REShow: Carson Palmer and Kyle Brandt. Hour 2 (10-07-20)


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But this is the rich Eisen show. It's difficult for you guys not to jump when hard counts even though you probably know it's come. From the Rich Eisen show studio in Los Angeles. In the huddle is gone three and you get to lawn in his voice just sells his so much. You be convinced on one created earlier on the show Vikings running back Delvin cook coming up three time. quarterback Carson, Palmer Co, host of Good Morning Football Kyle brand plus from the new film honesty actor, Jon Courtney, and now Rich is. Okay. Everybody. Welcome to our number two of the rich Eisen show we are on the air here in Los Angeles. Dalvin Cook Great Chat with him our number one Kyle Brandt good morning football will be on the Horn in about twenty minutes time the actor Jon Courtney from the film honest thief and he's best known for his work and suicide squad captain. Boomerang he will be joining us in our number. Three Chris Brockman got a news update. I just got a lot off my chest about the Yankees. if you missed any of it you could see it on peacock right here when we're done, you can watch back anytime you want that's the on demand streaming live is well on NBC sports on Peacock Right. Now Sirius Xm radio richeisenshow terrestrial. Say Hello to the Mightier ten ninety and southern California. in specific and Um, and we say hello to somebody who knows a lot about southern California and it was great to see you know when I I I host NFL the grind on epic's when I'm done here on Tuesday, go to NFL network and I shoot that show work with NFL films, which is amazing epochs, which is amazing and and then it's On tonight at nine eastern time on epochs and It's a a an amazing look at the week through the Lens of a couple of correspondence, as well as an essay looking forward to next week and say that look back to the week that just hit and then correspondence usually go to stadiums. But in cove nineteen world, we have to be a little bit more inventive. And who's more inventive than Chatto Jacinto? Chad Johnson Aka formerly known as just Ocho Cinco correct now, he's just known as Chad Johnson against stuff to keep up with tough to keep up. All right. So Chad went to Idaho why would chan go to Idaho their NFL Games in IDAHO WITH HIS NFL game watching an Idaho. And the person who he went and visited in Idaho. Is none other than his former quarterback Carson Palmer Day watched the bengals versus Jacksonville and watch Joe Borough. With his first game in the same uniform number the Carson war hooking up with t higgins who were the wearing the same number uniform as Chad Johnson right now. So, there's a new nine and eighty five and the old nine and eighty five watch them together. ME. I honestly would expect your response to be how dare anybody where eighty five. That's rude. Route it is. Let's just. Do person a championship or But you still set on. When people see the number eighty five. I think. Regardless of what team is the eighty-five it just resonates with Chad that play there. He's bigger than me. Busy Yeah How great is that? Did you sitting there watching television? And size said, let's get Carson Palmer on a program. Not, just because I I love him and he's great to have here and I've him for a long time but there's no chance I'd be able to reach Chattanooga. A. Show. which is my only way of introducing Carson Palmer back here to the rich Eisen show you carson. Rich. Great. Thanks for having me. How was it having chat over? Who Was it was awesome. Seen each other and I don't know twelve, thirteen fourteen years I'm Ryan, he actually you know he rolled up in a motor home you got out with some cowboy boots on and he actually I told him he he actually looks like he's got younger since I've seen him at ten or fifteen years. So it was really good to reconnect and sit down and wash bengals play no kit. That's how long it has been since you last actually. Were in the same room as Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson. That's how long it's been. Yeah. Yeah. We were to get in in Cincinnati. He got traded to New England, right? I didn't play against him when he was in Newark New England or Miami, and then he was out of the League and doing some stuff for for different networks and and doing all kinds of social media stuff and I would then went on to Arizona and we just didn't have a chance to connect. We talked when we were in in In whatever towns the Super Bowl was was in just couldn't connect and finally got a chance to connect with my backyard when he came rolling up in a motor home in Idaho looking for Bison. So it was it was. It. was good to see him and reconnect them and like I said watch the bengals play. All right. Let's go hit the the way back machine a little bit before we get to the present day. Then when was the first time you met Chad? What was the first conversation you've ever had without Joe Cinco do you remember that Carson Palmer? I I was drafted by the Bengals flew from the draft in New York City to Cincinnati and he showed up I rolled in the locker room with a suit on and you know cameras around and media, and he was in his locker waiting for me came up to me gave me a big hug and they went right into the press conference with the and at sat in the back of the room you know welcome you with open arms back in two, thousand and three. Wow. That's how long and then what was he like in the huddle you got a good story playing with him. What he was doing the Pairing of burying signs in this in the snow and putting with pylons and things like that after scoring touchdowns. In the huddle he was annoying he was always telling me how. Come to me this play come to me this play. I go back and watch the show and he was double and triple coverage but. He was never covered nobody could cover them and Once you once you get to know a guy like Chad and that kind of personality you know you take each time he says I'm wide open with a grain of salt and make sure that you know when you when you go to with the ball, that is a one on one situation or he is open. But I mean that was just you know the love love of the Game Love Life Chat. He was so much fun to with and you know he was a great guy to have in the locker room. He always brought some levity, the practice field when you were tired or you know you, you've lost the week before he always made it. He always made it fun. And the NEAT thing to Carson is I. Know You. Personally away from this phone call and this microphone and know that you are in your home your dad I so but your kids do know what what you know who you are and what you did, but it's not you. How did you explain to them? WHO's coming over to the house? Carson. About that yeah. That chat show Nice. Professional relationship was before any of my kids were really born. I've got a little four year old named Carter run around the house. I don't even think he knows really what football is definitely doesn't know that I played football but Chad came in the house. He was nine o'clock in the morning he shows up and he's smoking a cigar. Just staring at him going who is this guy? Nothing in his mouth. and. Why is he in a house? I'm like Chad me and get out of the House Cigar this. Can't do that. I got kids around. You know he went outside and. My four year olds just chatterbox. So he just follow chat around way back about his tattoos and Jabber showing. Chad's got a whole leg of forecast tattoos and entire leg. You know kneecap down and my son Carter was kind of just thought that was amazing. These got shampoo on his leg. So there was a lot of fun for all of us and you know chats the big kids. So he treats all the kids You know great and just fun to be around. Yeah. It sounds it sounds like a movie it sounds like. It sounds like it comes Jack like Uncle Buck walking in you know I mean that's exactly what it's. Called Chad. Walking Sounds like a John Hughes movie busted out as opposed to NFL, the grind on epic's. But you can see tonight at nine eastern time at Carson Palmer here on the rich Eisen show. Also, you'll see a chat that you and chat with t higgins and Joe Borough after they won and you just you know. So let's get to the football aspect of this thing I, it's kind of ridiculous to say this when he's got a heisman trophy. And he's got sixty touchdowns last year from LSU and he's first overall pick like you. But Joe Boroughs real deal Carson. Out about it, there's no doubt I mean he's. The expectations that are put on you when you're the number one, pick our intense you're going to a team that didn't win very many games that year before and they were the worst team league. You probably don't have a ton of talent around you and you're expected to carry your team and he is absolutely exceeded all expectations. In my opinion he wanted to play well and and you expect some rookie throws and rookie mistakes here and there, and he's done such a good job. With the ball he hasn't forced many throws he's thrown some really really mature You know veteran tight throws I. Think back that last game against. against Jacksonville, going in to the end zone at the end of a two minute drill in the first half, and you know you get in the ten yard line and there's there's a few seconds left o'clock and you want to throw the ball in the end zone. You feel like you have to throw the ball in the end zone and he takes the cheque down and gives the ball to a playmaker on the edge and Joe Mixing makes the guy miss gets gets in the end zone and it's just a really you know very mature decision, very mature throw for him to Put the ball on Joe Joe. Mixing, and that situation he just consistently does that he does the ball he's getting hit every time. He drops back. He's getting hit completing balls with with touch and feathering the ball in zones over linebackers heads, and underneath safeties and just you know it really I. I hate to put too much on on a young guy. But he's exceeded all expectations and played better than than I think really anybody in Cincinnati expected and probably throughout the League and not a lot of people are seeing play The Nation got to see him play on Thursday night against Cleveland and I mean that was that was as good of a week. Three Rookie quarterback game is can as I can remember him they lost but man, he's carrying his team he's putting on his back and not forcing throws not making rookie decision but it's been a really really bright spot in Cincinnati. It's been great. It has a I echo every sentiment and you know I haven't. You know I don't watch with the I had like you do. Knowing, what decisions can be made or what he is making in? Mistakes could have been made I. mean it really does seem just from the naked eye just as a fan sitting back that he's got the weaponry and he's utilizing it and he's getting better every week you know I don't know if they'll make the playoffs I mean not but I don't think that that's necessary either it seems like he's in a good spot carson right. I'd be shocked if they made the playoffs, I mean you've got Baltimore and Pittsburgh and your deficient, and that's always kind of the hard part for for the bengals. But I mean I think the thing that jumps out most is how accurate he is getting hit right after he's throwing it and just as he's releasing the ball or seeing defender coming at him Scott Free, he's still throwing the ball accurately down the field and not throwing it into coverage when you see these young guys come in the League and You know they're getting hit by bigger faster, more physical stronger guys and it's easy to shy away from hits or it's easy to miss a ball a little lower little outside but he's standing in the pocket. He's natural in the pocket. He's got his eyes downfield. He's moving just enough out of the way to be able to hold on that ball for a split second longer right before he gets hit to let his guy, get open or let his receiver be thrown open by by the touch that he's throwing the ball with so. I mean I you know like I said, you hate to put so much praise on a young Guy but he's he's just looked so mature and so natural. I know it's it's a familiar system for him but you think back to the guy didn't have much training camp or any OTA's couldn't get together with his his receivers Chad and I used to do all summer long in. Los. Angeles at Home Depot Center because of Kobe you know he didn't have that. Extra reps away from the practice facility thrown with his guy. So you know everything he's done his like I said exceeded exceeded my expectations Carson Palmer here on the rich Eisen show I guess just walk through the front door as opposed to being You know a inferring I mean the story at the Super Bowl was quite a bit Carson about whether you thought Cincinnati would be the right spot for him and that made a lot of news as I'm sure. You know and it just seems to me that he's got a J. Green. He's Got Boyd Got Mixing and he's got a coach that doesn't seem to be on any hot seat and a successor of yours at USC Sam Darnold he he would sign for that right now wish for something like that. It seems like he's in a horrible spot, but it does seem like Barros in the right spot that do you think that Cincinnati is is doing right by him. Carson. Well. He's also got t higgins jona Williams at left tackle on. But you know that that offense alignment will continues that offense line will continue to get better and like we said earlier, you know I don't know if since he makes the playoffs but the future is bright with Joe. You know you just hope that that organization continues to spend like they did this offseason, they spend a bunch of money in free agency. You hope that they continue to spend and build around him and you know aren't satisfied with you know nine, seven, ten and six. You hope that they they they want to win a championship as bad as. Joe Does, and the rest of those guys on that team. So time will tell you know obviously, history doesn't bode well with the amount of losing that organizations done. But with Joe in and that young talent they have offense and and like you said, Aj, you know what? A great spot for t higgins to go right Binay Jay Green who's been a dominant receivers Chad was in his heyday. So what do you make of? Darnold, what's happening with him and what you're seeing on or if you caught any of the Thursday night game on that was nationally up there. What do you think about what's happening to the former USC Trojan will? New York I. Think He needs a lot of help and fast You know everybody hopes everybody saw the run he took off and. You know the forty yard touchdown he ran the athleticism that he has. But when you don't have T- Higgins Aj Green and Joe Mixing in the Backfield I, Know Lady on Bells Been Hurt I don't know if I can name a receiver on the new. York. Jets roster. But since since Sam's been with the jets, he just hasn't had. AGO weapon outside he hasn't had a dominant back in the backfield lady on Bill's been banged up. The offensive. Line. Is Struggling I mean I just you watch Sam play and and there isn't a lot hope that that they're going to figure it out quick just because they don't have a true number one, they don't have the offense. The jets, no of of the debris rickshaw in nick mangled years past they're there they they just don't have the support and Sam does not have the support That you would hope he would have in year three or four whatever this is for him. So you know I I still think he has a ton of game I think he can spend it with the best of them I think he's a great athlete has pocket presence is top five in the league and you don't get to see it because he's under so much pressure. You can see a quarterback's pocket presence when one guy comes and he can avoid him and stuff up in the pocket and create a pocket to throw in. But when when you're trying to step up in the pocket and there's three guys coming free I don't care if you're Mike Vick. Russell Wilson I. Don't it doesn't matter who you are. You can't avoid those kinds of plays and you know Sam just is you know he struggled because he doesn't have. A. Lot of confidence. It looks like in the guys around him unfortunately, and last one for you, Carson. You. Know we had last you had you on when Brady hooked up with the box in you said he and Arians and just going to be like peanut butter and Jelly what do you make of the first four weeks of this offense? You know there's been a lot of injury in OJ. Howard's out now and Godwin probably won't be back for this early week contest to kick off week five. But what are you seeing about the cohesiveness in this offense coming together that you know so well, Carson Were I think the sky's the limit and they couldn't be in a better situation at a better time. You know Mike Evans has been banged up now lost OJ and and You're getting a chance to see that you know Gronkowski's getting the rust off. That's been he. He did sit out for an entire year as it did and he didn't get kind of targets early on in this season. But you know now he's got a chance to kind of get his feet wet get that rust off. Mike Evans been banged up Godwin's been banged up you want to see those those injuries. If you're a new unit in a new system early, you don't WanNa see those in late November and early December so I I just think it's time up right for them to be banged up for them to find other playmakers find other guys they can count on his they do get into those cold months. November. December and January and you know five touchdowns at age forty, three it's amazing. It's spectacular and and this is still there only in the first quarter of the season. This is only you know this town's first quarter of being in a new system and you know Byron left which the Play colors I four weeks with Tom and getting more and more comfortable with him and seeing what he likes seeing what he dislikes. So I think the sky's the limit I think the system is great I know the system great and they're going through some trials and tribulations early on which you kind of expect you know Brady was in one system in one organization for so long you don't expect him just to pick up where he left off like he's twenty six again, you expect to see those struggles. We saw those struggles early in week against the saints when they lost and I I. Just think that unit continues to get healthier continues to get more comfortable with Tom in the huddle and Tom you know at that practice on Game Day how is how he likes certain routes and certain concepts and certain play calls at certain times. So you know I like I said, I, think the sky's the limit and they're they're gonNA start hitting on all cylinders here in the next couple of weeks and and maybe you know get the point where you know we're all talking about the bucks and how unstoppable there on offense and how much better defense is going to be getting the season whereas on. Last one for you Carson, you mentioned rust in mentioned being rusty. Just quick I guess easy question who's more rusty somebody who hasn't played in a year and Gronk or your barber i. saw you on. An ethics on the the video and it's going to be on tonight. couldn't help but notice who's more rusty somebody who hasn't played football in a year or the person who cuts your hair. Carson. Cuts, my hair me this is the cova cut. Down you haven't been to a barber since right around Christmas time right before. Christmas right and doing it myself. You know I was I looked online and I ordered a flow be he the? From Wayne's world. Cut Yes right by. Myself Floaty and I've been doing it myself and I'm okay with it. I'm okay with it I. Don't I'm married my wife's okay with it. So you know I'm GonNa keep riding until this covert thing is gone I can get back into the Barbara Okay because we couldn't help. But notice again you have that rustic look it does match one would think big. Sky Country Idaho. Occasion. You do have a quitter count although you're not really on it. One of the most used Jeff's on twitter is the moment of Robert Nodding his head from. Jeremiah Johnson it's very similar. Very similar. You Know Carson got. That's look I was going for it got nailed it. I think he's stuck the landing I don't I don't think Robert Redford cut his his own hair for that film though now with the flow be I don't think so but it's close. It takes a special talent. Here on the show, we say we go higher register when we really don't believe what we're saying you Kinda went higher addresses saying you kind of like it. You said I I'm okay with it like you literally went that way. So you really are okay with it. You know I don't like shading and I don't like spending an hour in in a barber just don't like I don't know anybody I know a lot of women like going to the Salon and spending time I feel like I'm wasting my time I there's better things I could be doing so cove it has been a great excuse for me. Got It just to let it go and and make sure that term the beings just a mess of the hair is not in my eyes itching my eyes and all the rest of it it just let it go I, put a hat on I go outside. You know I do my thing and and You know I'm I'm just taking my time. Letting it go. It's. It's not quite a mullet i. don't know what you would call it like we China anybody references yourself and Robert Redford. For Clint Eastwood. Me and use US name that's a win. That's a w. you ask him a quick quick asking the question real quick, and then we'll, and then we'll send him on his day Shirt Art Carson we've got a bond question today who in the sports world would make the best bond inch men, conor McGregor Bo ban is Latin or marshawn Lynch, but do you think? The hedge only two names I know on that list or or Conor McGregor in marshawn Lynch, and those are two of my favorite people on the planet I anything that marched on is on I will watch anything anytime conor, McGregor, is fighting or anything on his social media account I eat up. So can I pick both of those? Those those are literally to my favorite people kind of picked both of them. Yes. Carson in the same way that I choose I can't choose what I like more your hair your beard. On the same way? You Take Care Carson. Best. Your family I, always appreciate catching up with you. Anytime he was a man that's Carson Palmer. Best. Telling your kid. So Okay Today Dad's GonNa have a friend over. Same it's Chad. Oh Fun I like. These trolls in the door nine with a cigar I mean lit in the house. Rolled up in an RV he said, I mean. That, in all honesty is probably part of the protocol for the shoot. Got It. You know what I mean. Like that's part of the protocol is comprised of. Is GonNa get you an RV and we're GONNA. That's how we're GONNA roll. That's how you can get ready. That's where you can go. We can hang up. I'm just spitballing here that sounds like protocol to me. Kyle Brandt of good morning football and ten questions with Kyle Brandt on his pod always fun when he calls and he is next. Sports keep coming back. So does your chance to bet on them with our exclusive wagering partner Ben Online Major League Baseball is now in full swing and the NBA has also begun. There's no shortage of ways to get in on the action. Belen has all the odds futures props for you to bet on visit online today to check out all the odds and up-to-date sports news. 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Always enjoyable Kyle Brandt his on hold, and we'll keep him there for just another couple of seconds while we're waiting for the. Terrestrial Radio Audience, to return. How does one cut their own hair? Again, I'm a follicly-challenged man with flabby Khloe. A. Wants. It's actually pretty cool. You've. Of course you have. One of the one of my just look in a mirror and you just do it and you just Kinda do then just let it. It does suck and cut. so that's exactly what carpets at. It sucks your hair cuts Wayne's world. She got which I laughed because I. I mean. I've been cutting my own hair since I was twenty four but I just buzzed by the way that was your call pre show that he looked like Robert Redford I mean. You know the nodding and nodding. Doubt. It's. With somebody or it's like bring it on when you agree with somebody that's the the the nod right. But when you agree with somebody eats Jack Nicholson. It's not. From from the department. Yeah, he's not. Glass. Race to me when the. Pro. Here's somebody I use the. D-. The famed caprio Chip Yeah. We're back you're on terrestrial radio network, Rich Eisen show great chat with Carson. Palmer just moments ago. And, he does look like Jeremiah Johnson. He's got the whole hair going. He hasn't had his haircut time said since Christmas, it's been a while. Coming up on a year. I wouldn't even know how that works. I wouldn't even know this man's been letting it go a little bit but he's in styling. He's got he's got flow but. I've been seeing. Lettuce Kyle Kyle Brandt of good morning football and ten questions with Kyle Brandt popular podcast on spotify and the Ringer back here on the program. How are you call? Rich everybody could hear all these conversations you guys are having because I'm on hold listening and I wanted in bad I I'm like the guy in midnight express pressed against the glass. Let me in I wanNA talk about the cut and rich. US. There is a jeff get thing as it pertains those little animated things on social media and it goes back to a very. Puzzling, fork in the road where everyone said. Gift Gif right and then as far as the inventor of mediums media and no no no, it's Jif. Peanut butter and so everybody partied into Jif for gifts, camps and I understand that your guy. Well Kyle. You know what I It's not my first. Rodeo when NFL network we're starting it was wondering do we? We were calling terrel Owens, we calling Terrell Owens because it Cheryl Davis and then Then t o faces we came out and said I'm terrible and I would actually have to on my nfl total access notes right the word T. E. R. L. to remind myself to say that but nothing caused greater conundrum for me. Then when Keenan mccardell said he was mcardle and I. And I like first of all, where does that come from and secondly how dare he That's a three syllable situation and there were there were many a moment where it was dicey from a so. We're ripped from the headlines to rich to the season two two evenings in a row on Monday night Steve. Levy has had a pronunciation of thing trending on twitter where I was the raiders running back who we all thought that his name was Jaylen Rashard but then it turns out it's Jalen recharge. And then the bigger one layer, the chief. Edward The E. I Bet Steve Spent. All Week looking into this and maybe even talk into class busy layer. So maybe he's right I I was wondering the same thing and people sent me on twitter a video from Lsu. They said go to the three minute mark and you hear how he pronounces it and he said he later it's just that leaves leaves is just so. Into everything he just he he's. So just he is like the the the the and that's why he's been at it for so long and so popular is that he got sick gets that hitch in his throat you know like once you have is a fan and so on occasion sometimes it would sound like. A pig vomit from. From. The Howard start from from private parts where it was like you like. Layer, like it was like the. New was basically it was basically like Paul Giamati went to him before Monday night football and made him say in the mirror over and over again and it was cloudy. And Breezy assets right. That's what we we were on for many months. I only wish leave you this coming weekend could cover a game featuring Chris Fu a follow up because then we could go anywhere with that. My. Last point on this is we're riffing. For Mooch we we had him once upon a time say Hala Paulo booty vitae or something like that and spell it and his spelling being and on Game Day morning it was. It's still it's still an instant classic hollow Pooley Ati Vitality Go. Draw Pool of VRT restaurant. attacked. By is in the hall of fame and Ritz. The only other guy would wanNA shout out his from from your one time neck of the woods Tishman Biakabutuka can. You GotTa love, him me to how are you? Great. This is why I love the show I thought I'm here about Haircut Q.. And we're five minutes. And a half minutes in my kind of hang to brain here on the rich Eisen show. Okay. I thought for a second. I feel like we hit this every week. But why not I thought for a second that Nagy was going to pull the trigger back on trubisky in the middle of that game because it was looking so So I guess pedestrian with Nick Foles what? What gives an all that. Stuff. Not Allow Tabuchi and it would have been fascinating if the leash and Nicholas was even shorter. You know one of those retractable leashes with the little thumb button and the bag attached to it that appears. Nagy. Rolled with that was one of the Stranger Bear Games I've seen in my life. It was so strange in fact that nationally I don't think really anybody saw it, and if you were watching red zone, they never went to the game. There were never any place. So this game was in the upside down and no one watched it and you see this new. Ended no one's going what's going on with Foale's I noticed on the the rich Eisen show twitter account earlier you were doing a a bit in which you're asking for gifts or Jeff's as it were ascribe your team that's right and. That is into the. Game, and now I'm looking at the Ted Knight. Judge smells just where waiting. Like that's where I'm at. We were supposed to have the whole reckoning, with nick, foles and it taps into something in the neurosis of bears fence, which is the whole thing falls, which is Nick foles if you want him to jump off of a skyscraper holding onto. Tarzan. Vine with a baby in his hands as the building explodes, he is the man, the miracle maker, but sometimes you just want. Someone, to just make a ham sandwich and I don't know if he can do that every day it was every fear confirmed for bears fans that he's great in a crisis break foles in case of emergency, but really pedestrian at regular times. So what happens now Brady's coming into the house off of five touchdown performance at age forty, three I mean that's that's happening tomorrow night. I know on the shortest week and it's all these these apologists are saying for nagging falls. Well, you know did not on the same page with his receivers and got to work well too bad. Then you gotTa short week now we stumbled into something smart I I would love to hear your thoughts. I mean, we we raise the question about. With all Brady's accomplishments and all he's done not only just football but in life do you think he has something extra special for Nick foles because Nick foles represents such a such a bitter defeat for him and I was asked the question you know I think schrager and burrows and breys enough improve falls whatever it is not on the same level I said hold on a second I always think of Tom Brady's life in. In a full ninety year span and twenty years from now when he's an incredible golf course and he's teeing off, he's got a great life and a great family and a great swing. There's a couple things in his life that are going to piss them off. One is Eli Manning ally Manning, tortured him two nights and one is that damn night against Nick foles and Super Bowl fifty two in which brady didn't even just lose. Kind of embarrassingly dropped a pass and then made a huge fumble with the game on the line, and it's the only super bowl where I can think of Brady. In more ways than one dropping the ball, those giants games, they had his number and that eagles when he had it and he coughed it up and I think there's something extra special with he and what Nick foles represents in that game well, I mean I think you're you'll get the answer to your question. If prior to this game, we do hear from Tom Brady and he's just wants to talk about getting in rhythm with X. Y. and Z.. That will tell you the answer because nothing is been more under I guess underwhelming from a member of the media who says or an opinionated who says Tom Brady has nothing left to prove you've got to be like this guy will literally find anything to us to get him ready to prove something that nobody else thinks needs to be proved. I, mean he's the king of no. Country believes in you know it's it's. It's absolutely why he is who he is. It's absolutely why he throws for almost four hundred yards and five touchdowns as a forty three year old. I think he definitely has something in store for Nick foles and. And thinking to stop their guts out that's what I think I really believe and now everything's Rosie. Now for Brady you know that. Lets you forget rich I was on on the phone with you three weeks ago on this very, very appearance saying rich I'm terrified I I pick the books go to the Super Bowl they look so bad against the saints and you calm down brother come down one week one week and you were right and I would only say this then that saints game for Brady well could have been that colts game for Nick foles there's this first game out there he looked flat he looked awkward through A. Bad interception exactly. Like Brady did. So I still think there's the potential for fireworks those than I and I think is going to be a second layer going on especially with nagy getting already called out in Chicago radio. He's an offense of fraud I mean it's starting fast the three in one and they're already common for him I tell you and then we'll just move on to a couple of things left with Dow brand here on the rich Eisen show we just had we just hung up from. My my Arians whisper and Carson Palmer and. He said that the injuries to Godwin and now OJ Howard and Evans being if you will banged up like walking around like running around run around like Fred G. Sanford you know this all going to play to the benefit of Brady in this offense when it is full strength later on that, the reps need to be gotten with guys that he he might not. Be Making plays with later on, but will be complementary players in the roles currently that they serve as crucial players that this is only going to serve to make them stronger and that Brady, and that's and that's the interpretation of Aaron saying they would have gotten their ass beat by twenty points last year as opposed to winning the game that they just played. I think I. Partition and I would urge everyone don't get caught up in style points this season pay attention to the teams that are stacking wins. Aaron. Rodgers is doing the same thing that Brady's doing with even less got nobody out there the Pittsburgh steelers three and they haven't looked great. But when November and December comes around when they start to actually look good and say, well, it's going to be those teams that stacked wins. That's all that matters who cares about style points this is going to be the ugliest season ever maybe just teams that stack wins and Brady's getting. Right. Let's talk about your pod. How'd you Bill Simmons? Bill Man. Craft. With a minute. He accused me read of using him for like Conan used to use our roker when someone dropped out last. Floors please. Albert yet do. Tony Randall show for Letterman pretty much you know. Right so he came on and got into some really fascinating topics about twitter and social media got into the topic of interviewing because he's done some pretty big people and he interviewed Obama twice and I just asked him I said so come on were you nervous setting? He tells this whole story about kind of put off because Obama would ice you let much like a coach with a kicker and he put you in the oldest room in the white. House with the creaky floors and the old paintings with the eyeballs moving and make you sit there for twenty minutes and then turn off. You hear that sounds about fifteen people walking down the hallway and secret service and Obama walking in and he said, then the nerves get going I got to thinking about anybody I've talked to has made me nervous Ritz can you remember the first time? You were really nervous for an interview you were doing oh wow. Let me think about that. First of all I know there's an eye in a bill to Simmons but I mean you have to really think Obama was trying to him or maybe he was being president of the United States and couldn't be on time for the interview. What do you think? Important cabinet meeting. That he was trying to on a Twenty minute. Know let me think here Yeah I. I was telling the story just the other day I forget to whom but I'll tell it again here and I might have told it before but I was twenty six years old on sportscenter and and I all I wanted to do was go out into the sports world and and see what it was like outside of Bristol. Connecticut being sportscenter anchor and actually start covering things and be out there as opposed to sitting on the set for two you know two in the morning I kept begging them to give me an assignment. So they finally gave me one for NBA tonight the number two night. SPN To and I was GONNA go cover the at the time rampaging Seattle Sonics. To take on the Celtics went to the old Boston Garden. and I covered the game for ESPN to actually sat next to a Boston Celtic. Scout who was named Al.. The Guy who played the GRANDPA on the munsters was literally an NBA Scout. I. Sat next to Grandpa Al Lewis Underneath one of the baskets that happened. That's not what made me nervous but what made me nervous was after me saying over and over and over again I wanted to be out and about from the sports set and I WANNA be out in the field and I WANNA be out and mingling with the athletes who covering I'm standing in that small little visitor's locker room and the old Boston Garden and incomes the surly. Gary. Payton and the angry Detlev shrimp and George Karl who staring a hole through me and I thought to myself Oh you know what what? Did I say about any of these going through my mental Rolodex of what I said from high on my sportscenter seat mount and I, was literally a sportscenter anchor with figurative close on standing in that locker room and it was a note to me to say from now on I will never say anything on the air that I would never say to a player or coach coaches face again that was the lesson I priceless. But I was nervous I was absent first time I was professionally flat out nervous about interviewing anybody and but it changed the way I looked at stuff and I'm sure interviewing Obama did for bill in any way shape or form interviewing people after that I assume. It's incidentally just to bring this full circle. I. Left shrimp the might have been in that club of gentleman who cut her own hair. They might have been upset because Sam. Perkins. Used the flow be and forgot to plug it back in I don't know. It. Could've happened amount. Might have been you think it was the last dance year that did lead to this Seattle making the finals. That's probably what it was because I was a year one year two sports center at the time. So so last one. Kyle. Ut's down on twitter that you spoke to. A lead actor of one of the greatest films of all time for your next episode of Your Pod and thank you for asking fabulous count yesterday recorded it, and there's the teased. Okay. Next week, we can talk about it my next episode. Is With the lead actor of arguably the greatest film ever made and I put it out to twitter and the guesses came in our friend Andrew Ciano guests was the Charlie Sheen for Major League. No Lotta guesses for Dolph Lundgren from rocky four maybe a million Pacino really YODA Tom Cruise. I will neither confirm nor deny any of them but I will only say I am not going to do a pull the rug out and it's a joke and it's you know the the kid from heavyweights or something. From maybe the greatest movie ever made and he was spectacular. Aston. From toy soldiers? Yes. That's who it is. He's trolling on me about monster. He knows how I feel about rudy you know so no, it's not. Hot, sauce or ned beatty from Rudy. Gobert, also take. Okay You're going Costner's. Koster. Okay Cotner being from from field of dreams as the best movie. What's your best? What's the best movie of all time for? A lot of people will say dances with wolves is one of the best movies of all time by politics. No, I know. But dancing. With wolves prevented Goodfellas from winning. Full Rifles. But dancing great I mean co Costner's been in I mean a million brilliant movies and he's been brilliant all about the godfather part too. I think it's Pacino it's not Jimmy you. We can't. We don't know what you consider the greatest time it could be can you give right? I would say that this is not some strange ten gentle choice of mine. This is I. Think if you if American population, you would get a huge chunk that says, this is their favored American. American Film Institute is that what you're saying like we're talking about. Rich men, women, and children all over this country. This is a massively massively popular and beloved movie and the Lead Actor on the next episode. Take that. What you will you guys are. I would have to say the following. The fact that all of these. Speaks to testament to your pod and what you've what you're building in branding, and you know how I feel about you what you're doing with basil and and the Ringer and spotify. That people are mentioning this in. It's believable. I'll throw Tom Hanks out at you. That's where I'm going to go to go. I'M GONNA throw hangs in your direction. We could we all your guys guesses we we can play back next week when I come on yes. Yeah. When you because I think one of you might be right. Okay and. So. I've mentioned hanks, you've mentioned Pacino Change. So hanks would be what forrest gump I mean when you're talking about massively popular that men women and Children All popular movie I think in most yeah. Most iconic I think that would be Gumby I would consider. Spun by the way, that's the name of the documentary making of a behind the scenes that would be gump that's the name documentary. Kyle, thanks for the Call I. Love our Wednesday chats. Let's do it again. Next week. Obviously, we'll see you on good morning football tomorrow at seven am eastern on the network. Thanks for the call Bud you're the best state. Trial brand. I mean, we could go what Costner's best movie I. I would say Bull Durham and the untouchables. Yeah, right James Boulder feel. The same way though that you could make the case that the best clooney movie is Michael Clayton Yeah the Best Costner movie you can make a great cases. No way out. No way out. Yeah. He's a great movie and he is amazing in it and there's a great with not argue that West at the end. Right Eight, four, four, two, zero, four, rich number dial breaking news out of Houston. Bill. Lost his GIG ALL AM J for B. O. B. That's next. Visa. Knows that local businesses are the heartbeat of our communities whether there are corner stores are coffee spots or our favorite shops local businesses have always been there for us. They remember our orders they call us by name always giving back making a difference and going that. 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Sure. Why moment is the text the tweet? Okay. So. Keep an eye on that Christopher for your update. Hey, our wedding bells going to return off I are saying, oh. Is that right? Would you pick him up and fantasy? No Chance We're desperate desperate. Now we're fine. We don't think. We're desperate dude we're not. Only, Levy I'm bill look at the world despair. There's a lot of despair we don't need. We're filled with despair. Do not. You pick the jets d? Don't pick up levees jet st out point was one of the few. Aspects of our team that outpointed our opponent last week by way just saying Dr Opponent had the Broncos de in the jets de outpointed the broncos day. Please don't pick up Webcam Bell. Welcome back to the rich Eisen show here on the mighty ten ninety in the rest of our terrestrial radio network. So then Let's get to this and then we'll take some phone calls. If we still have time if you're on hold stay on hold, we got our third hour the program still to come. So we come on the air Yesterday and we had John Maclean from the Houston Chronicle up and we were kind of surprised about Bill O'Brien's firing, right? I mean sure their own four but they won the division for out of the last six years. Of all the coaches to be on for that, you'd think would be potentially out. Before their expected, you would go with the jets coach or Atlanta's coach to be Maudlin talking about people's jobs like that. But. Let's be honest faith ran those organizations have not won four out of the last six division titles and they also don't give the general manager's position even though what is a football operations vp role to the coach either? So, why after four and four start deb just say you're out Well. There's more answers now. According to John Granato of Espn Ninety, seven, five, and Houston. Bill O'Brien. Had it heated exchange on the practice field the week of the steelers game with this player who questioned his quote Unquote coaching ability that player is J. J. Watt. WHO Let me read off. Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle said O'Brien had an argument verbal altercations with staff members during the final weeks is the coach general manager before being fired he also had an argument leading up the steelers game with. The defensive coordinator of the team Anthony Weaver Is The coach of? Jj Watt. I read. We're not done yet my colleague James Palmer from NFL network. Great head of hair you want to talk about how to hear. Literally topnotch big time. He added multiple players. From the Texans that he spoke with. He asked them if O'Brien had lost the locker room according to James Palmer. Multiple. Texas players, he spoke with answered all of them uniformly. Unanimously yes. He had lost the locker room. So if you're the owner of the Texans and you're already been okay look and I've gave you the keys to the store and I watched your sign Laremy Tunsil. Giving them only three years after your coughed up to ones and a two for him and a wide receiver and I saw we did last year and we made it to the second round of the playoffs and. And I, I, I held my tongue. When you said, we gotTA Trade De'andre Hopkins. But now on foreign I'm here and you're. Having. A heated. Set to with J. J. Watt. The Defensive Coordinator and I'm hearing you've lost the locker room now. One plus one. One. Eagles. Three year out. John McGLADE just tweeted A. Bill Brian got in shouting matches with players, coaches, and staffers on and off the field because that's his personality always has been always will be people didn't like it, but they took it when they won graded on them when they were losing. kind of make sense. Didn't didn't. John Maclean, talk about a temper temper. Yeah. We've all seen that famous clip of him and Tom Brady going added on for. About too. There's your answer when you're on for that stuff doesn't fly and Romeo Cornell, has showed up at his first press conference. seventy, three year old Romeo Different Albany. showed up at his first press conference as the interim head coach of the Houston Texans. With a baseball CAP. On backwards. Never. GonNa win now. That's it. I mean, I mean. So what should we spend the wheel needs to act as age At the been there before rational what if you're meeting with season ticket holders and corporate sponsors? She's is the oldest head coach in the National Football League right now. That seventy-three. Here's another one I was thinking of the other day. Pete Carroll is the all. Are We counting the Reason why I was thinking about this is is that you know obviously it's pro football fan you can't count the USC stuff, but you have to count the fact that he left that to go I understand the circumstances that he left behind but he did come from college. He's been in the football long time. He had a team almost almost one two in a row if he wins another one. Not a first batter. Well there's no such thing as I. Mean I could be a first ballot as coach that once you're five years removed and you're eligible bell check is going to be. Get. The second one he's in I think so too. The reason why I thought about it is again if Dabo swinney decides okay, I'll take an a Jillian cow. McNair dollars and leave. Clemson to coach Shawn Watson. And bring my college. To pro. I've got. What the Glass Egg and Lombardi trophy. was or whatever the trophy was when when Pete wanted at USC but. Thing about Daboh, he doing it not for money. He does have a ninety million dollar deal I know but you could be doing it for money if it's one, hundred, twenty, million dollar deal I mean, if he gives you know if if you top group deal. He'll come off Clemson or at least think about maybe. Eight four, four, two, zero, four rich is the number to dial. We will take your calls in the third hour. The actor, Jon? Courtney is going to be joining us here on the program and Chris, Brockman. News Update. The San Diego padres have named a starter for game two. We'll have that and so much more to moment. I'm saying play out live casino and hotel. Welcome to one of the biggest casinos in the country with luxurious clean rooms, upscale dining in the grandest payouts. Now, offering stay and play and all in packages ges including fifty dollars free slot play be IP parking the IP casino access and more book. 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