Hey. Art. Pitch. Band that's sweet. Australian connection. I'm an ounce. Bat They can't put you warranty and give you bad WIFI. Yeah, that that those things should should not go together McCain. See You. Right. Unless. This is how you do podcast. Now Look you can get my audio you have to pay for the video. Is My this is my equivalent of an only fans account. To do that. Thank you. A save it for the POD. With a SEC says record I can't even see you right now. Nikki time right. Did you see that Kim Kardashian tweets where it was like after the few weeks of multiple health concerns. I took my family to a private island to have some normalcy you see that. Oh He's like. I mean epic pictures. It's like them all the honestly do. Did see a buddy of mine repos I. think it was like a four squares shot of her in like four different bikinis and. And she said like this is forty and he said he reposted input this is forty plastic surgeries or something. Like the whole world of twitter has now stolen that line after two weeks, multiple health concerns and asking everyone to quarantine I surprised my closest inner circle but they're putting these like hilarious pictures like one of them is Lord of the Rings. Like cartoons, it's just you have to go. It's funny. You Love You love your memes. Good name. I we're good now. I. Really Quick. First of all, great to see a dope shirt. What do you think is more on point Subaru shirt game or Subaru shoe game and sorry to come right in with the heavy. Coming in hot but. But I. underrated. Shoes are loud shirts or underrated. I mean sears. Summer, Sanders, GONNA pop in. Oh man good call. Can we get it on the line? The shoot I didn't become a I guess I. Don't even wouldn't even consider myself a sneaker head but a shoe appreciator right until. Probably five years ago and would be like, but Adam weren't you rocking the Patrick Ewing's thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, three with the Velcro step that just said ewing on the back. That was the first basketball shoe I got and I was like leave the tag on. No I made see from the West Coast. New York that tag have been on everybody taking it up. Think why. Is that's like with hats to write like Guiseley. Why what was that? What was the point of that? I don't know it was definitely definitely happening definitely. Yeah where people would like I. don't even I can't I'm trying like Tim. Sometimes you leave the little flappy thing on. Only. The wings I like a vivid memory of the ewings. And also what a bold move just to be like look this shoe is GonNa be issue it's going to be black ones like what does it look like he's like a shoe man it's got my name on the back. There's laces 'cause it's a shoe so but but which is probably why it didn't sell millions of copies. Here's why I could never leave tags anything you know. I grew up with a Jewish mother that if there was a tag sticking out of a shirt. I mean and I'm going to school like that. She's driving to school coming into class ripping the tag off making my lunch is still in my backpack and then leaving liar. Claiming in my? mind. Oh. My God. On your hands is calm. Really. Where do where does what your mom's a name again Nancy Nancy. Not Jewish but she thinks she is WHOA. So where does the where does the do because I was about to say okay. It's 'cause I was about to say you're the most. My Dad's side of the family. We do Hanukkah it to light one side of the Minora and they just kinda chalk it up that way. Because I was going to say you're probably the most famous Jewish basketball player in Seattle right now. In. Seattle rally. Nolan A-. Mom's not, but she thinks she has a lot of oil vase. Oh my God. She's because what just from being around your dad and she'll show what adhere to the traditions and whatnot but. She must just love is she already had? Does she already like? EMBODY JEWISH MOM characteristics. It's not a bad thing. Now, it's not actually really good material. Yeah. I Know Shit now that you've got so much. Time off I guess know is the season does it have a exact start date yet or no? No, I mean it'll be. Koga pending imagine. Pulled it off. Now it's like back on track. So either way pulled it off and. I. Mean I know that's why I'm going to actually I was like, I. Know You've done. Thousand one hundred thousand interviews to. Soak it in. But Holy Shit like just took care of business i. mean it was like at the end I was like, what is it like to just know that you've won and you're just kind of hanging out for a quarter in some change, right? Yeah. Just kind of being like. I mean, it's not any less. Celebrate Tori, is it? No? No no no it doesn't would say is it's there's like a delayed hit like it doesn't because I've actually I've been in You know some games where it's been like not legit last-second but like the last minute so there's like. And then the Buzzer goes. There's like a huge like a like you're basically shouting because it's relief. This was kind of like it wasn't until maybe a week later I was like I'm shit we wouldn't it. Oh Wow I. Don't get me wrong you party. All. Met Your your your happy but there's not this like. Moment Right Oh. So. Incredible. By the way I mean I just have to say when I, it's just bonkers to me and I'm sure you have so much reflective. This. Going on like because when we first podcast did that little recording studio in Seattle downtown. You were like just a just kind of. Finished your Rehab where like maybe a month or so into being done with it. That was like February or no it was. Yeah It was it was. Called like check it was called. Yeah. It was hoodie SEATTLE hoodie weather. February or April and your gained rate Remembers Getting Ready Do these tournaments like in Stanford or something these. Yeah. Yeah, it would have been probably closer to February. So you said, Stanford November. Maybe it wasn't. Yeah. Okay. Some sort of like championship turn like the nationals. National team. Okay. That's okay. That's what you said. It was okay and. And what you would think not smoking pot in two weeks of quarantine would help my memory, but I think it's only made it worse. You Ain't a plug out there. I mean look I thought about bringing dummies and miles teller was on my flight and The actor and we we everyone passed out and we were drinking and business class and finally got kicked out 'cause we're waking people up I guess and miles stumbled into the door. Opens the plane. So she was like, Hey, guess months sitting down and we're like, all good. But He told me had some edibles and the dog was sniffing his bag hardcore he was getting so worried but I was like, I don't think they can bust you for edibles and also. I don't think it's a yeah. I thought. So that just went through my head as far as like getting in trouble for that. Under a microscope and like. Other bigger fish to fry well, you would think but the airport is so barren and empty that like I they have nothing. But time they're like Yo dogs take your time like sniff around like look for drugs look for Paninis. Go back for a second sniff. But at that time, you were getting ready for the nationals and you're like I feel good. But so how many months where you removed from actually being like Rehab is done. Imbalance November or somewhere around there it would like fresh off like one day I'm not even. Had like right into that stamp into that job for Stanford was skiing. So like right into Stanford I literally stepped out of like the P. T. Room. onto the court for rats fucking bonkers. So we how so so take me back there to the now because. I mean there's so much going through the Rehab you can control what you can control and you were on top of all of it and probably got yourself to back to sue bird status but then it's like, yeah, feeling good enough to go out there. But even I remember even you like we'll see like I hope I like maybe I'll. Still, even kind of uncertain about what your role was gonna be like maybe I'll be coming off the bench to do this. We'll see what my body will allow once I get into game rhythm, right? Yes. So that's like my perfect world was GONNA be start the national team camps. We had two of them one in November one in February Boom Bang those out, get the momentum like be peaking at the right time WB training camps starts end of April boom I'm in a season that Olympics and honestly probably a peace sign assuming everything went well might have been done I'm not saying what I'm saying that was like the mindset. So. Then injuries change your whole way of thinking. Don't they? Yeah. It just puts everything in perspective. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, and so I would I would have been like thankful for that. The way I felt November November I felt like you said like, I, felt good. But I knew I'm like there was another level I need to get to I wasn't getting. Yeah also like I knew I needed to get there and then there's also like that voice like, but are you gonna like but will go man the self haters not yet it was just like my knees I'm forty now and my knees probably like one, hundred, forty it's just it's reality. So. Yeah. The short of it won't pick these are like two, hundred, ten. I've jammed my take from basketball. So many times it's not legal. To where I'm going to have to get my fiancee's like, can you get new pinkies? This is not helping before I go to bed. One is that we're not somebody will have that weird finger is it's not Lord of the rings like it's the. I mean it's just. The curve. Man Yeah it sucks. Think that it's a it's a good luck charm. But so okay. So one hundred, forty year old is what you feel like you're just. So you can do all the things that you're supposed to do to get yourself ready. But what is the need more than other body parts? Can you sustain like a season? Can you sustain game after getting like playing every other day for five games? You know can you sustain that and go through a whole season? That's really that's what you like wandering and you can't. You won't know until you're in it. So like I was planning like I said to peak and then obviously. All COGAN hits changes everything. Go to Bob All. Great, we could play and then finally in training camp a week and a half rows like, oh, I can do this show. Yeah. Yeah. Was it a moment or a? Search. Move like did you do as a patented like super shop like a you're like Oh, Shit I felt. Hurt but in a good way, like I heard the only hurt I felt was for the defender that had to be on the receiving end of that. I wish Linda move. There's probably more dislike I woke up the next day and could walk but. Also huge though yes. Also ABS. Yes and that was kind of literally like wasn't till the starks I was kind of like building up into it. I was like odds it feel it's okay. Then I was like, Oh and the first couple games I was like, oh good and then I mean, could just I ended up like my knee ended up like I said what happened but essentially, I had a bone bruise which is like your bones bang. Like on the inside and out Super Hot. Sorry I joke a joke I have to do it. I keep going. So? Yeah. It was like my point is even with that bone reserve really annoying. They're on their own time table and even with that, I was like in and out of the lineup. But then finally at the end I was still like able to do it and just like played a high level. So I feel really good about this off season heading into next year. So, there is definite year come back. That's like. I mean yeah. It's like something know something happens to me is. Yeah I think that's fine. I just don't have any. off-season have you ever heard about? It's like some of these major league baseball players that were playing like Nintendo we tennis and they like to get Tommy John Surgery I mean. Just remember who it was. Yeah. There was one guy that did that because that made me. Like really question but also like. But that's the fun of the weeds to like get so into it with that thing but like. What a Bummer I was like, oh, man this is going to hurt the we sales because. Then like I forget who told me this a couple years ago it might have been my dad he watches baseball I don't really watch it and you're like, Oh yeah, don't worry pictures come back better. What? They come back Becker yeah I mean. Seriously Out ACL on the elbow I was like you terrorists in basketball it's like who that could be. That baseball there like they must be excited. Shit maybe better. Yeah Right. I mean you were talking about this on all the smoke. How much better just like. The surgery and just all the medical upgrades have gotten is it kind of in the same boat too where it's like you almost WANNA. Screw up so you can get a better disc or a better. Yeah. Yeah I mean I don't know about that but. Your timing. I mean definitely not not to get injured if that's for you to set me up for Adam but. Maybe a Pitcher, I'm give that. Picture. But like. Comeback Better is it is it like the way? Brianna came back. What's your? What's your nickname? What are you guys call again story yeah. Love. That is was that I mean again, it's like that to me wasn't not even a year that she did it and came back. Yeah it was a little over a year. I mean that's crazy. And then to just play at the seemingly same level if not better I mean, yeah. Right. She can get better. That's the that's the scary part but she was on I. Mean it was she was like could see nothing else but like proving everyone wrong winning the champion, it was seriously tunnel vision not unlike some creepy way she's like we still fun to hang out with. Really. Focused, it was like this is my year redemption. The comeback stronger than the set or whatever. That is. Yeah. Yeah. The The setback something. Yeah. Yeah it. What if you was just so blinders on basketball that you guys would bring up anything like she's Kim Kardashian. Private island picks. She's like if we're not talking hoops, guys shut the fuck up. Immediately entering this? Yeah. Okay so the bubble I mean, it seems like. Say it again when you WANNA now? I mean, what do you want to tell me I mean look I'm in my own version of a bubble right now in this hotel in Australia that is. But you know. Not even close to what your bubble is. Can I get overeats? Yeah. Does a Kobe, Guy has matt come in and is it my first and only real sense of human connection? Did I ask them to ground have some beers with me? I don't know maybe I don't know we're talking about did he respectfully declined? Yes. Because he's a professional but trying to come up with things to do. It's like you I don't know how much of the day was hoops when I got there, and then how much the day was hang time. Can you least give me that balance? I. So it was only like Australian. Hotel life for the first three days. That was it. Because we got tested every day for three days before we got to the bubbles like at home, you'd have to do like saliva one yup. Boom you travel, and then it was just another three days of light like you said like the only time we left our room was to go to the testing place to get tested right back to your room and they delivered your. While yeah, and then after that, it was kind of lie. I would say the first couple of weeks were people were they were like, okay. If you'RE GONNA know hanging out and other people's apartments. Only, hang out with your team for now if you're gonNA, eat with other people eat outside we were in. Florida? So that was like Ns while down there. Hey guys, comedian Adam right here. Hope you're enjoying this episode of the about last night podcast boy I gotTA. Tell you. I've been feeling good lately and the reason why Koi CBD that's right back in the game feel my best self look question we did the best humidity company in the business. I don't care what you hear from other people are the comics Coursey. D. C. got so much BVD CD inside me. 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So start using it for you to I can't recommend these guys enough their homeys and all this Shit Works Jackson said twenty percents off can. Use the Promo. Code about last night. After night about last night. Jomo guns again. Some. Episode. which you weren't in the hotels. In apartments. So there's always apartments on the DISNEYWORLD. Oh, we were. So we weren't at Disney. I thought everybody was there now just the guys. Oh Wow. So We were at IMG Academy. Ever heard of snow. have. Maybe I have keep going. You might not like it started out as like this like tennis academy like famously like. Went there I've heard of it. Yeah. Like reassure you read his book. You've definitely heard of it. It was called the Bulletin Academy that Oh Yeah Yup. Do now though it Out All sorts like name it it's got everything and it's kind of just like a boarding school for Sports. Wow. It's basically a college campus for sports and on that campus they have these like have like these villas and a hotel. So we stayed a combination of the Village Hotel Gotcha Yeah. So that's what we were like. Like I said, I ain't courage. But then as time went I mean you had to wear masks when you were inside. But as time went like it was, it was just very it was on point but there was a lot of freedom in it to like there was a pool which was like. hilarious because everybody's hanging out the pool all the time now is it only your team or was it like? An rematch. So how cool is that? That's never ever been a thing to where there's a potential where you I mean it's true summer camp I know you did basketball basketball camps so and that that's a coup that was so fun to me because you know you have to make buds with other teams and players. I feel like girls are better than dudes because due to see a guy be like. Yeah. So you've talking across the game earlier today like don't think you're gonNA, cut me Salisbury steak but personal experience. But you guys having people around you that you wouldn't during the season be able to. Let your guard down also a little bit because of just the environment, right? Yeah. So That could go both ways. Yes. So like sometimes it was cool like like I said, we will be at the pool everybody be down there like it was literally like I don't even know like spring break in real world like had a baby. That's amazing and there are other times where you're like, oh, I don't WanNa go down there Chris this other teams down or it's just like I don't want to see all these people the referees were in our hotel and they're actually cool there referee's they're just like us like who knew they really are really wasn't like seeing your teacher like fifth grade teacher at the House Oh Lordy. But they were at the pool coaches at the pool everybody. was, it lacks or like if you saw team like you wouldn't go to the pool during the finals right and see the aces there. Interestingly enough Long Story. Short basically my team was in the hotel and their whole team give or take a few were in the villa's so they didn't really kick it at the pool like that. So we still have we still had pool time during the final, but there really wasn't a lot of time. We played every other day. Yeah. Okay. So first of all, just even once it got worked out where you so because there was a little time where. I mean every sport I think went through this where it was like man, there's a lot to figure out, but it also gave me a lot of respect for. Just the the people at the helm to figure it out because all-sports got figured out. I don't even know. I love that everyone was at least. On board to be like all right, it's going to happen how we doing it and I think the NBA definitely led the charge with that. Don't you think as far as getting. You. Guys were kind of synonymous with that I think basketball general was like all right. The bubble thing is once they figured out the bubble then it was. Did you. I guess what I'm asking is at what point did you know fuck out? We're GONNA play and how much time did you have prior to that of like man I might not even I came back and I might not even get a season. So once I thought that. Until up until conversation started and once they kind of so on among like the executive. Committee for the Union, guys like us yet. So we're like in the end if you will for conversations. So one like our commissioner Cathy Engelbert like once she had a phone call zoom call and like all these people were on it and they were kind of saying, okay. This is what we would like to do and it was the bubble, the testing and how would do They didn't even have an location pick to be honest at that point but once I kind of understood that where they were going with this, I was like Os happy. The only way it was not going to happen was like. A money issue or something like that. But like from a standpoint, it made all the sense to me I. Really. So I was never nervous about I'm not trying to say like I was never nervous about the Kobe art I was like okay. So we're just go somewhere we can't leave come in yeah and you're going to test us to get in. So, there actually were. Supposed to say this, there actually were a couple of positive tests once we got there. So basically had a crier and broadens your they were. Quarantined it was never an issue they quarantine the got over it came back and that was it. There was some false positives but that those were just like scary for a second and not. The testing was on point and that seems like A. And that has to be. I mean if that's if that's on point and you get the rapid results back like I think you guys have when I went to Chapelle summer camp, they had the fifteen minute. In the nose and then the they have a little box and you get back is that that's where you guys. They said that's what the what athletes in the White House have. No I don't know what they have. No. What we had was like the full PR and they go. The brain one ours was like up the nose on this side, but only halfway up the nose inside, and then another swab in the throat in the. Combination because every day to go up your to your brain would be alive. So. That those took like twelve hours to come back. Oh. Yeah. The only time you got a rafter. was in a scenario where like I said. So when you get when you test I, don't even know how many people we had their three, hundred, four, hundred people every day there's going to be false positives. Just, a false positive. In that case than that a rapid, they get back I forget how long they get back not fifteen minutes, but like ca lowers and then you move on because probably native. Did you. Is it weird and again stopped me of any question feels repeated but I feel like I'm GonNa ask it in a way that is not sports analyst reporter way. I guarantee you nobody made a knees banging that sounds how joke so I think we're in a good. Territory Okay The. No fans are you so pumped because? As it's so funny I even as A. Just. Say former. I still play basketball does that me a former player if no? Blind to be as an athlete. When I watch you can't help as a fan and if you've played it put yourself in that situation. I'm like, I bet I would be so pumped to even be playing that everything else that is not Consistent with real life would not really matter. So I think you'd be bombed the no fans for a second, but they go fuck. You just try to find that silver lining ago we're getting to play so deal with it but that's easier. Said than done because you go your whole life with people around you and now it's just not right. So the weirdest part. Hundred percent about the no fancying was when you ran out onto the court. So usually like you're in the locker room or maybe you've come out early, got shots warm up going locker in the coach talks. This is classic pre-game. Yeah. Kind of. Maneuvering. Then at some point, the whole team like runs out, you do your layups. So usually on the run out, even you're away like even when it's not your home court on the run out you, there's people like they'll give you this at home. It's like but there's something this was like you ran out and it was just. Nothing and it was that was the most bizarre part, and then as the season went that even became normal. One thing I'll say is this you didn't miss the fans once the game gets going you don't you don't notice what's around you anyway but you makes you wonder makes you realize how much the fans impact games because there was no like emotional swings. So like I always say like. When you're home and you're new and you're like a good three point shooter and the Games go in and you can hear the momentum and also you get a wide open three you can hear the fans go. Like getting ready to erupt and it, you feel it and so like there's an emotional like like thing that happens where it puts a little more pressure on you you're like okay. By this place is going up and if you hit it in the same token probably gives you more mode ago man I'm fucking I'm I'm I wanNA hit another one? It's like gambling right? Yes. Yes. So that is just gone and the same thing. Now, if you're on the road this for sure every basketball player, this has happened to you're on the road maybe it's a playoff game high emotion, right? Like it's back and forth all of a sudden Bego on Iran and your team has to call time out in your life. Because the place is going absolutely insane and then you get to the bench and you look at the score and you're like Oh, we're only down five. It feels like you're down twenty-five because it just was bananas. So it's like that didn't exist either. So like anytime something happened that wasn't there and it's like you don't miss it but I think looking like because it's just you don't. You're not thinking about it. You're not. You're not thinking that I wasn't but looking back on it I'm like, Oh, yeah like we played Vegas Okay and they were the number one seat and we were. And so the first two games would have been on their home court and if you look at final scores. And Really, watch the game like we had. We were in control for both games like pretty much the whole game but there was moments in the third quarter where they would like take the lead you know or or they had the lead like it was always close in the third quarter and I fully believe like we were playing really well. But if those games are in Vegas and their fans are going ape shit like who knows. Yeah. It's that it's an outside element of just which is why I mean yeah. I don't know what you call that just the swings of the game that can dictate when you feel. In any sport when the if you get into a little bit of a whole and the fans are going nuts and it makes every move even more pressurized with like and you you probably feel that as a player right with I mean are you even like? I mean, you see what teams that tense up offensively right because you're like, fuck I don't want to make a wrong pass here. That could get stolen because they'll go even crazier and then we're going to be even more like, fuck? Yes. Why players like you? I'm so amazed by because you just seem like you're so just zen all the time in pressure. Well you seem to you're you're faking it well was there was there time during the? Playoffs. I mean, do you guys come? Do you think the bubble made you guys tighter like did you feel an extra level of camaraderie or do you just because this group Spin together now for? A minute, right? Yeah. Yeah like the core I guess. We've been. So there's there's probably like four five six of us that have been together now like or. Atoms if you will. Tell the story yet still their third year. Yeah. So Yeah but the thing about our team is. Just I, mean the latest group of people ever asked yourself. Yeah, each individual's pretty chill. As group like I said, we're chill. It's just not a lot of drama. We don't get caught up in it. You know like I'm sure there were times where people had their moments where they were maybe like homesick or Kinda struggling because the thing was not the bubble the hardest part you couldn't get away from it like you're just in it. So. You couldn't get away from basketball. You can get away from everybody around you. You'd know where to go to like escape some sure. There's moments but our team was destruct stuff off. So we've always been a tight. Tight team something made us any tighter. We were just unfazed by all the bullshit happening around us. So from that I think other it might have affected other teams more. Did. You Get Any people on the are you is everyone friends with. Everybody like the same or it's like any team right? You've got people you're closer with and kick it with then. Yeah. Were there any players that you felt you like Oh, man I talked to so and so more through this or I learned more about this person because we were just around each other more or I saw that somebody was affected by like what you just mentioned the the bubble stressed the bubble. So I went out of my way to reach out to the more which I maybe wouldn't have done if we were. Enormous season yeah. Not so much that like more like. Like I said, the pool was happened and we have one teammate crystalline. Crystal Egg Lang Lang was like the queen of the pool she'd be in that Pool I swear I would look out because I was in the hotel that's where the pool was I like look out the window by the elevator and I think all lines in the pool let's call it like one o'clock. Let's go down there. So Megan with me so I was very lucky Altan. Yeah the whole time. That's huge. I zero. I can't complain at all like I can't go. I'm not allowed to complain about the bubble because I'm one of the few people that had someone with them I mean for sure there's also though I mean and you can attest to this just being in a relationship hey, they're still I mean being with somebody all and thank God you had something to always go do I would love to hear but like you still have those relationships bubble like can you just not? I got a game tonight or whatever it is the same bubble. Yeah. Go ahead and. NAPTIME I'm. So I I do not on game days. It's kind of like a norm for athletes but I I try to get myself two hours. If I get thirty minutes I'm thrilled totally Nagy naptime is from. Six so I don't know what you have to few. Nights where they she she was in there kicking it. I would love to hear her bubble experience a separate pot. which just out I, mean. Doing is, money. So, there were days where like so let's say I have a game the next day. So for me, it's like I just WanNa, eat dinner, chill. Asked. Essentially, go to bed whatever and she'd be like. I'm going to see Holly Rowe was in the Bible ago on. ESPN should you know I'm just going to go see what? Holly doing. I'll be back later A. Nights where she just go like grab wine with holly or there was some other people like like staff members of other teams she became friendly with and would just like kick it with them and I was like cool. Yeah. Probably almost welcome that because you like just let me like get into but now here's the thing where it's like Binge Watch the show that I'm supposed to be wait. Let me get a separate netflix account so I can make it seem like I didn't move past. So when WANNA pulls up and says Sir. I know because there's times with my girl where you know if if. I've got when things were. Normal, an. Audition early and I maybe only did one show instead of three show. So I was home at like nine, but she was out for a friend's birthday or something, and then I'd be for once in a blue moon be like I'm going to try to go to bed by eleven and hopefully at least pass out by midnight. So I can get up at seven and I know that it's GonNa, take me a minute but I'm gonNA. This is what I'm trying for. And then she has to now br balance this line of okay. Well, I'm going out birthday party with my friends. I haven't seen in four years. Every thing she said at another element of like Oh like there's going to be no shortage of boos when your. Best friend's birthday haven't seen him in four years. They just went through a break up. I mean it was the tri factor of year not GonNa Sleep and and so. I mean, did you like would make an sleep on the couch or if she wanted to? She was responsible. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Good I. Mean like not much going on. They were like in the hotel bar like yeah. Yeah. Well, let's not knock a hotel bar. A lot of damage can happen. We on for shutdown mode I remember I sent you a text wants and I felt like immediately like my mom sent me a text. I. Think it was even and then I realized it was during a game I think or on the way to game I was so mad at myself because like my mom will send me text sometimes when I'm on stage or write about to go literally walking on. Exactly. I mean and so I'm just like. You know and obviously you're you're running out the court with your phone it'd be great if there's a shoddy being like. Before we run out all of us are in their late. Last. Look. What's what are the last looks just id just maims whatever yeah. Without. Without my other question is like how shutdown do you? Are you asked to be do you make yourself be? Are you trying to just be like you said St Louis is just Time or you like he was GonNa kill me for that. She's actually not all the time. Right but he's really I know I know but I mean like, but but just do is it encouraged to. During, playoff time to just not be. Distracted, but also it's like, Hey, man, there's a lot of downtime I need to see if there's any new salsa recipes. So no nobody sent like there's no like team. Okay. It's the only thing I would say that's frowned upon is like don't check your phone at halftime that's kind of. Like I might not want to do that but otherwise, it's free game for me personally I don't really limit myself. Until the play offs and then I'm like, what happens is you know I follow a ton of like women's basketball things and was in the playoffs is naturally like they're just covering the game and so it might be like obviously played the it might be like Oh Asia Wilson's doing this. Oh, Angel Makuuchi that I would rather not see anything. Even. If it's like positive for US I don't WanNa see positive net I don't WanNa see any of it. So the playoffs like I will still go on social media, but I'll try to make it like once or twice a day which is for me low. Yeah. And I won't I won't do it like in arena I'll just. I'll look at since you mentioned saucer recipes. Looking at Seattle real estate that's like my I like. A love, it can get lost in it oh. Yeah. Well, what what are your sites that you're peruse all of them I have a whole older where it's give me a few because I'm. I do that a lot for shoreline lake forest park why grew up and then in? Arizona where My fiance's from I. Also, just love Arizona and I you know I was talking to recruit the mayor's broadcaster her when I was down there a couple of years ago and about like where they were staying and I was like God I was like. I think they all had an NBA about like eight of them like the staff and I was like. Man Like to get a place there and pay for it during spring training and also it's five hours from La. It's awesome. It's like. Another fans there was that. Where you're headed, I, know not to live I just want I just saying I want like could have a property there. Like a getaway? Yes. Yes. Oh yes he yes. Nice weather. In the summer like place Sarah, like her it's amazing their oh I bet it's dope. Yeah. Like to have a pool and like. I mean I look at some places I looked at a place in Peoria for like four hundred grand. It was like four bedroom forbath and it was like I, mean, the backyard was massive and I was like, what am I doing but But also I. You know there's so many reasons not to when you're like my mom's like why the fuck would you get a place in Seattle when you say at our place all the time? I'm like. And their places very homey which by the way she's extended yet another invite to you if you ever want to come over the amount of sue is her middle name which she also didn't forget to mention. So she's like Oh. Yeah. If there wasn't a reason that she was going to accept that might put it over the top check. My name is ill. taught nutritional. Weight. So you're you're. You're looking 'cause obviously it's fun but. You trying to. is at a down the line I just wanted to. I Love I live. Yeah. That's fine. Every now, and then there might be a pipe dream. ooh places that same all right so is. Do. Are there things that you? You said like you don't like to read also anything about Like not any. Regular season I don't care. I'll read everything like during the playoffs it's easy to. Keep it simple. You know not have all like. Fluff around you. Yeah. Yeah. Do you Miss Basketball Right now. What does that come down like? Yeah it was. It was weird this time just because. So usually you win and like my experience you win. You come home back Seattle. There's like a huge greeting at the airport. You know like when when they celebrate you at the airport, they basically take the fire hoses and spray the plane and like all this stuff was pretty. Yeah or maybe it was our bus I can't remember. But yeah, there's there's like all this commotion. Then you have a parade in the city gets to celebrate you and. Cool. Like a week. Because a lot of people go overseas. So everybody's kind of just in Seattle for anywhere from literally one day to like like I said like a week and with our chance, we go out every night and everywhere we go. You're like a Rockstar, every every club hogs. Foster all the stuff and you're just like a rockstar per week. It's a lot of fun. It's like a Lotta Fun and she didn't have any of it. You had we had our what night we had one night the night we won, which was awesome. Wait a great time and then everybody went home the next day. And then now we're like I mean you're not in quarantine, but you're in version of it. You know like nobody's going to a club or doing whatever. So everyone's just like some some of the. Team mates are already overseas. Traveling now playing Asari Plan Oh shit yeah. No bubble and they're all over there doing it. for just what just for more game pay? Pair where we make our money it is yeah, nothing we're like a lot. That is that ever going to be. Something you toy with her or not. Done it. Oh that's right. We talked about this went to like in. Russia, did you say even Israel? So the Olympics. Really Password okay. That's right. I had to go to Israel to do that but I only. Played in Russia. Okay. Yeah. That's like that's my thirties. Thirties. That's so. I mean first of all that that. There's gotta be a way to still have that when things do open up to where you can maybe maybe the city can make like storm week, and then you guys just to make it known that like you guys are GonNa be out and about and so that people even. But also you guys. You're such a big part of the city that I feel like, yeah. It won't be the same as the week of, but you're out and about I mean you still get those? Hayes and accolades, but not the same as like walking into a pack on Saturday night like the week. Cheering for us we always a shout out. Like in clubs these days meanwhile, I'm not really like a club Goer I'm saying it like it's my go-to. Like dinner lasting five hours. That's you know I got an MD so. You know like the the women come out with the the. sparkler thing. The bottle last year or two years ago we had his face on her head on a stick at. This is. Yeah Yeah. Yeah those things are I mean? Yeah. That's always fun to be a part of, but you love that long dinner just Gab and drink until really it's time to kick me out man I, love that too. That's. The. Best. So The one. The one thing that I did post championship was Megan because it was my birthday coming up right. Meghan. got like eight seven of our friends. There's nine of us. Set up everything totally surprised me and it was like this huge trip because there's three of us like to other my really close friends from childhood were alternative. Forty says basis like forty birthday bash we went to Antiga, which was amazing. I know beyond. Amazing. So. Yeah and so we're the ones. So they have like twenty cases. So it's like you get. But it's super safe. We went to this one outdoor restaurant. It was my first time going to a restaurant. Did you cry. No but I was like Oh. My God I love when people serve me I sound like an asshole no no, it's the whole. Yeah. The dining is bridging was yeah. I. Know We're there and also done we got our reservation was at five it was ten thirty and they were like There's an island curfew at eleven you guys need to leave. We were like, okay. Hurry shut down the island. But they were like on the taxi drivers. GonNa get in trouble it's like he's not home by eleven. Services are. That's so fucking getting. Why curfew eleven pm go home? That's probably why they have I. Mean I see both sides of that. But also in the moment if you're if you made it to ten thirty, there's no chance you weren't going another two hours. Yeah. That's awesome. Yeah. You know when I did. I remember that's why I mean I'm the exact same way when I went took my family after was opening for Dane at the paramount and we went to Ruth Chris after which is right across the street. I remember there was a chance you. We're GONNA come over and you're like how late you go in and as soon as you asked me, that's before I even knew you were like a long dinner I was like Oh hell yeah I was like there's a chance running told a few people I was like there's a chance comment. In they're like, why are we going to be here I was like I'm not leaving until Ruth Chris and same shit they kicked us out and there was like twelve of us and we had a big table in the back and I kept ordering drinks. So the guy was like I gotcha and also one of his servers had gone to the show and then came over because they got busy. So I think that helped where it was because otherwise, there would be like dude, fuck you. But if you're buying shit, they're like, let's keep going. And especially. When you got cool people around I think that upset it's like good environment like you said, you were outside was on the beach. Now. But it was like Overlook the beach it was raised. Wa it was. recommended. 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It just does not like I did ninety minutes on Xtra on this on the Peleton. Oh Yeah. Do they brought up this little like half ass exercise bike for me which is great. So I can get some because by the way I have this little patio right here to get some fresh air. But I was like. I know I'm not going to do yoga finally, which I've been telling myself I need to do for the last thirty years but I was like I need some uptick we're. GOING TO BE JUMPING JACKS. Like I'm in. The it's all bike and they've actually gave me shoes that Hook into the pedals which I didn't even know was I've never done the extra bike I'm a stair stepper guy. You've seen my calves on only fans. So but this thing is and you said your Peleton Gallia. Just got one. It's won't. It will not going to be delivered till January. Because my girls a big biker but the weather's GonNa Change January. And so I was like, Oh, I think we should get one for indoors and she can have the two right on and But the seats are the seats better pets I. They. All Suck. Therapy. TIMES WHEN I have not stopping vibrating and I'm like what is happening does this mean I can't have kids your your thighs and other these just need to get in bike shape. And once they do it, he'll be back. Oh okay. So that's a universal thing. It always hurts I. Like how many times do it Yeah. Okay. So it's OK adjusted to it. Yeah. Okay. I don't know. I. Don't timing yeah you. Can get like a cushion. They let like shines the I'm GonNa Invest in all the by cushions. Those bike pants. What's our? Yeah I don't have them. I'm sure they work wondering. Oh so it's almost like almost like the pads like for football player that you would put in like certain parts of it. It's like a little support thing. Yeah. That's in the subsidy because I I would like push I. Would you know I'm sitting on the bike and then every twelve seconds I'm just like sitting up just to not. Lose feeling in my lower lower half. Are you going to go back to? Okay. So training wise is that going to? Do you. Can give yourself a little bit of a break or who decides this. Her name. Susan. She's my strength coach. She essentially runs my life I don't mind at all. Yeah. I. Want. So I I basically had that whole vacation didn't do anything even leading up to it didn't do much and the now I'm kind of like slowly getting back in not like for me w is not for a while so. I'm. GonNa try to like get myself in great shape by February just in case like it's Olympic year. So maybe there's something. I'm just kind of on like a slow steady climb. I'm not like doing that Damian Lillard treadmill that looks awful. Yeah. That was bonkers on Alex. I was like, ooh, that will. I mean. What I think is is determined as I've ever seen anyone to try to get Portland to the finals. Elana. He so I also just loved that he's. I mean, I would be willing to put money on that. He's never leaving. PORTLAND. Yet because I think he's he owns that city and. They're always in contention, but it's like they do need like. I. Mean GotTa. I mean, come on right there's I thought Kevin Love at one point but I think it makes sense. In whatever they do they're gonNA have to Kinda, like lose more than they want. To to get someone yeah. Unless unless a free agent wants to come and I don't know I mean, let's a salary cap is like what's that one name since love names where it's like Zach Galifianakis unlike all this stuff's going around him he's like shooting. So I don't know like how much money they have for. But if a free agent comes, maybe they could keep people are just get rid of only like one or two by yeah. My my mom to go back to where posted that thing that was going around of Lebron side-by-side. Did you see that was like which was cool for a lot of the accolades it was like seasons championships. The money? Yeah. People I mean and it is. Back on me. So first of all actually and I say this. Like. Totally Real I don't think we should get the same money as NBA players, but I think people think we think that when we say things like want equality but we're just like, can I get the same coverage in the corporate sponsor looks and things like that. We can build the business and it's really good like the is then we can get that money. Name has just made my comments like on another level Viewership you then money? Can you. Still. Got On rigs anymore I didn't. Even, know. I love that voice by the way that that's exactly the person who Is there. Boy I'm like, oh I know you mentioned that Kyrie. Really done like some cool shit with you in for you like in the shoe game. Yeah. Is that really where it's? That's dope. Has that really because what are the things? I mean. You know outside of that that you especially someone of your magnitude in at your level can be. Trying to. Take advantage of. Like Kyri since you brought up that example what makes? What makes he's done with me. So so specialists because there hasn't been a lot of signature shoes for women. You know like for whatever reason it started out where there was like the show spooks had shoe. Even like Lisa Leslie had I want to say I don't know if it was a signature share but she had like. Her name was connected to a show same with dawn Staley Schmeichel hold Scott one point. Diana Tarizi had shoe but I'm literally we're talking from nineteen like ninety eight to two, thousand six, and then that was it just hasn't happened since. So for cadre to have like this keeps you fresh thing that he's got going and basically it hooks me up with everything that comes out which is nice and then they'll do some like special P es that are like only I have or this year they actually did we did like karate kid theme. because. That's like one of my. Okay. So it's like I love the movie I will cause a little bit Elizabeth shoes in it. And he? Was the show really. Your Adventures in babysitting when I saw that Shit when I was that might have been the first time I was like. Oh I'm only nine but I think I want her to massage me and I don't know why. I thought the same thing. And I really didn't know that. Yes but there's this like you know like getting Miaki like how you know he basically tricks you just you're doing his and that's basically like what my life has become like. I basically like Susan WanNa just mention I'll do all these exercises in. It's like alarmed with twist and you're like why the fuck am I doing this and then you get on the court and you're like Oh shit I'm really good at this move 'cause I can like stabilize and whatever. So I, always she's neon being me and then even with my team. You know like maybe we're talking about something I'm like just got me. So I'm like obsessed with this like the idea of. Nike did. Opposite some pictures like you know like the headband who wears yes one pair. Like it's it's that kind of. Got, all the elements from the headband holy should yeah. The other shoe, which is like even dober- it's basically you know the Yellow Car yes. Yeah. So it's all yellow and has like some. I guess like light, Brown tint to it on the bottom because it had that like accent to it they're both yellow, but it's wax on. So one of them shiny and wax off one of them's like that's on real and those are like one of once only. A really that's now. I gotTa make those available wait so. These are only only women's shoes because I was I saw nine. All right. So there Kyri shoe like right his Harry six God. He'll do like they call it a PE arsenal. Like Gotcha. That's Dope I got when I opened the box I was a I the headband one I was like, what is this and then I? saw. The Wax Moth I was like. So cool. This one's not shiny. It was. Yeah. So What about would you do? You ever see like you know the way? I mean you know Lebron Jordan K. D. even Kyri with. Was it. was his uncle drill. I mean you you know. Getting to know like you have a really great sense of humor and you're a great what I think you. You clearly are silly and like we could put you in something whether I mean to put you in a prosthetic thing will be fucking amazing. but I, feel like you are so. You. Wouldn't have actor concerns. So I feel like the way a kid is onset and just kind of like listens and reacts because they maybe haven't done it a lot yet. I feel like that's how it would be for you. So I feel like that needs to happen sooner or later and. No not even I mean look you could get for to just like wet the whistle, but I is that something that you think about acting. Like being on a show or Like doing a show of some sort. Yeah. The like not not scripted. And just probably like with A. Sports. Yes man but I guess all you do this thing with my boy James Davis for Nike I can't remember what it was. Yes. Yeah. We really were like, all right. Do a funny infomercial. So basically, it was like how athletes eat. Like you're cute idea. The athlete picks the recipe and we go we teach him how to do it kind of like asking. What was grown up in New York you know asking questions but then at the end, like all right do an infomercial like. Old school infamous. What is on your leave? came out of either of our mouths. It was great. Yeah. I'm sure you would take the opportunity to be a judge on like a chopped or something like that. No problem right? I already know the answer too much salt or put on more. So yeah, it's it's always the salt is right. I feel bad. I'm like Oh. My God, it's always thought get someone. Yeah. Yeah I WANNA go on. I. Mean I also feel like family family feud would be a fun. WanNa go on. Would your family be good for that? Now. We went. We'll be smart. and. More on the mellow. Yeah. I'd be the other one. Yeah I. Yeah. Because the families do need back Nancy is the wild one I love that so Maybe there's a show in that. Maybe there's a nancy ensue a travel show. Today I actually saw my sister's birthday and she was like. What am I, going to get my soup commercial. That's amazing. Campbell's your whole life. I could do a Campbell's you know how they have the Campbell's I. With all the MOMS. Great idea. I mean. Look at, she's not wrong. For many reasons. Because it is I've only ever seen it for football. Football. So. What Campbell is like. Do the campbells crossover like literally have somebody with a can of soup dribbling it and just like go like that and it's I mean, look at your own vintage, maybe they come up with a new soup. Everybody likes soup. Have you ever seen the movie a love affair. I know what it is but no, who's in. Warren Beatty like one, hundred, five years ago Whoa. Warm Bake. Anyway throw all of your listeners which I doubt any of them have watched. Of Shanghai knights crowd Campbell soup commercial she's filming. and. You'RE GONNA have. Good, in your head for. Honestly twenty five years. I. It's one of the greatest jingles of all time. Real Quick Campbell Soup Story to actually was in a one of those like Korean Day Spas in San Francisco and my buddy sandy where they're doing shows and we went to the SPA and we're sitting in the sauna and this guy sitting there we got towels on this guy's buck naked do what you want and he's sitting there and he goes just leans back and he goes. He's Good and I go campbell soup. Now, I didn't need to say anything. There, was no. There's nothing about the son of this says. Hey. Yeah make a friend or talk like that should be kind of silent experience unless you can't like sanding I would know under our say stuff whatever. But that's just because we're just always in the big boat right and so and so. and. So this guy goes. Go Campbell Soup, and then he just goes what and I go. So, now, I'm like all right I. Guess we're in this and I go. The jingle for the soup and he goes. What I go. Good is the Campbell. Soup Jingle he goes. He goes that's just what I say and I go. Okay you're stealing the Campbell's soup jingle and so now we're in this like you're fighting about the origins of the Campbell Soup Jingle in Asana while this guy is just fully exposed and I was like, all right there's probably a better time to really get into this. Second one when we were filming the Heat Melissa McCarthy. Michael McDonald. Are you do? Yeah. Oh. Man. A comedy for real. Yeah. I have a couple downloaded IPAD like in case emergency I can't my fine I need something. Yes. It a good. Like. The story is good enough and it's also just one of those movies where it's like every seen as a lot of jokes and it's just kind of bathroom at the club or. Really can't. Laughing I literacy can't. Oh we got to what? We're all watching that because I was in the middle of my whole intro scene. Watching on the Monitor, and just they improvised so much shit I mean when she was like, what is improvising what's not if you? Owe Men. My thing about the lions being behind me was provides when I said Melissa looks like a Ninja Turtle. When. I When I Not to interview but I'm not commit. Like. Everybody just knows whatever comes out of anyone's mouth just go it. Yeah. I mean it's it's also totally I think and this is a credit to Paul feed the director. Brides as right before that and he just. So many the office and parks and he's just you know. He gets that if I have people that can. Improvise I WANNA have WanNa, let let people have other weapons at their disposal and obviously the script was was great but he's like look I have all these people that can do this. So I mean when I was in the booth. And she's trying to bug my phone they they gave me one shot where he was just like I'm GonNa. Let you go and this like one in the morning where he's like just you're just being Dushi club owner trying to impress her while she's trying to bug your phone. He gave me like they're thinking like you know all right two to five minutes I went on for like fifteen minutes because this is also my first movie and I'm like this might be the only thing I, ever do so I am going to soak up. So I, just didn't stop and even standard at one point like you know after they called the cut she was just like you just to is this movie just going to be now like what's going? Are we going to be in this? And because I was just like you know my over trying to get seal. Yeah. My Buddy Smash I was just rattling off all this shit. But Melissa, when they were in the bathroom. was that. Oh. Yeah. They used a little bit. Yeah. They use one thing where I said. All these girls are always coming in here. So thirsty don't feed him after midnight. They'll. They're like gremlins turned more slots or something just something really awful and then. And but Melissa when they were in the bathroom I mean they were. I think which she said what was improvised that dying is when she goes. She's like, why is it so hot when she was like pulling out her spanks and then he's like Sanders, like the supposed to keep everything like together and then she goes what's going to come fucking popping out. Dude we lost it i. mean that was like. The line actually very recently we started doing this where it's like. Sanders character asser like well, why don't you have to dress like this? Yeah. Exactly says, yeah, like I'm out. I'm all movement I. PUT it out. Let my body talk talk. Oh my God. They were they were. Like. It's I mean how about their drunk dance like at the bar when they just Ending it when Melissa Sandra pulls up the guys, she thinks it's Melissa. It's a guy at the end of the night. Yeah. There was a point to bring in all that up. What was I? To. The line in there that was improvised when Michael said. When he was being interrogated by Melissa member Michael McDonald when they got him and and he said, you look like the Campbell's soup kid grew up and had a drinking problem. That was. Yeah? Oh. Yeah. He's. He's. He's a frigging nature. All right few more minutes and we'll wrap this up. Are you going to go and you get back to Seattle to Shawn? Kemp's. We. I'm definitely getting a t-shirt the logo unbelievable like amazing I'm like he's GonNa. Like more money in our or make more money in merch than he is in we'd I know I'm very pumped for him because I don't know what his situation is but he just The fact that he's can't be celebrated basketball wise in Seattle, the way that he should as far as like getting his Jersey retired and being able to go to games and. Probably, coach I mean like so I'm just it's very cool. Also, it's cool to have. We'd shops are so popular in Washington state and it's like, obviously I'm going to be like, oh. Cool. I. Can I'm going to get Kemp's We'd verses whoever else and it sounds like he's involved with some cool people. All right. Well, that's good to know. It's like I and Denny. Crime Spot Yeah It's actually they're going to split it with like a with I think kid value Dick's it's going to be like one of those KFC Taco Bell. No I'm joking I was like I was. I I refused to I. Mean I'm not exist anymore to kid value Dick's. When it was like Taco. Bell KFC OH. Is that. What is happening why we nobody wants? Nobody's like man let's get that new Chiluba and dip it into mashed potatoes. Actually, say that out loud everybody wants to do that. You're like I've been quarantined. L. Man. All right. So we we ended with this last time with a little quarantine queue. So I got a new set of. Quick rapid fire questions. But. If there's some longer answers fill free to. Give up all right, the first one and we kind of. Touched on this a reality show that you would go on currently. Gosh because there's been so many that have come out of the woodwork since we last talked I mean, let's just go down the list love island I mean. Didn't watch it either. Are. You guys, Bachelor. bachelorette either. Reality Watch. What do you watch and it can also be What she said, he said press briefings. That is a great active task force. Should answer. I was GONNA say real world, rose, road, rules challenge. Weights. Bring that back I mean they probably have brought it back, but it's also like. That would ever be what it was at that time because it was one of the first. And we were getting. Yeah that's. I can't even I think Hawaii was the last season I watched. I, don't remember what lasts the last season I. watched I only remember like the first five that I watched so good. So good such a mess I like. From New York is like a DJ on Sirius Xm. Turn that into a career. All right your favorite, your favorite. If ever documentary and it could be one that you've seen during this time just yeah I don't know what this says about me that this just popped in my head. Not Complaints. Fuck I just watched that right? Oh Man I want to the reason why it's my favorite and I think if I would actually answer, I might go while country. But that was like we had to pause it like an hour end and look both look at each other like is this is this really like this really happened. Holy Shit. Terrifying Yeah it. There's no shortage of those types of stories on on Netflix, and it's like you can go down some serious I just watched the What is it the one? The the guy that? That that. killed his wife end. Babies. Called American murder no, it was out and. It is in Oh man Netflix's I just. Yeah. I mean. These stories are just like unfathomable. All right. This was supposed to be. Questionnaire full of communicates is Let's see. All right question three. An NBA player that you'd love to play one on one and then a Wnba player that you'd love to play one on one that present or past. So ready. The nate. Robinson. That, answer. 'cause so I actually played pick up with him like kind of once I was working out. We need an extra guy just to like go up and down it wasn't like real pick up any kind of joking around he was serious but he was like playing lefty and he wasn't like going super hard and his not going super hard. I was like it's the most athletic person. I've ever been around in real life expertise closed free. Yeah like I would love to just experience that speed like. Man It was it was crazy. Jesus Christ. And the jumping ability I mean I remember I would watch them at U.? Dub. I think he had a block one game where he blocked the Guy Dunking and I mean I was like. Hey was incredible and then it also made me just feel so bad about my athletic abilities where I'm like I've got four inches on this guy and there's no one how I'm touching that rim. All right good answer. WNBA player pastor present. Good. Answer. All right. If you woke up if when you woke up and a song would have to start a song would start playing. It would be the soundtrack pursue birds day. What would that song be? Question. Why Now? Yes, we're not accepting a different answer move on. That's you're knocking top that. All right. What's more fun? Winning your fourth title or leaving the bubble knowing you go to the cheesecake factory. A. Ninety page menu. I'm GonNa go winning a championship. Also good answer. That is correct. All right. We're GONNA. Close us out with guests the quote. I. Know You're. You know you've had some some pretty incredible quotes over the years. I'm also a big quote guy. Won a your quotes that I. Don't know if you remember saying it but. I I, think it's pretty stellar piece of verbiage and something. That is very. Simple in the way, it's said, but I think holds a lot of value and you said be kind be nice yourself. You missed the shot it's OK. Remember saying that yeah. Kind of. A Lot. Well I think that that is a great quote because. It's I think in the context of all that what was probably also being said was like you. You. Know you make a mistake. You move on you do it again I mean chump chump probably set it better. You get knocked down you get up again but I think, I, think what you were saying and that is is A. Very pertinent thing that everybody should. Hold onto you apply that to your own day to day. I. Mean not well enough but try just. I love that? Yeah, I. Mean who? Really it's much easier to say the great quote and then to actually pull it and I did try that I do remind myself like you can be nice to yourself. I used to be my mom used to I used to miss shots games, and just you know towards the end of my career when I started really just become a better shooter, I'd have Games had twenty five points but missed two shots that were like you know could have been potential game swing shots and that's thirty hilarious. Yeah. That's all I would think about yeah, I share the stats a little bit but but. Yeah. There was a girl that I wanted to date. There was like I'm only date and you get thirty a game. And I was like that matters. All right. So here's some quotes I'm going to read, and then I'm going to be three potential options. Of who said that quote and you gotTa Guess. First one is if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten who said that. Gino Auriemma. Share or Tony Robbins. In our Emma. Tony Robbins. But it does sound like a Gino Ram quote. Like Tony Robbins in real life earn, Shallow Hal. The Fan of. Great Move Your hands. So, my God. I hope coat draymond isn't here this. Does. Did he have a lot of great quotes over the years. He seems like anxious to quote machine can I give it go on real fast please. Man, find not GonNa love them saying this fellow. Remember, when those ww J. D. Bracelets were really popular. Yes. So I actually wasn't there for this, but it's like told round the world in the Yukon family. So it was the file for like really intense moment. back-and-forth close game team timeout everyone comes in the huddle. Everyone's waiting from to talk and he looks over in one of the girls wearing the bracelets and he goes. You WanNa know what Jesus would do. He rebounded run. A. Oh. God me. He's had some good ones. Another girl she came down. She was all while he was like subtract issues like you know sometimes you Michael Jordan and sometimes you Michael Jackson. Because you literally came down, it'll be like like she was like wild with it some. Bird sometimes. Michael Jackson Sometimes yet another one times one. Sometimes. Robinson. Sometimes you're Oscar Weiner he had some good ones too and and when you say she like that, that's kind of funny in the moment but you're not saying it to be funny and you're super serious. It's so tough as a player to not be like. Did he just say you're not a hotdog. All. Right. Cool. That's great. WHO said this quote I might talk about killing people but that doesn't mean I do it who said that? Britney griner. Oprah or EMINEM. Yeah that's right. Yeah. That's a all right last one. Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart she cheated on him like a dog and we'll do it again. Just Watch. He can do much better who said that IRA. Banks. Diana to Rossi. Donald. J trump. My God. I think trump? Yeah. which is fucking bonkers. tweeted that. Yeah I wish I. Wish that was is worse tweet Climate, the other day you did. Real quick. Where you are you big twilight fan I mean I read the books I don't know what that means but yeah, it means you're fan. So the when the heat came out the first again, first movie I'm ever in, they were starting to play the trailer apparently in twilight the movie. So my buddies like we should go, he's like don't you want to go see the trip and I was like, yeah, that'd be cool. So we bought tickets to go see twilight. This was like twenty thirteen and twenty was still very big I. Don't know what movie this was the third or fourth are there For. Yes for so two, thousand, thirteen, whatever was the one that that. Down the last book and made it two movies I was like okay. So this is one where. Buck and what's his name? Young Jacob fucking. What's his name? What yeah he's a woman. She's he's a wolf and because I remember our it was my buddy his girl and and during the movie like the kids by the way, it was full of adolescent teens that were die hard and their mom or. Or us, and then gals that were just like obsessed with vampires and had weird vampire fantasies and all that. So it's full of everybody. And I think though my buddy were the only dudes in the theater no joke. Deserve. The ARC light in Hollywood and things are happening in everyone's by the way cheering for the name's Robert Patents and comes on the go crazy. The other the wolf cared they go crazy Christmas movie was that he stayed for the movie Oh yeah. So the trailer they played, they didn't play the trailer that had me in it. Then, so I'm sitting there. So bummed and then, and then we're going to leave and my buddies girls like I want to see the movie and we're like. And I was like I've never seen Eddie of it. So I was like, let's say from it. So everyone's going nuts for the names and then things would happen in everyone's reacting like in. Like, when something would happen and I was like, what just happened she goes oh The. So she was she's married to she's in love with our president, but she has a baby with the him I go. So she has a wolf baby. Now, what are you? What? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? This is not normal. That was Meghan. I was like listen. His Dad show her dad doesn't know that she's going to be a vampire but she's dying right now, which is only time they can't wait because the baby has to grow. I mean I must. Say That I was. So I was like I'm not going to be happening I was like well, some of them have special powers don't worry about it. I was like I'm not going to be made to feel stupid because I don't understand this plot. But it was so much to absorb. My nieces are obsessed with the too. By the way is there anything you would because my nieces at a point right now and we'll wrap this up. She's eleven. hoops is still a part of she loves to play I. Think He's definitely in a place where she's like I don't know if I'm GonNa make this something. Super. Part of my world, what would you say to kids that are playing basketball right now I I know that you get hit up all the time and you you're so good. With With. All that. But is there something that you have that you always say that you think about you at that stage? Yeah So the first thing, but I say how old is eleven? It's like have fun. Okay like if you're lucky enough for this to be any kind of anything serious weather, it's like you're on Varsity or you go to college or shit you become a professional and you get paid to do it like it'll be job then. Like. Don't make it a job out like. Have Fun with it and to me like what you learn from sports. has nothing to do with the actual sport. So it's like so worth it. It's like I mean, this is not something you're. To want to hear will like in terms of the people around her to encourage her. It's like you're staying active. You're learning team where all these important things that will help you down the line. Anyways we have fun with it like joy it don't make it like you're serious Meghan actually the one thing she says is like she tells people that like watch sports like make sure you're watching it. Yup You could learn from that. Yes that's. Yeah. Now Megan. What would you real quick what would you have told ten-year-old Adam when he scored on his own team and his friend's Dad who was a coach said what the fuck are you doing? Yeah that's what I did. That's a wrap on that sport for me. She goes clearly I didn't know what I was doing because I'm ten. I. Wish I had enough just. Social maturity. Way Is that is that is that a rare thing to score on your own team at that stage or is that like very done? It doesn't happen a lot but it's not like super rare I've seen in the WNBA it happened at Uconn to really. That's bonkers. Swin. Cash did it and Lauren Jackson did. More I like. It's always SOMO al.. What are you? Is On a free throw, both of them are on free throws. So. You're standing there you're not like you. Both of them actually so easy. This is. This has been great. Thanks for making time I. Love that you make time. It's really. It is fun. Right I. Yeah. I mean that's why I was like so hesitant to bug you but I was like but I feel like it's not a normal interviews. So you're GONNA it's not a bugger. Did you think it was cool when Russ was wearing your Jersey at a press conference? GIG Out. that. Yeah. Well, not to one upper us. But I have already told my fiance Amanda that I will be wearing that state bird shirt at our wedding so. Jersey, to did you see that'd be dope? Did you see that shirt? How dope is that? I think it's a play on the Larry Bird. One Larry. Bird has like an og fuck that. Fuck that there's a new burden town. Younger one. Yeah. Yeah. I, well, you guys have a good. Have, a good weekend. When you get out I, get out on Saturday I. Think they said four, thirty, five, thirty in the morning. It's so it's Wednesday here right now. Nine, am and. And so I get out on Saturday but then I don't shoot for another ten days really the schedules just getting. So a mix mixed and matched and even Melbourne. Brisbane. Brisbane. So I'M GONNA go to a Steve Irwin Sanctuary. Go kick it with some. Some ruse. I guess go go to A. Bar and go to rest go to the gym that's actually outside and normal life there. Yeah. Yeah. Oh Yeah. They're they are. I mean Melissa. McCarthy's been down here doing a movie for four months and she's like, I might not go back and she's like it's normal and awesome and they're shooting way more stuff down here now because of that. We are I think originally were supposed to be in Atlanta but things were kind of still not figured out when this going so a lot of. Notes NBC TV show. Notes about the rocks life it's called young? Rock. Wait. Like the rock the wrestler Yes. Yeah. You didn't see impost my stand up on his instagram now I will yeah Oh, we're like full on buds. It's fucking bonkers. Yes. Oh. It's it's. An NBC series I can't see how it won't go the distance because. Historians. I'm here for a month, but there are people, but that's just for this first season. The character I'm playing is a very prominent part of his story and wrestling career but. So. Later seasons I'll be all over it if it continues, which I'm like, how do you not do? Yeah and. And the stories just crazy. I mean his dad being a wrestler and then going to University of Miami to play football and then getting into wrestling and then I mean it's it's really a and it's cool. It's in the family's a big part of it and and So we'll see, but but those people that are here for a while So but I'll be back Seattle over Thanksgiving if it's chilled out at some point. Back, so he can grab a system associate. Let's do it. Yeah. Okay cool. Thanks for doing this. I love you. Thank you, heaven.

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