DOJ releases legal opinion backing treasury secretary's refusal to hand over Trump tax returns; Department of Justice Legal Opinion: Democrats' demand for Trump taxes "Unprecedneted" and "Serious risk of abuse";


From CNN films. Apollo eleven. Landed experience Menotti's greatest feat like you've never seen before with newly discovered incredible footage. Apollo eleven Sunday June twenty third nine on CNN tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Xeni offers thousands of affordable. Eyewear styles starting at just six ninety five no ridiculous markups. No hassles. Just quality affordable. I wear delivered right to you visits any today at Xeni dot com slash CNN. Happening now breaking news Trump's taxes tonight, the Justice department has just released a lengthy legal opinion, which supports the treasury secretaries refusal to hand over President Trump's tax returns. We'll House Democrats now turn to the courts, collusion cleanup. President Trump is trying to clean up a mess of his own making now saying that if presented with campaign, dirt by a foreign source he'd give the material to the FBI after taking a look international situation, a US official says a drone spotted Iranian boats closing in before the attacks on textures in the Gulf of Oman. The president says subsequent video purportedly showing a rainy is removing a mind from one vessel proves that Iran. Did it now the Pentagon says we have an international situation and plot twists stunning new twist in the shooting of baseball legend. David Ortiz, has the alleged triggermen yells to reporters that are teeth was not his. Intended. Target prosecutors say the suspect already admitted to plotting to kill Ortiz. I'm wolf Blitzer? You're in the situation room. This is CNN breaking new Reggie news. The Justice department has now released a legal opinion. Supporting Treasury Secretary Steven itunes refusal to give congress. President Trump's tax returns Mnuchin has rejected a request and a subpoena from the powerful House Ways and means committee chairman, meantime, President Trump is trying to clean up his comment about being willing to accept campaign, dirt from foreign sources. He now says he would give them a cheerio to the FBI after checking it out himself also bricky tonight. We're learning that before to taxes were attacked in the Gulf of them on a US drone was fired on, after spotting a rainy boats closing in on the daggers after the attacks, the US military released video that it says shows, Iranians removing unexploded mine from the hull of one of the ships off, speak was Senator mazy run of the judiciary and armed services committees and our correspondents and analysts we'll have full coverage of the day's top. Stories. Let's begin with our senior. Congressional correspondent mono Raggio motto. What are we learning about this new Justice department legal opinion while in a very aggressive thirty three page letter sent tonight from the office of legal counsel from the Justice department for the first time, eat telling the legal argument, why the Trump administration will not turn over President Trump's tax return six years of his tax returns to the House Ways and means committee, despite facing a subpoena from the chairman of that committee. Richard Neal in this opinion, the Justice department calls this quote unprecedented this request calls it a quote, serious risk of abuse, what they are accusing Ritchie. Neil trying to do is essentially release these tax returns publicly. They believe that, that the comments made by the chairman suggests that perhaps, he could do something that would undermine the secrecy and sensitivity of President Trump's tax returns. Now, one of the things that they are arguing here as a treasury department did in rejecting. Subpoena, that Richard Neal issued earlier. This spring was saying this lacks legitimate legislative purpose. This is an argument. They've been making in this fight, and in other court fights as well. But Richard Neal the chairman of the committee has said that there is a legislative purpose. He said, one thing that they are, examining whether or not the presidential auditing system on tax returns. Whether that needs to be overhauled in any way, whether it needs to be more any legislation to change that. And of course that has been the justification as to why the president has not released his tax returns despite his predecessors doing, so while they were campaigning for president. But nevertheless, they are making the argument here that there's no legitimate legislative purpose, even though courts in separate, court battles, have rejected the notion that Congress's not have a legitimate legislative purpose when seeking separate records including financial records in a separate corporate case. But nevertheless, that is the argument here accusing the chairman of the committee, that who's doing something, what they're saying unprecedented, and something that could. Risk of Beauce of the president's tax returns. So Bonte what's the next move for Democrats? Well Democrats are setting the stage for a legal fight in acknowledging that this could play out for months if not years behind closed doors earlier this week. The house general counsel told Democrats in closed-door meeting that this fight could take some time, but tension until twenty twenty maybe even beyond no one quite knows. But Democrats pint, initiate that lawsuit sometime soon some members of that committee. The House Ways and communes committee have expressed concern that they have not moved more aggressively and not filed a lawsuit even earlier, that's one member of the committee boy, dog told me just yesterday. He believes this committee needs needed had been more aggressive filing a lawsuit calling for impeachment inquiry, instead, saying that can actually help their efforts to get information including the president's tax returns, expect that debate among Democrats that continue. But the best way to pursue this kind of information. But nevertheless, at the moment what's going to happen is litigation. Democrats will fight to get these tax returns and the Justice department now laying out their rationale about why the Trump administration should not turn over six years of the president's tax return to maharaja up on Capitol Hill. Thank you after creating an uproar President Trump is now back tracking on this comment about being willing to accept foreign campaign dirt. Let's go to see us chief White House correspondent, Jim Acosta for the latest Jim President Trump will fast caused some collusion confusion now saying he would inform the FBI before government tried to offer and political dirt on an opponent. The president has been all over the place on this issue. Appearing to say he was pro collusion after months of claiming there was no collusion. President Trump is doing some collusion cleanup insisting he would go to the FBI if a foreign power handed him, damaging information about a political rival though, the president seemed to leave some wiggle room conceding he might look at it. I of course you'd give it to the FBI or reported to the attorney general or somebody like that. But of course you do that. You wouldn't. You couldn't have that happen with our country, and everybody understands that, and I thought it was made clear fact, I actually said at the beginning, I think I said, I'd do both but how are you going? If you don't hear what it is. You know what it is still? It's an attempt at damage control after sounding curious about collusion. I think you might wanna listen. I don't this nothing wrong with listening. It's not an interference. They have information. I think I'd take it if I thought there was something wrong. I'd go maybe to the FBI, if I thought there was something wrong, one Trump campaign aide sees the president's comment as a directive. The president's directed as. Said a case by case basis, he said he would likely do both listen to what they have to say. But also reported to the FBI majority leader Mitch McConnell appeared to dismiss Mr. Trump's remarks. They just can't let it go said weeks ago, case close. We got the Muller report, the only objective evaluation that will be conducted, but some Republicans are taking issue with the idea of accepting foreign dirt. Nobody should ever ever take any foreign intelligence or any information from any foreign government, if that's not the law, and I think it is, if that's not the law, we need to make that expressly clear. President also got testy, with the notion that he evaded questions on obstruction during the Russian investigation. I answered a lot of questions. They gave me questions. I answer them in writing not an obstruction looked you being a little is okay. Do which is typical. You just see stand very simple. It's very simple. There was no crime. There was no collusion, Mr. Trump rejected. Former White House counsel Don mcgann's claimed that he was asked to fire. Special counsel, Robert Muller. I don't care what he says, doesn't matter that was to show everyone. What a good counsel. He was it. Why would we add business totally lie under oath? Why would you lose? You want it to make himself. Look like a good lawyer. The president is standing by White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, after a government watchdog recommended that she be removed from her position, raccoons ations of violating the hatchback buying gauging and political activity in her official capacity. Looks to me like they're trying to take away her. Right of free speech and not fair. But that's not exactly true. As the law does limit political advocacy for federal employees. President also talked up vice President Mike Pence, but not enough to guarantee he'd support him in twenty twenty four. I love Mike. We're running again, but, you know, you're talking about time. So you can't put me in that position. But I certainly would give it very strong consideration. Now the president's reelection campaign is now acknowledging that it seemed polling numbers from. Back in March that showed for vice president, Joe Biden leading Mr. Trump in some key states. In a statement from the campaign, they just put out a short while ago. Aides argue a lot has changed since March and adding, quote, these leak numbers are ancient in campaign terms, but make no mistake will they are concerned about Joe Biden inside the Trump campaign will sure they are Mukasa. Thank you very much. Joining us now democratic Senator maisy Hirono of Hawaii, member both the judiciary and the Armed Services Committee. Senator, thanks so much for joining us. And I wanted to get right to the breaking news. You heard it reported the office of legal counsel over at the Justice department has just released this very lengthy, and I haven't here thirty three page opinion, siding with the Treasury Department's refusal to hand over President Trump's tax returns. The lawmakers tax returns from the last six years does that hurt. Congress's case right now where do you go from here? This is totally not unexpected of the, the law. The relevant law says that these returns must be turned over the word must says must so whatever attorney general bar, and the office of legal counsel is arguing does not comport with the plain meaning of the statute, but it's not surprising because you have an attorney general who continues to act like the president's personal lawyer, and not the lawyer for the United States. So once again. Sadly, I'm not surprised because basically what the president wants our people around him who will protect him. We'll make sure that he gets his way. To be precise. Law says that the treasury department shall return shall hand over the tax returns. That's the argument that the congress is making, but the letter from the office of legal counsel over the Justice department says Congress's request raises in their words, a serious risk of the Beauce, do you have any concerns about lawmakers abusing their power in cases like this, for example, releasing that confidential that quiet information about someone's tax returns making it public? President said himself during his campaign that he would release his tax returns, and he says a lot of things and he said a lot of things during his campaign, but he hasn't delivered on very, many of them. So here's another instance, of, yes, the word shell is in the in the statute shall means a show, which means must, so that's how I look at it. And again, I'm really disappointed more than disappointed in the attorney general for not reading the statue of the way should be read. But this is an attorney general who believes in what's known as a unitary executive, which means that all power goes with executive, I e the president. So there's a lot of danger and the perspective of the attorney general with regard to not just this, but so many other issues that will come before, but before congress in their attempt to get to the bottom of what this administration is doing in so many areas, including by the way continuing -struction of the. The Muller report, and what that portends so so what are Democrats do now? We have to go to court and I just think that every time that the Trump administration makes a decision or he doesn't executive order, somebody has to go to court to what a waste of resources and time, but that's what we're having to do. So that's one of the reasons that this administration is so intent on packing the courts with, by the way, the complicity of Mitch McConnell so intent on packing. The courts with people who will side with the president on this as well. There's so many other issues that is their intent and the court packing that is going on. And why Mitch McConnell is so intent on having as many judges being placed in their lifetime positions as possible as quickly as possible, because just about everything. This administration does leads to a court battle sooner let's turn to the president's stunning admission that he would be willing to accept foreign dirt on a political opponent, including foreign dirt provided from Russia or China or other adverse. Adversaries of the United States, you support opening an impeachment inquiry, but many of your democratic colleagues still very much reluctant to open a formal procedure, you think comments like this from the president will convince lawmakers who might be on the fence right now that it's time to begin impeachment proceedings. I've said that it's time to begin impeachment inquiries, which means that we're going to be very focused on all of the different aspects of what this administration is doing in, including by the way, the structure of Justice claims that are right. Examined by Muller. So, yes, I say it's time for us to be very focused on what we need to have the country focus on as, as we all know. And it's been said and framed in this way, people are going to watch the movie. They're not going to read the book, they're not going to read the four hundred page Mullah report, and particularly the part two, which talks about and lays out the obstruction of Justice activities that this president is engaged in and continue to. Majority leader Mitch McConnell is dismissing your concerns. The Democrats concerns about the president's latest comments. He says Democrats are trying to keep the twenty sixteen election alive. What's your response to Mitch McConnell? I think it's really sad that Mitch McConnell continues to support the president and everything. He does he's like a total apologised for the president, what I think, should happen. Is that every single member of congress should be asked would you take dirt? Would you meet with a foreign country to accept dirt on an opponent, every member of congress should be asked that? And I noticed that Mitch McConnell couldn't even asked her that I consider that pathetic. And I would say unpatriotic let's turn to other sensitive issue, you're on the armed services committees, the attacks on these oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. The Trump administration says, Iran is behind these bombings. Have you been briefed on these attacks? No. And I think congress needs to be briefed because this administration. Fans of reputation for honesty is not exactly high, and so it wrong could very well be behind these attacks of, but we need to know for sure, and I'd like to hear from the intelligence community, and if we are creating a scenario where we could possibly go to war with another country for one thing, the president needs authorization from, from the congress, and he certainly not moving in that direction. And as our European allies have said, this is a time for maximum restraint because we hardly need to be bungling ourselves into yet, another Middle Eastern war. Senator Rona, thanks so much for joining us. Thank you more on the breaking news. The Justice probe has just released the very lengthy legal opinion, which supports the treasury secretaries refusal to hand over the congress. President Trump's tax returns. Remember to create an ad like this one, visit pure winning dot com slash CNN. Breaking news US official says he drone was fired on after spotting Iranian boats, closing in before the attacks on the tankers in the Gulf of Oman. The president says subsequent video purportedly showing rainy, ins removing a mind from one vessel proves that Iran did it. Let's go live to C. N N's, senior national correspondent, Fred pike. And he's joining us from Tehran right now. Fred how is terr- Ron responding, and they specifically addressed this new video released by the US military central command? I, we'll we've been looking for that throughout the day really on Iran state television, also from Orion officials as well that's specific. Video is not something that they've talked about at all. There are some Ronnie news agencies that sort of mentioned that this video existed. But there really hasn't any been any commentary as to what exactly is in that video ever. The Iranians are continuing to stick by their stories saying they were absolutely not behind the attacks on those tankers. In fact, they're saying they believe it's the US that's been fueling the tensions in the Gulf of Oman. So the Iranians absolutely, they're sticking by their story. One of the things that's been a big thing here in Iran. Yin media, especially on the farce news network, which is semi-official. They've been saying, look, even the company that runs the ship that was in question. That's allegedly in that video, the sailors from that ship are apparently saying that they don't believe that their ship was hit by a mind. They're saying they believe that it might have been some sort of projectiles that were fired at the ship. So that's certainly something that's. Getting a lot of airplay here in Iran. Meanwhile, the Iranian Foreign Minister again saying that the US is fanning the flames of what's going on in the Middle East Java, the reef came out, and he said that he believes it's the US that is trying to destabilize the region and prevent diplomacy from happening wolf. Fred, President Trump says his pressure campaign is working that Iran right now is in deep deep trouble. Does that appear to be the case you're there in Tehran? Right. No. Certainly doesn't. I mean, there's two things that President Trump has wanted to achieve on the one hand, you want the Iranians to go back in the Goshi eating table. On the other hand, he wanted things to calm down, especially in the area of the Persian Gulf. And of course, also the Gulf of Oman, as well right now, what you have is you have the standoff between the US and Iran, which apparently is still going on in, in the Gulf of Oman, which has been going on the tension, of course, has been the high in the entire Gulf region. And then if you look at some of the things that the Orion, the ins have been saying over the past, I would say, twenty four hours or so. And especially today at Friday, prayers, they were saying that they believe that Iran's supreme leader humiliated. President Trump by rebuffing an offer from President Trump, which was brought over here, a by the prime minister of Japan for new talks to happen. So right now, the Iranians not willing to talk. And of course, the situation here in the Persian Gulf heating up rather than cooling down. Absolutely right. Very, very tense. Fred plight in Tehran for us. Thank you. Coming up more on the breaking news, the Justice department backing refusal to release President Trump's tax returns. Congressional investigators calling the request unprecedented, plus the president tries to tamp down the furore caused Peiser remark that he would take dirt on his opponents from foreign adversaries. The right sheets. 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Let's bring in our political or legal experts. We'll talk about this ongoing battle, Laura. Jared, you're over there at the Justice department you've gone through this thirty three page document from the office of legal counsel at the Justice department. What's your analysis? It's a pretty aggressive argument wolf. Basically, what the Justice department is saying here is look, we recognize that the top democrat on the House Ways. And means committee chairman Neil has brought thority to get the tax returns under this little known provision. It says shall furnish that means the Treasury Secretary shall turn them over. However, the Justice department concludes that because chairman Neil doesn't have a. Jim it legislative purpose here, therefore miniature doesn't have to turn them over, and they look at a litany of statements that chairman Neil and other Democrats have made and the Justice department concludes that really the true purpose was to make the tax returns public, and they don't see that as a legitimate lettuce legislative interests. Even though Neil, of course, has said that he's interested in looking at how audits are done on presidents, and he's looking into other legislative proposals. The Justice department doesn't buy any of that and says, therefore Mnuchin had a duty not to disclose the returns. Of course. The Justice department doesn't have the last word here. Of course wolf because chairman Neil has subpoenaed for the tax returns. And so this is likely a battle that is heading to court. But the fact that the Justice department has now awaited certainly trying to give Heff to that ministrations position. That's a good point person looks like the Democrats are going to challenge this, they're going to go to court, it could wind up, potentially when all of a sudden done before the state supreme court to make. Decision. This could take a long time to get there. I assume the president would rely on the conservative majority in the supreme court tobacco up and refused to release those tax. Yeah. There's no question, right? I mean he's been trying to play this out and try to run out the clock as long as he can. We should note. I mean, there's no law that says if you're running for president, you have to turn over your tax returns. It's just something that has been done. However his insistence not to show them into continually say that he is that he's being under audit lead. You to believe what is in these tax returns that he doesn't want us to see. We know he's worth a lot of money. We understand. They're really complicated. Right. But what is in them that he is? So insistent about it that in itself, I think, is as doubtful, even if the administration where it's a lose in court this process, April could drag on and on, and on, for many, many months. Yeah. Well, this is what the president, well, when he was a civilian, Donald Trump used to do he would go into court battles knowing that he would make the other person lose interest in it. He would wait it out for so long and play this this, this. Gotcha. Game going to court, but this is a different stage. This is the American public he's trying to play this out in the court of public opinion, but it could actually backfire on him because as he's going through, you know, week information information is leaked and would if there is information that he can't refute. So this is a dangerous game that he's playing but he's done this before. And if it does go to the supreme court he is hopeful that majority that conservative majority will actually look in his favor of you. And his pay in the question is what does the Justice department doing that? Also is this checks and balances. Or is this I'm in your court, the office of legal counsel, still mud at the Justice verb is supposed to be nonpartisan? Very, very legal used to work there. He worked at the FBI. What's your experience? Is it nonpartisan the office of legal counsel? No, but that's a different question from saying, whether they're excellent lawyers. They're, they're excellent lawyers. They're just as there aren't the supreme court. Would you ever sit back and look at conservative and liberal divides on the supreme court and say, there's no politics? There you can be a great lawyer in still be hired by the Republicans, or Democrats, and have a political view. One quick story when I was at the helping to run the counterterrorism program. We asked the office of legal counsel for an opinion, multiple opinions. Unattached Gatien techniques. They told us they were constitutional and legal under President Bush, like it or not, what did President Obama say he told us publicly that we tortured people. So if you wanna look at divides about how the office of legal counsel looks at issues, you can go back over time and you can't escape the fact that there are politics here, we'll or lower the president of today. Trying to walk back is truly stunning admission that he would accept dirt on a political opponent from a foreign government, including a hostel for government, like Russia or China. Listen to what he's now saying, listen to this. I don't think anybody would present me with anything bed because they know how much I love this country. Nobody's going to present me with anything number q if I was, and of course you have to look at it. Because if you don't look at it, you're not gonna know of its bad. How are you gonna know of it's banned, but of course you'd give it to the FBI or report it to the attorney general, or somebody like that. So he says, he of course you have to look at it. Otherwise, you won't know if the information is good. Or bad does not make any legal difference. No, not at all. There's no exception in the law and order to take a look or take a peek at something to decide whether or not you should turn it over to the FBI. The, the law is pretty clear here. I think despite some sort of back and forth that the president's had that his allies have had saying that there seems to be some murky ground here, and that they were sort of inexperienced previously on the campaign. The laws pretty clear. You cannot take a thing value from a foreign government. You just simply cannot do it. The interesting. Of course, is if you look at the special counsel's report in the molar investigation, it shows that at least in the case of some of the instances, at least with Don jR, there was a question about the intent to receive information. And at least in that case Muller concluded they couldn't conclude that Trump junior knew what he was doing was wrong. And so that's why I think you've seen sort of legislative proposals bubbling up this week with other congressmen, especially Mark Warner saying, we need to make the law, crystal clear about the president's clean up effort. Well, I want to piggyback off of something that largest said, after two plus years by now the president understands after the smaller investigation, he understands the stakes are very high. Okay. But when you when you deal with this issue, saying that he would take dirt from another country, our founding fathers put that into their pillars. Pillars of this nation took fort, the, the French. And the British from coming in infiltrating, into our government. Now, the house foreign affairs committee chaired by ranking member Greg Meeks. They're going to look into this next week. They're going to talk about what's going on. They're going to talk about a way forward with this. They wanna make decisions on this, because this those right back to the Muller investigation if the president meant it or not it does not bode well for him. This is a very serious. Serious situation. Everybody standby. There's more news. We're following President Trump today, compared to her to Jackie O tonight. CNN is taking a closer look at the first lady Melania Trump. From CNN films. Apollo eleven. Experience humanity's greatest feed, like you've never seen before their nail. With newly discovered incredible footage. Entertainment Weekly says it's so pristine and Chris Plante. Feels like it was shot yesterday. We have. Alone for one wild ride. Apollo eleven Sunday June twenty third at nine on CNN. A White House official tells CNN first lady Melania Trump would be supportive if her communications director, Stephanie Grisham wants to replace Sarah Sanders, the president announced yesterday centers, we'll be leaving her post as the White House press secretary the end of the month. This comes as our Cape Bennett is shining, a spotlight on the first lady later tonight, in a CNN special report woman of mystery Melania Trump. Here's a quick preview. Ladies and gentlemen. The first lady of the United States, MRs Malania trophy. She's the most unusual first lady in modern history. She very reclusive money. Trump is never beholden to the Washington ways of broadcasts everything you're thinking and doing. Persistent rumors that MRs Trump does not leave in his shoes. She's forging her own path. The president warned her that people are going to attack you about this flying under the radar still. No sighting of the elusive first lady setting her own trends. Everybody has a different taste. Jacket the jacket this jacket. I don't think she can shake it. Do you not to mention coping with the intense scrutiny of her marriage? I get the feeling that she cares less about what people think then penny for predecessors. Kay Bennett is joining us right now gate. I wanna talk about the new documentary and it just a moment. But first, I want to get to the shakeup inside the White House now that the press secretary, Sarah Sanders is stepping down white something bologna, Trump's communications director, Stephanie Grisham could be next in line for that job. And how does the first lady feel about that? Well couple of reasons. One is that Stephanie Grisham is an original on the Trump campaign. She started she and Dansk Gavino are the only ones left who've been there that long, she started as a press Wrangler for the president during the campaign when his administration started she worked in the west wing and the communications office, and then the first and he pulled her over to the east Bank. So she has relationships sort of an all factions of the White House, also, good relationships with the press, and she's demonstrated that she is a fiery defender, as we've seen with the first lady of this administration. She could be the sort of vocal. Mouthpiece of the president needs as he goes into the twenty twenty elections. Season. But certainly, I think the first lady, if her names being mentioned in, it is, I know this from reporting that means the first lady endorses that, because I know seventy Grisham likely would not be doing anything, leaving the first lady, you're considering it, if Melania Trump hadn't said it was okay the pros, and it also unveiled a new design for Air Force One, which has more or less look the same for decades in doing so he made a notable comparison between his wife and a former first lady Kate listen to this. I like the concept of red white and blue and the classic and I think it's gonna look much better. Actually, you know, the baby blue doesn't fit with us and people get used to something, but it was Jackie O and that's good. But we have our own Jackie O today's called Malania Malania, call Malania t. How do you think bologna t feels about the comparison to Jackie O? Listen, I think it's most first ladies would love to be compared to Jackie does I sense of style and her place in history. I don't think that Milania Trump likes any sort of comparison. She's very much her own person, and we've watched her be very different than most modern. First, ladies, I'm not sure how she would feel about the comparison. I think you know there were moments including the inauguration images of which we just showed where she were a very Jackie ask that baby blue outfit. So certainly we'll see. But I don't I think she's her own person. We'll check out more about her later tonight jealous a little bit more about your documentary woman of mystery that errors later tonight, nine pm eastern. What can we expect? We got very rare access into the east wing. No one's really been up there. Wolf since the Trump administration has begun we sit down with some of her staff, and we see what's happening behind the scenes and learn a little more about someone that most of the countries still has questions about mysterious Melania Trump. We're looking forward to seeing it later tonight. Kate bennett. Excellent, excellent reporting as usual. Thank you very much, once again, be sure to watch. Cates special report woman of mystery Melania Trump it airs later tonight. Nine pm eastern only here on CNN coming up. Surprising twists as investigators try to figure out why someone shot. Former Red Sox star. David ortiz. The NBA awards return to TNT now for the only fan voted award. The house of highlights moment of the year on NBA dot com slash awards. Go twenty nine hundred NBA awards, presented by Kia hosted by Shaquille O'Neal Monday, June twenty-fourth at nine on TNT. Tonight. We're learning. Surprising new details about the apparent plot that led to the shooting a former Boston. Red Sox star David Ortiz, he was shot Sunday while at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic or tease now is in guarded condition at a Boston hospital. C N N's. Brian Todd has the very latest worst. Brian, what are you learning wolf the new plot? Twists tonight are frankly stunning, we have learned that at least two of the suspects are wanted in the US for violent crimes layers of this plot are peeling away suspects are talking. And at least one of them, it appears is desperately trying to save his own skin. Shout from Dominican jail cell and another strange twist in the investigation into the shooting of David Ortiz. The alleged triggermen ralphie Ferrara crews yells to reporters were teas- was not his intended target that he was confused by Ortiz's close. It was confusing. I was told the color of the clothing nothing else. I didn't see him a prosecutor in the Dominican Republic disputes, that saying the gunman is clearly seen on surveillance footage going right up to Ortiz and shooting without hesitation, the prosecutor says the suspect already admitted under interrogation to being part of a conspiracy to kill Ortiz and that they believe he's making up a story to avoid being killed in jail for allegedly targeting such a beloved figure a former US marshal agrees. I think that's probably a little bit of self preservation, on his part. You know, Mr. teases pretty renowned figure the ten time all-star slugger for the Boston Red Sox known as big Papi was shot in the back Sunday as he sat in a nightclub in the Dominican Republic, a total of nine suspects have been taken into custody. And prosecutors tell CNN some have been cooperating tells me that there's a potential organization here. It is not just in case of mistaken identity. It's, it's probably an organization and there's some reason for why missle RT's was targeted. Tonight officials say Ferrera cruise the alleged gunman is wanted in New Jersey for two armed robberies in two thousand seventeen and authorities in reading Pennsylvania are investigating whether another suspect Luis Rivas cloth is the same man who is wanted by authorities in an attempted murder their last year. We feel that it is the same individual that's charged with crimes. Rivas closet is still on the run tonight. How could. Suspects in violent crimes in the US have made their way to the Dominican Republic. Former US marshal James shield says it's possible one or both of them might not have been entered into a national database of wanted criminals. But there are other possibilities as well. They could possess some form of, of false identification under another name. He could have traveled before the warrant was issued. He could've travelled before there was a green meant to put it into the system. Tonight. Police are still not talking publicly about what the motive could have been for the targeting of an athlete who analysts say was more popular than most presidents in the Dominican Republic make no mistake about it. David Ortiz is a large of I figure not just in Boston. But in Dominican Republic, it could be any kind of slight, it could be freezing out a former friend, this is an athlete with enormous amounts of money. I'm guessing it's probably a very personal deeply personal reason. If David Ortiz was targeted and tonight prosecutors in the Dominican Republic are telling CNN they believe some of the planning took place in prison. They say some of the people charged in this case we're already in prison for other crimes, and they believe they were involved from prison in setting up the hit on David Ortiz, tonight, Ortiz's and Gordon condition in a Boston hospital wolf soapy makes a full recovery. Brian type thank you very much coming up. The breaking news the Justice. Department of releases a legal opinion, which supports the treasury secretaries refusal to hand over President Trump's tax returns will, how Democrats Dow turn to the courts. The manhunt for the Golden State killer is over. And there's a suspect in custody. How did law enforcement finally ID him after searching for over forty years, who exactly is the suspect that Joseph James liangelo how did he fly under the radar for decades? And what are some of the victims and their families saying about the arrest? I'm Biagio Messina, and I'm joke Vinci, and those are some of the questions, we explore an all new episodes of unmasking killer. Subscribe now at apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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