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Welcome to the money man my name is Julian balance joins always by Bennie Clifton usually. Ask How you wake as I'm just assuming you founded gelato place on shooting you into Asia tasker and you got someone else to do a day I wa-. How was the traffic coffee? Do you think it was great? It was great and I'm wanted icicle fuel instead they Willie Park and CDs Creek critics good stall and I'll probably Benny's biggest critic and he was it was fantastic was we'll get to party soon when we talk about the coalfield guineas with Kirk who got some stats on William Park. In terms of the track. Vince Alqadi, through the Times through from daily sectionals. Thanks very much for that Vince. We put through air database true positioning toy circuit good for upgraded to a good three after rice seeks just with us through. I A genuine good for all the way through I. Don't know if it really got into that hard firm could trade at. Flemington. Very different tracks in terms of Hail I, confirm up but it. Absolutely beautiful weld onto the coffee crew Jason Kerr he's tame. They've got another two days obviously the Wednesday and then obviously Coffee Cup die but yet sensational. Could win from everywhere. I mean a later one, the first but nine more later one for the rest of the die in. The track actually suited Willie. Park. The could get back and run on and he had a few whole get over the top of yet let's start off cray race one for the two year olds here just even Tampa at Benny Twenty three, four, eight, four, hundred, twenty, two, last, two, hundred, smashed the clock. Last four, one, hundred, add all stakeholders standard time fake lava was scratched from the Flemington two year old rice found the front as you mentioned, Mark Zara and won pretty convincingly also pretty soft on the line he definitely looked after the horse was four, sixty, five dollars fifty, the money came for extreme warriors seven dollars, fifty default, five dollars again, all horses were debutante Sir might have really tricky especially from the white way air form of us will we don't really look at the jump ads too much. I will say animal there the Godolphin horse I dozing into six dollars fifty I think you can follow with confidence. So I thought it was a nurse holds for the future. Then why put it away now and you could be apply in the early autumn it runs fifth anything out of the. Go lesson is you need a professional to your old in these early to yell rises this whole story barrier one of probably the best camping Australia at the moment are used to listen. Obviously jumped well, take a lot of boxes in. Five inside. You know it was the logical first horse to go looking for in these reisen did a really good job and obviously soft on edgy mentioned anima was the catcher light where he probably got Shelford a little bit further back de wanted to and and really go light. So. I do go to twelve hundred meters in as he can be competitive just worth noting just compare that we compare that to the Flemington to your from the previous it's going just a little bit less. That Flemington two year old foam at the moment seems to be just ahead of this one thought on. Air. Staff Rice to. For the three year old, he benny look pretty slowly here but twenty, two, eight, four, last, four, hundred eleven seek sight loss two, hundred, which was very good. And swats that we had that she had that September run form she went to Mooney. Valium won convincingly and she's done it again, I thought the Royd from Johnny Allen was outstanding. He sort of got that one one probably took the spot the joy wanted with winter Sierra I know joy commandos happy to probably follow a backside just that seemed to be the race then because then went to see ahead to come out and chase what's that. She's a good filly. She did a really good job. I mean, she probably put the race away between the four hundred and the two hundred major. My gave really little sprint. Got A little bit tired light but she was fantastic and. Gone back to a previous founded Mooney valley she sat through all the way. So she hasn't had necessarily had everything go wrong these campaign, but she ran a good rice H. Tom and They're talking staggered what are you directing? Should measure up to that? Oh I think. So I mean September's Ron Brown's right there and I think she's just a bad day at the marks a little bit less than what September run up straight again two weeks ago. But she is running the Pitcher I. Think we've got a couple of days colts that we sort of about and running the Blue Sapphire on Wednesday I've got to see him say he performs. Yeah it's GONNA be. It's kind of interesting I think philly's a right they. Want to Sierra. I mean, she is probably as good a job as what's that was still coming on the lawn. Are Tendencies. She's probably not up to that top block. If you think that he's wrought day, she can't be too far interesting market with Monta Zero, four, forty into three dollars thirty and a lot of that was light. So that was positive sign for run second. To thirty, five to two dollars nine, he just got a little bit soft light holly discreet six into five dollars fifty just pant free. Don't want to say that again belony potato was the big DRIFTA six fifty to eleven dollars. I think it was because of the twelve hundred maters. Getting sort of these kind of distance. Also ran well third. So maybe they can just probably have to come back a pig, but he can miniaturize rice. Went Fast here, Benny? A third of a second inside Standard Tom Twenty four to twelve four, last four, hundred, last two, hundred, which was on the average for the day. But this is pretty brutal Tampa sent by Ronson and windstorm. Well, he's just really good. We spoke about it the eleven to four would then fourteen again two weeks ago when he defeated Buffalo River and it Oh, just paint at really well windstorm it was a good performance has been on. Lately off the map, and if you compare that to a whole slew. Of the guide light in the die who was a similar process in the morning but just didn't firm up and you have a look at least. Seventy, five and. Always, wanting to four hundred or it may be the wasn't traveling, but once I call it and he sort of caught up to him really quickly and he was always going to be the strongest light but. Because he had a really good platform for that absolutely three absolute cracking rices at fast tempos at slow tempos a really good platform and he could absorb that hard pressure rice come over the top of a minute and he was really good and Porky Tom these run to perfection. Absolutely. I. Think The K. was there the bryce probably a little bit of depth in terms of the market. which is rising heavily and why did get Jamie? Kabul was six to nine runs seeks and faced us which was first off. I got soft as well. Six fifty at night, and then that big push the professionals wanted to play with. Winston to forty into two. Oh, five Saturday morning, we know that apply in from Saturday morning into a dollar seventy, five pointy end into the market from to be moving that hard massive go windstorm and I were correct. It was one whole I think we can follow hockey. Stop on spayed on a really hot Tampa and really battled on while we'll be improved going into the next couple runs it was its first start for the horse camp who obviously could improve the source to another level Or be before that horse going forward the next few weeks seamless is very good rice four. Moderate tempo. Here. Point. Four of a second inside stained Tom Ni- Benny twenty two to eleven seven eleven. Last four, hundred, last two, hundred. This is going really good. A will say the first six hundred was a third of a second quicker than rice to the swats that rice and the last four hundred was just as good. So that's how good the rice has gone, but it was only a moderate tempo side. This is a rice to follow with confidence I think you're going to get plenty of these winners will come out of this rice GIF short fallacious really good benchmark for these clashes really top-class. Obviously, a lot of them walk out of four hundred, which Felicia Wabi Fan, the ad at the recommend suit fiesta the end of the grand. Yeah. Absolutely I. Think it came out of and he's had a few rods on these horse and you look at the Reis Book and he's never actually ridden a winner on her until Saturday but a lot of them were actually a Paik Ron's second thirteen really hope class rices. Might be Biden's decay fiesta flation backs up into the forty nine hundred maitree stock coffee I think Coffee Cup die three, seventy into three dollars thirty there. She's in ray air at the moment. So she gets a chance to try and stretch after seven feelings. You can't do it now she'll never do it and you've put Lawrence Black Book. Dialogue forever look just loyal hasn't won simply says, Annan I think twenty-first area and look she's unlucky and she'll always be unlucky Johnny Kyle was on the on. She's to get it a win and Jimmy Getting Swing A. Bat She might find a spot near the end of the show rice five, a standard time here the moderate tempo benefit his group to SCO Archie twenty two, seven to the best. You can say it highlighted they're. The best last four, hundred of the Diet overall taught and eleven seven seeks last two, hundred, no margins here, which concerns me octane does plenty wrong ends up running thirty, two horse. The just needs a big track whenever it gets to Flemington the outsell enjoy talking about that Rice I. Don't know what it's called now but probably well-suited day what do you make of the rice overall? Well, this is a group to white for ride rice in logical next step he's into one but as a great one also, I think they sort of got a wake white fried rice he and I don't their opportunity to win one of. Really good jumping and back into the field it did have Ki-, try and classic legend form from up in Sydney, which is pretty solid form they going to be brought up in the market in the Everest, really solid form together into a rice like these which. In reality was probably a group through a handicapped class rights rather than a group so life for I dry, sir. Although dominate if it was okay, it was court wide but he K- we talk about they shoot rises a coffee you can be. I. Think. They even bunch and. What sort of rice are you GonNa win these always going to get to the Manicotti? who eight to five dollars fifty he finished his he was the true weight for age horse because a lot of as we're having first crack wife and probably better suited to a handicapped taught price, you're right in the group one, race twelve, hundred meters, the Dalai classical the. Say Classic they're going to struggle anything you can't win but the seller the before it's right up there ellie, they run around eight against each other N- hoses likes to Tori they'll be competitive and that's a bad way to I think we'll be back after the break the next five races including all four group wants. Back to the money man we are acting coffee guineas die genuine good four track off. We've got the upgrade I. Neither did upgraded after I see but I think it was generally good for all the way through Benny let's crack onto the the Caufield stikes first of the group ones he two thousand meters and very slow out point six of a second. So I'd stand Tom Twenty two, I type last four, hundred, eleven five, eight, last two, hundred best of the day race overall so it should be slow tempo. And Russian camelot. Well I think it just that maybe he's a superior where track track up let's just my opinion and I think in the past few years we've been spoiled by wings and Black Caviar Israel talk lasource just keep on winning and on this case, in this case Russian camelot probably didn't have a quote run to suit police a bit of a quick tempo and he's just not at that very, very top level to iva camel the any sort of negatives in this class rice and. Authorities still ran well, he will be better suited on A. Fast attempt by way. Rail will come at but. He was a sitting duck, a coalfield onset I. particularly when you look back through Arcadia claims form, she's a dry track out with a really good turn of foot. It run to suit for like that onset wasn't is going to be more space in plight. So I understand he's GONNA, get probably conditions to, but you've got to have a quicker turn of foot. If you want to expand especially resources like Espada Marie ensued, dragon eye coming, they're going to be moderate those internationals I think in lawmaker genuine tempo but worth noting for dry track runs now hasn't won yet. Rushing camelot got beaten by paint show got beaten by spinned fees impacting the mcabe and then Arcadi coin he runs well, but he's paying figures on staff is clearly on a wet track. Katie four idea to five dollars fifty I will say the market again has rushing Kamara just going to a level. We spoke about it a couple of weeks ago when he won the Underwood and we say. They've got him going to these huge number. Sixteen to a dollar forty five has got this horse going to huge number. We just haven't got on stuff at the moment yet. Yes. We can try and progressing to get there, but he hasn't done it yet on the track this. Cox. Plight is going to be a really good rice. is going to be an absolutely sisal market to say what actually happens because you've got the internationals what are they going to do with Russian commod especially if it's dry track and what are they going to do? With al-Qaeda coins Kinda fascinating. I think the process started onset diabetes Judah, the wings hangover, and thinking always good. And The lights sitting up for fantastic rice in regards to the mountain cap for these holes. was there anything in that run suggests better suited at the Melbourne? Cup rather than the colts play. I mean run was standing firm if you look at it just purely on it's going to be running in a Melbourne Cup TC TC TC TC TC since I just near that everyone's going all this is sort of the main target if you take the Cox Plate of it. It is on perfect track to win the Melbourne Cup with fifty three and a half kilo was running second and running a pretty good writing. The does he need a wet track to win a count probably does with a host like Tomas who could becoming either who might be something very, very good at he's fourths ever start. It's going to be interesting, but he's so well-placed to malls fifty three and a half. I think let's onto the thousand, Guineas Benny. Quick Tom. Ecuador Standard Tom if going pretty quick twenty, three, nine to last four, hundred, twelve, twenty, two, last two, hundred just K.. But again, it was a genuine Tampa area. and. Well, spayed map horse odium gets along. To Ford the ESPN lost out twenty one dollars. And wins again and actually make submissive him really. Yeah. We know what prosthesis rice up. Stuff it up all for hungry heart. He blinked his first time on the back up but the thing on missed with hungry hot was it's an afterthought. It's very hard they. Are Starting to Florence dykes very hard together again, awake lighter and perform already was the whole with the raw timing get into the rice at the third run of third fourth run these campaign absolutely target rice maps well and go to great role and and do the job in the market. Really Fan showed in seventy nine and that was just purely off the map i. think the spade map, the instant celebrity for it to four dollars twenty just got back couldn't really find a slot creams it's ran well. Hungry heart and they you side that you really driving to the market as well and punishable understand these three forty to sixty the professionals that move these markets, the blankets first time the seventy backup coming out of a fast Ron Rice that just blows up they absolutely computers it just would actually explode. So there was no doubt that it was always going to short. Work. At my dentist for why these horses are going to shorten which we knew would happen. Whether you want to believe it as well and a few people that they didn't believe it, and obviously it didn't run up to a find the winner in the puppy without him but even with hungry heart mafia form on held up on set win the spring champion stakes just on instant celebrity. It, ran high well, you did an arts field or is that enough for her put her away comeback next till I mean capable rice up to Mall Yard Caper Sixteen, hundred a rice still at the end of the countable at sixteen hundred meters against the omb as that'd be putting in the Empire Oh she will be writing that we know they've got a really good. Record interest that wouldn't be pushing any I. Don't think she's to be a style at all. She's going to be eight, hundred, sixteen, Hundred Mehta homeless in my being told just actually a pure sprinter. Lost Four hundred hundreds or I cannot be watching for her in the employer is reckon she could be Mardi how to beatty rice the boys right? They've gone even quicker than rice seven here. Acosta Standard Time again though and the reason why I was on the Equity Standard Tom was because these laws four, hundred, two, hundred as you can say identified in red, which was the worst of the day twenty, four, six to twelve seeks for the first eight hundred half a second quicker than the girls the last four, hundred, three quarters of a second slower than the girl seek and identify the they've gone to quicker but they've come heim a lot slower as well. I'll cook he lived up to his. Ability in terms of coming at a two first round rises we thought maybe that could be an issue with him, but he's just a cult coming off the golden road near win the. Guineas only just sends the Cape Getting Underwrite Liking even on Saturday, it was on the drifter. Waiters amongst the three year. Old Cult had the last five or six years. He's probably going to be update even though he doesn't have the fanfare that cited the oldest son had been a few guineas title. Great. He's done nothing. Wrong. So I think you gotta the Paddock. Now I saw twenty, six, seven, the blink is went on first time he went really well went through the roof cross hyphen forty nine to eleven again probably just off the spade map type thing he runs fourth Tagolo was the big I dollars into four dollars sixty then. Into photos forty on the rice die and just finishes at in the back of the Tallis obviously an issue with that again, though the professionals are backing off the fact that it was going to speed the map where it was going to d'alene we spoke about William Park and what factum maybe the professionals, all the market would have with him going onto the fiber in the coffee guineas did a little pace on three warden cover and also inside trading. So he was far from thirty six in the Metro and don't forget about his country and he. He's awake wake form we just wanted to work for lock. Proportional. Striking. So taking into advant in can't the markets modest four percent will after Saturday he's written four from seeks he's near nine from forty two young at twenty one percent stroke right and he's Roi East thirty, five percent proportional staking taking mark expectation the market. If there were slightly worried about wished, I wouldn't have been with minus four percent are. Absolutely frothy Wa- I. Think. It was attracted suited `Paki could run on or in critical of have patsy vs which I do think it cost him some races Borodin horses to to quite put on this occasion. The track was race into suit he's he's riding pattern and he was on the ride horses gave Roy. Think he did a great job. Don't get me wrong but did suit him on the day and Parke's topic. Chief. He's a humble champion and always glad to say do that onset right? Because he was the real star of show from absolutely four from seeks road ten rice is he any Rodney seeks? Four of them and the other two I think he's finished a pricing on. so He's had absolutely concessional die and just from the market perspective, a lot of people were saying are parkway the market's going to go against him nail he doesn't put him in. It's just not the statue you're saying it's just not the case I always got to drill down onto those kinds of information they. Appointees Rice on the Turek they've gone up just kyw here just moderate tempo last four, hundred, two, hundred, twenty, three, four, eleven, nine, I, which was very good Acosta Standard Time Mr quickey has absolutely going through the roof with the white to win this race, not just win it but actually smack them up to win by two. Buffalo, river I think also is going enormous with fifty three kilos. This is a really hot right well, I think Jamie Cows Acadia these rice China to put her on to try and get the best air their horses if they not quite going as well as they were and MR quickly this is a classic example of that where I didn't know where he was. He's Kore- and she's going on board and nail they know he's a and. That was the rice for human. He did a really good job in. A can be competitive in in the mall Rice's over the FLEMINGTON countable yeah. I. Think you'll go to the canton and look he's probably going to get a big white again. But if he puts up that figure, he's GonNa be Mardi Tobago Jamie sticks. As you say, you've got Roy Jamie car is just going to another level. I. Think we've covered she's stayed here and she's just broadening and Victoria purely absolutely outstanding. She's going to be anything so. So last month lease re run at twenty percent winning Straw right and I think it's both China's confidence. You know when she first came to Victoria she's getting some decent rods but everyone's probably just had a little bit of query owner but she's proven herself. She's going to get some bit or rods and what she was getting when she first came over. August love it balanced that that's the he gets the best out of them because of a balance, her hands in just at righteously desert said many times. It's just like the same thing they going a lot better than what they possibly are. So she's a great Reuter in terms of a horse to fall I think Buffalo River was four forty to five dollars but just Lavi Mon spayed he this is only second up and he was a really slow run rice when he was first up baiting by windstorm. And he just he's a horse where we we always talk about this. What percentage do you want to be in high percentage players? Well, he's a horse it's always going to be. He's going to be on spade Donna where he goes to next get any cotton the grand he's GonNa go better. He's just a great career not just talking about this prep at a gregory he'll be winning once he was only taking up. So he's got more lift in the tank for the next few weeks as well. Last racy you win and you get into the Coffee Cup. They've actually gone yet. He pretty slowly nervous a little bit of talk that they've gone really hard. They haven't really at all twenty four one seeks twelve, thirty four, which is on the every time in good health center Tampa the fact is probably going to at the eight hundred really ramped up the pressure you can say. They're at the back of the TV as we say to twenty-five attitude all sixty he was second or third pick. We're very keen on in this rice we got horribly wrong chapada sixty four dollars sixty mock wanted to bay with him like he twenty four, hundred meter record is very good and he books himself into a Coffee Cup and he can he win I don't know if he can win the caulfield. Beat more class than just in regards. Dole. The got off his horse instead. To ten. To fifteen authorities crunchy. Nearly odds-on but he was disappointing but learn from that was. Concentrate on taunted pays a lot. I think once you get to twenty four, hundred meters I become less relevant and you just need two, thousand, four hundred and that's what Chipanga wasn't set point mock to. twenty-five attitude dollars sixty affiliate. I. Might Have Lost Him though saying he didn't stay twenty, four, hundred I. Don't know about that I just feel like they might have lost him throughout the wake and he's he's cactus obviously for the property. Do you have a really good prep or if? We back after the break trash and treasure. Back with the money main trash and treasure what he can to the curb any hungry slash afterthought those dead on hungry hot instead I blinking first Tom Coming in on the back that really fast rising sea need. But the fact that I didn't the fact that I didn't take into account was it was almost an afterthought. She was I ended before it stikes feilding that. So I kind in two thousand guineas she filed. So who wears some learn for my airport to? Cover. You might actually find that any white move on lawyer from age coming out of a really good rice fiesta one that rise it's a rice to follow. It's a really solid rice, but it's just lawyer. She hasn't once blue diamond. Day where it was the blue domin Jimmy Cowan on, she couldn't get her to win. She's getting everything to win. She'll winner these prep. She just wanted more money on it. Treasure Dr Willie, Park kicked him to the curb Blah few weeks ago A. Being very critical of e and in good fashion, you can just imagine you get on the rice. No said I guess I'm GonNa prove wrong that never heard off of the money. Proving enrollment. As humble champion you really bag for People Lot William, pollock absolutely tightly agree Jamie Kalfa may great. Say Great Saddle She's going to have at standing crave. She already doesn't have one on Jamie car and the coalfield track rights really well on set to maybe he's coming up and I'm sure track managers will get it wrong because it's fantastic check coalfield winners rising well, absolutely I run strike sensationalize. Camp can do. We'll be back next week to dissect a Coffee Cup die. You then.

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