Chelsea To Wembley After FA Cup Quarterfinal Win


Welcome everybody to the official chelsea. Podcast chelsea miked up. We will recap a dull affair at san for bridge but you also get two goals off to. The semis drew manchester city. Kind of a tough draw. We'll talk about it. Aimal recap the game against sheffield united all that and more on this episode of chelsea mike dump vamanos in looser. Well i said it was a dull affair in the intro chris. It wasn't dull. There were some exciting moments. Some nervy moments to just wasn't chelsea's best performance this was one of the flatter performances from chelsea under thomas to coal. And that's a sign of a good team by the way not putting your best effort and still coming away with multiple victory. Two nil the final mcgoldrick. He burned up all that great. Cavalry had one absolute sitter of an opportunity that he missed so kappa gets a clean sheet. What does this ten clean sheets. Edible possible twelve or thirteen. It's it's remarkable. Yeah i'm gonna go to his Transfer mark page to confirm. But yeah i mean. Kevin is didn't have a ton to do but he did make a couple of saves. And that mcgoldrick mrs kind of what. You'll remember the game for actually i. I give real credit to chef united. I kind of ruled them out as competitors for this game but i twenty minutes there pressing was really intense may be made a really difficult for chelsea to play and thomas to match kind of in his press conference was saying that. Look after it go. There was a mental bernau. This is the fourteenth game that he's managed already. And you think oh. What a short space of time he's managed in. They're trying to figure out which players are. Going on. International break cirkovic protocols. I think they just kind of arrived at this game running out of gas hoping that they can get over the line in this one maybe not necessarily for brilliant performance but get over line win the game gets to the semi final and then we'll regroup after the break and that's basically what they did. Yeah they got over the line and there were some bright spots look kim's es a totally different player after getting on the scoresheet you kinda hoping what happens him adams christian pulisic who by the way put in a man of the match performance. Despite not getting on the scoresheet he had that one highlight reel dribble in the box. Where he takes on three defenders. It's just beautiful and you. It's moments like that. He can provide an aspect to this chelsea attack. That no one else really has team has obviously the afterburners on him. He has the speed but that ability to create something out of nothing and dribble and traffic and get in the box and look dude. Got wacked around that entire game. I'm sure he was feeling pretty. pretty bruised up after it. Not the kind of game you want him going into international duty with if you're a men's national team supporter because i'm sure he was feeling that for a little bit but that is a skill set that really. I think only he has on this team. Something that chelsea carved out of their identity out of an hazard was here and it's not a fair comparison. It's not even viable comparison quite actually but when you see that you can't help but harken back to the days of in his art in that blue shirt making those moves because that was the last player that had that capability as chelsea player and it's those moments brilliant said remind you if you're trying to write off this player don't and he puts in of the match performance as well to boot chris y- dribbles and take on. That's what christian pulisic is excellent at and it's kind of amazing because like as you said that's what he is was good at but when it's not going well forum those gerbils and take on's end up in the ball being dispossessed and actually thought i twenty thirty minutes of the game. It looked like he was trending in that direction or a few times where the ball was taken off him. But then after that one bit of skill in the boxer you mention which was just extraordinarily. He's taken on three guys and it's just as little subtle movement to get the ball away from that vendor and then cut inside and ends up shooting towards air rams produces a good safe to be fair and then he has the absolute sitter in the second half which thomas to actually kind of described as a turning point right like that's a change need to be putting away so we can put this game to bed and crusoe victory. But then there's a lot of suffering you you you give up a lot of chances after that and you hang on for the victory with with getting that goal and extra time but publicity just in terms of bright inspiration moments in might not have resulted in a goal but it gives you a good deal of confidence that maybe this is a player feature in the sidebar often in american football. They have this saying that. So and so has a healthy amount of interceptions for a quarterback. And i kind of you. A player being dispossessed. That way obviously you have these vacuums of players that don't really create that they get possessed. It's not a good player but christian is going to get dispossessed a bit more not making excuses because he's taking a bit more chances and if we saw what was happening particularly during the lampard era you needed him to get in two places and spots where he might be dispossessed because no one else was showing that instinct to attack now so with the defense being what it is and our incredible ability to limit counter attacks. I can understand probably being a bit more conservative. and not wanting your players to get dispossessed. I mean who does. But i still think it's about a healthy level. When it comes to christian pulisic so long as has an attacking mindset that he displayed really during project restored. That's a player that we hope would be. The consistent version of christian pulisic hasn't quite been there during what's been confusing is that this is his most healthy spell as a professional footballer but it requires a run of games right. I think one of the things that you're seeing is that what christian pulisic does hard right so when he is chelsea's best player in the post restart period. He's doing a lot of things where he's weaving through two defenders and the ball just seems like it's stuck to its foot but when it's not and you try those things you're giving the ball away but as you as you mentioned that that desire to try things and create havoc in the opposition defence. That really is what you need. More out of right. I don't think there's enough of that really chelsea attack when he's not in the team so if he can have a run a games where he feels confident is putting together these kinds of performances where he develops that confidence and that ball does feel stuck to its foot. That's when you get the best attacker in this chelsea side christian pulisic back and so it really. I hope in the international brave. He can feel some of that. You're playing in jamaica. You're pulling its northern ireland hopefully against weaker opposition. He's able to kind of build up some confidence when he comes back to chelsea he. Is that player again because that player is brings a dynamic as you mentioned that no other chelsea player brings but it needs to kind of come with some flow in a run of games. Maybe this is the start of a thing with christian pulisic where he's a later end of the season type of player. There are some parallels here between this season and last season last season he was getting used to a new league a new team new tactics this year without frank lampard being the manager throughout. I think maybe you can blame some of the dispossessions that he's had under thomas colin or not exactly knowing where some of his teammates are going to be being a little unsure of himself in the attack. And that's Should get better with time. So this might be the beginning of a christian. Pulisic that can be a match-winning christian pulisic again for this club and it couldn't be happening at a better time for chelsea f c massive for the club to just keep the winning ways thomas to cool hasn't been defeated as chelsea manager. That is wild. Wild chelsea haven't lost here and the other takeaways from this game other than it seems like a totally different player. Now that he has confidence and i want him to go for goal more he has a real special quality. Some of those goals. I i know the first one wasn't exactly pretty any kind of struggled with that at the beginning of the season that you should have done better with stuff but that was a real quality finish against sheffield united. He has a special boot. The moroccan magician. Does i like to see them. Go for gold more. Yeah he's got that ability to cut inside and the same way that you can shape a ball for across you can shape a shot into the top left corner right. I'm kinda waiting for one of those to come off where cuts inside and it's just a perfectly bent ball into the top corner so he he's definitely one that i agree Stood out just from a defensive point of view. I thought it was interesting. That in order to give us billy arrest christianson to the right of the back three and had zuma anchor the middle and just general cushion continuing to play. Well came off because he had an illness that stopped him from playing against. Let go but another clean sheet and doesn't really seem to matter who's in there although giveaway a few more chances maybe you were expecting to but for me. I think every time you see that zero on the board that's why chelsea can play poorly knee tack or have moments where they're suffering a little bit and you still are confident they're going to grind out the result that's a kind of very customarily chelsea thing from when they first rose to prominence in the mid two thousands wasn't always pretty but they kept clean sheets and they won matches and so i think the fact that chelsea are getting back to that identity must give the fans a real sense of positivity. I love that. Take away that you took from the lineup. I had a couple takeaways from the lineup number. One there were two of them which was very confusing. I was trying to go wigley. What oh yes. They announced they announced. Wow this is an aggressive. Really going forward again sheffield. That's a strong very odd and then pull a sick. I'm like suppose going to be a wingback. And then the the next lineup comes up and you see the difference but The christianson thing we were sort of theorizing yoga silva and positional battle. Right now because christians playing so well the illness make you forget how well christianson was playing. But then he comes back plan. A new position does equally. Well i think you could see tiago silva and andreas christianson. Both in the starting eleven post international break here four chelsea and it was cool to see thomas toy with that you can understand why he wants tiago silva as at main central defender along that back line to be fair. You give them the credit that he's earned throughout his career as good as christianson has been there. If christianson can prove to be competent at right-center back will make that his position and pairing of tiago silva and christiansen back in cooking the way that they are right now. It's going to be even harder to score on chelsea if you can imagine that. And i imagine posted international break is what thomas ducal has been targeting for ti silva because have been very careful with him and his injury and they do catch a little bit of a break. In that south. America are not doing world cup qualifiers during this international brave because of the covid rules. You can't quarantine in south. America for seven days and then play to international fixtures and then come back in quarantine after that so in the end kumble cancer that world cup qualifier. So there's no chance of silva getting called in. So i imagine you know with everyone mostly out on international duty. He's the one who kinda stays behind to really work on. His fitness and thomas kuhn kind of work with his three players are. That aren't an international team. Right now. build up their fitness that tiago silva can come back out of the break in return into that back three. I also be curious if maybe cursing and play the left of the back. Three s belleek wet Playing on the right. You have so many options right now and it's interesting because we talked about kurds zuma being someone who might not figure into kohl's plans but he's getting some starts and he doesn't look out of place it doesn't look. I thought he was only in a back four boat. He can play in the back three as well. Yeah the system seems became results. No matter who's back our heck look at the players that have turned around this chelsea defense. It's the same players plenty. People were complaining about prior to a bunch of message boards. Let's turn our attention to the draw. Chelsea had very good luck in the champions league draw make sure to go through our archives and check out the emergency pod that we did sort of celebrating the fact that tells he had a very good draw for the champions league leicester and southampton available in the pot but so as manchester city and chelsea and chelsea draws manchester city. Can't really complain coming on the heels of That favourable draw in the champions league. You're going to have to be man city at some point to win this cup right. Yes i might as well get it out of the way chelsea. Draw manchester team back to back years in the semi finals last year. Put up one of the better performances on the frank lampard era against manchester united in the wembley semi-final to get to the finals where they inevitably lost to arsenal. Things might have been different. If christian pulisic dozen pulled up lame in that game. But i value this competition. You're in it. you might as well win it. It's a nice story to tell and might remind you that in two thousand twelve chelsea. Hattie lackluster premier league. Season wouldn't have even made it into the champions league. Had they not introduced a new rule that said reigning champions league champion teams could actually qualify for the very next year so chelsea actually won a double that year the fa cup and the champions league both things very much in play if you want to hearken back to twenty twelve and see if there are any similarities yet another one chelsea football club and with this draw with manchester city. It is interesting because you'd have to think that city you're gonna drop one of these competitions at their in right so in the last month and a half two months of the season though come back from the international break and they'll still be in the champions league they're probably gonna win the primarily. Almost definitely gonna win the primarily. Then they play borussia dortmund and the winner of bio munich. Psg in the champions league in the care about cup final they played tottenham hotspur and then they play chelsea in the semi final and the winner of lesser in southampton. The winner of this match plays the winner of that match in the final. I can't see them winning all the competitions. I i really can't and you might catch man city at a time. When maybe they're progressing to a champion's league semifinal and the fa cup isn't as much of a priority pep takes every competition seriously but at some point these games stack significance on top of each other. So maybe you catch manson an day and as imperious as they had been for you know winning twenty matches in a row. They've showed a few vulnerabilities even when they've won. You know they. The loss of manchester united but the recent performances haven't been sensational against everton. There were pretty dragged for eighty minutes before you arrive there. But i think chelsea can definitely rely on their defensive strength to maybe keep city at bay a little bit and you hope from attacking standpoint that for them it's an off day and chelsea can convert the chances that you'll get which might be a relative scarcity in the semi final and given the rotation that we can expect in that game barring any injuries. Us on us crime against stephan in that game potentially zach. Stephan remains unbeaten. As the manchester city goalkeeper started ten matches and these one all of them so it would be interesting if pelagic can can get the better of his national team teammate. That's impressive. I didn't know that. About zach all right. We have a real good interview here with sam. Page is joined us on the pod several times over great insight into what's going on at the academy and how that bridges the first team squad so made numerous appearances on our show at this point. He's family so we really enjoyed our time with sam. We hope you enjoy the interview coming up. Next introduce puffing played the most advanced training up repeatable would and used by the chelsea built with innovative truck intent on featuring multiple lawsuit from some of football's biggest stars offering wall cross clinton allies poku coach. So the come to play. You want to start trading for free download on the app store now at club like chelsea. You've been there for a long time and you've seen a lot of managers come and go. Sometimes managers come and go multiple times and for those here in america that don't have the deeper understanding of how the academy system works. How much direction do you take from the managers or do you as someone in charge of the academy. Come up with philosophy that can remain consists in over the years as players in this academy go through different clubs with things in different ways And the way we have gone about of the last few years he's we haven't set in a program which we deliver to our academy play which essentially is trying to prepare players for supply senior football in in anywhere between eight to ten years tong. So what we've been really fortunate to do Over the course of the time that i've been there is would have the best bitch really from all of the different manages of common goldman embedded from playing philosophies and essentially led by neil off the head of youth development. What we do is we re write. All technical program will kind of review. All set in coop. Program have read sousa three years. Paul that what we do. Is we tight. The playing philosophy from the current all previous manager got bits of that really worked for all players because essentially outside with trying to prepare. Those plays for eight to ten years. Time on most likely at different. I see manager anyway. So what we need to. We need to make them really tactically adaptable and we need to expose them to a broad range of different playing styles playing principles. We do that by constantly. Reviewing and updating. Aw what we playing principles and those of been through many rations over the time that i've been there Right the way through from a guest as i influence and a big focus on transition right the way through to i suppose some of the current trends. We're seeing in the primarily now. Football's changed a lot since josie was first with chelsea in your biannual reviews. What's the single biggest difference. Nowadays when you first started at in terms of what you're teaching the youth. I suppose when when i first started we were probably one of few teams. That would play that kind of four three three formation. And you know we felt at the time that was really beneficial for the overall development of our players so as soon as they hit eleven aside they would play that kind of one door to money me feel about numbers henry with changed that we would some sun by one to midfield and essentially it would it would breeds awards that con of possession by style. Which at that time was something which really only the biggest teams really really kind of played and played effectively. Now obviously you see all teams playing a much more kind of possession based style at times but then also now seeing this. I guess these kind of era of counter attacking and counter pressing which has become really prevalent across lots of those different teams. Equally across teams are doing really well in the primarily. He seems that the con against the premier league and an ultra style and uncon- dot com of us boast progress against those midtable in european places. Different plane stalls. So i think that's been really interesting transition. I've seen over. That time is coming from a mortar rextall to a possession by stall so almost now we really need the bowl or the time stodden a knox. That's been fascinating for us to try and encourage all players to understand the sometimes you do need the bowl but equally. It's about what you do when you don't have the ball and then as soon as you get the poll. What's the thing that you need to do in the group. I work with the under eleven's and twelve where we really trying to focusing on a suppose playing paul the bigger team this notion all. What can you do feel teammates. When you get the what do we want to do. Is it same as a really a really important aspect on kind of a more global level. We're talking about it in the context of chelsea managers. How much are trends in the game. For example a lot of teams try and play out from the back now way more than probably in twenty years ago. Would you start to see that in academy football first and then it made its way into senior teams or dislike pets. Barcelona two thousand eight exploded. Know everyone wants to play from the back at youth level. Yeah again in. That vast been really interesting evolution. I think is the going back to when we we kinda. I came up with all plan principles. I wrote saw technical program and we were fortunate to kinda lead. The way i think in terms of the way the more national picture of academy football looks in england we will probably want to the first teams to really talk to our players about playing out in and we'll talk about that all pledge from a really really young age we would try answer a guests make them feel comfortable about transition. You know that. Come from might be a grassroots same mcconnell recreational level eight come from just playing school football where you it was always get the ball forward. Get the ball forward to probably the best players probably striker. He's probably gonna drove across three and school and actually what we were trying to encourage them to. Actually we're gonna play through the thirds we're gonna use of players and actually geno walk as defender whether it's a central defender. You're going to have to be really good on the ball. We will probably one of the first academies. i think that that we're doing that consistently now. You seem like cyprus global trend of all teams now academy level doing. I think he's quite refreshing to be honest with you. Because you know we we've seen this spos- some would argue more. Pure style of football Is more aesthetically pleasing but still funny to listen sir common sizes and pundits and question it when when it happens and when the inevitable eras happen i mean fascinates to see how all young players can deal with and do deal with it now energy so accustomed to it. Thought you know sometimes leads the mistakes and that's just the nature of Particular stall sam skew about an academy product. That's come on. Recently with the i team seemingly out of the blue really working hard and making a real positive impact in the squad and that's entrees christianson. We had pat nevin on recently on the podcast and he said on actually at that age where you really see a huge development. It's sort of counterintuitive. Because i know all the top clubs are going youth youth youth. There's almost like a lack of patience with just a twenty one year. Old when someone in their mid twenties like andrei is you really put a big investment in that player. Why is it different for defenders. Why do they actually season on time. Line that's more consistent with what we saw in the nineties and early two thousands addresses a really interesting character because he when he saw on for us he was ways a very mature player. Even as a you know a young player playing remember playing in the in the faa's cut working with him when he you know he he. I came over and You know he just had that level of maturity. I think composure. Very calm in possession. And i think really you know the so apply that mike's the guy look easy and it's brilliant to see him performing so well it's brilliant to see. I think him showing that composure. And again it goes back to what we were talking about the fact that players of the but needs to be able to show that columnist that composure song peo- stay on the ball we talk about all young plazas defended. Sometimes you might need to stay on the ball be patient and feel players just the extra couple of seconds to get into that right spice to just pull away from that player andrea seems to be able to recognize when he needs to stay on the board. He needs to play a quick and and vice to stop that level of calmness and composure. And that seems to just kind of increased over over the years at he's been through some ups and downs as well. I think that's been a a really fascinating aspects. His journey is he's been on loan journey on undo. Come in and he's been in that same by guess that probably showed some of the Mental skills are psychological. Cats sticks that we discussed before. And how important they all that he's overcome. Those is fantastic to see him performance so it makes sense because players like entrees and even kurt zuma who really fit a prototypical style when they were coming up the game evolved when they were supposed to be making first team contributions and now they have to reshape themselves as footballers. How much more difficult is that. After you crack the first team as opposed to the developmental stages assistant. Yeah i i mean i think the key thing there is the value that we place on the loan system and the lone journey that those players go on and when they go on that journey they get an opportunity to be exposed to to so many different styles of coach of coaching of playing style of opponent. And i think that's absolutely massive part of that journey and and we definitely consider that to be a big part of the academy journey overseas. You were discussing here. Players that join us relatively late in the system but when we talk while younger players would definitely envisaging them having to use that loan segment of their academy journey to really maximize their ability to overcome some of those difficulties and to learn that different style because football is evolving so so fast and we try and speed up their appreciation of evolution by going connor throwing in those different environments for which you know inevitably boasts succeed have learned to cope in those different environments thrive comeback in. They're able to deal with. Maybe a changing manager a changing playing stall club. Wanna talk about something that we mentioned the beginning which was defending the front and how much that has evolved particularly under the current manager. Thomas tickle when you're teaching those kinds of skills would you say are the two most important things beyond just hard work effort would are the important bits of being a good counter presser or presser. Generally interesting is we. We discussed a lot. One of playing principles is to have a clear pricing structure. Jade's about having a preference for a high press. You know the age group again. What evidence well you know. We did a session. Muslim got really focusing on it. And actually what we did. We showed some of all adds price in the trading session a few video clips of mason. What be awesome series. Go you know. What do you notice about the way he makes him such an excellent presser as we go into the session that connects day. What we're asking them is okay. What what'd you know about when he presses or the triggers that help insert sent out identify the riots slimes press so we'll muslim economists set to level you know that recognition of what actually is a a slightly miss hit. Pause is a little bit. White of the policies isn't quite for the opponent is about to receive. Its then you kinda pounce jump on that one is it lucky is gonna miss. Control is actually that he player hasn't scans the opponent hasn't scans to your mind. You might come on the blindside those talker things and the players were picking up and it's really refunds now states. Hey them having watched those video clips of mason and be able to talk to us about and then we go and put it on in apprentice. Where they're where they sort triggering those type of those king skills which help masons to be a really good preston physical things. Well you know people talk about Mason you know the kind of quickness over that short distance so is a mental thing is a physical thing in terms of speed and wednesday. But also then. It's the the effectiveness of using your body the technique of the press as well when you made wrought tackle what possible years to kind of make not sakamoto those things and absent massive as paul program in recent years a legitimate path from the academy to the i team has opened up at high and i understand the i team footballers have a loaded schedule. But i'm curious how many of those academy products have pushed all the way through. Put back what they got out of the academy and tried to teach some of the youth and come by and just show that. Hey by merely being here you know that you can make it. You see me wearing the same training jacket you do. And then let me on top of that import some knowledge. How much of are you seeing that at the academy level. Yeah i mean at the moment. Way a little bit restrictions by the kobe situation so that there's probably less contacts between all different groups of people that train a cobham training facility at different times so one of the ways around that we recently returned to training. You know not so long ago. Because obviously we had a situation in england where there was another lockdown and we weren't able to try and so we will fully online but we recently came back and we were really excited as part of all gonna welcome back presentation that you zoom with all of all players and parents say look while combat was thought next week etc etc mason produced a video for us which was a lovely video. Just say look you know. he's really. He spent time looking. All of our online activities applies of dumb conway. They've done in their online virtual learning environments. You know he. He's been so impressed with what they've been doing. So proud of the world at put in An econ wait to see the backer of carbon ready soon. And i just think that's a really nice touch of how we're trying to build this kind of expose. This connection between the academy. In the i team is amazing and these kind of one club. A taught environment that we're having really starting to see. I guess those players really embodying. And i think it's just really nice is. The players came in that first training session. They you overhear them so nice always brilliant fantastic and he just enthusing them and i think it's a it's great that we you know we. We certainly have that now. From the recent post. I guess and seeing some of all adds playing on the first thing. It's got to be a delight for you especially because you saw mason when he was one of those little kids saying oh i can't believe so and so is talking to us now. He's paying it back. It's really cool to see sam. It's always a delight catching up with you gives our listeners really great insight and just how this chelsea culture is built from the academy on down always enjoy our time with. You can't wait to speak with you again soon. Get the latest chelsea news straight to your phone. Download the pit. Stand the official chelsea all right. We hope that you find our next guest very interesting. There's a really cool project going on right now on. All of chelsea social media handles and of course the us social media handle that. We always encourage you to follow at chelsea. F c in usa is chelsea f c five boroughs project. Mel d. cole is a world renowned photographer and he worked with the club on this very cool project. And we want you to check it out. We're going to have mel d cole. On next and he's going to tell us all about it really neat to have mel d cole. Talk to us about this. Really interesting project that he worked with chelsea to explore the five boroughs of new york and introduce some stories of some chelsea supporters. Along the way mel. Thank you so much for joining us here on chelsea miked up a number one. How did this come to be melody. Coal working with chelsea c a long time. Take a long time but finally broke through and got my seat at the table for say yeah just networking basically a herb from fc. Harlem has been a a major player in how this went down. There's adam who actually works at chelsea. Yeah not you know hit in a lot of things transpired for me being known for being this hip hop photographer for the last twenty years and then i started my own agency called jesse the i only black photo agency dedicated to telling black soccer stories in the world so When a kobe hit i Started shooting black lives matter stuff in a lot of people started to take notice. Oh linked in was a big component in adam from from chelsea. Put out there like. Oh look at mel's work. It's amazing next. You know agency company and the next thing you know you producing directed in hosting and photographing five different people from five boroughs and we clever altogether. We call the chelsea's five boroughs in. It's amazing. I can't wait for everyone to watch it. Did i answer the question. You well there. Yeah there's certainly a lot to chew on in. Were certainly familiar with the f. c. harlem story and the people there. The team have done such a great job in fighting back a lot of this institutional racism that is in this pay to play youth soccer stein here in the united states. And i'm curious. What drew you to the beautiful game in the first place. Because i mean from a treetop view someone who noted who made his name in the hip hop game photographing some of the hip hop games. Greatest artists that might be viewed as like. That's really niche a game of soccer. So how'd that come to be show. You came from another fevers story again. The reach is huge. You know big buffalo bills fan and always love madden house. I've been playing video games. Since you know forever. Atari twenty six hundred. You know you go from tecmo bowl than your madden in over. The last ten years ten years ago i kinda got tired of plan matt and i needed something. Something else in a always looked at a soccer growing up As like you know this white guys play that sport only. It's not for me. It's not for black people. I never saw black people. Play the sport so i had absolutely no relationship with it at all in Living in new york. Sometimes you got to drink. The game is on and have a variety of different friends and a couple of my friends like like the sport. The world cup haris but still kind of lying one zero. Go ahead slip playing on. What is this offsides thing time. There's no ties. I just one night. Try to speak for thing and and literally within two weeks. I taught myself the basic rules. Come out okay. I didn't know everything guys i. Thomas thomas of hotter you know offsides and then from there on out it was. It was a rat like i literally like it morphed into becoming my favorite sport overall where the bills are still my favorite team but soccer football with everyone calling. The world is my absolute favorite sport. So like that was the The transition good video game as many people so this can be a passion right. You could be a fan of his sport but it might not necessarily be your work. How did you transition kind of this newfound interest in soccer into some of that you wanted to work on right in document stories it. I would imagine probably make accessibility for african american. People is is a huge part of it right. Almost making soccer seemed cool in a way. Yes yes yes. My first foray into the soccer world on the business side was i did a collaboration with i did five jerseys and five at them in two thousand eighteen and after that i Continued to document music but also a light bulb went off on a photograph soccer. I've never photographed sports in my life. Why not give it a try. Sent out some emails. And they're like ooh this week. You did before okay here going. I'm really okay. It was that easy. 'cause you know it's you normally not that easy but i guess i forgot like you know hopefully speaking who i am in a yeah it literally just transformed in next to you know you get to produce in direct five mazing videos for one of the biggest clubs in the entire world With i'm still like. I'm still shot. This amazing opportunity. You'd be son. At how many fans. Along the way especially base out here in america that gravitated towards chelsea because of fiba fi has really been the game's biggest draw in terms of an american audience. And a lot of people are like. I'm unstoppable withdraw. And that's how they right chelsea now. I know you found this partnership through linked in. I don't know who your team was in fever. Was there leaning towards chelsea when when chelsea popped up in your inbox. I gotta do that. Is that your team now. I mean they harlem wearing the hoodie right now. I would not say that. Soci- is by team but when it comes to business i he's a photographer. Do have obviously ivo sauce for oc. I i'm a big able cost of fan. I really love. I actually have s- jersey i'm not. I don't care about you know in the coastal by good jersey collector who or what scenically logs. I love the kid. I'm owning it but Yeah i i have a soft spot for charity. I mean i've seen them plant working with them. i've probably seen play more times than any other club Honestly i mean saw spot. Now you're i like to. You learned offsides through playing. Meanwhile i've been watching the game for like two decades. And i still have no idea what offsides is. Now the bar exist so his own nail was over. I can tell that it's impossible to anybody. I'm so what. Are you looking for as a photographer when highlighting the game specifically what about soccer artistically. Can you frame. What is it about the specific actions of soccer. Do you find the most photogenic. Well first of all black people in the sport and not just the the black people on the pitch. I mean the fans. I'm interested in the the the you know. The stadium workers the behind the scene. People like all encompassing that make you know soccer work I'm interested in it. All as far as what i look for in photos. Just it depends on the situation. You know most importantly. I love action. I love drama. I love you know when when the goal goes in yes. That's amazing was on the field. But i wanna turn around and find that fan. That's just freaking out with emotion. You know he's you know that that is an important photo to me and that tells the story of the goal almost more importantly than the goal itself. So it's a lot like a. When i think about how i shoot music you know. It's the same like when i'm shooting in exciting artists on stage. Like tyler. The creator you know. He's so energetic. it's the same energy same same way. Same same everything. Same nuances In both just amazing all right. So let's tell the people about what you've done for chelsea here so at chelsea f c in. Usa's we're all these videos will air the first one launched on the day were recording march. Twenty four th this policy releasing on the twenty fifth. But you'll be telling stories of five different chelsea fans from the five boroughs. Tell people what they're going to be expecting yet. They're also going to be on their their universal facebook as well time now now decide dedicated to the us by all around the world So we have a five boroughs if you got a standard nationally. Don't know the geographic locations zid in new york city. We have queens manhattan brooklyn. Staten island and we have the bronx and each one of these stories are going to focus on one superfan from each of these boroughs of candidates. We have tied. We have joseph replace Harlem who lives in harlem manhattan. We have Edgar from the bronx all people ground skin black folks and there are some amazing stories where you'll hear just how i mean for me. I find amazing for one that the love and the passion someone can have fourteen nostalgia miles away. I see when i go to the games there. I'm just like i melt with emotion. Seeing how important chelsea is to not only to the fence but to the community and have that same importance thousands of miles away these spends one guy them egger. Tony i love the fans but the shirt is more important to me. The club and it just made me wanna ball of grinding is the best answer like you couldn't couldn't scripted this better for you to say this you know. We have tie and to got involved with chelsea for as he heard about with. Fc harlem is doing with him in the association. Is that okay there so shanghai black folks in see that they they feel black people. That's it for me and a zero. Then and that's how he became a fan so he said you'll hear a lot of stories like that from five different player than five players but we at one as a player but five different people. And you'll see my face a lot photos and all that good stuff a lot of johnson. I mean it's it's it's beautiful. What we got really excited. Check out this project over the coming weeks mel very political answer on your favourite club. That doesn't while jenny my excitement in wanting to check out this really amazing project and aid your work your massive on instagram. And you've done really powerful pieces so thank you so much for your work in your art cer- especially this project which is really cool and close to. Our hearts is the official chelsea. F c podcasts. Greg getting to know you and learn these stories that you're going to be telling in the coming weeks. I'm really happy that you guys happy here is honor the go see of course on mount and you're listening to chelsea mic drop. The official cost of the blue. We will turn our attention momentarily to chelsea women but we are in the midst of an international break and chelsea have a A continental squad as luis miguel. I like to call them when he tries to describe their chances which he deems favorable in the champions league chelsea have an international squad and many great players for chelsea or out on international duty. But it's international duty during a pandemic which seems counterintuitive surface. But it's necessary. They start making up some of these games and The euro right around the corner as managers are starting to put pressure on some of these clubs like look. We've made plenty concessions. We need to see who fits as we start narrowing down our squads in advance of this. Summer's euro twenty twenty s. Twenty twenty in twenty twenty sticking with the brand but as are the olympics by the way the twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty one. The olympics is another one. That's actually pretty interesting from an american perspective. I mean it's not a big deal in europe but like the. Us are currently in qualifying. They won their first. Two matches against the dominican republic and costa rica australia win a semifinal to get to the olympics but after a summer in which you know the us might play nations league gold cup critic. Ballistic is eligible for the olympics. Right like the best. Us men's national team is mostly eligible for the olympics. Like if you want to pick a raina politic mckennie tyler adams all. These guys are eligible for the olympics. That's another international competition. You can throw into the middle and it would be in the middle of the club season and chelsea's under no obligation to cushion ballistic. They don't want to. Let's start there. Because you and i are both american. Were men's national team fans. And this is the first time that we see presumably fit christian pulisic although he took a beating against sheffield united. We're finally going to see him out there. He's been withheld out of abundance of caution in dealing with battles with fitness. Now he is out there which on the surface seems like. It could be a golden generation for the men's national team now previous years. The us men's national team has used christian pulisic differently then. His club teams have. What are you looking for here. With christian pulisic and his utilization within the us men's national team why it is kind of the beginning right. He'd like in the chelsea side. You're thinking how does he fit into to call system. How does he fit into lampert system. Whereas i think the us system should start with ballistic right so for me you plug them in left winger and you figure the rest out from there. Like that's his best position. But i my interest is always in how it fits right. How do you get now this generation of players to work together in a system who is the best full-back that plays behind them. So for instance. Sergio desk is playing really well right now for barcelona but there's assault that maybe two fullbacks in the us setup our best and reggie cannon new plays in portugal but they're both right back st move desk to left back at his desk and pulisic work or are you better off playing anthony robinson whose and weaken we got left back for fulham. And so how does it. Which striker is prolific working off of. Is it sergeant. Is daryl decay. Who's had a really good run for barnsley in the championship with midfield. That like you get the balance right. In terms of getting some defensive steelers creativity where does gio raina fit with politic's raina in an ideal world. Probably play in that same position so it really is fit with as you said this generation of talent. We don't really know what it is yet because it hasn't played with the national team before right. We know that at club level. These young players are achieving things. We've never seen american players achieve but pets not necessarily the national team. So i think it's fit and how does gregg berhalter make all these pieces work. Let's turn our attention to the english national team because loads of chelsea players are dealing with english national team duty both on the senior team and the u. twenty one kalomo toy with the twenty one's and chisel loaded u twenty one team in england really super loaded as well. What do you make of Just england on the whole and How these chelsea players fit in they operate under a different system. So you actually have players. Like reese james and ben chill will begin back to their comfort zone a little bit as they've actually been stretched a little bit under thomas too cold but look benca walls. The first choice left back for england. I imagine he's gonna to be going back to what he used to be for chelsea. Well i do think that he does now have some competition in the form of luke shaw. Who's played pretty well for manchester united so i think you know it will. It will be interesting again over the course of three games. In a week. You'll see bench will star at least one of those games at left back but now there's legitimate competition for that place which is a good thing right. I think ben show well in. November is unquestioning leftback unquestioned chelsea left back and he's got to compete and this is a little bit of versi for a player who been show. It wasn't necessarily thought of like a. You know an immensely talented youngster. Coming through as a player who got an opportunity at leicester took that opportunity. Now has become a really good full national teamer and full chelsea player so i do think he's got that competition from the interesting thing. Is you mentioned reese james. Call into this team. It's at the expense of trent alexander. Arnold trails enter. Arnold is not in this national team. And it's kind of crazy when you think of that. Just that right back position. Alone reese james. Isn't it kieran tripper. Good athletico is and he's got a little bit off the radar in english term because he's playing in spain walker in the side as well who plays occasionally centreback for garissa gate and play right back as well but really reza's in this team at the expense of trent alexander arnold gareth southgate had to call alexander. And it'll be like a sorry bad. It's just not working for you right now. This is a guy who a lot of people thought best full-back in the world now isn't even cracking the england side because a player. Lebron james is taking a spot. Yeah i was Shouting from the mountaintops that the wrong liverpool player got player of the season. I mean don't get me started on. How jordan warned. I'm sorry raise them that way. But trent alexander. Arnold was phenomenal last year. Not the same player at all. This year is at van. Dyke stuff is it that the player himself has regrets. He's a young enough age that you shouldn't be too overly concerned but he's moving in the wrong direction you shouldn't be regressing as a player. I know he's had his bouts with fitness to and you must be fair to the player and introduce that to the discussion when you're trying to greatest season on the whole but i was actually thinking about it the other day. I'm like i think. I reached teams more than i do. Try alexander arnold right now and that's crazy considering the gulf between the two players just last year and also in the to calera. You would said that. Reese might have been sacrificed because callum hudson doa was playing that position at the beginning of it. But reese i think was really good in those two legs against go madrid and has earned this place in the england side now but i mean think about the from an english perspective now gareth southgate make some tough choices you have to leave players out of his starting eleven out of his squad that might come back to bite him come the end of the term and if they don't go on to win it but the idea that you can have alexander arnold in your national team pool and he basically is now decided gareth southgate that he's choice. That's insane like that. Just shows a strength in depth at that position and just generally with england that they've got so many good young talents coming through and they've got their national team program sorted. I mean when we were. When i was coming up in soccer ingwer always a team. That were disappointments at major tournaments. And you know weren't developing players like everyone else and now like in ten years. It's wow what a strength in depth. They have well the more things change the more. They may say the same right. They might still disappointed but at least developing the players now. They're generation of great players. Seems to be younger. Plenty of opportunity for the english players to find joy against same marino in albania. So i if you wanna see. Some highlight reel suffer. Maze outreach james and ben joel whichever one of those games hopefully they start. Be cool to see all three in the same lineup. that'd be nice to see cuts and enjoy with you. Twenty one duty none of these countries that we've mentioned by the way are in the. Uk's red zone which is something that has to be part of the conversation when we're talking about international duty amidst the pandemic right now. It doesn't seem like any of these. Chelsea players are going out on international duty have to quarantine so that's very good andres christianson. He was actually playing a defensive midfielder for denmark and would get even riskier in the attack on international duty now with his emergence on the club side as a very solid defender. I wonder if they move them back along that back line but when you talk about the danes the they're not really this brilliant talent. Andreas christianson one of the best soccer talents. That country's ever produced you wanna get them as close to the attack if he's attack minded as humanly possible so i don't really envision him play in the same position that he does for chelsea. I think we might still see him in that midfield position. Yeah it's interesting for some of these countries that don't produce as much talent. Even the defenders have the ball skills that are requisite with the midfielders in their national team. Paul i think of like for example. Dav alibi playing for switzerland in their midfield. Because it just seems like. You're not getting enough of it. I out of a player if you put them at left-back right that he can contribute so much more to the team. And i think for christianson. It's a similar story. But and if you're i mean denmark has had some success off the back of how good they are defensively so i do think that giving kirstens form you do want to at least play to that strength like i said with pulisic your denmark right now. You're kind starting with christians and then going from there given how well he's playing germany and france who countries that chelsea fans always looked to during international duty just because those are usually big hotbeds for chelsea talent. He have habits ruediger and team verner in duty for germany. You have libya giroud in golo. Kante incurred zuma getting the call up for france with giroux. The thing to look for is continue getting closer to teary. On res goalscoring mark is a player that is rounding into form with his national team. Hopefully in advance of the euro's he hasn't been playing watch on the club side nearly as much as he hoped he might be playing here. Will he get the same sort of opportunities or will france decide to turn to another striker. That's maybe been bit more informed. I think his identity is so solidified within that team that we might be able to see a regular olivier's rude and he'll have an honest chance at catching anri. Yeah and it's just so interesting when you look at that france team because in some ways it is like a club team in that no matter what giroux. It's the striker right and again. They're playing three games qualifier qualifier. But they are a club team in that. It doesn't matter which drew does away with with another team or what is club situation is. He's important to that system and their way of playing like you mentioned this kind of continuity that can be really valuable on the international stage. Everyone kind of knows edge. Rue is the reference point. So i would imagine we're san benedetto. Who plays her monico. We'll get a chance to lead the line for them. Maybe kind of go for more flowing formation with either grease man or Or anthony marshy outplaying up top as well but we knowing it comes to france losing. Play up top yeah. The market's beasley. He's got his way on the team's international duty. He's trusted. I think as we close out this international. Wrap up here. I think one of the more interesting things jorgihno who seemed very important to italy. Throughout this qualifying phase had been playing pretty well for them did not make the squad. This time emerson makes squad in researching the segment. I was kind of surprised to find out that georgina wasn't there. When i was looking for south this guy was pretty important for italy. And i thought at times you could make the argument that who's even plan better for country. Then he was for club not chosen. Not what's going on there. Yeah roberto mancini was saying that He he picked up a knock in his knee so it wasn't fit to play these games so we didn't risk him. Now maybe is also because you know world cup qualifiers against lesser opposition. There's all the cova situation so it's almost entirely italian base squad ferber dementia need but yeah Georgina non the side emerson is though emerson is actually another player like drew. Who always seems to figure more prominently for the national team than he does for chelsea. So he'll you'll get a chance to get a few games. I would imagine at the very least a left back. Not a position that it italy or terribly strong giving you the most up to date recording truth be told good a techie by the curtain. Right now we had most of this episode done and dusted. but we're the official chelsea podcast. And we've been getting plenty of attention to the chelsea women's and we wanted to make sure we gave you the most up to date recap so hours before this episode posted chris wittingham and i got gather compared notes and broke down a match. Chris that my biggest from was. I could actually watch it. This is matt again. Chelsea f c women fandom chris i was able to watch it here from the comfort of my own home whilst multitasking and i have a lot of takeaways from this game but that is number one chief amongst them underlying it circle at three times. The accessibility of this game is going to be what grows even from fans of the club. You guys were fans of the shirt but if we're able to watch and if you're able to shout it from the mountaintops because we could have done on the chelsea f c cheap propagandists right as host of this podcast. We could have done a better job messaging to plenty of hands where they could have seen this because we still have to put it in a bit of work to find it thankfully. My computer's healthy and not making noise because this was a legal stream yet i saw this game on your take away from being able to watch this amazing club. Well as you said the takeaway is being able to watch it right like we had to do some recon and ask them where connections over the club. Hey can we watch. Isn't it turns out. It was on the chelsea youtube channel. Now i believe uefa who are actually responsible for this. Mess are rectifying this next season. They're basically going to bake in the women's champions league rights with the men's champions league rights that way it'll be you would think on paramount plus starting from next season but for now every club owns their own rights and so chelsea put this game up on their youtube channel so it was really great to watch and for me the biggest takeaway from the game was i think chelsea for fifty five minutes. We're pretty lucky to still be at nil nil. They were struggling from a defensive point of view playing out from the back. The post came to their aid. We talked about chelsea skipper and katrin. Berger much more has chelsea at this stage with penalty saves and now today comes up with a huge double safe and clearance off the line in one sequence kept chelsea in the game and then that allow them the opportunity for their attacking players to be clinical in front of goal. And that is that we've talked about what the men's team at times but we're not playing well and you've got brilliant attacking players. All you need is a moment and chelsea got to. And i thought the second goal was brilliant. Sam curbing unselfish comes from pressing. Fran kirby wins. The ball gets enough power on the past to get into curse. You could just right towards the near post instead plays an entrepreneurial harder easy finish and all of a sudden you to give away a penalty in salzburger in the tie with an away goal. But i think the way that chelsea recovered after being down not down but kind of being played for a fair. Bit of the match was really huge. It's been the chief strategy on the women's and men's side. Just load the team with talent players capable of individual match-winning capabilities. That could pop up with the most insane. Kerr was brilliant today. Burger was brilliant today. One of the most consistent players really bright friend of the podcast particularly in that first half struggled a little bit. Which was curious timing. Because i've had a tweet saved my drafts over the last twenty four hours directed at espn nfc because their mockery of a top fifty women's players in the world way to districts back to 'em dog thankfully chelsea got their footing in that second half and you got to see the all world players do all world player things and chelsea go into the second leg in a in a nice position here against a really a really good team. You saw in that first half exactly why. Berg had been the thorn and chelsea side. Yeah there from an attacking point of view. There pressing was fantastic on the day. Creating really good chances and made life difficult. I was thinking. Another factor in this tie. That is kind of overlooked is the fact that they're playing on neutral field. They're playing in budapest like the champions league in general. I mean we're talking about chelsea progressing that competition in our conversation about porto. We didn't have a conversation while maybe having to play on a neutral field or even the we didn't talk about much the let's go tie. It's a big deal right because the whole notion of the away goals rule and of all of the different ways that we talked about the champions league is you want to have the second leg at home so that you know the the amount of away goals and you're coming home with knowing what you need to do. That's kinda thrown out the window on a neutral field so you're basically playing a neutral field tournament here between chelsea and volkswagen. The fact they've worked played. Well you don't have a lift from your home crowd or being at home being your home surrounds and so chelsea kind of had to find it from nowhere. They did too. We speak again and when we speak again. Massive guest chris whittingham team. Oh verner is joining us here at chelsea miked up turbo team. Oh mike turbo team. Oh makes his chelsea mic'ed up debut. I cannot wait to talk to him. I've seen interviews of team. Oh verner and he looks like an absolute delight. I imagine it'll be no different. Here cannot wait to get to know turbo team. Oh and for the audience to hear. Turbo t talk about his season. Honestly so look for that coming your way next week until we speak again up the chips.

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