The Brooks Koepka Era; Notah Begay


All right welcome back to the Gulf Dot Com podcast. I am Sean Zach later on. We're GONNA talk with notably gay but right now we have dealing a chair who just got back from Europe. The Hell You ben. I'm refreshed Sean in the PODCAST studio. The Golf Dot com offices and I feel fresh after two weeks a fortnight in the emerald dial crossed the pond <hes> I was in Northern Ireland for about week and a half but right after the open Meena couple friends tour down the coast from port rush to Dublin played about nine rounds of golf five days. I was not invited you were not know there's really around that the worst part about that three so very much room for a fourth but back played a bunch of courses that start with Port yes port played port Stewart Port Mark <hes> did not play portrush but certainly watched some good golf played there. What was your favorite wandered around there? Ports my favorite of the ports <hes> Port Stewart was very cool poured stewards just down the coast from port rush and the first Ti- there you look out on this massive massive like fescue Dune and then over your right is the see. You're just read in town. I mean I'd never been to the U._K.. At all so seeing the way the golf courses just fit into these little towns. You can basically just walked to the downtown from these. You know world class. Golf courses was really really cool. I mean I've heard people describe it before but definitely living it was a new experience. You got your passport. Glad you got on used a little bit. You texted me mid trip and you said you were Kinda. Working through some things yeah yeah I mean you know I said between you and me. I may not be someone that should be playing blades at this point in my ball striking career. That's not good yeah. No the things weren't quite where they needed to be in terms of dialing in the irons. You really need to control your golf ball over there. You need to be top level. I was not there so yeah. We don't need to get to deep into my actual golf game but <hes> let's you say I enjoyed the creativity of the shot making over there but I was not able to make the shots that I wanted to all the time. There's always another time <hes> on. Would we go. We got five topics number. One has everything to do with Brooks. KEPCO ABC Brooks won the W._g._C. Fedex Saint Jude Sunday forget how he did it or who he beat he won. That's a matter of fact it is his seventh to her win. Six of those have come in the last three years for them have been major championships. He's number one in the world. He's going finish this year at that spot unless someone goes crazy and so I asked you to think about Gulf history are we living in the Brooks kept get era yeah. We are undeniably undoubtedly. I think everyone still getting used to it. I think Brooks kept guy is even still getting used to it. I mean listen what he said in his press conference after his win. Yesterday he said you know it's always nice to squeak out a victory over probably the best player right now the best player referring to rory mcilroy who's clearly. I'm not the best player right now. We'll get more rory in a second but there was no doubt who the best player on the golf course was yesterday once he made his Birdie Putt in rory missed on number three there was just this sense of inevitability <unk> gravity. Whatever it is that happens when kept good takes control of Golf Tournament? Usually we see that a major championship in this case it was a flat W._G._C.. <hes> but it really underscored the sense is that when this guy is on he is the king all right so then for the twenty tense. Let's talk about the Erez I mean I think there are three yeah. I don't know Oh man. I know what you think this entire conversation yes. The beginning of the twenty tens. The first era is the tiger hangover your is tiger for one is still dealing with the wake of his infidelity to he's not playing as well. He's got all these injuries so then the second era is the Rory era rory takes over he wins four majors in in. I don't know five years a bunch of other winds on both tours the European tour and the P._G._A.. Tour he is number one player in the world. He is the second coming they say of Tiger Woods whether yeah that's true it's probably not then the third era I think is the Brooks era in which I mean there is no Jason Day speed or D._J.. Iran what do you think well. I mean it's funny. I looked at this 'cause I was thinking about in article. All this happens sometimes get deepened articles that never quite make it to fruition but this whole idea of you know this game of thrones were there is a power vacuum or board guys were battling for that top spot and not just the world number-one ranking but truly truly like golf's heavyweight title belt the championship belt. You're not just number one by name but you are undoubtedly the best player in the world by any definition and it went around and around and around in this post Tiger Tiger Post Rory Era D._J.. J._T. Speed Jason Day there. I mean they're all these guys that were rotating around. Justin rose got in there kept. I got in there for a second <hes>. It's not until recently we probably at the P._G._A.. <hes> that Brooks really staked his claim to the throne. None of those dudes had it for more than one year now speed is one three majors was makes you think there is an era their speed era <hes> what he won on them during an incredible Twenty fifteen year yeah twenty sixteen he didn't he didn't play well in twenty sixteen. He won a couple times on tour but that was it twenty seventeen. He gets his British open and his anything since like D._J.. A._J.. He wins at oakmont. Here's a great year after that then he doesn't win for a little bit of so Jason Day has like seven wins and twenty five starts really hot for one year fades after that Justin rose gets the number one wins onto a couple of times fades after that these things they don't. There's no sustenance yeah well. I think I mean you know you said if you look at these quote Unquote Erez if you look at deejays era you need signature wins to define these things and the W._g._C.'s we have learned they you know for for all the the might the strength of field they cannot carry a player's legacy there to there to flat. They're good window-dressing in for Brooks kept good. That's exactly what this is. This is what this is best is non major win right. It's over strong field limited field but still really strong field. It's over Rory mcilroy the number three plan player in the world but it really supports his body of work in an important way for how we look at Kapka and I think that that made yesterday huge for him numb number one in the field in strokes gain putting by the way yesterday and for the week he gained what almost ten strokes putting this week so you know watching him. It just looks like oh he's not missing missing a shot in sitting in the middle of every green managing his way around now yesterday he got up and down all seven times that he missed the green <hes> he gained almost three strokes on the field putting on a day where he was already right by the lead so I mean he's is just very very good all right Sean Rory mcilroy the other piece of this final pairing at yesterday in Memphis. What do we make rory mcilroy because I mean look he had another chance here? He was in another final pairing. He came out flat for most of the day he was the only player in the field without a Birdie he eventually made one. He shoots one over in the final round and just gets steamrolled <unk> by Brooks kept his playing partner. What what does this? Where does this put rory? What do we make of him? Where is he right now? In his career. I'm going to answer that question with the question and that is if he was anyone but Maury Maccarone in this scenario scenario this scenario being that Brooks Kapka is in the final group with you. He's trailing by want. He comes out and plays a lot better off than you. He wins the tournament if it was anyone but rory mcilroy do we make much of it to make much of anything that happened yesterday if D._J.. D._J. is in that position and he loses to the number one player in the world. Is it a gigantic issue. If it's Jon Rahm do we make a big deal but we make a deal about it. We make a but had not a significant deal but since its rory we make a huge deal about it and we kind of wrap up his non playoff season with <hes> it was pretty good. You want a couple times but remember you know the the final piece of the puzzle. Was You getting your butt kicked by Brooks. KEPCO RORY is caught in a brutal spot lot of expectation where we have incredibly high expectations for the guy our expectations couldn't be higher or waiting for him to Kinda like check the boxes off in his career. He's lived up to a lot of them. He's even like shined like been Canada this year where we didn't expect back into but now we expect him to do it everywhere. That's somewhat unfair. I I know that the guy has kind of been anti clutch so to say what he needed it mostly but I think is a little bit of wreath. See bias that we're just diving into. Yes you're giving him. The benefit of the doubt I mean but I do think that I don't think this is a random occurrence because we've seen enough room now recently to show that when he's in these moments where he's just pressing he's trying too part. He has not been playing well in those instances in his final round pairings being near the lead a major showing up at portrush in this incredibly high pressure situation and you know shooting seventy nine the guy plays. Please really well when loose and yesterday I don't I mean certainly watching the round. It felt like from Roy's perspective. It must feel like playing with Brooks. You cannot make a mistake and when rory looks like he's playing to not make a mistake. That's that's when he looks like he's missing this extra element so that's when you know kept good missed a couple of fairways early on but then he gets up and down number three he makes his Birdie Putt and then rory follows by missing from three or four feet <hes> and and then just felt like this is kept his time rory just can't measure up in a court we know he can we've seen it. We saw him shoot sixty one in the final round in Canada we saw him even almost make the cut after shooting seventy nine in the first round of the open championship and he's still finished eighty four but there's something missing for the guy when he gets tight that that swing the timing if maybe there's too much timing required I dunno or or east to self aware there's something has happened in definitely weird and you have to look at the statistics a little bit for the entire season to kind of make it even weirder because these expectations you expect them to play so well. He's played fifteen tour events in two thousand nineteen fifteen his fashion the top ten and twelve loss yeah that's insane. Insane eighty percent of his tour events and Twenty fifteen have been top tents two of them victories one at the arguably the biggest non major tournament yes with Roy Right now. I think we need to draw a line in the sand Dan kind of like D._J.. Right now where there's old rory and there's new Rory old rory was this kid insanely talented. One of the greatest swings probably the game ever seen. He's probably just as talented as he was then China's he is now but there's just something missing well. He talks about it too right. He was talking about this the other day where he was looking back at the sixteen year old him that shot sixty two portrush he was saying you know. I was probably more confident than than I am now. I wish we get some pets back in looking in golf. I think self-awareness can be the enemy of success at this pro level if your self awareness is anything besides you know kept goes which is basically blake on the man. I'm the Best Golfer in the world. If you're if you're self perception is anything besides that than it probably damaging rory's one of the most self-aware guys out there and it may be to his detriment. I'm a little worried about that confidence because I mean him brooks ever like you look at the last five six years or so they've kind of like had this little not even less three or four years. They've had this like proxy war where they've both been really really good but they've never really gone against each other right right like rory won. His majors in one has tournaments in Brooklyn Brooks when his majors in his tournaments rory was missing the cut in a lot of Brooks's major victories. They've never really faced off in an actual stroke by they faced off at Hazeltine. Roy One cut the best of Brooks but they haven't done it together. I think this is just like this is what we talked about early the change in a guard this is the brooks era like this is how you submit yourself. Can you imagine a bigger flex on rory than for Brooks to make everybody worried about if he's showing up to the course to go out there scramble your way to a couple Pars and then shoot five hundred on the last fifteen holes he's even he's all the while he's talking with Rory. He saying you know good shot their kids so Roy has is to respond to Brooks and Brooks's niceness meanwhile. He's getting run over. He's getting run over at the strangest thing to me is that Roy was still asserting himself there. Was this like Macho part to rory where he was smashing it past Kepco Giga. He hit it on one hole where they both ripped driver rory hit thirty two yards past brooks clearly he still has that upper year so it's not like this traditional thing of just getting out muscled. You know it's not like when tiger wood just takeover back in the day and just hit forty yards passes competitors Roy was actually hitting it passed him but it's more like kept good just seems to decide okay. I'm GonNa hit it to twenty feet now. I'M NOT GONNA get too aggressive. I'm GonNa hit it to like somewhere between fifteen and twenty defeat on the safe side of the whole and then hits like eighteen feet and he makes the Putt where rory you know. He may have wedge left but there's a good chance he's GonNa hit two fifty feet or he's GonNa hit it in a bunker. He doesn't have that precision and if you if you look at his putting he was what he was tenth. The first day sixteenth second day lead the field the third day and putting Sunday US fifty third in the field and putting you lost almost two strokes to the field I mean look. I know that those are small sample sizes there. There's some noise in there but it certainly that's been trend that that doesn't look good in visibly did not look it yesterday before before one last little bit rory in the middle of his best putting season in his career on the P._G._A.. Tour <hes> so you look at all the things that could be wrong his game. There's still a lot going right in his game onward. Ian Poulter complained last week about fans heckling him which is a bit of a first world problem but it happened during the first round on eighteenth hole faneuil get in the bunker when poulter shot was in the air poulter had him removed he later told Sky Sports that fan heckling is an issue that needs to be quote stamped out and the professional game. Does he have a point yeah. I mean I. I don't know what this means. What does that mean stamped out? Mini got the guy kicked out that's fine. That's all well and get. He got security. Remove them. That should always be a power that the player has I agree with that. <hes> sure is there. A lack of creativity in insults may be as it easy to pile on poulter because this broader buttercup enemy yeah probably is it some major issue I mean not in my mind but I tend to be. I think less sympathetic towards the little problems with players but of of fans just yelling at players as if they're not affecting their actual play not a huge problem in my mind yeah I mean this is the tiny corner of fan heckling that is probably okay in that Ian Poulter in a number of pros need to get over yelling people yelling get in the bunker getting the hazard. I mean the more than that. The game allows gambling become a part of it. Yes this stuff's going to happen everywhere more well and that's where then people will truly be trying to if they if they want to affect outcomes they will be able to affect outcomes. That's where it gets. It's really scary. This just felt different to me than when Justin Thomas did this eighteen months ago at the Honda Classic when he had a guy booted because he yelled get in the bunker it feels different because importers different like importer the you know the Ryder Cup hero for team Europe who has bashed the Americans in that event in it's one of the most important events for American Gulf fans whether or not it should be that's not to me but impulse there has been the villain and so it is very very typical for Ian Poulter to get hated on at these wolves that some random thing that he's the villain he has embraced this role he is brought it on himself and in one event every two years so yeah or answer six hundred four Um this may come back to the lack of creativity from the fans but they have picked poulter and maybe it comes back to the lack of villains in golf to write fans really want someone to root against they want someone to Guam onto onto Patrick read really filled that role pretty nicely <hes> with a series of incidents but there's so many sort of unremarkable <hes> guys on the P._G._A.. Tour in contention most weeks that are just sailing around and and seem like pretty nice guys and you know not necessarily giving you any reason to root against them poulter. Even though you're right it is once every two years that he really takes on that persona he is still giving people more to work with than most the other players so they do guam onto him. Yeah you're probably right so maybe it's not a lack of creativity. It's like a lack of other options on tour. We tweeted this out from the Gulf Dot com account the fact that this story and when I just think is that it's okay to not like someone just because you have a ticket doesn't get doesn't give you the right to be about an ass and I think that none of sewing this case in the past people have been asked Ian Poulter and when we tweeted needed it out some of the first responses we're like wow if IAN poulter handle this just wait for bethpage assuming yeah talking about the Ryder Cup and yet twenty twenty four and there were multiple responses say I'm GonNa give impulse there the the business when it comes to bethpage. This is exactly why people don't know of bethpage host a rider like you. We cannot turn the Gulf space into a bastardized like arena like there needs to be some decorum at the Ryder Cup. There is is there. I think I think some places there needs to be in. I guess my question is slippery. Slope is what I'm getting yeah but where is that line so by buying a ticket you have certain rights but do you have a certain freedom of speech between the <hes> between the whistle so to speak when player is not over the ball when he's not about to address it and hit it. I am more in favor of the I don't know about anything goes but you should be able to you. You bought a ticket. You're in there if you can handle oh the awkwardness of yelling something something at a player sure go for it. Yeah I guess I'm okay with people getting tossed then like as long as the as long as that is an expectation that they have like you know what I can say. Whatever I want ought there's a decent chance and I get booed because of it right but then you kinda get towards the end of a tournament and there's not much there to stay forward and you probably bring your best content while there's a safety in numbers? I think that that's the biggest thing there's there's totally really a safety. In numbers in drinks people drink more at tour events. They travel impacts. There's larger crowds which really gives you this. You know freedom to just yell something out. I mean whoever's yelling impulse or whoever's yelling at Justin Thomas Thomas if Justin Thomas Turns and looks at them they will shut up immediately fans. Have this sense that that <hes> players can't hear them or that somehow. They're invincible because the players just kinda turn it off but look at as a veteran p._G._A.. Tour caddy I can speak to this actually being inside the ropes. These guys still here everything but you know talk to Jordan spieth a little bit about this and in his thing was basically like you can't really respond because then in that just encourages other people see you can't really go and waved everyone. You can't respond every funny comment or insulting comment because then that will just egg on everyone else. It's better to SORTA pretend that there's this wall up. You know it works better for both if people but you know people really get a little loose specially late in the day on a Friday or Saturday start yelling stuff that they probably wouldn't say sober one on one <hes> but speaking of decorum. There's another incident Sergio Garcia back in the news. This weekend. Put himself back in the news on Number Sixteen A._T._p.. Southwind he hit a poor tee shot flair to drive out to the right a little bit on the par-five I five on Saturday on Saturday and then you know you've seen it a million times to one <unk> another from some your golf buddies but he turns and slams his club into the teebox taking a massive gouge out of the T. swing hard. This is like one ten plus. Doing this was a forward swing. This is not a slam into the turf but actually this is like a swing a massive divet <hes> which look this raises certain certain issues with Sergio himself but then the bigger question that I want you to answer for me is what expressions of rage are acceptable on the P._G._A. Tour because I think that there's a clear line and I'm wondering where you think it is. I don't know if it's so clear but when it comes to this kind of stuff I think you have to make generic like we need to figure out what we have. Takeaway Sergio's name takeaway his face take away anything he's done in the past making generic imagine that this was Joel Domin and not Sergio you have a professional who's upset at an event in which <hes> a lot of the proceeds go to help raise juniors in you know help juniors fighting cancer so like there's a good vibe or on this entire place and you have one professional who's done. I don't know he's not playing well and he's letting himself go. Is this that bad when you strip everything away from it. Here's what's bad. I'll tell you because I think there is a line and and I don't think it's a high bar at all. I think that players can do just about anything. When it comes to expressing rage they can swear pretty freely? You know they can scream they can break clubs happens with some regularity certainly all three those things do but you can't mess with the golf course and you can't mess with other people and Sergio has shown a repeated lack of respect for those things. It was one week ago that he using the news for throwing his driver his caddy. Do you think he was in the news. Does he get asked about these things. I don't know I mean yeah. Does He. Check as mentions does he. There's all these questions but like he definitely knows that he damaged the Greens at Saudi Saudi Arabia because he got disqualified and other players in the tournament were complaining about him. He knows that there is that video released of him losing his mind in a bunker again that may be a gray area actually because losing your mind in a bunker sand not so fragile agile tee boxes Greens very fragile Sergio Garcia also fragile but I think that that is the line. We're screwing with your catty. screwing with the golf course not acceptable at all. If you're going to snap your club over your knee like Doc Patrick read at Pebble Beach if you're gonNA turn like Trevor Bauer did yesterday launch and launch it baseball from the PITCHER's mound over the Center Field Wall. Look people will make fun of you but it's not like Oh. You're wrecking this for everyone else. It's just like you lost it. Maybe you're an idiot but I think that is the line all right so then when you add it to the context of everything Sergio has done this was on the P._G._A.. Tour last week was at the British open which is shared by tours. Saudi Arabia was a European tour event Scher Sky plays all over the world when you add all this context up. What can we do buddy like the tour can only do anything can only act on anything that happens in its events? The European tour is the the exact same on a different continent. There's not much that can be done right yeah well. I mean it definitely makes it tricky and if you look at the you know the strange incidents that is rage has gotten him into this year you can add in that weird rules thing with he and Matt Kuchar. I've just been lightning rods this year at the at the W._G._C.. matchplay where Sergio you know hit it up to about six inches and then just basically quick swiped the ball away before coocher could give it to him again then it would not have happened if Sergio was not the way he is but he just can't get out of his own weight and I think that there is room for the P._G._A.. Tour to say look this is not acceptable. This is a pattern of behavior <hes> and tell him to take a few weeks off. I mean there's some way to get to this guy. There has to be but I don't know I mean still if you suspend him. Does that actually do anything. I don't know yeah. I think they're going to plead. It's out of our jurisdiction well. I think they have and I think they still hide behind. You know finds being private <hes> disciplined being private. I I mean I don't get to worked up about that sort of stuff but it almost doesn't matter because Sergio is losing in the Court of public opinion opinion which is far more important than any of this other stuff <hes>. That's what we are here for. That's what we're doing. We're sway not to turn look. I do think it's important to say. I don't think incidents like this. I don't think this means Sergio is a bad guy. You know late. This doesn't make him a bad person. It just means that you can't control his temper on the golf course and if that is like the criteria for being a bad guy than like tomer. We're all sorted. Were all in trouble yeah but as someone that is on the on the P._G._A.. Tour is is a role model a major champion. You know this is not some like think of the children rant but but you know it's not acceptable you just can't it doesn't work if you're messing with the Greens. If you're messing with the field of play it just everything breaks down and you cannot do it moving forward. <hes> one of the main topics news has been the P._G._A.. Tour schedule Yes new schedules announced today hot off the presses <hes> but looking back on the schedule just moved through. We saw a loaded field play they in Memphis who was it was the eighth major or W._G._C. in twenty three weeks and it felt kinda lifeless. It's so quit immediately. After the open <hes> Justin rose at the open criticized the new schedule he said it's difficult to peek at all these events that you wanna peak at <hes> and I guess that the main question is like is the schedule a good thing or what we're seeing this professional Gulf schedule is a good thing so funny. I think Justin Rose untucked Brooks Kepco because of this year we talked brooks kept and he was like looked. If you get hot for these majors you could just go win all of them and then he almost did that so I don't know about the peaking thing I mean he's not like at cross country runner. I don't really get that heating hitting adding all. I think it's a huge issue. If Justin rose cannot peak once a month for four straight months and now I know that the players comes before that and there's W._g._C.'s before and there's W._g._C.'s after but if you call yourself it professional athlete and you WanNa call yourself even an elite athlete and you cannot get yourself into competitive enough for him to win once a month for four straight months yeah. I think we're talking about a pretty big issue in the professional game look. I think this is progress. I think the schedule it was a step forward. I think not trying to compete with the N._F._l.. Come September. Is I mean so obvious. I can't believe it took this long to get there but that's massive. I think shortening the playoffs is good. I think pushing the P._G._A.. To the middle and have the having the British British the open championship being the finale. I think all that is good. It's different and I think people in Golf just hate change. I think that it's it's really as simple as that. It's different and it's also not when you look at the number of weeks just went through those twenty three three weeks. We wrought rewind it back. That starts in the beginning of March last year before this whole change twenty three weeks. You're still getting the same number of big events. It's literally just a difference of where they're placed on the map. It's different. It's really more condensed. I guess between the the start an end of the major season itself sure a little bit <hes> but that's the main difference to looking at and then I think I think people you know yearn for a little bit August major championship golf also there's a little bit. I don't there's a little element of you know. Look Golf is is a summer sport to some extent so if you don't have a major look forward to August feels like the summer's over you know I've got that sense a little bit in the Gulf World Summer's coming to an end but I don't know we'll get used to it. It's all about seating gulfs place in the greater sports atmosphere and it is fifth or sixth or seventh most important porn sport. GotTa be straight about it like we love the sport. We love the P._G._A.. Tour we love covering it but it's not as big as football and you know that football is already taking over just the talk of sports some get out of the way like we cherish Irish this news when if was first announced like why are we reacting to poorly my question for you though is like what is it due to the W._G._C.'s. I think what we saw in a lifeless. MEMPHIS event was kinda significant. I was thinking this morning who won the W._G._C.'s here well. Do you know who wanNA match play Kevin Kisner could for you who on the next the the Mexico event. Oh Gosh Yeah I couldn't remember either <hes> it wasn't rory what it was. Almost rory is some you're right he will. He lost by five to D._J.. To D._J.. Okay but exactly like if you had to name the majors and players rattling off immediately the W._G._C.'s Connie lost the shuffle. I'm kind of okay with that like if you're GONNA have this condensed schedule in which you got the players the masters the P._G._A.. The U._S. Open Berge Open and facts coupling. These are all these are all the first things you're trying to peacful uh-huh you WANNA have Arnie's event cool. You WanNa have Jackson be like not every event can believe sixth major you know not everything can be look at tennis. Even you think tennis has <hes> you know an identity Eddie problem with its seventh or eighth quote unquote major the tennis is just focused around the four slams. People know fans know when they're supposed to tune in and dial in and when they're supposed to dial out P._G.. Tour wants to have there. Oh they've oversaturated everything you know and it makes it tricky to figure out like wait. A minute Justin rose could win one point four million dollars in like Mexico at Mike Oba but then and we're supposed to care you know ten times as much that he's playing in W._G._C.. Why are we supposed to care and I think this comes back to this featured group thing where we see the stars together like all the time? There's a personal acts of mine and to grind but we see we have so much exposure. There's so much money that just the idea of strong field playing for a lot of money is not in and of itself enough to really like move the needle no. That's where we're at <hes>. The new schedule looks great you schedule. What's different includes the Olympics and so if those complaints are alive and well this year? I'm sure they'll be there next year. Anything you're excited about in this new schedule. <hes> I'm excited for my discussion with notably gay. Oh all right. You're facing me out S._E._O.. Is noticed more exciting anyway. Joining us now is four time to or winter longtime golf channel analysts. His name is not not your Vaca- right now I off. How is it in? Where are you going great? Thanks so much yeah <hes> the breakaway cheapie schedules just got back from the open championship in Ireland and. <hes> went home for a couple of days back Albuquerque New Mexico and they'd had it down to Kabo and <hes> first time here. I'm at the Diamante property. <hes> which is <hes> one of the properties Tiger Woods is involved in the I gotta say eh one of the best vacations in my life yes. So how long have you been onto or this year like how many how many weeks out of the last thirty weeks if you've been out there well the toughest stretch for us is <hes> <hes> during the the spring schedule N._B._C. Sports has about seven events in a row and <hes> about week six or week seven <hes> you wake up and you don't really no where you're at because you've just been going one events in the next but it's been pretty steady all year and I cover a wide variety of the events I do the P._G._A.. Tour I do <hes> the the men's College Golf I did the N._C._A._A.. Division One championships this year <hes> I also do the Tahoe American Century Celebrity Championship so I get a chance to see a wide array of different types of events which is really interesting to cover all over the place all levels the game. When are you back onto her? When is your vacation and I'm headed back to the B._M._w.? Championship I'll be and Gulf channels Orlando Studios doing some pregame postgame work and <hes> all on the action which will be taking place at Medina in Chicago which should be an pretty amazing venue for their for the guys players love to go back to these classic courses a Lotta History there ninety nine P._j.. Championship Tiger Woods Sergio Garcia quite some time ago twenty year anniversary for that but <hes> it's a classic of course and you should see see some really good golfing <hes> real real nice test. Did you play in that P._G._A.. I did not I was a rookie on the P._G._A.. Tour Word hadn't quite played well enough to qualify for the major championships yet. <hes> my first major championship <hes> was the one masters and <hes> one at was quite inexperience. Let me tell you that when I go on vacation. I don't want to watch golf. I might play a little over. I don't want to see and I imagine you might be that way or you might be the opposite where you taking in any of the any the W._c.. With the story line is it depends what the storyline is like. I caught the end of yesterday's tournament only because I was intrigued to see the roaring back or Roy Brooks kept good showdown. They're they're in the final tearing and they were playing at P._p._C. South. which was a venue that I want one of my p._G._A.? Tour events at and it's now W._T._C. events so <hes> I think this broke camp. Story is going to be something that everyone's GonNa WanNa follow because his ability to play extremely well in the biggest events <hes> we haven't seen anything like that since tiger was dominating in two thousand and so he's able to keep it up for a couple more years here's <hes> he might do some pretty special things that nobody really expected anybody to sort of attempt to do just because we were so enamored with what Tiger Woods it done at the high point career so I checked it out it was great. <hes> brooks came through like he should and <hes> notched up another win and solidified his spot at the top of the world ranking curious your opinion on Brooks just because he's doing tiger esque things but you know more more so in the major count than anything else when you see his game. Do you think of Tiger in any way. Are there other similarities or they're like key differences when you see the two of them not necessarily his game. I think there I mean when tiger was at his peak. Tiger was the most dynamic player that had ever played the history of the game. There wasn't a shot that tiger couldn't hit in terms of hydraulic high cuts low shots and he would routinely use those shots basically in every round. I think Brooks isn't that dynamic in the sense of he doesn't have every shot but what he does possess this this ability to elevate wages focused in the biggest moment and stay calm under pressure. He's one of the most compose players I've ever watched up close and he's the type of guy that is I think continuing to GonNa put himself in the the major championship discussion and <hes> he plays with with a chip on his shoulder <hes> similar to what tiger did that back in in his prime <hes> but it's great for it's great for the game to have a guy like books. I think he's he's pretty compelling figure. He's not as open with the media's as we would like but I think that he does a lot of his talking on the golf course with with his clubs and I think the the relationship with the media media what will get better as as we progress it he sort of starts to figure out <hes> just forty can can't say without without getting bark yeah totally not that's something that has progressed over this year. I feel like he has more chips at the table and he has ever ever had in the past but I'm going to ask you explain something that you might not be able to explain. It's that focus that KEPCO FOCUS because it doesn't make sense to me doesn't make like it doesn't make sense other people when you watch it. When you see visceral things he's like Dustin Johnson hitting driver or join speed at the peak of his putting those things are visible but kept his focus is not an easy thing to pick out when when you think about his focus like what does that look like to you? It's simply inability to maintain your your composure under the biggest <hes> pressure that you can say nameless think clearly you're able to be methodical article about what you're trying to do. Make very reasonable in and logical decisions about how you should approach a specific situation or given shot in that particular moment. That's what tiger was the best at you never got rattled team. Never sort of <hes> got deterred from what he felt like was the most appropriate strategy to <hes> take on a specific shot and I think that's what what I see in broke. She doesn't really seem to get distracted by all of the the noise outside the ropes. Whether it's the media the fans who he's putting with cameras shots at the top of the leaderboard leaderboard he's able to really keep his wits about him and focus on the task at hand. I think that's paramount when it comes to tournament golf at the highest level as people say well you know if if it was all about driving awesome Johnson in Roy mcelroy would be the best players in those situations if it was all about putting and they're the other guys but it's it's more about your ability to stay calm when everything around you is telling you to eh be Jerry or nervous or second guess yourself at Brooks doesn't get distracted by those things yeah I mean to me you just makes it look so damn simple like in the Gulf that level is incredibly intricate and difficult and and I think we see it every single week that it is very very tough but he makes it look simple like from tee-to-green yesterday just sixty five the smoothest sixty five without really batting and I and I don't know when I look at Brooks. I don't don't think like he's a lot of tiger or he's a little bit tiger. He's a lot like D._J.. I kind of you him as you know this amalgamation of all of these guys like he has the long game of the best long hitters and he's got the focus of tiger and what he's hot. He's got the putting and he was scrambling. Unlike ever has before all weekend I I just think that we see his peak being a lot higher than most other peaks. Yeah I agree and I think one of the things that we take for granted as fans and as has the media that watches the game is the fact that we think these guys just show up overnight but if you look at Brooks books as statistical performance say over the last four or five years in short game and it's putting okay they weren't great in in specific his scrambling and his initials gained around around the green they weren't strong and what he's really done. In the last three or four years he's really made dramatic improvements and those sorts of improvements are hard to make because sometimes they're slightly <hes> mechanical so you have deficiencies senior mechanical motion around the green at prevent you from getting certain shots and he's address los thing so he's able to have have a an array of of different shots around the Greens that allow him to adjust to certain conditions and when I mean by that is that <hes> from over these next next few weeks these players are gonNA are gonNA play on three different types of grasses and so you you look at what the players were facing <hes> in Ireland and you know those are are different type of of grass acid a fescue. It's a thicker grass. It's <hes> it's a it's a brass obviously that's common to that area then they go to Memphis this week this past week and they're on their own Zoysia and those has a in playing in you know ninety five degree heat over one hundred plus on the heat index all of a sudden you have to make huge adjustments in in how you're approaching specific shots around the green and and you know he's basically the only player that was at the top the leaderboard in both places <hes> and so you just really have to give you know maybe Jon Rahm you could say was was sort of in that discussion but matt that takes talent and experience and an ability for your game to adjust to what you're dealing with that particular week. That's that's what a number one in the world should be able to do and that's what tiger woods did so so well when he was number one for so many consecutive weeks. I think it was almost seven years still number one yeah. It's it's incredible <hes> you mentioned brooks is ability his his increased ability on the Greens and around the Greens and that is another thing that Gary Woodland improved on around the Greens and couple years ago doesn't Johnson really really dialed in his wedges the question I have for you is like what percentage of players onto our missing one thing where they've got. They've got five years but there's one thing missing to make this thing really home all of them yeah. They're all nursing. One thing I mean he get to the top ten in the world. They might be missing one. You you get outside needed a top twenty five or top fifty. They're missing two or street week and sometimes it's not anything you can find in the bag. Sometimes it's mental and the mental things are the hardest things to find because <hes> some players will go their entire career with not being able to win even though they knock on the door multiple times it's not because they can't win physically or mechanically with their abilities. It's just that they don't have the belief within themselves that they deserve to hold that trophy up and <hes> whether it's I mean there's two major threshold. I think actually maybe three major hurdles or accomplishment thing authors your first win someone. That's only go out and win for the first time there's multiple winner so there's a a lot of one hit wonders on on the tour that will can put it together for for one week and then never see the winter circle again for the rest of their career and then there's major championship where's <hes> and so you see guys on the precipice of that Major Championship <hes> accomplishment you know guys like Ricky Fowler and <hes> that that come to mind Jon Rahm comes to my just talented and this uh-huh quite been able to put together yet but I'm on a percent coffin that they will <hes> but I think everybody misses something. <hes> Tiger Woods would even tell you that there were holes in his game during his his peak. He's a little harder themselves but I'd say <hes>. It's the guy that's able to sort of patch holes in the damn the best during that particular week that usually has the most success. I like that now molasses question on and Brooks he won sure you saw this just under five million four point seven five million yesterday when you add up all the various things that he won and I looked at your career earnings onto or noda five point two million so brooks almost smashed in yesterday. I want to know that makes you feel it makes me feel great for the game. Honestly I think that we we all had our moments and we all had a chance to sort of experience. It's certain things about about the game throughout our career and I I was fortunate to to be able to win multiple times and and play on the President's Cup team and do some some pretty remarkable things considering what what I overcame Aiman where I come where I came from but it's just it's <hes> it's a reflection on what tigers done for golf. I mean this plain and simple. I mean it has nothing to do with me has nothing to do with any other player but tiger is solely responsible for where the game stands now from an economic standpoint <hes> his ability to grow the game. I mean the greatest grow the game initiative. That's taking place in the last thirty years Tiger Wood winning name the Nice by the the ninety seven masters by twelve jokes that was the first real increase in Gulf participation that the National Golf Foundation U._S._D._A. had seen in in in the history of the game and now we've seen all these grow that game initiatives coming T._J.. Of American all the governing pies and whatnot they haven't been able to match that so tiger increase participation and he by far improved viewership ratings are it's not even comparable not even a fair fight when Tiger's playing in when he's not and so the T._v.. Contracts start to get bigger which means that money trickles down in the person and benefits for players so a lot more players on the P._G._A.. Tour able to not only make I think what <hes> you know world class <hes> elite level sports athletes should make but even in the bottom tier. There's a lot more millionaires on the tour any guys that are able to take care of their families and play the game for a living now. I didn't want WANNA ask you a ton of about Tiger because I'm sure that they are every interview you do you could tell your question but we get to this point of the season. I gotta ask you a lot of people listening to want to know about tigers status for the playoffs spent a kind of weird year for Tiger but <hes> are you optimistic right now about his game. Are you kind of waiting to till you see what he does <hes> at Liberty National. I think this is a appeared on tigers offers career where he's just trying to assess still what the thresholds are with his body. <hes> I think that the masters victory was surprised is to everyone including him. We all think that okay I want to go out and do things and contended. He accomplished a huge feet in the tour championship in twenty eighteen these like and then goes on to. To win the masters just kind of coming from a place a year ago or he didn't think <hes> wasn't sure if he could win again and and then you go and went to the biggest tournaments on P._J.. Tour schedule and almost win the Fedex Cup Cup poetry's which <hes> was remarkable but I I think that the hangover from the massive lane is kind of what we're seeing and not only that you coupled out with the new schedule and there's a major basically every four weeks now starting with the Players Championship you got four weeks until the masters and then just so on and so forth and it's just <hes> a little uncertainty about how how to prepare for those particular leaks and we've seen him sort of take a lot of time off in between weeks which really hasn't proved to be a winning recipe and I suspect next year you'll see <hes> him <hes> maybe have at least one or two starts in between the majors and then maybe play a little bit lighter schedule early in the year but <hes> the game still there. I watched it hit balls in visited with him for a little while last week in Ireland and I don't I don't see anything within his mechanical motion. It's just the conditions in Ireland. Were always going to be hard for him. Because it's just it's cold of the wet and if that bone chilling cold when when it gets down in into the fifties and sixties and anybody ever had any kind of injury knows that that's the kind of weather that gives you the most problems yeah. He's talked about it too as just yeah I mean it's just it's just a reality forty thirty three thirty three and so it's always gonna be a heart event for him to win. I think it's it's it's an easier for him to win because you don't have to get your driver at those venues so much but physically quickly it's probably the hardest event of the year for him to win so you gotTA SORTA balance balance to to if he catches a good week of weather over the next couple of years over there you might you might seem really content but I think the hot weather pants are going to be where he's going to see a lot more success that makes good sense now looking past the Fedex Cup. It is a President's cub year tiger your guy. He's the captain of the president's kept team and now that brings me back to the Hazeltine Ryder Cup because you were technically. You're part of that team. You're driving that cart at Hazeltine. Will you be driving a cart down in Australia or we have a bigger role than that. Will you be involved at all. I'm not sure exactly one. You know wonder if tigers going <hes> want me to be a part of that it'd be great. I'd certainly would be on it to <hes> serve on the other team. In whatever capacity I I can't help. I think those are some of the most fun weeks of the year I I did it at in two thousand sixteen at Hazeltine and twenty seventeen at liberty national and the President's Cup team and it's just a great way just to be the guys <hes> in a different environment arm and a lot of them really let their guards down and <hes> there's there's so much that goes on the team rooms and on the bus ride and Liberty National in that particular instance on the ferry rights he wrote the ferry straight to the golf of course was one of the coolest things that I've ever done you we passed by the statue liberty every day going to and from the golf course and so so those are experiences and to be part of a Tiger Woods captain team wave away in Australia <hes>. I couldn't think of anything more fun more fun to do so hopefully <hes>. We'll see what happens with that but I'm ready. I got my stars stripes packed in suitcase ready to go yeah so do I <hes> now before I let you go. I got some random questions because I wanted to get to you on a couple of these things <hes> my mom listens to the golf channel broadcasts and she doesn't know a ton bulk off but all of Assan you come on and you are whispering urine. You're whispering voice as the encorce reporter and I'm curious. Do you have to work on your whispering voice. Is there an art to whispering content across the airwaves. Now it's just trying and not to get yelled at by the guys 'cause <hes>. There's certain distances like if I'm within twenty yards. I probably need to really whisper and I don't have I mean I think I need to start smoking or something because of my voice doesn't really carry very well and <hes> I've heard from a number of a friends and fans that when I when I really whispered I it's hard for hard for people to me so when what I try and do is I try and get far enough away where I can speak a little louder but still be close enough to the action to provide unique incited that what's actually happening on the golf course and <hes> no the the the whispering voice just comes naturally. I guess being around the Cape so much there's no when you're close to the guy that are playing and making a living the game. You don't want to distract them yeah. I don't think I'm going to condone <hes> the smoking aspect act but if the work your way <hes> now one thing I did not know about you last week as that when you were at your peak onto her you were putting right handed and left handed I wanna know how that came about. Whose idea was it and how it worked for you? Well two friends of Mine Ryan Stack and Tim Homing rated book called <hes> I believe it was called inside the art and they just just <hes> talked about the advantages of <hes> <hes> hitting hooking Putz. I guess so for right handed that would be a right to left but for left-handed person that would be a left to right part and they took our Stanford Golf Team and did a study and so what they did was they took us out to <hes> Fifteenth Green and they had ten balls setup at each position of the clock with the exception of twelve and six so one-two-three for five seven seven eight nine ten eleven and they had ten balls at each spot ten feet away from the whole and they asked each one of our teammates about ten or twelve us to go around the entire circle and hit all the patch right handed and then they do it again and they hit all the puppets left-handed well it came back that <hes> on the left to right positions out about eight nine and ten the scores these were higher for the left handed pots meaning players were making more pots at those physicians left handed and pretty much every player on the team had never putted left-handed before so they were making more pots <hes> just simply because the theory was that the Putt just set up from a physics standpoint <hes> more advantageous to to hit from the left hand side so I took that information. I'm like well. I'm a sophomore in college. If if I'm able to perfect this over the next two or three years I think I could have an advantage on the P._G._A.. Tour and so I started doing it much to the dismay of my coach thought it was a lunatic and I started putting left and right handed and it proved to be really successful at the at the time the all times going record in the N._C._A._A.. Some ships ten under sixty two ten birdies is no bogeys I went to the Korn Ferry tour which formerly was the web dot com and I shot the first fifty nine and the history of the tour at thirteen hundred par and I went onto the P._G._A.. Tour and one four times in my first I two years and set the scoring record <hes> at the time at the travelers championships so it proved to be a winning formula for me and now that I've been an analyst now for almost ten years. It's <hes> it has proven I've done some research on it and it is statistically it's advantageous to hit those from from that particular with that particular strategy now a lot. The people don't have that ability to do that but <hes> if they were to try it's. It's certainly could be a a better opportunity to shoot some low scores. I love that now <hes> two more questions before you go <hes> I read that you you were pretty good high school basketball player and so the first question that came to mind is how does your game and have you ever played tiger one on one my I mean I'm a good shoot around low. I love the play Horse I and shoot threes and free throws and that's one thing I think I took from golf into basketball. Was I just love to practice and I could just sit there for hours and see how many Fritos in a row I could make <hes> yeah tiger and I played intramural basketball basketball. <hes> the golf team had an intramural team at Stanford and <hes> Tiger was on our team but let me just tell you can't on the back he wasn't in starting five. I'm not I can disparage his athletic. Ability could use a great asti but I mean what the likes of Casey Martin Boo <hes> had a birth defect in his right leg who started ahead of them. <hes> we'll give you any indication Asian Tiger skills on the court <hes> I'll just leave. We can leave it there one more thing <hes> when it comes to Tigers Gulf game. You've played a lot of golf with him around him. was there one time one one moment when it was frustrating how good he was like. How do I compete with? That was a shot that he pulled off or something that stood out to you know I I have this story so good. <hes> back at Stanford Bird had through who's a very successful businessman and and was just kind of really good evaluating Cowan. We're playing around a golf and he just you know off the cuff too so you know what tigers just better than everybody and I never believed that you never wanna believe there's someone out there is just flat out better more talented and just has <hes> an edge but I play the tour few years than in every year there was an event down Ah Disney in Orlando and it was sort of it was a poem format but they would let the pros kind of it was it was one of the last events here they would let the pros kind of <hes> pick their partners so every year tiger and I would play together and we'd how're to Obamacare. Is that what we play the first two rounds together and so we'd I'd fly to Orlando this is when he was living at are worth. I'd stay. I'd stay in the House and for some strange reason this is a part I love I mean I had just gotten on tour and and getting familiar out there and tiger was already sort of this world world <hes> superstar but he had to white Porsche nine eleven turbos. They're almost like the identical car and I couldn't figure out why had two of them. I guess I guess when you make that much money. You know anything bad one nine eleven turbos to intervals right so it was one of the most fun weeks of the year because he would be dr one of them all week. Even though there was no room for my clothes <hes> I'd have to put the clubs in the front seat and it was about a twenty five minute drive to the course and <hes> there was these back roads that we go on and I won't say that we raised but you know we raised and so we go play and we were playing one particular around where I think on the back all the course ones there and <hes> I couldn't have been playing better. I was out there. I you know making Berry three four birdies in a row and I I think was five or six hundred turn or something like that and tiger couldn't have played worse. He was hitting the ball everywhere. I mean when we had ten thousand people following long. That's so we'd never lose one which was frustrating because he hid in the middle of the the Florida Marsh and wait somebody would find it hack it out and he'd make a party so we'll get to ten whole will and I'm playing well and he it's this ball so far left. It's fifty yards left of the fairway in into the deep stuff and then he takes his provisional hits. It's fifty are right of the fairway so there's about one hundred twenty five a yard balls landed he finds the first one acted out manages to to make the ten footer for par. I'm making birdies and I'm playing my butt off and I make an eagle going down the stretch and I'm just like and and I got him today like there's on him tonight because I'm just whipping up and we get into the school intent and she I think I shot sixty three that day and I was responsible for keeping score so <hes> at the beginning of around each cards with somebody that to you keep score for and so I'm in their adding it up and comes out to sixty five and I can't tell you I was so bad I was so mad. I'm like I had to like skip. The whole like there's no way he shot sixty five so I go through it again. Fifty five and I'm just like I can't do this if I gotta do. I had to do at one more time insurance heck thank you. It was a sixty five and that was the one day that I finally admitted to myself. Tiger Woods was just a better golf with you know 'cause he could not have played worse like he could not have played a more Iraq round inconsistent looking for balls every other whole and it barely being by two shots and I couldn't have played better and so from that point. I'd just like tip the CAP. Mike manages better than I am. That's cool <hes> but <hes> it was tough tough day for me yeah. I'm sure you are one of many many many who felt that way at some point. Thank you note. I appreciate the time today yeah. It was fun. Thanks for having me all right. Thanks for joining me Dylan before we go my favorite thing in Gulf this week wish chain lowry's homecoming parade which was for anyone that missed it. I think you have to watch it to to grasp what he means to a tiny little area west of Dublin called Clara Thirty two hundred people live there. I swear thirty two hundred maybe even more showed up to this thing. It was the best thing engulf. We need more homecoming parades for major champions. I mean how great was that he he pulled out of the the W._G._C.. Just to hang out in party. I mean I was with Shane O'Donoghue famous <hes> sports caster from across the pond and we were in Dublin and he was getting texts from his relatives because he lives in Dublin. It's getting text from his relatives. who were you know seeing Shane out of the pub? He was with some famous Footballer Rugby Player. One of those Irish sports and you know just a different moments throughout the night. This is almost a week after he's one now and you still out reveling in it still illing. I know that his caddy Bo Martin got home rarely one morning his wife said you know what you need to have your time go and celebrate Aussie. When I see a if it's Friday which was four days from them it's Friday basically they are making the most that what is happening another great aspect of the open championship being the final majors that she lowery sorry? He'll get to Gulf when he gets golf. He doesn't need to peak again unless he wants to win the Fedex Cup which is Cherie does but he doesn't he could have a breath yeah and so. Maybe you don't party after the P._G._A.. Championship or after the U._S. Open but you can at least do it.

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