Willie O'Ree, Penguins Big Move


Hey Emily Greg. So the Lacrosse goal the Michigan the specialty coffee the Forsberg. Whatever you WANNA call it? It is poisoned in the minds of the ESPN editorial staff. And I'll tell you why we put together a top ten coolest goals scored in the NHL list that ran this week on ESPN DOT com. And let me tell you. There's someone here that I love. The Peter Forsberg the Pavel Datsyuk flip during the shootout yager slicing through the defense savard slicing through the Defense Mareo decoding sliding slice defense number. One without question Ovechkin. The goal scores it on his back. Awesome stuff against the coyotes. Everybody remembers the two thousand six but number two on the list. Is the Lacrosse goal. What do you consider the Lacrosse goal to be the second greatest version of a cool ogle and NHL history? Honestly I think it's been diluted lately because not only did I just do it in a game but we've now seen it in the. Oh L. we've seen it in Sweden. We've seen other guys do it. And like maybe because Austin Matthews tried it a few times and couldn't executed and everyone in Toronto went crazy and said this must be the hardest thing in the entire world But Yeah I think it's been diluted dude I mean the only thing you can really pull off as a moustache from what I've seen but I think the thing for me is depends on how how much amodio has done to be quite honest share. Yes then it's at least if he can get four buttons undone and with the Mustache then he pulls up mustache. No He's Lacrosse goals. Incredible first of all whenever we talk about anything in hockey. We are talking about things that I can't accomplish given ten ten years of training. Let's just be honest but the Lacrosse goal. When I look at the other goals in this list and I see these incredible feats of athleticism and slicing through defenses and decoding and shooting and doing things lightning fast speed? That just defy logic and gravity. The lacrosse goal is basically just like surprise. It's just basically like the goaltender has back to you. And you put the goal the puck on in your blade and you sneak it past him. And that's that's fine. It's a cool goal but essentially what it is. Somebody always has to have their back to view based on the position that they play. And you're taking advantage of this by sneaking the puck like over his shoulder. It's fun it's a super surprise reminds ends me of people out from behind the couch for your thirtieth birthday or whatever but as a goal as pure athleticism get. Give me the deacon through five to get in making a backhand shot and just do the whole thing. That's what I want you I want. I see all these names on this list. And we've got the the younger of the World Crosby we've got Pavel Beret Denis Savard Merrick maleek big homing Merrick Leak and his shootout goal through the leg that is surprising athleticism. That's surprising and remains the old. The American League goal to shoot apologised is like the Roswell crash to you like this thing happened once and that's why we should believe aliens like this thing happened once and that's why we should have the shootout doubt go sixteen rounds with different people because a random third pairing defenceman might score an amazing goal. Like it's now Gospel to these freaks leaks that like the shootout. The one thing I'll say about this list is devils Fan Jack. Well a true three on three aficionado. Surprise me at this list is that economist. David didn't make it and I've had some people point out to me after this list drop wears mcdavid and the only thing I can think that maybe he scored so many great goals that it's just commonplace and like none of them really are that exceptional because they're all exceptional. Maybe it's some sort of random thing where you know if we're all super none of super I don't know but why did you like was mcdavid. Even a choice. We did this voting. I I WANNA say yes but probably know and and you're right like I can think of a half dozen of goals off the top of my head and all them are amazing but then we just call it Wednesday for him right exactly. He's God level so we don't we don't even have to laud any of his goals on top ten list because he's he's on his own list he's on the puck end his mouth and spews it out to the unexpecting goalie. He will remain off this list. That was my favorite part of this list. By the way is the what comes next portion at the end on what could possibly be coming coming next insofar as the future of goalscoring. That's good. Yeah my favorite was doing the Lacrosse spin by Nikita Gustav literally occurred in the All Star game where anything can happen and there's no possible way that could game. Yeah every shot and hard shot is like five hundred miles an hour. Okay all right coming up on the show really good show actually will ris got an actual legend. Grace's this podcast with his presence. We talked really about a great many things including his awesome. A new documentary that you can catch on. ESPN plus And also you know issues with race and hockey which Willie is eloquent. An awesome on plus the penguins make trade. We might be going back to the Olympics. Maybe filibuster loves hotdogs PUCK HEADLINES AND ALL that more on this edition of ESPN and ice. Let's start start. The show proper shelley to your ear buds a podcast about hockey featuring things to do with hockey from your friends at ESPN beyond it's espn on ice with Shitski and Catholic everybody it's ESPN and ice. It's the podcast. ESPN talks about hockey. I'm Greg wishes in your NHL writer and then like Kaplan National Nhl reporter. Greg we have a trade and it was not one for one which one for one at all yeah trade to announce it was fun. It dropped when I was walking a dog. So that's always exciting. It was the Pittsburgh Penguins making the big old deal with the Minnesota wild. Finally Jim Rutherford gets his white whale. I I'm Captain Ahab and get's Jason's hooker finally from the Minnesota Wild The wild deal him for Alex Skull Chenya Expiring Contract Act. Defenseman Kaelin Addison which is an extraordinarily young Defenseman in two thousand twenty name and a conditional first round pick that will not the wilds if the penguins are in the lottery but since the penguins are have the fourth best record in the NHL Right now probably a twenty twenty first round. Pick going to the wild for Jason Sucker now. Zucker has he's in the second year of a five-year twenty seven point five million dollar contract of course emily. We remember that he almost became a member over the Pittsburgh Penguins last year in deal it would have sent him. And Victor Rask to Pittsburgh in exchange for a lovely and talented Phil Kessel and a lovely Johnson Jack Johnson and that fell through when Phil said Nah. Couldn't Minnesota so Jason Sucker now a member of the penguins couple thoughts on the steel one. I think that this is technically a cost-saving deal for the penguins. And I'll explain why I won. They rid themselves of Alex. Chen Yuck for the rest of the year so they didn't have to do any other finagling there too. They can fire their entire amateur scouting department because they don't have any first round picks six and there's no purpose of having one so look they save a ton of money. They're all jokes aside. I think that You Know Bill Garin wasn't going to get fleeced on this deal. Nobody knows the penguins prospect system better than Bill Garin who literally ran it for the last couple of years as the assistant. GM in Pittsburgh This is a really great first statement trade for him as the GM decker is a guy who you know. It's a luxury like they didn't need to get rid of him. They have under contract. He loves being there. He's a great player but if teams kept calling on them and they did They got a really good return getting a first round peg. Get Him at defensive prospect eating Abdel Shenyang Salary for the end of law season. Like that's a great hall for many as Garin starts to cement his legacy and start to put a stamp on this roster. I'm from Pittsburgh perspective. This is awesome. This is the guy as you mentioned that they've long coveted this guy that's under term for the next couple of years which is important for them because they're always going up against the cap and this is the guy that can play on Sydney's wing. He plays a really good brand of hockey that meshes well with their style. They've been looking for scoring winger. Probably before but especially Lee since Jake and so was out for the year and this just cements them as you know I think probably well as probably maybe this cements them as a contender in the east. I'll say it right there. Yeah and it's already been announced that he's going to play on the wing. You wonder how life changes Sir when Jake gets healthy but for now it's the Zuckerman crosby show and like you said from a financial perspective. I mean his cap hit and it seemed a little high when he wasn't necessarily scoring at the same level he was in his contract. You're funny how that always seems to happen in the National Hockey League when you guys have incredible careers at the moment the signed big contracts but at at five point five million if he's going to be thirty goal scorer like that's great and he's twenty eight. He's he's writing prime. They have cost certainty on the contract through two thousand twenty three and also like dude. Who by all accounts is a real solid citizen in the room? A real solid citizen in the community Good good good move by the penguins and and again like Compare What The Wild oiled could've ended up with a year ago in this deal a thirty two year old who has cratered in Arizona. Maybe he's thirty three and John's thirty two. I forget which one's which but like both of them. Are you know past their prime and not exactly what a a rebuilding team needs. So you know. Thank you Paul. Fenton for having a trade xed out by Phil Kessel and thank you Bill Garin for actually making a deal that addresses the future a little bit for the Minnesota Wild but so this is like a little bit earlier than the trade deadline. Maybe we thought this could be a move. That is happening a little. You know a couple of weeks from now we actually have to sit in a room and report on all of this stuff. What's your vibe right now on the trade deadline as we are less in two weeks away from the February twenty four three PM deadline the NHL you know initial fears that this was going to be another really slow year air? GM's you talk to say that everyone's looking for someone with term and that's obviously much harder to trade but you know this year I get the sense ends with so many teams. On the cusp. There could be movement of people trying to separate from the pack and like a perfect example is the Colorado Avalanche. You are super talented wanted team. Everyone's lauding them as a contender already. they were already thinking of adding luxury items. Like you know the sniffed around Taylor Hall and that was going down and now that they're out Nazem Kadri for a little bit of time. I wouldn't be shocked if they go out and get a big name and and get a score that can help Nathan Mackinnon relieve some pressure from him. Will they were always sniffing around Chris Kreider so we'll see if maybe that comes to fruition at some point bliss everyone's sniffing around Chris Kreider. He's great he's great in any line. Lineup I pry. I'm guessing what do you think X.. Body spray or like Jakhar would think he smells like I think he's smells like smelly equipment. which is like like dogs smelling each other's but that's just love to smell very very descriptive? Producer Ryan says that Chris Kreider riders posed like Sex Panther. Well that's interesting possible. Every you know works every time I think the interesting thing about the trade deadline right now is that we are less than two weeks away but in in in two weeks a lot can change and you know and and putting together our trade deadline preview stuff in the last few weeks. The usual suspects were there. I I mean you know the devils the senators the sabers wings the kings the sharks. You know duckie's but now that we're getting closer to it and you start to see like Montreal had horrible loss last night as we do this podcast there now. Seven or eight points out of last wildcard spot. That's a team second. Now maybe flip the switch and become a seller the rangers. We knew we were going to be shared Weber's out but the panthers probably not a seller. They're kind time still in the thick of things but you go to the western conference. I mean what's the think of the Nashville predators They're right in the thick of things but are they going to be that team like the blues. Were a few years ago where David just decides to break glass and say you know what we need to kind of change the configuration of this team. Because I don't know that we can win right now with this with this roster. You're what are the wild. Do the Blackhawks for a hot minute work contender now. They've moved back a little bit. They have a couple of games in hand. What happens with the goaltending? That's the weed their their playoff chances in the last month or so so. There's a lot of sort of flux right now with some teams at Montreal very much particular that could easily flip from being teams is that were like. I don't know maybe we should just hang on guys we can get in the playoffs. Teams are like sell sell sell. I think it's going to be interesting. Two weeks to see where these teams end up. The only not that I'm confident is going to unload. Players is the king's like when there's enough smoke and it's like really really cloudy over there in l. a. these days like there's going to be fire in Tyler. Toffoli is not going to be on this team. mid-month from now there's other Alec Martinez I think teams will probably try to make a big trade for him. mm so that's the one team but like if you want to make sure bed of WHO's going to make a move I'd say it's the kings other than that like the other bottom. feeders don't have obvious. Candidates is to trade like the wings you could probably say anyone is on the table outside of dill marketed. Anthony Mantha but does anyone want anyone on that roster like anyone want Andre is on pursue my green. Yeah exactly You know the senators. There's not many obvious candidates. They're like John. Gabriel go oh patio patio because you should make more French if you know. They don't figure out an extension. He goes in the devils it. We still haven't quite figured out what's going on with the Sami Boston in an Andy. Greens or both impending. Ufa's yeah and then the real interesting one there for all the talk about Tomas Truecar. You're potentially being available for the Canadians. Man Gimme cow. Paul Mary any day of the week if he's available but again the thing about the devils right now is that we understand stand their lot in life we understand. It's GonNa get another sort of form of a rebuild we understand there's an interim gm from ownership like Paul. Mary could bring bring bring them back a lot of value but like he sure. And you've got to have somebody to pass to get started. Go in the tank completely for the next six years or something here. It's kind of a bummer. To think that you and I have covered deadlines in recent memory that involved will John. TAVERAS be traded. Will Eric Carlson. And be traded. Will Matt Duchenne and Mark Stone be traded. And now we're all kind of lighting candles to see if you know Jogos or were Kreider is going to go where the the Alec Martinez Derby. It's kind of a step down from the big blockbuster. Earth theories and hopes and dreams of previous deadlines that said there are a few wildcards at play here that if they if they become available or if they their teams decided to go in a different direction could change the complexion of the trade deadline Max domes one of them are earthy this summer. I think a guy that they wanNA bring back in theory but he's got no trade protection if they get blown away by something. Montreal Mike Go Someplace there. The Minute Ryan gets laugh or Joe Thornton says you know what I think. I'd like to move on and do something else they're going to be traded. I don't know if either of them we'll say within the next two weeks probably not but who knows PK Sue van. If the devils gobble up half that contract you wonder whether or not the lease might be in the. PK Suba Business. There's sort of speculation coming from Toronto that that might be the case. And you know the thing that we both want to see happen but probably won't have because there's ONA's way too close to the playoffs. The recycling of Taylor Hall now only three million dollars hours against the cap because of of the the salary the devils up and John Jacob all accounts thinks that. He's got a chance to resign Taylor Hall. I don't think that has a chance to resign. Taylor tell her halls gonNA play in a different kind of market than than Arizona disrespect to Glendale. But but I mean you don't you don't trade for Taylor Hall to flip them if you have a realistic shot the playoffs as much fun as that would be right especially the but so much premium making the playoffs this year. Like they have to do it if you if you were the Bruins. Okay and you were like dabbling in the dark arts of Chris Chris Kreider or Tyler Toffoli. And you had this package and you're like I'm GONNA spend this package on a on a rental like don't you go to Arizona. I and say look we know we know you have Taylor Hall and you WanNa win things. But what if we gave you this and you give us Taylor Hall in his three million dollar cap it for the rest of the season like don't yeah at least make that phone call. If you're don sweeney you make the call. I have to say John. Jake has a pretty good record with trades like you rarely gets least. That's true I mean. Say what you will about the coyotes. But he's he's been pretty good on the street from all right. I make one one prediction of something think's GonNa Happen. Okay go ahead. Good Chris Kreider is going to be blue. Wow Saint Louis Blues. I think they're going to pull the Patrick Kane with bloody terracing goes capit- Pitt kind of maybe they look. He's got a couple of weeks he's going to debut in the playoffs. Use that cap space. Get Chris. Kreider go all in on defending the Cup one prediction for the trade deadline. All right. I'll go here Sami Vatanen to the to the capital's ooh I like that. Yeah I think I think. They're going to bolster their Blue Line. Before before the postseason of course it would help. Maybe they they should trade for a mechanic to put the wheels back on because they've certainly fall off in the last week or so the capital's Mike All Right. Let's talk to an absolute legend. We're going to class up the joint for a few minutes. Here with William Murray and now joining us on the line is a very special guest hockey hall. Famer Willie Willie thank you so much for joining us. Well it's a pleasure. Emily so I have to ask about this documentary which is streaming on. ESPN PIN plus How long has been in the works and tell me a little bit about the pitch? They made you that they want to make a documentary about you. Well it It all started though with Brian. McBride who was the producer and he got together with me. Oh this is back probably I probably say about two years ago. And he says well he because I think we should do a documentary on your life and I said Oh my goodness That would be nice and It would take some travelling you know We would be contacting a lot of your your friends in your hometown A lot of places that you Played and so it all started and then Brian came to me and said yes. He says. It's In the final makes and he said we'd like you to take a look at it to to See what you think so. At first it didn't jump out at me. You know it But I I was excited to see A lot of my friends places where I had I played Friends that I had known for years and then I thought two or three times and I Then just started to sink in with me and I said Gosh I said this is certainly did a fantastic job of filming and traveling around and Talking to some of my old friends that I've known for over seventy years so I I'm I'm thrilled and I I'm just overwhelmed. that it's going GonNa be shown on On ESPN when people watch it. What do you hope they get out of it? Well I hope to get out of it. Not only The the hockey interest that I that I played you know I I only played with the Boston. Bruins for for forty five games. spending Three years but but The work that I started doing When Commissioner Bettman appointed media director of the NHL diversity program About Traveling around and I just wanted to give back to hockey and give back to the sport hockey given me and I felt that I I had something inside of me that I could share with boys and girls and helping them choose another sport that they play and traveling around north. America with the The cities that I've gone to I I hope that they they They get out of Shane the work that I've done and The lives that I've touched over. The years is quote that you said that really stuck out to us to me. I didn't know I was breaking the color barrier until the next morning when I heard it in the paper. Is there any part of you that maybe that could have made that experience easier for you. Well I don't I don't think so. You know I had gone to the bruins training camps on two occasions in nineteen fifty seven and fifty eight and and You know I was keeping my fingers crossed that The hopefully I'd get the opportunity to to be called up with it ruins But when they contacted the Quebec Aces the team that is playing for in in Quebec Canada And said we wanna read them. Eat The bruins in Montreal to play two games against the Montreal Canadians so when I arrived in around in Montreal I met Milk Schmidt the coach and Lynch Patrick the general manager and they They sat me down and said we've we've brought you up because we think you could add a little something Do our club and all of us thinking then is just trying to When I get on the ice is to play a good game in representing you know the cup to the best of my ability? But it didn't go through my mind about that. I was breaking breaking the color barrier or opening doors for other players of color and black players but honestly when I The next the next day and then I read it in the paper. 'cause I my parents come up in some good friends. Come up to watch the game and I just throw thrilled about you. Know beating the Canadians at night. We shut the three nothing and That's all I can think of is You know winning winning Against the Montreal Canadians I didn't get any goals or no assist but Just to be beat the Montreal team name With just a feat in itself. Hey Willy it's Greg Gerski thanks for doing this. You recently addressed the Chemo lose situation obviously stepping forward and making accusations against bill. Peters and Peter's residing shame because of it and I think anyone listening to this podcast podcast knows that we applaud Akeem for having done what he did. You did the same thing. What were your thoughts on on that situation and what a team was able to do to affect change age well? I'm I'm very pleased that that he he took the opportunity to step up and And you know tell tell what happened I had Racial remarks and racial slurs directed towards me when I when I played but You know thanks to my older brother brother who was not only my brother and my friend but he was my mentor and he taught me a lot of things that I would need to know if I was gonNA choose hockey as a career and he said I really says names will never hurt you unless she let them in. I I I went out. I knew I was a black man. I didn't have to be told that I just went out and concentrated on playing hockey and done. I let all the racial remarks and slurs win one ear. Note the other I I F- I fought a lot when I first when I first started. I thought because I had not because I wanted to but players just wanted to see When I was made of and You know I always tried to protect myself because back then. We didn't wear any helmets to goldies. Didn't wear mass or your face was exposed to exit sticks and everything else but I I just I wanNA give credit to these These players that are playing saying now that setup and just telling them you know we just can't. We just can't stand having racial remarks and rations racial slurs directed towards these players that said you also said recently that when it comes to the NHL and Racer Sport in general race that we've taken one step forward and two back. Would you mean by that. Well I meant you know When I broke and I was I was the first black player Fourteen years later Mike Marson broken with the Washington capitals and then later on with the Los Angeles The Los Angeles kings but I in the statement I made. I'm thinking we're heading. We're heading in the right direction. Then all of a sudden You hear these racial remarks and racial slurs from from these fans fans in the stand so it. It doesn't seem that we're going that going that far and the thing is that This is a this is the twentieth going the twenty first century and I. I'm just shocked that these things that are still happening. These racial remarks and racial slurs are still happening In the League and these these players of color and black players. They're there because they have the skills and the talent to be there. They're not they're just because they're black. They have skills and talent and Basically I just think that It's GonNa get we're working in the right direction but Some days. I think that we've already taken a step back. And then so now we've gotta take another another step forward to to keep going and and and recognizing What not What the potential goal is will? You've been so involved in hockey is for everyone and making the sport more inclusive especially at a grassroots level and we are seeing a a lot of progress in that but if you look at. Nhl Front Offices and their coaching staffs there's very little diversity and we often see the same guys getting hired again and again the same aimed guys who had opportunities before. I'm curious you know I know the. NFL has a rooney rural and demographics and the NFL are different. But is there any version of that rule that could make sense in the NHL. Well and what would that look like. Well you know the opportunities are there for anybody that wants to be a a a referee or linesman or general manager. Her or or or going going going into coaching The opportunities are there. You just have to you. Just have to You know set goals for yourself and work towards your goals I I use myself an example when I when I was seventeen years of age fourteen years of age. I told my my brother that I wanted to become a professional hockey player. And what do I need to do. Well being the youngest of thirteen children. I I had to stay in school Get an education I played a number sports growing up but I accept my goal to play professional hockey and hopefully one day get into the National Hockey League and I think that this is what a lot of A lot of people Have to do if they WANNA IF THEY WANNA get into a career you you need to set goals for yourself often. You need to stay focused on what you wanted to do. And don't tell anybody that don't let anybody tell you you can attain your goal and my message is if you think you can you can if you think your rate and there's a lot of truth to them. I totally agree with you. That said is there anything the NHL can do to help facilitate a make sure that these opportunities are being given people are given fair. Looks for these jobs well. They adore doors are open. You know and I think the NHL Cello doing everything they can. You know to to make it possible for for these people to get these positions You know you have to You have to feel within your heart within your mind that you WanNa make something happen and you if if you think you can in and work for you and you can make a difference. Willie Emily and I go to a lot of different events. All Star Games all sorts of stuff. We've seen you so many times at at these events meet-and-greet and people taking pictures of the kids. That sort of thing. What is that experience media? We're talking two thousand twenty now longtime since you're you playing days and yet people are coming up all the time to get pictures William Henry. I know it's a it's a nice feeling really You you know since since since I came aboard the NHL and You know I just wanted to give back. Give back to the sport what the what the sport had given me and I'm I'm so I'm so happy that you know commissioner bathroom and gave me the opportunity to get back into hockey after I had retired from nineteen eighty and then getting I'm back into hockey in nineteen ninety ninety six I just have a great time. I know that people are GonNa come up to me and ask me for an autograph re picture and you know I can't I can't even you know go into arena and get the my you know. Walk towards my seat before you know people come up and recognize me and I can see them pointing in in my direction and you know I'm coming over and saying Mr read. Do you mind if I get a picture with my son or daughter. So but It's Nice it's it's part part of what I do and I I'm so thrilled that I'm still able to Work at my age and be it'd be a part of the NHL family. What's your relationship to the current? NHL Right now do you watch it. Do you have any favorite players. You like Enjoy a lot of favorite place but I just watching. I just love watching the game. You know You know when I played Six teams or what's called the original six and then in nineteen sixty seven it it expanded six more teams and now we have thirty one and then Seattle will be coming in next year and For thirty two and it's The League it just keeps it's growing and growing the I love the The two referees the two linesmen all those still they miss a few things but The game is faster The players are bigger stronger. Better condition than than I was because they have the facilities rate in the arenas to tape themselves in the top. Physical Condition I I think the fans are enjoying the You know the three on three and And the shoot out a Lotta love the shootout so they're doing things to make To make the game more exciting for the fans and I have the the NHL package. And I watch in my home. When I'm home I watch you know four or five games A night and It's Ah the game was the game is just a great game. I think it's the greatest a sporting game on earth. My Hope Gary gave you the the Free Discount Code Food for the mistakes do Gary Gary takes good care of me. I guess I'm very pleased and very happy curious. You know sorry. I was a little focus on the coaches and GM's thing but are there any rising stars right now in the coaching ranks. GM ranks that so you think that fans should pay attention to and could be the first black coach in the NHL or first black GM. Oh not great off not right off hand there's I imagine there are some Individuals out there that you know that WanNa get into coaching and some of them that are probably coaching junior college. College teams names We possibly consider you know getting into the into the NHL S- All Right Willie last one because this is the question. Everybody's been asking around hockey for the last two weeks. But they're ready. I am Sir is a veteran. GonNa break rescues record or what I believe. So yes the ways going. If he doesn't get hurt I say yes. Yes Oh man what do you think about like did you. Did you think that goals record for grants was like unbreakable or did I mean. Did you think it was at one day. Oh I I knew that I knew somebody would get one day. You know you know you know back then in the NHL You know when you scored thirty goals thirty goals it's a big a year You know and then all of a sudden. There's there's a forty goal score and then you know Players Gordie Howe and and bobby hauling those were getting getting you know forty and fifty goals but you know the the equipment now is much better the Everything is much better now. The sticks are are so much better than then the wooden sticks us Back then and I just I just think that these players these players that have that have the skills and the the talent They'll they'll they'll work towards breaking breaking that That that goals yeah. Well Willie we so appreciate your time especially because you're calling in California and you can be enjoying the sunshine right now so thank you cannot wait to watch your documentary and ESPN plus on encourage all of our listeners. To do that as well. Yes I when I'm excited about about seeing it You know I'm here with my wife and and We'll definitely be watching it and I'll be telling my My friends that are here that I know here in the San Diego Mesa area and I'm sure that they'll it'll be tuned in to watching. Thank you so much really. You're welcome Sir. Emily thank you our thanks to me hall of Famer absolute icon Willie. The documentary critically acclaimed will be available throughout the February on. ESPN DOT COM. which you can of course get on your desktop or on the ESPN APP and we'll have four airings on ESPN? Two the Seventeenth Eighteenth Twentieth. And the twenty four th check your local listings but you can check that awesome documentary out on the deuce also awesome stuff emily the has come crawling back to the NHL saying nobody gave a crap about our hockey tournament. Last time and young Chang we would likely back in the NHL Business for Beijing the big news this week a meeting between the the NHL NHL Jeff there as well will the IOC willing to go back to original levels of funding for things like travel insurance housing. All the things at the US to pay for then decided not to any more on top of that loosening the restrictions on marketing rights whether it's the use of still images or video Olympic markings the ability to maybe promote and make some dough off of Olympic. Branding all of of this stuff now on the table the NHL optimistic saying hey this is what you've been asking for the NHL being like. Oh who might not still WANNA go and it's an interesting time isn't it for the Olympic. I feel if the NFL's really on the clock right now because this is everybody else calling their bluff. They've used it as a convenient. Excuse that hey. We're not getting any marketing out of it. They're not making it easy for travel insurance like all of these things. Just don't make sense for us to go and now with as you said the IOC taking all those things off the table able to like okay. Well what's holding you back. Why don't you want to go like if you WANNA show that Sidney Crosby Canada goal on NHL Dot Com do it? We're not stopping you about your big hold up and now the NHL really has to admit that this was the convening excuse. They just didn't want to go because it doesn't make data think it makes money for them which as we all I think you and I agree and I think a lot of players agree and I think a lot of fans degrees is a little shortsighted That's only looking at the direct immediate impact of the Olympics. Not The bigger girl larger picture of global outreach and appealing to more casual fans began the this is super interesting to me You see right after this happened. They'll daily the Elliot's still reiterating their point. We're not close to being there. We continue to believe the negatives outweighed the positives But the pressures on them right now. It is have a column on this on on Thursday but I find it to be a real kind of head on desk. I think for a lot of us. When it comes to the Olympics you explain I stand with the NHL in their fight against the the single most corrupt organization outside fever? And I think that they played their hand really well because the NHL said look. We don't think we get anything going to Chiang. Also the is is skimping on the money they used to give us. We're not GONNA go so a bunch of replacement players went nobody cared and the said you know what maybe we should. Just go back to the way things were so Kudos Gary Bettman and Bill Daley and everybody else for taking a stand in calling their bluff seven and now the IFC comes crawling back. That was smart and I stand with them until it comes to the point when you realize that may may be none of this is actually about the Olympics. Maybe all of this is simply them finding a pressure point to try to get the CB extension. They want they're using it as a thing where they're like well. I don't know if we should go unless we get A. CPA in place even though the CBA deadline comes after the Olympics the players are more than willing to figure out an international calendar going forward for Olympics and World Cups and Ryder Cups and all that stuff. They're less willing to tie an event that again happens before the CBA expires expires to the extension of the current CBA. And where I really really really really really get fresh with the. NHL Is that they're on the side of good and light for most of the stuff because they really should get more out of the experience than they have and then they turn around and I and they start getting it and then it's still like you know for lack of a better term playing grab ass and saying well I don't know if the owners want to go even other getting everything that they kind kinda wanted in theory so it's a real it's frustrating for someone who who has supported the NHL throughout this fight. Against the I two now realize that. Maybe it's not about Siasi. I don't think it has to be quite frank. I still think that they're using all of these things as excuses. Like I think once they turned in two thousand the eighteen and didn't go and then Kinda start selling those themselves and the owners on this idea like why were we even going in the first place. We're not getting anything out of it. You know the risk of injuries too big the you know the subject of the season too disruptive they really started believing it and that's my personal belief is now they're going to be need to be talked off the ship because they really don't. I don't WanNa go yeah. I don't believe they. They really don't WanNa go by the way I mean I just don't I cannot process the the amount of investment that they've made in the Chinese market going over there taking their product they're bringing the games they're working with the Chinese government government who has given the NHL substantial money through different corporations to bring games. They're like all of this stuff leads to a dream. Cream of Bill Daley's which is the tap the Chinese Asian markets better than the. NHL has their way behind the other sports. Insofar as figuring out a way to monetize those markets and I just don't think it would seem so counterintuitive to me to spend as much time laying the groundwork as they have their to then not bring in their product to the centerpiece of vent in Chinese sports for the next decade. Like it doesn't make any sense to me but listen it's the NHL wouldn't be the first title. Things didn't really make sense to me. Decision wise I understand what they want to shut down their season. If they do shut down their season they wanNA keep all all the prophets. I completely understand that but from a league perspective and from like you said a big picture perspective. It just seems like a no brainer to bring your product to China if if you've been trying to bring your product China and you have your product to China. Okay here's something I want to throw out there though we know that Gary Bettman and came from the NBA and is often influenced by decisions that they made including wanting to establish a presence in China. What happened with the NBA and China? The last couple months Daryl Amaury happened and that became a huge eyesore for the league and really hampered their goals there and and in many ways set back and became a huge distraction and maybe cost the league maybe millions of dollars are they risk averse in that sense. That are scared that there could be a daryl. Morey that Kinda screws it all out for them. They're like what we're playing with fire here. Maybe China's it's not as important as we thought it's entirely possible. I mean I'm not not ruling that out but at the same time it's like they're still. I mean they've still been uh digging for oil. There haven't been looking. I mean it's it's not as if they don't know the political realities of of the Chinese government and and they're still bringing games they're bringing players there and having you know guys glad glad hand fans and things like that so but I don't. I don't dispute the fact that there there are certainly some considerations of that nature when it comes to being business with the Chinese but we'll we'll say I I I tend to believe this is going to work out. I've always been optimistic that it's going to work out and never really bought the idea that we weren't going to Beijing. We'll see you. You see more pessimistic than I do. I am and mostly just because I've listened to Bill Deli and Gary Bettman for the last more than eighteen months. It's feels feels like two years now. Isn't that in posturing it's just the same things over and over again where there's drilling out. They don't WanNa go. They don't WanNa go. They called out on all their bluffs with all these deadlines boroughs IHF with Vassal saying like. Oh you've got to get us to this deadline. They call them out. They call the ballot and I just feel like they have such a stronghold on this idea that they don't like go they kind of hold all the leverage right. Now Yeah we shall see all right now. It's time for a favorite segment of the week. Phil Kessel so now. Tot Dogs now. He does not love to eat hotdogs. Weekly looking sad and straighten Edward. It's Phil Kessel hotdogs. It's the moment where each week we take a look at the hockey media and the things that are said that are dumb and the reactions actions that are made that are dumber Damien Cox has appeared in this segment many times in the appears again this week talking about the Toronto Maple leafs goaltending on February fifth after Michael Hutchinson was torched by the Rangers. This is on kyle dubious. He designed this all skill. Not We know grit team. He said two years to get back up goalie. He believes in hockey theories few others do. That's fine but if this team can't make the playoffs that's on him. I am twenty minutes later. After the leaves trade for Jack Campbell Damien Cox Davis obviously realized. You couldn't wait any longer. Campbell should be an upgrading reading goal. The Data Damien Cox. Today's later on February seventh leaf. Goalie problem not solved apparently Damien Cox the two days later on February ninth not sure about the tying goal but otherwise. I can't believe night represented a promising step forward for the leaves in dealing with their goalie changes. They looked in charge. I don't know about you but I got whiplash. I've actually wearing a neck. Brace right now I got so much flesh. So where did we land here is is answer. I think prompt promising promising step forward is where we are four days after in two years to get it back up goalie. So there you go all right now we're PUCK HEADLINES DATELINE ALBERTA BAD news for both the flames and the oilers obviously marked your Dano a week to week with a hamstring ring injury. That happened since last. PODCAST announced today as you the podcast convert gave it two to three weeks with a quad injury. He's gone back to Toronto to Rehab with his people. Not Good News at all horrible news in fact for those of us who are dying to see Convic- David in the playoffs. Can the oilers survive without. Jesus three weeks no but they can maintain status. That is quote. which is maybe you know? Split the next few games their next six games are actually in eastern division opponents after they play the blackhawks tonight on Tuesday and then when mcdavid should be back at the end of the buff is when they go against the Pacific Division again with such tight race in anyone's game. So maybe they can in starve off Total single until then But I wouldn't expect anything out of the team for the next two to three weeks or however long with David ends up being out the the oil as we do this. podcast have sixty four points tied for second in the Pacific with Vegas. Keep in mind that the Arizona coyotes are currently the team on the outside looking again and they have sixty three points to remind you how close and tight and how three bad weeks away someone could be from being on the outside looking at the Pacific Division Dateline Alex Ovechkin so he's at six hundred ninety eight goals as Tuesday two games in a row without got a goal with the world watching clearly. Emily cracking under pressure. How much money did bury trots put on the board yesterday to tell us? Alex Ovechkin is not breaking the record against us because islanders played better than I've seen them play in many many moons. Yeah one of the funniest things in that game two was just maybe one of the longest waits for confirmation on a goal that lovie potentially tipped in front of the net. They ended up giving it to John Carlson but like they can't get that that wrong right and it's it's good that they got it right as I think why no pointed out ovechkin hit seven hundred and then gets one of taken away after the game would pick. NHL So glad that happened. I WILL BE IN DENVER FOR THE CAPS next game on Thursday against the avalanche. Hopefully there to witness history but we shall see he's GonNa obviously hit seven hundred soon and I hope he does it sooner than later we could say on that sixty goal pace and they can do it when one of those games are on. ESPN plus your one of those games on ESPN plus but also could keep slicing and dicing his way into that Gretzky ski record. Oh man it's going to happen. Dateline calder trophy. All right we've been talking Kale versus Quinn all season. As of right now it. It's the status quo Queen Hughes your rookie leader in points as a defenseman. I mean mean rookie leader overall. But he's also a defendant. Calma car has the better points per game. Average by a pretty wide margin over over Quinn but are we missing the big picture here. Are we arguing about two elite young defensive. We should be talking about a certain hip swiveling goaltender in Columbus who might run through and win. The calder Elvis. Moore's Lincoln's and I don't know why no one's asked. This is question sooner. It's genius. Yeah we should be talking about him. He's probably the best story in hockey right now. And I look at the last goals won the calder for ironically or maybe on ironically Steve Mason with the blue jackets. He played a pretty much a full season. But then you've got Andrew Ray craft with the Bruins. He went twenty nine eighteen. Okay that's the full season most of these guys have full seasons but I'm trying to say But if Ovitz's as impactful as he's been I would give my vote to him As of right now he has a nine thirty evens. Rates Save percentage or a nine hundred overall save percentage rather with a two nineteen goals against average twelve five overall twenty four starts. I mean we'll see long season. Obviously I think he's kind of exerted his will into that race a little bit dateline been caught stealing. Oh look at Major League baseball with its Fancy Nancy you maybe we let the WELKER teams pick their opponents idea that they totally stole from the Southern Professional Hockey League two years ago come on you tell them yeah everything. That's great came from hockey. We know that except for the stuff we steal from the NBA. We've talked about this format before four. I think on this podcast I still I think. There's two ways look at it. One is that teams are cowards. They will just pick the team. There's a post play out of fear of making the wrong decision and God forbid you like are supposed to play the eight seed and you pick the seven seed because you think that they're going to be an easier matchup and then the seventies like what we are now really angry and then you know. Sweep you blue jacket style but where I think. This format is interesting. Thing for Major League Baseball or any sport is the idea that if there is a catastrophic injury I if if you are in the Pacific Division drivers seat and you have your choice between Arizona and Vegas and Vegas just lost flurry to injury and you have the ability to Pick Doc Vegas as your first round opponent because of that. Well I mean that. That's that's an interesting wrinkle. If you're going to have this format that I suppose picking your opponents thing I do. If they're wrinkle also includes a big prime time TV special where you can make it entertainment. I think baseball has learned in the path. That struggling for relevancy is not easy and look. They've been in the news lately for not great things but at least the relevant right. It's like a big big scandal. Were grown men are standing in hallways banging trash cans and a big trade that nobody understands. Why happened between two marquee franchises like those things are good and they keep people talking about it and if you can get a big event on Fox Primetime where you've got you know mookie Betts with the dodgers going up saying we choose to play the lowly Chicago cubs in the first round? Like that's awesome. Yeah that would be awesome. I'm actually with you even beyond that. There should be more special event type things that happened in sports. Like like one of my favorite things. Low Key in in all sports is the FETA World Cup group draw like like. That's a fun event. And I wish there was more stuff like that for like the playoffs on an annual basis to more dateline Anaheim a record crowd for the US National Women's team on home soil. Thirteen thousand thousand three hundred twenty packed the Anaheim's arena to watch our our heroes defeat Canada for three on Bacon. Bo's ex power play goal. Roll forty two seconds into overtime awesome event. Lots of people digging it and a big old crowd again for this barnstorming tour between the Americans and Canadians. I have to give credit here to the Anaheim ducks who did a heck of job promoting this event and when it comes to women's in sports promotion matters and they took this extremely seriously. They tried to get new fans into their arena. They tried to get existing fans into their arena. And I know that the ladies appreciated it and I think that should be the standard And you know I compare this to when they played in Hartford Connecticut at the Excel Centre a few months ago and like there were editors unders at ESPN ESPN. W didn't even know that event was going on which is just a shame really so I've got to give credit to the docks and this seemed like a great rivalry series. It seems like the mental going forward and They want so who who's not cinema cinema happy as they say dateline finally dateline. The Oscars Sir had literal tears in my eyes parasite one. I was so happy a love that movie. It's a perfect movie and I love that. Who made it and I love how it got made and I love that? It's somehow somehow a foreign language film with actual subtitles overcame a war movie with the British Thespians. To Win Best Picture. I could could not be happier at the results of the Oscars. What was your takeaway from these Academy Awards? Emily and I need to see parasite the uncultured idiot. Who hasn't seen it? I think a lot of people haven't seen it to be honest with you. I think subtitles scare people. There was a thread that our good friend. Katie bakes from the ringer hit me too about like should be dubbing movies versus subtitles. I think there's a large contingent the people that would rather watch a movie than have to read subtitles with the cooling up a parasite. I'm trying to tell people. Is that like. Yeah there's stuff you gotta read to keep up with the plot but it's not as if it is a constant stream of subtitles like there's a lot in the movie. That just tells the story through visuals. which is you know? Filmmaking how exciting what did you think of the Eminem drop drop in twenty years after eight mile the confused. There aren't very confused. Can you explain to me I. He didn't perform perform. When when yourself one so I guess this correct the record? I don't know it's it was a very random thing it got their start. Relevancy woke up. Some people So it's the Oscars were the Oscars. And and congratulations to all the winners congratulations to walking Phoenix for an Alzheimer Acceptance Speech. That if you had a cow insemination on your Oscar Bingo Card well boy howdy. Did you make out okay after that speech now. It's time for the rent line. Thank Greg and Emily Something tracking the holiest kind of pitches being all about the hockey world. In general is seen goal border. Every single one admits the east coast. Does this thing get nobody. Nobody does a single thing to try to correct doc. Those issues. I mean kid team start you know earlier on the East Coast to coast and later as is a rather take pat a team in the central can sail to watch the games that late people who can pay to literally watch carefully watched them the next morning. Thanks for everything first of all. Good Sir how do you know that. Emily covers the western conference has always covered the western conference. I'll have you know that I relocated to California last year so I don't know who this every hockey reporter thing is but emily and I are fighting the good fight against East Coast bias while working for a company based in Bristol Connecticut. I truly believe that I have a central time bias. I believe that central time is the best time zone. All teams that play in the central time zone have an inherent advantage so I will vote for all of them for awards. I would never vote for any west conference people for awards. I mean. There's an east coast bias not bias for all the Eastern Conference and it can in for heart Jordan Benton can get the shore. Pasture Dot Clark's Carlson. Norris to calder vitral of San based on sample size. So that's a good pick. Yes L. Key obviously Patrice Bergeron shot up to the God awed being awesome out US obviously. Yeah is there any other Toronto. Maybe you should get the soup man as the you know. He hasn't played like fifty games. But you can get him in the calder. Jackie you've both Jack. Adams is a three way tie between Mike Sullivan Sheldon. Keefe and Bruce Cassidy. Ready to get buried trots the nomination for real though I I try not to be as cynical as I used to be about the voting at a good conversation Frank Survey about cynicism the other day and vote and the voters voters I think I think people have gotten better. I think people are no longer simply just paying attention to the teams they watch paying paying attention to the Games they watch. I think that East Coast bias has eased up a little bit when it comes to the awards I think there is AH also the. Pow Way does a good job of diversifying. Its voter base to try to get as many people from different geographic areas as they can involve not just make the Boston Toronto awards awards so like I think it's gotten better is what I'm trying to say. I don't think it has to get better because like if you if your job is to cover hockey and you're never watching Connor mcdavid allies pederson like on a daily basis. What are you doing? You're not covering forty percent of the best players league so all right well I I. I don't disagree. It's a problem but I think it's gotten better as the point. Thank the rent line to the Great Williams for joining us. I'm great wishing ski. You can buy stuff in. ESPN DOT COM. I my call him. The wishlist comes out on Thursdays will be about the Olympics Issue this week also. Oh my podcast puck soup with me. Ron Ryan Lambert where we say. Naughty words is also found weekly tunes and do check that out as well and you were awesome on the daily this week I was talking talking lovie. That's a a real fun podcast to be a part of an and and As I said to me I was honored to be on because I was under the impression that it was going to be an XFL. Only podcast going forward based on her tweets responded to you. I believe we're next this whole network going forward so just an honor to be able to get some hockey in their exactly exactly the XFL. I am I'm Emily Kathleen Emily. M Kaplan follow Miss Stuff online and all I have to say his bye bye.

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