Mayfield Of Dreams


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In fact, I was gonna say for about ninety nine percent last night, I was very confident you would be heating, some amount of humble pie instead taught. I was going to be just against all odds. Well, except for the odds in Vegas Vegas I desert. They did agree and props to you. But we got a name and that name to your credit is Baker Mayfield because after Toronto Taylor got hurt Mayfield Denver last night's game down fourteen to NADA in the second quarter, led the Browns to their first win in six hundred thirty five days Bomani. How much of a believer did Baker make you less? Well, the thing that I took from that game is that he's pretty decisive, right? There's a criticism to be made to rod Taylor is he needs to be wide open for he throws the ball Mayfield. So in that ball with the antecedent patient and Robin at badboy down the field like you see why it is the he got drafted in the place that he was. He's also rookie though, right? There was some other place that were not so great. The protection seemed to be better in the second half in the first half, which obviously helped him is not his fault. It was bad in the verse, but I mean if he looks like that, I am surprised that he did not start from the beginning. Yeah, and Cleveland and Ohio. And I think much of the NFL fan base is now super high on Baker Mayfield. They're super high on him for the reasons you said. And there's Hooper high on him in the sense that I feel like they're chemical arrangement over their brain is being re-engineered like, this is what a guy who looks like a superstar seems to look like because his charisma after the game watching introduc- there is some old moneyball baseball scouts stuff that's going into this and that's part of his charm. He looks like he looks like an alpha quarterback. A danger is everybody falling for that right? And there is certainly how ever so much what was discussed. Last night was about Mayfield and aesthetics in the ideas of energy and everything else called down. Does this do to still a rookie quarterback? There are going to be games that don't look so good. They won't always be playing a team that's playing its third game in eleven day. Eleven, right, right. So what you saw was certainly encouraging for the what we do with all these dudes is you see a little glimmer of anything and we'll just can't help ourselves. Everybody involved with the broadcast last night was invested in selling the Baker Mayfield story in a way that was actually out of line with what was actually a very impressive performance. Everybody just which Joe bug was talking about these Baker chance that none of us on TV could hear, oh, and speaking of people who are now high on Baker Mayfield I give you JR Smith. If we can roll that tape. This turned off. They won. The game has been popped up that would have been a more risky bed. If you work like September was eighty. One degrees at kickoff, he looked, they finally got a win. Maybe we don't away episode all they got a their number one overall, big quarterback. Enjoy your weekend, Cleveland and guess what? JR Smith finally cannot be the top story in every Cleveland sports fans is brain for once. Sam darnold the jets rookie quarterback struggle for the second game in a row going fifteen to thirty one. Four hundred sixty nine yards. No touchdowns and two interceptors Pablo after week. One jets fans for sure they had found their savior. How should they feel today? So the thing about someone who is wandering through the desert and finally getting their thirst quench. The next thing that happens is they get hungry, right? And this is what happens after the honeymoon period. You've got to produce. You got to produce. And right now, Sam darnold is the ghost of Christmas future for a Baker Mayfield or for any other young quarterback who thinks once your debut is in the books that it's all smooth sailing very clearly despite the Browns being a very good defense, he's nowhere close to being the savior. No. I mean their third game eleven days. Right? Like this is a factor work discussing the other thing though. Is this Sam darnold experience, right? I guess. So in anointing him as saver, talk about how good he looks. Out there and how there's a whole different vibe and everything else. It doesn't change the fact that when he makes bad decisions, they are the worst decisions. Right. And you saw that in his first pass an NFL player. You're going to see big dynamic plays outside of that, but this is the do that you've got. This is what he is. Well, he's now how much that will change down the line. I think we'll have to see, right, but this is what the experience is of having a rookie quarterback and you said that we saw it in his first game, and we saw all throughout his last year at USC when he tied for the lead in the division formerly known as one a in turnovers, twenty two. This is going to be part of his style as a quarterback. And yes, there are caveats that say, give him room to grow, but this is why it's good to tamp down those expert. Yeah, but we don't know how to do that Seagal. We did last night to Baker Mayfield just have no idea how to do. Yes. Mark Sanchez was once a beloved jets quarterback and kind of know what happened after that Carson Wentz is the next name because the eagles franchise quarterback will make his. Debut this season on Sunday. When the colts come to Philly, you had not seen the field since December twenty seventeen when he tore his ACL and l. c. l. Bowater fair expectations for this quarterback on Sunday. Because at the end of the game, bright, I mean, look, this is a quarterback who's mobility is a big part of his game. It is going to take some time to develop a level of confidence in the need to get this done. He has played a game since last December. It is possible that he could be great this week. It might look super rusty next week. But if you're expecting him to pick up where he left off, you were asking for far too much. Yes. Carson Wentz last year was eighth in the NFL among quarterbacks in terms of rushing yards per game, which I think is surprising to people who see him as a guy who was really good in the pocket as we see him on video there, and he is really good in the pocket, like in terms of his ability to fit balls into tight windows, he is the best in the league, went healthy at that. The good news for eagles fans is that I think they took the abundance of caution approach here. I. Think you're getting Carson Wentz probably a week or two more than Carson. Wentz was comfortable sitting out. So I think it's fair to expect him to at least arm wise be close to something like he was last. I don't think this is the abundance of caution approach because I think this whole industry in game the ACL used to be year in change injury right now. How much of that is science? Yeah, part of it is science. The other part is just because you will get hurt by playing. Does it mean to you should necessarily be out there playing? So he told that what a December. So now looking at about nine months and chain since the injury, that's at the front end of the timetable on an ACO recovery, right? So I am not expecting to see him. Look, quote, unquote, healthy out of respect him to look perp, but I don't expect him to look healthy and by the way, all of the possible complications that exist in front of this team center around the idea that Carson Wentz actually isn't looking as good as he did last year because then the question becomes wait a minute is Nick foles actually the better option and the president is it doesn't matter if he's a better option. The president's like if you think Carson Wentz is still your quarterback. In the third year, you want a Super Bowl last year. If you think this is what's necessary to get Carson Wentz up and go in for year four, then that is the thing that you do. You don't make no decision that involves. We're playing Nick foles. Just try to win some games right now. All right. Next name's Connor McGregor. Greg. Bieb Nova Gobert off healthier, press conference yesterday, head of UFC two twenty nine on October six and Connor brought his brand of whiskey watch. Oh, brand I belong. Tonight's Lynn. Tonight, his own countrymen his own people that he's that he's turned his back on. They wanna see him gone to and I am going to do it in the name of the Russian people disrespecting your President, Vladimir Putin know why are you disrespecting your President Vladimir Putin? Then what do you mean by that? I don't take picture with all known for. They were chased from their land. They were chased from the land to the age of cliffs my family, my pollute line McGregor clan. We stood and we fall, we fought the English empire so much so that we are name was banished for one hundred years by King James at the time. Okay. Okay. What? Why you change your language. Home language. Talk English and speak. I speak my name. Go on macaque. Ken talk with you. You know, Greg, Sauter laugh in there. He started laughing. 'cause I got finally got you. Try to rattle fraud. I Tom, but he finally got, but does this intrigue you? Does this make you wanna watch the fight. It certainly makes it all feel more dangerous and it was plenty dangerous because previously, of course, Conor McGregor was seen throwing objects into a bus window, but when you invoke the name of lead Amir Putin and your opponent, who is there being like? I thought this was sort of pro wrestling anelle. This seems to be a little bit too real. Kind of intrigued by what happens next, is he? I don't even know if he thought this is pro wrestling. He looks so annoyed from the beginning conifer Gregor is the drunk dupe. Right? Who's just starting a conversation, at least in the behavior. Behaving as such. The guy that comes, it just starts talking crazy to you, except the problem is you can't just walk away. He has to sit there. He has to continue to do this throughout the whole thing as he insults your whole nation. Yes, became very awkward. Geopolitically, Drake, demands, Muslim and doesn't drink though. Then this is the problem when the guy who's drunk at the bar is the guy who was also responsible for paying your tab. Yeah, that's the problem have to ride this thing. All the way out is not along and hope you'll get hit on by. I'm going to watch. It must think I've problem here we go. High noon is brought to you by McDonalds. Did you know ADT can design and install a smart home just for you a new smart home at your service customized for your lifestyle. AT's automation, even unlocks the front door for friends who arrive at your place early for the game while you're still getting snagged. Now that's what I call game day service. It's all controlled from the ADT app or the sound of your voice and backed by twenty four, seven protection visit ATT dot com. Slash smart to learn more about how ADT can help keep your home safe and smart about what you know, the NFL robbery and the league is playing this weekend. You know what that is. Right. Well, we got it is falcons in the same. So let disease coz buys fool you. The bayou classic of the NFL ain't nothing better than to buy. Classic urban street has never steered me wrong. Although I guess it has gone dangerously close to steering me into a gutter. I wrote Minnesota is telling teams that Butler's in elite player and a franchise intends to keep them. Tweeted Adrian wars in our skeet Bomani. The think there's a chance to timber wolves will really just hold on Jimmy Butler and ignore his trade request. No, because I think they fired Tom Tippett. Oh, before they allow such thing to happen because I feel like the only person who looks at this and says, yeah, we gotta keep is the guy who feels like his job security is tied to making the playoffs this year. And all these seems to care about by the way is making the playoffs. Now you'd be a championship contender. He's not here to lose, not here to rebuilt, but he's got to go. I got his. They'll see any way that there is around. Yeah, they have different time arises. Tom typical is a guy who needs to win in the present and Glenn Taylor. The owner is a guy who will own the team until it turn ity. That's the difference. But I think it's funny to look at the life cycle of how these trade demands rise because guy asks for a train. We all dive in and figure out, okay, why is he unhappy social media beef emerges, and then the team is putting the author's position of trying to convince other teams, other suitors that actually all is well, please don't try to get a discount on a guy who clearly. Wants and look. There seemed to be a lot of teams that are interested in gimme getting Jimmy Butler, right? Like a six, eight two way wing, right? They're not that hard to fund man. That's an easy to fight. So they're going to go ahead and try to make this work thing. I do think the typical understands that it's important is that do right there is by far the best player on that team, right? Like maybe the day will come Carl towns that guy and maybe the day will cover edgy Wiggins becomes better than an average NBA player. Jimmy Butler is the best player on that team per one hundred possessions. They were thirteen points better with Jimmy Butler on the floor viruses with him off. So if they get him outta here on one level, it's rebuild except it's not a reveal because they're already already paying all this money. They enter Wiggins. And what is crazy is that this whole conversation can't take place. Third, biggest name in the conversation has been Karl Anthony towns who is the franchise player, and who is the guy incidentally, who went on social media to deny the rumor that Jimmy Butler had slept with his girl. Well, hold all. There's a lot of the argument or idea the chrome, Anthony towns. Is there Franch. Chai's player is their second best player. Yes, but also the most valuable. Bring the other guy wants to go for now quote, I would just say, stay tuned next week. There may be some news. Ghana cafe. Next attorney, Mark Garrett goes to TMZ about the possibility of two NFL teams being interested in signing cap. Let's listen. Year ago, he was going to get a contract in ten days. I would just say, stay tuned that next week there may be some news you might want to join the dolphins if I can. I wouldn't say join the dolphin. I've got two other teams that will remain name. I'll come on, give us a hand. I'll just say this if Al Davis was still alive, that's all I'm gonna say. Oh, Wow. Did you hear that mill wants to do a? He's he's going to do an anthem Colin Kaepernick anthem. I've heard that you know who mcmil was visited by when he was in custody. Tell the folks at home. Oh, bingo. What are you doing? First of all, it is a remarkably strange strategy to start with. Remember that time I told you something was going to happen, and then it didn't happen the now I'm going to tell you something is going to happen. What are supposed to believe you? So if I am a fan of football and I hear a Colin Kaepernick attorney dropped, hints about teams wanting to sign him during a collusion. Lawsuits, I am skeptical because the guy is still suing the NFL, and that's suit is obviously proceeding because the arbitrator said that after deposing Jerry Jones and Bob Kraft in Bob McNair and John Elway that their stuff here, it seems implausible that he may be signed. But the other thing is like if you're him right, do you want him to get a job or do you want him to win the collusion? Lawsuits? Is there a conflict there? Because I do feel like if they're interested, then maybe that undercuts his whole argument, the other direction. Does he the conflict at all? If teams are interested and then do not sign him, what's the prob. Maybe just maybe collusion. Right? Like the idea that interests from eighteen is not a refutation of the idea of legit inferior, right? You should look the job if the job is what you want, but none of that means they didn't collude against it before. Right. And I would say, by the way, like one way to make this go away. Last quote, this could get worse before it gets better going up to play a really good team. Nebraska coach, Scott frost, get set to play at number nineteen, Michigan on Saturday. They felt, oh and two after losing to Troy last week, ocean coach, frosty commended, for being honest with the fan. I mean, there's an argument for that, but we need to be real about the very particular circumstance that is at play here, Scott frost quarterback of the nineteen Ninety-seven brass the last Nebraska team to win a national championship. I think that guy can come in and say, hey, this is going to take a little while it may be, then people believe it, right. The thing is I don't have an answer and I've been trying to figure this out now for a long time. What does the ceiling on the brass kid twenty eighteen in the few this. This is not what it was in the seventies eighties or nineties. You can't play like they did playing in the big eight. So what is the ceiling for a school with no natural recruiting ground that isn't quite as a tractor, two kids from the sun belt as it once was. But let me make the argument for why. Scott frost is a good stock to buy because it stock, obviously after losing to Troy. Oy is real low. The guy went to UCF. They were Owen, twelve year one. He goes six and seven year to, of course he goes twelve thirteen in omitting some sort of a bonus game there, but that's still within the window that he has right now, right? Where's UCF? UCF is in Florida in so in their conference, they are at the top of where guys wanna go this schools into you can download behind him podcast on apple podcast. On the ESPN app Bomani is too. I also have one just in case you were wondering. This broadcast is brought to you by the thirteen heavy machinery operators who Doug this radio stations foundation, the fifty three ironworkers who laid the rebar, the twentieth cement workers before the floor is the twenty four electrons ten elevator contractors, twenty three carpenters, nine plumbers, twenty Mason's twelve glaziers nineteen mechanical contractors and the hundreds of thousands of workers to maintain the nation's power grid and radio towers. Also, you can hear me, say words like terms and conditions, limited time or Cohn c-. Fresher. Trump's do. Be there. There are talkers and their doors timberland pro work. Apparel and footwear always do never done. Vaga fans. Thanks Hayden to buy. It is like real in ways that people don't see the stay. And so which is more fun to watch. One of those games I try to avoid makes company for you though. Those fair point. Today's number just wealth. That's about how many TV in film broad LeBron James currently has in the works voted. We underestimate how serious LeBron was about the Hollywood like, yeah, you know, guys, I'm starting to think that maybe just maybe this whole I'm going to LA may have been playing years. Been there for two months. He's already got that that cover shop for the Hollywood reporter and all of that magazines don't turn that around and like a couple of days, right. Like like LeBron being Mr. Hollywood, maybe it's coincidental that he then showed up in Hollywood, but he's been ready for this. This does feel like his ambition and by the way, what's interesting about all of Hollywood doing this, treating him this way to me is that he's getting to do in Hollywood when he cannot get done in the NBA which is make money from everybody who values him in accordance with his actual market value. He is an owner in entertainment in the way that he cannot be in sports. And yes, he has shows with HBO and Showtime years shows with NBC ABC and CBS. Andrew. Glenn, Amazon, everybody wants a piece of LeBron James and the attention economy because guess what he gets all of our attention. Well, now's the next part stuff needs to be good. Right. Is the next night this shop the pig. Ears to be good. I'm encouraged. I've enjoyed an athlete documentary, but that's the next level. Is this good? I have no real indicator when LeBron's taste on when it comes to programming. That's what I wanna see. Well, the good indicator for that is, you know, Ryan Kugler is a producer on Space Jam to their sprinkling in a little bit of highbrow amid globe route. And so that to me is a sign that maybe he's actually going to try and push the John four. See, that doesn't tell me anything about good taste, hey, get the guy who directed Black Panther to come, do a movie that everybody loved in the first place, right? Like that, all that one, eight hard like this other stuff like Muhammad Ali documentary, that is an ambitious undertaking and not that easy to get right. Antoine food was doing that. I have faith that that's a good choice, hopefully. All right. In closing, I like to thank Jerry Stackhouse whereas new foul role as peacemaker. Now, one would think at least those of us who know they would kiss the together. Now, you know you in Trump. The kiss North Carolina's though Stackhouse call Port Arthur Texas, Stephen Jackson to squash, whatever that was between Jackson and the Wiggins brothers sea, Andrew Knicks, Dan Mitchell is from Kingston and his close with stack. So Jerry made the pizza. And I'd just like to say to the Wiggins brothers seems you boys know stat. You wouldn't have said anything like that step. Steve has stacking his phone OG Stackhouse because he's a lot like step you feel the number on screen shot is telling to me one minute and three seconds for Stephen Jackson to commit to the idea of. To stop doing this because this man, Jerry Stackhouse is one of the few people that apparently can have that influence on a guy, even Jackson that everybody. Otherwise I imagine I don't know how the call right, but I imagined the call is Jerry Stackhouse a man who lets nothing slum called another man who lets nothing slide and saying. Now you know how to let nothing slide right dude for me, man. Cool with me, you know, the so wall and then go from there. But I do feel like the young players in the NBA like this new cycle is your opportunity to appreciate that. If you're playing streetfighter main of MBA characters, Stephen Jackson is maybe not the final boss because Jerry Stackhouse maybe that also the teachable moment here is don't everybody reply with means? Okay, don't don't. Don't have these people fool. Some people were with the good old fashioned. Yes, and it's not going to be so good for you in closing. I want to invite America to join me in Conteh. To marvel at a tweet that I did not believe was real, to be played honest with you here. It is for years. I have stayed away from Twitter because there was very little positively. I will stay completely away from cynicism and destructive words. I hope to bring a spirit of optimism which is so needed today. Now let us reveal who this is from. Oh, it is our whole check now, old friend, Rick Petito Bomani when we saw this tweet appear yesterday, there was no blue check. We thought this was fake. It might be right. It seemed to pitch perfect. It does seem to pitch perfect also team nonsensical, because if you are this man, Rick Pitino who has traffic din inspirational books for his whole life, Twitter, right. To avoid cynicism to avoid insults is like going to the sewer and saying, I am not here for sewage. We also if he wants to avoid the cynicism and don't tell him what mentions are because they are going to be shot. Full of them? Yeah, live sub it fifteen seconds on Monday.

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