Who Birthed Who? Radio & Podcasting For The Future [Episode 232]


PODCASTING and radio have some obvious parallels and even though podcast pundits quote boggles lyrics and radio pros try to exert their birthright it's a shared future were in for hello and welcome to another where there's a whole new group of public radio stations doing very different things doing storytelling yeah a handful of video podcasters still out there but let's face it odd casting his audio as radio is also audio similar person who came into podcasting you probably don't understand that what we understand as radio is a very very slim slim doing in depth journalism not just reporting on the news but digging deep into the news a thin sliver of what radio actually as we think of Radio as commercial radio which is either talk shows guess what most podcast as I said the beginning radio podcasting similar medium right people listen to things without something to watch yes I know that that's a hundred years old more people listen to the radio then listen to podcasts more advertising dollars are spent on the Radio Hod casts make sure that you understand that today in the world more people listen to the radio you know that technology encroaching into podcasting yesterday I took on TV and today might as well go for radio might as well hit the radio thing there's like yourself radio can mean a lot of things when you think radio unless you Arabia pro if you're just a regular average what can we podcasters learn from radio and what can radio gift podcasters I think probably the biggest thing that everybody needs to understand especially working podcast oh well it's still around fifteen years later and probably not going away any time real soon but let's talk about the future let's talk about the benefits how do they work together now you may not hear those in your local markets because there's only a certain number of stations that are broadcasting with a stick on the mountain or in it's sports that's it however that's really not it there's one other little channel maybe two or three channels depending on where you live AAC podcasting better what can podcasting learn from radio what can we do to take it forward because there are more people that listen to the radio then listen to parallels as I said but also some pretty clear differences but I'm not here to talk about the INS and the Outta those I want to talk about the future how do we her or music programs a little bit more challenging the podcasting because of music rights that's about it and then news and you know with you then are spent in podcasting and while many people have been predicting the death of radio how podcasting joined to kill radio kind of blend the news and the talk show together it's news it's talk it's rates music it's sports that's what's on the radio dial doesn't a Cornfield if you live in Iowa there's only so many stations broadcasting to you radio signals tend to attenuate which means lose signal over time so only hear what in your local market but there's a lot of different things in radio actually FCC regulations aside Dan actually be as varied as podcasting really can't but it tends not to be it tends not to be because of commercial interests radio has to appeal to the lowest common denominator I guess a better way to say that is to the maximum number of people in their area so that they can sal ads not true podcasting sure lots of shows do wanNA sell ads but because we have the global footprint because we were we are not limited aid those are the rules by the federal government here in America that say we can't say bad words on the public airwaves those aside radio one thing in podcasting well it's me I was actually on an Internet radio program prior to having podcast I was on regular broad take you don't have to go head right down the types of radio programs you are exposed to if you went through your dial right now did you did especially a lot of the more creative radio people of the PR X. Variety I public radio exchange and others forms of public radio stations they I started going through the dials and seeing what the stations are playing it's one of those it's music it's talk it's news gene that which is broadcast from a stick on the mountain the radio waves themselves they mean the type of content they WANNA make and they call it radio and local marketplace big shows can grow as big as they want to eat and they can get lots of ads from them so I don't really see casting the reverse is true as well there are opportunities for podcasters to have their voice heard on the radio I did that originally I just WanNa repurpose their radio shows in podcasting form and that sucks for a lot of them sometimes it can work but you know programmed a time when radio gets killed by podcasting if anything I see radio and podcasting living a long history together yeah we do have radio people there may be an opportunity for you to get on your local radio stations why not you already know what you're doing you can have the conversation you've got the really good habits like proximity effect of a microphone right through the great things that does there I think what we're seeing right now no worrying about your birthright please no worrying about killing the other one come on kiss let these things work side by side that's the future as as podcast pontificate with me Ego Tara. This week I'm talking about podcasts encroaching into other forms of media and other forms of media coffee and if

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