Appreciation & Commitment - Daily Gratitude


At farmers insurance. We know a roof can withstand ally. One exception being an airborne car seen it covered it click for more. We are. Underwritten by farmer's truck fire insurance exchanges and affiliates. Products available in every state capital. One knows life doesn't alert you about your credit card. Graham street in Brian in the khaki shorts your TNL energy, Bill when of sixty percent this month seems like you'd wanna know stand clear, the closing doors. So, you know, the Capital One assistant to catches things might look wrong like increases to a recurring Bill. Then sends an alert to your phone and help you fix it. Iino another way capital. One is watching out for your money when you're not gap a one. What's in your wallet? Capital dot com for details. Limitations apply. Let's take a deep breath in breath out. Today. I want this to explore how in my opinion appreciation and commitment go hand-in-hand when I'm thinking about the word commitment. I'm thinking about relationship commitment work commitment, committing to our passion or committing to something. We really believe in, when we are committed to something or to someone most of the time we have to make a decision to make that person or that particular thing priority and to choose it in spite of other things that you might choose. And when we are in the position of committing to something we can become really anxious and unsure, and that's because of the fear of missing out, it might also know it as full MO. And this means that we are afraid that there might be other option. That we can commit to that could be better for us one way or another. And that making a decision making a commitment could push them away. And I believe that this happens even though we have made the commitment, even though we might be committed to someone or committed to our work, or our passion, committing is the decision. We make each day and they need to do this, because there are all kinds of rights, shiny things that try to catch our attention that stimulators visually or through the other senses, and we might be tempted to think that those things are better attorney tiff to what we have right now to our current commitment. Think about the funding meme with the picture of a guy holding his girlfriend's hand and turning his head to look at the 'nother, I believe these kinds of situations actually lead to less happiness in our life, and less commitment. To less depth. We tend to look at the things that we don't have the things that are missing in our life, or that are just different. And when our focuses they're out there, we tend to forget, what we already have. In what the commitments, we are currently in provide for us. So that's why I think appreciation and commitment have a lot to do with each other. The more we appreciate the thing, or the person that we are committed to the more richness, the more depth. We will enjoy. And that's why each day, we must commit. And I think the best way in which we can commit is through our focus my focusing on what we appreciate about our commitments, instead of being sidetracked by all of the bright, shiny, things that want to catch our attention. So take this time right now to think about the things that you're committed to the people, you're committed to, and the remember you're y. Why are you committed to those things? Why are you committed to those people? What made you choose to commit and think about what you appreciate about your relationships, your work commitments and please take the time to do it now. Envy. Bacon crumbles on. On. I'll just go to Little Caesars little season. Big deep dish. Get a Little Caesars large Hon ready, Bing, deep, deep dish, pepperoni and bacon pizza, wrapped in over three and a half feet of bacon for just twelve bucks at participating locations, plus tax. Let's say you just bought a house. Bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents. You'll probably mow the lawn and give anybody noticed you mow the lawn. Tell people to stay off the lawn. Compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn again. Good news is, it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive, and save on your car insurance, which of course, we'll go right into the lawn. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers discount on and AllState or situations.

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