Three Drink Minimum #6: Is Tyrell Williams the best WR in the NFL?


Welcome back at the sewed six, three drink minimum podcasts and. Who buddy? How about that? A blowout victory for the charges. It doesn't feel like those happen a lot, but I think what we saw is the best of all worlds for the chargers. We saw where the special teams really doesn't have to do anything. And when that happens, they're good. We saw what the defense should be or what I think what the defense was expected to be coming into the season as far as being able to generate pressure when they're one on one looks being the secondary being able to make plays on the ball and getting off the field. And then we saw the offense humming along rivers, not having to do too much rivers making plays giving guys chance to make plays running game, getting going, getting everybody involved in analogy, tyrel Williams note no Mike, Mike Williams today, but still saw lot lot lot of good things and it was a nice team win. So let's. Go through it and I think we have to start with Thai whale Williams in the only way to start off this podcast. The only way that I know how to start off this podcast would be is Tyrone Williams, the best receiver in the NFL. So Tara had four targets. He caught three of those targets for one hundred eighteen yards. Two touchdowns. Somebody said this daring, the game to me where the like James today with games, like how tyrel play today is gonna make it so tough to hop off the bandwagon just because he can go so many games where he just doesn't do anything it doesn't make plays, doesn't do. This today happens where he shows off at speed man shows off that some of his traits are unlike almost any other rec- reunion fell. Just he is that fast. He is at big. He's actually very, very quick with the bond, his hands too. So we saw him extend something that Tiro has had issues with is with him being as big as possible. He still doesn't like go up and get it, but that wasn't a problem today. We saw them go up and get it twice in the one where he extended was something that you would think would be natural for him on the touchdown where there was an obvious. False star call. Of course they didn't catch. They can call it still if you don't want him to score Stockton, knock the ball, his hands that didn't happen. Scored a touchdown in those are the type of place that man, if you can just get not even every game once every couple of game at a time that would make that would just make his value of so much in. It would help this team largest because they can get these underneath routes with Keenan Mike Williams and gates. But oh man, it was a, it was a hell of a game by tyrel in obviously, those aren't going to happen for probably December, but who cares got they got the kind of production they needed in. I'm sure it'll just give him a really big boost confidence in moving forward. You know, hopefully he can roll over. He can give give the team another another performance like that, but it was good to see from KIRO. So hats off to him. He probably he probably gets the game ball, going back the offense as a whole. Yeah, I thought out of the blocks. I really thought they had a really good game plan. The first drive, it seemed like. When with getting Okuno back with getting Russell Kun back left tackle that they were just going to, hey, let's see how good he is. Let's let's remind you how good years and they just they were running behind him and it wasn't like the traditional running, right, right off tackle behind him. It some sweeps got him on the move a little bit. They ransom reverses jet sweeps his way, but the first drive manages marched right down the field, no hesitation that are no resistance. And it was really nice to see. So I was good to have Okuno back in. I think it's pretty clear that he makes a difference in. I know that miles Gary got the best of macabre times, but Myles Garrett is very good player as going to happen. But I think what's really important here is just there. They were able to get the ground game going. I carry when for sixteen yards next rushland for sixteen yards in that kind of a kind of stabbed the the ground game in charge really for the. The first time in would feels like forever. They were able to do whatever they wanted to on the ground. Not like, when's the last time? You can say that where the charges were able to basically run wherever with whoever run any direction have success a today was the first time in a decade. So since two thousand eight was the first time that the chargers had over two hundred forty rushing yards. Last two that was against the Broncos. That's just so silly managed to think about that toward that into perspective, that's how much success they had. So is this the best charges rushing team ever? Yeah, I think it sect to say that. SCO, getting back to Myles Garrett. He did give. He did give both tackles problems occur teddy and for a couple of drives there after the initial drive he, he was. He was probably the main reason that the charges got off the field. So they went three and out to, sorry, three and out three and out in the end they had another punt that was before belong heaved to tyrel in a lot of that was just because the pressure man Oakland was living in the backfield. The beat Oko wants to the outside. He be Sam tabby to the inside. I think you'd be Tevi again on the following drive of they, I, I like the idea of spreading out, so I'm not gonna get mad at that. I mean, you wanna get your best players on the field, but was with players like players gear. Those are going to happen. But I mean who they're, they're able to overcome their will figure it out the. Misdirection is really what slow that that pressure down because in that first quarter second, early second quarter. The Browns pressure was starting starting to to take over a little bit. But once the charge back misdirection, it was like seventh grade game almost wear popcorn. Again, you can call it. I guess where if you run a reverse, you are going to have success in. I've never seen a reverse or these jet sweeps work as often as did against the Browns. Just look like they had no clue what was going on. If the charges were gonna like sweet run a sweep to the right. The entire defense would run, right? So no backside for pseudo is easy to make that call. So they wisdom good job, recognizing it, they're not gonna stop it, man. Why go away from it, whether it was to kinen Mike Williams, whoever they had, they really, they basically took the Browns pressure out of the game by running those plays. And that's when the charges has got the ball rolling in were basically to do whatever they wanted to in in the first half in those couple. Three now plays in the weirdest in the most? I wouldn't say we're in the most charger way ever. The defense was bailing out the often. So the Browns had pretty good fill position on a lot of these plays are on a lot of these series or drive ago. Four plays out next drive. Seven plays point. Nine plays for fourteen yards. Seven plays for eighteen yards as they're in charge territory, replays on turnover on downs, so they got, they got stop after the Browns for field will and they had they gave up one scoring drive at the end of the quarter at the end of the half. So. Tax of success against the Browns who who have who have been able to move the ball, they've had some success, but there I think just getting back to what the going back to what I said initially, this is what they wanted the chargers defense to look like. It was really just guys winning their one on one battles. Everybody knows Melvin Ingram can win their one on one battle, his one on one battle, but so as show get after it a little bit today more so than ever. And I think the idea of not starting Rochelle, I mean, you don't wanna be cliche, say, fired him up, but I think work is kind of more is less sky or less is more. So he's not worn out. He get a chance to pincers back a little bit and that paid off. He had a believe yet to Sachs. I thought he had two sacks. He might have just had one, but Li got in their square got in there. I think during James Ray Sean Jenkins split sack as well. So they have four think force acts in the first half that was that just never never happens. Comparative as much pressure as the Browns were getting early on. They were still able to bring rivers down once. But the charges sacks, they legit to the Browns out of either going for it on fourth down or completely out of field goal range. So that was big deal and intern. The secondary was able to play a lot more aggressive with Baker Mayfield running around was headed off, not knowing what to do under pressure. He didn't look great, but we get to there in second. But I think just when with when the charge able to give pressure with four or five and they can still play zone behind it, we saw like. What Desmond kings values desert just so good at reading the quarterback and just knowing what the routes around him are going to be like underneath as underneath defender. He is very good. He's not not great man coverage, but we saw what he can be when he when he could just read the quarterback and sit on routes, the two interceptions broke up. Another pass. Ager Phillips got in the passing lane twice actually made some really good place. He broke up a couple of passes as well. A charge in a breaking five, five cuddle passes. Men have coupla interceptions as did. Yeah, I think I'm pretty sure he was the only one who who got interception, but they were there all over the place. They were able to get to Baker Mayfield all all day nine. I think it was nine quarterback. It's to go with. It might have been four quarterback. It's as well as five huddled Saxo. When did that kinda production. When you're in that you're in the backfield that much life is so much easier on recessionary in it's it was the first time in a long time that if felt that way, one of the changes that they made so square started at defensive end for Rochelle, that was a good change instead of putting in who no, I don't know what they're gonna. Do they put in new, oh, Soo at will that I mean, he played. I don't know how well he did. I, I remember seeing a manual in their more. Can't wait to check snap cans out a snap counts out. I remember seeing column in at inside linebacker as well. In, of course, when the Browns spread 'em out, we were seeing racial on Jenkins in there, which I really, really love. Hopefully that hopefully that can stay Jacobs actually had the second most tackles on on the. On game day had eight tackles, and he also got in there on a blitz with sack. I just think when they get those athletes in there and I say this all the time when they put all their athletes on the field, they are just so much better as a team that obviously, you know, commonsense says a play fast, but they really do play faster and they just they can get to spots where just the linebackers can't get to. That is common sense. But with with no threat of the run, that's why they were able to do that make plays. I mentioned like, so Phillips will be linebacker, and they try to get one of those ball crossing routes over the linebackers head, but Phillips fast enough to get debt. He can break that play up or a quick throw where Jenkins can break on it, whereas, you know, para might not get there. So I love seeing all those dues on the field running around with with four guys, rushing with four guys and another defensive back, rushing. Our house was good. It was. It was just a really good game by the fans, and hopefully, hopefully this leads to something where we can kind of move forward in get the athletes going up it. I do think it was another the loan loan dark spot team was Trevor Williams. He continues to just not look like he did last year. He looks more like rookie year. Trevor Williams, not second year. Trevor Williams, that's problem because rookie year Trevor Williams was not a good player in this year. He has been getting beats. I wish I had the target numbers yesterday, but I do remember him giving up some some a couple of big plays and they lead to mean they were direct correlation to lead into points. But I think the good news is the chargers are aware and they are actually subbing him with Michael Davis. Number forty, three. So you're seeing Michael Davis on the field. That's why. Sometimes Davis on the field with everybody else, which is cool. But then other times they have Davis on the field in place. Trevor Williams and he gave a couple of crashes too, but he is, I guess, Davis's quote, unquote upside is is a good tackler. So he's gonna limit after the catch. Whereas a Williams just a really good athlete and he can run with gossip. He has speed to run with an Antonio Calloway, but he's just given up way too much separation underneath and him in. That's. He just hasn't been able to stick to receive this. Really. It is really tough to to play at a consistently high level at corner corners. This is probably one of the harder positions league. That's why, like for Patrick Peterson or like a Richard Sherman for all those years, it's so impressive because it's so rare to happen like that. Not. There's not really much to complain about. At once once every game, the offense just gets way too cute. I feel like I don't know if they want to if it's their way of getting Allen involved, but did it again where split out rivers, wide earth. Rivers throws the quick screen eighteen in Canaan, throws it back to rivers, resent catch the ball. If have you seen rivers in space or seen rivers move? Of course he's not gonna catch the ball. So that was a disaster. I think they go from like third short, second short, like third in twenty to come on man. There's there's no reason for that. They were. They're moving the ball right along in usually you bus. Those trick plays out either in like a sudden change or after after you get a turnover, they were marching that had like two or three really good plays in a row, and then they decided to run trick play. I think wiz has a very, I think was very good at calling screens. Like when the defense lease expects it, I think he is not very good. At knowing when to run his trick plays in history plays are have just, let's scrap those. There's no, there's no reason for it. Getting back to the defense to Baker Mayfield. I don't know. Man, I think we, we first talked about the Browns. I thought that you know the essentially he was gonna come back down to earth. He wasn't gonna play like he did against the jets. It was going to probably wasn't gonna play against the raiders just because the raiders other raiders he finished a lot of those sacks. Honestly today were on him just because in my opinion, he was just holding offer way way too long. And you can blame that on the coverage. Certainly because he wasn't receivers a couple of stop receivers, but I use twenty two for forty. Six, not great. He only had two hundred thirty eight yards. Two interceptions both of those. Both of those interceptions to me anyway, where we'll tell the second or jumping, you just can't stare down a receiver in the NFL that just can't happen. The other one here's rolling around that kind of showed show you. A little bit about his lack of arm strength, and I always thought his accuracy is overrated people think just because you have high completion percentage that you're accurate. Passer, not so much the other. The other big critique I had with faker back in college anyways was he was not a good third down quarterback. Oklahoma was not down team in that that tends to carry over. I think we saw that today. Cleveland was six for sixteen on third downs, and they had some opportunities put some points on the board, but a beggar could make a play man, so a to the charge defense. But I think we saw some limitations Baker today. I mean, if you guys are fans knew probably get a little upset about that, but hey, it it happens. As getting back to San with defense here a run defense to really good job. They had shoved had a long run. Do Johnson had one long run, but I mean outside of that held the running backs to ninety five yards, I believe. So that was a big deal to make to make bayford to keep Baker one dimensional big, Carl tied starting running back who got the bulk of the carries finished with fourteen carries for thirty four yards. That's a big man if the charges. So most teamed aren't gonna be patient enough to run the ball down your throat. So the charge your plan light like that if they can get stops. In may teams one-dimensional, be able to know pin their ears back in play, play coverage, big deal. That's gonna help in the long run a lot in, I think with these a this heavy front that they're moving to. So with Damian square who has actually who came over to charge as like a essentially, those tackle to for him to be able to hold his granite, a defensive in that's helping quite a bit in getting Legia bag. So square Leauge it in obviously, Ingram's gonna make some place in Bill Bennett in the middle with all the speed behind them closing. That's that helps a bit. It's good. It is good to see. So job is all around by the defense in. I mean, Baker made Baker did not do them any favors. I thought under pressure whenever color, like whenever the charges flash, their color, his is just dropped. And he was just a completely different quarterback. At for some reason. I don't know if I know he did slip when he's running at bows in on his that limp kept up the entire the entire game, but it'll right man. He didn't look good, but he didn't look right. I will say though what the main takeaway that I just had on defense was they were just faster than the Browns. So whatever they wanted to do, they could if they, they could beat the Browns receivers to spot. They could beat the running backs to the spy, be the offense lineman to the spot, and it really showed. So for the first time all year, I would say impressed by defense. That would be my main takeaway offensively. I mean, guys just made plays Melvin. Gordon was running his ass off. He, he broke so many tackles. He looked really, really good. He he averaged at one point in the third quarter, the the charges were averaging like nine yards of pot on the ground. That's just ridiculous. And even. As the game was going on, they were still up there. They finished with six point, eight yards carry, which is still really freaking good. So Melvin win eighteen for one thirty to seven yards. A carry three touchdowns equa had seven carries sixty yards. Canaan kinen would have had more rushing yards than any of the Browns. He had four cares for forty one yards. Mike Williams that one carry where he went ten yards like like we said, they were able to do whatever they wanted to. So it was it was a dominant win in. That's what you need. That's what that's kind of that's kind of performances that you that good teams may. So it was good in. It's it's getting closer and closer for us to be able to call them good team. We will see next week, so they're gonna have to take care of the titans. Titans are. I don't think the titans are very good. I didn't think that were coming into this game and they just got completely shut down by the ravens today. So we will. Men, three in a row should be four in a row. If they take care of the titans. On the much left to talk about just because the charges played a team who the Browns were thought of to be very, very good. Most power had the Browns as top ten unit. So for them to basically basically shut them down for Noah, Reyna ways that's big deal and they're able to not, you know, not just do it one way. They had things going on the ground with Gordon. They had things going through the air. They shut them down, they're able to get sacks turnovers like this. This is a brand of football that the charges are going to like they can play this type of style every chance to go a long way, but as good to get come back on Guinea as the season goes long, it's gonna be interesting to see once they start getting these other guys back how how they improve. If they can keep getting better, we're gonna have to. Eventually they're gonna run into the chiefs in the patriots when these good teams or even the Bengals down the line, they're solid. So. Very good team win, not much else to say just because it was a blow out and that's what you want to do as a good team. You wanna blow somebody out. So I'm Goodwin man. We will hopefully this time next week we will be doing it again celebrating a fourth victory in a row. Thanks for tuning. Go team, go charter. My name is Spencer home by name is Jason Kirk. My name is Ryan Manny. Every week combined, we've form the shutdown full Tron. Keep telling you voltron the setting focused heck nuclear college football podcast, but it's also a show about hair disaster regional grocery stores. We love Tennessee, Batman, homeowners associations bears in video games. I mean there's also some actual football discussion like about coaches, having huge contracts, coaches making terrible decisions, coaches saying really stupid things or the NC double a.'s saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dome, beautiful sport. Sometimes we talk about football games allegedly. If you wanna take college football exactly as seriously as it deserves taken, come, find us on apple, podcasts, Spotify, or wherever else you listen to podcasts like this. This downpo- cats. It's not voltron.

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