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Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Xeni offers thousands of affordable. Eyewear styles starting at just six ninety five. No ridiculous markups. No hassles. Just quality affordable. I wear delivered right to you visits. Any today at Zanny dot com slash NBA. Today show new year new poll like who will be the biggest name to be traded. And who's the two thousand nineteen MVP? Dan, crossfire we make resolutions for teams players and ourselves, and we also dropped some bull two thousand nineteen NBA predictions. It's Wednesday January second the third us. The third us. Good. Turner, presented by Jack Daniels old number seven and Tennessee, Honey. Yes. Both of them. I'm Jay speeds alongside me as always pass Melles. That's the Ozzy Leila's and over yonder. We'll that's the beard one. That's Trey Kirby. Oh, man. Well, I'm here at the internet looking for your best tweets at hashtag, the starters and guys last night. Ben Simmons pulled off one of the all-time great basketball tricks when he threw an inbounds pass off the bag of areas Thornwell sealed a win against the clippers with a dunk love. And this happened people in saying that the rest of this the call, but since two quick to really notice that being said, it's a great trick in a breezes to today's question. What is the best NBA trick for instance, making a monitor? Overhand fake life. Michael Jordan popularized back in the nineties. This. Always looks hilarious when it works. Also, very funny when it doesn't work shut out to land. Stevenson, you guys can pull this off and make it look cool. But I love this trick one of the few highlights Brent prices NBA career, but at least he's memorialized forever. But we want to hear from you. So let us know on Twitter. What's the best NBA trick since your best tweets? Formulator. Yeah. Get your tweets, we're gonna fun tonight. Trae and tasks are gonna go head to head in a special New Year's resolutions themed edition of crossfire. We got lease. I very solid play of two thousand nineteen and we'll make some bold predictions. Like these monitors are going to go out again definitely on the show. And I let's start with a little checking of the polls. We started the pools the segment where we ask you. The loyal starters fan to vote on some of the big NBA questions that we throw at you to do. So to find out the results at turn it over to the poll master himself TK all right tread season. Officially started in December. But things really heat up in February seven deadline guys. Rumors abound. We have to fans who's the biggest name to be traded thirty percent of the boat. Oh think it's going to be Bradley Beal, he has a great. Names. So we we think about that meals a legitimate option. I do believe with the wizards. But I would go with Brandon Ingram if I had to pick the number one guy on that list could be swapped for each other. That's only fair Brandon Ingram what he doesn't have going for him in LA is that he's twenty one years old. I think that's the worst thing that LeBron probably doesn't see him as his number two quite yet. Lebron just turned thirty four. Maybe he doesn't see as branding or miss the guy who can get him there right now the him and be authentic or the only two legitimate options on that list. Everybody's dreaming of an Anthony Davis strait on that's not happening in the next five weeks that team is trying to get good around. Anthony Davis later, maybe later, but that guy's signed for so long firm in New Orleans. It's not. But what if the pelicans slide he continues, and I still don't think you're one of the best in the world for well. You get tons back in return for him right now. What's the rush? If you're the pelicans, roaming, I thought there were still in a playoff race yet. And if you did slide a bit because it's so crazy, but they're going to throw that money. They're going to say here is that two hundred fifty million dollar extension. Will you sign it? Now, if he says, no it's not just about money, and I want to win and my legacy and build that then. Yeah. Then I think we start getting into the who's got the better package Celtics Lakers someone else make a play from. But until then I'm with test. I don't see him being traded definitely before the deadline here. But if you're gonna make that team that wants him, and we know that the Celtics kind of contract for him right now because of the kyri situation he's contract. If you the is, and you sort of see this situation unfolding where the pelicans are struggling why not try to get in there early and get a deal done. Now like to beat to beat the Celtics. Because because if Davis does become available at some point you want to make sure that you have the assets, and you can make that good off. And right now, the lake is do have that advantage of the Celtics that they could try to get oil. Honestly, don't think they will try to. But the thing I'm really concerned about is that the pelicans are struggling and out of the playoff writes, this is same. We thought homecourt advantage is the minimum for them this year and right now, it's just a battle in. Now. This had some injuries, but they started off well things were going. Well Davis has been fantastic through his he hasn't made any comments about wanting to leave. He has a team hasn't sat. Well, so that's the way to handle it. But if you'll the pelicans you've got to be worried that he's going to start to look around and go things are actually getting worse for us here, and he needs to move. I I hear that. But again, I think you're only going to have more teams in play in the summer. Again. This is under the hypothetical that eighty says I don't want to sign on the or maybe even does sign on you can still obviously look to trade the guy, but they're going to have so many teams, and so many packages, why wouldn't you want to drive up the market price, even more? Have a ton of picks in the covers as they always do and the Celtics can't trade until the summer. So that's how you drive up price. And maybe maybe part of it is New Orleans might be selling their team, the Bentsen's might be selling their teamed up down the line and you want picks. If you're if you're looking for a prospective buyer. You're looking for young young players and draft picks. So that's why you might go. You might wait for the Celtics at least to get in on the bidding. I'll tell you who is through my vote from that list on was Kevin love to. I think it's in play. And we know Kevin love can't be traded until January twenty fourth because of when he signed his new contract and that four year one hundred twenty million dollar deal. But you know, that's a couple of weeks there that twenty-fourth to the February seventh deadline or I think it's in play because I think you could seal on a teams talking themselves into love. And I know there's some injury problems with him. And some people may have a look at the contract and go wool. That's a lot for a guy up there in age but teams could use some offense like the Utah Jazz. Maybe the rockets they're always in play for sort of another big sort of borderline all star guy. There could be teams calling the Cavs and saying here. Either picks or young guys. We know you're not going anywhere this year. I just wanted to what are you gonna get in return for Kevin love right now that he's injured he has to play. Well, I think for the cats to get even close to some value on the bucks. So you probably could see this in the off-season maybe next year, but he's got to play. Well, and again, it's only five weeks away. It's bumped up a little bit earlier. Kevin love who knows what he's coming back. They might just say, you know, let's be bad again and hang out for a bit. All right, try. What's our next one or two and a half months into the season and MVP is still up grab. So we put together a massive list of players who have seats at one of the biggest round. Wins MVP and guys at the blow up fifty two percent voting for Janas onto to Kupo. They're probably right. I think they do you think the right right now things are going very well for the bucks and Fianna us. They just have to sort of Cape on moving keep on winning. He has to keep on playing putting up these incredible numbers boot and holes is coming there and utilize Janas the way that we all wanted Jason Kidd, but he wasn't able to and Jaanus is highlighting his skill. He has some weaknesses, of course, still the shooting is not great. But he's ability to get inside and dunk the ball time and time again, the rebounds, the blocks the he's doing everything for his team and winning so short of an injury or the bucks just full of pot. I really think this is his MVP to lose right now. I'm going to ride the hot hand in James harden tied hand, he's scoring a ridiculous number every single night out. He's averaging thirty three point three points a game right now that it's just a crazy number, and he's averaging forty over his last ten, and I think the Houston Rockets, it's easy to sort of. Remember that? They started off slow very now are three and a half back of the one-seat strata halfback. What what if they propel up to their? It's not that far off for this team. That knows how to win. I think Chris Paul when he comes back is going to help them. But he's not going to get the credit is not going to steal any votes or anything or taking the shine. From James harden? I just think he's a legitimate option. Yeah. He says the even though it would be a back toback social situation for James harden. Maybe in some voters minds. They sure got yours. You started off slow. Yeah. You've been on on a run here. But you're not going back to back sort of happen with Westbrook a little bit. Yeah. What he's doing right now. Stupid, though, this is this is this is just insatiable numbers. And he's taking over forty eight minutes of the game. That's something that doesn't do. He doesn't go out and get your ten fifteen points at the end of the game. And I think that just might be something that but Hogg wins over St. the Hudson right now, he's gonna cool off sooner or later. He is hitting everything. I mean, it's it's actually fun to watch. Because James isn't the most eye-catching play to watch because of the fans and stuff. But right now the ways carrying his team is working. But I just think he's gonna. Run out of gas. He's proved that in the last couple of years, come playoff time. He often does that might come earlier. He's playing these heavy minutes. Yeah. A lot of usage rockets winning. They needed this from him to get back into the rice. And they've got there, but how much longer can he keep it in? I forgot the one seed to one I think this is funny. I think this is why this MVP race is so wide open this far into the season. I know we just got into January, but Mark Stein. He wrote it today in his newsletter. There's not a team running away with the number one record. And we may not even have a team that even gets to sixty wins the books and the raptors are on pace just on pace to get to navy that level, but not guarantee it'd be sort of weird. We will rarely have a season where no team full season where a team doesn't win sixty games. And my point is the won't be like ten game separation where it's like, oh, they're the best team. They've got this best player. Let's give him the MVP or he deserves the MVP more than someone else. Fly. It's so wide open here. This just all these teams are good. But no one's like great. All right. Let's get find a poll here trae. All right. New year new. Eastern Conference finals participants with LeBron out west the pennant is there for the taking. So we pulled the fans and who they think will win the Eastern Conference and fix is in seven percent of people voting the raptors to win the east or this all your votes, speaking of sixty wins. Let's talk raptors. I mean, they're winning with Kawhi without Koiwa without Kyle with Kyle. They can do it all their Bill for the regular season because they're too deep at every single position. Maybe not so much built for the playoffs. But we'll see about that later. I think yeah, they can just keep it up right now. And we're seeing the best of quiet Leonard right now as we saw a career high for him yesterday with forty five points. He's getting going at the right time. He sat out the first half or half a back to back. So I should say to be this good. He's only getting better this team is only get very and. Yes Lowery's injured, but they they can manage to do it. Are you worried about the Kyle Lowry injury? I mean, we the days go with Nick nurse was saying, oh, he's going to be back somewhat soon and that was positive and then we find out. He's got these the shots in the bag anti inflammatory shots for back issues. I mean anytime you see back issue, especially the way while replays. A hardy plays taking all the charges that concerns me because I'm looking at this too is not who wins the Eastern Conference. The number one seat on looking at who goes to the NBA finals, and the bucks beating the raptors twice shooting a bunch of three pointers which can at times gets up to the raptors in playoff series. They're scared me and maybe having the best player. I mean, it's a flip of the coin between collider or youngest. I think that's I think the bucks are right there. I'm surprised the raptors getting so much of this vote. Well, I'm not surprised because they've actually handled these missing plays pretty well. No meta who's been out there. And that just shows got a good season. They go to the bench. A nickname has got the team playing really well, the bucks haven't won a playoff series and that to me cans against okay, wrapped as we run into problems with LeBron. But everyone else they've handled pretty well. So I think the raptors right now still out the vest and should be Eastern Conference favorites. But if the bucks keep it up, it should be a great series by one of the. We'll take a break. It's probably time daybreak. Try and figure that out what a start their TV's don't want to get back to work when we come back trained task go head to head in a special New Year's resolutions edition crossfire. You know, what smart kicking off twenty nineteen by planning out, which rolls you need to hire. 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The crossfire belt is on the line guys round one the calendar has flipped to two thousand nineteen and as we all know, a New Year's resolution can be a powerful way to make a positive change in your life. So let's help some squads out here guys. I want a New Year's resolution for a specific team. Here we go this journal, both New Year's revolution to be to get their J E skates on and start running who knows ever since the road Dogg. Jim Boylan took over they have been boring. They want as many games with Jim Boylan. It's Fred Hoiberg. So it's sorta working, but they play tho flow their price prioritizing veterans over their youth. And it's just not fun to watch it. You're not going to be good. At least be entertaining. The bulls are neither right now on Santa twenty nine thousand nine let's hit the gas get out on the streets. Like, jeez, I'm going to stick with the bottom of the Eastern Conference, the Washington Wizards should be back. Just be bad. This is John wall injury is an absolute gift. They should go down and get a draft pick a good one. Because this is maybe their only chance to be bad because there's so much going on that roster with wall and Beal importer who signed for a very long time. This is an opportunity Josh tank it like Jay skeets dot sometimes tank it. Oh, I don't know what that means. But it's a similar question. But I want to narrow your advice down to an individual. All right. What's a specific New Year's resolution? You would suggest for one particular player here. We keep it simple. Klay Thompson meets to learn how to shoot again, this is one of the best shooters of all time playing with some of the best players ever get him open shots and look at that percentage. Gross. The first time he's been sub forty in his career one of the best ever. I don't know. What's going on with Klay Thompson, those numbers could mean? Personally, I think Rudy Gobert needs to start meditating because he seems a little bit stressed out to me you guys obviously remember when he was kicked out of the game three minutes into the first quarter for smacking a water bottle get a decade. He's just been a little bit angry. I feel all your and he's been complaining to the rest, which is a vicious cycle. You get a bad Paul Paul you complain to the rest, then they're walking. You you get another bad foul. Call next thing. You know, you're defenses and doing well Rudy Gobert Hilo. Do you some yoga great answers guys final round here around fleet? Where we now we pin. It the focus to yourself. Okay. That's what's happening here. It's a simple question. But tough they answer even more difficult to follow. What's your two thousand nineteen New Year's resolution? Here we go on actually trying to be a little bit more organized with my photos this year because you guys know how it is. You take a whole bunch of pictures, you get home. You'll look at them. You're like, what's with all these pictures? I got seven thousand on my phone. So now, look at these pictures, I got these three battles, but I took instantly beliefs skeets, you're gone. You're gone. You're gone. You're out of here. Twenty nine thousand nine organization. Okay. I'm going to gain some weight. Wait, wait. I'm going to be huge. You guys you got your own thing going. This guy's got a beer. This is the skinny guy. Got it accents over there. I got called for me. I'm just a medium size guy's handsome guy. I'm going to be the man. The only fat one I'm going to be doing this show. What are you going to do to to encourage them? I'm gonna eat all these. I. That guy. I don't know. Right. Test test. Come get me. We come back. So bold two thousand nine hundred seventy predictions. I'm stepping on skills. Starters time filling the blank fun, man. TK thing. No shows for your boy last week. Don't know about you guys. But I spent most of that time driving eating junk food, but the NBA kept right ongoing guys fill in the blank, the biggest Christmas break story was. Link is the beard, the bearded one. And trae him not talking to say, I am talking. James harden? We talked about it, you know, Luda to earlier in the show we were talking to MVP. But James harden, he just sort of single Hanley brought the rockets back into the playoff picture. I mean, it felt like when we left for the break the rockets were around the bottom of the Western Conference. Now, they're up to number four and his point totals in the last ten games, fifty thirty to forty seven thirty five thirty five thirty nine forty one forty five forty one for it's crazy is doing things that we've only seen Kobe and Michael Jordan do over a ten game spin. So I go with the beer it's easy for me. It was LeBron James getting injured to start on Christmas day, this guy just does not get injured ever. And then after he said he heard a pop in his groin here. And he said a few games he's out again tonight. It'll be back soon because he's LeBron James. He misses a lot oughta games. But somehow he was the biggest story on Christmas day because he was injured and then he managed to take over all the headlines because he told on an uninterrupted show. That's coming out. There was a snippet about him saying I believe I was the goat after I won the. Thousand six title. He manages to control all the headlines, even when he's not playing and then I noticed as lease answer. Then you brought in some wine actually, he wasn't playing before this guy, but he sort of strode into Staples before the game against the clippers was like someone said LeBron you got a game tonight. And it's like now, it's cool. I'm not playing this. It will you should probably go still anyone. All right. Give me my while. With the white sweatshirt. Yeah. He's become quite the one connoisseur and his later years. So surprised that he walked in there with a little glass of Moby? You have any wine. Have any wine says X, right? I can tell. Got any under the next one? New year new NBA? Only time will tell them the black my bowl twenty nine hundred NBA prediction this plan. Here's my bowl picks. I don't even know if it's that bold. I guess it is Kevin Durant. Go into New York City. He's going. Yeah. We're looking ahead in two thousand nineteen. He's not being traded there before the deadline. I'm saying he is eventually very likely going to win a third straight championship at the warriors. And then he is going to try and sort of re-, rehabilitate, I guess his sort of career not in terms of accolades, but how people perceive him and try and bring the Knicks back to success of any sort of success. So I think he is ultimately going to go to New York piggyback four he goes and makes his decision. I think he's going to delete his Twitter account which. That's the thing. There's going to be a lot of jokes. He'll be ready for that. Yeah. The burner, blah, blah. I think he's just gonna have enough people to run. Know, I think he loves it secretly. Yeah. But he's got an Instagram account for that. He'll duly Twitter. I think Brooke Lopez's going to go in the three point shootout. Yep. He's gonna win it. But he's gonna make the finals. Okay. Because. Bold in Cromwell at I think he can win it. I mean this too many other really good shooters. You Devon book as your staff clay will be back there. But for a big man at this stage of his creator, enter it and actually do really, well, I think is gonna be incredible. He's ninth in the league right now in my mic skews me. And he's might as many as Klay Thompson shooting thirty seven Saint get the pig man in that why don't we have a big man three point shooter? A little math three point you want to catalog because but then really sent his life brook. Lopez slash mount exactly it'd be it'd be fun to have him should've said he's gonna win all. All. On. When they're doing as many shows as we knew you're bound to say something stupid. I do it almost every show guys film. It blank my domestique of twenty eight teeth. Easy. I wonder if Tesco's the same wrote raptors in six what am I talking about the playoffs versus the Cavs second round last year. They looked like that was the finally get over LeBron James and the Cavs at one of these is going in. Yeah. I would have changed the whole series. I know I know live with one again. But yeah, no raptors in six I was convinced. I talked myself into it the wraps being the better team. The Cavs looking vulnerable in the first round versus the Pacers taking seven games to beat them in the end. It didn't matter what I said raptors and seven so those better bet. I said the wizards are going to be a lot for the playoffs. This is not good. Luca Danni chick. I was skeptical. I just didn't think so good. So soon and he's playing he's the hype was just to just a young coming seem in some elitists. Now, he's going to get a lot of pressure is gonna get misled Lonzo Bulaq everyone's gonna try to jump on this guy. And he's also who is rookie of the year. Kevin knocked. So he's been good actually has turned it on. He's a good shooter. Not shown. Fill in the blank on Twitter hash day lilies. I very self play of two thousand nineteen. We asked you. What's the best NBA trick on Twitter tree? And good suggestions. For instance, the best trick is making the opponent believe that they're in the lead. Then you can beat them in the overtime by the warrior like this one from Matthews as pointing the chair every time very funny shot up heroin and j with the most requested answer pretty much everything Jason Williams did. But that elbow path is the best one. Tonight's pick 'em play. Pelicans nets. We've got tray and Lee with the nets test, and I will take the pelicans on the road. And by the way, TK you'll be paying off your December loss later Nick mall with very slow clay comes from the nuggets boomerang for monkey Marcie here. It is stocked with him finishes him. That's three that's beautiful. That's what I call a very solid play the full Monty right there. We had a couple of wedgies while we were gone. December twenty first way back. We got Bruce Brown who Bobby Brown. I call them. Bruce Bowen, Bobby Brown vs. Then the next one Daniel ties, this is actually on a foul. We we're desperate. Thanks, very desperate. We are desperate because I was fifteen and sixteen on the season on pace for only thirteen eighteen this point that is tough. Right. That's it for us tonight. We'll see you guys tomorrow at six PM eastern time for tip coming up next for joining us and remember every year opportunity for a new start folks person. I'd be.

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