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The Good News About 2019 -- Podcast Update!


The. Neil. Can you believe at twenty nine team choline? I really cannot twenty teen was legitimately wild. Right. It's was like snapped. It's done. Yep. That's crazy. And the podcast was such a big part of the year for me to really loved it listeners. We wanna keep you updated about the future of the good news podcast. So we've decided to let you know here in a podcast episode. Oh, that makes sense. Right. Yeah. Do what you know. Yeah. This episodes a one off. So you're still going to get your daily. Good news. Don't worry for this past year. We were sponsored by guards against humanity and their cards saves America. Bridget. They have been nothing, but super kind generous and supportive of us all year. But right now, we're parting ways, we can't stress this enough. It was super amicable. In fact, we're still going to produce and record it out of the cards against humanity space. So we're we're still part of the family. We're still here. We're just kinda going in. Dependent. So we're officially spreading our wings relieving the nest and we're going independent. We've loved working on this podcast. And we wanna keep showcasing the good in the world. But we also love giving this podcast the time. It deserves and paying those bills baby starting in January. We're going to switch to three days a week Monday Wednesday Friday, and we're also setting up a patriot. And so if you feel so inspired we'd love you to support us through that. And if we had a certain dollar amount monthly will go back to five days a week. We want to keep this podcast going. But we also want to be smart about valuing our own time, though, we know how seamless we make it seem it takes a good amount of time to source right interview, record produce edit and release the show on a daily basis. Thanks for your time and spending your thanks for your time. And for spending your time with us in two thousand eighteen and we can lead to bring you good. News in twenty nineteen.

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