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CLC Day 34: the myth of vulnerability


All right let's get started zero doctor in today's Day. Thirty four of the courageous leader challenge. Welcome back it's approaching the weekend here. It'd be a week or not that they really matter but hope. You're getting more clarity on what you want your practice to look like when you get back. And the courage to rise to a greater level of leadership and define what the mission and vision really is defined with a patient spirit experiences. Define how you're going to drive higher levels of trustworthiness Exceeding expectations on each and every patient. Hope that's really become personal journey for you as we've gone now. Thirty four days in the greatest leader challenge. What we've been doing. These last couple days is dispelling. Some missed because sometimes the biggest issue to progress is these limiting beliefs that we have and so one thing that I want to conquer. Today is the vulnerability myth the thet the thought that I had for a long period of time in my career that I put on the white coat and all of a sudden I had to become this super human version of me. I had to be nice to everyone I had to be Very very pc and to give everyone a little bit of what they wanted in the whole time. I was in self denial. I was not being myself and I forgot to say. I don't know but what people really want to see from you and what I learned in my startup practices. Though if I wasn't comfortable in my own skin I allowed other people to be comfortable in their own skin team members and patients alike. So it's okay to say. I don't know you shouldn't have all the answers. You shouldn't be an expert on everything in the practice. That's what team members are for. You can allow them to define zone and be a CEO of Zone. That's really what leadership is is being human understanding that we have strengths and weaknesses that we can become certainly more courageous bigger versions of ourselves. But we always have that moment when we need to check in with somebody else in their team members can really connect with us in that if we share with them our hopes and our dreams but also some of our insecurities and the things that were a little bit ignorant ignorant on can go a long way to making sure that everyone is aligned. It gives them permission to do the same. It gives them some level of psychological safety on the practice and helps them feel like a sense of belonging to the team as an indispensable part of that which allows them to serve a little bit so being authentic being vulnerable Being able to say I don't know being comfortable in your own skin only makes you a better leader. Certainly there are times when there's backstage operations and if you're really upset you have to present it in a more diplomatic way but by and large asking for what you want being who you are and gradually expanding those capabilities as what you get you the most traction As you think about redefining your leadership. So don't hide behind the white coat. Don't hide behind the diploma in all the initials behind your name. Be who you are. Everyone knows that you're human and the war you show those human sides of you and share stories about your vacations and your family the more trust and connection that you build with the people that you really want to influence so some that think about today on a Friday as a record this. I'll be back with you tomorrow and Saturday and will die another level deeper for thirty five of the greatest challenge they will.

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