Sam Cooke Pt. 1: King of Soul


<music> on october eighth nineteen sixty three soul singers sam cooke pulled his maserati up to the brand new holiday in north in shreveport louisiana sam and his entourage had traveled through the night and now at seven thirty in in the morning. They were bone tired and ready to check into their reserved rooms. The white service clerk had other ideas his unease showed code as he greeted salmon his guests. The clerk claimed that the hotel was fully booked road weary and frustrated sam. Let him have it. He a yelled at the clerk asking if he thought sam was some sort of ignorant fool. Sam asked if he knew he was and demanded to speak to a manager. Sam's wife barbara was frightened just weeks before in the same town armed riot squads and mounted officers had attacked five hundred black churchgoers as they left a memorial mass for the birmingham church bombing that killed four little black girls shreveport wasn't incredibly dangerous dangerous place for a black man. Sam was a world famous recording star and celebrity but barbara was afraid that if the police were called all they would see she would be the color of his skin. Barbara begged him to stop before the clerk called the cops but sam wasn't one to back down from injustice and he we saw the way they were being treated for the racist discrimination that it was he was angry with quiver in her voice. Barbara told sam that he'd he'd get himself killed. He retorted. They ain't gonna kill me. Because i'm sam cooke <music> one death can change the world at least that's what assassins believe welcome to assassinations apar- cast original every monday we examined the famous assassins of history and the men and women who were assassinated. I'm your host to build. 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This is our first episode on murdered soul singer and songwriter sam cook often called the king of soul will he rose to the top of the charts in the nineteen fifties bridging the gap between seoul and popular music in one thousand nine hundred sixty four his rise is was cut short when he was shot to death by bertha franklin the manager of the hacienda motel in los angeles this week we'll discuss the story of sam cooke and the fateful events that led to his death at age thirty three sam was poised to be a true breakout star and was becoming visibly ably involved in the civil rights movement at the time of his death next week. We'll discuss the aftermath of the murder and dive into the myriad inconsistencies as in the case we'll debate whether sam was killed in self defense or if there was a larger plot at work lisa boyer a beautiful chinese american girl of twenty two couldn't help but giggle at the tall all swat man cracking jokes in the next booth she was having dinner with three friends the night of december tenth nineteen sixty four and was captivated by the stylish affable man who seemed to know everybody in martoni italian restaurant soon she'd come to recognize him as celebrity celebrity sam cooke as he got up to sing one of his hits good news sam made eye contact with lisa from across the restaurant lease sir appeared back at sam from under her dark bangs and smiled a guitar player introduced him to lisa after the set sam remarked he'd seen her around around and asked her how her night was going. Although she undoubtedly knew she was talking to a star lisa responded coolly and reportedly greeted him like an old friend in no time at all lisa and sam were cozied up together on a booth a drink in front of each of them in between greetings from friends ends and fans. Sam asked lisa if she'd like a ride in his new red ferrari. She readily agreed at least that's how lisa later we're told the judge it happened. What lisa didn't include her testimony was her own background as a role artist. Lisa lisa whose real name was lisa boyer would pose under different aliases such as lisa li crystal john young or elsie nkhoma comma she'd proposition john's for sex and then the second they left the room or fell asleep she would rob them blind as far as sam cooke of course concerned. Lisa was his date that night but two lisa sam cooke looked like a juicy target. Sam cook was shot out to death. In the early hours of december eleventh nineteen sixty four the official story was that he drunkenly broke into the management office of the hacienda motel hotel looking for lisa boyer. He was shot in self defense by the night manager bertha franklin however sam's family and many of his contemporaries aries in the black music community didn't believe this was the whole story theories abound as to whether lisa and bertha conspired to rob him together the other or if bertha was hired by his spurned wife some even think that sam's increasing activism and involvement with the civil rights movement grant made him a target for white supremacists. It's hard to parse the true story of that night but what's easy to see is that nothing was as a straightforward as it seemed when it came to the murder of sam cooke to place this crime into context you must first. I understand the social climate of the united states in the early nineteen sixties in eighteen sixty three president abraham lincoln struck a blow against legal slavery slavery with the emancipation proclamation however slave owners who'd made fortunes in an economy based on unpaid labor were loath to lose their control roll newly free black sharecroppers were often forced to sign exploitative labor contracts that prevented them from making enough money to buy land or start businesses. Free blacks were guaranteed the right to vote and citizenship under the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments which were passed in eighteen sixty eight eight and eighteen seventy however local governments often got around this by using restrictive grandfather clauses and other loopholes to disenfranchise is african americans by nineteen sixty three one hundred years after the emancipation proclamation black people in the united states faced barriers when they tried to vote face discrimination in housing and jobs and were treated like inferior citizens many in the south were forced forced to live their lives segregated from the white population consistently relegated to poor facilities and the backs of buses and theaters voter suppression policies such as local ide- literacy laws were common in the early nineteen sixty s many activists saw the solution to civil rights violations wins through non violent protests through the encouragement of leaders like martin luther king junior and organizations like the student nonviolent coordinating leading committee activists organized peaceful sit ins and bus rides to protest discrimination. There were also militant factions in the civil rights movement open including the nation of islam and the black panthers and leaders like malcolm x stokely carmichael they held various nuanced positions but overall tend to support black pride and black separatism. They were dedicated to protecting the black communities lives rights and property by i any means necessary white supremacists took all of these actions as a declaration of war black activists and allies is were frequent targets of violence sometimes even perpetrated an ordered by the establishment on august twenty eighth eighth one thousand nine hundred sixty three over two hundred fifty thousand people participated in the march on washington for jobs and freedom. The event was capped off off with martin luther king junior's famous. I have a dream speech which he delivered at the national mall and was broadcast nationwide the same year student protesters marching in birmingham alabama for an end to discrimination and segregation were attacked by the police. The birmingham commissioner of public safety eugene bull connor directed the police to unleash their dogs and determine high pressure fire hoses on the young <unk> protesters white supremacist groups like the k. K. k. burned crosses the yards of black activists and sympathetic whites. These organizations were determined to terrorize the black community to keep it from disrupting the racist status quo of the south amidst all the chaos the early nineteen sixties were a watershed moment for the integration of popular music and activism topical songs like nina simone's mississippi mississippi goddamn tore up the charts. The song was inspired by a mississippi church bombing which killed activist medgar evers podesta a folk musician with blues and jazz influences was known as the voice of the civil rights movement songs like her oh freedom which she sang to the crowd at the march on washington inspired later folk artists like bob dylan and joan baez soul singer sam cooke was garnering national national acclaim and praise at the same time that the struggle for civil rights was reaching its zenith he had long been familiar with major players like martin luther king junior and malcolm x. but it wasn't until nineteen sixty three that he began to dip his feet into the activist pool. Sham released a masterpiece piece of folk song. In february nineteen sixty four called a change is gonna calm. He was selling millions of records and counted the top blues musicians nations of the day among his personal friends. He was poised to do something even greater until birth. Franklin's bullets stopped his heart in nineteen sixty four. We'll talk more about sam cook and his rise to fame after this birthdays anniversaries holidays. These are the important dates. Most people tend to remember but the park has network remembers important dates intrude crime history every day. The park cast original today and true crime takes you back to the biggest events in true crime that happened each day in history story whether the crime is infamous or just claim interesting. There's a crime story for every day of the year. September third two thousand twelve griselda blanco cocaine godmother was gunned down in columbia october ninth two thousand and two serial killer aileen were knows declined signed her final meal and was executed november twenty ninth nineteen eighty-one natalie wood drowned on a weekend boat trip today in true crime is park casts first daily true crime podcast. 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One the fifth of of eight children born to anime and reverend charles cook of clarksdale mississippi music was part of sam's life from the starts his father father a baptist minister loved gospel music and often played records in the house when the family moved to chicago in one thousand nine hundred thirty three they were thrust deep deep into the gospel scene there sam and his siblings soon caught the musical bug by nineteen thirty seven six year old sam was a member of the singing killed in a gospel group that included him and five of his siblings in nineteen forty five at the age of fourteen. Sam helped found a gospel quartet call. The highway q sees it was through this group. He met the young lou rawls and johnny taylor. Lou and johnny would go on to have fabled blues who's in seoul careers of their own and would remain close with sam through the years little did these childhood friends know that in just a few short years they would would be touring across the united states together. Sam cooke was obviously talented. He was already known for his smooth natural singing style and powerful songwriting chops in nineteen fifty at the age of nineteen. Sam became the lead singer of the gospel group. The soul stirrers ars but sam's talent wasn't relegated to music besides his smooth tenor and songwriting chops. Sam had a knack for making the girls go wild in fact. This would prove to be an ongoing problem in sam's personal life. Sam married his first wife. If a dancer named deloris d mohawk on october nineteenth nineteen fifty three this was a complicated situation for a number of reasons including shooting the three babies sam had fathered with other women earlier that year in fact in one thousand nine hundred fifty three sam had a girl linda with his childhood sweetheart. A woman named barbara campbell sam would continue his affair with barbara throughout his marriage to d in his professional life. Sam sam quickly realized that he'd never fulfilled his potential while singing gospel so in one thousand nine hundred ninety six. He released his first solo single. A song called called lovable. The record was a rewrite of a gospel song wonderful afraid of alienating his gospel fans. He released the secular single under the alias dale cook but it wasn't that easy for sam to hide art rupe head of specialty records quickly recognized sam's unmistakable tenor on the single instead of being angry however art gave sam his blessing and with that sam cooke was off to the races. He added an e to the end of his name to signify new beginning for himself. Instead of being a gospel powerhouse he was making himself over as et rhythm and blues and soul star with the support of the gospel community he loved sam took his first steps toward solo sole success in nineteen fifty seven sam decided to put out a single recording of george gershwin's famous aria summertime time from porgy and bess this single lead to contention between him and specialty records. Art rupe was no stranger to popular music zik. Though gospel was what paying his bills he expected. Sam's solo style to be similar to one of the label's other secular hit artists little richard richard art became upset when he walked into a recording studio and heard sam practicing the gershwin operatic ballad he told sam this. This is not a symphony. I don't go for that stuff art thought the song wouldn't sell and demanded sam records something more mainstream. Sam wasn't unwilling to compromise his vision for his debut solo single on top of all that art was only paying him a measly one percent royalty on the record sales fed head up with the bad pay and lack of control sam split ways with specialty records and released summertime independently in nineteen fifty. Seven art probably regretted this move the b. side of summertime. A song called you send me soon became a bona fide hit. It spent three weeks at the number one on the billboard pop chart and sold two point five million copies. Sam had grown up touring on the gospel circuit get and was always a member of black groups performing for black audiences after the hit he scored with you. Send me white audiences started attending ending. Sam's shows as well. It was rare at the time for black artists to play to mixed audiences especially in the south. Most shows were segregated and in many times famous. Black artists were booked for white only auditoriums by crossing the color barrier. Sam cemented his place in the mainstream. White supremacists were unhappy with sam's newfound success in the late nineteen fifties. Sam was chosen to play live on dick. Clark's new show the saturday night beech nut show the k._k._k. Found out about the announcement and campaigned against sam and clark in an effort to get the show cancelled sold undeterred sam went on anyway. It was the first of many times he proved unwilling to play by old racist rules. Despite his professional success sam still struggled with discord in his home life. This was all self rod brought on and by his constant philandering with other women in nineteen fifty seven sam moved out of his chicago home leaving d. and her son from a previous marriage. Joey are we in november. He initiated divorce proceedings. Despite the end of their relationship sam was still torn apart when dede died in a car accident in march nineteen fifty nine. He cancelled a leg of his tour to attend the funeral which he also paid for later in nineteen fifty fifty nine. Sam married his second wife. Barbara barbara was aware of his cheating habits after all he had cheated on d._v._d. With her and they already pretty had a daughter linda together back in the music world sam was intent on riding the wave all the way to the top and it seemed like he reached did in one thousand nine hundred sixty one when he founded sar records the label signed blues and soul acts like the sims twins the valentino's bobby womack and sam's old highway q._c.'s bandmate johnny taylor little sam cook from clarksdale had made it or so it seemed named but the smooth sailing he enjoyed always came with a caveat sam was a successful prominent beloved black man in the united states states at a time where many black people weren't even allowed to vote but even though he was selling millions of records in the early nineteen sixties his his tour was forced to drive hundreds of miles between shows just to find a hotel that would take black patrons in one thousand nine hundred sixty. One salmon has banned were scheduled to perform for an audience in memphis tennessee shortly before the show was supposed to begin. Sam received a telegram from the n. double a._c._p. It stated that only one quarter of the seats were reserved for black audience members and that no black fans would be allowed in the floor section of the theater sham called off the concert immediately. This was one of the only times he ever cancelled a performance in his entire career career. Sam had toured the deep south before but it wasn't until nineteen sixty three that he performed there for racially mixed audiences as a crossover artist in an article for rolling stone magazine. Sam's longtime friend and touring partner bobby womack recounted one particular encounter they had on the spring spring one thousand nine hundred sixty three tour when bobby was nineteen and sam was thirty two the tour included many future rhythm and blues heavyweights like like the drifters johnny thunder and dionne warwick one day in spring nineteen sixty three sam's tour was playing to an auditorium somewhere in the south that was divided into a whiteside and a black side sham led the concert with his signature poise and cool attitude but but afterwards he quietly seethed to bobby during the concert he noticed that on the black side of the auditorium there were police officers patrolling only be aisles with dogs. They were meant to intimidate the black audience and remind them of their place. Sam told bobby quote our people are are not allowed to do nothing but applaud if they stand up and scream. The dogs are gonna get him. People don't know how to react and then they can't even leave until all the white. The people are gone. Sam had always been sympathetic to the fight for civil rights mostly due to its direct effect on his life and work he was friendly with martin luther king junior and had known malcolm x. for years remembering him fondly as a street corner speaker outside the apollo theater in harlem in nineteen sixty. Three sam became friends with muhammed. Ali mohammed was the greatest boxer in the ring at the time and had famously aimlessly joined the nation of islam in nineteen sixty one. The nation of islam was an african american muslim organization led by elijah muhammad it it a spouse beliefs in civil rights for black people and black separatism and was often accused of militancy sam cooke had been familiar with the nation of islam's beliefs through its high profile leader malcolm x. but had never quite agreed with them however when listening to muhammad ali the nation of islam's positive views of black pride an independent black ownership resonated with sam nineteen sixty three truly was the year that sam's eyes were opened his friend and fellow musician j w alexander gave him a new record that summer by talented jewish folksinger named named bob dylan sam was blown away by the free will and bob dylan but was especially taken by the song blowing in the wind. Sam told j w that he was amazed that a white man had written such a poignant song and was ashamed. He hadn't composed something similar himself. Sam sam was a star a crossover hit maker who charmed black and white audiences alike with his smooth vocals and hip attitude he he was afraid of alienating the white audience that had finally accepted him but felt a growing need to speak up about the injustices. His people were facing acing daily. The summer of nineteen sixty three was also a summer of terrible upheaval for sam at home. He frequently cheated on his wife barbara and she in turn was dating around the only thing in salmon barbara's home life that seemed to be real was their love for their five children. <hes> their tenuous relationship was struck a devastating blow when their son vincent died on june sixteenth nineteen sixty three that day the eighteen month old vincent still unsteady on his toddler feet played in the backyard of salmon barbara's. Los angeles is home near the pool. His older sister three year old tracy was watching him vincent spotted his toy duck in the water and tottered towards the edge reaching out his pudgy arms to grab it a few minutes later tracy found barbara in the house. She told her mother vincent instance in the pool. Barbara sprinted outside and dove into the water still fully dressed. She frantically swam towards where the boy was floating face down. The phone. Call came when sam was just getting ready to leave his office at sar records. Sam dropped his coat and briefcase and raced outside outside to his car. By the time sam reached the house. It was too late. The emergency service workers had tried to revive the toddler but were unable enable to save him sam burst through the lines of e._m._t.'s and firefighters to hold his son one last time sham rode in the ambulance with with vincent the way to the morgue. There was nothing more he could do. Sam cook lost his son and tragedy would strike again just a a year and a half later in december nineteen sixty four. We'll talk about what happened that night at the hacienda motel when we return turn now back to the story on june sixteenth nineteen sixty three thirty two year old sam cook lost his sean in an accident in the family swimming pool then since death profoundly affected san though he still kept his easygoing celebrity celebrity persona he found himself becoming more serious and jaded the more cynical sam became hyper aware of the discrimination he faced two two months after vincent's death in october nineteen sixty three. He was turned away from a hotel near shreveport louisiana. Even though sam had prior survey after a confrontation with the hotel's manager sam was arrested later that night for honking his horn and disturbing the peace it was yet another instance where he was treated as a second class citizen and the only way sam could push back was by expressing himself through. I song in december nineteen sixty three seven months after the death of his son. Sam gave his friend j w alexander a call. He had a new song long. He wanted to play for him. A few hours later. Sam sat in his house with j w strumming his guitar and softly singing listening to sam j w felt as if something huge was happening in the lyrics he could hear sam's experiences his own own experiences and the black communities experiences sham knew the song had to be big he brought it to rene hall his friend friend and longtime musical arranger and told him to give the song the orchestration deserved when rene and sam met in the studio a month later in january nineteen sixty four he came with a score of instruments kettle drums. French horns strings the works. Sam's final song a change is gonna come had the depth and dignity of a cinematic score rene hall arranged separate dynamic movements for each traverse all capped off with sam's wailing earnest vocals. It was a masterpiece after he cut the record. Sam played the ambitious ballot for his friend. Bobby womack in the darkened music room at sam's house as the last trains of the violins faded into silence bobby turn to sam he said quote. It feels like death. The strings and everything is creepy. Something's going going on. It sounds like somebody died. Sam nodded. He replied that he was never going to sing it. In public which was mostly mostly true from the song's recording in january nineteen sixty four to his death that december he rarely sang it live throughout nineteen sixty three sam became more in tune with the civil rights movements something he had always supported now with this recording. He was using his his platform as a star to add his voice to the conversation. A change is gonna come became an instant hit and a new anthem for the civil rights. It's movement. No doubt when sam was writing the song he was reflecting on injustices like the shreveport hotel debacle the buckle that had occurred only a few weeks earlier but it was the hope of a new equal world in which his son vincent could have flourished that a truly inspired the song he may not have anticipated that soon death would come knocking again the evening of december december tenth nineteen sixty four thirty-three-year-old sam cook met twenty two year old lisa boyer at mar tony talion restaurant in hollywood after after a few hours of drinking and getting to know each other at one thirty a._m. Sam asks lisa if she'd like a ride in his cherry red nineteen sixty four ferrari. It's hard to say exactly what happened that night because the facts of the case have been heavily disputed. We're going to tell tell the story as lisa claimed things occurred but doubts persist about weather. Her version of the story was true. Salmon lisa made a pitstop at pge a._j.'s <hes> nearby hollywood nightclub where sam was a regular there sam quickly became jealous of another young man that sat down beside lisa to you begin talking to her sam exploded at the man slinging curse words he was obviously drunk his word slurring as he yelled lisa and sam quickly finished their drinks and left the nightclub when lisa i got in the car she expected sam to drive her home to the cheap motels l. she lived at on sunset boulevard but instead sam hopped onto the freeway heading south toward downtown los angeles a drove rapidly through the city <music> som- drunkenly swerving the whole time it wasn't long before sam pulled into the parking lot of the hacienda motel in south los angeles seventeen miles away from p._j.'s outside the manager's office a white handpainted sign proclaimed that rooms cost only three dollars colors end up sham hopped out of the car and hurried to the window at the manager's office bertha franklin a fifty five year old old stocky black woman was the manager on duty that night. She watched as sam sign the register with his real name. This was significant and usually if a celebrity was intending to commit nefarious deeds at a cheap motel they'd at least use a pseudonym lisa exited. The car obtained followed sam up to the window later. Lisa claimed that she asked sam again to drive her home but he ignored her. Bertha didn't remember lisa saying saying anything to sam but she did take note of the young woman's presence. She gestured to lisa untold sam. You have to put down. Mr and mrs mrs bertha was used to these sorts of situations with such a low room rate. She often got couples looking for a place to have illicit sex. She didn't care of salmon. Lisa were married but her register had to reflect better woman had checked in with him. Sam shrugged and complied. He wrote down the time on the register as to thirty five a._m. The evening then took a turn for the violent. Sam grabbed lisa's arm forcing her upstairs to the motel room. She protested asking him once again to drive her home. This was the third time sam refused is to let her leave without responding to her request. Sam pushed lisa into the room and pinned her down on the bed. He ripped her sweater. Let her off and at that moment. She knew he was going to rape her before he could do anything to her. Though lisa asked to use the bathroom he relented wanted letting her get off the bed and go to the small washroom while in the bathroom. Lisa tried to figure out how to escape she attempted to open the small small bathroom window but the edges were painted over making it impossible to open seeing no other alternative. She dried her hands and and return to the room. Lisa came back to find sam had taken his clothes off. He slipped by her and went into the bathroom closing the door behind him. This was her chance. We grabbed her pile of clothes from the floor and ran out the door in her hurry. Lisa inadvertently grabbed sam's clothing as as well lisa down the stairs in just her slip and dashed into the manager's office. She hammered on the door but no one answered that was because bertha franklin was on the phone oftentimes to break up the night shift. She spoke with her boss evelyn car. She heard the sound of knocking and told evelyn to hang on. She went to see what it was afraid. Sam would emerge from the bathroom soon. Lisa turned and ran across across the parking lot without waiting for bertha to come to the door. When bertha answered sheep saw nobody there lisa ducked into an alley to change change into her clothes dropping sam's and the process then she found a telephone booth and quickly dialed nine one one claiming to have been a victim of kidnapping. The time of her phone call was three oh eight a._m. Thirty three minutes after she and sam had checked into the motel after she missed lisa bertha turned to go back to her phone but she was interrupted by another series of pounds at the door. These knocks were louder outer and more frenzy than the first sam cooke was outside stark naked except for his jacket and shoes sham yelled where where is the girl bertha yelled back to him telling him. There was no girl in the office. This seemed to satisfy him for the moment and he retreated from the door. Sam went back to his car and drove towards the exit but before he reached the road he stopped got out of the car and stocked back towards bertha franklin's office. Now bertha could see sam through the sliding glass window. He yelled at bertha again demanding to know where lisa boyer was evelyn car would later testify that she heard him yelling through the phone as well as everything that happened next bertha told him them he could call the police if he wanted to search her office. Sam yelled damn the police and he took a running start at the office door using in your shoulder as a battering ram the drunk and enraged sam cooke bashed his way through the flimsy office door. Kiss is hazy and unfocused. I he looked quickly around the office searching for the missing lisa boyer when he couldn't find lisa he turned his attention to bertha he he grabbed her arm twisting it while asking where she'd hidden the girl she later explained quote. He grabbed both my arms and start twisting. We got into a tussle. We fell to the floor. He fell on top of me. I was scratching kicking biting everything everything pushing sam off of her. Bertha was able to struggle to her feet. She reached for the twenty two caliber pistol. She kept on top of her tv. He set in case of robberies. Bertha fired off three shots. The first two missed in betting themselves in the ceiling ceiling above them. The final bullet fired from a range of just an inch and a half found its mark in sam cook's chest i in shock sam yelled lady. You shot me. He clutched at his heart and reached for bertha. Bertha grabbed a heavy broom handle which lay on the desk nearby and began beating sam trying to stop him but sam wouldn't be going going any further as both of his lungs collapsed and blood gushed from his chest. Sam cooke slid toward the floor of the manager's gers office at three fifteen a._m. On friday december eleventh nineteen sixty four thirty-three-year-old sam cooke died side evelyn carr who had heard the whole affair over the phone call the police and told them to head to the hacienda motel. She told them quote put a guy. Just broken the door. I think she shot him. I don't know at first glance. Sam cook's death breath was a justifiable homicide. Bertha jenkins fearing for her life after sam's attack killed him in self-defence sam was intoxicated intoxicated and enraged and had attacked lisa boyer earlier that night. It seemed sam was a drunken violent. Loud who kidnapped one woman an attacked another had he survived the shooting he would have been on his way to a los angeles. Jail cell that night but friends and family of the late singer singer couldn't believe the story that lisa boyer and bertha franklin were telling and the evidence didn't match the accounts that lisa and bertha gave it seemed sam cook's death was a lot more complicated than originally thought <music>. Thanks for. You're listening to assassinations. We'll be back monday with part. Two of sam cooke. We'll go step by step through the aftermath of sam cook's death and the grand grand jury trial that would lead to bertha jenkins acquittal. 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