knows that khloe wanted trust in back and that this was inevitable. For her i agree. She's just a really rider. Die like truly she's in it for the long and she's a good person and by the way so is could usua- a hundred percent of one percent. They clearly were raised right because they have. I think a really good sense of how to be a good person. Yeah so okay so or about to bring out the big guns. This is chris interest in their actresses house. Gorgeous backyard by the way gorgeous. Those two chairs on top. Sometimes they do that bullshit where they give they. Show the back of chris's old house. Which is now were ops house. And it's like we know that that's not her house now. Do you know what i mean. Yeah it's like. Why are you trying to do that to us. Also like when they showed the front of his old house which is rob's house which isn't even her house. yeah. I know it's like they don't do that with anyone else. Which is why it was clearly wasn't a privacy issue right. It's like give us a little more credit please. So they sit down and are just talking and she asked how her doing he says. We're doing really good. I think just. Sometimes i think it's human nature you know you second guess yourself like will ever get back to that place with her. Am i good. Enough is she. Into who i'm becoming. And i remember you telling me that's baby girl. That's my bunny. When i heard her. I let you down in our relationship. And she says 'cause you heard her you were all of us and he says when i heard her with all the actions did it really affected me a lot because of how much i let you down in our relationship because you've viewed me as a son. That's the part. That was really sad. And chris says the bottom line is we just want her to be happy and we want you to be happy and we want you to be happy as a family and we want true to be happy taking shot. Every time she has happy anderson goes our friendships grown. So much we've never been intimate. And that but i think it's helped our friendship grow. Were basically it's not even like starting from scratch like below scratch just because you're coming in a disadvantage because of my bad mistakes but it's like i'm in the basement. She's in the top floor. And i'm building my way up to try and get her back and chris says we'll least your patient and he says you have to be patient but you also have to understand that when you get frustrated. 'cause you look in the mirror and you have to understand. Why are you here in the first place. It's because of you very self-aware an interest that yes again not trying to give credit for the bare minimum however we have to acknowledge his growth. It's all relative you know like you can't judge his growth based on someone else's maybe came to this conclusion quicker or maybe someone else would have. But he's not there yet so let him do it in his think he's doing a great job. Yeah i re- i mean. Listen i think that this is a scenario in which a lot of people wouldn't have been given a second chance so it's very easy to be like i wouldn't have fallen for that bullshit again or i wouldn't have even put myself in the scenario because he did fuck up so badly two times like on two separate occasions and i'm not discounting either of those if khloe said i'm done i want nothing to do with him. I will drop could often are at his house and pick her up. That is all i will do. I would have understood that a million percent. But that just isn't how the family operates and i don't think that's how chloe wanted things to be so for chloe to be put in a position or closer to put herself in a position where she was already spending time with him for the sake of her daughter and that was important to her for her to be able to see that growth at feel it and trust it. It makes more sense that they would get back together. It's not like she caught him off and then was like okay. I can trust you again. I feel like we can back together. It's like she right now. In quarantine especially every single day seeing growth in him in seeing change in him so while we may not agree with the decision and we may think that like so many things about it and we think it's toxic and whatever to not understand why she got back with him and to not understand. His growth in seattle is discounting a lot of things about about chloe. Yeah the one thing that i will say. Which is i. Guess the flip side to that argument in terms of him is that the benefit of parenting is that she's getting kind of like a microscopic. Look as to the changes. He's making it also really removes a lot of the temptation and i know. Listen if he wanted to sleep with someone he can make it happen. Clearly he's not. You know what i mean. I don't think he's been a if you really wanted to be good. However i do think that like if we're trying to be super objective here we do have to have the voice of the critics which is like okay. Yeah but he's not in season. He's not constantly traveling. You know it would be a lot harder for him to cheat a million percent quarantine no matter what is a bubble even ask even if the question about trenton is cheating. It's just him being president. Run being involved all of those things that were other. Criticisms about tristan The quarantine bubble takes those other variables out of the equation. Because you physically have to be present you physically have to be there because there's nowhere else to go so yes. It is extremely extremely fair. Point but i do think that people stepping up during difficult times like this also does show their character to an extent. Yeah i completely and. Chris hasn't her confessional. Tristan and i have always had a really close relationships when the whole thing happened in the last couple of years the relationship has been a little bit of a challenge for sure and all the ending and healing. That's gone on made me feel good about him as a person and she says him. I mean we've given you such a hard time. We you up so much and he says i deserved it. And she says you've really proven overtime clothing. That you're sorry. Listen if you haven't killed each other yet. Then that's a good sign that you guys are pretty compatible in. And he says. I just want her to be happy her and true. That's my family right there. That's all that matters. Yeah yeah also hint going to. Chris is like that's big. It was necessary. And i would have been like disappointed. An nfc hadn't but that's a lot of growth. Yes it's completely necessary. I mean you're facing your probably most disappointed critic. Yeah and the person that made you feel the most disappointed in yourself aside from khloe. That's kind of what i that's kind of what i meant to say that she was the most disappointed but that she was the hardest to face. Maybe not because of what she would have done but the reaction that it would have elicited internally. So i know this year has been a lot for all of us and i think the one thing we agree on that less stress and more sleep is something we could really benefit from and that is why we are so excited to partner with com. 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Done this rodeo before your actions don't go with your words and for almost a year now you've been a different person. It frustrates me. Because i'm like why now. Why are you the man i dreamed of. Currently why could he be when we were together. Like what am i. Fear is like you're acting like this until you get what you want and then if you do you're gonna turn into chris and again and he says no. I spent almost a year like anybody should waste their time. If they're not going to be serious especially with what put you through. I've grown to the point. Where i know what i want my life that i want you my life so obviously will always be in each other's lives in terms of us having true but i mean i want more than that she says but you can understand the reservations that i have do. I love you a million percent. Am i in love with you. Currently no but would it be great if i could have this fairy tale ending. Yes but just because you have a family with someone. It also doesn't mean you have to stay with someone if is not the best fit. I don't know what the future holds all. I do not actively trying to take down little bricks. And i try to be more interesting. I really try. It's a slow process. But that's just how it has to be for me. But i do appreciate the effort you make. The new is night and day. Who you are unlike I don't know what to do the part that i'm really glad she brought up. Because i think this was my biggest reservation. And i still like. I still don't know if it's a hundred percent not the case. But when she said to him. I'm scared. You're going to get what you want and then go back to the old tristan. I think that that is what a lot of people think about trusted. And that's what he very much comes across as as somebody who just wants but he can't have exactly. It was kind of like in the first scene when when scott asking the question if they slept together and everybody's like yes. That's what we were wondering. It was kind of the same thing it was like. Yes lowey say what. We're all thinking you know not to be a pessimist and i'm hoping that that's not the case but i think that's a thought on everyone's mind like well. It does seem to be a trend that he works extra hard when they aren't together so you don't want him to get too comfortable like it's a very normal thought process and for her to say it out loud kind of normalize it and brings it into the orbit of the conversations. I was so glad she said that. Yeah it was an important question to pose them. Because i think a lot of the time it does feel like that and it does feel like okay. How can i just trust that. This isn't what he saying that he wants and then as soon as he gets it. It's like okay now. I want something else. Now it's onto the next thing. I think that it is very hard to know. That is probably the biggest unknown. And that is the one thing that you really can't know unless you're actually in his literally schrodinger like you will not know unless you open that box whether or not that is the case completely and i think that she's probably internally weighing whether or not it's worth to even open it and as we know ended up being but that's kind of what's going on in her head right and the last thing that i will say this i'm sorry. I know that we're kind of long winded today. But it's the finale. And i feel like we have to be and there's just so many things going through my head we can cut out extraneous things after I also feel like a lot of times. Women in heterosexual relationships can feel a little bit pressure to move more quickly in processing their emotions because of the sexual pressure from men. And i was really glad that that's not what was happening here. It seemed like she genuinely was taking her time to process it. And like sorry if you can't get your dick wet. Sorry to be graphic. But like i need to take my time and i have to do this. What what's right for me. Which i know should be national. But it's not. It's so so often when women will just make themselves be a little bit more comfortable because they feel quote guilty for making the guy. Wait which like as we know is a completely fucked up concept however. I was happy that that wasn't happening. Here yes and like of course you could argue because such a theme throughout this going on is the guilt that chloe feels that pressure that she feels a lot of it is pressure that she's putting ourselves just because she knows what tristan wants so there is that element there but it is definitely not the sexual element where she feels that pressure from that angle. It's kind of the entire package and listen. I think the thing with trust in is that. I know i said earlier in the episode but the ability to trust trust center move on from tristan or accept chloe's decision to get back with him. I think being able to understand that is more about understanding khloe than it is about understanding him giving khloe the benefit of the doubt than it is about giving it to him. So if you still feel weird about the euro okay. I kind of like them together. I understand he's doing. But i don't know how to move past this. I think that trusting close decision in that is just the only way to do that because you cannot say what you would do until you're to that exact situation right basically. This podcast is kind of just a therapy session to walk anybody through the feelings of wanting to be accepting but also having having doubts and second guessing it because of how protected you are khloe so just now you're not alone and hopefully these are helpful steps that have worked for us to get back with your ex. You cheated on you just because we're nice to trust at night he to your own thing. Yeah yeah let's let's make that very clear. Okay so final. Khloe interesting thing. They're the palm springs house. And i think she just is feeling good. They're kind of dancing. And i want to just read this because there's one line that's worth mentioning that we're going to get into scott she says. I think it's really good. That tristan and i talked about everything. It just makes me feel less guilty because one thing. I don't want to do to anybody i don't want to put anybody's life on pause zach using for treason iron a good place. We're going to be a family forever for together not will always be a part of my family just like scott just like how my dad was to my mom. That's just how we are. If you don't get it you don't have to. There's nothing that i need to add to that. Because what she said is exactly the most eloquent of appoint she made a thousand percent. Okay at break before we dive into. Scott yes ma'am. Are you sweating as much as i am. Wedding narrow sweating. This closet is fucking hot. But it's almost like me more excited about this. 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Plus free shipping on any create line with code cadence at kiko dot com. That's fifty percent off your first month at k. I w i. C o dot com promo code cadence. Oh a totally shifting gears here. we're now getting into an entire scott conversation. There was a lot here. This was their deep as well. I think a lot of points that are going to be excited to talk about. I love when we do this right after we watched the episode. Like i like that. We finished the episode. We had ten minutes to kind of regroup decide the order and then got into it. Because it's like. I'm bursting at the seams. I i know exactly how you feel like cannot wait to get into this. I'd telling you buy their processes little. We think through like okay if we had just finished the episode. It's nine pm at nine. O five pm we could listen to a podcast. What would we want to talk about a notch. Kind of how we frame it like. We try to put ourselves in the position of the listener. And so like this scoffing. I would be if i had podcast to break down after it would be so thrilled. That's why i'm really happy to be doing this. You know yes okay. So kim seen scott for the first time they're going to walk and in his confessional. He's kind of just saying you know he's getting crazy getting antsy. He didn't think he was going to be like this. And he says it's been an amazing break sitting around but the more and more. I watched the news on a hear about these tragedies. All think things are going to get worse than. I'm honestly starting to struggle with my own issues and at the time we've gotta stay cool and collected and be with our kids and raise our family and deal with home. Wants a lot. Which i think is very kind of Representative how a lot of people are feeling again. I i always say this. But it's just feel like we have to make every time. Of course i understand. They have a lot more amenities than your average person but still for him. He's feeling that ways. I mean mental health. Wise i think is taxing on everyone. Yeah i mean listen no matter who you are. If you're having thought processes that are not conducive to a healthy lifestyle or to being able to be with your kids and your family and it's affecting you to have to sit alone with those thoughts no matter who you are is going to affect you in some way or another. It's just neville yes. There are more resources. Yester- more you can do about it a hundred percent but sitting alone with those thoughts. It doesn't care who's headed isn't doesn't care if a district kardashian brand or in an average person's brain it's still going to be a difficult thing to do and it's something that so so many people struggled with and are obviously still struggling west because we're still in this situation. Yeah i mean. Sometimes the richest most famous people are the most depressed you know usually actually. Yeah no completely and the other point that i just wanna make. Because i don't think we said earlier. If you're thinking this i just want to acknowledge that we of course recognize or to like i understand that it feels a little bit hypocritical that they're coming off of khloe being so sick with it. They're also terrified of the illness or seeing the told they're taking on it and then we fast forward to now and kendall's having a massive birthday party don't think that the irony of that is not lost on us or the hypocrisy completely acknowledged that. See that as you know. We spoke at length about Kendall's birthday and how tone deaf it came across like. I just want acknowledge. We're not crazy and obviously recognize that. That was happening here. But it's like let's talk about scott because that's the episode absolutely okay so scott album house and we basically took what he said at the beginning of being there and then mid being. I'm going to read them both because you can really see like the kind of trajectory of his thought process so in the beginning he's there he's like you know being in his house is unbelievable. I like. I love the house that i got at home. There's no privacy with the paparazzi. Being in close quarters with sophia. Were definitely getting on each other's nerves. He says so being able to hear the water every night waking up and seeing the ocean. It's like a great getaway. It's really private. i'd like to live here to be honest k then fast forward a little bit more once. He's been there and he says you know i'm thinking is now houses. The perfect we have all the privacy in the world turns out. That's absolutely not true. Not true every day. I wake up paparazzi. They also on the beach. There's no privacy there in the front and the back of my house. I'm thinking it'll go away. They'll take their pitches. They'll be done. That was not. The case was super frustrating. And i kind of felt. Like i was going to blow up like i know i said a lot. Worst nightmare a worst nightmare can't even imagine especially when the sole purpose of you going there was to escape all of that on my god every time we do anything that involves pop routier like it reinforces. Why fame feels like the scariest thing ever. Yeah i mean it's a terrifying to may also. I don't know what i want to say about it. I don't even know if i have anything to say about it. Because we knew there were still together at that point but something about him saying being close quarters so feel were definitely getting on each other's nerves. I just want to highlight. I don't know the commentary i have. I don't know if you have any but it felt important. Highlight completely agree. I don't really know what to say about it. But it's definitely well i guess actually i do know what to say about it. I think it's that we have not really ever heard him voice any sort of upset narrow relationship. It's always been portrayed is perfect in a way well and also this season. She hasn't been mentioned once. Yeah which i think was a purposeful thing and again like you were saying earlier. This episode is a little bit more raw because they literally had to talk about the content. That was happening in their lives. 'cause there was nothing else to do exactly so accordion scott on facetime now and he's saying i was thinking. I know this whole kobe and staying in the house and no structure. It doesn't work for me is making me feel like i can't handle staying home not working. It's like recently been doing. Try to find things to do. A house in malibu trying to escape. Turn into a total shicho with the paparazzi. It's no sanctuary at all. And he said his confessional that he's just tired you know he's like i just wanted this time but i can't have any privacy i can't be myself it's ruined and he says the truth was i started feeling more and more anxious more and more depressed. I was going to do something bad. If i didn't figure it out or take myself out of this position. I think now's the time to work on it. And he says the courtney. I go to therapy every week. I never really have any breakthroughs. I don't feel happy. You know what i mean. I just ingred my parents correctly or given enough time. I just want to be the best person i can be for my family and a couple people told me about this. This is typically deals with past traumas. I just wanna learn how to deal with everything the right way. If you're having the kids and stuff and you're good with everything on for at least a month on my god check into cornish response. I know so we want to say don't we don't hold it in well. No i just want to say that. I can't help and i don't mean to but like i said earlier. It's really hard to be musings that personal ads. I can't help but view the warning signs for myself and for like other people that have been through this like this is an exact manifestation of can happen if you don't deal with that in alec doing the work so hard but it's so much harder when you didn't do it and then a catches up with you later on so it's like personally just a personal anecdote every time something like this happens with scott in makes me do a check in with myself like am. I grieving. My mom's loss properly. You know what i mean. And i think you can ever fully no but it's just a good reminder of like and it doesn't it's not even about loss just in general it's such a good reminder of why we need to deal with these things if we can while they're happening to us because it makes it so much harder once that sits for so much longer yeah of course and the thing was scott is that i think when scott was kind of his worse you know. His parents says a little bit leading up to it when he was kind of wild and crazy in miami with mason and that whole episode when he kind of went away the first time after his parent's death the thing that scott always did was that he always just was busy busy busy he was always with people who is always having like some sort of simulation so that he didn't have to deal with what was going on and i think even after that fact when he really got right in really fixed himself and really grew into the person he wanted to be and the dad that he wanted to be i think even then he was still going going going. It was just a different way and it was just different schedule in different thing he was doing different maybe probably better people that he was surrounding himself. But there was still a distraction. And i think this is the first time in a lot of years. That scott has just been alone with nothing and i think that he probably thought that he was in such a better place and then it hit him when he just he had nothing else going on and he's sitting there alone all of this and it's like okay all the stuff that i realize they didn't do. Maybe i wouldn't have rise that if i didn't have this moment to just stop and breathe exactly. It's a very clear knowledgeable and this happens a lot with people where they think that because they're able to do things they're in such a good place like look. I was able to flip that house. Look i was able to do. X y and z these business. I must be in a good place. And they don't realize that. It's actually serving as a distraction so yes not to take away from the accomplishment of doing that thing however a much harder task would have been not doing it because then you had been forced to be with your thoughts and that's exactly what's happening for him here. He's having like a harsh awakening to the fact that a lot of what he was doing was serving as a distraction and at the time he didn't view it that way and i think there are a lot a lot of tangible examples of scots growth and the person that he's turned into in how different he is non more than the fact that without being prompted without being told without being asked to. He said i'm going to get help before this turns into anything. Beautifully said exactly which according says. Now in her confessional. She says i'm a little cough. Or i'm a little caught off guard. You know because for the first time. Scott isn't being asked to go away. He's not having an issue with alcohol or drugs and it's like his idea so i think it feels really different. I want him to be the best that he can. Listen to this line for my kids and for himself and for me and so i'm more than happy to support him in any way that i can this time. I think that's really bringing up an important work that we all have to do. I have one thing to say before we move on. Obviously the way that we were taught and before i even say this point i know they're not still together like i know they have not fully officially got back together. I know that they may never bought the same way that we were talking about. Chloe interested in how. I think that quarantine had to happen for their relationships. They were going to get back together because it allowed khloe to see trust than step up in a different way and step up for her when she was sick and you'll baton. That was kind of one of the things we said we were like. Okay think this really allowed khloe to see the person actress in is. I think that courtney had any reservations about getting back with scott. I think the fact that he took this into his own hands and stopped in did what he needed to do. Took those reservations away from courtney. Not that they're back together. But i think that if they were to get back together now i think that's that courtney would site as a reason that she knew for sure she was going to be able to do this. Yes yes yes yes. Yes so shoe. So he says. I'm sad that like i'll have to tell the kids leaving in self which makes me anxious. And in his confessional. He says i'm definitely anxious nervous to go to a place in break my head open and work on things but i've been in a tree facility before i know is going to be difficult. I know it's going to be a lot of pain before. There's pleasure but it's something i have to do. And she says you really wanna go knock because you just came off the bench from drinking. I feel like it's the first time where you just want to work on yourself. And he says yeah. I wanna get to. The root of every problem is still frustrates. Me and i want to get past it. And she says i'm really proud of you. Yeah i feel like scott wages entire life for coordinated am proud of him and so every time she does is just. It's like we all let out a collective sigh. That is such a good point. Yes you know a hundred percent. I feel like that's exactly like all all never wanted to do was make her proud even if they're not together he he just wants to be proud of the person who's become and this was her giving it to him as much as he was given to her what she needed to get back to the other so valium literally going to explode now. I can't like just wait till we get to that last thing i texted you and i was like forty fifty. Six times tampa. I always actually. You're going to pass out going to pass out. Oh my god okay. let's going so this is when the mood of the episode of really shifts and this is also what i was trying to say the beginning when i was saying you know there were two different things happening here and what i'm about to mention goes into something we saw in the news. We saw it happen everywhere and now we're really getting behind the scenes. Look so you is no. This is when scott went to the facility and it got leaked and so kim corny to ask if it's true and in her confession she said i heard about going to rehab. I seeing it online in a looks like someone leaked a photo of him according says he said he's never been more betrayed in his life and he's packing up and he's definitely coming home but he's really upset about it especially when he was actually going to work on himself and his traumas and obviously they agree that he should be filing a lawsuit which to me. Let's just wait till the next to really talk about. I was so mad. I got infuriated. All over again livid yes livid it's like you don't have to like scott you could fucking hate the kardashians. If you have any ounce of humanity inside of you can understand how much of a violation of trust. This wasn't how absolutely damaging disgusting and inexcusable. Entire situation was the it really was it was. Oh my god i. It's like hit me all over again. Because the first time. I was so upset but then even now just in the context of him trying to get away and be away from the paparazzi in just one moment to himself to be able to process everything then he goes away to try really got right and for that to just be issue all over again in a place where he thought for sure he was safe is just. It's fucking infuriating infuriating. Exactly so they're on this family zoom and. It's khloe scott chris robin kim and chris just saying terrible it is scott says i was there four or five days in quarantine. I was about to start my therapy for pass trauma for my family. And even the split by the way holy shit that was and raising kids co-parenting and all the things that i deal with that moment. Courtney texted me called me and sent me all the articles of the leak. No idea it was obviously a clear that someone leaked me. Being there to the press in there couldn't have been a bigger retrial can go you went for trauma and they're literally giving you trauma. Scott says i left. I was like i don't trust anybody here. I don't feel safe and that was it. I got the fuck out of there was obviously very hurtful that there's nine hundred articles that are saying i was there for cocaine and alcohol. A whole name is getting slandered across every news outlet. I'm not usually when the cares about it but it's not cool. I have three children. I don't need my son to say that and kim's kind of asking what the plan is if you know you wanna go somewhere else. Clearly he was there for a reason and he says i mean at this point. I'm so turned off by going places because there's always a same fucking schick. And his confessional. He says i thought getting wayne going to a facility would be the best thing i could get outta my own way shutdown regroup go over everything in a safe place safe environment and other that was betrayed in the last thing i wanna do is repack my bags and go to another place to have this happen to be possibly again so even though it's terrible that you can't have contact and going here therapist right now i'm just gonna have to deal with it like that and have supported some good people around me this is it is like oh my god this is it's it's so it's so so so upsetting like talk about. We were saying earlier with being celebrity in already. Having that lack of trust this is on a massive scale. I mean think about any normal person what you talk about with your therapist and thence you the other element which i think would he said of like. I'm not normally want to care about things being said about me. It's like yeah because scott's realistic truth things that are being said about him. he doesn't care. I don't think he cares when he gets called a womanizer or seeing all these different women because at the time he was doing that. Or when they're talking about his issue yeah. He was having an issue with alcohol and drugs. Ready like at least you can be honest with you. But that wasn't what was happening here. This was coming from a place just wanting to deal with things that you recognize where affecting him and he couldn't even have the freedom to do. I swear to you is a on. I period. I started crying. I talked to julie. i'm crying watching this. Cause i'm having such like secondhand upset. I can't imagine what is like what i said to her. You know what it takes to get to the point where you want to confront this shit head on it so hard. It is so hard and when you finally find it in yourself to do it than to have that taken from you it made me wanna like Like i know you wanna like throwing ends at the person who did this. No i know exactly how you feel. An i mean everything you just said a million times more but also masons now at a age where you can't hide things from him anymore. He's honest phone. He's on tiktok. he's on twitter. Probably these facebook posts like this is all stuff that he is going to absorb. He's not the one absorbing at one of his friends are and it must be really frustrating to have to worry and think about every single thing. Your kid is possibly going to see especially when it's not true and especially when they're in an age where you can't really say to mason at ten years old and explain to him the fact that this isn't true but people think it was true because it was at one time that's a really young age to be able to understand really complex things like that so for scott who is doing the right thing and being just the best version of himself and being able to be proud of that he then has to that his son is going to think something otherwise and that is also such terrible fucking part. Because it's one thing to have your trust betrayed in the worst possible way but then to do that and to lie blatantly about it is just it adds a whole other layer. It's a whole other layer. There's there's like ten different elements here right. There's the betrayal. There's a thing with his kids and there's a thing because of his kids the faint like it would suck regardless if he was or wasn't famous but then on top of that the world perception like there's just so many things and i just like a few. Were watching this. And your so mad. Especially if you're somebody who works in this type of setting you understand the confidentiality measures go into plays like i just want you to know fucking feel you. We both did. We were so mad about this. It angered us all over again. And like it's just so not okay. It is so far from over there because listen when you're a celebrity specifically a crashing again. There are certain things you sign up for their certain things that are going to be on blast for the public to see. This is not one of them. It's just not fair game. It's nine even a little bit so while they're on zoom after they kind of talk about that. They're saying it's his birthday what they do and obviously they can't really go anywhere they are talking about. No buddhist you're so funny. How like a there. I go to you know. Oh my god because what else would you get. Scott other than no ville. It's good to have a scott birthday. Were not who isn't involved. How one with rob did you feel when he was like you know that i need that creamy rockstar. But i was like. I so feel you because that roster orgasmic. I think i came the first time i had it. I think so too. We have to go back. I know i know. So after all being quarantine separately they get together at scott's house and it's usually sweet travis and stormy on there and the kids are all they're playing together and this is like the best reward to the end of this episode. Holy shit okay. So comes as like the elephant in the room. The photo you guys posted in our group scott's like we're going to be number four. Is that a joke or is that serious. I wanna know the way on passing out like this isn't happening. And i'm like oh i got i got and chloe goes. Are you really having a baby. No and start joking like pushing her stomach out but honestly kind of convincing me for a second and kim goes on never forget sting told me parents for the most in lane people. It's ten times better than one to his madness. Three seasons at any just brings it altogether in a calm and chris goes well. Let's just get it on a damn minute. Julie can i would. I honestly thought. Yeah there was a piece of me of the smallest little teeny ass- piece of me. That was like imagine if she was actually pregnant and that was their way of telling us like they had kept the baby. The seat read the whole time. And this was their way of telling us the smallest highness. Most miniscule piece of me. But i can't lie. Pretend it wasn't there. I am so comforted ungrateful that you just said that because it trend with us that i tip typically sent tend to be the more like optimistic gullible one so i didn't think so either but there was a piece of me and i didn't think there would be a piece of you i get. It was like one percent but it was there. So thank you for acknowledging. I feel very seen right now. I was like. Oh my guy was that doo-wop true like are they going to announce it in in the finale. Like i m sitting there like with bated breath you know what i mean like. I didn't think it. But oh god. I was praying so hard enough that i almost started to. Oh my god. I cannot handle like a. I feel like what happened with me. Is that i for my own sanity. Moved on from this idea okay. He's with he's with sofia. she's doing her own thing. Like i can move on from this idea of them being together and now that that idea is back in play i feel like i'm just making up for lost time. I feel like i'm recovering. All my basis. They you already hit when you thought there were so getting back together. When he was with sophia. I feel like i just i can't handle. I don't know what to do about it because i need them to be back together. And it's like i know them it's like it's i'm in this relationship i know and by the way it's not like the rest of the family is making it easy on us because everybody's playing into it. Everybody knows that the entire world is rooting for this. They're kinda just feeding into it but clearly if it was so far gone if there was no announce that nobody would even mention it like. I definitely think that some sort of a romantic rekindle reconditioning either already happening. Or there's possibility for tap and because the way they're talking about it is just different. There have been times when they've never even joked about it because it was so far gone. I think we can at least agree. It's not so far gone right now regardless of what camp you're in in terms of whether or not it's happening. I think you can agree. It's far gone and the second thing is join. I really try not to talk with us right before we started recording. I just blurted out this one thought. I really do think that if they were ever to have another kid. There's no way they're having with anyone else. I think if they went into any other relationship it would have to be very clear. Element of like this is just got. I don't know if this is true. Like i just want you to know if having children with me is important to you. That's going to happen. Like i don't believe that if they have another child It will be with anyone but each other. That's just my gut feeling on it. What i think too. And i think we've had that conversation before. That is exactly what i think. I don't think they would do it with anybody else. And i had one other point to make a now. i can't remember it. I'm so upset. Drop them back to you. Maybe but i am. We end the see inquiries on that. Mechanical bull and scott goes ride. That thing like it's trysted and you see waving his arm. And i'm like what an end to the spinelli like. This is everything i could ever wanted. Probably ever flaked. Definitely ever. I know of i thought was going to be. I know i get remember it to say it. Because i think that a piece of iran was like that's fucked up and say it but i do want to know if i can get in touch with both sky and courtney's therapists ambulance lesson. I don't wanna get you involved in their thing. It's not my business but if you could just urge them in the right direction i would really appreciate it my god. I know it's like the one time it's like so it's so funny. 'cause throughout this episode like absolutely so infuriated that this person violated hipaa in terms of and then also you so badly wanna violate hip to understand what they're saying in their therapist so not under heavy. You'll have to tell you what they're saying. There are people you could just slide them in the middle of the session. That would be really appreciate ed. Be a pleasure doing business with you. Know i it's the i mean when i tell you that never in my life have. I wanted them together more that i want it now. It is consuming every single piece of me. And you guys i say this so much collective manifestation if you are on the team if you're not i'm not gonna try to convince you that's long gone but if you are collected manifestation i feel like this is one. We're all collective. Because every single time. I see tiktok about the two of them getting back together. It has like hundreds of thousands of lives every single if you look at the comments on their pictures. All of them are like that to everyone. I think everyone collectively wants them back. Together it's really nice. When there's a sense of internet camry about like with everybody agreeing you know what i mean. I love internet camaraderie. Its favorite thing in the world. I know but it happens a lot. Where like everybody's talking about the same thing but not everybody's in agreement for example the election but like wisconsin coordinator right. It is very. It's not completely one-sided. But i think more people want them than don't want them just even for the sake of a fairytale ending. Imagine what it'll be like it when they like post one of them kissing the internet will go. I think it would break. I think that we would. When i talk when i say emergency episode like Ju i i just got anxious thinking about it like i started to get butterflies. You realize how quickly we'd have to get on this fucking recording we would be. We would be it. Would it would be no time would pass. We wouldn't even plan the opposite. We would get on sarah raw feelings. Yeah that's that's what we would have to do. Honestly you're so right. Oh my god. Wow i honestly our luck. This will happen both getting a manicure. This is why we don't get managers at the same time. And why i know where you go to get your so i'll just call them and go back tomorrow. Exactly anything you wanna add. No i think. I definitely got it all out. Yeah that was amazing So i guess this is it for you know this season. We of course have one more season. I don't know what we're gonna do. I don't know if next week the bonus show. we're going to go back to doing previous seasons. I don't know if we're going to do a deep dive. I don't know if we're gonna take a break from using the bonus show as a car dashing bonus show and maybe do some interviews. I really don't know we're trying to work through things You know when you agree to having three episodes a week like we have to have three episodes a week. That's kind of what we scheduled which obviously were so grateful to do but we should figure out how we wanna do it because especially now that bravo's moving to friday's while southern amazon like we can move the kardashian. Bona shows to wednesday spread out the episodes a little more and do it either that or on something different. Send your suggestions send us an email or dm on other things you'd want to talk about Working on different directions. And i don't know. I'm just really happy to have this platform. It's pretty incredible me to kid. Me fucking to okay. Well we love. You is thank you for listening as always and again like listening is the greatest gift you could give us. However if you feel a little bit Generous and you want to leave an ice review. It really really does help us and we genuinely appreciate it but no pressure. I also think that we may be set to subscribe like five times. They just always forget. But i think you're supposed to say that when you have a podcast so if you wanna subscribe i only say that because a lotta times people message us when we post a swipe. It's not there for me yet. But i think if you subscribe it. It downloads immediately. So i guess that's more of an incentive but we're just really grateful and thank you guys do love you so much is i'll see you on friday.

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