The Devastating Inside Story on Comey (Ep 1056)


Get ready to hear the truth about america on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan bongino on june. Oh all right folks in a bit of a quandary here lots of emails yesterday about kobe show email my website because i really enjoy your feedback but i'm a a little confused. I have to be honest about some of the feedback we got in the show. Read the komi. I g report. There are some unbelievable nuggets in there. I i missed yesterday because i was literally doing it on the air as it broke. I've got that for you today. Also a quick update on the situation down here. We're unfortunately at ground zero for hurricane landing endings on a stack show for you today. Welcome to the dan bongino show producer joe. How are you today. A little bit of commuted is friday. Yeah right that is usual. It's friday which goes on for about thirty seconds sometimes withdraw a little bit yeah yeah. I think we were just talking talking about this hurricane and showing our contingency planning for next week we'll be here for you. I don't miss shows <hes> you guys and ladies. Give me your all tuning in every day. You've made my life super. Special joe's as well and i sincerely mean that and it's our goal paula and joe and i to get this. She's well by the way yesterday was my anniversary with my awesome. Loving fantastic smart beautiful wonderful incredibly super cala fragile listrik makes reality ocean wife wife paula. We've been married. Believe it or not. Sixteen years crazy feels like two minutes so yes so they yesterday unfortunately we were supposed to go out to dinner on saturday night and we're not gonna do that in the middle of a category four hurricane. I don't know i'm still thinking about but she. She doesn't feel that great either. Okay moving on love you to death no oh sweetheart. She's right outside today. 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They're kind of like. I'm not being coy silly funny about it. I mean this. You're everything to me. My credibility matters to you. We get a lot of stuff. I've got a few things wrong here and there like. I said i always grab a fourth thing because listen. We make mistakes like anyone else as a show. I think our record of being accurate is pretty darn good. I mean go back and read spy gate my first book. We nailed the two and a half years ago. When we wrote the book the whole story based on some sources. It wasn't like magic powers but yeah. I got some emails yesterday honest a nerd me a little bit because i trust you. You trust me. It's some people a very few three or four. Were like what are you doing. You can tell us kobe's home. He's gonna get locked up forever. Nothing's happening jim komi the of course this was pursuant to the inspector general report where by the way we covered two weeks ago that jim komi wasn't going to be charged so i don't know why why this was news yesterday some by the very limited but i feel it applies to the broader audience because i don't want you to think you're wasting your time folks i have never i don't know what show you listen to but i have never said jim. Komi and the players were all going to go down and get locked up when we were all going to be singing coon by i have. I don't know where you got that from. That's not this this show. Maybe you listen to other shows fair enough and you're conflating the two but it's important to me even people who didn't send those emails that you understand my credibility matters. If i'm wrong i'm wrong but i can't an answer an email but something i didn't said you need some evidence. Here's a minute clip of viral speech conducted down at the breakers in southern florida that by the way when i said this this paul. How long was this almost a year ago. Now yeah november's almost a year ago when i said this. Everybody emailed me. Don't say that you're crazy. Everybody's gonna get locked up so i don't know which way to have it. Play the cut and we'll come back and we'll cover the details of this report. I'm here to give you the bad news unfortunately and i mean it. I'm i'll give you the bad news and the good news. The bad news is nothing. I am not convinced. Anything's going to happen to any of these people at all remember. I'm justice isn't blind in the united states. It's only blind to democrats. It's that's. I mean bob. Menendez got off. Hillary clinton got nothing. I mean it's it's completely obvious that hillary clinton was is involved in federal crimes. There's no doubt about it. It's just there's no will to prosecute democrats and the reason for that as sebastian knows as well as a lot of you is the media are full of liberals that will protect the democrats to the end. You know they'll have donald trump potentially thrown out of office for ripping a mattress tag off hillary clinton. We'll trade information over private serve that the russians and chinese most likely reading and nothing happens at all <hes>. I don't understand a lot of your emails. I really don't and and and i get it get the ninety nine percent of you that that didn't say that you probably like well why you're wasting your time with us. 'cause folks that you're everything to me. I mean that my whole life is built around my credibility with you. That's all the matters. Believe me when i tell you we're not doing this for the money anymore. Trust me we're good you matter to me. I have never said that. I have said the opposite and the irony of this is when i gave that speech. I got bill used with emails. Stop saying that's not true. They're all going. They're not going down. They're not now. There are people who have committed crimes so again. This is in light of what happened yesterday l. Let's move move on from that to what i think is going to happen. There are people because i go on later in the speech and say how there are people in serious trouble. I come in this book to as well there there are komi is one of them. He is not out of the woods. Does that mean he's gonna wind up in handcuffs ladies and gentlemen. I don't think so but i do think andy mccabe is in a world live trouble so please. If you're going to email me a complaint about the show. Get the show right. That's not my show. That's not what i said. I did not say all. These people like i said the exact opposite now having said that for the people out there who are upset because i'm getting a lot of emails yesterday to stop covering a total go to waste the time nothing's going to happen ever. It's all a waste. No no no. I'm sorry and i you know they tell you. Don't criticize. You know. I'm criticizing. You here and i'm sorry if it caused you to the two now is nothing i can do about that but folks i get it. There's a tendency out there to wanna throw in the towel. I get it yeah but as richard gere said and primal fear. I'll have to paraphrase it a bit. You want justice go to a prostitute. You want you wanna get screwed go to a courthouse all right what did relied a little different in primal fear. It's a little more vulgar okeydoke dokes. What do you think you think the world is fair. I'm sorry what u utah. The election of donald trump was going to write everything tomorrow morning. Folks you getting ready to throw in the towel after three years. That's if this was never going to be easy ever having entrenched swamp of d._c. Bureaucrats media elitist academic frauds lobbyists billionaires and millionaires who have bought this system off from the start and you thought one man was going be able to fix it in the first half of his first term and because it didn't go our way we call me which by the way i don't agree with. I just told you what i thought i'm giving you the the facts and i was right. You ready to chuck in the towel and walkaway. This country means so little to you that you're gonna leave. The the president stranded out there on an island because the prosecution didn't go your way they refuse charges on komi by the way and i note here the case was is a loser which i'm going to get into ladies and gentlemen the only thing more damaging than not charging jim komi i would have been charging jim komi and getting humiliated in court. You wanna give up fine. This shows not for you. I'm not done we have re election and we have possibly four four five more years. If we pence gets elected trump junior after that potentially ten twelve more years to fix this thing my gosh you ready to give up. This is our fight. You were here to fight fight. That's what your job is. The second creation out there. You're going to have to answer to to to a higher power when they chucked in the towel yeah well because we miss the prosecution. I probably got one hundred emails dog finish well. I'm not wow that's i'm. I'm serious joe. I got a lot. I'm not done and i'm good cover this because it's the biggest scandal of our time and when it gets exposed i'm convinced at a minimum at a minimum we will be able to correct the historical record on what happened here if it attached not fair and people should go to jail license not fair daddy o tough search so doing nothing's fair. Nothing's fair you taught life was fair. I mean what what is you get. The who told you that we have a president united states stage being investigated for a crime. He didn't commit for for another crime. You didn't commit on an obstruction on investigations should have never happened and all of a sudden you don't life was fair folks. I gotta tell you i can't i don't understand that and to those who are with me and the positive emails we got you say thank you. I'm with you to this. This fight has just begun emails yesterday ripping you careful. I'm sorry man yeah. I got to tell you the first time i sincerely disappointed because everything i've been telling you that. I don't think there's going to be justice in that way now. Let's get to the facts here folks. This case was a loser loser. It was a loser. Why let me give you the overview and then i'm going to break down in this komi report some really awful stuff that i think is being teed up to destroy this guy komi which doesn't necessarily mean he's going to be an. Hey cups. I komi is smart ladies and gentlemen. He is really smart. This guy is the lex luther of all of this operation brennan's. I'm not brennan's renan's adult. I'm becoming more convinced by the day i mean brennan's really really not a bright guy. I can tell by his tweets. He's the mastermind and this and he can't shut up. Commes not folks. This guy is a devious snake who plan this thing out meticulously. Why is this case to loser by the way you're not here in the city. I'm gonna put it on judge janine on saturday night when i go on her show. Here's what he did folks. He wrote these memos knowing knowing in his head. The information in there was going to be classified. He knew it. The memos were about conversations he had with the president united states and i'll get to all of this. Don't worry about going to recover recover all of this. They were classified after he leaked them well. That's not fair. Dice point stipulated. It's not fair share. It's also not a legal case. Homey was a snake. He didn't classify some of these memos at the time he wrote them so so he knew if he leaked them and they were classified later he could say what joe i didn't know classify. We've if this guy stupid. He did it on purpose joe. Who did he leave them to. He leaked to one of his lawyers. Dare we and you'll richmond who by the way was a special imp- special employees with the f._b._i. Who managed to maintain a clearance through the cycle. Call me leak the memos to him him as one of his lawyers to. What does that tell you joe. He's not a dope. He understood that even if the information was classified ex post facto steady leaked it to one of his lawyers who already had a classification based on commes hiring him as a special employees at the f._b._i. This dude dude thought this out folks you wanna take this to court and get smoked komi walking out of court like john gotti after he wanted to ooh screaming show in richard nixon victory signs and your email and me. Are you don the countries over. I'm finished goodbye it goodbye. I'm not i'm not done. I could take my money and run. Believe me life has been good. I'm not done ever smy country and it's worth saving. You don't duck too hard fights going. Finally what is comi they do. After he finds out he's under investigation he hires richman the guy he leaks the memos to as his personal lawyer attorney client privilege disguise not stupid ladies and gentlemen. Komi outsmarted smarted everybody. That's not fair. You're damn right. It's not fair. This guy sucks but he was smart. Bill bar however is smarter now. Daddy didn't prosecute ask you to prosecute a loser ladies and gentlemen. I'm telling you this case was a loser in the d._c. Courts it was going to go to a loser loser with a capital l. Loser this snake thought this whole thing out he leaked these memos knowing it was classified but made sure it was classified after he leaked w lead them to an employee who still had a classification status addis and then later on may employee of the f._b._i. Personal lawyer so he could use his attorney client stuff. Diabolo sky is a snake snake. Yeah yes serve having said that there are it's crimes out. There folks where i think there is some legal liability. I still think andrew mccabe is a lot of trouble and potentially komi as well. It depends i'm not optimistic. Let me be clear about that. I'm not optimistic. Kobe's ever going to see a jail cell and i never have been there are three crimes crimes. Remember them being in trouble does not mean legal trouble when i say trouble i don't mean they're gonna wind up in jail. I mean and you can listen to me. You can laugh this off. All you want. That's fine but i'm telling you having running this circle circle. When i ran for office folks jim. Komi does not give a damn about two weeks in jail. That may make you feel better but i'm telling you he will only write a book about it and become a billionaire off. He doesn't care many view care. He doesn't what jim komi cares about is going down in history as the white knight who took down donald trump after yesterday. This guy looks like a complete corrupted crat zero and it is destroying him. I don't care about that. I do the historical michael record when this is over has to be clear and it does matter this guy will be written about in textbooks komi and brennan for the rest of his life and the life of his kids and grandkids who will have to read this as a stain on his agency and our country trust me that matters getting back. There are three crimes committed here. There were the leaks to the wall street journal and elsewhere of classified information that is a crime which andy mccabe is currently under investigation for and may potentially actually be indicted for there is another crime which we've yet to get the perpetrator on the leak of the mike flynn conversation with the russian ambassador classified at the highest levels that was leaked to a reporter at a left wing newspaper the washington post. I that is a crime. We don't know yet. I have my suspicions about who it is. Be unfair for me to put it out on the air by that. We could be sued for that. What do but i have my suspicions about who it is. That is a crime. It's highly likely someone will be prosecuted for that third. We have the material misrepresentations to the fisa court under oath. There is likely associated criminal conduct with that we will see. I am not optimistic but there are still domino's left to topple here folks and one more thing for those. Who are nothing's ever happened folks. These people were fired from their jobs. They lost their pensions. Is it good enough. Hell no but let's not pretend nothing happened either. I'm only here to give you. An outlook of what i think is going to happen and the truth and the facts. I'm not gonna lie to you to make thank you feel good. That's the irony that video that when i put that out there everybody was mad that i said that now. It's turned out to be true when you're mad because what i don't get it. It's a little frustrating folks. My credibility matters to him just the guy i'm a guy you're doing my best to report on the biggest scandal in modern american history. I don't want you thinking you wasted your time. You didn't all right let's get into. I've got some video coming up before i get to that. I just we have a lot of sponsors want to be here today. <hes> trying to get that get get down with because they really wanna talk to you. So i appreciate all your patients. 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I'm gonna get it right and i'll i'll cite some online and people who don't get the accolades on cable news at should as we go throughout the show but here was ben witty's a friend of combs on m._s._n._b._c. giving what is possibly the worst. I take i've ever heard on what that report covered about jim. Komi check this out by not safeguarding sensitive information obtained during the course of his f._b._i. Employment and by using it to create public pressure for official action call me set a dangerous example for the over thirty five thousand current f._b._i. Employees many thousands more former f._b._i. Employees who similarly have access to or knowledge of non public information. It's clearly i g is basically saying here <hes> he he went outside is called the chain of command in this case. I guess you could some form of that by doing that. You're if others did the same thing the f._b._i. Would lose its credibility. Heartbeat is not a fair critique well so i think under normal circumstances it might be but let's consider what the sensitive information russian is referring to there. The sensitive information is that the president of the united states tried to shut down an investigation of his national security adviser and that is the information that the critiquing komi for making public and so. I think you have to ask the question once. You've been fired fire. You are now at this point. You're not just the former director of the f._b._i. Russell a witness to really gross misconduct. That may be criminal so what are you. It is the g really saying i think by the way that he is really saying that. If you are a law enforcement officer who's a witness potentially criminal activity. You got to shut up up even if you're the f._b._i. Door so <hes> so <hes> so just to be clear daddy time for audience the audience tom busby hat on. You are gonna have to get this over with you by the way it's got back to it to show notice thank you to the guy said that. <hes> let me get this straight. You commes been silenced joe just to be clear according to knucklehead ben witty by the worst. I've ever heard my life yeah. We've heard nothing from combing. Does you realize all those tweets. All those me that was that was that was bizarro. Komi member like superman. Bizarro wasn't really call me this. You know that that was the bizarro. Oh komi this genetic x. Men like mutation taken from a cheek swab of his skin cells and they recreated bizarro so we haven't heard from komi at all. I i know where he's been nowhere. He has been silenced. Okay show's over. Thanks folks. That's not what i don is this. Is this guy even this ben. Witty's is the biggest moron on twitter at his twitter. Account is so littered with stupidity. He should delete. He's account disappeared from public life altogether. I had to play that cut but on the substantive though because it was so hilarious what he said i didn't even know where to start. It's the same komi we should be silenced. Jim comedies on twitter just about every cable channel in the history of sentient human beings. Jim commes written a book. Jim jim commes testified in front of congress. Jim call me abused his power in the f._b._i. To investigate a president for a crime that didn't happen then initiated an obstruction charge to investigate the obstruction structure of a crime that never happened as well dad miss this complete total intellectual ignoramus is suggesting that jim komi is somehow the silence. Oh yeah okay ben and then hilariously he goes and anywhere investigating obstruction charge and this thing about him trying to shut shut down the investigation against mike flynn what investigation the one that they acknowledged andy mccabe jim komi zone deputy director there was quote no effort to obstruct at all you mean that you circle head you mean that investigation you complete intellectual vacuum of a skull and empty skull now. Let me pierce this is from the i._t. Showing you a colossal clown. This guy witty's is that they tried to shut the donald trump. His assertion is comi was silence which is hilarious of its face and the trump tried to shut this investigation down okay. Here's a snippet of the report. This is fascinating listening for a guy who tried to shut the investigation down like donald trump from the report a portion of memo to keep in mind. These are commes memos. Not trump's trump is a portion of memo to summarize the discussion between trump in komi concerning the salacious material and trump's wondering whether this is this is fascinating fascinate. Remember what are you saying. Trump was trying to shut the investigation now. This is a quote from trump in komo's whether trump should ask homey to investigate the whole thing to prove it was a lie according to memo to call me replied that the decision about whether to initiate investigation was up to trump but they call me said he wouldn't want to create a narrative that was the f._b._i. Is investigating trump because he f._b._i. Was not lie and they call me worried. Such thing would be misconstrued. Woody's seriously you by the way that is the most ironic last name ever witty's actually change that benjamin joe but curly early benjamin not witty did not read the actual i g reports were in komi zone memo's covered by the edgy report trump s komi to investigate instigate quote the whole thing. Oh trump's allegedly obstructing. You must have must have missed benjamin knotweed. He's that. I missed that one. I mean i read the whole report. I missed the one line that refused my whole assertion. Daham benjamin witty's missed the entire crux of the whole report. Kobe's own memo's say that kobe homey one life to trump about being investigated and then told him now. Let's not investigate the whole thing. The whole thing trump wants investigators. I've lord knows to do to you. It's like a like a clown show. It's like a sad clown. Show paula member that magician addition. We had a isabelle's birthday party. We just magician. It was depressing. Even a two year olds are walking out. I felt bad for this of course tricks ever the trick with the rings where there's a hole in the ring and he's like hey look these rings are connected. You see the whole interview chari. Go look they're connected. This is like a cloud show. These guys they invest kobe investigates a president for a crime that didn't happen because he hates him. Opens investigation lies about it lies to to the president. The president asked him to investigate it. He lies to him again and says they shouldn't because he doesn't want anyone to misconstrue it. He then lies about all of the fis documents lies repeatedly gets fired and lies again to start an obstruction investigation into a crime that didn't exist and benjamin on witty's. 'cause kobe's been silent. Yes you're right. Komi is clearly the thumb was on jim. Komi the whole time. Yeah must've read it on a box. He's spoke perfect. You said armacost hilarious some guy as book message me and said that he loves you one lighter. Thanks very witty. Benjamin i tear your daddy loves thank you a lot of your one liners of course escaped me because that's all right moving on here setting that up that the commentary yesterday on on this was awful i wanna get to another bombshell in this report is covered by the daily caller chuck ross who wrote this either way the show notes today. Please read them bongino. Oh dot com subscribe to wait email email to your check out. This piece is yet is chuck ross. Of course he's done a fantastic work on this far. Keep that up one second. I just want to give shout outs other people to undercover huber awesome techno fog rosie memo's tracy beans. There are people out there on twitter who but you're not getting the accolades accolades you showed on cable news who've been knocking it out of the park so hot object carlson epoch times really nice work. Chuck has been at the forefront is yeah really good work guys in ladies f._b._i. Witnesses said commes trump briefing was meant to collect info for the russia probe report says wait teo teo. Oh baby joe. You just read what i read memo to call me. Told trumpy wasn't under investigation. We don't need to look at this. We don't want the public misconstruing things. That's komo's komo sir. You're not under investigation. That headline can be corrected. Chuck chuck ross light to us. Chuck russ's nail. This case as it's chuck finally just started to go over the edge start lying. No of course chuck ross actually did homework and has been right about this the whole time unlike the hacks in the mainstream media probably get okay three four times when he gets paid to lie to you and look like buffoons all the time 'cause chuck like me you know there's actually read the report and the report it is crystal clear sure that on january sixth when jim komi went to trump tower to brief donald trump about the dossier and the allegations since about the stuff that he was going there to investigate trump not to brief trump which is directly contradictory victory to what jim komi has been telling us the whole time none other hat tip conservative treehouse guys who we disagree about a lot but still they do some good work. This is a snippet from one of their pieces today. They did some highlights on it from the report. Now remember keep this up second. This is important jim. Komi is told us all along that he's the white knight who went up in january two brief donald trump about the dossier because he was so worried it was going to go public. That's not what the report says quote. Komi told the o._i._g. I g the inspector general that he classified memo one about that meeting in this way because his judgment was that the information listen to this oughta be treated like fis derived information or information in a counter invalid intelligence investigation you dig. Komi is a full of it. He is a lawyer. This guy is a sociopathic liar. He is told everybody in their mother. I went up there on january sixth to talk trump which memorialized in his own memo memo one and in that meeting. I was trying to tell trump this information's nations out there. You should probably get ahead of it but don't worry about it. It's salacious unverified. That was not why he went up there. He went up there and <music> only mentioned to him by the way the hooker stuff because he was investigating. Trump folks get in khamis had a second. I understand this having been investigator myself self komi and clapper by the way a working together on this thing which excuse me c._n._n. Gets wind of just a few days slater and winds up running a report about this briefing which gives buzzfeed permission to run the dossier. That's a whole other conspiracy there. That actually happened. It's not a theory it happened. Komi walks in the office show. I may need you to put on the ombudsman had here with you. He's not going there to brief trump about this thing say hey be careful this dossier. These stuff is out there. He goes into the office and he says the trump. You know there's this stuff out there about hookers and russia for those you watch it on youtube. I'm turning my year to the microphone. Why call me doing that. Why not just tell them exactly clearly what the hookers stuff and russia was about. What was he waiting for from trump. Remember why he's there. He's not there to warn trump. He's there as he acknowledged himself in that church house excerpt from the piece that had they did the underlining on that <hes>. He's there to get investigative information. What's he waiting for joe. He's waiting for trump to come back jack. He lays out just the very base sur. It's this stuff about you know hookers and russia. Oh you mean the stuff now. He's like like how does he know about the stuff. That was only in the dossier you dig it. Sorry i'm trying to keep peace at bad we can deal with it there. You guys you all know the details about what the stuff is. Comi seeds the chia pet. Chia seeds to sprout. Hey we got this hooker stuff in moscow aska. He was waiting for trump to go. Oh yeah the p._p. Thing in the obama room they got that on tape. Komi holy crap his his hands feverishly writing notes on cerebral cortex but what happens folks trump looks at him and he's like what the hell are. Are you talking about think about this stupid stuff komi. Was there investigating trump not possible possible not pay. He told he told the g. and trump. They weren't investigating trump in g report. He is a sociopathic. Oh pathak lawyer folks. I'm not kidding. This guy is sociopathic liar he is did this guy is almost as bad as brennan. He is incapable of telling the truth. It gets worse in order to get around the classification scheme so we can leak them instead of bringing in an independent group of f._b._i. B._i. folks to determine the classification level again hat tip conservative treehouse guys on this. This is their snippet of the report. I had to dig all over twitter day for stone techno techno. All these are all doing a great job but this is from the reports. I want to be fair about where i'm citing. Stuff from. The unit chief told the oi- that during the june i two thousand seventeen meeting the participants. This is a meeting where to discussing how to classify these members including the one. I just talked about the stuff they should determine airman about what should be classified and quote was definitely a debate about some of the issues according to baker. Jim baker komo's one of his lawyers the f._b._i. Some of the discussions were lengthy and the group sometimes started down one path and then reversed course folks listen to the names in this stroke then characterized the meeting struck struck as a lot of discussion about is classified if so why would fall into the classification guidelines none of the participations. None of the participants kept notes the meeting. Wow oh that's fascinating. Komi kept notes about everything but as this call ball of idiots at the top of the f._b._i. Who's investigating. Trump is determining whether to classify this stuff or not. They're not keeping notes on that. Listen who else appears in this as a result of their review baker struck the unit chief and page lisa page. Oh another one recommended classifying portions of memo to three and seven which had not been marked classified by komi. Isn't this fascinating that even in later determining determining what portions of those would be classified knowing komi could open himself up the criminal prosecution by leaking classified info who's determining what's classified the exact same players involved in the investigation. They later are going to be investigated for themselves not tape state. I confirm kids parenthetic. There ain't no no you're right. They're no deep state. There's nothing to see here. Eight hits you guys in the media are idiots. You are sitting on the biggest volcano of story in human history and the volcanoes going right up because you morons won't get off the pot. Combs confidants involved in spying operation on trump are the ones determining what's classified sh you didn't heradia that on the news yesterday either you kind of miss that because everybody's so concerned right. I want to give it another hat tip in a second. Let me get through sponsored. They wanna motor because there's folks. Please don't go anywhere. I've got four five more ringer points here that i've got to get to a lot of users entirely mis than the coverage yesterday finally today show brought you by our favorite mattress and the bungee no house. Oh my daughters as well helixsleep. We love helixsleep the most comfortable mattress we've ever slept left on a good night's. Sleep matters folks. You spend eight to ten hours of your life on a mattress while you're gonna buy crappy mattress built for some other dude or woman out there. Get a customized mattress. 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If you watch it on youtube you can check it <music> out youtube dot com slash bungee and if you're listening it's just a simple classification of komi seven memos and how their work classifications on each one markings read the secret no foreign dissemination the nation one was marked confidential farney insemination and just so you understand some of the mark some of them were marked unclassified but f o you owe for those who are familiar with the they are working for the government and that means for official use only in other words even though it wasn't classified it doesn't say for official use only except for media leaks okay just so we're clear okay so hat tip nick while on that that's a handy reference guide you check out twitter for that but i wanted to put that up as well okay here we we get to some more absolutely damning information so ladies and gentlemen. There's a leak that doesn't happen. That's as damning as the leak of the memos comey did leak. Let me explain yeah. Please do put up this portion of the report about a memo. Memo three wasn't lee then. You wonder gee <hes> why didn't leak memo three check. Check this out so call. We told the oh i this is from the report at the time that he wrote memo three again. He didn't leak this one. Why then he considered it to be a classified memo now. Now all of a sudden joey is concerned about classrooms this historical get a lotta this great it goes up but he didn't leaky because it contains some discussion about fis orders. Oh this grades so the memo oh that describes the the bogus pfizer court warrant to spy on trump and some of your other machinations to engage in political spying spying operation with faulty information coming noses whilst he doesn't leak that memo no that memo he keeps a close hold on don't the military right there will be no memo three folks. This guy is a sociopath. I'm telling you but this guy is really really savvy and believe me when i tell you. I don't mean that as a compliment. He knew exactly what he was doing memo three. What is that buzzing. You hear that no sorry sorry that was you you leave that him. Sometimes we added stuff but i don't want to waste any time on all right. Sorry folks with little bizimana here that i see that i have be there. I remember sometimes. It's what people don't do that is just as damning as what they do. Okay okay moving on. I have the i'm i wanna make sure i get to all of this is another one from the i g report ladies and gentlemen. There was a whistle blower here now just so you're clear before you put this one up. I'm gonna put a portion yet. You puerta minute hold onto that time out politique o t o on the field the my whistle. You may be asking yourself now if you read the report but don't worry. I'm here to do that for you. I know you all have busy lives. How the heck did they get these memos. If comey was only leaking them to his lawyer air quotes here right now hammers keeping locked doc copies in his house by the way but she didn't tell anybody about because he's a snake and that's what he does joe. How do they get these memos. I don't know dan somebody body tattletale. Oh there was a whistle blower now now before because this is a little complicated again joe audience on bud smith time. Put the hat on the hats joe our producer joe or macos okay listening before i read to you this portion. I want to set this up. Komi doesn't classify portion of portions of his memos and has been telling the public the media member he's been silenced by benjamin unwitted right. Yes whoa well silence as he's talking to. Everybody in the known universe commies been telling everybody what about the memos show they were personal. They were or personal memos not confidential. It was my which by the way the he gets excoriated on in the report humiliated humiliated louis eight. Here's the report. Let me give you one sense. Let me sum up. What harwood says this idiots so stupid. He actually thought these things were personal. Although they were only done because of his job that's basically in a nutshell there. You go commes assertions because he wants to avoid criminal liability. He's smart is that these weren't confidential. They were confidential initial after i leaked him and they were personal memos so i had no obligation to turn them over to the f._b._i.'s official records. That's not what comas buddy said ohno from the report. There's a whistleblower so blower in here. There's a data tail. Listen to this. I want you to pay close attention as i read this about how commes little confidence in his small more group how they described the memo's komi asserts our personal from the report all of the f._b._i. Senior leaders interviewed by the i g stated that the memos komo were official government records. Oh oh houston. We got a problem for example mccabe by the way. Don't don't think these two are buddies anymore at all. One of these is gonna flip macabre. Komi remember. He's the deputy. Director comey is number. Two for example mccabe described this set of memos as a record of commes official official official engagement with the president that was created by komi in his role as f._b._i. Director yet doesn't sound like a personal memo to me sounds official. Sorry pretty official. Buddy mccabe told the g. further that after commes removal the f._b._i. Took steps to ensure that the memos were preserved and f._b._i. Systems as f._b._i. Records that can't be joe. How is that possible these personal memos. It's it's not what the saying jim baker. The lawyer told us he f._b._i. Lawyer that the memo's quote were related to official business and they were discussed in the office in connection with comey's official responsibilities right becky another employee f._b._i. Employees in the small group of idiots told the since his removal rebecca had treated the memo's almost as f. b. Records rebecca also stated he could not remember komi ever indicating to him that call me view the the memo's as personal papers. Oh oh that's a problem yup yeah. That's a problem. Jim didn't take that one through now. Let's get to the keys to the kingdom. I my suspicions about who i think. The whistle blower is here. <hes> if you're you're listening to the show and audience star cave is judy probably knows but she listens to every show and she probably has a better understanding my show than i do even i. I called this about a year ago. I'm going to say who just yet but i wanted to read this last sense about oh whistle blower. Maybe put that back up again because there's one other person apparently had an idea about the salim komi papers that were impersonal bill price step characterize the memo's documents quote produced by the director in his capacity as director there f. because i work product yep i remember the show i remember the show i know do you do sounds like the gang adoped have a real conundrum on their hand here. Dan what have i said from the start start about every story the greatest spy story in human history populated by idiots. I remember folks these. This cabal of complete buffoons are turning on each other. Don't mistake for a minute these guys. There's any love lost for komi. There's not guilty as sin to these other ones but they're throwing everybody under the bus now jim carney these are on my personal personal papers. That's not what the people around you said jim matter of fact one of them said you never even said they wear your personal papers kind of a problem no so much for that. You want one even for polish shoes yeah. You'll get get that from this show. If there was one piece out there just one that i think summed up best this entire case yesterday yesterday and the report and how damning it was for komi again. I'm not talking about legally. That case was a loser. I said that in the beginning of the show but damning to call me the f._b._i. And the people who tolerated his behavior sean davis's piece the federalist sums up being the shown us by the way hat tip to him mollie hemingway again the list of people who did terrific work on this endless. I don't mean to leave anybody out. Greg jarrett sarah carter. We really did phenomenal. I'm gonna work but i try to highlight the people on twitter again. Who don't get the accolades they do really. I mean tremendous work out there the peace of the federalists title d._o._j. Jay inspector general confirms jim komi classified info violated multiple f._b._i. Policies i'm just gonna give you the takeaways and then we'll wrap for the weekend. I know i said i get to the real clear earlier stuff going to have to push it to monday folks. This show is too important today and yes the reason i cover it is because it's only the biggest story of our time. If it's not for you it's not for are you. I'm sorry but i'm not gonna leave. You stranded out there. We'd crappy cable news analysis like benjamin on witty's on m._s._n._b._c. because one out of one thousand listeners doesn't like despite it's sorry so only the most important case of our time. John davis is take away number one again. It's in the piece. You can read it in full and it's worth your time. The personal records thing jim komi has been lying on tv folks. He's been telling everyone deserves. Personal non-confidential records from the peace commes characterization of the memos personal records finds no support in the law this is from the i._d._c. report and listen to this and is wholly incompatible with the plain ayn language of the statute regulation policies defining federal records and the terms of commes employment agreement determined commes actions with respect to the memo violated d._o._j. An f._b._i. Policies concerning the retention handling and dissemination of f._b._i. Records and information and violated the requirements of combs own f._b._i. Employment agreement another words. This guy's a fraud. He couldn't even keep his own f._b._i. Employment agreement as director of the f._b._i. Shame takeaway number two. This guy failed. He lied to people. He lied to his own senior. Managers qomi from the chon davis piece the d._o._j. O._i._g. also determine that call me leak classified information to at least three people and failed to disclose does the existence of at least four leaked documents folks. Listen to this even after top f._b._i. Brass and multiple f._b._i. Agents confronted him in his home about the matter he was asked about the info and his personal safe and he didn't tell these agents because he's a liar and fraud takeaway number three so he lied about personal records. He lied about where he kept the personal records. He lied when the f._b._i. Showed up. He also didn't tell the truth when he disclosed those personal which were not personal records to his own lawyer from the report the f._b._i. Safeguarding classified national security information policy guide clearly states that any person with knowledge a classified info has been may been lost oster compromised. We're this close to an unauthorized person must immediately report the circumstances to his or her security office to report declared komi. Oh me violated this requirement by failing to immediately inform the f._b._i. That he provided memo to to his attorneys cut and dry. He lied again he lied by omission which is what he's very very very good at finally the last takeaway which we opened up the show with but again pointing to the deviousness of jim jim komi and how he slithers way through this entire thing. He outsmarted them. He was cunning in tragically awful way from the federal piece by showing davis also blasted coma for his use of special f. b. i. employee and a personal friend who only oh me only later claimed was his personal attorney as they leak conduit for classified government records as the federalist report in january twenty eighteen commes use of dan richmond a law professor who call me characterized as a friend during sworn testimony in congress was an obvious attempt by komi to shield themselves from mhm liability from improperly leaking classified information the o._i._g. Report confirmed that chuck grassley republican was correct when he noted in a letter rod rosenstein january third that at least one memo komi leaked to richmond contained classified information folks. This guy was a snake but he got us again. You know you want fair. Well mary. No fair fair. Fair ran for office against the guy in florida. I supported obamacare. Anything i came home. Cry my fair so rough and tumble world folks what side you wanna be on. You wanna be that guy outside the ring looking in you want to get in there and tussle a little bit. I can't i'm gonna leave you at this point and i leave you as an is this. Where are we came in. Moment from pink floyd the wall. You thought this was going to be easy. You these people who've been promised jobs and lobbying contracts attraction just gonna go away and fadeaway. Donald trump got elected. You think entrenched f._b._i. Managed slobs at the time not talking about these agents on the ground where i know these guys and women i work with them and they are very good at what they do and i get a lot of emails but these slobs kabbalah losers at the top you think with the liability they were looking at. They were just going to go away. You think they were gonna take. Benjamin not witty's advice. Just be quiet. You thought the media media idiots who've invested their entire careers in left wing ideology and invested their recent careers and the destruction of donald trump personally and professionally that they were just going to roll all over and play dead you thought politicians that have that are basically mercenary and the worst of the worst that have the character of a speckled toed sloth. If there is such a thing who have been elected on lies and years of deceit are just gonna come out tomorrow and give a press press conference in admit they're wrong and that they're liars. You think john brennan who marshall this entire operation is just gonna come out and admit it tomorrow. Understanding the a significant liability that places him under you think the agents that swore underwrote the information they lied about was correct are just going to come out tomorrow and give about their pensions and their careers because we want them to your misdirecting your anger. It's time to buckle up. It's time to get your bootstraps on and get ready for six more years of this. None of this is fair but there's a right side and wrong side and it's time for you to ask what side you want to be on and and if it's not for you i'm sorry i'm not for you either but i'm not giving this up. I never will is the only the most important story of our time all right. Thanks for tuning. I'll see monday good day sir. You just heard dan bongino show you can also get dan's podcasts on itunes soundcloud and follow dan on twitter twenty four seven at dbongino.

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