Fun Talk: Why Does He Keep Doing It With His Face?


a welcome to fund talk my name is clinton you don't need to do that it's just quitting brian if we lose hey it's quite a bit of fun talked to me kill me see what are thing our talk in our fun talking if you notice any 'em sadness and invoices were separated by three thousand miles yep but the summer brian's least favorite time of year and a good guys positive branca's to do the podcast from his underwear without riding his motorcycle crosstown pretty nice he denies a it is i should get a picture on my desktop like on the computer of you just so i can see while we're doing this i think that could help you i'm gonna make you of his life size cutouts like tim blaine had yeah let's do that it'll just be making it disappointed face in asking you were the gift these stickers are yeah can you be like rolling your eyes in it and like you're hands up in the air and that'd be going like you need to make changes get one my wife to this is great people love me in like that it's down from eighty four it's back down to eighty three point five in my office here folks queen had to turn off his air conditioning unit while we were recording a podcast just not of course percent purposes but then again now real warm oh yeah right in it's always off everything is great wearing my workout gear i didn't shower from that or from taking my children to swim team a yes ninety five here today it's been so pleasant but i mean coming yeah here's the thing everybody get a little defensive of course everyone no loss angeles where do you go there for some reason it super fucking hot and i'm like yes a it is indeed superhuman i actually missing humidity i don't love you miss humidity i do it's fucked up i realize i'm in the minority it just feels like home i mean look there's times i'm like running and i'm like jesus christ might as well be raining it is so humid but i'll tell you speaking of rain what's great is like yes it's hot however we do we get like a legitimate thunder and lightning and rainstorm i dunno every two days all yeah and it just not only like do you get cool down by that when you go like a nice submarine it could be ten minutes you could be all night be during the day but he just break things up a little bit oh i remembered as i know that you know loss angeles it's like and we had a very wet winter of course yesterday but you know it doesn't rain from may to december and there's no fucking shade anywhere yeah and so that just feels before before we started doing this long trip again it just it just feels so fucking relentless you know yeah when it gets to be no no it's not a hundred there now but it is and then it's a hundred in november and you're like what is why why it's just it's terrible anyways a hey what attacker one thing let's see if this cat's listening to this i appreciate we get a review on i tunes or wherever the fuck it's called apple podcasts please if you remember i told you we got that one is are they ever not five star yeah you i'll i'm excited in were literally broke a streak we'd like two hundred and twenty plus five star reviews on her at least ratings and then oh great reviews a we got a three star from a gentleman from a great britain i i appreciate i i wanna say upfront appreciated listenership absolutely appreciate him taking the time to leave a review will take any a reviews constructive criticism is always welcome i feel like that's half of what i guess do anyways go well now that's good 'cause they're professionals in were were not we could just like a ford microphones basically a he said there's some great guests i rose three stars said some great guests 'em but listening to us on affective and i'm paraphrasing effectively 'em virtue signal for a few hours each week gets tiring dot dot dot oh he couldn't even finish that thought wow yeah i like how do i respond respond on the things i thought it'd be inappropriate things do i wanna be a dick i wanna be honest about it and by the way we we've talked before about how there there's there's a section of people who listen to both the regular episodes in the fun talks which like for the that's definitely not my wife definitely not you like whoever's doing both that it's too much mhm a there's people who listen to adjust the main episodes which is awesome though z original intention there's some strange subset of people the only listen to fund talks which like why why very strange to me but in so maybe we because we cut down so much on be in the main episodes about talking about you and i and moving that defined talk maybe maybe hasn't been clear in those and we try to come with some energy right emory usually pretty fired up whether it's a good thing or or not great thing because that is the entire point of the show in right just a spur action the entire business between the newsletter everything you do it cetera et cetera so so maybe he just didn't hear the fun talks where i basically talk about my feelings for half the time but possible as far as i understand it maybe i'm wrong here i actually tried to do a little research firm what i get like virtue signaling implies to to do do something first show frieda yes in certainly get a reaction am i doing am i saying that in my understanding it incorrectly or that it's inauthentic or just for show but again i would love to be corrected here and maybe there's a different understanding standing of it but i don't think we claim could be very publicly anything but but righteous in are platform but also not just write to us so that we can be seen is that way i mean i appreciate like being getting a wedding nomination nation for best those but it's grounded in in in at least my feeling and i feel like you're similar and i guess certainly feel this way 'cause they're fucking job every day this thing is necessary so i don't think were misleading released least to the most folks but i i feel like we also specifically aimed back either are excitement or indignation or are remorse in some cases were fucking fury with real actions that are guests provide us and we home together that are listeners are specific listeners can take and then we can take right now have an actual influence in the world and that to me is like where it's not first show like this this shit that has to happen now right right it does that make sense i mean i've said before an end i'm sure my agents and managers listening to this everytime i make this joke there just like no but we were really you know like my writing career would would greatly preferred i drop this fucking thing right like my anxiety or or depression about it and i feel like i said so publicly and i felt like that's what are nikki sylvestry episode was so went through deep on right 'em where it's like we're we are mentally but this is like we feel right just fired up because it's because it's necessary because there's so much to do and we wanted to to just step up and help however we can but there's a lot of days and we joke about like you not wanting to drive over to the office but like days like i don't wanna fuck and do this job not like right starters complicated shifted you everybody has that like a job a job i wanna do 'cause like sometimes it fucking just sucks like it just brings you down man and there's i found this wonderful community on twitter of people who are actually intelligent and working in climate and things like that who were same shit who so many other day i was like can we just start like yoga retreat from something there's somewhere with that were people who have to deal with this everyday like and just deal for a minute and i fucking get it you know the the goal wasn't become like best host or some like wellknown moral compass or become like fucking bill maher but to provide helpful in varied context a into look at a topic like if he ocean space or cancer a thousand different ways and then to give specific actions on seriously pressing shit a that i either really wish did not exist and we did not have to talk about or incredibly cool shit that i can't wait to be available across the world so i dunno i don't see it as virtue signaling i am i have i mean brian what do i do i i dunno may i'm just going to to defensive me to incredulous like i i have become so much more introverted in the past few years like when do you see me besides happy office right right i don't feel like returned a parlay davison to notoriety yeah i don't think so i think it's i think what's important is that a you and i know that a were always gonna have some people who are gonna have some shit just say but a it would be i mean all all of these all of the work all the time and all of the money that you've been that you put into this would we i mean we sure yes absolutely but especially you like how fucking insane would we have to be to have done all i'll be doing all of this solely so that we could get a bunch of strangers to be like these guys are good guys well good for them yeah i got a dog so that i don't need you know and you got tv who is is trying to kill you in her sleep but now she's not she's an angel a it just just seen anyway seen it seems like clearly insane and like i said before when we were chatting like so so such a reflection of a him a versus versus us i appreciate the listenership i appreciate constructive criticism yeah you know sometimes do we come off like high and mighty the first sure like liberal astles first sure but also like shit is fucked and that's my opinion and it's my fucking podcast and you don't have to listen if you don't want to so there's a fucking million other ones there's so many so i dunno that's what i got today we talked about monsoons is in the farmers in india their fucking killing themselves 'cause it's a hundred and twenty degrees in their monsoon is late now now like i i would prefer to think about ponies or some shit but we gotta think about those people and 'em so i guess that's virtue signaling that's what's up shore how'd you how'd you hear a housing workout routine going you still doing the non instagram is much he's still doing the ryan reynolds will visit the dead pool thing stay in the iran or not are news the grand deadpool did not come up for years ago i've taken eight might drop my dry june is including eight a break from social media so you're not missing out on anything which is interesting because it's partier job personal social media you wish i know about three years ago deadpool two came up three years ago no dead pool one i said well the franchise continued since then there's been a second one and that was very recent okay what i was talking about you were basing your workouts on dead pool there's something right remember listen you have to make it sound like i'm an idiot okay little unites goal he is a wonderful body they they put all these a the the personal trainers have all these stood a actors and actresses that that a that a from you know from you know hey this is how whatever wolverine got in a jew jackson got a wolverine body baba so they're all over the place so i just found one based on a friends a suggestion and i was doing the one yet that apparently ryan reynolds was doing to it get in shape for deadpool i'm still doing it slightly modified you know just like a keep it exciting and it's going great i've also added a at your request a ac a stairmaster strict day but i think i need to start doing that here's the thing i've been working out all june not eating sugar not eating bread not drinking yeah how how the fuck is that going to try to be in even better shape an honestly it you know i i do feel a lot federal death but i don't think i look much different some little upset so a i think i need to i guess maybe a number of data right that i do good story entirely different direction keep going number of days that i do a cardio psych and flattened flattened my belly mm much of cardio look like now i do the stairmaster once we do what he's not it is really just is that they only cardio well i mean i yeah i guess so i don't like ron i haven't heard eyeball in a while i walk around a lot but no one's asking you to go like a three mile jog like the fucking sucks like a you don't have to do that but you do i mean if you do fucking fifteen minutes of hardcore sprints on the treadmill or the stairmaster or even make the minutes of sprints what the fuck are you talking about i'm just saying you warm up for a couple of minutes do some plato do do you you know set of i dunno tend to twenty fucking thirty second one minutes in sprint that you're cardio do that a couple of times a week you'll be torched man yeah i mean i literally just said that i'm gonna upset so you will be a sweaty is i am right now well it's it's i'm so sorry yeah it's going really great it's gone really great i'm doing really good on the diet i only cheated well how's that feel it are you angry about missing those things store you have you adjusted it was super way easier then i thought ben i took one day off cheated one day because i went to a friend's wedding 'em so i a drink some alcohol a and then i think hander brian wedding level a call or less i'd what what does that mean no not like tim sweating okay come on that was so long ago that's not me anymore and i think since then it made me like now it's a little bit harder against ahead a little taste for it like shark but but i'm fine i'm fine i don't wanna go crazy at all any like even when i'm done with the diet which is on july first which i'm definitely not thinking about all the time but a you know why is it enjoy first 'cause dry june july is not you but why wouldn't you keep going man we talk i can't believe like that but i just said i'm not gonna go once alive first hits i'm not gonna go back to my old ways it's gonna be when i have a of just a new way of living which is less bread and fucking sugar alcohol it's gonna be great okay you do need some carbs to feel the workouts car went through start i can ask you a question are you gonna mean i feel like you won't be 'cause we've done this before a bit v women's world cup is on yesterday it's going on it's been kicking ass you ask women are just just so nato or like thirteen goals and then they won the won three zero 'em but they play three minutes so can you either hang on and talk to the people that something is set up my pets like in stream the game while we owe seasonal yeah sure it they're gonna swing the big game a big one that's a big once a week and we check in during fun talking see their hardest game today so far it's the last game of the group stage doesn't matter so much because there were only two teams could not have group yeah but hill yeah i mean these there we've never like it national team wise and i mean we could spend all fun talk venting about this and i'm fucking happy to a you asked like we've never seen anything like this like are are are swim team both men and women has been really great at times obviously like michael phelps greatest athlete of the past hundred years but the domination of these women in the past twenty years years yeah it's it's fucking nuts hold on i'm gonna i don't wanna miss this go ahead hi ray do you do whatever you gotta do sure sure get get going this is what it's like being a friends and coworkers quin a a if you if you couldn't already tale a not just kidding one in angel what a sweet little angel i missing 'em i don't know what to talk about a oh i started drinking pop since i i guess i'm craving sweetness an i'm craving a bubbles 'cause i used to drink beer and eat sugar so it's a nice little combination that by the way i hate coke i hate pop fuck pop don't drink it it's absolute trash garbage far bitch but man coke zero can really save the day when you are on a dumb diet or you don't get the have anything that you love and then you just need lou little something had to last night with my a a meal my dinner it was fantastic so don't get coke zero don't drink it coke sucks drink water but also wow coke zero wait ago you taste great a what else is going to fuck this fox every time i've logged into watch a game and i've watched so many of these games over the past few weeks mukta log in with my fucking tv provider everytime oh yeah that's weird i have to do that too i don't know it's such a planet double up secure i dunno know but why everytime they're just like hey there's no it saved a new much but it isn't maybe you should call fox hey brian how are you enjoying are are experienced anchor are a new publishing platform man it has been such a nice improvement is 'em it's like it's the future like the first time i could order pizza from my phone number that life should just be this way it feels like this is the future we were promised exactly a banker has been at the light a it's free it's easy is hell a it's everything you need to make a podcast new one or and existing one garza moved right over so easy it's all in one place you can record cord and edit a bill distribute you're podcast everywhere on spotify apple podcasts google i mean all the all the places right yeah in great news could make money from your podcast yeah that's a revelation revelation right that's really nice a so get out there kids a download the anchor app on whatever device you got and a or go to anchor dot fm to get started we did in all right we almost done no were eighteen minutes people want hours of this stuff where it's twelve o'clock here i have business to attend to it to i've got the gym i won't win am i supposed to do anything you got to work out today you trying to tell me the run fifteen minutes sprints over here i woke up at what time did you wake up you know wanna know what i talked about while while you were gone you know part of me just kinda wants to find out when i listened to the review these episodes okay all right i like that you know i wanna i wanna feel how they feel a i woke up at nine am that's what ten okay jesus christ oh god what ninety m it's crazy the whole life before that i now and i congratulate you and i wanna wake up earlier i miss you so much and macy's so much talked about i missed you while you were gone that was nice i heard something about soda pop i talked about pop end you just everybody really called pop there while not here i am in los angeles where you know home yes yes we sure do i feel like the people who marketed made suit over the past hundred years and market i i don't don't hesitate in this is where i have just completely off the deep end like i feel like those people should be tried the same way the war criminals are i did i talked about that i talked about how goddamn awful it is an about how a sadly because of my diet had been drinking some sure is sugar free of course but if you know what what do you mean it's the worst it should be outlawed who doesn't drink fucking soda pop anybody with a brace fucking superhero women oh yeah a we just got a picture of dp in her in her sweet little angel god that dog is so cute checking check a get i hear checking wonderful it's got the like try the bike to colored face face a one in angel a look at that guy or i guess girl girl yeah on each of these families we a one angel talks the best hey i got a question about dog so my girlfriend volunteers and walks dogs and takes care of them at this place in santa monica in a lot of the dog's but they rescue are i guess it's hits i dunno i dunno if this certain things specific to a dog but austin some of the dog that she's walking in stuff they have like they're you know the fucking ears cut off i don't know shit about that i mean i just hit it some of these breeding places do fucked up stuff they cut off tales making shorter fur cosmetics or they were maybe they're not you know maybe they just were abused i dunno i dunno all right i didn't well yeah lots of things saturday but yeah just feels like a lot of the dog rescue have come to them with their ears clipped which i just don't just get it just why yeah why and then i was thinking and i told my girlfriend i said i have i truly believe if you have ever caught a fucking dog years off all the people that have you're fucking ears should be cut off that same thing more criminal trial seriously wrong with everybody like animal abuse child abuse people who sell soda should should fucking burn is i cannot wait to get some fucking hate mail here you could say hey i'll just a reminder to fund talk at important important dot com or important not impact on twitter a steady right declines morning showed in studio at instagram sure why not important not important but i'll take it let's fucking come at me with sodium in there are a so you know i work at this restaurant and some of the back of the house crew boy did they love their fucking pop and they will grab they'll grab one of the like court containers that we put like to go mac and cheese in in just hill that pucker up with like orange fantasia what it is just insane the love for pop is so it i just don't i it's just why i mean i liked it i guess when i was a kid sure but i guess there's something can i say something i won't always be like you guys you gotta like please don't do this and like talk to him about it but they don't care they don't wanna listen can say something sure the women just scored scoring working on some immediately after the fox up said please sign in suffering is simply that on record god dammit wow mothers it'll be fun for you how long the game leftist could be great ninety minutes excellent high just a pilot shit but a pile of crap pola 'em he just reminds me of a i'm gonna take a second and i gotta figure out the best way to do this the the web app this sucks but we gotta start making room for a voice messages okay why do we get some more i'm this one checking i tried to check on the on the web thing but they're like tied to the episode where people respond which i guess makes sense but there's no like you gotta talk thinker people about this there's no like button that says like chicken voice messages you gotta go into episode right right yeah yeah i mean that's great that it's titled episode but there should be an easy way to listen to them like at one a one stop shop you know what else is frustrating they still have don't have the schedule listed for the summer league but mb summer league in vegas starting in two weeks oh don't you go and watch that yeah and i wanna know who i'm gonna be able to see so how long do you go to vegas for this thing a three day weekend just a quick weekend it lasts so i think tenders ten days of games but you know if you stay that long and vegas i think you i think you'd be dead i think you're dead weight is this during you're june singer you fucked how's this work no starts july fifth oh so that's convenient very very convenient well it's also my girlfriend's birthday in july there's too many wasn't gonna july fourth i wasn't gonna do it in july so yeah it's gonna be exciting i'm very excited some really great my fourth year in a row checking out the new the newbies these rookies from last year the the people who were about to get drafted tomorrow a no i'm sorry today sorry that's timing this man did you catch some shipper this i despise the lakers did you see they have fucked up this trade so bad it is fantastic there's a whole article about how they basically like didn't understand how the salary cap works but i made the trail and understand how that's true by the way how do not what you talking about i gotta send you this article and will put in the show notes it's great and they they they basically had to call back and be like hey so listen 'em that we see 'cause they wanna pursue they've so effectively they've traded away most of the team right they traded three young guys in a couple of picks yeah and then no three first round picks like whatever you're fucking dumb okay 'em but so there's only i think two other guys left on the team besides the bron right at this point i think you gotta get out of wonder wonder there's two or three left they gotta get you know i'm not kidding they have to get rid of one or two others to the point to make room free 'cause they apparently they wanna go after a third max contract right to go like miami heat style but it'll literally be like who's on his only one left besides the bron like on the team because they had titrate everyone else way but they fucked up the salary cap somehow and i'm just like oh it's great it's i just think it's great and then lebron's gonna tears grind and it's it's gonna be perfect blow the braun i'm gonna share is growing it's gonna be great a listen that's great i don't understand the lakers hate and i it's fine we all had i don't care a they're so you're gonna be fine there dancy chance but it's it's a bunch of fans who thinks it kobe bryant who is a rapist is the greatest basketball player of all time well sure sure i don't know if we need to get into this fun talk we definitely challenge is all i'm saying is it's exciting to think about anthony davis and lebron james playing together especially because they know they're come on those which were the best basketball players and they're gonna go after a third somebody who knows yet but a it could be it could be a fun season can i ask you a question oh is lebron still one of the best basketball players you mean like today mhm i mean yes yes you think after the groin injury think next year whatever is with all the miles he's got ellie hgh he's done you think he's still you think he's still top ten on a season long basis what you're basing this on a possible groin injury after net i'm talking about the one he toured last year oh and he was hobbled per months body's breaking down 'cause all the miles and all the steroids didn't he if i look at lebron staffer last season didn't have a pretty a pretty fantastic season besides missing three months listen yes he's still one of the best come on okay i think that's clear now we are on the way to he's clearly on his way a down and we have all these young studs i liked the parts where he complained about trades on instagram and also where he would sit out the huddle listen i am by no means a lebron james fan by no means i've only hated him forever i don't care about a minute it all all my buddies a good basketball player sure i mean look objective leap for sure he'll be go down as one of the best of all time my buddy seth knows a lot find out that your friend is about that i a teddy's real dad i 'em that i i didn't have any love in my living room grew in i appreciated more mom but then it's just like he tries to come in he tries to be honoring the gm everywhere he's fucking terrible at it that way satellites man yeah i dunno it's complicated it's complicated but i just kevin villain and i hate the lakers so yeah i think shack was right what about what about kobe in life yeah koby also good basketball player but the girls a the women's i'm a fucking asshole yeah goal differential do you know goal differential and soccer sure sure i do that okay so it's basically it's aggregate total over a season or in this case over tournament of of 'em have you have you scored more goals or or lead in more goals in it'll be plus then if you if if if in game one you score a goal and you start off at zero sum game one you score a goal and you've been one zero you're you're goal differential is one right plus one got a and if it's if it's one in one it's nullified if it's too in our or you lose the first game a year to year down a it's a goal differential negative to do it the women have played two games to a sorry two games in twelve minutes in their goal differential eighteen jesus good god unbelievable their best teams out of all these fucking women have been paid basically nothing wow especially compared to the men who to be clear are terrible and so they are actually everyone's like oh why they celebrating thirteen zero that's where it's like they're suing their employers usa soccer end it just came out like yesterday did they actually the past two years here's brought in more revenue than the men whoa really so it's kinda like now some school fucking goals they want an outline of morale that's insanity it's fucking ridiculous wow wow that's crazy and they were this way before alex morgan but she is just i mean she's so good seasons saying it's fun man it's fun to watch they're out of control out of control how if you played goalie against them how many goals if they get ten shot how many can you a i think we know the answer do you get a hand on one no fucking way have you seen that little that little video skit of the goalie who keeps getting pelted in the face no but i'll watch it all day oh my god i gotta find it and send it to you the the world the people listening i imagine probably know what i'm talking about to the it's pretty popular but it just two teams and it's like the end of the game and it's the what's the thing where you win based on the the one kicking you know whoever wins the last like how high end sandals i guess yeah maybe yeah so they're doing that and i go back for season two teams but the one goalie for the one team every time they opposing player kicks the ball he he misses he blocks the shot everytime but he blocked with his face unintentionally like it just is destroying his face over and not just one timer this is the thing being replayed no no several times 'cause they keep tying you know it's like it's like the it's like why does he keep doing it with his face because that's the joke of the skit it's like he goes after it and it is set part i thought this was like a like a natural will replay knows like what are you fucking talking it out no i said skate and i was laughing hysterically where's your head at i dunno man it's so high whatever great crate and thirty four degrees and i just sit here and listen you just talk no nobody needs nobody needs in their life mhm i am just this bag of chips has been telling me for so long but you will need them why eat a cause that will know yeah don't do that yeah nobody wants that nobody wants that a gonna get out of here soon a you gotta teach kids to swim meet ooh that's cool yet should be pretty exciting lobster and on very proud of them what do you got going on this weekend a this weekend i'm doing whatever my girlfriend wants me to because the past couple of weekends we've been i've been sort of busier and we've been hanging out on my side of town so i'm going to the west side and we're gonna we're gonna hang all right okay straight hang it's gonna be awesome hey we gotta go a when i get back it'll take a month we gotta make a reservation at this a knockout place when they got the two michelin stars oh friend of the pod seth says i mean i don't think he's been but she was on the chef whose name is escaping me and her partner in life and in the restaurant where on m a top chef what's the fucking cooking show on netflix shit and the jets table chef's table is that it i dunno isn't called chef's table that's a that's one that's like a netflix series i think that was like they original like high gas okay a anyway shoes on and it's just incredible but they finally because they brought michelin stars back the california yes but apparently ignored all sorts of the immigrant cuisine much sure why outfit 'em but a i think she won two stars which fucking crazy but change to make reservations impossible but we gotta a you know we gotta do that well alex morgan has in this tournament eleven shots seven around target and they've become five goals pam jesus he i guess there are no you can reserve on a what is this recipe or on their what whatever fucking website i said yeah ready you can make reservations up until september currently a knock on there are zero available you i'm sorry you said zero i'm done doing this or doing this episode walks by docker i have no idea i just let you sent me to you to thing is trying to watch it no you don't watch video while were recording you don't think the people wanna hear me react to it it's really funny by the way it's just very funny a this guy well eight minutes forty minutes we we cut this we just fucking in this thing thirty eight minutes oh my research is so perfect wow yeah so perfect perfect well 'em all right yeah let's let's get out of here this is been great you're a great i miss you have had a great time i feel the same way about you were gonna have to figure out we don't really do this last summer we gotta figure out getting the thank you gifts to the gas oh right while were not together maybe well what do you mean you just write the thank you know i'm just gonna say you're just gonna tell meta goatee office tribal if you already off left they're ready to go i'm just you don't have to go every week but i'm saying maybe two weeks maybe every two weeks pop up an to write a oh and then we get up yeah i'll consider it will will skip the printing part and i dunno will figure it out anyway so i don't want these people to everybody loves their shit i know they're really nice okay i'm i'm dying i am so hot it's it's disgusting this has been fun talk a yeah bulla will be back this is coming out on a weaker so rocco i think nineteen weeks not three weeks this this one yeah we have one to it's not tomorrow or the next week the week after that two weeks two weeks that's in july guys yeah yeah all right this is wonderful adamant comes out

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