Gab and Juls: Dortmund's Delaney on Bundesliga's Return


The happy Thursday jaws because guess. What the Printer League voting unanimously twenty zero to come back to full contact training. We're one step closer getting closer. We're getting close to actually restarting starting now. There's a whole bunch of issues we're not GONNA go into them by an important next step now. The ball is is in the politicians court The testing results. Also broadly speaking that. Then you had four positive tests out as out of many. I don't even remember their meeting with more than a thousand strong yet. Still Not one hundred percent clear how people can test negative and then positive a week later. I guess they own was they go infect themselves but you know there is positive mentor and it's looking good even troy deeney has said while. I'm Connie reassured now With my conversation so on the captain's my responsibility I'll be back so we're going to be talking little bit about that. Allah. We're super excited. 'cause WE HAVE. Thomas Delany on Dortmund midfielder and obviously we will be talking a little bit of Syria. Big Big meeting today and quick and the teaching and of course the that buying located to there won't be Tidal Meshach Premier League Dini. We have the vote another talking about going to get your view on this. You're talking about the rebate that the primarily are going to pay to the broadcasters and it looks like it's about it's about half the amount it's about three hundred and fifty million pounds and because of the way the money's allocated disproportionately hit the wealthier clubs. Is it right or should they try to hang onto that money? Yes very interesting one and you can. You can imagine a choir heated debates I thing today Via Video Conference and stuff like that basically a right holders sky in the UK but also some some of the international burqas a saying hang on again to all close doors the product. We would said it's not the same so we need some of that money back because we we paid. Enormous amount of money for product is not there which is in a way true so you can understand their side of things the beginning January. Because you could go back and say Oh yeah sure but you also have a bunch of people stock at home because he can't go outside because the virus what are they gonNA do. They'll be watching your games your true why trying to you. Know to put pressure on that point. They hosts are hoping both of them to more games to broadcast so right. Now there's ninety two games left. I think forty seven between sky and bt the hoping for maybe forty five more that they can show an indicates that will also make mean more money for them to spend to but does game so ex- strikes. Pensions and things like that. So maybe they want to recoup a bit of the money in that way the know for the point of view as you said you could be a disaster. You could have to pay by THIRTY MILLION POUNDS FOR SOME OF THEM. Ten or fifteen million other clubs. Who Ran Out. We don't have that kind of money to to give back to to broadcasters so I think he's a key security I I think I don't know why you but they surely can find me either grand somewhere around to play the money back find a grumman even over next season because you read the rebate. Yeah you can spread out the next season over the next couple of seasons huge meeting today in in Italy It looks like it's all systems. Go like they finally have an understanding chore a restart which would be on on June twelfth Clubs back in full training of course so that looks to be on its way the tricky in Italy. Monday I have a plan B of the playoffs but also just a lot more games to to to fit in there. Because you've got more rounds left to play so we'll see how that how that lines it gets more important there Really start earlier. Otherwise starting next season October at this stage The way things are going. Ooh and Spain. I talked there is nothing new for the people who haven't seen in a video that Boston of the little bit of training with macy's defending attacking creating scoring. And if you thought that maybe so the players would come back and we didn't have enough that what he looks ready for. Sure we're GONNA talk to Thomas Delany in a minute Just wanted to get your thoughts. I on the game In terms of I mean I wrote this on the website. What struck me about buying? I know it's Cliche but they really are unflappable. And they're also show versatile you know in that first half. Yeah both teams chances but you know. Don't forget the first half was was was pretty was pretty level and in buying just made some make some adjustments in the second half and in the second half when you expected a dormant to be throwing the kitchen sink after we get back in the game stop buying we're really never endanger except for that. Vr and yeah penalty. You're right and that could have changed. Maybe not the game. I just think that once they go one need up is by inside. I think there is no way unless you are super super gruden efficient. You can come back in again. That's exactly what happened. So the first the first half was one of the base. Half of what I've seen this season really was and despite the fact that there was no clowns and other just coming back out of two months without playing I thought. The intensity was amazing. Also everything was amazing. I love the way Dolan plates. And how they beat the press and really because yeah they beat the press but I thought conspiracy. Absent in this game was Who was so good. Once you get in the final third ultimately you'll still going to need some quality to go and set up the chance for somebody and it has to be union brand because you know organ hazard. Love him to death. It's not gonNA be handled. Provides at Holland is there to receive the ball and score to see him. You know midfielders. Maybe Guerrero's I diversity but again by by playing Nabri and Coleman the way they did those guys were pinned back the whole tribe because they knew that any clearance or create huge problems for For for for Dobermans wingbacks. True or the key me huts some positions in the first half especially where they used that Ryan side really well again because they knew that was going to defend massively so there was a couple of there was a few times where you had to view on executive expand on Monday when Davis was was one against Hakimi in and has though I came in bronze and I think there's a few times I don't know if you don't and they went all the way to the last thirty yards and then he was all about the final and many many times they messed up. The Cross was not good enough. The past a couple of extra touches or for passage didn't really need the shooting off. And you would like they. They're so easily in a way and then the last pass the nice touch was not good enough and you can't do that him because one woman of Genius from came as web rookie should have done better but still the whole thing was and what I loved about a goal and hopefully we will ask. The rainiers is after the game. Kimmy says we knew we knew how Burki played and we knew the Burki we know that Berkey or was plays a couple of yards ahead of his line so I knew that he would be just the extra space between him and the ship would go in and I think the most Mueller refers you as wedding in into Jimmy doesn't even look because I thought what is he does he have like beyond you like a bat where he's got like weird radar to know were. Berkey was. I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA ask Delaney about that. Because you know. I don't know if Thomas Remembers if he's too modest but he scored great a very similar last minute. Winner for Copenhagen in a big game against a big game against Brumby back many years ago when he was still when he was saw Denmark. It's on Youtube. But you know what I'm sure people would rather hear from US miscellany. Bring him on Thomas. Welcome aboard. I just made this joke before starting to record but a lot of people have noticed talking about the important stuff. I A lot of people of notice that your hair is a little bit out of control. We say in lockdown showed you make you feel more comfortable gonNA remove my house in my. Here's a math. I'm guessing you didn't trust yourself to give yourself your own haircut with some clippers or anything or go fully shaven headed. Not For you now Now every summer it's it's the same question I'm like I'm GonNa I'm GonNa Shave like Gogo real short but on the freighted won't grow out something. I'm superstitious about that. I know it's irrational but it's still in my head that maybe Chris won't come out if they have a so. I never dared I From a happy note to Tuesday night obviously it certainly folic whole world was was watching the game at yet. I just want to get from you inside the stadium. Not your first game behind closed doors but the fact that it was buying did it. Did it feel different? Should it does feel different But in the last three games now I feel like that whenever you get get going and the adrenaline starts to kick in you. You don't notice the surroundings and that's the same Even when we play with with eighty eighty thousand spectators. It's you go in a bubble and it's kind of the same year but but there will be moments where it's it's more friendly game in In context of how you can speak to each other and it will never hit the same stress level. I guess because because there's this pressure from outside but but it's it's actually decent. You've had two more days now since since choose their almost two. Today's what what did you make of that game? Now that you've got a bit of hindsight into it. Now that you maybe Phil about him maybe a bit of some videos what you make of it. And what was the most impressive how efficient they are because after you started again really well and you really wouldn't? I often and kimmage schools and then the game changes but this seemed to be so solid metal even when they're not playing well even when the other team is better than them. Just don't concede or the Is Hot as you to against them? It's difficult to give respects to do. What the WHAT BY UNDOING? Without comparing my time in. Copenhagen the Danish leak to to Lico by on kind of what we didn't go at many many championships in a row. And it's just the feeling of team that even even when they don't play good they they still win and they know they're going to win. We as club and seem lack lack because that only comes from winning and of course by is now they have the correct me on moments I think seven championships in the rope and that creates a mentality a culture that that just creates a crazy strong sentiment for for every game still early in the game in that first half there. Were chances at at either end. Did you feel that maybe if it's close Hustle Davies were a little bit less quick Covering on a on Holland. Or maybe if you guys have broken through I do you think. Do you get the central by a that. Might have allowed you to perhaps Push on more or do things that bio-energy so like machines show. Was that mentality that they would've just round on forwards and an found a way to win because that is the impression that that they give off. Yes sure they give that impression off but I think that we have shown the last couple of two years at least for long as I've been here that we are a very difficult to play against especially when the opponent and goes high and wants to create something we in my opinion have one of the best attacks in Europe and the guys that we have They go forward really quick so it might have has given us opportunity definitely but again. It's it's was a game that that we took great pardon and and we. We lack the last percentages. How'd you assess the progress of the team? We do some far. I think is a great manager. We've had him in so knowing really. What the dubbed knees and even before in Germany already etc was was fantastic is very young team. And you're you're one of the orders and you know you sign him. Red China think in in January two to bring a bit of experience when you and other guys because otherwise very young squads and you getting really close to winning the title to go further in the trump is what was missing a bit about for maybe the mentality as you said of of having that winning confidence or the biggest obstacle by for sure you know we played two decent seasons last year was for the most part amazing and yet we didn't clutch and but honestly it's difficult to say what would lax When when I talked about experience it's not about age. It's about knowing how to win. And and that only comes from winning and and we do that very well thing that we've progressed this year in in defense. We've got a woman's in we. Now play with a whether you like to call the three back three or back five does matter but but we we stronger not defensively and the end and they'll know that that makes that secures championships to defend defend. Good and we've shown yet again. The offensively we we are in the top of. There's no question in terms of depth of talent and auctions. You're up there. Part of me feels like I know. Nobody likes to use injuries as excuses and and buying obviously you know without Zuhdi Shula and whatnot and they had injuries to. But there's a part of me that feels that you guys come back after this very long break shortly. We've seen different teams pickup muscular injuries. Maybe just maybe the fact that you have the same three guys you know having to start. The they started both started regained in a row. Upfront all Brandt and and hazard I just wondered you. Heidi had the options that he should have in terms of fully fit mark. Roy's fully fit Jamie Sanjay from the start whether maybe he could have tried something. Different earlier circumstances could have been different than in other words. Are you playing? Did you me play by at the wrong time. Given the situation that you were in and then also I would also have this old question in in midfield as well all. It's it's difficult question you know. We've all had the same basics to to get in this season which is weird. Start up long break before these three matches played what three times fifteen minutes eleven? Be Eleven in six months so so for me. It was a big step to go into to the game. But it's it's as a team wise stress level. It's the same KLOPP. Maybe we've Picked up the a little bit more injuries than than the other teams. And what show show as you say we. We've played with more or less the same team in three games because we don't have any more plays So sure we could have been more fit you know. None of the teams funded fit. We could have had injury but not sitting in complaining about that. No I'm complaining for you. I'm thank you so we we in the first here. In England of the League coming back and plays a going budget training David small groups go to full contact etcetera. I know for us a longtime ago already because Germany was so head of everybody else but but how was it for you and do you understand why and go to contact for? Example is not really doesn't want to train now because you'd be scared of the virus for Dini was a young baby. A home doesn't want to go by training. Do you understand. Did you have some fears is where maybe before you went training two months ago when I was an how was it? Go back sure as as you said. We started out very slowly we we. At one moment we had had a week off Started running at home bikes delivered stuff like that than it was to answer together for for six six and so on and I think that Germany assist on general a very good job including the town and all team in regards of being open about. What's happening then? I don't feel like that in our squad there was any kind of fear to what's getting infected and we checked Two Times a week But I respect and I think in. Pune like this you you. You definitely should respect the fears and consequences that this could have two people family around them so sure. I'm understanding Hoe trainees situation in Angola concern. But far as here we have very little live in quarantine when the season is on. You know it's Games a week so at being. This mentality is difficult but kind of like what we've we've seen before a lot of people are talking about the effects of playing behind closed doors on the match and on the other officiating in I think there was possibly An example of this during the game With the ball tearing incident with with his elbow I was really struck by the fact that You know that it wasn't reviewed by which which is fine but it was also suggested to me that it wasn't reviewed because there was no big reaction from the crowd. No big reaction from the players on the pitch instead you guys got on with it quickly to take the corner and it was suggested that maybe you didn't realize that the ball had come off as all but maybe the referee on a different luck. Can you tell me what what you saw? Did you realize anything? Did you notice that you take came off his back and you know? Do you think having at a place like the signaller. Do not having you know. Eighty thousand people screaming. Get the referee to say. Hey Cologne is something on the look at this again or something festival. I wasn't on the pitch when that happened. I was a went out in the half time and was to not out to see that live happening. But did you see that the time though from the bench? Did you have any idea what had happened? No I was still in A. I took a shower so I wasn't even very difficult for me to say it was live but definitely In my opinion it's clear penalty. No question And of course there's a big difference that is the biggest difference at the moment Compared to to a normal game that is the the Of of the spectators we concerned eighty one thousand spectators. At CIGNA. They're gonNA give us when when did not happy and then everybody will know and of course that also to the to the referee if something is seen as unfair or wrong and we will all quietly be heard so sure. Of course the difference between how how the players in the coach and the rest in chat with the with the spectators. But also how we interact with the referees. We talking a lot more to the referees. Which is a good thing am station in the new book game where the referee was very open about what he was talking to the about. What's a hand bullet again from books? I don't know if it was handle anything but it he. He was very open. About how what you were asking Davar and and day. I remember device Screaming at him because they thought it was like done for him to even talk to the virus and he was just like all right guys. Just shut my mouth. I won't talk to you about anymore. You're welcome but this was the first time we're not going down that road again. So she said this difference between how you can can pussy referendum pressure from the from the spectators a after the defeat on that. There's a gap between you and by an of seven points yesterday not winning. They're also have seven points behind. What's what's the what's the remaining of the season Jew thing you can catch you. He'd be Har- nine as you said because they have that mentality that they're not going to drop seven points between now and the end of the season it'd be very hard so you need to fight for the second place. So where do you stand out when not laying down of course we? We have not decision to maintain festival and then and then we have to get it as close to bias as possible. But show as you say. There's no evidence that fine will Will know seven points in six games even though I would allowed it. There's no no sign of doing that over the last many years. But it's it's tight leak not so tight in in top top now that buying them going in front that we got a around us that we have to to deal win so So we still on for a fight in the I my last question very I don't want to Bring back memories but just as a footballer. Just technically I watched chemicals kicks go over a bunch of times Probably more than you instruct me that he doesn't look up after he gets the ball. You know he takes two or three strides. He never looked to where the goalkeeper is and he just hits the ball and can you just described technically a. Have you ever attempted something like that? Have done stuff like that without looking you just know. Do Remember where he is. I hope he as a move. You just just walk. Who technically what? What goes through when you when you do something like that. It's I don't make enough goals after take very took that I had one in the in. Darby against blundered last minute where I kinda do the same but more with a curve in the in the chip over keyboard and as for me when that happens you you pretty early on what you're going to do and I think can we did as well because it was. It was a ping pong game in their bowl was bouncing around. He didn't have any in the speed in the buddy to too much else but I didn't see it coming. You know it's it's very good players showing a very high level of skill and and you gotta appreciate not at times like this so I think that he. He very deliberated and and saw the deputy but him wasn't written stars. Because I didn't see come question for me as well Tom is a double one quickly. Because it's my it's my last one. One JADON SANCHO. How easy to train with him. And how far do you think you can with the talent that he has and the second one on understand five because as I said before I really like him and hope he stays? I understand that they might be a question mark over. Why do you fill in? What kind of relationship you and maybe addressing house with him and yet to start with. Jaden clearly one of the biggest talent I've I've played with But yeah without telling comes to another pressure and I think he slowly starts to feel that from the England national team and then KLOPP's surrounding in now and And of course it's it's an interesting time. Because to to this point he'd been a talent performing very well forming over a what a talent it's as expected to do and there was always be a next step and that's going to be interesting next career next step in development but I don't see as a player a technical and physical in the any limits for him. You know he could get up there but the question will be in his head and the effort he puts in and of course luck injuries and stuff but comes only looking at his skills and he definitely has what it takes to become one of the five five big players in the world and then all the things around is very difficult to to seek cleaner this moment. If if it's enough you know you see big talents them at go to waste. I wouldn't say I would say he already did enough to prove himself. He's nineteen and you know he is most score points in two to move on and that's amazing but you know he. He should stretch more. Because this definitely no for that The next question with Lucien. He's a he's a great coach festival in and the she likes him I think he said he fits very well. Because we we. We learned last year that we team that performs best when we have fun. And we go out there. And let's see how many goals we can make school schoolteacher. Because he feels like like he's a bill like your teacher that you had as cruel and I the the thing that you learn with him is is quite is quite basic but like you said with a laugh and I mean the way you beat the press in the first half hour against by an. I was amazed because they were coming out. You so strong. And repressing the ball almost iconic playstation if felt like you and the. Who did then Akeem and Rafael on the sides and it was just like being beaming. Does it feel to you? Like is a bit like a schoolteacher. You can say that. And also his his appearances. It's old school. Swiss French approach. He's guiding and shouting in French. Not only that I get what he saying you know when he says it will allow Toma But sure you know we sauce. I see it. He's very concerned about. Especially that part of the game. Play out of the pressure especially against by because lately I'm the best pressing side in Bundesliga The they put a big effort into that made. It makes it very difficult and the way we do it. Is We trained a lot playing out from the goalkeeper's world because we have a football goalkeeper as a big role to play. He has a lot of passes long passes. And and then when we get final you know where the metric is supposed to happen. His philosophies candle voice do what they're best at. I'm not gonNA tell them when to do that. Went to do that very freely and think you see that in in how we play you know if you look at the first Golden Look you we have often goal riddle standing in the central of midfield. We have the union blunt who plays left wing standing on the right side line. And we have Right strike out there and we have accumulated deep so there's going on when we have a lot of players that don't care so much about how it looks from the Batman and I have meths standing behind me in shouting. What what the what is happening to you. But but that's that's that's how we we create good good situation where we are one more than the opponent and then that's kind of an offensive lasted for. Let's not say that we we have you hoping longer so we got joy. Yeah sure you know we been a everything considered my injuries and stuff a great time for me last year. He had a big trust me and now here coming back from injuries. So you know at the moment. I'm really up to dry I did say las personas Another one dot com always those is we gotta ask about about jewelry now and erling whole and by I. I'm struck if you just talk a little bit about Radio in Holland but also I'm just struck by the fact that these are two guys who both had dads who were outstanding international calibre footballers. Just wondering him you you play with a lot of county young footballers that you think that that informs the way the baby the way they train or the way they play the fact that they've you know they basically from the time the I don't know what you who's giving you advice when you were eight years old. But from the time they were little boys they kind of had the best of the best around them advising them helping them grow. Is that something that that you see? In the way that they trainers away that they've Kind of you know especially with with adding kit up. He added twice your size. He's wearing size. Yes no I a young young man that everything to to improve you know this guy is is annoying at times because everything has to be on point and more training more training Eating better eating better and stuff like that so socially I think that he definitely benefited from having people around him probably especially stat knows how things are working in football but on the other hand you know with both of them. It's not like they stand out in that regard that having a famous place. I don't I don't feel that in them in the way that they already have proven or comes from a good family in that regard. I think they've they're both very humble. And you know a taking crazy steps both of them adding of course knicks. I don't even have to mention the stats and and she you as well just coming in. I'm American Kit last year. Travel back and forth. Seventy coming in still has breakthrough to to come but definitely is a player that you you should expect more from because training. He's he's totally unknown mental. You only twenty eight but when you arrive a training one Dan you have Holland and Sancho and Jirina. That does it make you feel older than like all those around you. Unfortunately as starting look young right yeah paycheck and then you haven't seen peace shake without a shadow because this guy is ripped he makes me feel thank you so much though so much for coming time really really kind. And I've been in toes forward all right as wonderful as delay. Me Was your survey even better. Here's some quick hits. That's go Jewish now. I thought The Davi Louise Two year contract at Arsenal after moving. Uh Summer towards the transfer window from Chelsea but James Ali and others are reporting a. It was actually a one year deal with another year option. Maybe you'LL BE GONE BY JUNE THIRTY S. I WANNA get your views on this. I would would it be wise for arsenal to just right off. The Louise's don't think so. I think they should should keep him. Okay I know. He's made mistakes and I knew he sometimes makes mistakes and he will make more mistakes. I can tell you that. Now you've never have too many thirty year old center box VASIC. He's been very important in the dressing room for show and you don't have to keep him in playing every single many of every single game. You've got Saliba coming in from Santa Chen who I think would be amazing in that team. You also have already along with other centrebacks means crisis in worst in holding in Chambas. I think you can. You can look selling holding and Mustafa and you know there's been a bad thing. Keeping Lewis will be a good idea really for for the inference hod on younger players for the how many the dressing room. He's really been very useful for that as when and if I don't know maybe you could go back three and sweeper and maybe it can be very valuable to you. You don't have to start him again. Said every single game but I think he's in fortunate not dressing room for show. I think you always have to look at numbers. He's on very big wages for what he does it. He's on starter wages And I think the question for me question is how much is how much I expect him to play this. You expect him to be starting because if he's not a starter if I if you just dare to be a babysitter than you know maybe I'll get somebody else. The one thing that will change it though is the fact that were the we're June. Thirtieth situation right is contract. According to Ali story expires on June thirtieth. Which would suggest to me that if you don't renew his contract in this he's not going to say yeah. We'll take a two month extension just to please you. Of course now. So do dirty of his deal expires all of a sudden. Are you going to be short? Hounded between now and the end of the season if you know if you WANNA try to get into Europa League or Place or or have given that up he. Now I've got to outfits a board playing center back WHO's will ball playing center back in the squads who can pass the ball who can do nor fifty yards who is good with the ball as a centreback. Obviously he's probably the best one out of the thank you thank you so that means you start. Thank you though. Agree THAT IF YOU'RE NOT GONNA you're not going to be a starter next year. You just keeping him around between now and August to finish the season when you really don't have that much effort. Yeah no yeah. I The show grow by without asking you about Lothar Martinez and Barcelona. I wonder for how long more please just ask you something I interests. Pushing Director Jarrow. Ceo was quite clear on the subject. Wasn't he yeah? And this is the only reason I'm bringing look up again because we allison definitive news came out on Sky Italia inside. Look we are not selling louder. Martinez he has. A clause is a clause that Has An end date at believes July fifty? Want Joy if you want to show up with the money. Convinced him to join you and you can take them away if not. He's not going anywhere so all this nonsense that. Oh let me roll up. Let's see. Let's see what bag players do. We have here that we could dump on the other ones. No maybe we can package Vidal rockets. Raceway are not come over time. Fuck you know I mean I'm sure spilling the contents of over to I mean. Come on now army. No we'll see if he's if he's was word but I think he knows he knows full. Well that either lateral Martinez tantrums and says No. No I WANNA go I WANNA go or or Celona come up with money in double quick do that last summer. It was named mind. Psg PSG said. They were top sellers coming by insane. Okay Wa bobbed cheap Manina with money for name on there like this is not how there's a price you pay. You can't afford you pay you get hit by a car and you go to the guy hang on. Hang on I can give you one of my sons by a Canadian mopeds and my old car and then you buy your car for thirty thousand guys like get out of the door. Buster nothing there. Why are you dishing? Your boy is easy. Non-appearance Boy William it comes out. He says he's come on my now now. Jewels on Monday. We talked about ozone ego and a loan was coming to an end in Shanghai. Shenhua wanted him back but of course nobody including. Us seemed to mention China. Those borders for foreigners so the dude apparently physically can't come back come combine. There's a big contract waiting for him. That but right now it's like okay. He can. I mean you can take the plane maybe and sleep at the airport in in Shanghai your terminal for like I mean most seriously. This is incredible situation that you pointed out weeks ago by saying wait a minute. That could be love issues there for some for some clubs after June thirtieth with contract and this and that and we exactly in it where young doesn't know what to do and like can I go back. I want to go by this contract for me. Chang saying hang on. We have a season to play. We need it for that season. We can't just let him a united two-month I guess I mean look. I'm not an expert on Chinese immigration. emergency immigration law to the pandemic. But I would. I would assume that if you're the Chinese Super League I'M GONNA go out on a limb in suggests that when things got really bad in China mostly foreign players laugh. He didn't stick around right so they are going to be facing the same problem of having to get back into China There's no point starting trying to Super League without all your talk commercially. So I'm sure there'll be some unknown. I think there's parts of the story that we don't know. I'm sure there's some arrangement that you can come to more bad news for Milan as anybody. Movies goes down injured Bhagat. He looks less serious than we first. Thought spades. Yeah it's looking like you know you're the about maybe three or four weeks they basically said. Hey why don't you go home and In-in-in spend seven. Spent some time Austin said No. It's not like it's lots. I'm we'll continue to train and stay fit. It's a weird one because set against the background. is expiring contract I would be very surprised if need on if we don't extend at this stage now maybe comes back scores a goal a game gets in the Champions League institution but I think the second experience has been positive. He's been important for the team. But this team that they say they rebuild every year but now if they do change managers if they do move for magnetic or somebody like that then it really will be a rebuild insight on is last piece of the puzzle. Guy He's not a real guy now. I love the job. Julian NATO's round is doing at Leipzig jewels. That to draw was was a real stinker. That was bad. I mean I didn't expect to play. That went off to be on. I didn't think airtime could hoots. Who take again to that kind of level really because I thought they were outstanding deny despite even the the big mistake by the keeper on the on the sheet gold birth from from knipe sake other no it was an off day. I throw A. I was not even convinced by Nice. Men's tactics changes Was matere Kunia man like I know yeah of a player Kunia life. She didn't blame her left. In January two air time especially since got what seems combined? He's been outstanding in this game in the previous game as well and and Great Times sometimes. Different different choice. You move into the manager. Different style of play different formation is when people trust you have confidence in your faith in you which was not the case united seek and then that's how you flourish but for we. I mean you know we've said before the Creator Law. It's not worrying and stuff like that. They can't have too many games like that. Though because otherwise the end of this unit would be tough. Nigerman was really unhappy after the game wall to create a lot less and I think also it was. It was didn't look sharp again before. I think it was unhappy to just I mean I love my That you'd see what he's doing. He was rotating Off Because you know playing for is is physically very punishing. Yeah by Was so bad that gave away. I mean come on from Peter. Bush is of favorites job and we talked about him on Monday with with geography. As well but do you feel vindicated after bilour where destroyed by four one again that could as easily been seven one. Even as I said many times I don't understand this dude at all and when you have coverage and you got some young players and they have a lot of depth You Chuck everybody forward by some of those defensive rotations. The way they set up it was almost as if like. Oh well. Don't worry we'll just have ninety eight percent possession for will never awfully line so i. I don't understand understand if they work on a defensive pressures how to do it it's I mean there was. You just saw the worst of Tonight and I think you know this is such a feast or famine coach. And you get excited when it complains sudden you know the bottom falls out again but even is replacement a half times. I mean people are wrong center back in back three number. Why are you doing? Abe made no sense to me so ever now. I wasn't GonNa ask Thomas to me about this obvious reasons. You of spoke a bit about losing five of pretty obvious. His future is in doubt because Dortmund Karmani on Hummel's and Sean you know they really came out clearly. said. We are so the title and they're not GonNa win the title. Most likely they're gonNA finish a bazillion points behind Byron again and now what I loved yours low. Trevor Two's has come out and he said that Oh Niko Kovac on his way to replace those same five Hussein five. Apparently got extremely annoyed at this. Is this just trolling and yet? I just think it might be trolling because look let me get. Niko frigging. Kohl's Jack to go sending you if Kovacs replaces loosen. I'm out I quit. I quit football forever ago and do netball. Also this is no way that someone like resort or wherever vascular care. Who can tell me yet? Listen a good idea. Let's go and get Niko Kovac and replace recent five by Cova Duda. This is it for me. This is because Okay Five Russ from froze and and maybe the lack of winning mentality and and and and the I get it I get and certainly last season when they were nine points clear with two months left in the season. They should have on the league more than this year saying. Let's not forget that this team. He's ruthless and Thomas. Delany explaining. Well you talked about your law. You're not gonNA talk about as well and it's not easy to grow and beat this team over thirty four game in a season to be consistent strong all the way through the season so I think there could be a bit of slide too far because I think he's an amazing manager. Clearly I think some of the Nike. Maybe not everyone but to go and find someone better than him now. He's not Niagara Askmen or flick on. Who got gone? Who you may delivery. Bring now okay. Who Can I go now that? He's better than five Oregon. The union chicks pro argument. Better Noah time he is very good. I will tell you twelve months ago would you would you have included. Hansie Flick in somebody. Who's better no nobody? Is Nancy my question who who ran out. They could go and get realistically not equal. Join our club merit gone. It's Germany Germany. This is the country where they take people. Nobody's ever heard of was an an and he stuck today. They stick them into the team at thirty would hurt his novels. My before nine was I don't have a problem with a moving on. Advise I would have a problem if they went for coach. Okay what's likely I just I just think to. You will not be easy. If they're not happy with farm and the good on them will be really to find someone of that calibre this summer. That's all I'm saying. They can do whatever they want. Aleutian farthest caliber. This are very very good money sources. Okay Yeah Okay while you get a little scale yeah then you got the united takeover about Saudi led consortium was supposed to be approved within thirty days governed one hundred and twenty days ago. It's been too long and now the water relation is getting involved. This is not good right now. This isn't this isn't good basically. Obviously there's a lot of opposition to it from from from different quarters. There's the fact that the guy who owned Sheffield United is also Saudi. He's causing all of the Saudi ruler or the defacto savvy were crown prince at the s There's a there's obviously concerns about human rights violations by. There's also since money talks this whole issue is with the out. Q. And A. Pie Reading being sports signal. The fact that the Premier League had filed a legal complaint against the Saudi government The fact that the Saudi government said all along we've got nothing to do with Was be out cuny with just some pirate broadcaster. Wto now issued a ruling next month. But they've come out you know it's it's been leaked that is Saudi. You are running. Be Out you I I said No. It should be out cues Cuba from Columbia. But but weirdly. Y- know they settled their boxes in Saudi Arabia. It's I mean these are all things that Before and what really doesn't add up on this level is why these guys are getting involved on a state level because it is a Saudi sovereign students got billions right to be involved. Do It on a personal level. Say Look I'M GONNA I'M GONNA use my money to finance deal. I'M NOT GONNA go to him. It's not enormous amounts of a couple of hundred million right. Yeah use your personal wells point us. The country's wells and a lot of these problems I think would go away yet. I'll give you the money and we sorted out we can. We can run. That clever can by Amanda. How are pods? I mean I would love you to be united. Ceo. You would do a great job there. Yeah I have to brush up on my majority enough. Jeremy Boga will be coming back to Chelsea in after the scandal year. He's had it's a swallows talk with you. Lintas jewels your thoughts well. He added one the for Season Party. One of the best wingers in in Syria before before we went onto these break. And nothing's been one very clever to gamble on him and give him his chance and then to To sign him permanently. There's talk about between ten and fifty million euros which I think is very good value for him and now maybe another year they can send him on and I think he could have used it. Maybe I would have loved him to see. I would have loved to see him back. Chelsea to be fat as you can see. The argument live so many wingers at Chelsea with going right so Alba. You've got Zayakin. We still have now. You've got Hudson the door you've got them your Israel players when you know you could have. You could have him back for nothing with years of experience Syria. Clearly confidence is higher for him. Maybe you could have had a new bike not sweater. Who We know is a is a is a feeder club for events like people say that nobody don't the truth with Mario Botta Telugu. What's going on now So looks like it's time ratio might be coming to a surprise and shock or not hard. He hasn't appeared interested in training. He missed training entirely than said a doctor's now saying that you know he had a tummy bug The visit him was also the day they was supposed to be tested for. Corona VIRUS AND JOKE. That doesn't like things off his nose You know but there's also the reality that look at it from Mario Side. Gracia are are one of the two bottom teams in. Say the and you know. Why would you WANNA come back? It's the summer this other stuff to do. it's a messy one. Yeah the south about deadliest. Guy Turns thirty August It's like it. Feels like his is careers on blind. The given I in you know a lot of the stuff that people excused when he was younger and then put it down his character difficulty. Whatever you know at some point you know people mature if they want to be. Professional footballers what what could be next for him now. Why like shortly in Syria is not seen done well in the whole of Europe? The there's record go is a very romantic story of linking him to Brazil Goto Goto it. We'd have to be butcher. Fog fogle or or Flamingo whereas Georgia's Sticking around but you know he loves Brazil he likes Brazil and would have to be real apology. Which traffic you know. No beach needs to be. Wouldn't that be awesome minute? It would be it. Would be great. Aren't yours here? We go got Sherwood. You're also bet eleven brought to you by the letter cheese. The did God thank you again for all your teams all your messages etc. We've picked few a Graham Graham off rhyme off the a three formation test taken in goal which I think would be a very popular choice Pierre Ta outdoors and Tina the back to the so todd. Each rare I midfield and Christian Taylor Carlos Torres Franz David or behind as a four to three one. That's they're going to go with gang proxy Proxima Technique or the Bike Susan Toledo in a or crunch Defensive Midfield shape dish. Drink Cow Tova and troy. Lebron's I mean. There were so many so many options. Craig Moon Road. Remember member who. Dwi's team try these in double him. It was short on good keep The rest is pretty impressive to goals. So let's go with Thomas to holding goal then Takahiro Tomb Yosu from Bologna at the back. So maybe Thompson from San Jose Terry Thomas from Wimbledon and so must've avars from Benfica at the back Taizhou tennis state and tallied. I watch off from Ludo Garage there as well. Tom Tribal from Norwich. Tanna testimony from Donna's to stay from own Jay and teach John Tucci from Basel in the team pretty impressive. Wt Who as do we house? You WanNA old trower team. Maybe we knew ebay sixteen Mussa story in Gold Charles is mile and Amari at the back. Ibrahim Drissa odometer Beth. Hong Image Failure. Three of every story. Adama from Wards Ami Dutra from Demi Spor We also had another Tory team. Thanks to Ataba Basin who had Alu- Gold Amari Ebrahim Smile and chance from Nantes at the Bag Adama chore a homage already from Swallow and you. Brian mitral ripped from Bush. Motion led by midfielder. Adama Latina story battery. A is when the secret story still place like the size of a building. Bu- Nazi not. That's the one for my ex and homage already by the way very very Sophie Jeff. So if he's team of course teams are knows she has. I not apple goal at tobacco Dominquez. I sat kinda tie. We've heard of MONTY and Samna trolls guard than burgling. Jorg or vulture unit daughter. Julia and Arlene test stroke. And an upfront. Meena Tanaka and Monster Thomas. What US goods joined to him again? Miguel gallons team. Of course the head continues. Yes and again. I love you because you've done off French woman eleven starting with T which. I think he's amazing even know that you could do that but you have got mental taty go from Django Bio I. I had to Kara Alex Treviso and Judy. Tibo at the back in midfield. We've got Tonia to letty. And who saw of Flown Tyler Leads Tomas from Roma actually and Gaetano Tina from Pi? Fc So wet on went on again. That was pretty prissy. Why Your Scott? What's your team? Mind Free Free and easy. I had to go with a German goalkeeper. So it's mark undertaking and goal at the back up. Sheeran attribute unless he gets band of course Rafael Lloyd see Kyle. Tomorrow Wolf are at left back here in out. Just kidding. Of course you're GONNA feed idea. Say Oh come on. I midfield I have Sandra tonality from but a showed has the mention With your filaments and Mongoose from the AD and upfront. It's Adama Jewelry. Obviously of Marcus around in San Doris. Non that does is talented young. Trump's reese okay. That's a very good team. I mean the tea. We have so many options again. I'll tell you to go all to eleven doesn't include either. Ya Alco retired you but ya you know that was linked with gun very recently so you know. Maybe he needed a team. Tour is relaxing at home right now. Yeah probably So this is my team in goal. I've got Mussa to ray who used to play with when we were kids so that that counts. I don't care what you stead of Gone Awry back from Frankfurt as Argo to reappraising in Turkey bubba terrain praising the French division for the two hundred for the ballot. Monaco Ibrahim Away. From Chemo. I've got Abdulah to away from notes. Be To from Oak Sarah and then from three East L. Bill through from US and Malik to who plays in our Julia's cities. This is my order to Dr is impressive. Commit culture of the manager though. Yeah the manager. Yeah and like you know manager had coach President. Know you're looking for all right. That brings chew end. You guys out there. Please stay safe and S- tailored to you on Monday with the youth team.

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