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Live from NPR news I'm. Lakshmi Singh the Democratic Party's presumptive presidential nominee Joe. Biden is launching its first general election TV AD in the traditionally republican state, the Texas and Peers Osma Hollywood reports recent polls show and unexpectedly tight race there. This new AD is part of a six figure multi-state, add by that deals with the rising number of covid nineteen cases in the country. Every single American. Sick? If you're struggling. Worried about how you through the day. I will not abandon you all this together Texas has felt politically volatile in recent weeks as the pandemic has spread, Republicans have long depended on the state to win the White House. But a recent Dallas Morning News survey found Biden leading by five points us. McAuliffe NPR news the Biden campaigns also attempting to get corporate America to commit more strongly to addressing climate change under his plan, Biden envision zero emission, electric vehicles, and the construction of more energy, efficient homes, including public housing units but Republican Congressman Steve. SCALISE warns. Biden's plan will spare the. The wealthiest Americans at the expense of everyone else. We've been very active in the production of energy. We have hundreds of thousands of jobs over two hundred fifty thousand jobs would be lost under Joe Biden's green new deal. Energy plan are you would see higher energy cost, congressman, scalise and press call. That was held by the trump campaign, meanwhile, the legislative fight over Fifth Corona Virus Relief Bill is playing out on Capitol Hill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi till CNN. She would absolutely be willing to forgo the August recess to make the package happen. This is a path to opening economy and opening our schools. For some reason, the president has resisted that, but this is an absolute. Must Her Republican critics say? Congress should give earlier relief bills time to work before considering a new one, the York's Governor says out of state visitors from Minnesota New Mexico Ohio and Wisconsin should quarantine for fourteen days to help stop the spread of Corona virus. NPR's Hansie long reports New York State is also requiring travelers from certain states who flied airports to show proof that they've completed forms with their contact, information and travel plans. Twenty two states with rising numbers of people testing positive for the coronavirus or now under New York state's travel advisory near Governor Andrew Cuomo says visitors who fly into new. York airports will be greeted by police officers who helped check if travelers from the restricted states have fill out a form on paper or online, those who do not fill out a form. Form could face a two thousand dollar fine and be required to attend a hearing, but it's not clear how New York is making sure every traveler under the travel advisory actually quarantines for fourteen days after landing a spokesperson for the governor tells NPR that it's up to local health departments to follow up on MTR. News New York. You're listening to NPR news. A monsoon in Bangladesh may have Maroon more than a million people SUSHMITA potluck reports on a second wave of floods this season. Heavy rains along with water, rushing from upstream India are causing rivers in Bangladesh to overflow. Almost all major rivers have recorded a rise in water levels over the past twenty four hours. People are fleeing to higher ground, but rising over nineteen cases are complicating rescue efforts. Bangladesh has two hundred thousand conformed coronavirus infection so far sushmita paddock, reporting more than week of heavy rainfall across much of Japan is responsible for floods and mudslides and loss of life separately. Bad weather at the launch site in Japan has forced a delay in the launch of the United. Arab Emirates I ever mission to Mars. We have more on that from NPR's Joe Palca. The UAE's Mars mission is called hope. It's scheduled to arrive at Mars next year coinciding with the Fiftieth Anniversary of the founding of the U. E. E.. At the Red Planet the probe will go into orbit it. Scientific instruments are designed to study all levels of the thin Martian atmosphere. It's being launched aboard Mitsubishi. A rocket from ton Gosh Ima Space Center, in Japan the launch has been rescheduled for Friday morning. Local time in Japan Joe PALCA NPR news. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up one point, four percent or three hundred seventy nine points at twenty, six, thousand, four, hundred, sixty, four, the Nasdaq is down slightly at ten, thousand, three, seventy six S and P's up sixteen points or more than half a percent. This is NPR news.

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