Trade Deadline Call-in Special


Hey Emily Greg so. The center of the United States Hockey Universe is edina Minnesota according to our in-depth tear like coverage this week as we ranked different hockey hotbeds crunched. The numbers got it down to Minnesota being the center of the US hockey universe and Edina Minnesota being the center the center of the US Hockey Universe thus opening up to the world the raging debate that occurs in Minnesota each day about how Diana is a bunch of quote. Rich cake eaters and They don't deserve this accolade because it will just make them more egotistic. This is what I've discovered this week in doing. This project was going to ask you. If you're a more surprised that a diner came up number one on your list or that it was pronounced the Dinah Not Edina I thought it was Dina forever. I think I've actually met women named Edina that it was spelled that way a very old women by the way DNA not necessarily in the Zeitgeist. It's you know if you find a lot more Madison's in middle school today than you a Dina's come back. Yeah we should bring it back. Yeah I was. I was surprised with that and also Unsurprised that one of the wealthier communities in Minnesota may also be one of the most active in the sport of hockey. It's still a very expensive sport. Play ball say this the education that I got in doing this project I give full marks to places like Nashville and Anaheim. That made our list Vegas. That made our list for like the growing hotbeds. Didn't have room to put Tampa on there. But they deserve shout and The top five like centers of the hockey universe are only five so we left out Places like Pittsburgh That is certainly established Dallas is verging hop at the point of the thing and the point of this whole week of hockey in America coverage that we're doing on ESPN and if you haven't seen do check it on ESPN DOT COM sports. Really strong in the states right now man like they're only five. Us markets According to the numbers provided by USA hockey where the park the total participation numbers youth plus adult plus officials plus rafts has dropped in the last three years everywhere else. It's it's it's above average and it's it's surging and a lot of places so it was kind of heartening to see how much sports grown. Yeah my big takeaway. Was We hear that girls hockey one of the fastest sport growing sports in America but to see a lot of the places where even if it hasn't grown overall the women's hockey programs are booming and they're multiplying like crazy and that is huge growth. Though that's exciting for me in the future absolutely. Yeah it's it's all good stuff. It's all good news well except for you know Buffalo Detroit but that probably has more to do with the fortunes of their NHL teams than it does anything else. As far as the community goes. There is a certain correlation between success on the Ice and success around the community when it comes to hockey just ask Washington about that and also Washington's and other good example of not only do you have to have an exciting product that brings more fans to the game. But it'd be helping the community if you built a few more rinks the minute that the capitals put a ring on top of a parking garage at a mall in Arlington Virginia. About fifteen years ago was the woman went. Hockey started to really explode in that region. You had a new place to play and so you look around at Anaheim you look around at Nashville. You look around it at Vegas. Look at Seattle Ray sheets of ICE. Yeah and the having a place to play is important as having the desire to play what was your takeaway from that Seattle piece. Yeah you know I knew for some time that it was a bustling scene. You know we knew that the interest was there from how quickly they drew up. Season TICKET INTEREST But there just hasn't been enough ice. Usa Hockey says there's at least five come from sheets of ice coming in the next couple of years and they could rise at six or seven and that would be huge And Yeah just Seattle. You know the way they're doing things is a little bit differently and you know we know so. Many different franchises or tackling hockey is for everyone but they really are making charter. Diversity and accessibility are in the forefront of everything they do so that to me is pretty neat. Sounds like hockey in. Seattle is really cracking these days crack crack and get it. 'cause kraken standardized. Is this week something different? No guests well kind of guests several guests you listeners. We ask you to hit. Some trade deadline worries concerns proposals. What have you ruin a play a few those calls in the show today a special? Nhl Trade deadline pre edition post addition. Of course will be done with me and I'm leaving we're in Bristol on. Espn is plus all your favorite still headlines and like all that and more on this edition of ESPN and Islip show proper. Shelly is to your ear buds. A podcast about hockey featuring things to do with hockey from your friends at ESPN ESPN on ice with Shitski. And Kaplan yes it's ESPN and is there. It is the podcast. Espn talks about hockey attempts. To talk about hockey. I'm Greg Rishon Skiing here. Nhl Writer Mentally Cavalier National Reporter. And I'm really excited for today's episode Greg Because Ryan Matlock are tireless producer. Has Been Calling these calls. And he's as a bunch of you called in and we have no idea what you said. So we're going into this totally cold so I feel like we just gotTa Start Flying Blind. Exactly we did one call in show in both of us were in Bristol once it was glorious I'd say seventy five percent of the calls weren't our friends which was good sixty six thirty right. Shut up Mario Lemieux but this time yeah we put it out there on the on the twitter and thank you for participating in our reindeer games. hopefully one day we could do a full on live show again because that was a lot of fun but anyways for the Trade Deadline Ladies and gentlemen let's begin with our first caller. Hi Emily Greg long time listener first-time caller Followed up on those trade than like questions. So my question is I am a New York Rangers Span watching a lot of folks in my phantom try and rationalize potential Chris Kreider trade and then resigned in the off season. Type deal which I feel like. It's probably not gonNA happen for a lot of reasons so my question is just. How realistic is it to think that it's Any team would trade or To think that a team would trade for any player and then resign them in the off season or is this just another fantasy. That sad hockey fans like to indulgent. Feel better about their team. Being bad Can't wait to hear your response. Thanks plea right. It's definitely aspirational to want to have your cake in Edina Minnesota and eat it too an Edina Minnesota and that's what the Rangers would be asking for if traded Chris Kreider and let's be honest. He's been the number one guy in everybody's list when we see some of the prices that we've seen in these traits so far we know he can command command more just a first round peg probably a first round pick and a top prospect first round pick and a second round pick third round pick. You know there are some situations where I'd say. I'm not sure that's going to work. And if he leaves he's out the door he's not coming back one of those examples. I think of as Robin Lehner in Chicago He wants to stay in Chicago and I feel like if Chicago gets rid of him at the deadline that kind of opens it up for him like hey this summer to see who treats me the best. Who's going to give you the most term who's GonNa Valley most of the number one goaltender Chris Kreider on the other hand? I'm not quite sure where he's thinking is I know. He's really comfortable in the New York area. He trains in Connecticut and his off season. He's been in New York Ranger for a long period of time. You know his agent is currently negotiating with the Rangers and depending on how those talks go. Maybe this is something that they opened up like. Hey it doesn't work out with this deal. Let's see where it goes. And we'll leave it open but it's never guaranteed. Yeah and I think the prevailing wisdom around the league right now is that there is an opportunity that he's going to stay whether it's like. Emily said through returning to the team afterward. Or what have you because the more you look at where the Rangers are in their as a contender and the more you look at what the Rangers have as far as the youth in th in the organization. The more you think to yourself five more years of Chris. Kreider is pretty much what this team could use Chris. Kreider is don't grow on trees the ability to do what he does on the ice that power forward game that he brings going to the net scoring thirty goals. That whole thing like that's an attribute that a young team could certainly use and it's not like Kreider not going to be in his prime for the next few years so it really comes down to I think. Contract length is the issue. I don't think the Rangers want to give him eight years and I don't think they necessarily want to give them seven years. I think they prefer to give them five years. But Chris Kreider. You're like wait for this opportunity all my life. I'm going to get as many years as I can. And more power to them. It's his right to do so. It just might not necessarily be in New York. That's the issue but for the Rangers are as a team and quite frankly as a devil's fan. I'm a little jealous. I think that's Chris. Kreider is something that they should actually hang onto even though as we've seen in this market already emily. The Price Tag on Chris. Kreider would be substantial at this deadline. And you know the last thing I'll say is there's two contenders at a three contenders that I really thought were on him. The Blues the Bruins and the avalanche the blues. They think are out now. The reports are getting from Vlad. Tarasenko make it seem like he's going to come back at the end of the season and I think just replacing boom user trade. The ads are desperate right now. They've got a lot of injuries and I could see them really upping the price to get them. And then there's the bruins Richard as of a wild card. We never really know what us when he's going to do exactly. And if we know anything about the Bruins Kinda like this. The capitals are constantly adding defensemen at the trade deadline and the bruins constantly adding forwards at the trade deadline. Let let that be known. That's just sort of go all right who we got next Ryan. Hello Greg and emily. It's your favorite west host. Ducks Fan made his own homemade chili last year. Just because I can't watch duck talk to you anymore and we remember you. Why do people look at the duck this year and the sleeper teen deadline? Do you really think that Bob Murray would actually move Andrei Tasha or Josh Manson. And if he did what is the return? Look like for those guys. Let me know what you think. Is it a hockey move? That futures move. Is there any reason that need to be a Dustpan or should I abandon everything that I believe in? I look forward to hearing what you're saying. I look forward to eating. Were my own homemade early. I have time to make it and I look forward to hearing this on the PODCASTS. By by I find it interesting. That Josh Manson for whatever reason is the guy that people WanNa send seal team six into rescue from the ducks twenty eighth. He's got a modified. No trade makes four point one million dollars a season through two thousand twenty two and his value is at basement bargain levels right now because he's not had a good season. It's a weird team. There's things that if you were looking to kind of vulture. Pick away from the carcass. There are a number of guys that you might be interested in. But I don't know how many of them are actually going to move other than a little little pieces here and there off this roster. Of course the other two are kind of Fascinating Ryan. Miller ever wanted to leave the Orange County as a deadline. Could help somebody. And then you know the Minute Ryan guests love says all right ready to Chase Cup again somewhere else. Then I think people would definitely be in the Ryan gets off business for sure. But we haven't heard any peeps on either of those fronts. So I'd be shocked if either of those happen and it's another name I'd keep an eye on derrick grant He's you know veteran's minimum seven hundred thousand dollars. He's an expiring contract. He's a you know he's a guy that I could see some team throwing a fourth round pick for so he might be a guy that I see ends at the deadline and helps on the way ducts. Don't necessarily have the pool that the La Kings have as far as prospects the much renowned prospect they had gotten. It's gotten deeper thanks to Foley trade with. Who GETS YOU IN A bit? But eighth overall in the Chris Peters pipeline rankings earlier this season Trevor Zegers a great a prospect for them So the the future is brighter than than it is for most decent decent and it should be while you're in California and especially in so cal not so much here in the bay area where depending on where you drive. In twenty minutes you can go from being a ninety degree to a sixty degree day in the middle of a fog bank metaphor for the shark season. But right right WHO's next. Hey Emily Greg this is Pete Linski calling from Lansing Michigan. It might not be the most popular opinion. But I think it's time for the Red Wings to trade away tyler for Tuesday what do you think? Wow that's popular indeed. I mean I I would feel that sort of part of the solution TYPE DEAL LOOK SOBER. Tuesay is in our FA. This summary makes one point four million. The thing about Steve is Roman. That's fascinating is that he is someone who is taking over a team that clearly is team does rebuilding in transition but has shown in the past in his time with Tampa Bay lightning that he's not afraid to flip a good young player. Four other kinds of help. I mean the one of the most important trades that he made during his tenure Tampa was the Corey conquer for Ben Bishop Trade. Where conquer was having a potential calder trophy season with lightning and then he traded him for this guy. Ben Bishop with the time was not beneficial and ended up being one of the bigger trades that they made so he's he's shown bolt in moving younger pieces and obviously when it comes to the younger pieces on the Red Wings. They're not anybody. He had a hand really in drafting. So the idea that a Mantha or opportunity could be moved isn't out of the question but I mean twenty-four-year-old putting up forty points in plan the kind of style that plays you figure. That'd be the kind of thing you want to keep around. Yeah when I look at this roster I think there's three untouchables in my opinion. Del Mark. Obviously not going anywhere. Anthony Mantha. I don't think should go anywhere. Tuesday would be my number three. What was that Mike? Green Green is not going anywhere because nobody wants to even buy them. Look when I look at for Tuesday and I think when I went to Detroit redwings training camp in September and news late September early October and they were playing this aggressive. I'd never seen a training camp with that much energy in physicality and they were really getting after it and this was divisor men and the players really trying to set the tone of what type of team they want to have in the future tyler. Brucie's play fits exactly into that identity. He's a high energy player. He's got great he also has hands. I don't think this is the type of player. They're trying to turn around that said because he is under team control and is twenty four. If someone wants to throw the book I think he is all open to any ideas right now because he knows his teammates an injection of talent. And he's been very careful about not assigning a timeline of when they could be competitive again because he does. It can be a very long time. Yeah yeah the Red Wings are an interesting team and I think they're more interesting in the summer when they're gonNA start clearing away salary through Tana cap space this summer and they also have a ton of artifice might wonder you wonder how many of those guys like in that situation is you might clear out and then you know the recruitment process is going to be very interesting. Reisman too like they. They're gonNA go young or they're going to be talented but I also think that they could be a team that could be in the market dabbling for an offer sheet at some point if he wanted to dabble in this dark. Dark Arts. Yeah we'll see about that although the listen as I was looking through the list for this summer and put it this way emily. We had a lot more fun last year than we are the summer. The one thing that redwings do you have some decent draft capital of all their first round picks next couple of years to second rounders this year to third rounders this year. So they do have some stuff to play with indeed All right right. Who's next hey guys Chicago BLACKHAWKS FAN here. I would carry us to what you think. Diglas glass talks should do at the trade deadline especially involving goalies given They're using about eleven million and go for gold and cap space and for Robin Lane. It's GonNa want seven million the summer at least and he's still gotta say Corey Crawford as well so I was running if you've got stuff that they should make moves with goalie guidelines. If if anything else those thanks all right well blackhawks. I the one thing that I'm pretty confident they should do. And we'll do is move Marcus Thompson. they should have moved this summer. When is the value was higher and they had a defensive logic anyway but Seeing the prices these defense getting. That's the guy they should unload. As it pertains to the goalies. They have a really big decision to make summer. Do you WanNa go with Robin Lehner. Who is younger and arguably more talented than Corey Crawford right now or do you stick with the devil. You know and Corey Crawford and stay loyal to him my inclination that they want to go to rob Atlanta. It's just an issue of Term Robin. Lehner feels like he's proven himself and he deserves that long term contract. Are they really comfortable doing that? I know this is not answering any of your questions of what they should be right. Now you know. I mentioned earlier to the Rangers Fan. But I do think that it's one of those things of keeping Robin Lehner in the door. Keeping him under your site and then keeping those negotiations going they can be the first in line to sign him in the summer. And there's something to be said there if a team like let's say Carolina wants to throw a first round pick pick at a top prospect Stan. Bowman should listen and and you know. He knows that he is decent contingency plans on goalies. But I don't see them moving quick Crawford just because of the way this organization does things. They're very loyal. Corey Crawford has no movement clause. He would have to sign off on the trade and I don't get the sense. He wants to go anywhere. My best guess is that they'd keep both guys but then again Stan Bowman surprises all by signing Lesnar. Like the last couple minutes of you know the first day of free agency over the summer so I wouldn't be shocked if he's you know last minute of the trade deadline deal for him to go to a team like Carolina Colorado in division that would be really crazy trade. It would be. But I don't know this is this is complete projection right. But don't you think? Designer might production. Greg this complete projection. This is this is this is. This is almost gas lighting. Lehner is the kind of guy who if Stan Bowman said to him and said look. I'm going to move to Carolina because they're going to give me a first round pick for you my team. My team needs all the first round picks can get. Fly Away a little Birdie but come back to Chicago and I'll do you right A. D. Right with a two year deal or something. This lehner seemed like the type. That'd be okay with that because I feel like he is. I don't know maybe there but I just don't know I just feel like he got completely screwed by the islanders. Stan comes riding in being like even though he stayed loyal to them with that NECK TATTOO. He will know what is that. Maybe he's not that guy next to a that's a bad tattoo like we haven't talked enough about how that's a horrible to Long Island. We we both know the Long Island pretty well. That's not Yeah Jersey. Looks like a Beautiful Little Little Bean and Yeah Illinois the same way and New York is very identifiable highland just looks like a child drew it. Weird Tat. I am not one to judge the tattoos. I have tattoos. I'm sure people judge mind. Artists objective artisan behind beholder and he believes Long Island. Looks beautiful on its neck and reminds going to say like I. I don't first of all no one's tattoos and secondly you don't have long island on your neck so I don't what's the best save of probably Texas right like that's a really? Yeah I've seen a lot of California tattoos that's pretty good to agreements from New Jersey are put New Jersey. I've thought about getting New Jersey Tattoo like because I've thought about actually going with like devil's horns on at some point but that was very very brand Greg. It'd Be Very Jersey. I'll tell you this right now like if you run them if you're you're if you're from Colorado how much would it sucked to get like tattooed because people would just look at it and be like what is that? Why owning like all those states around that area look the same don't they? They do lead symmetrical. It's very true it is a rectangle or close to being square in some cases. Right right. Who'S NEXT? Hey Emily and Greg My name's Don I'm from Canada and I have a trade deadline question. What's the deal with all these insiders like all these teams or it doesn't intense time at the trade deadline? They're trying to make moves. They're trying to talk to other thirty other. Gm's and they've got Elliot's Friedman or danger taxing them constantly and they're all answering him like. Why did they bother answering it? It doesn't make any sense. They could just text each other directly entitled the Middleman. I I've always wondered that you see them on the Trade Center shows and they're Nice. They're typing away on their phone and they always all this information. I don't understand what the teams are getting. That's it thanks so much. Have a great show. Well all right I got the answer for you. Who's it's an information currency exchange? I always remember if there's somebody talking. There's a reason they're talking and there's a reason they're talking to you and usually everyone has an agenda and you always have to keep better the back of your mind so usually when you see information leak. It's because the leaker has an agenda and maybe it's because they wanNA trade. That player may because they want to drive up the value Maybe it's for misdirection. Whatever it may be is usually agenda attached indeed and also the insiders need to gather as much information as they can because they literally have to be on the air for seventeen hours on trade deadline day and going to be too trades because they all happened already. Yea Get ready for the Derek Grant Derby we got next question about the maple leafs If your call do this Do you try to maybe sell Tyson. Barrie at the deadline Give us a USA after the season and he doesn't seem to be able to handle the pressure of playing in Toronto Or is that a a ludicrous idea for team. That's competing to get into the playoffs and might not do so this year and then just in general Do you think that there would be wise for him to stand pat at the deadline or try to go out and get big name? Essentially and Given that Morgan Riley might be out until the second or third round growns X. Caveat was awesome. I well first of all I I think it would be good for them to add a defenseman. The cap considerations for this team are legion. Which makes things a little bit tougher? I would agree with you on on Tyson. Berry not necessarily having worked out the way you hoped I mean he is will as one point five goals above in right now according to evolving hockey which is pathetic. So but if you're going to move them you move them into hockey deal for some something that could come back the other way. That will fill that role as best. I can and I'm not quite sure what that would be and frankly as a USA. You're kind of looking at at moving into a contender. Potentially which made broaden the field a little bit but also make things a little bit more complicated for the leafs because the person that you'd WanNa bring back might be a vital part of whatever they're doing so I guess long story short is if you could find a deal with a contender where they've got an offensive defensive. Plays the right side. They don't want any more than make the deal. Outta here. Can't go to hang onto him. Yeah I think my main thing is. This is a team with cleared defensive deficiencies and I understand. Tyson Berry has not been perfect. And there's not been everything they had imagined and hoped he would be. But he's him better than a lot of their replacements. They're looking at either with barley elsewhere. So I think as this team is so important for them to make the playoffs this year. Hey maybe it's just been in endgame where they don't WanNa get a seat where they matched up against the bruins trying to get a you know place at whatever they're trying to do they just need to get in and I think Perry at this moment gives them the best chance to do. It and Kaplan is pretty low. It's not like he's the one that's weighing team down right now. We'll talk about Morgan Riley. And a bit but leaves for sure Have any more calls? We Have Ryan. This is the last one do it all right. Gregg it emily Cats Fan really frustrated. Eleven and eleven since Christmas basically. So I'm GonNa go with sending Richard Panik and Nick Jensen to San Jose for Brandon. Dillon and melker Car Carlson. Hopefully that solve some issues there and then as far as the Olympics go. Why don't we just not stop play? Call up people from the AHL get guys experience get guys playing in situations that they haven't been able to play with because veterans are taking our spots. What's going to happen if somebody goes to the Olympics and gets hurt anyway? You'RE GONNA have to replace him. Why not do it early? Thanks bye bye well. Obviously Emily this call made before the blockbuster deal between the capitals in the sharks that bought I mean good foresight fire boy second round. Pick in two thousand twenty conditional. Third Round Pick and twenty twenty one to the sharks are Brennan Dylan. I think you'd have to ante up a bit more to get melker. Karlsson at of that deal all due respect to Richard Panik and Jensen The Olympic question was interesting. I don't think there's much of an appetite if at all for that From either side to be quite frank one when you look at the players. It's not just the Olympians that want to go to the Olympics. The Nod Olympians. Want the Olympia to go to the Olympics. Because there's nothing. They love more than a two week break in the middle of the season when they get to go to Cancun. It's amazing everybody so like yes. It'd be great for H. L. Players get called up. I just don't see the players association agreeing to this and as for owners. I think they would see that. There would be a dip in revenue and it is a disruption to the season because it's not the actual NHL season and it really then becomes. I just think there's too many complications here. His question was interesting. Because I don't know if I've ever heard the owners answer that that question. Yeah No. You're right. I'm kind of just speaking on my no. You're you're you're you're you're point but I I just find it intriguing and all this talk of like well. We don't want to shut down season like I don't know if any of US virgin con kind of went them and said well don't the and what does that response ultimately. If it's that we think are revenues will decrease because our star players. Aren't there. Well I mean how many season tickets have you sold? I mean those those. That's already there. Are you worried about your walkup? If you're worried about your walkup will then decrease the ticket prices while the guys if the Olympics like make it more accessible admits that you're going to see a diminished product. But get more people through the door dollar hot dog night. Who cares like I find it intriguing? That IF THE ARGUMENT IS SHUTTING DOWN. Our season is disruptive. Don't shut down the season. And then it'll probably be well letting all of our star players go is disruptive competing against the Olympics is disruptive. And then we're right back at square one which is trying to use it as a CPA bargaining chip which sucks good calls. Everybody thanks for participating in a reindeer games. Let's get into some of the stuff we didn't really talk about Tyler Toffoli. Emily traded from the La Kings. The Vancouver canucks for Tim. Schaller Tyler Mad and the two thousand twenty second rounder and a conditional two thousand twenty two fourth-rounder if he resigns with Vancouver. This trade took out a different dynamic. We realized Brock vestry was going to be up. Potentially for the rest of the regular season. What did you think about to fully to the canucks? Yeah I love this trade. If the conducts thing that they're making a run for it this year. The connector does trying to get in the playoffs. This is a total overpay for just seeking into the playoffs and being a one and done. I think he makes our team better. No doubt I just thought the price was a little too rich to give up a prospect as talented as they did and ver- just as much uncertainty that there is in the Pacific Division. And I find it fascinating that Jon. Benet is still open to making more trades. He clearly wants toughness in the lineup. It sounds like they're still in on Wayne Simmons and to me sounds like GM who is trying to make moves to save his own job. I like to fully though. I think it's a good good pick up for them and and I also understand. He's making moves to save his job but I also like the idea of the connects trying their best to make the playoffs this year. I know a lot of expansion like why mortgage the future for for today. One get in and who knows what happens with to like it will exponentially help the maturation of guys lake like Patterson and Quinn Hughes to culture. Yeah and a winning Culture B-be also understand you know how the pedal gets pushed down in the playoffs and understand that dynamic and and the intensity of playoff series like there's a million reasons. Why just making sure you make the playoffs. This season will be beneficial for the thank connects beyond the idea that that Jim Benning could potentially save his job. But I agree with you on that one. It was sort of that little desperation. Move Andy Green goes to the only place he'd probably go the New York Islanders for David Quenneville because the double just keep on getting these Quin Villes not the right one and two thousand two thousand twenty one second round pick which perked up a lot of eyebrows because Andy Green not exactly a rookie in this league andy. Green Was Of course. Signed as a as a undrafted free agent by Lou Lamoriello. He's now thirty seven years old and the islanders the for the season he's Ufa second rounder for Integrion. A little rich but there is you know there's a lot of reasons. I like this trade Andy. Green is at home defenceman. He's played under Lou. Lamoriello coached teams in the past. Or you know manage teams in the past. They're not going to ask them to do anything he can't do already. He just further you know bolsters their identity. And that's a good thing that said the price is especially rich when you consider that Andy Green controlled his own density. He didn't no movement clause which meant that management had come to me like Andy. Where would you be comfortable going and Andy goes well? I'd like for my family to stay in the area and not have to move to teams and these still figured out a way to do it again. A second round pick. That's incredible jamming by Tom Fitzgerald. Who went into this situation? Not Knowing if he had the full time job he's an interim GM. And I think right. Now he's making it really hard for devils ownership not hiring for the full time job because this was masterful and the Blake Coleman was again masterful. Yeah let's talk about the Coleman thing because you you mentioned you thought it was a pretty severe overpayment. I did not severe but I did find it to be an overpayment for you know. This is a talented team and I get it. They want to win now and they think they're window is this year and next year and Nolan might not fit into that and their first round pick might not fit into that and Coleman does this is the guy that's never scored more than forty points in his career. I understand that he's having a High Energy Player. But like can we look at past performance? Move on Jilin. Danilo traded from the Ottawa. Senators to the Winnipeg jets for third round. Pick good good move. Great Move Onward Move. I mean the jets. Pick up a really good defense men from an analytic standpoint who plays defensive demand game the interesting thing. Here was the outcry from some people in Toronto. They're like why couldn't you trade a third round pick for the mellow like well first of all because Ottawa's not looking healthy out second of all you don't even have? Yeah exactly yeah. I think it's all about the trading partner here on the runway Alec Martinez Venerable. Bob Mackenzie says that discussions were ongoing as we started this podcast between the Vegas Golden Knights in the La Kings for the services of Alec Martinez. Who has another year on his contract? After this one was told by some King. Sources that yeah. He's he's definitely gone by the trade deadline so we can expect to be there to be some Alec Martinez Trade. But as these defensemen all start getting dealt and as we start to see the prices of these defensemen You start to wonder what the what the market is going to end up being Three first round takes potential surprises. There's been a lot of scuttle but then you enter that Jeff. Carter could end up back in Philadelphia depending on the health. Oh Yeah I think. That's the key is that you know all season long. Chuck Fletcher has been like but we're GONNA get Nolan Patrick Back. No one patrick will be like our own trade deadline acquisition. Now we're at the trade deadline. And because it's such a nebulous issue. It's involving his head. It's chronic migraines we don't quite know and if he's not coming back. I feel like there needs to be a move to be made because they were all in on getting lean video for this group because they felt like they were ready to make. The playoffs needed a season guy to make the playoffs. They WanNa make the playoffs They'll need some guys to do it. And the only thing that I do know from Chuck Fletcher though he keeps saying he wants to make hockey trade and he wants guys. That's still have term. He doesn't want just a one and done. Jeff Carter is under contract with twenty twenty two five point seven five point two seven two seven two seven which is the capital psycho to that deal. Carter crazy to cap friendly Good versatile forward can play wing COMPLA- center and and obviously is a known quantity too many of the flyers that are still on this team and also many a people around Philadelphia so that'd be a fun. The other interesting one. Montreal is a tough nut to crack. I think they could still be a pretty good hockey team. As long as you're not playing Detroit and then you have a lot of assets that In talking to some sources around the league they're all kind of waiting to see what Montreal becomes if they could become a seller. Now you're talking to tar four point eight million through two thousand twenty one. Now you're Talkin Geoff Petrie five point five million for two thousand twenty one. You're talking the possibility of Max. Don't me potentially moving as a restricted free agent if somebody wanted to go and then pay a premium for him? Kovalchuk obviously is is a name. That's going to be out there although I did talk to. Somebody this week. Who said that? The connection that coble chuck is found with Mark. Berge van in Montreal should be something that he doesn't take for granted. He has been more motivated in his played. Better in Montreal all that anyone could have anticipated and that could be a fit that that he would relish the only thing that Canadians have to think about it. Okay that's a wonderful fit and we love him for seven hundred thousand dollars but he planned for that next year. What'S HE GONNA ask for this summer and does that fit in our plans. It's an excellent point and also how many years he wants to get it for so we'll see what happens there but yeah the Katie ends or the real wild card here. Do you see them becoming movers and shakers and sellers at the deadline. Or do you think they're going to be a delusional. I think there could be cautious sellers to muster Tara. I don't think they WANNA move him but he's got an extra year of term if someone wants to give the deal. That Detroit gave to Vegas two years ago for Tomas Tatar. They've got an ally. That was a ridiculous deal. Jeff Petri is a guy. I don't think they should move. He's only making five and a half million dollars. He's under contract for next year. Yes the package for him. Could be quite good. But who else do they have in the defensive group that can eat those minutes up especially when we don't quite know about the long term health of Shea Weber. So that's a guy that in my opinion they should keep there. You Go navid shavers you know. He these his career might not be over despite previous. I understand like they're on the cusp right now with the playoffs that I don't know why the team hasn't put in the white flag like look. It's not happening us for this year. It's just not. Let's figure out the best way to be competitive next year and let's not play Shea Weber and put them in some bubble wrap and sent him to Mexico and on a beach. Here's ladies and gentlemen. It's the latest edition of Sach. Got Your number. Hey Greg and emily how the maple leaves and flames mortgage their future. The leafs and flames are tied for the fewest of their own draft picks remaining. How many of their own picks do they have for twenty? I'm guessing he means the season. I'll say they're seven rounds. They've got four. I'll say they have three. I'll go look good. They only have three of their traffic fix left however to their credit at least they've traded for some low rounders to build themselves up. I guess sorry about your leafs Greg. Greg believes leafs during that site when I think he might have but at least fan. I pick them to win the Cup this year. Remember Oh okay Gotcha Gotcha do. But that was. That was an interesting one. I will say that my my victory today may break the longest period of time between wins in a PODCAST GAME. Show segment in podcast history. Because I see you so big win for your boy outside favorites segment of the week. Phil Kessel hot dogs. No he does not love to eat hotdogs. We get sad and straight hair is good. It's Phil Kessel. Hotdogs look at the mistakes the hyperbole the bad takes spicier non spicy that pervade the hockey media each week that two of them this week. It's hi emily. Let's go remiss if we didn't mention the take that we just referenced in talking about Shea Weber. Which was Nick Prius? Who is a I believe? Still looking for a GIG. After getting the laid off sports taking to twitter and saying quote sources say Shea. Weber's injury sources say Shea Weber. Injury has a season likely over and his future in question told. Injury is related to foot. That was surgically repaired in two thousand eighteen while waiting for swelling to alleviate in further confirmation surgery seemed unavoidable going into this week so His season likely over in his future in question that was on February Twelfth Weber of course returned to action this week Less than a week after caprio mentioned this which is kind of embarrassing. Curios took to Instagram to follow up and say to Shea Weber the Montreal Canadians Organization last week. I had a tweet to further advance. The story of his injury while I was able to properly identify his injured foot. Good on you doctor. And speak of the swelling wallet awaiting further cooperate confirmation. It was not my intent to mislead anyone about his immediate future but above about about after time to reflect. Understand portions of my tweet. Edit UNCERTAIN UNNECESSARY STRESS. Touche his family and a team. Why still stand by the information that I received? I'd like to apologize to Shay Acadians for choose not choosing my words with more sensitivity so I stand by my reporting that his career might be over but sorry that I said it in short the other winner of Phil Kessel dog this week. Steve Simmons the Creator Phil Kessel as hot dogs with his reporting on Phil Kessel who has decided to dance on the grave of a playoff team. Which the the Maple. Leafs are still. Even though they got blown out by Pittsburgh this week this is a paragraph in Simmons's column and for all the develop. You know where this is going folks for all the devout followers of analytics who laughed with Glee when the modern thinking dubus was named as GM like two years ago by the way ahead of Lou Labyrinth and here comes mark. Hunter ask yourself this. What exactly did analytics have to do? With getting drubbed in Pittsburgh on Tuesday Martin. Marin was out of position onto power play goals and Freddie Anderson coughed up. One on another couple things. Expect every old school media guy in. Toronto. Who Lost Bart Conner as a source and is booed face about a child having fired. Mike Babcock to do this very thing in the near future to Martin. Marin San is playing on this team on his defense right now because Morgan Riley is injured. Morgan rather top defensemen Morgan Riley. Who is their most important defenseman workaround? You might be one of their most important players overall out of the lineup since early January. That doesn't get mentioned until several paragraphs after we reference the loss of Mark Hunter and Frederickson. Coughing UP A goal on a power play. Let's see here. I'm checking my math. Abacus out go moving things over here all right and Oh yeah has absolutely nothing to do with that Olympics and in fact one might say the leave struggles like every other team in this league that struggles is completely tied. To the fact that they're goaltending has been hot garbage for a month that links. Now it's time for PUCK HEADLINES DATELINE Air Force Academy the Assistant. Ad Of Air Force Academy. Emily through some shade at fans. Who didn't believe left early enough for the stadium series game on Saturday night? If you if you read our coverage of it fans were still entering the stadium in the second intermission. Having just gotten to the stadium because of parking and traffic problems basically said that they should have left earlier. I I thought the people that left for what should be a one hour trip and budgeted three hours and then it took like four and a half hours so it was a mess. The other part of this emily. That's kind of disturbing. Is there was a fatality that affected the ability of people to leave the stadium? There's only gates into Air Force Academy. One of them was shut down. Adam pruitt thirty one died when he fell off a bridge at eleven PM. Just west of the academy's northgate. It's I saw the police investigation as I left the game. Actually around midnight no details on the death but if you are not affiliated with Air Force Academy and you were walking around this campus at this time and you're leaving through the northgate on foot. I mean this is complete speculation but I'm guessing this is somebody who maybe walked the game and left their car someplace else potentially so we'll see how this whole thing shakes out but that was definitely not just my speculation when we heard about this unfortunate fatality and condolences addams family for this loss but just ugly situation all around this game which otherwise was was actually a pretty good event. Yeah Everything he thinks of itself as the worst traffic sitting American I had no idea it was Colorado Springs. Actually was number one but no it. It does seem like there was some poor planning here and they didn't just account for as manage traffic or the flow of traffic. Whatever it may be a hate that a damp and debt because the optics of the game were cool. Were like you were there with it. It was the obviously. The third period of the game was a lot of fun because it was a tight game and as much as I shaded the whole sitting all of the air force cadets behind the goal gave them potentially the worst seats you could possibly give anybody at the stadium series games where they can't see a damn thing. It was really cool because the players walked through them to get to the rink and the players. Were telling me that. When you're in a stadium series game or an Eric or when a classic you feel so separated from the fans because of where the rink is where the stands are that to to go down that aisle in high five the cadets and stuff was really cool on top of obviously the the respect that they all have for for those who serve so. That was a pretty cool aspect of it. Sucks that all this stuff? I'm sorry like don't shave. The people that left at three o'clock for a six o'clock puck drop. You know fix the traffic mess. Dateline Raleigh. Thank you and I are going to have to have a knife. Fight gets the cover. This one. The Stadium Series Kevin North Carolina Baby. Nc State will host the stadium series game next season the Carolina hurricanes against what we expect to be the Pittsburgh Penguins at NC state. Is that what it is now? It's the pens well the the capital's denied that their team and the heavy speculation is that because of the regionality of the penguins fan base and the penguins do bring more than a few fans Carolina Hurricanes Home Games. Did it could be the penguins on top of the Jim Rutherford connection between the hurricanes and the penguins. How many old Hartford whalers we get this game. Ron Francis will somehow involved. I promise you you know. I think it's cool and I also wonder if the cats are not involved because they're leading up. It's probably not going to be this year but next year for a European game in Russia which I think will happen. I don't think it's happening this fall. But it'd be the next fall after that but yeah kudos to the Raleigh. I know that they campaigned hard for this with the city. I think it'll be awesome. The tailgating scene is going to be ridiculous and they won't have to worry about quite as much traffic issues because my mistaken that the NC state football stadium is right in the parking lot of PNC arena. So it's not any different than there used to directing traffic just more people that sounds right European game in Russia. Do you mean outdoor game or do you mean just a game no the European series whatever they call it globe series. Oh man because I was thinking I'm still waiting for them to pull an outdoor game out of their pocket for one of these European markets. Yeah let's go red square where Putin plays or I think. Putin plays where everyone where Putin wants to play in Red Square. Stick the oilers in that outdoor stadium in Germany for dry seidel. They tacked place outdoor game. It'd be amazing. Datelined Buffalo scale of one to ten. How screwed is paper throwing Buffalo Sabres general manager? Jason boy the hits just keep on coming. We didn't mentioned earlier because he wanted to mention it here. The Montreal Canadians Traded Marcos Candela to the Saint Louis Blues as j Boo Mistress Replacement. And pull the second round pick for him so to review Jason Botterill in a package to the Minnesota. Wild traded a third round pick for scandal. He traded scandal to the Canadians for fourth round. Pick the Canadians. Then traded scandal operate. Second Round Pick also the reason that scandal was traded from the Buffalo Sabres to the Montreal. Canadians was so that Jason Botterill could clear some space to trade for Michael for leak who has a negative three point. Two goals scored above average and has been hot garbage for Buffalo. So yeah I would give them a one. He's in super trouble in Buffalo. Yeah we've alluded to this. I think there are some offseason changes especially as it comes to the management structure in Buffalo. Honestly what would not surprise me at? This point is if in the next two years. We see Ralph Krueger on the management side of things instead of coaching side of things. Maybe both but that's a name that I would keep an eye out for and I would keep an eye out for them. Potentially you know I know. They've denied it but hirings in between the GM and the ownership but maybe there's someone already in the organization that ownership trust that they have in mind floated. This idea puck soup. And I'm in love with it now but Christopher Rian Danny Briere Co. Gm's come back. Save the day in Buffalo the Gresh. That'd be amazing. I don't think there's any way that the rangers leading Chris Drury go. I think they would buy. Do you think that the Rangers Would Fire Jeff Gordon and a second if they found out that jurors GONNA get high risk somewhere else like we'll take your jury? Ooh I don't know that's a good question but yeah jury is someone that they're they're gonNA hold onto. As long as they can. Dateline the Hart Trophy. The android sign now has a thirteen point lead in the art. Ross race having a gun on US goals a point scoring binge with connery. David out of the lineup emily. There's this cement dreidel as the Hart trophy favourite now that he's doing that Hart Trophy thing of scoring points even with the other guy out of the lineup I think so he's right around the same pace that Nikita Kucherov was on last year and I just love the stat if he has five point is the next two games. He's going to be the first player to reach one hundred points in sixty one games or fewer Mario lemieux in one thousand nine hundred ninety six ninety seven or Jesse. No was it a little bit of a different time in terms of the way guys scoring points so Yeah I think he's got to be the favorite now but native McKinnon's Nakata's doors like hey man I've got nobody to play with and I might drag the same into the playoffs myself. Mackinnon MacKinnon still is the guy I mean. God He is. He is nearly forty points. Clear of the next highest score on Colorado. He's been incredible and it's only going to cement itself if they don't get any scoring helping us out the rest of the year I know shaded dry side. I had people telling me dress was a better heart choice than mcdavid months ago based on people around the oilers telling me how important that that he was. The team I think based on Glamour's that's I think if he wins the art Ross and continues to do what he does with. David lineup will probably win it. Because we know how voter running brothers and sisters but Mackenzie real good pick heck matthews might be a good pick to the way things are going leafs dateline Dick Millions you got. Hbo You Watch millions. I haven't seen it yet but I heard it's good. It's good it's so I wanted to just put this out there in the world because sometimes people like to hear what emily and I are into pop culture. He was McMillan's documentary on. Hbo They're actually doling it out one episode a week about the giant scandal old school. Yeah I know right. It's kind of annoying but also kind of good the giant scandal in which game pieces for the McDonald's monopoly game were somehow stolen and then given to a bunch of people who all sort of knew each other that the FBI eventually found out where they scam. Mcdonald's out of millions of dollars somehow the mafia gets involved. Somehow a bunch of other things get involved it involves FBI sting operations. You get to actually see the recordings of the people back in the day being tricked into getting basically depositions because they think that they're on some McDonalds like infomercial. It's all fascinating and really well done. So if you're looking for a good doc. The first three episodes available wherever you watch. Hbo Stuff. Millions is a good choice. It's really good. We have a rant line right Ryan. You said highgrading emily I cannot stand. He's terrible deadline shows their horrendous. No one wants to stare at James Duffy or Jeff Maric Nicer looking as they are for eight hours while they twiddle their thumbs and do nothing. The only thing that's ever even having one of those show Greg have to do all right answer that one. Explain that reference okay I didn't put my pants. I was wearing brown pants that were referred to on social media as diarrhea pants because of their color and Sports Net was nice enough to give me a different pair of pants to wear on the air. So that is where do pants comes from the correct. The correct nomenclature is diarrhea pants for the record. Now I think it's one of those double edged swords right like we want hockey to get more coverage. This is hockey coverage and even if something doesn't happen it's an excuse for these networks. Have a couple of hours. Dedicate to hockey which I understand. They do more often than our network does. But I don't know it's fine. How many thoughts? I think it's also important to remember that they do tend to kind of keep the focus on hockey for the majority of that show. I think emily and I were tasked with doing twelve hours of coverage on a day when nothing happens Then it would sound very much like it does in Bristol where emily and I will be on Monday for the trade deadline where it becomes discussions about you know the funniest named New Jersey City's and the quality of pizza toppings the place in West Hartford. We go to a very good chance that it would look a lot different than what it looks like on Canadian Television which may be better but to those who are struggling with the Canadian. Acadian trade deadline shows. I still give them credit for keeping their eye on the price is best they can even if it eventually devolved into leaves talk and they get Justin Trudeau call and it's important. It's big national stuff. Yeah all right. That's a fun and exciting differently formatted. Espn is for this week. Thanks to everybody who called. I think you individually but emily. I noticed that I would say most of the calls. It involve anybody's name for some reason. I don't know why that was the case. Now they did. I remember some names. It was Dan was it at the end. Don Don Don. I thought it was going to be more like. Wfan where they're like. You know you know. Hey everybody it's me don from flush I guess Ryan Says Don so look. You don't even know. Their names are anyway on that note. Monday trade deadline. Emily Nile being bristle for video stuff and also a post deadline. Podcast will be for your listening pleasure as soon as the Trevor Daily and Derek Grant Trades are made should be super exciting and then yeah. Thanks for listening to the PODCAST. If you enjoy it. Liking subscribe on them I tunes helps people find the show. Numbers have been great lately. A lot of people check out the William Episode. We recently did so. Thanks for that and yeah oh read my piece on hockey hot beds in the US. Most of Diana did so. Why don't you I'm Emily Kathleen finding myself on twitter at? Emily Am Kaplan. And we'll see all Monday by by. Espn is with Shitski and Catholic. Subscribe to the show in the ESPN APP or apple podcasts.

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