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All Right Sean Fantasy is here. My Name is, Bill Simmons. We've been circling this meeting for a long time. I once wrote maybe eighteen years ago that if I could only take a dvd of one movie on a Desert Allen, it'd be caddyshack. It is now forty years old summer nineteen, hundred, eight blues, brother's airplane in caddyshack all released six weeks apart three seminal comedies that were watched and Rewatch, and we watched and released and re watched. So we wanted to one of these. We decided to caddyshack what his caddyshack me to use Sean fantasy who man it's my favorite of those three you just named for sure I think it's the pinnacle of the Post Animal House American National Lampoon Comedy. I think it's the number one. Voltron of comedy geniuses coming together for something that is not a great film and isn't amazing movie and there's a big distinction there, which I'm sure we'll talk about. I'm shocked after forty years have goddamn entertaining. It's still It's so good. There's so many scenes. It does it drag I like all of it I laugh. I. Love. Ted Knight. In this movie as much as I've liked any movie character may be ever Right. So I read that a couple of things 'cause it's hard to just dive in the CADDYSHACK I. Have So many things I talk about it's a kind of easy experience. Big Picture. Wise. See Got Bill. Murray you've Chevy Chase if Ted Knight. You've Rodney. Dangerfield? Four guys from the last fifty years who for whatever reasons to doubt in some way from comedy standpoint, you could argue all four of them peaked as comedic performers in this movie. I who that's okay. So definitely Chevy for this to me is Chevy at his best. This is my favorite. Chevy thing we talked about fletch earlier this year I think he's incredible. This is basically Rodney Dangerfield first movie yet, and probably his most iconic maybe back to school is neck and neck with it but back to school, he's basically doing that guy with a son. Yeah. So I I feel like this little groundbreaking for him, Ted Knight his best movie. Mary Tyler Moore is. Probably the Pinnacle of of Ted Knight but. This is his best movie Bill Murray where I trip on it a little bit they. This is the funniest Bill Murray stuff, but is it the best bill? Murray movies at the Best Bill. Murray experience is a better than ghostbusters groundhog day what about Bob I dunno mate stripes you know stripes comes a year later probably not the the peak of bill for me no I think you could even say stripes a year later he's better. I. Think if you're just going pound for pound PR, laugh moments for movie previous. So we'll go three and a half just taking them one at a time Chevy who we talked about on the pod and this movie is basically the audition tape for fletch. He just takes three Thai web scenes and he's like, Hey, what see the lacy under all comes over to his house. This is just by differ fletch to see see of that but he's at this point of his career where he's you know four years out from SNL. At this point, the movie career hasn't gone exactly the way I think people had thought and then he's in this and he's perfect. Bill, Murray is still on SNL when they're filming it, he is in the shadow of Belushi inaccurate but we're about to head into the season where those guys are gone. He's about to take control mess. Now he's going back and forth between the two places, but is not bill Murray yet, and that's why you know. I think he he's not considered the lead when this comes out Ted Knight is. On an iconic common in the seventies, right? Probably. Probably, the biggest other than mash of the seventies I would say the second biggest Sitcom of the seventies or maybe all namely. Yeah family taxi there's a handful but yeah, it's it's right up there but we had seen removing dangerfield is just a stand up comic and it just catches these four people at kind of the perfect point for all them. Wait you. I grew up with this movie like I I went to this movie I saw it with my dad in Brooklyn when I was ten, it was one of the first nude scenes I'd ever been in the feeder for all that. But you showed up later this movie was already established. What was your first memory caddyshack? I'm my dad is a big golfer and he was a big kind of we weren't a country club family. We were a public golf course family, and so the world of the country club was not accessible to us. But this the the genius of this movie is that it somehow a blue collar comedy in the confines of this upper upper class experience that everyone's having. So I I think my dad was probably just watching it one day and I started watching it with him and you know it was on constant rotation on cable. It was always accessible and always findable, and you could just tell right away like built the comedy of Bill Murray especially as Carl. You can understand that if you're six or if you're sixty, you know the thing the voice, he's doing the way that he's talking the rhythm he has his magnetism, which is almost indescribable. You get drawn into it, and then as you get older, you start to realize like, oh, I'm seeing the unedited version. Oh, there's a topless girl. Oh, there's a lot of cursing. There's you know the pool sequence which is usually edit out of the TNT version of this movie and you start to see that it's like really high level Raunchy comedy. So I I kinda had stages of experiencing it from the safest most neutered version all the way up to the most explicit version. And it's in that wheelhouse of a really weird comedy era from starting with Animal House. Going all the way through to about eighty, four, eighty, five where Are Suppose. Really funny but we're also supposed to be low Raunchy you had to have the obligatory nude scene. That stuff. I think this movie executed that from that whole era I think this is the best of all. Talk porkies I think it's better than Animal House all the way through I. Think it does the best job in it's funny because it's such a disjointed movie. It is. The love child of cocaine. Basically it's Cocaine had a baby, it would be caddyshack. And in the scenes are just completely incoherent description coherent. It doesn't really matter especially when you seen a million times. The second big picture thing. I think this movie. Influence. The way. Everyone after it would play golf just in their day to day life. More than any movie influence a sport like there's certainly no basketball baseball football version of this there's so many one liners in this move in there. So many different moments. and. If you're on a golf course, it's almost weird. If somebody doesn't say caddyshack line at some point like happy Gilmour has a tiny piece of this corner for the next generation but I. By far. Yeah. It definitely is I think that the the jokes are so esoteric, but they're also so baked into the dialogue like I. I'm not sure if I was on a golf course for the first time before I'd seen this or not. Probably I probably saw the movie I but even just no, no, no, no no no, no, no no. No. Just hearing that you would just hear that on a golf course and try to understand what people were talking about. It just felt like it was part of the Lingo of the sport or like if it's raining and I think that the heavy stuff stock going to come down for a while they're just like. There's a different golf situation for from every piece of this movie. So I think that's one of the reason it endured I. Remember when I saw Tiger Woods did something with him in two thousand six for a video game any room for fifty minutes and he was talking about how it was his favorite movie and he's been pretty open about that over the years but it's it influenced everyone from the generation that came out and then the tiger generous should no question. And it just kind of kept going I think now it's starting to die a little bit because the movie feels sold in a lot of ways I mean it really it really does feel like it came out in nineteen eighty certain parts even the way the caddies wearing their t shirts and Ajay, you know there's no cell phones. It. It feels distinctly rooted in a certain air but at the same time, like my son would watch it then still have fun watching it. You know think about it like this when you saw this movie for the first time. It's pretty similar to if Ben Watches today like use seeing Casablanca in the you saw caddyshack I mean think of the the amount of time that has transpired in movie history and how far we've come and how much movies have changed. And this movie is like it's like you said in the in the first big picture note like it's just really kind of glued together. You know it's not really It's just a series of genius sketch comedy and stand up and Sitcom actors just throwing a hundred for an hour and forty minutes, and that's really all like it hardly a movie and but that wasn't supposed to be the case it was supposed to be a movie. There was a big coherent story and script and the movie just changed a lot when. They were making it because they had those four guys who were such geniuses and they've got really lean into this and it basically has all the comedy DNA from all these different pieces of the seventies because you have. Doug Kenney who's involved in this was his last movie he died shortly after but he's the national. Lampoon like that whole Speier cofounder of of the of the magazine and Everything Yeah You have Herald Ramos who eventually becomes a huge comedy director this was a launching pad for it you have the SNL guys. Murray and Chevy. If Ted Knight. WHO's the throwback to this old school way of comedy Kinda present live in the near Dangerfield as the stand up comic it was him and rickles. Were kind of the two that had never had massive success but all the other comics thought they were hilarious and then you even have Brian Doyle Murray builders brother who who wrote the movie and he's tied to that whole second city seen. So it's basically dipping into every scene right as all them are trying to figure out how can we make more money from this comedy thing? And there are all kinds of in this together and try to do it Ted Knight want to go back to him for a second. Your Guy Well. It's he's kind of on to borrow a golf phrase. He's kind of on the last couple of holes of his career as a performer, right? Yeah. Yeah. He's eight months earlier he filmed the to our love boat movie. Ten nine not red hot. Yup. and. He's under I mean this is going to be a great who won the movie, but it kind of rejuvenate some and ends up getting too close for comfort out of it and has this renaissance from it. He's he's the only one that even if like in nineteen eighty like caddyshack bub-bubba. Oh Ted Knight, he's with this, but he's so essential to the thing but this movie ends up rejuvenating him. It basically creates Dangerfield as major star It reinvents Chevy to some degree because I think he's tapping into all this stuff that eventually becomes his mid eighties renaissance and then for Bill Murray like he had this meatballs. And now it's like Oh Bill Murray's movie start to so it does all this great stuff for them for out Ramos Tragically Doug Kenney ends up dying in Hawaii a couple of months later he was bitterly disappointed this wasn't a massive hit they thought this is going to be animal. House that that three, hundred, million, dollar movie it. So it is a really a sad story and there's a good book, Doug Kenney and his life called a stupid and futile gesture which then they adapted into a movie a few years later on Netflix. And he such a fascinating figure. He obviously co founded the National Lampoon. He participated in on my house he participated in in this movie. He basically it sounds like he wrote most of this movie and most of that script and the making of the movie got thrown out and he tried to write a movie that was the story of a bunch of it was more of John Hughes movie than ultimately was a Raunchy comedy and he was trying to portray the lives of these young teens. And these guys who are trying to figure out what to do after they get out of high school, and then you realize you have six days with Bill Murray and Carl sackler all the sudden becomes the second or third most important figuring your movie, and then that means Danny Noonan gets brushed. Aside, I, mean, the the Ark of Danny Noonan's character in this movie is freaking weird as every other teenager and I I think in part not just because the movie wasn't that successful but because. They didn't make the movie that Doug Kenney wrote. You know that is ultimately what they put out and it seems like he was really heartbroken with that. He had struggles with cocaine just like everybody else in this movie and he you know he has this incredibly tragic and strange death where he goes to Hawaii to Grachev. Chase. With Chevy for a few weeks and so he goes with Chevy Chevy Leave Hawaii, to go back for some work and he leaves Doug by himself. And Doug apparently goes to a cliff in Hawaii in. Hawaii. And Slips and falls and tragically dies nobody knows it was intentional or not. We'll never loan. It's unclear if it's suicide, it's unclear. If just slipped nobody knows we knew that he was going through this very difficult period in his life after all this creativity and success, and so he his even though the movie is so goofy and fun and lighthearted there are a couple of tragic and unusual circumstances in the aftermath of a to. Well. It was a well reviewed. It would cut okay reviews. They're kind of mixed the movie did well, it did do animal swell was like seventeen in nineteen eighty wasn't a disaster but I think he was thinking this is GonNa be it for me I'm GonNa. You know I'm going to be a major major guy and it just didn't happen and you know everybody's doing drugs back then and I think he was one of the early casualties. But it's part of the legacy of this movie that. He dies, and then as the eighties go along this became dist-. Became the movie. This was you know when I was in college in the late eighties we had this movie we had animal house Stripes there's you know there's like five or six everyone just had on VCR. Some of those faded away animal house became dated pretty quickly. This one hung on probably the longest of I would say all the comedies before like the John Hughes Era I think this one's had the most legs in it's still on like it still you know it still does. The tour, it's still super watchable. It's one of those movies you can dive in different parts like Oh. This is this part. I'm sticking with it. So I don't know when it finally fades away but I, I think it's still kicking I think it's the thinking to producer Craig knew it and likes it and he's still into it I think he's SNOB. A SNOB but he cares about golf if you care about. Is. It's part of the you know the sort of initiation process into getting interested in golf as a teenager. This movie is a right of passage. You have to watch this movie and to get the jokes to get the culture to be a part of it in a way that like. Beverly, hills cop might not work for people anymore you know people are not interested in stories about cops Eddie. Murphy doesn't hold the same stature for us the Blues Brothers same thing. The Blues Brothers is like kind of incomprehensible as a movie. Now you know it's like so these geyser, the brothers and they're in a band, but they've got to like save something and they gotta. Their crazy friends around Chicago like that's just that movie doesn't really make sense with caddyshack. It's like they're on a golf course. At the end of the movie, Somebody's gotTa win in somebody's gotTa lose. It's easy to explain even the movie is mostly incomprehensible to that b-batty point. You know you're getting to a final showdown and it's a sports movie that's eight. It's only sports movie you have heroes and villains to yeah. Blues Brother's I watch recently it's actually a little underrated now because I think it had become so aged in. Kind of incoherent that But. Then you watch and like there's great scenes, them movie like the aretha Franklin scene is is lights out fantastic and there's like five scenes like that where it's like Oh. This is why that movie was a big deal. quickly. There's great research on this movie that would set guys named Chris. The shadowy Nasha Wadia? Shoddy. Sorry. Sorry Chris I don't know if that's right. So apologies to Chris either way he wrote a great book about this movie. Yeah. He wrote a book a couple of years ago and he did a sports illustrated piece to about ten years ago but there's been some other ones too Raymond. Said about the Kenny. He said. I remember the New York Times called it an amiable shambles of accommodate. Doug was very depressed to substance abuse was peaking. Someone said to me you can never get enough of what you don't really need Doug kept going to substance abuse for comfort. There's no comfort there he went to why with Chevy. Chevy came back Doug didn't. So the movie made forty million bucks cocaine was a big character in this movie and there's a lot of stuff in the oral histories and features about this Danny Noonan played by Mike O'Keefe. Said cocaine was driving everyone it would be lunch and someone would say do aligned yes. Sure. It was no big deal. This is the seventies. Peter Burke Rot the guy that I think Bill Murray held the pitchfork to his neck. He said cocaine was the fuel that kept the film running. And then held Ramos said Cook Aim Business in south. Florida. was mammoth everyone is doing everything. There was some concern from the studio someone in the accounting. Department leaked to the studio that everyone's taking their word, the ends in cash, which is unusual. So, if you like these stories, I recommend the the book, but the jokes in the scenes I think ultimately. Are What gave this a forty year put shelf-life. But that the thing that I love in the reason I think it's the most reliable comedy. It's definitely one of the five most re watchable comedies for me is all the nuances. There's so much subtle shit going on like. A had a list of some of them. Like Lou. The caddy master just they throw in he's got. He's got an obvious gambling problem because they start that they is like, yeah give me say plus six the sixers who stepped on a duck I feel like became a running joke for forty years but Roddy Kinda Thurs that in I love Mrs smales limping back to a room after the boat Chris thinks she's got her shoulder ribs. I love with loose starts climactic badge and he goes your honor your honor. A Carl back or spitting in his own living room. Kara the how they said Karl Lip Balm had to abandon the scholarship because he died in summer school for Miss Vera anxiety attack. To. Have her camps the old couple. As somebody who caddied for three years those are real couples that you can't afford that they. It's actually a good GIG 'cause they're hitting it forty five yards per shot and you don't really have to move and you can kind of hang some of the names which will get to later but I mean Mitch. Come. Stein is the high comedy. Funniest thing. It's a funniest thing the homeless. I fell down laughing again watching yesterday. Taiwa explaining why didn't fight in Vietnam that that whole thing house we'd be done no Wang the photographer like there's literally fifty things I could just keep going and going and I think that's ultimately why this movie as lasted for. So long because every time you watch it, there's three things that you're like Oh. Yeah. That was really funny. I forgot did that yeah it's just on overload and You can tell that the guys in real time or improvising, improvising, improvising, improvising, they're just coming up with bits coming up with jokes. We'll talk about I'm sure I, mean know the Dalai. Lama speech almost every Chevy says in the movie all that stuff is is is riff material you know like we've talked about the appetite comedies on this show a few times and how appetite creates this environment where You can try stuff that really starts here with these movies and the inexperienced that all these filmmakers had I think really just played to their advantage Ramos had never directed a movie before you know most of these guys had barely made movies. Chevy is probably the most seasoned film actor on the said although Michael O'Keefe is coming off of an Oscar nomination for Antena coming into this movie so even Though he's a young guy, he does have some experience but you know Rodney's ever been in a movie before and Rodney's just doing. It's like he's on the tonight show on a golf course. You know he's just doing his material in the movie and it's Great. So it's all kind like happy accidents or environments that they've created whether by dint of inexperience or cocaine that just makes. It's so fun. You know that's a good point about the Improv thing in the connection to the appetizer. I have no idea if this is true but this is certainly the first movie I can remember. Where they openly talked about how the the actors improvised entire scenes. You know we'll talk about later but the same Chevy Chase and bill. Murray. It's in the movie because they realize right the talent of the filming that they don't have a scene with those two guys in it together, and they kind of on the fly Ad Lib. This crazy scene where we're tie web for some reason is practicing at night and hits of. It's a golf ball into their Bill Murray's caddy apartment, and then decides to play out and they're just hang out for five minutes. It makes no sense it's coherent. The the the setup for that scene where he has to go knocked the ball out of like a fallen tree, and then he hits it into bill. It's so confusing and giants like how did we end up here? Why is tie here? Why is he playing right now? Wears is the why did the movie just stopped dead in its tracks? It's actually a terrible setup for credible seen though, but and to your point about the nuances that I think you could do a Zapruder film style breakdown of everything that happens between Murray and Chevy in that scene, it's their energy is fascinating. It's it's When he spits it fucking kills me. It's his own place. It's not like he's outside but you know tie earlier in the movie it's established. She doesn't even keep score when he plays Golf. So now he's like, Hey, play through can I play off your Bong like incoherent? He's like Chris. Ryan and that way you know he doesn't like to write down the number you know it's it's too low doesn't want to me he doesn't WanNa hurt anybody's feelings. Roger Ebert gave this movie two and a half stars out of four. He wrote caddyshack feels like a movie that was written rather loosely so that when shooting began there is freedom too much freedom for it to wander off an auto actions in search of comic inspiration. Yeah. That's exactly right Raj you should up that by by star. It made forty million dollars and there's so much to cover that we are gonNA. Go right to the categories right after this break. Let's talk about blue apron home cooking matters. 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Very important right now with blue apron enjoy delicious home cooked meals. Check out this week's menu. Get thirty dollars off across your first deliveries. When you visit blue apron dot com slash rewatch one it's again blue apron dot com slash re-watch blue apron feed your soul. All right most re watchable seen. This is tough because there's so many many scenes that it's like, what's a scene? What's so I try to do the best I could hear starting with Thai playing golf with Danny. You. Take. Drugs, Danny. Everyday. Good. You take drugs Danny every good. What's problem I don't know. Did you have to take that cooter preference test. Would you be the ball? I'm not talking not talking not saying anything all day lights out and on. Sad love Chevy Chase. So just seeing him in a movie like this and nineteen eighty coming off like this legendary. When year s no running out, it was just like nice to see him on a golf course I could have watched I could watch danny adding for Taiwan for an hour. next one the country club dinner. Now I. Guess Technically, we could say the Dalai Lama seen in here but I had that in what stage the best 'cause it short it's like a minute way we're going right to the dinner. Yeah. Why had some more than what stage the best I tried to split it up? Okay. This is so confusing. I don't know what to spoil not despoil them. Okay. The Country Club dinner includes judge snails outfit. which I don't even know how to describe he looks like. Like a locomotive model unlike some train set that your kids would have or they say, he looks like a Lego. He looks like a a yacht captain in a comic book. It's just completely absurd. Yeah. It's great. It's just great. This is where Al Servic throws all all kinds of heat. He he rips off in about a minute. This steak still has marks from where the Jackie was hitting it that somebody stepped on a duck you must have been something for electricity and now I know what tiger young it's all within a minute. He's just firing like machine then A. Disaster when tied needs. which is really funny and I thought they had really good chemistry in their seats together. This includes spalding drinking the half done cocktails with. So fucking funny and am sure you knew too. But we were always those couple of kids in your life who did that at age fifteen to eighteen who would just kind of per hour on the wedding or the you know at some point in night just kinda searching for that the half and coke let me ask you an important question. Have you ever accidentally drank? Cigarette but put out in it. Probably because I have in it is fucking disgusting. That's the worst. It's the worst and spalding vomiting in the in the corvette is is. Very well, that's out and so and then randy dancing has that to you wanna make more dollars hardest way. Cal, that stuff next one baby ruth bar scene seen? On There's some there's some nitpicks that will get into later with that scene but it was kind of the money shot scene in the movie originally when Carl seen that in the theater when Carl, it's the baby ruth bar. Like absolutely brought the house down like brought the house down people lost their fucking minds. Judge smells his wife Fainting all that stuff tying Lacey's date. He's just doing flach for five minutes and it's great and he's completely adverse mind and my only nitpick is where was the cocaine because there obviously was a big pile of it and one of the rooms entice house but. It. I tried to look you up, but there wasn't listed for Mr Wonderful with spell ended ease. Price Price Price. On Turn. Calling. Listing for Mr Wonderful, what the spelling us? Sorry about this mess your the whole Vietnam thing. Say Your, uncle bless collies a song when he's singing it's he's just so coked out Alice. To love you as boats, Rick your face. That's bonkers, but it leads to Fletch I feel like I want both. Onto. I was. Too. When you were more to roping neighbors. Yeah. You're crazy. That's what they said about. Sam. There's very visit says all heaters it's just he's just throwing heaters the whole time there's no. None of the characters are really interacting with each other in a human way. Like a the main, he's four. Honor for no reason. That's like what is this is this? So. It's great. It's really funny and he yeah. He crafted like a comic persona that we basically never seen before he's like the highest level asshole who you like and yet that was very unique. Yeah. The I made this its own scene I guess Al Lama shot near to 'cause. I. Kinda cheated with I put the Lama. Let's put Di Lama in there to the whole Dow Lama Star even though it's only a minute and then Cinderella story I have into the greatest round ever because it's like those next to each other. I'm a bunch of them together see the Bill Murray. The famous Cinderella story had nowhere where former greenkeeper about to be but then right after that is the bishop going, Hey, will you we carry my bag for nine holes? I keep playing I don't think the heavy ships. Required a while. John Reid anywhere the good Lord. Would never disrupt rob. Barry keep playing the have come down for a while that whole thing. So that Combo I'm combining those so very underrated part of that sequence obviously the Cinderella story speeches iconic in you know also I think he completely just invented on the spot Harold Ramos gave him some pitch that was just like just thinking about the final minutes of a basketball game the way the announcers talk and he told him like a child. Yes like pretend you're like six years old British young should rela who's come out of nowhere he's got about. Three hundred, fifty yards he's GonNa hit about a fiber expect teaching. He's got a beautiful vegetable. Oh he got that one. Got To be pleased with the crowd is so that's incredible. But then when the bishop comes in grabs him to caddy for him in that round, you know the Bishop is that's Henry Wilcoxson. Really. Kind of an iconic actor of the nineteen thirties and forties was one will be Goto guys. He's a great actor. He's in Mrs miniver and the greatest show on earth. He's in a ton of like Oscar films throughout the years. He's kind of like a I'm trying to think of WHO's a good calm for him. He's not Philip Seymour Hoffman, but he's in that kind of like high level character actor zone. Anywhere Huffman. He's a very well, well, well respected actor and his last line, and I think this is his last performance. As he struck by lightning is rat farts. He screams to the sky rat farts and the know 'cause you you forget he's in one more scene where he's gone to the dark side. Why when they when they decide to make the bet. Oh He's drunk at the bar his I think his last light is there is no God judge is like. What's wrong with you, Suzanne? They just through that Eddie. Complete Survived the lightning strike amazing God Kara walking away and leaving him on the course to is low key. So under eight, but he's on back. The we mentioned tie running into Carl. Which? It's just cannonball Canon ball at all the stuff that's going on there. There's a million things I. think my favorite part is when he's like you should come over sometimes. So what's your address? Your Embraer rates if he's like Yeah Yeah Brian. Fryer that's that's where I have. Everything my favorite line from that exchanges. He's like you're playing pool is like yeah we have a pond in the back pool or pond. Good for you. Here, yeah. And then my last one. I really tried narrowed then the. And this is my pick 'cause this. This makes me laugh. The hardest single time is the sales kid picking his nose in the guys betting on it. fucking destroys. Me Made Me Laugh I. was ten. It made me laugh at my twenty s and in my thirties in my forties now I'm fifty and it still makes me laugh. My favorite part is when they do the double or nothing that eats at an eat say, Oh man and one of those guys. What are the guys? Dead peds Hey sangre. De. Eight hundred. Thursday he was hungry. You wanted it thing. The thing about this movie is it has all of the different types of humor has sarcasm. It has satire. It has gross out humor has broad comedy. It has subtlety like it Ha- it does all the stuff you want. I. Love The the Black Guy I don't know what his job as he takes. His Guy Gets Mad at Ted Knight the attendant. Yeah. Yeah Yeah. He's the one kind of running the action on those picking seen. His come on. Oh They hit. It just fucking high comedy any other watchable scene for you. I I guess we can put it out cervix entrance I had that and what stage the best. But the first time Tam everything he does in that when you jumped to the restaurant I was gonna say what about Al arrives at the country club with Wang and they're taking the photos and he's in the he's in the shop and he looks at the hat pack and then he sees smells wearing the hat that's just an incredible looks good on you. This is the worst looking out. I saw. This particular pole, the super. Oh it looks good on you though. I like what he else weighing. He wakes taking pictures. He's wearing it's a parking lot. Dangerfield is great I'm turning what else? What other good seen I mean it's notable that we don't have any scenes. That with with really with Danny or with Di Nunzio or with Maggie or with any of those characters were not really even though that's theoretically the movie we're not pointing to any of those and that stuff is not bad. It just doesn't feel like what is most memorable about movie I'm going with either this meals kid picking his nose or just tie running carl because that's such like an unbelievable scene in it. So weird and their ad-libbing everything. So I love my choices I I'm going to go with them Carlin tied together in Carl's outhouse because it's it's like it's like when you get to see. Lebron staff. Teamed up in the All Star game and you're like, we're we've only Cisco this one time. We may never see this again, these two guys playing together in this way and we don't they probably don't even like each other you know and Murray and chase didn't even really like each other. They had some animosity. Do Stephan Lebron leg each other I don't know but seeing them play together means it could be something special forgot to mention that they had the famous fight backstage. Right before chase was about to host SNL like two minutes right for and ain't got really really ugly famously ugly. And they just were considered like keep these guys out of the same room together. So when they ended up on the movie and then that was probably part of the reason they ended up not even having them in scenes initially. So. Before we get into what saves the best Special category. K. So. Let's say it's what's age the best Ted night edition. Well were waiting that's on there. I'm just GONNA go through chronologically. He's in the country club and the two guys are playing poker. He looks at everything goes don't you have homes? Just utter stayed fuck. It kills me. I love when Lacey has that joke about falling around he's like. WHO Would ever. The I know you nothing. Well, the world needs ditch diggers to. Konak would things I wanNA hamburger cheese you'll get nothing like it. The his speech when he's Christie and the boat when he does it when a short ser- to sue tighten the seat and he's like. He's like killing himself laughing I've sentence boys younger than you. The Gas Chamber didn't WanNA. Do it felt like I owed to them I don't even know what that means. Why did feel like you? Had to go to the gas. Jaber is it was revealed that he's a complete asshole, his his sociopath. ARE YOU MY POW MR scholarship winner how about a FRESCA? So when I was in college, how better fresco was a running joke not just the my college I've felt like how better fresco was like an iconic thing that people just said to each other and I'm not even sure people to the movie lansing more. I think they do I think it's different but I think that this is one editors movies that you can remember where you don't even understand. You don't even understand the joke after awhile like I don't even what is the joke in? Can I offer you a FRESCA? Joke now I'm here, PAL? PRESKA. A. It sounds like a thing. You should say to somebody to be kind of a Dick and I, think it's a joke because everything he does is funny in this movie. Yeah. Now, every every line deliver is the highest level comedy when he gets Billy Baru. And he pulls it out. He's like cradle. He's hopefully. It's Saturday, and then you said the best one though L. we're waiting and just like the look on his face, you're on your own. Bigger? Mean that's it's one of the biggest twitter means there is I think I think anytime good. He's something anytime. You're like we got a big you know big scoop coming tomorrow everybody just drops in the well we're waiting. GIF that's that's the go-to. It should be the Go-to of all time. So Ramos Ramos said that everyone had an impact on ever it was living but Ted Knight was a very traditional follow the lines in the script actor. and. Ramos said the whole atmosphere was alien to him. Young people running around and set Florida being crazy crazy. Then Cindy Morgan and played lacy under all said Ted was trying to do his job he sold in the script in sand. Meanwhile. Rodney is running around saying whatever the heck pop and his head was really angry. So. They had this real life Ted Knight Rodney thing. that. Kinda works for the movie because they're not supposed to like each other and you really feel like Ted. Knight hates. Acerbic. Yet, and you get the sense that based on some of the stuff. I've read that Rodney didn't even really know how to be on a movie set Rayo. He just wasn't a professional actor and I don't know I don't know if this story is true or not or if it's apocryphal but that whole bit where Rodney enters the scene and Ramos yells action and he doesn't do anything because he doesn't. Action is supposed to indicate that you're supposed to start acting and you can imagine somebody like Ted Knight, who's been a professional TV actor for forty years at that point is like. What the fuck is happening here like why does anybody know how to be a professional in addition to just doing mounds of cocaine and between every take? I was trying to think who is the two thousand twenty version of Ted Knight. It would have to be somebody who is on. In iconic. TV Sitcom for a long period of time. And represented a different generation I, don't even know who it is because I'm TV matter just more in the seventies three networks. Every show is huge show by as he like it. David Hi, pierce or something like that. You know somebody who is on. Show who is a supporting character but who was always you know winning emmys and beloved. I always thought he was the he was my favorite character on that show. I really I really liked. I liked that he was just really funny. I thought he had good time yet a connection with bearing anyway what's the best of a bunch of stuff here including? Al Cervix, golf bag. It had a phone. Stereo. A quarter keg. A putter with an electronic tracking device and it contraption that enabled other clubs to shoot up in the air at once that's that's just what we know it had more. Can We talk about the Bill Simmons Golf Bag Experience? Are you like a big bag? I do like a little by little bags little. Anyone who ever caddied? knows. You'll never see moo, the giant bag ever and less I'm using a cart. If I'm doing a car, I'll do the bag, but if if it's an actual caddy. It's It's a respect thing. 'cause believe me. There's nothing worse than caddick nothing. Let me Let. Let's talk about that very quickly because I can't I caddied one summer to and. It sucked it's probably had a lot of bad jobs in my life a lot adding worst job you're going to have except for maybe construction I have done construction I have built I have built bathroom partitions in public schools as a summer job and caddying was worse like it was painful hot. The people were dicks to me. That rented every time. It's such an awful job, and if you've got a heavy bag, if you got a bag where the guy was like, it's important that I keep three hundred balls in my bag. You were like God. Damn. This guy he's yes. Selfish. Not Thinking about the caddy. So just wondering if you were a small bagger big. CADDYING Ropes people in when they're young and they don't know any better because it's like. Well, I'll make tips and I get to be outside. It'll be great and it's I guess what? It's not going to be great xactly berated all it's going to be most of the worst I said once I'd like out of the twenty five worst moments in my life I think twenty of them happened when I caddied. The only thing was Tuesdays at the course that I kinda for with Tuesdays when they let the woman play like though in the mornings, it was the only morning where the women were allowed to play Mrs Talking mid eighties. But as they always used to use carts and you were just carry their putters and it was great, that was my favorite day. Catty, I would help them lineup there putts and stuff. But for the most part, it's the fucking worst and succeed is to your cat he's Benicio Year waiters in your caddies absolutely another what's the best the fake names which include Mitch Come. Stein. Lucky under all Dr Bieber out Servic Carl Lip Balm and an underrated chuck. Schick. I don't know what? It is. But it is. What's a? Can we talk about Dr Beeper Real Quick? Sure. Underrated he's got a lot of screen time. In this movie. He actually has a lot of lines in this movie and I. I can't quite put my finger on what the thinking was but this character, it's really weird if he feels like an snl character that they just didn't fully flesh out. So I. I. Up later Mikhail okay. Another would say the best lacy under all. and. Now, I don't know if it was. This is one of the first naked people I've ever seen. So I'm always going to be attached to their for life, but she's she's just great in this movie and. I would say normally I would say it's unclear why this didn't lead to a lot of other stuff for her because i. think she's really good but they in the in the research, we're GONNA find out why didn't lead more because there? There's a really bad old Hollywood story about that. Oh. Another age. She. But she does she is following a very traditional playbook that is similar to what civil shepherded or she was a model and a Canon in commercials in AD campaigns and she gets an opportunity to act in this movie and she wasn't she trained as an actor but she was not like a you know aspiring to be a major actress. So it's she's like a lot of people here like bill newcomer, you never listener before. She's really good. She's good. She's funny. Another what sage the best lacy under house yellow four, fifty s l just great. I would have gone convertible. If I had been on the production, I would have I. think that would have been the final piece for but still great. Great car. Great. Arabs. Recourse this movie in general yeah. The the Llama story I had in what's age the best, but we should also I guess would put her most Rajpal seen I really liked the bush would see t shirts and I remember rating eighteen years ago like how are these not available and now like you can get all stuff from all these movies but I love that I love the Billy Baru I I don't know how Billy Baru got that name. I love the idea of somebody having a special putter that the break out in big situations. Do you now your clubs? Do you have anything like that now? Does does Ben name his guitarist. Now I did name my pool sticks I poke US did have house. Yeah. That's that's that's very Boy Is Ice Royal. History that all the edge I get it. I just loved everything about billy. Brew. NEWNAN MININ A. Nudity, netted. I to me this is the ultimate. What's age the best? That's age to the point that. It became so integrated into our culture. That when you see it in the actual movie now it's surprising. Because this is had a forty year run of people like trying to fuck each other begau nude it. As this a is that a move you pull on the golf course. Are you familiar with Joe House on a golf course but you know if you're playing horse with somebody showing how many times does anyone in any situation works Co. because if someone did that to me on a golf course, I would I would go after them. If someone tried to talk through my Putt, I would I probably hit on the golf course Car Washing his golf balls continues to be hilarious forty years later. This is great. I'm looking at you. You're green tea you could hide. I don't blame you. You're a trip. Oh, that was a good one. ooh, that was right by you wanted, we'll Mrs Crane your monkey woman you know that Monkey willing you lean. Mean you're not too far. So good. Oh Mrs Craig Session he the way he describes what the women are. Obviously Carl is a ridiculous character and it's whatever it's offensive but hit his interest in them is so weird. Is probably a criminal. He's definitely in jail then. Probably. Ted Hours after that movie after blowing. Up The whole golf course. So yeah, probably isn't jail. I have don't worry. It's good luck. Yeah in Haiti. For what age the best because I feel like that led to a nice run of Haiti humor. Kazan snl they did the bad idea jeans and that I don't know there's a legacy for that. L. Hugh, will you come here and Loofah my stretch Bach? fucking kills me plus why was the judges they've L. Hugh, who's L., hugh? Hugh is not name I've ever heard of I duNno. Eliahu smells is some incredible comedy writer name creation should judge L. Hugh snails. Also serve accenture it's in here Kenny loggins. Yeah and we need to talk about Kenny loggins. So I mean that one of the great movie screenwriters ever we talked about him in top gun what Is he the greatest you think? Is. He. Is he over you know Peterson Tara is he over the is he is he over Harold Falter? Meyer. In terms of providing music for eighties movies is he the number one eighties music guy? Well, he doubled duties Topgun. Yeah he he does footloose, which is a sensation. Any has the theme song for this movie that's been going for forty years and counting. So I think that's gotta be bigger than half. Alzheimer let me say that alright the theme from this movie still with us, it's just great to good one love it has. For me if you're on somebody's porch and DYSFUNC- comes on at nobody's I, go what the fuck is this never disappointed when it comes on. My arm it's broken became may run into that. That is a classic with age the best that became a running joke in all kinds of scenarios for all kinds of thanks. What is vote? Is Beeper say when he's like Oh yeah it could be a fractured ONA. peepers tough. Suspicious beeper and then I will more would saves the worst. Just, judge smells this week. His golf course blew up. His ship boat sank. He nearly killed an old lady with this club. He found out his beloved niece was was just up to stuff. Found out ties dad never liked him. He lost and legal eighty thousand dollar match and The last we saw he is being chased by boosted Rocco rough week. Tough Times for the judge not ideal. The lesson there is don't be a massive asshole everybody I think. He's just a complete pray for for an hour and forty minutes and the world responds to it. I had one other tiny would sage the best I still like judge smells golf outfits in this movie, it's shades of of Jack Nicholas late seventies, early eighties like there's a pink shirt plaid pants Combo that I think actually would like Joe Household wear right now. The one thing that's weird I mean there's a lot of style choices in the movie that crazy but it's back when the golf shirt polo shirt would have four buttons and go all the way down to your breastplate. So it Everybody, just looks it's just instantly aged because of that you haven't seen a person wear a shirt like that in twenty five years and if they are wearing, it's because they haven't bought a shirt since nineteen eighty but you know I mean he looks better than Al Servic. Well. One thing that's age the worst is. Really, nobody has hats on. Nafta be everyone's wearing a hat back then everybody. Skin cancer they're smoking. Of cancers going on cocaine. There's more. You know there are more. Like detective hats you know like deer storrow vile hats in there are like baseball caps guys are our caps on the course any other words edge the best are going to spend time talking about the Llama seen like I. I just feel like that's doing. Let's do it. I. I just think that that's the funny I. Think it might be the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life I. I think it's the maybe the funniest scene in movie history is what he's trying to do by colliding goofball shit with high levels, Zen thinking and exploring like history and the wider scope of the world with this moronic criminal character is surprisingly and weirdly sophisticated while also being totally legible to a six year old and it's just it's the it's the genius of Bill Murray in two minutes. So I. Tell Them I'm Appro Jack. Who Do you think they can be. The Dalai Lama himself the son. Lamb. The. Flowing robes grace all. Striking. On a I e, what am I give him the driver heels often wax big. Long. Into a ten thousand foot crevice ready to base. It as glacier. All. Guga. Go. CONGRATS. Finish eighteen. Going to stiff me and I said Hey. Hey I'm a little something you know. The effort you know. And he says, Oh, uh won't. Be any money. When you die? On your deathbed. You will receive total consciousness. So. And I think all of the words and the phrases and I got that going for me, which is nice like all that stuff is just part of what you were describing. It's in the lexicon now that and it won't ever go away I. Mean that scene is never gonNA leave me as long as I live I'll think of it even when I just when I watch golf on television and that's the power of a truly great movie seen. Big hitter the Lima. He's really holding a real pitchfork. And apparently that got the kid in that scene is terrified that he's GonNa get impaled by the pitchfork and you can see him kind of looking down a couple of times like he's getting hit by it. what's age the worst? So. When you watching the golf tournaments and the golf financers try to force the CADDYSHACK. Line. into the tournament that's that's just aged terribly I don't care. Just. Stop. That hasn't aged as badly as denuncia golf swing, and golf outfit. Yet, another golf swing looks like Chris Ryan on a good day. He's got a he's got like. It's kind of more of a rob deer thing. You know he's just got like that. corkscrew body like swinging real hard. But not the way you're supposed to swing off nobody in the movie really swings well, besides Danny in my mind and wearing a black he's wearing a blouse. It looks like everything about it is just completely off and ridiculous and it's hard to believe you see. Danny swing and you see denuncia swinging. You're like really this came down to the eighteenth hole. He looks like he's headed to his shift at Chippendales right after the permits and ridiculous outfit. Terrible another what's age? The worst gopher? Do. I do twenty minutes on this twenty seconds I think we'll probably twenty seconds but I for a long time in my life. If somebody like the Gopher in caddyshack to me, that was all I needed to know. I. It's. It's not funny it. It doesn't really work and they double down on it in the sequel you know they make it like a huge part of the sequel. That's Nick Gopher talk in the sequel. No but. Says words the the gopher gets really horny and starts look looking out for female gophers. It's just kind of a mess I it it doesn't if feels like. You know they had these four styles of comedy that we talked about in the and they tried to add a fifth one. They tried to add like the muppets like gremlins something that was like an animatronic toy into the movie and it it just it's not funny. You. Know I didn't know about the caddyshack to thing. 'cause caddyshack to never happened. Sorry Another Woods Age Maggie. One of the worst sports movie characters in a longtime not sure why she's here. She's Got An Irish accent for reasons that remain? Unclear? The Act Of Cutting. The actors not Irish no several. Animal House. Yeah. So she has this amazing I d be where she's an animal house and then she's in caddyshack and then basically as ad acting after that. But it's a sad story she I think she suffers from. Mental health problems and and she walked away from acting completely after being in these movies mile. This has the. Pregnancy subplot, the quickly resolved pregnancy subplot that we definitely didn't need, and I'm not sure what's in there and just in general tough character. Another would say the worst. The Baby Ruth Bar. As jaws parody. In one thousand, nine, hundred eighty is a lights out idea I think forty years later maybe not as a effective. CADDYSHACK to you mentioned. This is a what's age the worse for me just from somebody's this movie too many times Lou the caddy master, the courses blowing up. There's bombs everywhere. Things are just exploding around everybody as Danny. Noonan's last PUTT is hanging on the lip Lou the caddy master undaunted by bombs going off all over the holes around them. Just staring at Danny Noonan's last PUTT intently kit unfazed unfazed by explosions all over the place. It wouldn't your reaction be like cover your head fall to the ground I. I don't know never really understood that one. Maybe he was a Vietnam veteran, he had been acclimated to the. Main hospital I think also probably is a testament to how much lou hated smells. Really, wanted to see that puck ball I just wanted to crush his spirit. This last one is a bummer. John Peters was the producer. A. Pretty checkered past famous figures commute should we explain who he is a little bit? So former Hairdresser Warren Beatty model shampoo after him. Straight in. Produced a star is born with him feud with Kris Kristofferson became a pretty big producer, and then eventually had books written about him because him and Peter. Guber was an it took over seventy. Yup and It was a disaster but he's the producer of this. So Cindy Morgan agrees to be topless in this movie in the Lacey Danny Seen? John Peters arranges a playboy photographer to come shoot her for a spread for playboy. She declines. Peter says you're doing their Sarma end your career. They have like the classic old Hollywood terrible conversation. Now, she's upset Herald Ramos steps in cancels the shoot. John Peters Zo you'll never work in this town again, all that stuff and she actually doesn't work after that and you know it's it's one of those stories that you hear a lot of these stories last couple years in the METOO era, and this is like an early version of a and it's a fucking bummer. It's it's just a bad story. It's a it's just the classic Hollywood being pressured into doing an actress being pressured into doing something that she doesn't want to do, and then by putting up a fight then being branded somehow as somebody who is not easy. To work with, you know Cindy Morgan did do a couple of things I mean she was she was the one of the stars of Tron which came out a couple of years. Later I did have a career she worked in television quite a bit in the eighties and nineties, but you could make the case that she should have or could have had a much bigger career but I'm GonNa make the case I think she should add a bigger career and yeah, John Peters is really powerful back then so he was dead a that was a bummer story casting what? Did, you know who the other final candidate for Daniela's before make O'Keefe. Got It. I. Sure Do. Can we talk about this? Yeah make me work. Incredible. So that's a different movie. Well, correctly, they decided that he wasn't funny enough. Yeah now yet Mike O'Keefe was hilarious but he could at least be in the vicinity of comedy without it being weird and I think Call, what do you think of Michael Key from the movie? What do you think of Danny I love his golf swing. and. I actually think he's really good in this movie. He's good I I don't think he needs I. Don't think you need anything more from that part than what he does he's onscreen with Chevy chase with Chevy Chase when he's holding like the ORB of power this is as funny as Chevy's ever going to be and Danny can hang with him. You know he's not getting blown off the screen you're interested in Danny his character whereas characters going that opening scene you take drugs. Danny every day good like that is those are some of the most memorable moments in the movie. So I think they did right Mickey rourke though I just WanNa see what it would have been like for Mickey, Rourke to be on a film set with the cocaine machines at that time like that would have been that would have been intense would have been ugly. Danny Noonan also is really good in the scene when judge smells tries to kill him at the golf. Club Yeah and great. It really seems like he's trying to hit a it's really well choreographed. When he knocks post out, you know it's pretty intense and then he ends up in the bathroom. The whole thing it's really Michelle pfeiffer. By beloved Michelle Ever Yeah One of my favorites I'll watch every Michelle pfeiffer movie turned down the role lacy under alka she didn't WanNa get. Naked. Not. Shocking. If she's in this movie and maybe just. You don't have to have the top of sin with her whatever that would imagine that Michelle Pfeiffer was in caddyshack and I think she could have pulled it off. I can't imagine her being as Frisky as. As. lacy was in this movie she's never really played a character like that. But she lets a picture Michelle pfeiffer and Mickey Rourke in bed as Danny and lacey instead of standing. And Michael O'Keefe said differ movie. It's like an Adrian Line erotic thriller. I see that I think part of the reason. Michael kief verses Mickey Rourke. It felt like a stretch for him to get lacy under all which I think is important Mickey Rourke. It would almost seem my keys more competition for Thai Web, strew, woodleigh definitely true. Stephanie True Mickey Work was overqualified in that respect. John. Peters Claims that he had Bo Derek for. Sandra Ramos rejected it before she did ten I guess she was filming ten at the time about to film tenors. Both Erica's lacy under all is just bizarre how old is lease he's supposed to be. Clean she twenty-six. She forty? I, always assumed she was like twenty five. Okay. And Dan. I've. Danny's like eighteen. Let me just say something else about Danny now that I'm thinking about. One of the things that this movie and that generation of National Lampoon guys get credit for, and this is going to sound weird and I don't want this to sound to identity politics but it is a point that's been made over and over again is that these movies Kinda shifted some of the key, the center of American comedy away from that traditional Jewish point of view the Sitcom writers of your show of shows, your sid. Caesar's your woody. Allen's you're all that generation of fifties and sixties comedy writers were largely Jewish and they were obviously hugely successful. And this is like A. Basically, an a catholic. Bunch of people making comedies and Danny's family. Is An Irish Catholic family. It's a house with eight kids in it. Based on the Murray family and it's weird to say like we'd never really seen this before because we definitely seen plenty of Irish Catholic families. But in this version of comedy, it's kind of a new version of blue collar jokes and the idea of seventeen year old danny trying to figure out what to do with his life to others should go to college whether he should get a job. Then, bagging twenty five year old woman from New York City who is beautiful and funny as lacy is the all time like master batori fantasy of every seventeen year old Irish Catholic it I have I ever knew growing up like it's It's a very specific and unique thing that does that seems obvious. Now, we've seen it so often since then because this movie was so it's set the template and a Lotta was kind of era though right for comedies where was always the Guy Kinda out kicking his coverage with whoever the? A hot female was the movie. Yeah. Don rickles was originally considered for Al Servic. Yen You said that he rodney had so much in common back then to that they were both like tonight's show icons but that they weren't really beyond that like didn't really have a mainstream repeat and they were just they were they were club comics. I. I think he's wrong for this movie. is to mean. There's Yes to it that your you would not be rooting for him. You know he's almost better off in the judge smells role That's interesting. And then they really wanted pink floyd to do the music for this movie and Pink Floyd said, no, thank God Ramos is so weird Ramos is trying to work in like Zen Buddhism into the movies trying to Work Pink Floyd into the movie his we talked about this with groundhog day interests as a filmmaker are like just left of center enough that you get stuff that is inexplicable in his movies but ultimately good it's a good thing though that Kenny loggins came through instead of pink floyd. Everybody loves, game shows everybody has a podcast I've got. Everybody I'm Kyle grants in my new show. Ten questions is a game show talk show athletes movie stars everybody will come on not just talk. They come on this show to compete ten questions that whether they know it or not are somehow inspired by a moment in their life or their career ten questions ten points so much fun head over to spotify and please subscribe to ten questions Kyle Brands. Best that Guy k the pants award I still don't know a doctor beepers name is so he probably wins because he's just if I see him his doctor beeper I have no idea what his real name is or what else he's been in his anything else. He's been in a couple of things. So he's the only guy when you look on IMDB who doesn't have a photo next to his name in the whole cast, his name is Dan Resin. He was in the man with one red shoe. You remember that Tom Hanks movie not good. Not Great that should be one of our rules for the that Guy Award. If you don't have picture IMDB baby that should be you you to qualify. Yeah I had as the winner though Denuncia. AK Scott, Colombo because he was also that guy from porkies, he'd have part and pork is in poor gays movie that nobody has talked about fifteen years but was a huge eighties. Nineties re watchable movie eventually fade away but he was basically. The guy from pork as the guy from caddyshack and then that was it. He was never seen again. Yes. So he's he's. His name's. Tony de Nunzio. In caddyshack and his name's Brian Schwartz in Porky's well, he's the one they do. Everyone there's another character and poor. This is an anti Semite and he ends up fighting with that guy the whole movie. Yes. He plays like the Italian American archetype in caddyshack plays the Jewish American archetype in Porky's. Arrange. I'm giving him the word, the Vincent Hanna GimMe Hell. You GotTa Word for overacting obviously has to be Maggie making it up. All right. We'll I'm willing to marry you. Well. Are we sure it's not Rodney. Now It's gotTA. Be Maggie smells now. Spells perfect. We can't it smells. Isn't an insult though I mean I feel like he's going for it. Maggie Dow's it up. Okay what movie magazine End, but it's it's not this one. What about the? Bishop. The case for it. He's literally calling out to God and then he loses his faith in his distraught in the bars you pointed out it's sad it's good rhetoric. Brandy Booth Award for best performance by a pet the gopher zero out of ten. No Choice. Now choose it off for the Gopher. An incredible dion waiters word. So that, we have nominee is none of these people one doctor beeper the Bishop Wang Lu the caddy master. the attendant whose name I don't know we mentioned him earlier one one fucking Ted. Knight's scoff shoes and running the beds on spalding smells the winner for me. In a runaway spalding smells. I every moment he's in this movie fucking kills me he only has a couple of lines. He is just the classic Awful Rich Kid, who is the kid who drinks the half drinks who has the bad pot on a says you don't even know how you are who just sucks in every way and I was so happy to see that person in a movie I happen to have gone to high school with a couple spalding spells said my day and. I just so delighted by him every moment, his of the movie I love. He has the hoi line to write SPA US has when Ted Knight's plant. When we see him playing golf initially, you see spaulding behind him, hacking it up like forest. Parts. Funniest things in the movie, he plays eight minutes and he has twenty points. So so bill sprawling sales is real name is John F.. Barmen Junior I'm. His entire IMDB ready Kayla nineteen in nineteen eighty he appears as spalding smells and caddyshack, and then he has appeared in two films as himself handicapped documentary about bad golf from two, thousand, nine and caddyshack the inside story from two, thousand nine and that is it. I I'M GONNA go a step further became a realtor and lived in Boston. Oh now he's a real estate guy herb became second for spalding yeah. Recasting Couch Dr Beeper? So I'm GonNa Throw Rob Robert Wagner. Wow I feel like Robert Wagner was supposed to be Dr Beeper in like ten ten minutes before they started filming he canceled and they had to grab the do they grabbed. that's that's definitely he check I was just trying to look at what that is in the timeline of his marriage to natalie would just to get data the would. Still alive she hasn't mysteriously died yet. Got It. Got It. Yeah. She has done hard either. I. Say okay. Yeah that's good. I like because now if you're making caddyshack even fifteen years later Dr Beepers Roblo. Present yeah. From like Nineteen ninety-three on he's Raba although I mean God it feels like Rob Lowe could be smells at this point isn't a rob lowe in a way is like he kinda hits on some of that quality that you're talking about who's the actor from Sitcom I. Felt like a new generation of people no rob lowe from parks and rec more than they know him from about last night or something. Like that have fast, Internet research film was inspired by rhetoric Costa Brian Doyle Murray memories working as a caddy in Neka. At the Indian Health Club. His brothers also worked and had Ramos also worked as a caddy So a lot of the caddyshack characters based on people they experience when they caddied film shot for eleven weeks. In Nineteen Seventy Nine filmed in Florida Gov. Carl backer not in early drafts of the script. As you mentioned it was a love triangle with Danny Maggie and denuncia which sounds terrible. Awful. Did you know that Lacey under ause dive they'd stunt doubled it at the last second. It's the stunt double who actually does the dive Somehow. Never caught that over the last forty years Cindy. Morgan. had contacts, and if sticker context that you couldn't see so she can do the dive. So they had a stunt double it. Over under two hundred times you've paused caddyshack during a certainly under all scenes bill. Certainly. Sandra All Saints under. A MAKO KIEF wouldn't play golf. For Twenty five years after the film came out. Oh Yes said like people talking to them on the golf course, right? Yes. said it was too every time he was out. It was just he just couldn't enjoy it. Everybody would be peering watching him judging them on that stuff ca. Can I ask you Michael O'Keefe Question Yeah? Where does he rank in the history of great sports movie actors because? Of the coming later. Great. You know what have coming right now Scott Columbia and Cindy. Morgan. Dated for two years after this movie. So. In real life yeah he went in real life. And then there's a deleted scene on youtube. Where Carl teaches tie webb had a hit a ball with Danny in. That's just fucking weird and is. A classic deleted scenes are deleted for a reason, but if you want to watch another scene. With with Carlton there you go apex. Mountain. Bike O'Keefe. I would say, I, mean it has to be right because he's coming in for the Great Santini and he starring in the funniest movie of the year. By the way, the Great Santini is a really good movie excellent rallies good in in the basketball scene with Robert duvall is the legendary see in the movie, but he's really good in that movie. So you know as I came and Tim Hutton in nineteen eighty were like the two young actors to watch and then all the sudden. Sean Penn and this whole class comes after them that equips them Rodney Dangerfield Apex Mountain. I. Would probably say more like mid eighties and back to school when he became a a draw himself, you know he he was the draw to those movies. So that was my answer as well back to school, which is a hilarious movie gray movie and he has the Rodney dangerfield comedy specials on HBO and he's Breaking Dudes like Sam Kennison. And Bill Maher and people that I'd never seen before until they're in those special. So the Combo that would say, yes. Ted Knight. It's funny. Career? Wise. No. Because Mary Tyler Moore is is apex bound, but I think retroactively, I think this became his legacy because who the hell watches Mary Tyler Morton, obiter forties to watch that this is the kind of the thing that. That outlived him a lot ways. I JUST WANNA say. I love too close for comfort. He's basically judge snails with too hot daughters that movie a and just tried to foil. These guys coming over trying to date Assad daughters and him just being judged bales basically it's great. It was a good show I i. don't God I probably haven't seen it. In. Zan for like two years years I mean I remember that was a Jim J. Bullock show right yeah Monroe. Chevy Chase Apex Mountain I'm going to say now. Did we give it to him for Fletch. I think we'd have yeah Bill Murray. No. No but it's it's pure. It's so pure everything. He does in the movie he shot the movie six days and everything he did as six days Golden. Cindy Morgan. Sad the Yes. I think she I think something better could happen. Cocaine. here's the case. Here's the case for cocaine. Nobody nobody's super famous had died yet nobody people knew is bad but nobody really knew how bad. It led to big spurts of creativity for at least a little while before quickly burned the person's brain and they were never the same but that hasn't happened yet on the caddyshack set it led to the disjointed crazy shit. This movie that would never happen now because you would have to be on drugs to come up with half of the things that happened in this movie. And it's probably all downhill. Right after this for cocaine where people probably within a year leg hey, this stuff's bad. Would we do it? Got To say, I'm not sure upped super comfortable identifying this as the apex of. Of. Something that has killed millions of people. Well That every watchable until I make you uncomfortable. I'm saying, yes, picks bound. Got Better for okay. I think it's downhill from this. I was feeling good about rolling with you through caddyshack for the last hour. I felt like I wasn't getting uncomfortable. We talked about Lacey. There was nothing weird and then you you try to give me to put cocaine on a mountain I. Don't know. Baby Ruth Bars. I would say goonies. Fair. Golf. Golf. So bored of Golf. Let me let me give you other things that happened in nineteen eighty. K.. Jack Nicholson. Jack Nicklaus wins two majors, the US Open end the PGA Okay Tom Watson D-. Beats Him in the British. And the masters is savvy. By. Estero sue everybody considers to be the next Jack Nicklaus. It's like an awesome year of just famous people winning majors and tournaments and at the same time caddyshack is happening. That's the case. Well. It's hard to argue. Greatest. What's jacket? The open? Is that eighty six? Yeah. That's eighty six. The case here is that Golf Centigrade spot. Tiger Woods born at this point I think this might have been. Tiger Woods is born. Was He year? Was He born I? Think this is like Tiger Woods on the Mike. Douglas Show. When did he go on the Sea Woods was on the Mike Douglas show this year then that this is definitely. So was was born in December thirtieth nineteen, seventy five. Okay. So he's on the tiger, but he's A little earlier that. Oh. Yeah. okay I I mean I guess I guess she made better golf here caddyshack Nicholas would in two majors should call. House in Nathan again. A they'll just agree with me Picking. Nets. Why did spalding throw up and Dr Beepers car like what a Dick move who does that just throw in a Bush who leans over a car hood and throws up in a car like what fucking Asshole I got the impression it was uncontrollable the the the urge overwhelmed him and he just needed somewhere to put his head. That was terrible job SOKAIA. Why was lacy under all walk in the entire course for judge smells his first round that we saw she's just stuck in the entourage like the UNIV- anything better to do I have wondered about this for years. It's inexplicable. It's also could there be. A worse hang been walking with smales through a golf course for five hours with him Dr Beeper that sounds like the worst time ever just go to the country club bar and have some Martinez what are you doing? Maybe she was feeling Danny maybe she was immediately into Danny and just wanted to get some time with him to see if he he was as interesting in Saudi was this is the hottest girl that's ever come to their small town. This is like Uma Thurman and beautiful girl showing up like she needs to follow around a seventeen year old caddy I'm saying no weird Platt very weird. caddy day at the pool this as somebody who's a former caddie like this would never happen. They have caddied days where the cat is complained the chorus for four hours but. Using the pool and having the Kaddish show up like that is just never ever happening. couple other pool things. Wise Diving Board. So high at this pool. It's it's basically like an Olympic diving board it at this weird at Bushwick country club why it's ten feet high why? Cancer that's struck me before you have. Are you scared of tall diving boards? I have never slept. If you went to country club. Which I would assume kids would be used in the pool would be a good idea to have a diving board. That's ten feet high and said, no. Right, now I have never been to a country club. So I don't know out there you go lacy under all shows up she's wearing a bathing suit in and black high heels. Why the that's a huge flex. I Dunno she's just trying to she showing off she's drawn attention. Another picking it. Was Judge smells his boat so small. Such a shitty boat hit a boat Kirsten party for this boat was like eight by three. Well. I mean he was a judge he wasn't a real estate tycoon maybe it's all he could afford you both shaming smells. The boat was eight feet. Who has? A It's a hey I could fit to people have this boat. Let's go for ride hold on. We got to have a boat ceremony at the over here. So you're saying when I unveil my eight foot boat, you're you don't want to be invited to the the boats I definitely don't want to be invited the judge he couldn't afford a twenty foot boat. I don't know what he's got bill his swing and data is swinging Dick at Bush would. Visit Nice neighborhood. You know you reminded me of something though, and this is from watching the movie. So many times Bush would the course looks like a piece of Shit. What's up at the grass on that course agree had for ticket needs they. Are Awful. They're so bumpy. Every ten is like bouncing like there was an earthquake. Lacy. Went from Thai web to Danny Noonan in about twelve hours. It was it was the you know late Seventies. Would he do this? She was living freely. I respected my wife watched it with me this weekend and when when lace made the leap by Wife Dominion said Hooker. I I respect her decisions and I'm proud of lacy. Terrible. Why would the judge in a million years allow Danny to replace out? SERVIC. During the big forty thousand our match. Who would ever do this tie kinda grabs the conscious there and says, we get to choose the substitute according to whatever made up rules they had gone, and also loo is basically the referee of that round. So it was not in smells his favor. I think judge. Would have. He should've known like this is bad for us. Now are playing the guy who just won the cat. Tournament. Anti who's better than me? Who Shot a sixty eight a couple of days ago like an eye at forty thousand dollars in the line. This is not ideal. You're right. It's it's a boneheaded move by the judge you think you might jurist promise. nother picket ty Webb, who we've established is this unbelievable offer. He can hit stuff blindfolded shot a sixty eight. It's just amazing completely gags in the in the big match. FUCKING GAG job. It looked like he was James Harden in the Western finals. What happened to that guy? I was GONNA one of my questions for you is going to be a reassure tie web is good. he he really he he spit the bit there. It's impregnated line a seventeen year old. James Harden. All right. This is the big one more nitpick a baby ruth bars don't float in real life. If you drop a baby with bar in a pool, just drops the bottom at what point does the chocolate start melting off of the candy bar. That's the we get hard right Oh. Maybe maybe it's a water I. think it would like solidify. All right. Here's the big nitpick. I covered this in common years ago. So. And this is people are confused by this right the matches all even in the eighteenth hole the big match for two thousand dollars. So the question is, why did the judge agree to dubber nothing? Here's a setup. Dr Beeper he misses his par. Tie Web Chokes Disease James Harden. The judge pulls out. Billy. Baru. Makes Birdie. Sanad Danny needs to make the. PUTT. To have the whole and salvage a tie. For the match misses it they lose the match. So Al Servic says Judge Males dubber nothing he makes it judge accepts. At that point, the judge can't lose money. Until he takes that bet because if Danny has the whole, it's just a it's just a wash nobody wins anything. But now potentially loses eighty thousand dollars if Dante makes thirty thousand dollars view. So basically he sacrifices. In one scenario either when forty thousand dollars or nothing. In the other scenario either win eighty thousand right lose eighty thousand terrible job by the judge. What are you doing? I. Think if we've learned anything from this podcast, it's the despite your admiration for Ted Knight Judge Smells is trash. He's just He is a moron. He doesn't know what size boat to buy. He doesn't know how to gamble on a golf course. You know he doesn't know how to keep the bishop interested in his goings on he says, he's a failure. Is His. Name is just running around the the On the flip side incredibly savvy moved Servic. EITHER GONNA lose forty grand or break even. He risks an extra forty grand to win eighty grand. He basically gets two to one odds on the Danny Noonan Putt. Which judge has realized because he's a schmuck and Al Servic flips around and that's why you know he's owns the property in China on the good side like he knows his shit. You know I in twenty twenty though. L. Service would not be the hero of a movie. You know real estate tycoon who's not a giant high-rise next to a golf courses not. Here that should better what's age wears. Best quote we named basically of them. I do enjoy Moose Rocco, the judge, his checkbook, but we covered all the rest of. Could this be remade as ten episode Netflix? Show fuck off. unanswerable questions. Who Do you think carried more bags or I'm sorry who do you think carried more clubs in their bag judge smells or out Servic? And we know. We know for a fact, both of them had to putters in their bags you're only allowed fifteen max. I think both of them were over the limit basically. To great question I would say a smells because smells strikes me as the kind of guy who thinks it's really important to have. Of A four Iron Anna Five. Iron Ns. Anna four would. Would and a seven limited nine would yes and that's those guys are the worst you gotta know what to take out of your bag that's a big part golf. Make sure you don't hit too many clubs. You don't how to hit and smell. We know you know he's mediocre so I'm I'm going smells despite the size of service bag. Great. Sports movie be put ever. Well. Happy Gil- Happy Gilmore. To finally win the title. Or Danny. Newnan, winning the caddy tournament as everyone around him is screaming Newton Newnan and yelling at him and tried to distract him and he still drains like a twenty footer. Una Green. That is so bumpy because Carl Idiot Gardner Guy. Can't like doesn't know how to fix one green. I think that was incredible. I'm very partial to the the whole final whole sequence on Tin Cup though including the pot at the end. Okay. That's that's a personal favorite of mine. Do you think this movie created the word Poontang. I have no, idea. You tell me. Can make a case that did I thought about Apex Poontang but I get uncomfortable. Appreciate you sparing me that one. Rodney dangerfield what the fuck happened how do we? How do I explain this to my kids? He does caddyshack and back to school which are two icons. And then he made ladybugs. Not a lady has not aged well, but let me tell you something I have seen ladybugs a lot for my generation ladybugs was in the HBO Rotation Hall. Of Fame it was on every Goddamn Day and every kid my age was completely head over heels in love with Vanessa. Shaw from interesting. Yeah. She was the Cindy Morgan of my generation in a Lotta ways. Love. Dreaded digital. He was in. A couple of other him he was really really famous. He had. There's an animated movie called Rover. Dangerfield. That was you know him like he was a big deal in the eighties he was ever present. They're answerable question. Is this a better movie? If in the first scene, the gophers in Maggie's car, and then Carl, Gardner, just blows both of them up better movie or worst movie. Can't support blowing Maggie up. That's just not. The movie. He says uncalled-for she's a casualty she he's trying to kill the Gopher and magazine an unexpected. Maybe she goes to the hospital every. Couple months. I guess I accidentally thought that the bishop had been murdered by the lightning. So I guess maybe if it was a similar situation comes back later she's got her yes, laying she's fine. You mentioned earlier. where. Does make Oh kief rank among the great actor? Athletes Lesha. Great swing like really looks like he could have just gone to the tour I. I'm personally offended he wasn't intent. Cup. Yeah, you could have been good. Well, I mean Tin Cup is perfectly cast Costner and. Or Him and he should have been in all golf movies from that point but but you owe keeps run is iconic. So Great Santini mentioned the basketball scene very memorable sports scene caddyshack. Then he's in Split Image Eighty two where he plays in I think he's a gymnast in that movie and then a few years later he's in the slugger's wife as a baseball player that's six years he's that some of the best work ever. And in classic Atlanta's sports fashion that movie bombed. Wow tough pages I threw that in there just safer. Remember Brown was listening So, do they still sell baby ruth bars? I have this as an Ishmael question even though I could probably look at this on Amazon did the company go under after the duty seen? Did the duty seen ruined the baby Ruth Bar? Who Factors Babe Ruth is a nestle I don't even know. I thought it was Nestle. Yeah. But it says this pre was nestle for a time. Yeah. Baby Ruth was in what Mukalla thousand. Bars back then that just kind of faded away and I don't know what happened a lot of them. Can I share something personal with you bill yeah not. Not. A Fan of chocolate especially candy bars. It's just not my thing. More of a Sour Candy Kinda Guy. Maybe, you'll have an answer for this one. How do we never have a caddyshack video game? What happened? Where did we go? Wrong? Why wasn't? Golden. T caddyshack. Why wasn't region toward ninety three caddyshack why wasn't there an arcade game? Why was there a pinball game? Wait? How did we miss the boat on all caddyshack video game stuff? Bill maybe it's time maybe it's time for us to develop at forty years. Later, you can play as Newnan you can play as nuncio you can play a snail's you can play his Servic Slot options here today web with their player scores. Can you get an oil card to play as Lou? You know? There's a lot of options here. It's terrible. I don't know what they're thinking All right. Who on the movie. So I have thought about this a lot. And I'm saying Bill Murray. because. A personal choice I don't even know if it's objectively defensible. But what he gives me in the movie, the performance and what we take away from it and how it influenced culture is my pick. But I think that there's a strong case for several other people. Who Do you think? I think Ted Knight when the movie. Wow I think Bill Nour. Bill. Bill. Murray wins the most out of the movie. Okay. So. In a weird way, I don't really know what the answer is but I think unequivocally Ted Knight winsome movie because he has the hardest part. Everyone else dangerfield's just being dangerfield Chevy Chase being Chevy. Chase Bill Murray playing the same guy or the verb like he played that guy insider live like they're just playing. They brought their one character, the table that they knew how to do. Ted Knight if that CARE if Ted Knight's character doesn't work and if he's not really funny, the whole movie falls apart. Esp Villain. He has to make me laugh. He has to kind of not one hundred percent being on the joke which I don't feel like he is like Kinda you've had these movies sometimes where there's comedies in the actors don't really totally understand why they're funny in the movie and I feel like that might be the case with him and the seats deaf who else would have played him. And that character just has to work, and as I watched the movie as we get older and older, he's still the one that it makes me laugh the most All that stuff like, but I think for who the movie did the most for I think the answers Bill Murray because I mean, they led to the pebble beach stuff and I think he's gotten forty years of mileage out of this movie. I don't think you could say that about anybody else. Yeah. You know I thought about with re-casting couch I never would I never would recast headaches I know how you feel about him but I do feel like somebody like Harvey? Korman have done this you know somebody who is able to do that kind of haughty over the top thing but. And it just becomes Sillier if it's the wrong actor, it feels lesser like if it's Mr Roper from three's company, the Great Norman Fell Norman fell. Yeah. One of that one of the greats even ham it's like it doesn't feel quite big enough. It's really hard to thread that needle I think at this movie comes along. Fifteen years later Ted. Danson's probably judge smells. But even then it's like Ted Danson was famous. You know and I I. Just I. think it's so hard to cast that one part. It's incredible that we don't have crissier to do his Pacino as as smells performance. You know it's really sad r.i.p? Well, we're waiting you know well. I think the case for Ramos to I mean this is Ramos is first directing directed movie and he goes on to direct five six total classics and Chevy also like Thai web is iconic. Danny. Nunez Chevy Chevy forfeits when he comes back for caddyshack to which was indefensible decision by him. It's not great. There are things I like about two. Sorry I know you I know you hate it I. There are some things I like about it. It's just it's. Trying to hurt me now. Jackie Mason who replaces Rodney? That's really weird. I like that you you down may for the cocaine being on Apex Mountain. And yet, you said you like caddyshack to like the meanest thing I think anyone's ever said there are things about it. I like Jackie Mason is just. Over, he's so terrible he so so awful. Story recently somebody wrote a story about caddyshack too I. Read It on a rack can't remember I read it maybe a month ago at talked about why that movie was such a giant failure and apparently dangerfield. was they really wanted to be in it and he just they couldn't agree to a contract with them. They had already agreed to give Chevy a crazy amount of money to be in like five minutes of it, and it just kind of fell apart from there but it's really bad. There's great Robert Stack. In caddyshack to stack going forward post airplane but you're you're right it's not good. I'M NOT GONNA. DEFEND IT I can't I can't defend it. This was a fun time with comedies were they took people who? Nobody had seen in a comedy like Ted David, Benham Mary. Tyler Moore so was it surprising but there were like the Robert Stack Leslie Nielsen was another one Leslie Nielsen? You know the detective or the bad guy in the seventies things to see him in the naked gun the TV series was unusual All right. So I say Ted Knight. We you know we don't really do this but I would almost WANNA see a poll on this. We have to have the re watchable twitter feed as much as I hate twitter watchable twitter feed out who who won the movie between Ted Knight Bill Murray Rodney? Dangerfield. Chevy. Chase. Harold, Ramos. Yeah. Gosh it's a tough one. Can you even do five people in twitter? Chase because I don't think anyone thinks chevy chase worn caddyshack. Nobody has like. So many of the best lines from the movie you know it's Gosh. I. Don't know don't sell yourself short judge your tremendous slouch. I mean come on my dad never liked you. Tie Web is like conic Do that. Maybe we'll put the four will put. We'll put night, dangerfield chase and Murray. Who won the movie I I just date bill a flute without holes is not a flu. A donut without a whole is a Danish. Don't forget that that's Basho the Japanese poet. Where's where's Craig Craig Stop Get out her for Second We're glad you like caddyshack. Yeah. Why I'm not now Craig Craig who who, when the movie you don't have to go to college. This isn't Russia is this Russia? This isn't Russia Craig. Everyday. So I wanted to think about it before you guys answer that wanted to come up with my own opinion and I just head what wow brown. Yeah. Craig Brown nosing swear to God I would've said whoever I thought it was I just think when I think back on the movie I think about well, we're waiting and I just think about him whether anybody else. Well, that's an fluence. I we're going to put that re-watch ables. poll up on the Rewatch ables twitter feed, which he shall find three go. This was fun caddyshack Craig. We finally did when you liked well, yes did not like it but I did. Well coming up Wednesday movie craig defiantly didn't like pump up the volume I've never seen it. I can assure you lizl. But. There's a specific reason we're doing pump up the volume. It is a definitely a one for us. It's thirty anniversary, but there's specific reason. So tune in Wednesday to find out why we chose that one shot fantasy a pleasure as always craig, we can hear you on the fantasy football podcast. Going people mad at you about your fantasy picks like every day now. No the season for that when things don't out see. Okay. Don't trust Craig. Any time you try to rep for a Pittsburgh steeler. That's something. I've learned not to be trusted on his steeler takes inch connor. Good pick issue. All right. Thanks for this. Let's see. I. It's A.

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