384 - Rep. Matt Shea (aka Verum Bellator)


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There's, there's certainly focused on what you think I know that from my experience, the dob will be on tour. We're going to be an Irvine on August fifteenth, beating sandiego on August. Sixteenth will be in San Jose on September eleventh will being Sacramento on September thirteenth will be in Boise on September fourteenth. It'll be in Madison on October eighteenth in Milwaukee him on October twentieth. Then we go to Europe. Stuck home November, tenth Oslo November twelve Amsterdam, December thirteenth Gauss gall November, fourteenth Manchester on November fifteenth. A London of sixteen boom on November nineteenth. Cauda. Twentieth Dublin on November twenty first now Copenhagen on November twenty fourth nightmare. Dave. I have called the worse accents tour. Yes for you, especially abysmal performance shall be aborted. Offensive. One, I'll start with the big one. I've listened to the people. He used to be on the show a lot. He has not been because we moved to a studio. 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Spokan is a city on the eastern side of the state close to Idaho. His father Michael taught a mat to chop wood when he was six years old k normal. Yep. That's a classic seven nineteen eighty actually when he did that. That's pretty cool. Wait. What year? Yeah. Nineteen eighty nineteen eighties born nineteen seventy four holy shit. Okay. After you learned it became his job to quote see the would see to the would. So after six years old, he was in charge of wood, and the seven chopping while when our eighteen eighty? Yeah. Matt says his father, quote, instill the deep sense of responsibility, and personal obligation to our country. I learned all about patriotism from him. Okay. So that's pretty important patriotism. Yeah. About when you're how hard to love the country and how fast. Sure. Normally the people who have that instilled at ten turn out really normal. Yeah. You'll see this guy is normal did okay aces. Cool. That was ten the family moved north to Bellingham, which is up near the Canadian border. He then went to guns AGA university, which is a private Roman Catholic university in Spokane he was in the ROTC program. Sure. And graduated with degrees in history and political science and then joined the army for four years, share spent time in Bosnia, share non-immigration. There's some stop going on there. Yeah. At the time, though. It was a hotspot ago. Great take a couple of weeks of the family. Yeah. I mean, it it's fun to seek people in camps. Yeah. Yeah. It's like Aspen. Yeah. That's a lot of gasping. He returned to went to guns galore school. But stayed in the army national guard. Okay. Cut those ties. Right. He met and married. Lisa Jen, in two thousand too far nothing. Thing. Now the stands out pretty good American fellow. Yeah. For the most part. Okay. At least it said Matt treated her quote, like a possession. Well I should if I bit my tongue for eight. He insisted. She walked on his left side because he said his sword. If you had one would be on his right side. Okay. The key part of that is if he had one. Yeah. Yeah. It's weird too. I mean it's just you can't operate with an invisible sword. What you got to train your woman from when you do have a source shirt, Dave, and I'm not gonna push back on the fact that you have to train your woman when you have a sword everyone. Everyone knows that when you're around a woman, and you have your sword sheathed that you, you gotta be safety. I you go, and you also got to prepare your get what he's doing. You should do this. Yeah. It's like every anthem limb. Yeah. What's it's? It's just it's just nice. I'm going to start doing that with a machine gun. Come on kids, kids. Don't be up there. I got my back of my head machine-gunned side. Come on, come. I made up machine-gun here. Well, what wo- where are you guys doing? We're just school you coulda freaked me out. We just walked in, you could I could've shot you with what my machine gun. I had two months ago here I guess I don't understand what's happening. I have an invented weapon that I would've used you. Yeah. Just walk into a room because because I have a fan of gun. Yep. Anyway, I guess I'm gonna walk out now. We'll take walk out backwards still fired up as I'm gonna walk out forwards, and I actually don't wanna see you wanna see a guy killed we'll duck with a gun that ain't there, there's nothing happening that, that means literally nothing you guys want to go see a movie don't, don't wanna see you want to write a movie, don't want to write a movie. Yeah. It's all my questions sword. That's cool. Yeah. That's cool. I'm gonna cut your head off. I'm gonna got it is. How kids play stab me? I got proof head. I can't get through my head. It is one hundred percent. I'm in a glass case, so Lisa would pay the mortgage on their home, working title company while Matt went to law school. Okay. That was called up in October two thousand three and central Iraq for eleven months K, while he was there at least said his attitude toward again. Okay. Because I don't wanna get Colonel Sanders again this week. Boy, that was ridiculous to people don't realize they can read, the, the top of Dave on Twitter said to me, if you hear Sanders and Kentucky, does your first thing, the first thing, you're not thinking Colonel Sanders, Kentucky Fried, Chicken would never think that will mean. Everyone on Twitter. I'm a fucking moron while they're Lisa said his attitude towards her softened. So they're talking, you know, doing the video chats and whatever. And he seems nicer. Yeah. Because he's in a war zone, right? Quote, I truly hope things would be different when he got home. I. Yeah, it is a optimist it's optimistic mystic to think that someone's going to come back from war, better wore an especially one of the like one of these wars, one of these wars that we're fighting. Now one of these. Made up wars. 'cause invented wars, people call them occupation rights, or just or just a bombing campaign. Well, if they all ran shot drone. Oh, yeah. And. Country drone that was over their country. Just. Yeah. No. I mean let's, let's. So when he came back, he was not. He was not better. He's not better to swords that he didn't have quote. He was still angry about everything and nothing now had a lightsaber in his pants and he had. At least said Matt was both physically and emotionally abusive she quote could not get out of bed before him. Not allowed to go to bed before him. Wow. Man gets out of bed. I that is normal house rules. Yes. That's what I was gonna say. Thank you for mad living. Yep. He got a lotta degree in two thousand six but still does not get a job. Interesting, quote, he felt called to do full-time, volunteer work now. Okay. Okay. Not gonna so she's providing for the families working, he's super Christian fellow who's called to do work, right. Which is co founding. The Washington family foundation. Okay. Which is crazy. Bring more union to the Christian conservative community. He also did pro Bono work for the Christian National Alliance defense fund because a lot of antiabortion, Bobby. Stuff. Yeah. They're good. They're good. And Lisa worked, supporting them the whole time, and then she could no longer take the behavior. She moved out and filed for divorce, but she couldn't move out until he had moved. Yeah. Yeah. It's complicated. Right. But that was a problem because Matt doesn't believe in divorce. Because he's a Christian who does crazy person doesn't Christian doors. There's divorce in the in the bible. Now there's not no, no. Ocupation wars. Yeah. Okay. The Washington family foundation conducted an investigation into their marital problems. Okay. I think the bedrolls is where I would start. Yeah. So the group that he founded is now investigating charge of is now investigating their marital issues. Okay. And, and they concluded it was not my fault. So, so the group that is his looked into his marriage. That's right. And their conclusion was that he'd, he's nothing. He's done. Nothing. Yeah. Okay. There we go. The conclusion is there, but still Matt, Matt step down as director because the divorce was happening. Sure. And then and then the mealy reinstated right after the divorce right after he stepped down. Oh, okay. I have to step down there like your back. Okay. Sure. Sure. Right. It's a resurrection. That's right. Lease. It was granted a protection order by judge for quote assault, assaultive behavior. Okay. So he's hitting his wife. He's, he's hitting his wife. He won't let her get out of bed before hand he she can't. Yes, you can't walk on the side. Whereas fake sort will be someday. Maybe possibly. That's right. And okay. So that sounds, this is what they tell you about what you get married prepare for all this stuff. Right in Washington. They have what is called the cascade Kurt. Okay. Since nineteen fifteen there has been talk of splitting the state in two. Okay. Everything on the west side of the cascade mountains, votes, blue, and everything on the east side votes red. So that's the split the only exception is Spokane, which is a little blue dot on the red side of. Hey, right. People priced out of areas like Seattle are moving to Spokane for cheap housing. Right. So it's getting more and more blue, but Spokane has very deep roots of right wing anti-government conspiracy theories, and patriot movement type people sure there was the order, which is white supremacist group in the eighties that out like the pieces, you're setting up. Why just because the term. That are. I'm hearing now are there. Their terms, I'd flag broS dudes doing stuff. Yeah, but then there's other clubs man clubs but at its own right is kinda scary. The order white supremacist group in the eighties, that rob banks attacked armored cars and murdered a Jewish talk show. This is just to jump in again. This is sort of the stuff I was people in the area who've done stuff. That's the kind of people, I'm saying I'd the behave. Well, we would call if we were there we call local doers. Sure the keyhole brothers who blew up a bomb outside Spokane city hall. Just more of that stuff. It's anti-government racists, who bombed a spokesman review newspaper office, US, Bank branch and a Planned Parenthood clinic, and Ninety-six deserve a militia leader who arrested, who was arrested for planning to kill federal judge in two thousand and two a Spokane man who firebombed a synagogue, Oklahoma City in two thousand four a man who tried to bomb a Spokane M, L K parade and two thousand and one is the stuff that I would say, yeah. Troubling. So those are the kind of that's a lot of in eastern Washington. And there's a lot of that fun stuff going on, right. So two thousand eight Matt ran to be a state rep for Spokane valley. A very which rich white area, Iran ran on the standard Christian right wing pro gun platform, liberty all that right now gonna take my guns. Yeah. Right. He won. Okay. January fourteenth two thousand ten Matt lead a rally of three hundred people on these steps of the capitol building. Okay. It was called the Saudi allowed to walk on any side of the capitol building of his body body. I don't know because he's got visible sort, I would hope by now he had a real sword. But yeah, okay. I mean, yeah, I mean, hopefully, a real story though you still have a fake one just in case. And if people get too close to you, you do bumped into my fake sword. Yeah. There would be a sword there. Don't try to retaliate. I got a bulletproof head. Plus I'm cool. I mean that's pretty close to what he would say. So this rally was called these solver t winter fest, quote, Matt speaking. We will not suffer government. Any more telling us how to live our daily lives by our health insurance, by our energy, people cheered and held signs like defend the constitution Bill of rights for all Americans only. Bill of rights for all Americans only. They had portable toilets the named after the democratic senators and governor of Washington. After a couple of months as a state rep, the longtime state Senator and Spokane valley, or actually, this is two thousand ten so his his second term, the longtime state center in Spokane valley, abruptly announced he was retiring to health reasons. Okay. He had a leg cut off from illness. Okay. Sorry, I'm not like trying to laugh. But that is just like you don't hear it all the time. It's very out, well, give a leg up and you can't keep going. No, that's it that it'd be done. Audio's. All righty. I don't stay on that side of the so Republican committee is put together to choose the new Senator. That's how it works okay from the area. Right. The district the state party's executive board and MRs someone who just goes right in. Yeah. They'll pick this person in the numbers, right run eventually, so the state party's executive board immediately endorsed match shave before anyone else had said they were going to go for the job. Okay, Jerry fourteenth the committee was to meet, but had to delay it because the group supporting Matt the Spokane patriots. Minutemen. Sent an Email calling for a quote flash mob for liberty. You're been one of those no on purpose, really great weight who wants to do that. The Spokane patriots Minutemen so he's in will. Well, they're a rumor has started. Okay. That the, there's good be manipulation and, and the people aren't going to get who they want. And these people think everyone wants say. Okay. Gotcha. So they're like, we're we'll show. We'll, we'll tip the scales. We'll show doing a freedom flash mob, flash mob for liberties same. It's not. It's not very you're right. I don't want to hear. Here. And the committee, did meet, they had to delay it for a day because of this lash mob shirt, when the committee did me they nominated three men was Matt. And then they conducted background checks held interviews and public hearings. Well, this is probably where Matt will. The guy retiring wrote a letter to the committee. So the one guy red sweater, quote, I wished to state that under no circumstances. Would I support Matthew shea for any public office K, so? Yeah. Tha about shea, they'd had agreement match backed out of and made the canasta it wasn't happy. Matt shea. Two weeks later personal. It's not because of his boring. Well, he said that, if you back out of greets, you can't work in the legislature like that. What, what is he talking old school guys think that way? Like he's eighty so he you know, the whole premises to fib. Yeah. To one of the nominee nominees. The other three nominees was found by police drunk in his car at two AM in Vegas on the side. On the side of the road. Tobacco juice drooled out of his mouth. A cop out a hard time, waking him up. He had a gun in his waistband two knives to Emo clips in body armor. So he was arrested first of all, I'm what ground. Being awesome. Yeah. Being drunk Rambo. Is that a legal? He's in Vegas, so that alignment eliminated him from the position estate centers. That guy was anything. It should've elevated fun. I agree, the background check on Matt included. Lisa's statements from the divorce leases in had been disarmed by his commander in Iraq and made psychiatric evaluation for anger management problems. I mean that in a war zone that really is. If you're getting disarmed in your warzone for being angry. You're really stand. I mean they're like this is not he's this because we're because they're like, we all have PTSD but you, my we all are I mean, yeah, we're all losing our minds out here. This is crazy. But you're above the problem, you have a fake sort. They actually out of everybody. You have to go on time out. Former legislator established with visible sort again. Yeah, but that's. So a former legislator who had issues with Matt when he was legislator was now on the committee, the that would select. Yeah. Okay. And he said he told them malice shit on him in just a crazy. Burst of quote spontaneous, extreme anger in the legislature. So the committee, picking the other guy, okay? Matt stays in the house. In a member T. And then he runs on post two thousand ten wins again. In the house. Yeah. So in his district in two thousand ten runs again. Okay. No. Democrats steps up. He just runs on a post, which is always just shows that the spine of the Democratic Party. Yes, strong November twenty two thousand eleven Matt was driving his pickup truck in Spokane. When he cut off another guy Dave right away. What it's just about driving couple of broS driving on the road. Hey say he cut someone? It's just that you're telling me. There's honking there's yelling. There's, there's fake swords of flying who yet to men enraged each other zipping, traffic screaming at each other. Sure, Matt flips them off, and then pulls his hand gun pointed at the man. Well, that's this is where it's escalating. Which the other driver strangely to speed off. Yes. The police are called by someone who saw, and Matt Matt call and said, well, there was incident was full the gun on some guy resent. When a coven vested Matt admitted he had pulled the gun. Yeah. I'm the normal one guy's got to go to jail. He's supposed to do car. He was looking at me. And he'd mid that he'd led his concealed weapons permit expire years before interesting. He was cited for having a loaded gun in his car without a permit and drawing a firearm under circumstances. And at a time and place that wants alarm for the safety of other persons to hear the tip toeing we have to do with our gun laws like. Well he doesn't. I think he doesn't redo his permit, because he doesn't believe in that he doesn't believe we should have to have a permit right interesting. He thinks he should be the law. The law is like you delicately removed a pistol from an area. It's the worst it gets more because we've been America. These are both misdemeanors. Right. So pulling a gun. His pointing at someone is a misdemeanor, right? Matt was fined seventy five dollars, and if he didn't get in trouble for year would be taken off his records. She says Christ because that's something you don't want on someone's record and falling yet there are people in jail for their lives. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's a parking, it's actually less than a parking ticket. Less than a parking ticket. Yeah. It you are a more agree GIS offender if you park during street cleaning, ten to noon here, you will get a ticket larger the symphony way larger political. Fultz, not wearing a seatbelt in California. I mean that's like five hundred dollars for sure. Talking on your phone. Oh my God. Yes. So in your hand, if you have a phone, you are violating loss more than if you have a gun in it. I guarantee you that in certain part you that goes on. I think it goes on your insurance and counts against insurance insurance because I guarantee you, if you pull a gun while driving that does not go on your insurance is so I mean, your shirts companies should know they just like I mean, screw insurance companies in general, but they should they should be alerted of agency seeing. What are you guys pull the? Dropping. We're not giving him full coverage. Two thousand twelve Matt ran for reelection in August a month after. After the press had learned about his Rhodesians and it, so it was, it was kept on a wraps. In someone found out about it in, in July before the before the election. His latest demo democrat Amy and Biviano sent out mailers, reminding voters he'd pulled a gun. It's a big guy with a gun out like you know, a classic election Miller. So Matt, then went and took a picture of himself standing in front of her home on her property and posted it to Facebook your what? Oh my God. He wrote, quote, don't write anything I wanted to give a special thanks to all of those and the newest fourth district precinct. Thank you, all for the overall Ming show. Support. What a great neighborhood. Oh. And that's my opponents house in the background smiley face. The posts also listed the intersection where she lived what? He was asked to remove the posts by her campaign, and he refused. What the fuck that chairman of the Spokane putting basically her address there a gun nut who's pulled the gun on people is now showing where she lives. It's all everything about threat him being there showing other people it's all threat. Facebook doesn't kill people. That's right. So the Republican Spokane county Republican party back Matt's decision to keep the post up. Quote. Well there there we go. This looks like a fabricated issue following a poor primary performance. This now. That's the thing I in my lifetime. I've seen that shift the like impolitic where it's like you used to you used to be held to a standard by and I like you know, screw both of our, our political parties. Yeah. But you use like they use the like chastise you, or they used. But now, everything is just playing politics, so nothing literally nothing like nobody on your team is ever like. Yeah. He shouldn't have done that. No, it's fucking crazy. And so now it is just that you, you're pretty much invincible unless you unless you like get killed him. Yeah. Yeah, that's the I mean outside of that. It's everything else. They your party will defend you for doing sides, the hundred percent like you lose literally no thing that you can do that people like. So that's what's gone on Spokane. They're like healthy. Yeah. So he wins fifty six percent of the vote on September tenth two thousand thirteen Matt start a podcast called patriot radio description of the very first step aside, quote, the state of the economy, where Europe and Asia are headed and what you should be doing to minimize your risk, preparation, a minute on procuring water. Wait. What is that? The title of his first podcast episode more time description, the state of the economy, where Europe and Asia are headed and what you should be doing to minimize your risk preparation minute on procuring water. If anything, your minute should be spent on its where to get the water. It's just it's just so great. It just combines so many things. Yes, it's most things it's doomsday prevalence podcast, right? By now. It was known the Matt relish, talk about revolution and preparing for the day. When citizens must quote stand up to your government guts, this. So he this is this. This is truly the scary shit. Yeah. So he has been in his speech. Is this is what he does right? Stanford government. Bob about he tracked supporters who agreed? Reporters said, Republicans wouldn't say in public, what they said off the record about Matt, so fellow Republicans are like I don't want. I can't I yeah. I don't want to. Vase on Facebook after xactly pictured. I'm sure Senate shivered on everyone's spine. Republicans and Democrats alike in two thousand fourteen. Cliven or Clinton bunny? It was cliven. I think it was cliven. And it's family had an armed standoff with agents over bunnies refusal to pay grazing fees. This guy we have a recurring character. Yeah. It's I soon after the standoff began the oath keepers a group of military and law enforcement officials announced Matt shea was bringing a group of western state legislators to the Bundy ranch, quote to prevent bloodshed and to stand defense of hardworking rural Americans who are under assault by runaway government. Samat goes down there. And he speaks his on bunnies property, quote, this isn't going to stop here. It's already happening and other places in America. This is a war on rural America isn't a war on cows grazing for free. Yeah. Is that's exactly what it is. It's just about the legal, which is a legal you, you have to pay money to do that. Yeah. Sorry. Sorry. Arguing the whole movement of this is just want to be able to group put their cows anywhere. Good. So Matt criticized agents for pointing guns at protestors during the standoff this, this, this, this man who pulled the gun on another guy while driving. Yeah. Is like they carelessly used their fire. Also, the other guys putting guns at bologna. Right. Well, but then mad comes out. All right, boys. Quote, a sniper rifle is not due process. We cannot let that stand as legislators. He said, other elected officials should quote, work to restore, our God honored instant constitutional Republic, he then announced the formation of the coalition of western states, which is as an acronym spells out, cows smart. So they were known as cows. Well, that works, no level. They were politicians and activists pushing for federally managed public lands to be transferred back to state hands. It is always so weird. When there's someone in government is like you need to get rid of government. It's like just can't I can't win. You're there. You are. It can't. And that's a little problem with everything right now. Yeah. It is that everybody's just I mean. Going into a house go and you can't have. Yeah. Like if America was an ant farm, now's the time to shake shake. The fuck out just shake it like an edge gets that you don't like the drawing. That's right. Somewhere along the line. Mad became a part of the American Ri doubt movement, which was first proposed by survivalist blogger in two thousand eleven. The idea is to create a safe haven for conservative, libertarian Christians, and Jews from the LA times, quote for a growing number of people. It is the designated point of retreat when the American economy hits the fan when the banks fail. The government declares martial law. And the power grid goes down the area. The safe haven is northwestern United States, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming eastern, Washington and eastern, Oregon. This is the safe zone. This is the safe haven. Right. Okay. So they want the idea of American route is to have all like minded Christian gun libertarian people to move there. And when there are Nuff, they'll control it. Well, that's cool. Quincy donates the whitest place in the country. Weird seemed like a coincidence, after this was an ounce word took off the seven hundred club and Christian broadcasting network, did new segments on it. It's hard to know how many people have moved there. The communist magazine said it was thousands of families there is there is literally a, there is a real estate company called black real estate or black something. But their picture is a guy in full military gear with an are pointing it and it's like come join us, and it's a successful real estate company. Dave. Can we do you wanna do one from the eighteen hundreds buddy? I'm only on page three. No, no. Matt soon became according to the Spokane spokesman review, quote royalty cans person. Yeah. Quote, royalty in the American Ri doubt because he gives gloss and legitimacy to talk of violent revolution. So he is the politician that they want, right? He is the right. The picture of he is like he looks like a politician guy. And he's able to sell it hundred percent. He's the spokesman. I don't know what I did. Here I guess. It doesn't matter. How do you pull up the thing, doodle I'm drunk, am I drunk not sober? Okay, here is. So that's our fellow overtime. Oh, god. But he looks like a classic politician, right? I rish looking God. American flag. He's just a psychopath. Yeah. He's liz. This is terrifying. So also July, two thousand fourteen Spokane reporters earn your spot to take a picture front of the flag at one hundred percents the amount of. Anyway. Spokane reporter, Sean vessel wrote that Matt was an oath keeper. And had been recently seen at a local restaurant where they group, one of whom was the head of the oath keepers. The oath keepers are very right wing, national organization of law enforcement and military people who believe they will have to honor their oath to the Tom constitution by fighting the federal government. They call themselves guardians of the Republic to amass one of them. As the restaurant, Matt, and is fellow th keepers were heard discussing snipers, the bundy's and militias and some limits and omelettes kinda, I'm that they were gonna make you can make your own. What? Yeah, holy three ingredients free. And it's fifty cents after no blacks. No, no. There's not olives on your don't worry you settle down. They got Colorado liberty all in. All right. All right. We're just getting omelettes, Doug liberty. All I wanna free all. Doug come on. We need that passion. But we need this. We're just talking about building a hamlet harmless. So, and that's great, we all like that's what we came here. We're going to build our own. But you got it for sure. We're on the same page. Yeah, I barely eggs because of abortion. I'm right there with you there with you. I just get excited, of course because all and I want. But we're all just going to order 'em. We take the fire new make it a note. I can't order whatever I want because there's a restrictive menu. That's not America list of shit. What do you want an omelet that they don't have on the list of parts, a bird gave you the eg make the armlet you wanna bird? I wanna goddamn eagle in omelette gas. It's I'm married. Others chew bones. Oh, what you don't. Look will. Let's wait for the waitress come over. We'll see what they can do. Okay. But I think everybody at this table needs to lower their omelette expectations a little bit. We're fighting a war and it's not on the cook back there, literally, this is the problem with this country. Well, guys, I'm not feeling freedom. All right. Look. That's will get you a bird in your omelet and hair with here on it. Get your feathered birds. Your omelet. Okay. Lori. We all take a big breath. Okay. All right. Okay. Yep. Goddamn breakfast at ten thirty. A person at a nearby table heard them talking and called the sheriff skews me. Quote, it sounds like they were planning something. She took photos of them. The sheriff made a report and pass it onto the area's joint terrorism task force. They did not pursue investigation. The journalist vessel wrote, quote, if you want the journalists the writer, the Spokane review does a really good job of covering him, and the sky. Guy. What's his name, Sean? Sean pistol. Yes. Sean vessel does. Nice job. So vessel wrote, quote, if you want to hear Matt shea taught crazy. You don't have to catch him at a restaurant. He'll stand up in public and do it proudly. And he wrote that Matt's fellow Republicans were the ones pushing this story to get it out in the media. So his filler want this story of what happened at this restaurant, get out, he's with oath keepers. Quote, there is a palpable embarrassment about shea among his party. Many Republicans would tell you what they really think about him in private, and it can be blistering few will dare to say, one word about him publicly. Matt was challenged in the next Republican primary by businessman Matt ran on a quote, freedom agenda. Means absolutely nothing. Yeah. I mean it's just like it means nothing products during a debate. He said when he came home from Bosnia, he had quote seen how much my country had changed. His state was under, quote regulatory tyranny at the end of the debate they were asked, they were. They were allowed to ask each other one question Matt asked opponent his opponent. If he knew the local school mascots. Then the guy's like focused on so much stuff. And then he called his opponent called the question cute Matt, then named a bunch of the mascots and the area and said, quote, you don't even know the district. How can you represent the district? If you don't know the district. That's not a cute question. That's a serious question. I'm one hand. We've got the guy who is having oath, caper meetings at Danny's and pulling handguns on people wouldn't let his wife, get out of bed until he was out of bed. But then the other guy didn't know that the Wildcats how do you not know? How do you not know that was from starves champ as they chance? You gotta be fucking kidding me that I don't know shit about this flip a coin again. Matt won easily course in December two thousand fourteen a sheriff's deputy said on video that law enforcement needed military equipment. Right. So, you know, we're, we're. How are they got some big things some big breakdown, wall thing, shoot them up? So this guy says they needed military, partly because constitutionalists, were storing weapons and amunition. Well. Well. This is this is the problem. I mean right. Is idea that. Like if anyone can have access to military grade equipment, then your police force, like we need to be a military. Yeah. That's right. I mean, it's, it's yeah, it's sort. So we just went back to the time when police could just have say, swords. Way better. Alex Jones got a hold of the video posted it on info wars, the constitutionalists, flipped out three hundred showed up at the police printing precinct to protest most armed with rifles handguns or both naturally. Matt Shay was there Mets of quote, when the government fears the people there is liberty. If loving the constitution is now terrorism. We don't have a free country anymore. No more the line in the sand is here. We will back up one inch this guy. The sheriff's office released a statement saying the deputy should have used the term extremist instead of constitutionalists. Yeah. Now, Matt and the sheriff, they driven that new piece of military equipment through mad. Men in the sheriff sheriff Kanus. Vich. They have a few and that feud goes way back the sheriff had backed Matt in two thousand eight and two thousand ten but then he abruptly stopped. He began to see mad is very dangerous on what grounds can Ecevits knows the area's rich history of homegrown terrorism, which I explained earlier. Right. He's a cop so he's seen all this fucking shit. He's also almost got blown up because he was at the parade with them. Okay bomb. That didn't go off, and yeah, so I'd Republican meeting in two thousand fifteen Knesset spoke. So it's like three hundred right wing Republican people, and it goes up and he speaks and he lists all the racists and anti-government that has happened in the area. And then said quote the thing is some of you are technically supporting their ideologies. One of the people he's talking to match Shay. He blames mad and his kind for spreading fear perpetuating conspiracy theories. And bashing law enforcement he partly blames the death threats that he and other deputies get on Matt. Do fifteen Matt and another Senator proposed creating a task force to split Washington. And another task force split Oregon to split the states. Yes. So he's he wants to put his own state, and then the one next door. Okay. So eastern Washington Easter eastern, Oregon would become one St. and western Washington, and western Oregon would become another state he wants. He wants the split split the states. He wanted land. Sandwiches, and cut them in half and then make to half super sandwiches. He wants to make a, a, a red state in a blue state fully read and fully blue. Right. Okay. Except for poor Spokane, right, which on the other side. Yeah. Right. So the proposal never got a hearing. It's not I can't even I can't met honestly, even for you very stupid. Go back to sort. The rumor rumors started online in April two thousand fifteen that he navy veteran was going to have his guns confiscated by the Fettes. Okay. Well, let's, let's freak out over this and get guns to him. He's in a small town in Idaho town about seven hundred people. So all these protesters head from all over there to defend this man, the local sheriff said he was going to stand guard to prevent any attempt to remove the vets guns, this, and granted this is a obviously extremist group, but this does the normally the right wing pushback on gun control. Is that it's a mental health issue? So in this circumstance, it sounds like it's a mental health issue and they're like, let's. Matt was there, obviously, there are about one hundred people there. They repeatedly saying, God bless America and prayed. It. It's really hard to satirize. Well, yeah, it's also hard to picture God, if she's up there like no, this isn't the no, no. You guys. It's so wrong. You're wrong. So wrong, I invented birds gun. I invented, like frogs summit say birds, we used to get omelets. So the vet had apparently got a letter warning him. He could not possess firearms probably for some rational reason, Matt said he had suffered a stroke. And that's why the government is taking gonna take away his guns. The VA law can't disclose, what a letter on someone's health, said, sure. But. Person said they can barb from purchasing guns. Quote, especially veteran has dementia you wouldn't want that person to be in possession of a gun. Well. Them. After a long day of protesting. A VA rep finally came and said, no inspection was going to occur and the protesters declared victory and went home. Spokane, someone's repainted death to Islam on a Muslim prayer center local Muslims met with a member of the city council decided to read a citation to local Muslims that recognize their contributions to the community. Very simple straightforward local tea party members lost their ship. Matlab rally outside townhall called a rally for Spokane values. He said the rally wasn't anti Muslim and said the. And said the local chapter of the council on American Islamic relations was connected to militants and wanted to impose Islam law. And, and how will they like they won't even if this were to be real like, literally somebody can't happen? Yeah. So shut the fuck shut the fuck up, quote sure is not compatible with the US constitution. Yes. No shit. No shit. No shit. No shit. I mean what are you talking about? The crowd of American flag. Wavers many openly carrying guns are not the planet krypton. Josh waiter, not have capable of flying and freezing vision. Man. They're not gonna bring their krypton laws down the Kansas City, just because one kid, flew from a meteor into a field. They hate us for our stationary ISM. Tex he got us send a text something happening on my house. Something happened to your house. Is it? Okay. This is there's delivery, other. I'm boiling. Are you really I'm angry? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Keep looking at. He's a fucking. So, yeah, so, yeah, they'll cheer and Matt said the council should read a citation to military veterans instead of the Muslims, but the city council or to the Muslims. And then everyone left it was over, but they weren't happy. Right. Jerry second two thousand sixteen a second armed Bundy group took over the I always say this mall here. It's not that the wildlife refuge in Oregon, remember that the, the second. So take it over an Oregon. Matt said he was going to go with other right wing politicians, okay? He says he's going to help. Yeah. I'm sure he will those looking to resolve the situation ask them to stay away and said, if they went in, they might embolden the arm men and caused them to stay weeks or months instead of just days. Gum help, so, yes. So they're like, look, we got these guys here. But if if, if actual politicians go in there. Yeah, you're gonna make them think that they have a lot of people on their side. And then they. This judge he was like talking to him, especially thought that since one of the legislators called BLM terrorists during this gushing which is what the guys inside. We're doing. Yeah. The group. Politicians went anyway. The cows. These are the cows cow's go in anyway. Right. The politicians, western shit hits, the armed protests, did indeed then last weeks later. Oregon public radio reported that cows might have even been involved with the planning of the occupation. The judge said, quote cows have been a party to this planning in some degree. I don't know if that was a lot or a little. At any point. Are they like we should change the name from cows as extremely confusing? I if you I mean, if you had to take out so much stuff that this guy did like like. Like an example is he, he puts out a Bill to say that you can't spend any gas tax money on art or cement stamps, on the side of the highway, when they decoration and the department of transportation's like we don't do that. Like it's just his crew all that, right? Like him saying you can't do this, and the people it's complete bluster with nothing. Yeah. Well that's what happens. Yeah. I mean, this is presidential. It's very personal. So. Spokane spokesman review cans men, whose pecans. Well. Spokesperson for Spokane Spokane spin review wrote about his trip to the refuge. Sure takeover. And then Matt said after that article came out he got death threats NAT quote, self. He was just standing naked in the mirror with a hard on. The articles have incited these violent threats against me, and my family, therefore demand, a retraction and apology. This is of the spokesman views for putting me and my family endanger. This is the world. We do need a section of the country to throw this type of shit. The paper was far from the only one to write about his trip. Right. But he's blaming the paper but tons of papers wrote about it. A month later. It was announced the police investigation have been dropped because quote, it does not rise to the criminal threat level. So it was just a guy who called up swearing was, like how about we take over your office? Would you like that? But Matt, Matt sociation with the bundys he is a death threat. Right. Matt sociation with the bundys, his trip to the refuge at boosted his image, amongst the constitution lovers profile goes up. Sure. In June of two thousand sixteen he was at bury an an birds religious compound in the far northeastern corner of Washington marble county, big connection this one. So he's provided into the big he's been bite into the big ones citizens, the big time connection. Big time people, Barry was one of fourteen signers of the remnant resolves. A foundational document of the Christian identity movement. The this it sounds like it's probably a pretty inviting group. Yeah, they're great. The document is about quote, America being intended to be a Christian nation, and that it needs a Christian government, the right to defend one's life, liberty and property has God, given supported by scripture, anyone who prevents men from arming is quote, an enemy of God's people and non whites were, quote, mud people oak. Tuck damn it. God damnit. How, how are you able to be a constitutional purist? A founding father supporter, and still hold this view, right? These are the people who carry the constitution around in their pocket because the founding fathers understood everything, and they knew everything, you know, it was just a room. Full of Nostra, Dhamma says, and we'll get to that, okay? Thank you, daddy, Christian identity. Identity was big in the seventies eighties nineties, clan groups Neo Nazis area and nations all part of it. But the leader start to die off in the two thousands or they got old disappeared into the woods like the birds. The two sixteen God and country festival. Matt hosted an invite only meeting with the birds Matt also gave workshop for kids, quote an exercise in field skills for youth that now this everything has been terrible. I would love footage of that. Watch him trained to children on how to. And how to feel strip and reassemble assigned weapons. Field dressing wounds following orders PT shooting skills, teach a seven year old how to turn a kid a wound. Badly. No Jimmy the management shot. How you're hurting my hands, Mr. tied, your time, my aunts, to identity wanna die cable are coming. After dinner. Matt gave another workshop. Called going underground. I know I just want him to dig. I want him taking Matt introduce eight for manages, the gun rights Bill that would punish public officials for taking someone's gone or not allowing them to have a gun. The Bill included quotes from the founding fathers that turned out to not be real. That's an easy way. So that's. And your argument. Yeah. He just make it up some of the quotes or slightly incorrect conflict, two different speeches or are incorrectly. Attributed others are one hundred percent invented lifted off the internet without bothering bothering to check their accuracy, such as this one. Thomas Jefferson saying, quote, I can't wait to go to the mall and watch the new John wick. That there were so ahead of that, quote, those who hammer their guns into Plowshares will plow for those who do not those who hammer their guns into Plowshares. What does that even mean? It means that the that the people who farm. The those who hammered their guns into shares will plow for those not. Oh, so basically means if you're not the people who have guns will take care of the people who don't okay or lead the people who, don't. Yeah. And other ones will plough for them. Right. So almost so this was very common for Christian gun lovers that, that's where they, it doesn't jive the constitution because they make their own up. Right. They make up their own frat because there is clearly a separation of church and state, and this is clearly, including of church and state and then they pass around then that's, that's what they say the country's based on Christian, you know in like no, it's in the constitution because the constitution, they read it's different. Due to them, sixteen an allegation of rape of a five year old girl knifepoint by some Muslim boys in twin falls. Idaho stunned locals the news went national because of drudge and Alex Jones info wars, it caused people in the town to flip out and scream quote. I says is here at the city council. There was a very vocal ACT chapter. Bind much of it. But the police chief said it was all false, all of it was false will there was no rape. So all of its, there was no knife, one boy touched a girl, and he'd been arrested. Right. But he didn't rape her. Eat touched your somehow, right? Inappropriate probably and got arrested. And then they turn that into ISIS is raping children in America. Next week the next week MAC announced he was opening a chapter of ACT in Spokane ACT is listed as a hate group by the southern poverty Law Center. Well, there, hey group. That's. And then he took to Facebook to attack the spokesman review, quote, socialist review article claiming stories about sexual assault of five year old girls are false is debunked, Matt then listed facts that were not at all facts and linked to an article on world news. Daily rightwing lunatic site that article, so the boys weren't, it's the boys weren't Syrian than they were at least Sudanese Iraqi. Got to be one of the three. Oh my God. This is just so depressing. None of this show slowed down. I do miss like genuine facts seem like too long ago that there were fax. Yeah, they've been getting fucked with manipulated and used incorrectly. But there were like there's a common invade. The full on invention of stuff. Yeah, FOX is pretty alarming really all star, Fox News beginning. So. And even when I kept reading the story, I kept coming across the idea that the more the spokesman review wrote about it almost caused people not to believe it. So, so whatever the spokesman review. Have you would? Right. People who are like this, and trying area would then take the opposite viewpoint. No matter what regardless of what it was. Right. So your option is to just go. Okay. Crazy, man. Keep talking nobody'll check you. So none of the slows down Matt in two thousand sixteen. He was reelected with sixty four percent of the vote getting worse again. Matt introduced a Bill to split the state of Washington in to the eastern new Eastman, state Nadan, too. Yeah. The new eastern state would be known as liberty. Oh, yes. Yes. As previously stated the idea about around, it's so simple. And this is the three year old came up with it. It been around for over one hundred years, this idea, it'd been interested in the Senate in one thousand nine hundred eighty five hundred ninety one thousand five and, and then a couple years before by Madame self fails every time. Right, right. Supporters created a website, liberty state dot org. Okay. Bye. They wanna go. Love the dot com. Was taken right. Yeah. Oh, it. Gosh, yet. Groups cert- meeting to discuss the idea. Okay. At a meeting in Efratah. The liberty blog wrote, quote, the best question was asked by lady who wanted to know what it might cost for liberty state to build them. All. This woman is far ahead of the gay. I look has she sees the cash. She sees the state. Yeah. And we just need a really big mile. And that's all I'm saying, and it should have a Spencer's gifts Clair's a Sephora and the biggest crucifix from miles around at people hanging from it. Actually, the malls should be built out across. I think that works, and it'll have Spencer's gifts and players and a Sephora and plaques and a lucky strive, bowling alley and Sabar place to kill Muslims. Well, let let's just freed them. Yes. That don't think you're wrong. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to step in the way I was gonna say. I was winning his stick, what'd you say your freedom? I was win arguments. Yeah. Now smart. How to win. Some things have already been agreed upon through meetings. The state animal be cougar. And now that, that's the way it feels like the rest of it's pretty much just the state rightful heir fifteen. Too. I feel like these state rifle might be killing the state animal constitution has been drafted greats good. I was going to say the state flag is an Osprey wings, outstretched broken shackles and its talents symbolizing liberties liberation from Seattle Seattle. From what finally away from those Starbucks, those pokey bowl shops, and then Washington legislature can't, but the state into the US congressman president would also have to do it right now. So November second two thousand sixteen seven defendants in the national wildlife if you case, we're found not guilty. Matt Ryan Facebook, quote praised, God, a great, great day now podcast have been going on this time. Three years into the podcast, Ana. He quotes scripture and cheers on Trump. He interviews very fringe, right wing authors, and rolls deepened, conspiracy theories. He believes the Oklahoma City bombing was an inside job. He talks about how the deep state is impacting, the west and the gender Twenty-one a theory that environmentalism is a plot by the UN to destroy US sovereignty. So people are wanting, what's having an Oregon. I believe that might be a part of what's happening in Oregon. Okay. Agent, the agenda twenty one is a big creeping thing in, in this sort of world. February second two thousand seventeen a match shea was elected. House minority caucus chairman by his fellow Republicans. Dave. Early for a cocktail. So that means my Matt per site, over Rohbock, and meetings, when they discussed positions on legislation and policy. This guy shouldn't preside over a kiddie pool so despite everything that's happened. Matt is moving up. He's also place on special task force to study the release of legislative public records. For more openness his continued feud with sheriff Knesset heated up big time in September two thousand sixteen. There've been a triple murder months before and Matt said on his podcast, quote, ROY Murray was arrested for triple homicide. There were rumors that Murray was out connected to Canessa vich, and the sheriff's department, when they're in the firearm, that Murray, had the firearm came back to deputy Travis Pendle, who is now the subject, an investigation because apparently when asked where the gun was, he didn't know and didn't know how it had got where it got in truth. The murder weapon had never been found. Well. Exactly that. No, everything you just said is not exerted undermines your whole thing. The gun rep at your whole premise is based on the fact that they have the gun, they did have the gun, then they lost it. All right. No, you in next next subject, and truth murder up at an never been recovered. The sheriff was furious. He asked other Republicans to step forward and back him. Well, that's an adorable thing to do what a tactic. And none of them did. But will it? They stayed silent too scared of Matt supporters. Forties after making the false statement. Matt, apparently realized he had made a mistake, and he wrote on Facebook, quote deputy Pendle is completely innocent of doing anything other than being there and doing the right thing laws. Hashtag, my dad's a few months later deputy Pendle sued for defamation. Shea asked that the lawsuit dismissed on the grounds that he can't be sued while the legislatures and session. Shady asked one more time say Matt shea asks the lawsuit dismissed on the grounds that he can't be sued while the legislatures and session. Another complete repetitive thin-. Right. What's trump? I mean right. Yeah. It's taxes, I'm under audit. No Trump says he can't be prosecuted for anything because he's president. All right. That's why he put Kamin on because that's a camera. Yes. Well, and that's why he'll never leave office. But the legislature is not the same thing and judge tonight is request. But I guess seventeen Matt receives some very important information from primary deep Intel sources Matt did from primary directly to him. Not secondary primary for primary until sources from deep until from the deep Intel people. Okay, he posted on Facebook as most deep. Inhale. That's we go to break deepen. On Facebook, quote North Korea launch imminent everyone, please pay attention to this. I have multiple sources confirming that he North Korea launch is imminent is likely tomorrow to celebrate their liberation day. The blow article confirms that I have been what I've been hearing, as well as the North Korea leadership is now, underground, please, pray for peace, but be prepared for war. What kind of I mean, that is the level of government to carelessness. It's a it's a state official warning people about an imminent threat, I surely, there is some sort of classified nature. I mean assuming do you not remember the bombs going off? I it what's so weird. Is that I don't remember when North Korea bombed us recently? Yeah. It's weird happened. It did well. So how long until that he how long until it's that North Korea did bomb us? They bombed us last week like how long until that is like two full shit. Matt link to a Fox News article that not did not at all say the launch was imminent. So we laid to a propagandist network them was like no. Yeah. So a government basically, a governor official posted that a missile attack was imminent a few hours, go by and there's no missile and then Matt poses, quote the entire posts he blinked. And that was the extent of his explanation. So people questioned him on Facebook, why. And he wrote quote, the sources were solid accurate. A launch was imminent. I can't discuss in more detail exactly what that means. But literally waiting on the order to fire. There was no question about that. Kim blinked at the last minute just prior to launch that is a fact backed with indisputable primary sources I had a duty to warn and I did. This is just so it's just so out of anything. Yeah. I really I mean, the mold has been completely Shad, yet, and two thousand eighteen the Spokane convention center, hosted the red pill expo on by Montana longtime, John Birch society, member, four hundred twenty bucks a head twenty that's kind of a cool. You could hear speakers discussed deep state, vaccine's globalism, the lies of climate change in many other. All right, theories run American this year. Matt was the MC. He also hosted a session called the day. I took the red pill. In August at a gun rally. Matt attacked the news media, during a speech. That's quite a opening sentence. He was mad about things that had been written in the spokesman review quote. We can't become like those dirty. Godless hateful people we have to uphold free speech. No matter what the antidote to that slander is always truth. Which he has no relationship with Matt had been refusing to speak to the media for years. After this speech, the governor Washington said, match not be on the task force to study how to apply the public records act legislate. Yes. The House Republican leader said Matt would stay. October. Twenty third two thousand eighteen Rolling Stone published an article about Matt titled something's brewing in the deep red west, it revealed Matt's connection to bury bird and the Christian identity movement Madda gone to the birds get together now three years in a row that had gone to the birds a long long time ago. At a speech mad gave at the last meeting in two thousand eighteen he openly. He only talked about liberty okay, one former member told Rolling Stone. The group had recently taken an apocalyptic turn quote the whole thing is the world is evil. And the government is evil, they want to get back to Pearson America. Liberty is part of that plan, quote, they have a constitution, they think it's going to happen soon. Mentana row have been hired to work security for the Republican gala on election night in two thousand sixteen and then a friend, and quote, longtime member of Shay's inner circle gave him a document that was written by Matt. It was called biblical basis. For war on October twenty third week before the election, ten or thought people need to know who they were voting for, so upload online, and this is the same day, the Rolling Stone article is published okay? The document's meta data shows, it was created by Matthew shea, the biblical basis for war described the Christian, God as warrior and details strategies for a holy. Army it condemns abortion, same sex, marriage, etc. Just a couple of footnotes real quick. It is organized fourteen sections with bullet points and biblical citations, given example, one heading his rules of war, a conduct a sense, a conduct a census of all able, bodied, males eighteen to forty five b avoid bloodshed, if possible, see make an offer of peace, not negotiation or compromise of righteousness, if they yield, they must pay share of work, or taxes, if they do not yield. Kill all males my God. This goes on for four pages. Mike mad admitted he wrote it, but said he was not promoting violence and the message is taken out of context. What, what are you talking about? What out of con- you got the thing I said, kill all males in gays? You took it out of context. If you put it in context with the bible, it makes sense. But if you just read the if you just read the outline it seems crazy read with the bible, because you've read what the online. It's like what is this guy talking about? But if you read like the, especially the first part of the bile, a good one, the old old old one that what makes sense comes together, and you're like, oh, we should kill all males who don't. By the way, it's your off sow. I mean it's obviously insane. But it starts off sound like look, we gotta do this, right. Pro-choice them fund out if they're in if they're in, they just have to pay their share. And if they're not, then we have to kill all of. Pretty simple. It's a four tiered idea. Just simple. Brigham down four point in ask. Hey share murder all of the last one. The right one. That's what we want to go. Yeah. We're hoping they opt out because hit he'll. Some meta Mitzi writer is out of context, quote, it was a summary of a series of sermons on biblical war in the Old Testament document. Not okay to write it. This is not a secret. I've actually talked about portions of this document chronically, then you're an asshole, but he happened. He has been making his revolution freedom. And this is the argument he has been making. Yes, but this is very explicit. He says, distract detractors are Marxist and Islam, and this was political warfare with these terms to their Marxist Islamists. It turns out sheriff Knesset had gotten hold of the documents six weeks before and turned it over to the FBI. He said, quote, it is a how to manual consistent with the ideology and operating floss of, of the Christian identity Aaron nations movement, and the Rideau movement of the nineties, Matt begins Hammerton campaign donors people like, oh, okay. Well, yeah, I was thinking freedom, like, lower taxes, so, you know, his realty company, and in Monsanto, the people give them tons of money are, are. According to passer. And this is a week from the election. To pastors from his church Spokane's competent covenant church made a Facebook video defending Matt, quote Christians, get out there and vote vote Christian people in Cathy McMorris Rogers match. Shea people with our values and our convictions. And don't listen to the enemy controlled mainstream media. It's fake news. Lies. Matt won reelection with fifty eight point three percent vote. God, dammit. A man with a document this essentially the same thing as ISIS Christian has been voted in now. Because they have the same ideals. Christian because he's a Christian. But the Republicans move Matt. Off the Republican caucus chair taking the position way from eight. He still has his job. He's still are still a state legislator. He still introduces bills to criminalize abortion, and rollback gun laws, and his fellow Republicans sign onto them. In December SPIC reported Matt had been taking campaign funds. Funneling them too far. Right. Hate groups, which is violation of campaign laws that you can't do that. No, I wonder why I don't know and able to nineteen the guardian got their hands on chat records between three men Onno Anthony buzzword of Bundy supporter and gun enthusiast, Jack Robertson of radio fee, free redoubt and Matt who in the chat used the name VERA, Bela Tor, which is Latin for true. What's, what's your deem? God like he shouldn't be in anywhere with any status because he's a psychopath. But he also is such a drip while he is they are so religious or so ISIS, like, yes, the change the name they do they wanna kill everybody fucking different way that the, the. Exactly like this is this is what separates this from ISIS religious ideology. Yeah. Being, morphed and twisted to talk about murder. Mass murderer I know Christians in my in my community in the church and they're like, how can we help people in? They fucking hate these people know that that's the other thing. I mean, and that's and that's the same with Islam. Yeah. I mean it's just like the, you know, like these are fringes and, and most most smart religious, people do not defend the actions, but there are able to manipulate it because it's just the same like, I remember when I was in Texas when George W Bush was running for reelection, and I didn't I wasn't a big John Kerry fan, but I was with my girlfriend at the time in Texas with her family, and I was trying to not argue about how horrible George W Bush was the whole time I was there. But eventually, it had to come out. And when I said, all the shit that was true about him about his fucking Warren criminal and all that stuff. There was a long pause. And the mother just goes, he's a good Christian. So the chat was from a couple of weeks before the antique fought revolt, which is supposed to happen on November four to seventeen which is completely made up by the right wing media, and they hyped. This idea that antifa was going to take over America, trying to take over America, which is when we were in Philly, and we heard that the radio. That's what he's listening crazy shit. Yeah. So in this chat Robertson, discussed getting a hold of a specific Spokane woman, quote, fistful of hair and face. Lamb to jersey barrier. Shaeber head ball, the K-bar US MC field knife timeout, a specific human being. They talked about going after leftists in homes cars, workplaces and daycare locations. Shay was asked. So Matt Shays then asked about finding three individuals specific individuals if he can help find them because he this is. Yeah. Including an organizer for the liberal group individual, and a college professor, Matt, quote. Okay, what background checks need to be done. Give me the list. Now the anti revolt never happened, obviously, it was never real that blame the weather, quote, the weather nothing ruins a good communist revolt, like snow snow Frakes afraid of snowflakes. Anti revolt across the country. It didn't fucking snow everywhere dip shit. Do you know whether? The person who leaked that chat message was revealed by Matt and the other guys to be J Pounder. Jay powder said Matt is a Christian demean dominion, est that is consistent with everything. I've laid out here, Matt and the other man compared powder to Benedict Arnold. Sure. Sure. Hunter said he followed Matt until he learned the truth that matinees allies are focused on using quote, the sheer use of raw power, and fear to achieve their political and spiritual ideology that only Christians should lead the USA. This is a Christian, identity politics and demeanor in his Pierce farm, and it is dangerous. Matt denies this. His believes lineup perfectly with the school of thought that says Christians alone should control earthly institutions, such as the government and media until the second coming of Jesus. It is drive from the book of Genesis in which God tells Adam and eve, to take dominion over the earth, and its animals, and they wanna do through violence. Two there's two types of dominion, ISM wanted through violence, one isn't Christian say evangelical say to me it isn't visit exists. Here's a guy clearly exists in. Yeah. Also this other people out there, there's something called pota- shield. You can look that up that was when they decided to get behind Trump in two thousand fifteen there Dominicus, there's a whole group of Ted Cruz is data's opinion, est, well, he also killed JFK. Yeah, but they're legitimately crazy people and they are, and they are around on Thursday, may twenty fifth two thousand nineteen there a fundraiser for these state of liberty. When was this, this is may twenty fifth two thousand nineteen says last month. Exactly month ago. Matt was there as were several other Republican politicians and Anthony Bosworth, who was on the chat, and at the bunny, compound and berry, an and bird. Matt gave the last speech of the night he denied climate change. He spoke about the cultural and political differences between eastern and western Washington, he claimed the US is a Christian nation under siege by atheists and communists, the communists in eighth ius responsible for the deaths of more people than any other belief system in the history of the world. Is he talking about Matt's legislative assistant had this to say, quote, it's either gonna be bloodshed or liberty. Third. That's it. There's nothing option. I'd like the salmon. That's where they are. That's where they're at. That's where we are. Oh, god. Nobody knows how many of them have moved to the north west. But the fact that there is this, the fact that there is this. Real estate company is, is frightening. It's so frightening with the, you know, we have we had a wave of this, the Metzger 's and stuff and the eighties and nineties did go way. And like I said, they did age out this feels different. This is different because of the tumultuous place where it as a country. Well, and you also the pro- the problem really is that and. I, I don't think that, you know, like our political system in general, is totally, like just based, it's a page one rewrite. Yeah, it is both sides. You know. You know. What's different is the way that. Trump. Really has off. It's like the it's gone from whispers about this time when it's time for them to stand up to, you know, till sort of take the law into their own hands. That has just the volume keeps getting louder and louder and the reality of it, just keeps getting closer and closer and it is now, like that's what's scary about Trump is that he will if these are the people he unlocks. Yeah. These are the people that if we're chest these are the people that if he says, it's time to kill people this time to govern if he truly if he said your government has been taken away from you. The let's say it's when he gets let's say it's during reelection and he doesn't win somehow then, that's when this happens, and he says, no, they've lied you, they've cheated your, your government is taken over. And you know, you're no longer living in a democracy, and that's, that's the called arms. And that's what that's one it'll happen. And it just feels like it's more and more, that's the fucking real estate site. Yeah. Oh my God. Put that up. Little be the sources. But also put it up on Facebook and Twitter. What's under the about? I'm kidding. Yes, so you're right. And then, and then we also this other problem with the climate change, and the response to it. So they've they've, they've wrapped up all these conspiracy theories and, and just fear of like free. Do what I want and and, and to combat climate change you need regulations and you need restrictions on life. And you can't have people ought to run not run around, like animals. We actually have to have some sort of structured society. So what you're seeing Oregon is just the beginning. They're gonna fight it, and they're gonna fight it Vialli at some point. That's just how it's going to be and with climate change. Everything is just compounded because you are about to we are I mean, that is the different. There's no time to waste. We have a clock we've o'clock, but this is going in the other direction. And when climate change does come to a lot of people like this, it's going to be validating because it's going to be the Armageddon end of times that has been prophesized four and they're and they're hundred percent also, you know, prepar is and survival is and, and all that stuff. So it's all wrapped up in his fucking crazy. Ball of just fucking Agnes. Half of us who are like we need to prevent the climate from changing dramatically. And then there are people who think that when that does happen, what that is going to be the scourge of the centers on earth. And that's what that's going to happen. So you'll see when climate change really does when the shit does hit the fan of climate change. There are going to be people are going to be a good time. Yeah. And the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that those people are going to die, too. Good. They'll have to eat their kids like everyone else. So that's cool. Anyway. So that's cool. I can't believe he's I can't believe like and if you don't know what's happening in Oregon. Have you haven't paying attention? The news organ to pass a cabin trade Bill, which is very complex and well written Bill, like if you if you look into the Bill, it is amazingly well, written it changes the structure their society. It, it, it takes care of everybody while that happens. Right. There's a just fund to take care of people that are losing their jobs or whatever, it's all there, it's taxes to take care of people as transition happens, and these fuckers run out in the middle of the night, so that vote can be taken and the militias are all saying protect them. And then Democrats couldn't go to the legislation the next day because militias threaten them. This is where we are. It's not government. I mean it's, it's not it's not democracy. It's not. You know, any of the things that anybody after nine eleven they stop focusing on these people, and they just focused on Muslims, and these people have always been the biggest threat always in America, always the biggest threat is fucking white supremacists. They've always been the biggest threat to our country. Always. Yeah. And, and here we are. I was off the ball for a long time in our. Yep. And play a game. Holy shit. This is tough. This is one of the bad ones those going to do. This is a very bad. Asshole. All right. All right. We signed tanks tanks.

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