Steelers 1-on-1: 5 Steelers to watch in Preseason Week 2 vs. the Chiefs


Pittsburgh steeler fans what's going on this jeff harvest editor of behind the steel curtain dot com here ready for another episode of the steelers one on one and no burning question this week bring my good friend chris carter from decay pittsburgh sports as always to talk about the pittsburgh steelers. We are very grateful chris. You're able to come on because because he is there. He is on the scene. He's in the press box to unique aspect a unique angle for us it behind the steel curse. How's it going this evening doing great jeff jeff doing great. Just kinda glad camps almost over because this heat gets to be a lot yes. It's very humid very hot. I bet that the players are grateful grateful to be leaving saint vincent college here in a couple of days. Today was their last padded practice. Today's wednesday with this is being recorded tomorrow. They'll have a non padded practice before they call it a camp and they moved back to pittsburgh so my first question for you. Chris is if you were to just sum up this training camp. Would it be like have you been impressed. Heavy been just kind of <hes>. It's kinda same old same old you this. Is your second camp there correct or is this your third <hes>. I was more comfortable. This is my breath okay. I my first year on this on this. What i joined pittsburgh sports <hes> right after training minicamp ended <hes> so this will be my third year at camp. It's <hes> news comparatively. It's all to other kant's kant's. I've been to <hes> <hes> this has been a very controlled and they have the the the. I'd say nonsense. Everybody do not do any other stories cutting the the unfortunate passing of coach darryl drake <hes> but that's something you can't control <hes> and that's just a very sad thing but none of the players have done or said anything. That's been ridiculous. There's been no talk from the national media about anything. That's not about football the steelers this was about getting back to football. Not you know keep keeping keeping away the noise about other topics and just focusing on getting better which i really think that they've done done that a lot with several young players miss training camp well. It's good to hear and let's talk quickly and i ended it other shows on our platform of talked about it and lance and i kind of broke the news to a lot of people on sunday when coach coach joe drake passed away <hes> what is the vibe on a camp right now because we know that tuesday's practice was very sullen in rain and and we all saw the pictures and kudos to <hes> matt sunday from decay pittsburgh sports the article he wrote the images he took were just that was one of the best pieces of journalism eliza. Even if it was just photo journalism i've read in a really long time <hes> but you know now that <hes> the day is passed and they've said their good byes so to speak what's kind of divide on campus as the steelers radio break camp and get ready for week two in the preseason still a somber note. <hes> today was the first day of the players actually talked about this situation. <hes> villa villa wave at a very powerful video that that's going around the internet right now. <hes> a lot of the players were opening up to the writers. There's about just things that they've been going through and processing steelers brought in grief counselors to help them process everything but you know it's they. They know they have to get back to business but it's it's. They still know that. It's just next to impossible to do that. A carry on like things always were <hes> narration romans come along the guy that they hired to a receivers coach he immediately has been making a steady impact and making comments and helping helping the receiver lever out but most definitely they're going tom and said they're going to be doing some things for coach drake <hes> and to honor him throughout the season. I i think that's kind of where they're kinda. Put with players kind of putting their emphasis moving forward they know at some point they'll be with a show out for the coach that they love and <hes> and and so that but they know that before they get there they gotta keep doing and getting doing what they gotta do to be ready for the next day and i think that they're they're kind of. They're kind of antsy to get get out and show people what what they're about against the chiefs yeah i. I'm hoping that you know this is tough and anyone that's ever coached or played on a team. Gene has had something tragic happen on never forget. It was one of my first you seasons as a head coach in highschool one of my players. His sister was killed in a car accident and she was a junior in high school and it was unbelievably traumatic for the community and for him and it's funny how teams respond onto this trauma you either rise up and you want to be there and you wanna play better or you kind of just fall into a hole <hes> from just based on how you've seen the players interact with each other now interact with the media today also with how they are on the practice field. Get a vibe for how this team is trending. Do you think they're going to try to rise up and play a four coach drake or d._c. This kind of being a slump that they're gonna have to get through hopefully before week. One of the regular season not think the rides up tuesday drew up his doc or time. Everyone was kind of support each other. They've had to talk to each other and recognize that the best way to honor coach drake forward forward and john candy and accomplish the goals that they set out with coach drake moving forward into this season i think they're going to be this is already a resilient group because this is a group coming off a year that they didn't. They didn't make the playoffs that everyone said that they're not gonna do anything right because as of tonio being gone lady on being gone and all sorts of is that people have ms team and i think a lot of the guy they have a lot of <unk> gonna take all that lying down there show people that they've eventually had a really strong practice today. <hes> james washed it continues to impress people. I think there's a lot of really good young ups died and that should not be understated when people are looking at and predicting how they're going to do this year okay. Let's leave the emotional stuff thaddeus. Let's get straight to football. I have warm position. I wanna ask you about because i value your opinion in how you view the game backup quarterback. I've i've been reading your tweets. You're probably the most informative of all the bi writers that are there. You're putting everything out there. I really appreciate that but it just seems like recently in today's a perfect example of the two minutes is mason rudolph getting the same opportunities as joshua dobbs. There is joshua dobbs the number two guy until he gets unseated by somebody. Dobbs is still the official number two guy but there are just certain days where rudolph gets more and then dobbs will get more and then a key aid office but it often just flips on who had the most rams the last time <hes> but for example <hes> the next time on the steelers go out and ben rothlisberger doesn't start quarterback in preseason. I i can see mason rudolph running with the first team in dobbs getting to run with the second team just a flip uh flop and they want to evaluate wait how matchups work with these guys the gold number two quarterback <hes>. I think he's going to be the guy right now. That kind of holds title guy. I think is the long the long game quarterback they want to become the obvious one to become the air but i stop growing to do <hes> he played well but that was in the middle of struggling training camp especially this past week the first week he was looking to just jobs but then after the friday nights light friday and then we forward game and i can tell you well again <hes> and <hes> not the josh really nice camp sutton but it's a quarterback battle because they haven't proved but neither external on ready to be the number two quarterback and nwsafe this team. If ben goes down for a game or two okay all right. Let's get let's get right to it. Let's get to some players. You're excited to watch this week in week two <hes> that would be you know anybody. It could be if you think starters gonna play backups to who's a player. You're looking forward to seeing this this week right now. I'm looking at especially the inside linebacker battle but <hes> i wrote about a ulysses over an rob league sports and one thing that i've noticed that if you member everyone over he had to get one and a half sacks afford stuff monto point could also look very studying leading the middle of the field. He had to ask break up. He had a forceful. There's a lot right now. I wanna see who stepped on. I also wanna see james. Washington continued to tribute on on on does but i have the benefit really sieber room right now. You got you know number one team today and was just a so lucky never lighting it up with ben rocket <hes> and then the o._t. Johnson's back and healthy he was and a. and the four of those guys as washington ju- moncrieff and johnson an attack. That's gonna be very interesting. I was in especially moncrieff especially johnson and see more washington but <hes> the joe out especially with the backup quarterbacks. You're you're you might people a._b. Saying oh wait a second. Is it back now. They'll say i beckon and how they produce but on offense is the key finding ways to move the ball all with one guy most of the time without having to rely. I honest star playmaker but rice and getting. That's the ticket here and they got other guys to do that. Big a i <hes> one in lane boundary you should audrey off bumps and bruises of camp but especially some of these young guys that still have to prove themselves well crazy. Your condition is kind of spotty and we apologize. There's a listeners but <hes> i really do. Thank you for your time. <hes> why don't you tell us a little bit about what you're doing. <hes> both for lockdown steelers podcasts as well as history for awesome for you. Get let me let you get out of here. Thanks tony surreal unlocked on steelers. You can find on any other podcast you work at the n._f._l. Pittsburgh sports the dot com tom where right now i'm the i'm in down cars clashing with xs and os. I talked about doing wrong. During during season. Rating players will be going over between those to be a guest on burton with you is there. It's definitely an honor to be able to keep doing this and for the <hes> about but the sport that everyone people that watch this great content love all right chris. Thanks for your time. We'll be talking soon and go enjoy the rest of the camp and multiple. We'll be in touch. Hey hey spencer hall. I'm holly anderson. I'm ryan nanny. I'm jason kirk and we're the hosts of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football podcast it says in the script open to riff on what that means and basically what i mean is it's all spoiled every tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable pants worn middle elsewhere we also do college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want take college football exactly seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app okay folks that was <hes> chris from pittsburgh sports. We do appreciate him taking the time. I do apologize for his quiz audio quality his visual he was in a vehicle obviously <hes> in he is in latrobe as we speak. I'm not sure if the internet connection there wherever he was does but still <hes>. I really do thank him for <hes> trying his best to do to. He was used to be in pittsburgh. He decided to stay in latrobe. He's at at shark easy. If you've ever been to latrobe said my thomas had just walked in the door the he was trying to get back in there as quick as possible. I wanted to let him go <hes> so we do appreciate him <hes> <hes> in his time at this time. I wanna talk about some of the players that i'm looking forward to seeing this saturday night when kinsey cheese come to heinz field and if you're in the live chat i wanna know who you are looking. Maybe who you're looking for to see list then outs one. Two three four five sees as me however many there is for you. Let's just go on the assumption though that ben rothlisberger is not going to <hes> play. I doubt oh he does. I'd be shocked if he does tomorrow. Thursday mike tomlin has a press conference at eleven thirty around there and he'll probably say who's who's in who's out to my guess is that ben rothlisberger is not gonna play. My my guess is that <hes> markey's pouncey is not going to play my my guess is that joe hayden is not going to play or sean. Davis is not going to play but let's talk about who i am looking forward to seeing. I asked chris about the backup quarterback act battle because i'm so intrigued by that in so many different ways and i really shouldn't be to be quite honest with you. I shouldn't be intrigued. He did all because we're talking about. Backup quarterbacks in this is something that lance williams said a long time ago and that was <hes> if you were your main camp battles are backups loves then you have a pretty good roster and that's what the steelers have i mean. There's only a couple of spots. People always talk about right tackle. That job is done one period. That job is done so for me. I just think it's something that <hes> and by the way if you're watching live t._v. List out he yoga for seeing being all throwing up on the screen and everyone can check them out if they're watching live on youtube and a stream and they don't see it so <hes> there. You see awesome stuff. Nineteen eighty-three does a great year by the way i was born <music>. You're he's deonte johnson moncrieff route off and bush. We appreciate that so. Who am i looking forward to see. I'm looking forward to seeing who stars quarterback back. That's crazy see on the screen. He's at route off number one and then he has hodges. I don't think hobbs is gonna see more time than he did in week one and gentry who he has is fourth on his list missed practice today he end devon bush are actually believe it or not. They were being evaluated for something thing. I hope it's not any injury. It's gonna linger not that. Devon bush has to worry about his job but you just hope for someone like zach gentry. He needs every single repetition that he can get. He caught that touchdown nice little running catch in week one you hope he can kind of compound that and see what's going on syria thomas white he's amazing james washington in a benny smell. That's a great guy to pick up because for me. I gave any snow a losers greater. My winners and losers column and i got ripped for it. People said all my gosh. How are you going to put him in. I just didn't think he looks explosive everything he was labeled to be. I didn't see it period and he didn't burst his vision. Wasn't that great so i backed myself off the ledge a little bit and said i will give him another chance. I will see what he looks like. What the better offensive of line i'm excited to see beng snell and hopefully he proved me wrong. I get it brookies are gonna struggle. Their first preseason game just has just lane. He looks awful so you wanna season bounced back performance here. Slip is a contributor. He says he wants his devon. Hodges spencer chook chook if he just talked about lane and route off his his fifth so again. Send me your <hes> semyon in live chat. You think is going to be your top four five. Whatever and we'll talk about it. Jared the devil says rudolph one bush two snell three johnson deontay johnson. That's a good one. I wanna i wanna see deontay johnston as well. He's really had a great practice. Today was really looked good in and out of his cuts. I hope you can stay healthy. Absolutely <hes> here we go quinter says devon bush one. I hope he plays if he's battling any type of injury. I really don't think he's going to play because i don't think they're going to have to test and let's be honest if vince williams back into vince williams isn't back. Do they really need him to play i. I'm not so sure you'd probably let him sit we to let them play week three sedan bush one. Here's mason rudolph james washington terrell edmonds. That's another good one. Let's let's each roll. Edmonds continue to develop. I thought he a really good game last week. I thought that he had <hes> you know shown some steps that again he was the only you know starter in that lineup last week. Every other player was not either. Not an commodity devin. Bush mark mark barron or was a backup and so i wanna see exactly what's going on with john and the ryan. I gotta put this up there. He says he wants to see mike. Tomlin win win a challenge period well ryan. I think we all wanna see that and every see it well. I hope he challenges a pass interference. Call the preseason. You wanna get a feel you for how they're going to be doing that and things like that. <hes> you know you wanna get a an idea as to how they're seeing things and then being the officials in how i use it <hes> days go field wins it by far with saying that he wants to see jeff jeff hartmann lance williams. I don't know why it lands on that list. He just ruined the list but back to the realist- kevin he says you won't see deonte johnson. I'm sorry gilbert holton bush hottest. You know someone that people aren't really talking about right. Now is sutton smith. Everyone's camp darling. He was the player that everybody was loving to see. They couldn't wait to see son's fifth. Mike tomlin was asked after practice. Stay point blank is smith falling behind. He said one word yes not a good sign for all of those people that want to see more more more sudden smith because he's been injured that thanks abdomen. They don't have to release that but he's he's fallen behind these fallen behind. I'll believe with good point number one. He says already burns already burns returned to practice. He should be back in the lineup and then obviously agencies others deontay johnson and spencer. Are there so these are situations now. Where in my opinion this has been true since offseason since kids free agency in the draft wrapped. This has been true sent in my opinion in that is the steelers blue. We only have about five or six spots that are potentially open period. Everything else is solidified. You will offensive line pretty much solidified. If you think there's still a battle of right tackle whole unless an actual injury takes place bad filers you're starting right tackle period and if you haven't realized that just pay attention the anyone will tell you and so the starters on offense i mean yeah you might be talking about allied rogers ryan switzer which one makes the team you might talk about who plays more moncrieff for washington ashington but you're not talking about a pure camp battle <hes> and so for some of these years talking about depth deaf pieces in those final five or six spots of chris mentioned ulysses gilbert robert <hes> and how he played well but he wants to see like robber spelane because there's really only a few spots left into. That's going to be interesting to see how they play. <hes> let's see i've missed a list here every jerry cherry band. He says he wants to see rudolph washington bush and <hes> he wants to be moncrieff and their said their second on big that'd be deontay. John and i'm sorry who's their second pick not their second round pick. He didn't have a second pick. <hes> kyle smith is still wanna see something smith breath because there are guys who play better in a game that in practice rudolph could be the same since he played graber practice has been that's true too <hes> because is a lot of times you get guys that are in practice and writing it up. I'll give you a perfect example justin hunter. When justin hunter was a member of the steelers wide receiver he made every recap in practice. I'm talking about he made every single acrobatic catch. Everyone was writing about how justin hunter is going to be prolific. Justin hunters going to change the dynamic of the steelers wide receiver core. He's going to be the number two opposite antonio brown when he was here mr third and fifth and what happened when it got a game nothing nothing app he didn't he didn't show out at all. He was a practice player essentially so for that he might have a quarterback like maize him enough. You might not be the best practice quarterback but you know what i'll take a gamer over practice quarterback any day day of the week lance williams chimes and he says he wants to see liz gilbert third. I think a lot of people wanna see list gilbert the third and see what he can do. Hopefully fingers crossed the pittsburgh steelers. Give him a little bit of time with maybe the second team and this is where if i'm the steelers i'm i'm okay now playing devon bush if devon bush's banged up whether it's a hamstring whether it's a me whether it's anything like that is a you know what devon stress asked man just rest take this week off. You're fine. You'll be back for week. Three will probably rescue. We four and plus. We wanna see what guys like ulysses gilbert <hes> spelane. I mean we want to see what they can do so we're on a c. them and so. I absolutely think that <hes> you know that's basically what's going to happen if they decide to keep bush out <hes> so here we have a dare and says he wants to see the new edition linebackers. That's <hes> skipper aladdin e._a. List gilbert bush baron all good competitive guys. It's a good problem to have. I agree one hundred percent absolutely skipper someone. I just don't know where these guys fit. It comes down to. They're gonna have to show out on special teams. If you knew who showdown special teams in week one or two players that came to mind number one was allied danielle who didn't play special rush teams. Dave scofield will tell you that he didn't play special teams last year when he was activated off the injured reserve list but he is playing now in the preseason he played okay okay and so for me. I look at that and say wow okay well. He's he's putting himself in the spot. He's basically saying this is by spot. No one's gonna take me and with sutton. Smith banged up ah. I don't think there's any real name really threatening him. Maybe skipper but i doubt it so <hes>. Let's see here another one <hes> nelson steven nelson. That's good one that suplex tyler said steven nelson is someone that i haven't seen too much of you didn't play much in week one. I'm sure play more we to kai says rudolf deonte johnson ulysses gilbert camp kelly and christian scotland williams and christian scotland williams tight end. He has a hamstring injury. I doubt that he plays. I doubt he replace <hes> kyle. Smith says oh what was surprisingly quick on special teams. I agree and that's one of the reasons that you know who else i forgot to mention the other the player that surprised me on special teams and that was not other than benny snell for as bad as i gave him or tour of a great as i gave him running the football. He showed that he's willing to go play special teams. He's showing that he's willing to go out there and actually make tackles. That's absolutely important so this kind of goes hand in hand. Thomas weights it. He wants to see chris boswell. We all wanna see chris boswell. I don't wanna say ryan tools viner tools that right after him don't forget the kicking competitions really really important. We're talking about chris boswell. We're talking about him. Versus versus matthew ray whatever jordan berry versus ian berryman. I'm not so sure boswell and boswell has kicked is a strong camp. That's not saying that it's guaranteed to translate into success in two thousand eighteen regular season but loses camp has been strong. Matthew right hasn't played hasn't kicked poorly but what is lanes will always say the three players the three ps pay pedigree performance now performance we know what chris basel's those performance alaska's but in terms of pay and pedigree boswell has the advantage of a right now berryman in berry. I think is an open and competition yet assigned jordan berry to a two year deal at the end of last in this past off season that doesn't mean anything they can cut ties with a partner honor and the dead cap space is not gonna hinder them at all especially after they just freed up the space with steph onto its restructure in the world and assume that joe haden eight and gets a new deal and that's going to free up more stuff as well but for me berryman berry that's actually the actual camp battle to watch because 'cause you're talking about really this is this is for a starting job and i don't think the steelers nor should they be sold on jordan barry after his his past two seasons with the steelers being very up and down so if you want to continue to send me who you're looking forward to fuel free in the live chat fire away all throw it up on the screen they're everyone can see it in case they're not watching the livestream but also if you have questions about the steelers you can also send those in and i'll be glad to answer any questions about the steelers <hes> in whatever i however i can and if you want to you don't have to but if you want to you could use the super chat feature that is a little money sign right down where you put your comment in. 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If you've ever notifications on telling you that we went live you can check it out won't miss what guarantee it okay so get those questions coming in then as well as your list of who you are looking forward to seeing this saturday night when tachikawa homes and company come to pittsburgh. If you're wondering is patrick mahomes going to play. He played last week and we won. I assume that any we will have them play at least a series or two against the steelers especially because that's obviously <hes> <hes> the steelers pittsburgh. It's heinz field. It's a it's a test. He wants to put his quarterback through the test not that i'm not sure if you know he needs at test but y- uh-huh proved that test last year when they came into week to beat them so here we go quinteros asked the question will steven nelson play saturday the interesting to see him against his former team since we don't play the cheese in the regular season this year. It's a good question <hes> for me. I think he will play. He played a little bit weak one. I've been going to see a more week to your. I see a lot of already burns. You're gonna see a lot of justin lane rightfully so for both players <hes> and i hope that you'd see little more brian allen because that's someone that chris chris carter tweeted about today really good practice and it's going to be interesting to see how that all plays out with the cornerbacks in in how many they keep bradley for instance brian allen says it is a cornerback and safety cornerback slash safety on the official roster do they keep him as a safety depth because we know how thin the safety depth is. We'll see <hes> vodka drinkers. If i see mccullers push back in our live akraseni vomit tom well you know what can the steelers find somebody that can actually replace it. That's the question because last year's joshua frazier and seventh-round didn't happen. He's not fighting in football anymore this year it. It's isaiah bugs. Can he push him out. I don't know we'll see if if neither if bugs can't do it in live on hoax folks can't do it. We're gonna colors again. Just prepare yourselves to see mccullers again our creates. How much of the stars will we see on saturday this. It all depends. I think you're gonna see some starters play. I'm coach tomlin. I'm not playing ben rothlisberger because i don't need to play ben rothlisberger. What i am going to do <hes> what i am going to do is. I'm going to play james connor little bit. Gonna play jalen sane a little bit more than i did in week. One one in beni smells mainly my second half running back wide receivers juju is going to see some time. I'm going to see dante moncrieff on the field as long as he's healthy. That's key seventies doesn't wanna see we wanna get him out there. Especially these new guys like moncrieff. I wanna see nelson play a little bit more <hes> i wouldn't mind seeing mark baron at back out there again just to just to get his feet under him just to get that vibe from heinz field again and so you <hes> it. We'll see i'll see all right. Lance gives me his list. Here's the as he wants to see. Boswell first moncrieff second nelson gilbert fourth in boswell again is fifth. Thanks to the list lands. We appreciate that <hes> darren ass. Am i the only one that wants to see as a bugs. I don't think you're the only one they want to see as azalea bugs. I just think that honestly at this time. He didn't play much in week one because he was deep down the depth chart. I think he'll play more on week. Two i think go probably play a lot in week or so there. You have it <hes>. I've got some contributors asking about stuff. That's back end stuff. I'll teach gazette ed later. <hes> let's hear rhino tool says i would like to see pre looking motivated not push twenty out of the place. He does get pushed up the arca lot but i'm not about to save. He hasn't improved tic- it on the field this year so but depre- look i know you don't like him. We call him bud on here but he's here for at least another season. Let's hope he has a good year and help us dealers winsome games. That's what i think <hes> north top says. What do you think we're going to do with baron now. That bush is most likely the number two. I don't see point bearing where i disagree north up. We talked about this on some of her others. <hes> other shows that is i actually see erin and bush playing alongside each other and vince williams being the one. That's going to miss time not any other way around. I think devon bush proved his worth last week and i think that it's pretty obvious that he deserves the play. I think the baron is athletic can cover. He's a big hitter. He fits well. I even williams being more of sub package guy. It sounds crazy to say that but that's just what i think and we are all entitled to our opinions. You may disagree and that's fine. You're entitled to your opinion but at the same time that's just the the way i look at it. Hi daniel amanda we get to tell everyone about the new pod eaters ideas digest that is right are brand. New podcast is available available now. It's everything you need to know about the world of food every week with a little help from the biggest names in the industry and journalists from the eater newsroom. We're gonna talk about everything from the worst things that diners do in restaurants too fake meat. We're gonna talk about food delivery attack. We are going to argue a lot about how to best behave in restaurants. Oh yeah big time so many things i mean we can't type politics who didn't politics. Yes complex comes up. It might make you laugh might make you think it might even make you hungry daniel. I'm so subscribed to digest four free today on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app. Five dollars in the tip jar are from jerry jerry band saying just want to say you guys are doing great job. I appreciate your knowledge saved the steelers will we thank you not only for the five dollar tip but also for checking us out all the time we appreciate it <hes>. He's regular in the live chat. A lot of these people were regulars. If you catch us ever on the live chad. It's a really cool little community. We have developed guys know each other girls know each other because we all know for leashes in here all the time <hes> so make sure if you ever in the live chat pop in there no donald cut you down trust me too good spot <hes> awesome stuff nineteen eighty-three ass when we see the entire starting defense against mahomes to test out the unit against an elite quarterback order back. I think you'll see like i said about the offensive side the same on the defensive side and the answer to that is i think you'll see camera hayward. I think you'll see steph onto do it. J von hargrave played in week one again. You're not going to see him for a long time. Maybe a quarter it all depends <hes> mike tomlin in the past that the defense comes out sluggish and soft. He'll keep him in for a half. I'm not suggesting they do that but at the same time i think you will see the sealer started. Defense minus sean davis because of his injury injury minus joe haden because of his injury other than that. I feel like you should see vote again. Bush where he plays around devin bush <hes> other than that he goes he pretty much as a starting defense for the pittsburgh steelers when we to but again tomorrow is mike tomlin or this record on wednesday it will be published on thursday at thursday's in his press. Conference will no more then so when we're on the preview. That's when you'll get to we'll we'll talk about more about who is his entities out at that time and david obviously gives his predictions before the game a crazy chris. He gives us a dollar ninety nine. It drove me appreciate as it is worthy to dr bush in a fantasy. I'm <hes> i. I guess there are some fantasy. Leagues have defensive players <hes>. I had been in one to be honest with you. <hes> everyone knows my daily fantasy <music> of session. I don't do traditional leagues anymore was just turned down like three opportunities this past week actually for traditionally but still i would i would if he's if you're in a league that does have defensive players and does collect points per stats like tackles. Yes yes yes. You're not crazy to pick up bush fantasy league of divas of players. He's gonna be a tackle machine for the steelers. You might not get you the sacks that you want from the linebacker that he'll get you the tackles he'll get you the pass breakups if they keep that as a statistic and possibly some interceptions to keep that in mind ali gives us a unique list. He's looking forward to you. Dave where the kyle red mask caesium has on good internet and the skinny guy. The hangover gets a new camera okay. It's technology technology guys if we had all the money in the world have two desktops today mike he asks will sutton smith see to feel this weekend as of right now i i say no. He did not practice today again and mike tomlin is not one to have a player completely. Sit out and then just say all right. Go get them. They have to prove that they're healthy. They have to prove that they're capable. It uprooted. They're ready and i'm not sure if that's the case speaking of the inside linebacker situation situation kyle smith says barron will be the sub. I don't know if you want to small linebackers in the field the same time in base package well. I see your point. Kyle and i definitely understand it and i do. You think there's going to be a point where barron is on the sidelines potentially in first and second down or obvious running downs but i think since the steelers transitioning into a pass the defense team just like the rest of the n._f._l. There are sub package team. You're going to see him on the field more than vince waves. That's just something. I believe you can say whatever you want but take it to. The bank. Felicia finally shows up ten dollars <unk>. We appreciate his hey. I'm late but i'm looking forward to seeing dante. Spencer redeems himself love as a punt returner sure he's going to have to do some damage other than in part returns because you have this other players that are entrenched. They're like ryan switzer su. I'm not it's impossible but he's gonna have to show. Some big plays some splash as by tomlin says and e._s. What does switzer after due you to get your redesignation on the roster. Will he just lose out the holden. It comes down to special teams and on talking about not return guys. I'm talking about coverage. He's he's going to have to actually show that. He has a good rapport with rothlisberger. He can go out there and return kick. Return punts be effective at that <hes> he. He says that he can be an offense offensive playmaker and not just returning. It'll need ways to roster spot a return men. That's just me that's my belief. I think switzer makes the team but there's a lot to be proven. Still darren says he wants to see mason. Rudolph not only star but have a chance to play with more of the starters to and see what he can produce with them. I agree and this is something i said on the sunday. Shows standard is a standard is that it's kind of crazy when you think about adopts went in with a pretty shoddy backup blinded never really played before it seemed like when rudolph came in and in the second quarter he was the one that cutting rally the troops offense advisor to playing better. Let's say he starts this week. He's gonna be starting with some starting law offensive lineman. He's going to have every opportunity to shine. It's going to be up to him to actually get the job done. So there you go <hes> crees. Wait to the end of the preseason your daughter because or will it be throughout the rest of the preseason the you might have a player or to get cut but it's not going to be anything drastic. <hes> easy players get cut in waived injured and <hes> the with the injured designation all the time <hes> so that could definitely happen but at the the same time. I don't think it's going to be a situation where the steelers like cutting down ten players at a time. That's just not how they do it. They wait until they have to. They cut from ninety two fifty three one one fell swoop done and then after that's when they start juggling their roster they start seeing who's available. Who can they pick up who can get rid of who they signed into. The practice squad who clears waivers all that stuff. It's just what that's just personally what i think <hes> awesome stuff nineteen eighty-three. Do we trade rogers to keep home mm or spencer again to have someone get traded. You have to have someone. That's willing to give up a commodity for them. This is is really important for everyone to remember so you have to have someone who says i value. Eli rogers enough that i'm going to give up something. It might be a seventh round pick. It might be a we'll pick up salary whatever it is you have to have someone. That's willing to do that and if an n._f._l. Team thanks for the second that they're not can make the team that you i rogers isn't going to make the roster anyways. They're not gonna trade for because they'll say. We'll just wait. We'll wait and could get him off waivers. Why pay something for when you can get in for free and that's what you have to think so. You didn't even play a full season last year. He keeps coming off his a._c._l. Injury i don't think he was brought onto the roster roster until we fifteen against england minutes. I maybe week fourteen. I could be wrong but definitely week. Fifteen against england was like his kind of coming back party <hes> and so again. You have to have suitors before you get a trade. It's easy to say well. We'll try devon hodges. Why why i wouldn't trade for devil and hottest. He's going to get caught anyways so they'll just wait. Wait it out so <hes> any did he brings up a good point on my way this roster prediction we bump switzer. If you did read their the tape and i said it was between he and rogers we flip the coin and it went to like he just said it. Went went to switzerland cut this week. The coin could resolve the different next week so there you go <hes>. It's here here we go to to all right. Lands is pumping his show. Yeah i said it. I'll put it on the screen. No news is good. News is coming friday since the game is on saturday so to to give you lay. The land is too good segment ended at tonight. Wednesday night is was the steelers went on one again i if you miss chris carter segment the audio wasn't bad the visual it was awful. I apologize for that. I had no idea that was going to be that way. It wasn't that way last time <hes> and so i- polished for that so but then tomorrow night thursday day night live on youtube will be the steelers preview with myself dave and brian and then friday night. Lance will bring you his yeah. I said it live here on youtube friday friday night edition. I'm not sure if he'll have his. Yes shoot landscape friday night. He might be little loose. If you know what i mean little loose lips little loose with a drink and then saturday night. I'll be on here for the steelers postgame. I will probably <hes> probably has the one other lands. He has something go on off someone sub for him sunday. We'll be back for the standards the standard next week y'all often at it there. You have it so <hes>. Let's see here here we go. Let's see if some of the questions together. Let's let's get these questions. If you have a list by all means hit me upper if not we'll call it a show. I really appreciate all the communication you all have said it. <hes> has really helped out a lot here we go. I'm gonna give you my five players five players to watch which again i didn't really get to this. I started getting into live. Chad was figured out the feature on how to actually you know they're gives us two bucks. I love this hashtag. Do you for drake. We should get that training folks. We should get that trending dude for drake coach darryl drake. I appreciate that <hes> crazy chris mrs bush or what oh i guess you're talking about your fantasy league. I would do t. J. watt. No doubt he's going to have more sacks. I'm pretty sure zest will get you more points tackles and he'll have plenty of tackles too so there you go okay five players that i wanna see play this saturday night. I'm going to try to think outside the box here so i don't want everyone to the i'm looking forward. Is the dan yea. He was shut out last week. I wanna see him get help period number one number two. I wanna see jalen samuels. I wanna see him get some actual carries in the backfield. I wanna see if he can be more than just a gimmick player this year i know he racked up one forty two against the patriots last year. I wanna see him become more of a standard running back. That could be primary backup in case. James connor gets hurt occa- okay number three. I wanna see a better defense. I heard on dave's stack e-class night that they gave up thirty one first downs. I believe that's a little that's a little much. That's a little much tighter their defense. I wanna seed specifically justin lane play a little bit better. Please just a little bit better. Her don't become the latest of a long list of made round. Dud cornerbacks to the pittsburgh steelers a little bit better. Please <hes> let's go go with wanna see chris boswell. That's been it's been talked about a lot and lastly i will go with xavier dribble fifth because they grumble is extremely important for me in my opinion. He's extremely important to this team. He needs to be a number two tight end and if not the steelers are going to guaranteed indeed have to make a move at tight end before the regular season and if you remember when they did that with vance mcdonald it takes time. It's not like a position where you can just come in and just all right in a place they. I really hope that this year's are able to do that and i really hope xavier grumble shows that he is able to kind of come back and can play better all right so <hes> awesome stuff he brings up a point that i brought up in the comments section of behind the soaker dot com use any chance we can bring back richard man to elba receiver room. He retired two years ago when they hired darryl drake. I think that makes sense. I said that it made sense at the time but also i. I realized that they brought in richard sherman. He's been sending the whole month of camp with the team. <hes> he was a former offensive coordinator for the steelers that they get ninety eight. There's a chance that he does he takes job over and just just for this season's hire someone else so. I'm not sure what's going to happen. They haven't made anything official yet no matter and what she read. There's been nothing from the pittsburgh. Steelers stay that sherman is a new wide receivers coach blamed stewart's and none of that so right now they have. They might tallinn's and you have a plan in place. There just aren't releasing a yet to hear that keep with salt. Here's a tough question j griffin as best jersey to get for this year okay. This is a question. I've asked a good many times and i always say diviner jersey as an investment especially. If you're not going the brian anthony davis us route and priority. Dave is getting his from overseas for cheap if you're gonna pay for an actual nike jersey. Make sure you're getting a player. It's gonna be around so for me. If you gotta devon bush jersey. I feel like you're hedging your debt in the right way. He's a rookie unless he has an injury are- he'll be there for five seasons the fifth year option on him <hes> and then if he's that good they'll definitely pick him up and get him a new contract. <hes> i think that you look at other players possibility juju smith schuster would probably be safe. Bet <hes> i tend to lean towards even like ben rothlisberger bergonzi if you're looking for a new player though devon bush's where your money should be period so make sure it speaking of david cash or someone you get a d._v._d. Cashiers if you have not seen this yet we've given away some pretty cool stuff here on buying the steel curtain especially in our podcast platform. We gave away two tickets to the draft party. We we gave away two tickets to the first preseason game <hes> we gave away <hes> we're getting away an autographed decastro football and dona fide autographed autographed. David <unk> cashable all pro guard in the n._f._l. He's already a great for the steelers and so it'd be really cool to put on your mantel just store away. Put it in a case whatever the case he'd do. Here's what you have to do. This article is on behind this curtain dot com right now with all the instructions. You have to join one of our survivor. There's one hundred person limit. We filled up the first one hundred really quick and the last i heard for days goldfield he's doing all this stuff is that we've already have close to fifty people in the secondly now. If we fill up the secondly will throw in a thirdly and make sure that everyone has a fair shot. If you win the survivor league you win the football. That's it. It's it's free. There's no money to get in. It's completely free. We're doing this because we we want you all to actually be a part of our community. Whether it's here the podcast on the a <hes> website behind this joker dot com we want you all to feel like a big family and doing these competitions and i'm in one of the league's dave's one of the league's we're gonna get lance and one of the league's and all all the other contributors brian anthony davis tony defeo. Everyone's going to be in there. You get to compete against us. It'd be a lot of fun and if you win you win yourself. A david decastro autographed football or burri people three so there you go with that said. I think that it's a good spot to end the show. I do want to say thank you chris carter one last time i apologize for everyone that you know hopefully to get through that because it sounded to me at least is a mind that the audio is pretty good. The visual was awful so for youtube. I apologize. Make sure you check out the his work at cape. It's exports. We thank you for listening. Thank you for watching for those on youtube. Make sure you check out behind still dot com for your pittsburgh. Steelers need your one. Stop shop for your pittsburgh. Steelers needs and check us out tomorrow night thursday night. It's me it's david bryant. We are the steelers previous. We gave breakdown the game against the chiefs in week two of the n._f._l. Preseason with that what does say we'll see in front of their episode. Revenue steals one on one or the burning question. We'll see hi. I'm a medically editor in chief of eater and i'm daniel janine up producer here at peter and we are here to tell you about our brand podcasts yours digest every week on the show we dive into the weirdest funniest and most important stories stories in the world of food with inside scoop from the biggest names in the industry and expert insights from either newsroom <hes>. It's really fun time so i would say subscribe to eaters digests for free today on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app.

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