Hour 3: SEC Women's Basketball Media Day


My name is Lauren. I'm thirty three. I didn't want my identity to be the smoking mom. My first experience with jewel. I do remember being like distance, good. It's it's it's like a cigarette, but not. I don't miss smoking at all. Like I can officially say it grosses me out jewel is the tobacco alternative that delivers nicotine satisfaction without cigarette Asher lingering odor make the switch and j. u. l. dot com. Slash sports warning. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Cried packing, then patron tree of college football lives. Here. This is Paul finebaum show our three podcast, India guacamole through the Paul finebaum show Peter burns sitting in for the mouth of the south. We talked a little college football with you a little bit later, but we continue to move on his SEC women's basketball media day here at Birmingham, Alabama and Debbie Antonelli has caught up with jasmine homes at the Mississippi State BULLDOGS Debbie. Well, I'm not really fast enough to catch up with jasmine homes if she's out on the break because we know how quick you are jazz. What has practice been like replacing four out of five starters, and you becoming the new point guard? It's been very intense every day we go hard knowing that we've lost some starters on. We just know that we have to pick up the slack. So coach Schafer is known for spending at least one night a week in his office. If he spent one night a week in his office with last year's team, how many nights do you think he. Is going to spend in his office this year. I think just probably about the same amount just one because I'm thinking you guys might make them sleepless a couple more nights with a new lineup. But you do have big t control the ball into how much fun. Is it Ben to play with a player that has her skill set on the inside just knowing that I have six seven under the basket and just being able to throw it up there by Mr. layup or if PEOs misses the layup. I know she's there to get the rebound jazz. The last two seasons you've been this close to winning the national championship. What has your offseason Ben like using that as motivation is just one more. We have to do one more every day, and that's what we've been doing every single day in practice. Just one more. Do you have the stamina to be able to sit in a deer stand with Vic Schaefer hunting deer, watching film. I don't think that don't do much hunting. Yeah. I don't think any of us would want to sit in a deer stand that long because I'm sure he's out there really breaking it down, isn't he? Yes, ma'am. Okay. So you're crowd your fans, the culture, the way you built? Mississippi State basketball, how much fun is it to play at home, especially when you guys get that white outgoing, amazing. We have the best fans in the country. There there no matter what when our lose is amazing. Well, I can't tell you how excited we are to watch you guys play this year. You're picked to fix pick to finish number one last year. You lost four starters a year before you lost four starter. So actually you guys are replacing eight starters off a team that went to back to back national championship games. What does that say about the culture of your team. I mean, it's pretty good. We have players, so we're going to get it done. We wish you luck. Thanks a lot. Thank you. All right, Peter, there you go. Jasmine home. See if you can catch. No one can. That's the case we're going to be here talking to tear mccowan and conviction for here momentarily. But let's talk about this Mississippi steam Mississippi State team. You lose a lot, but you also gain a big player as well to what does that look here? Look, they gained a real big player. I know they lost the four, the four seniors. They lost three players that shot forty percent behind the arc. I mean, this is a tremendous three point shooting team, but when you gain a player in the in grad transfer, atrial Howard, you gain a phenomenal player a player that to tied to her last two years average. They double double. I mean, that is a huge benefit to receive on your team. So it's going to be really interesting to see how she integrates herself playing in that post area with tear Macau. I have news for you Peter. There's more than an. Real Howard Scher, Daphne white. A six. Five freshmen could be as talented of freshman prospect as Vic is had at Mississippi State since he's been there. And that's one of the things, right? It's like, how do you capitalize on the success that you have is a program and keep it going? We see that in football college football fans know that going, hey, you had a run like Dan Mullen had the run in two thousand fourteen, how is he able to continue to build that in starkville and that's what Vicks trying to do there. I thought one thing that date really well last year and the year before he played his bench players as much as he to give them that experience when they needed to get into the big games when he needed to rest his starters or whatever, he had bench experience with some minutes, look jazz home. She's going to step into that starting point guard spot, but she got big minutes last year on that team. There's called developing players. And I think it's something that that Vick and his staff at Mississippi State do as well as anything they do. They do a lot of things well, but developing players is at the top. Of the list. They keep them coming on. They play them extended minutes in reserve roles and when they're ready to go that you are talking about with Vic shape. Vic up. You didn't say anything bad care Macau, which just waiting like, oh my goodness. What did you tell me came up here? I thought you knew give a heads up, take it all back. The things that I just Vic, what's this? What's this ride been like this off season. I mean, obviously it was there in starkville the viewing party in your just right there. How do you take that bottle it up and turned it into success in this season? Well, it's certainly been crazy. I mean, we've not really stopped I, they've asked me, have you really thought about an answer is no. I mean, I really we haven't had much time. I've it's hard for me to say no, when somebody asked me to come speak, I'm just not real good at it. So I've, you know, my staff and I, we don't turn down clinics when they ask us. We feel like we need to give back and we try to do that as much as we can and now is in Tupelo last night, speaking to three hundred and fifty in the show with county last week, speaking of five hundred minutes just hard to do, but you know, it's you better stay humbling, hungriness legal, this legal Hamayun hurry real quick. I just wanna show this personal story and I had with you. I was down in starkville and to build upon. On that giving back, we're sitting there. It's off season and you're getting text because there was a hurricane down in Houston. Esau you single handily for about two hours in the middle of the day. Just try a call and people in making things happen when it wasn't for me, it wasn't for the media was just something in your heart. And I think that's a lot of people haven't seen that part of it, and that's a kudos in Sierra. It gets an opportunity that every single day and that program while those folks were that was home for me. You know, this time last year they got hit pretty hard, and a lot of my friends lost everything. So Holly not loaded up, big, big truckload of stuff and and drove down there one evening and dropped it off at a school. And again, that's just, you know, that's just what we do. You know, when people need help us what you do, they cow. Let me ask you this. How many fishing trips have you taken since the final four. Hall said some point I'm telling you I wear fished a little bit, but not as much as I have in the past. I just I didn't get as many opportunities when I went. You know, you guys need to know is just like scouting. You know, when we're play somebody, I've got the report, I know where they are and I know what they're biting on. So if I'm going down there, you're not going fishing. I'm going catch. So when I went, I caught plenty of fish, but just the trips were fewer and far farther between. Just because just from so busy. Yeah, he got the grind continues, even though the success has come, the grind continue. You may have heard us talking about the the manner in which you've developed player since you've been a Mississippi State. It's been really impressive. A lot of people that I talked to think that Daphne white is as talented player as you have signed at Mississippi State. Would you agree or disagree with that? What they're certainly thing, raw -bility wise. She's, she's someone that you know is miss capable somewhere down the line. Not quite ready right now, but we'll certainly down the line. I think in her career has a chance to be really special care. Mccowan was down the line if I recall correctly and look what down the line looks like the year. You know, you've been absolutely amazing in your career, your ability to improve, not the play. We all enjoy watching you play, but to see you do something different as you from year to year and even within a season has really been impressive. What could we expect at my bit a little bit different this coming year. Gotta try to focus more on making. The first shot is coaches say and not, you know, missing like the second third time and Dan getting it. That's just because she doesn't want Howard over there rebound. Yeah. So this year she's not gonna maybe have as many offensive rebounds because maybe some of those who are coming off of those miss shots, but you're still go, percentage will go up higher. So that's a good thing. What is it? How's it been having a unreal Howard, the transfer from AM on the practice floor. Y'all haven't played a game yet, but how has she. Integrated herself into the team fits in. Well, you know, she's very competitive eased as he brings it. He now she's always rebounded, and so it just makes me want to go in and go to the boys more as she goes over both his in their competing each day for who's going to get three now. So y'all just fighting each other like crazy for boards we could. We've been talking. Her out. Sort of. Yeah, just so you know, there's plenty of rebounds go around. Base to have. That's my concern is they're going to get their average goes rod. Now we're not having a hard time making shot here. Made lost three shooters that shot over forty percent behind the arc. So how do you, how are you going to change your style of play? Or how does that affect how y'all look festively this year? So you know, those kids really shared the ball to with each other. I mean, they enjoyed the assist as much as they enjoyed making the shot and look, you know, we lost four starters going into last year staying right? And so we lost four more now going into this year's team. But last year saying, we're going to be different this year that look last, your steam was different, too. I mean, that's the most offensive team. I've ever been affiliated with thirty four years ago ching so that team was different. I complained all the time about us defensively. I didn't think we were very good yet. We held people to fifty six points a game. This year's team, we're going to be different. Again. I do think we're talented and I think we'll be good, but we're going to be different. Maybe if I can get them to defend a little bit, maybe more like we've been in the past, but you know, I think all of our all of our pliers right now are working hard and they're trying to fit in. I don't think I've changed yet. No, I don't think I've changed how we're going to try to play thank this team as a chance to run. We've got some kids that can really get out and run Jordan Danbury and jasmine homes now they can fill line quickly and certainly we got people that can rebound it. So how much easier is this year compared to years past now that you're, you're the coach on the on the court. I mean, I wouldn't say it's easier, but I mean my roles, you know, as being like this senior on the team have to like till or like give information to my other teammates who haven't been here to like what they should do, what they what I suggest they should. Do you feel comfortable growing into that role as season continues to go on? Yes, I think I'm pretty comfortable. I mean, it gets hard as she smiles at everything right now. I love this kid. I love it. Let me ask you this. You just mentioned that teams to fifty six points last year. That's pretty damn good. And you want better than that. Can this team be better than that defensively? I think the that still the bay determined not you lose a kid that took ninety charges in her career. You know. It's going to be Morgan, took fifty two in one season Blair took nine or career. So I mean, I think you know, it's still to be determined. We're gonna play. You're gonna have to play some some young kids who maybe don't understand help side defense much less trying to keep somebody in front of you the way we try to play. And so really puts an really puts an emphasis really on tier in jazz in Jordan who've been in our system have played in our system khloe. They understand the importance of defending so. This team again, this is they're going to their identity. I think still out there. You know the thing, one of one of the things that impresses me is as your program has improved. As you all have gotten to this level that you enjoy now everything about you has has adjusted to that success and particularly your schedule. You know, you got a couple of pick came. You got a couple of national games? Yeah, couple in the preseason. I think the Mississippi State Oregon game could be absolutely lights out. So to speak a little bit about the non conference schedule and what you hope to accomplish. Yeah. I mean, we gotta go to Virginia. Team that really gave us fits at our place last year in our opener, got to go to Texas and Sweet Sixteen that Scott quite a few back gotta go out to Oregon and play Kelly and his great team. We've played them now three this. It'd be three years in a row. And so we've got to return to them. We've got the big east champion Marquette at home. And so you know, it's it is a monster schedule and really challenging, but I know my older kids would rather have that sure. I would rather have some three name directional schools. Wait for my for my young kids. We just don't have many of those, and and so it's going to be a big challenge for us. I'm opening up playing the division two national champions in an exhibition game. So you know, we're going to be challenged early and often, but I do think it gets guess what guess what? Vick. Nobody feel. Sorry. I don't mind. Here's a five or six years ago. I don't know if that's the case, but a credit to tear has done what you've built down full. Everybody sits there and goes, we have an opportunity against Mississippi State and that's the marquee games. Everybody comes to, you can get continued success and we look forward to you and go ahead and say it praise the Lord Lord, and go down to get it. We'll have more coming in from SEC women's hoops here in Birmingham, Alabama. When re return here, the grand bohemian hotel, you're listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. I welcome everybody back into the Paul finebaum show Peter burns no foreigner and Andy Landers here in Birmingham, Alabama. I have put everything on my room charges on Andy's room Bill gauge. I can't wait until you check out of this hotel. It's going to be crazy fancy stuff. I used a stolen credit card anymore. Some stuff on there to go get up besides, we'll be fine. I can't wait for this season because I think it's intriguing. I felt like last year we knew it was South Carolina in Mississippi State felt like there. Was that upper tier, like like in football felt like even even last year, there was a tier of Alabama in Georgia football this year. It seems like that tier includes maybe a Tennessee and others in other squads. Where where are the tears in women's hoops this year in this conference? I think it's a pretty wide open conference, but g get the nod to Mississippi State first and foremost because of tear mccowan the six, seven inside player that just cleans up so much offensively defensively for the BULLDOGS. But you've got a lot of unknowns because we lost some big time players last year, Asia Wilson gone from South Carolina. You've got the four seniors gone from Mississippi State. They have to be replaced. He got the Mercedes Russell and Jamie NAR gone. So you've, you've got some real question marks so that really does open up the Bank for other teams to really make some noise and for some other players to become stars in this league, I would think there's an upper half on lower half. I think that they're seven better teams and saying that regardless of which seven teams I picked and put in there. I'm a believer that one of those in the lower level could work their way in to that upper seven. I just think that that there is a difference. I think that there are seven teams that have something may particularly talent a little more dangerous at some point in their game show than those those those other seven teams, they have a little bit more talent. And, and that's the difference. We've heard this from coach yo a little bit. We heard this for Robin Pinson at Missouri position lists basketball that seems to be the buzzword this week. What do you make of that? This is what I make of it. I think that big kids in this game want to shoot threes and they want to be told that they can go outside and put the ball on the floor and be a player that doesn't have to just get banged on in the in the paint. That's what I think a lot of where position lives basketball comes from, because we're seeing in the NBA five out, we're seeing big and seven foot or shooting three pointers. And so it just trickles down to our game. So right now, and it's fair. It's fair. We've got six. We've got six, two, six, three, six, four kids. It can put the ball on the floor. Look at Asia, Wilson ladder. Here we have those players in our game that there there's the position was basketball, but let me ask you this going forward about this. So that's what it is coach. Ken that work. It absolutely can work at is working on the men's side. It is working in the NBA that WNBA and then some places, Connecticut is a team that you could say, plays position, Lewis, basketball, what what it really means is you to me is you have versatile players who can move around the parameter and do multiple things now make no mistake about it. I don't think position Lewis basketball can work. If you do not have players with multiple skills, you have to be able to dribble. You have be able to pass and you have to be able to shoot the three with some range. You must be able to do those three things. If you can do that, then you simply spread out typically a four out one high one low somewhere, but four out create spaced whereby you can drive get to the round, lead up, draw, help kick it out for. A three, and that'd be a recruiting bonanza or a good recruiting pitch to some kid and just say, hey, listen, I know you're six, six or six, five. And you're, you're just, you should go down low and normally, but I don't want you to play that in this offense. It can coaches use that as an advantage. Well, that's what I was talking about when I would not. I said it's mainly about the big players because you're talking about your six two's, two, six is wanting to go outside and shoot three's kids wanna do that. They don't want to get banged up on the block anymore. So that's exactly what we're talking about. You're looking at the big kids, but now they have to be able to to dribble. They have to be able to pass. You laughing at. I have a six, four kid from Russia, don't you want to float around shoot threes. I pinned her down to the block. She was an excellent low post player, long story short. It gets to the end of the year. She decides she wants to transfer a friend of mine called me and said, hey, I'm this gives good player. Why she? She starts why. She said she wants flow around shoot three piece needle. I need a low post player. First thing I know she's up there visiting what did he tell her? Shoot. Does she have success now she went to the blog post because that's got it. Yeah, it can be a recruiting bonanza, but you'd better stick with it because if you don't, they'll trank speaking of transport in real Howard transferred from Texas, ain't him to Mississippi State. We're gonna be joined by Gary Blair coming up. I got, I got a different view on that. Nothing than than most people do. I'm not sure how effective she will be at Mississippi State. I think she would have been more effective by far at Tex at Texas. Am I just think that you have mccowan around the basket who's going to get her fourteen rebounds and going to control things around the basket from rebounding and scoring standpoint. Now think it becomes very difficult for Enron Howard to do as much at Mississippi State as she could have done it, Texas. We'll ask about how it affects his an MTV and what they're going to doing going forward as well too. When we return here. When you ask him that I don't want to be around when you asked him, you're going to host the rest of the show that question. He doesn't want to do. Will he asked that question Gary Blair, stay tuned coming up next. You're listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Whoa, is me will always be that now it's time to helping us be. The radius brought to you by holiday inexpressive is was not what was me were happy about this coach. Gary Blair in the Kennedy Carter show. That's that's exactly what's your Johnson was calling it. So you're shaking your head is, is it not the Kennedy Carter show right now? Austin, Texas Aggie show joke with me like that train well coach, well, she's doing a great job of trying to make her teammates better because she's the only returning starter and this is the first time in forty, seven years of high school and college did not have a freshman on the team. So I'll be starting five soft fours and nine sophomores altogether. So bid different, but more maturity but five solve more starting though. Wow, goodness. Well, Gary, I mean, I guess the most obvious question to talk about is just replacing AIn rail Howard. We know you lost her to grad transfer. That's a double double the last two years for you. How do you replace that player? Who who fills those shoes? India Jones from Atlanta backed her up last year. She'll move right into that role in we shied fifth year player out of Maryland. Who'd been hurt most of her career, Asia Ellison, Purvis Ellison's daughter. He was number one NBA player when he came out of Louisville back in the day, and then we sanded yuko kid out of Miami, Florida shea Whitsett, but you try to do it by committee. I went back and did a little research for came in two thousand eight elite, my five player average four point six game and a four player averaged rod at six point, seven. So there's different ways to win instead of just building up at the stats. Those positions four and five were replacing twenty eight points and twenty rebounds out of our four five. That's just to players last year. So I've got a little coaching and this girl got score. Most score. Well, good thing. She doesn't mind scorn, and she does it at a quick pace. So it's really a fun flyer to watch for sure. You have a player transfer from Louisville era. Johnson, I recruited are from Duncanville high school. One of the great high school basketball programs in the country. She gives you a presence in sign. What's the plan for her and how has she adjusted to Texas anthems ways? She said out last year and learned a lot playing behind Cala hilson Khalas more of a straight power player. This is a kid that can face the basket coming out of Duncanville. You know, there will coach that's at Henderson aerial Atkins to make a catch, and you just go down. That program, but she's going to a great job. She's one of our captains because of her maturity and she's going go right in that position. And then we've got a couple of other kids back in her up Kennedy last year you were for the people who are watching that don't know this national freshman of the year and one of the reasons why, but you're prolific score the ball. In your hand, you have moves. He's got shaken bake. You've got it. All you got the three and get into the basket this year. What have you added to your game? What can what can we expect to see different than what we saw last year, really. I'm just trying to get better all aspects of my game. You know, defensively trying to become a better defense player. I'm trying to be the go-to player win. We need to stop things like that. As far as offense. I'm trying to elevate way I can, but the biggest thing with me is just trying to make my teammates better and make sure that they're on the same page as me when I'm out there on the court and really lift them up and let them know that we're in this together. So just being a leader from us on argue that you're the most exciting player in college basketball and almost even in both sides and men and women. Because when we watch it last year was nothing short of antacid, especially going into the tournament where you lit it up for those who haven't had a chance to really consume am women's hoops who's who's game. Do you have? I mean, who who do you like the game? But Gary Blair? Is that what you're saying? What something that most people don't know about me is I'm really passionate about the game basketball and I really love it. And that's simply Wilde play. I do it because I love playing. I show emotion as you guys seen in the turn of a little bit emotion there. But as far as playing like anybody, I just like to be true to myself in staying mazal and play. So. Okay. Now, you know, that defense is hard work right? Of course it is, but our handle it we can handle as a team. Okay. Because that is one of the things that coach players done. So well, his whole career is defense. I mean, that's something he's demanded, but it is different and really learning how to stay in a stance and close out and do all this kind of things. And it's something that is an area that you have to improve in. How is that part of your game improved? I mean this summer I got a little time off and I was really spent time in the gym planet gets minute and boys, and I learned how to guard, you know, people who are six, five, and I'm only five nine. So I think that I can take that from off the court and converted to college basketball on just trying to defend the best are. Can and get coach valuable minutes when I'm out there real quick, how how often do somebody come up into Jim? They'd be like, hey, you wanna play and you're like, yeah, no, I'll run with you with your boys for a little bit ever. Do you ever do that and and get them every day. Pretty much everybody wants to play with me. Okay. Against me and try to be me, but ultimately makes me better. So I'm happy and excited for things like that. Gary, you've been, you've coached basketball long time. You've been around this league and and other major leagues in the country. We were talking a little bit earlier about the concept of positional lists basket. How is the game change? But more importantly, how's the game changing now that you see? Well, back when Nell Fortner played the first big clothes, keep it in this, you know, the center, right? Cheryl Miller was the one that I started a six, three play five positions. Okay. And I think everybody is wanted be that type of player since they're Tennessee's head some of those players and obviously Connecticut his head. What we're trying to do is recruit versatility a kid that can play one to three. You're going to see her at the two guard position a lot this year because we brought in a junior college player who's pretty good, very good defensively. And that's gonna put her and Leah Wilson move her slide down to the threesome her at the two I've got firepower to might make up for a lot of the zones that we're going to see. So. Position lists. Basketball is is good for the game. You see it in the NBA the WNBA rat. Now, the skill level is very, very good. It's not how many games or playing during the summer. I think that teaching is better. Now. They still need to do more skill work than drill work, improve that part of the game and prove the basketball IQ when the Accu and I get on my players of lot. They need to be watching more on television. Then watch in some of the stuff I'm watching dancing with stars fire, all of that. They need to be watching a lot of basketball on TV to get better. Quick if it's not basketball, if it's not basketball, you're watching. What are you watching Kennedy. Empire, but I'm really a basketball fan, a big basketball fan, but for sure empire that's my go-to show empire's star coach, Washington empire. You think you'd get him on the way it likes to watch soap operas. I'm trying young and the restless. So what do you do General Hospital today? Worrell turn. Own admit to any of this stop this line of questioning your ruining my opinion of my buddy, Gary. Are you kidding me? He was my hero growing up. With the star? Yes. Have you ever seen Cheryl Burke. You you gotta get up with. Genus. You wait a minute, go out every day and count the cows. You've got to cut the real line with the starter lots dancing with the ever Monday night quick as we go to break new favorite. Can you look in that camera right there and do the jazz hands one more time do dancing with the stars. I got a little bit of the Dougie. I did it once. Got more if I could just get one for this side to the other side. My last day I want to be transferred to go. I'm done with the don't know where we go from there. I'm obey. We'll find bomb. Okay. Me and found Bob and go meet again. That would be a one, two punch. I can't wait till it's going to be there that's going to happen. We'll watch that right after you watch Kennedy. Carter light it up best lock. Okay. Thank you. The jazz hands. I loved it more hands from any Landers coming up next. Mandi baby. You're listening to a Paul finebaum show podcast. I think smoking always affected my daily life because I was a closet smoker. It really sort of controlled my entire day. My boss is the one that recommended jewel, so I decided to give it a try. You don't get any of the odor of smoking. There's no ash all over your car. I would say give it a try, get the flavor and satisfaction of smoking without the mess of cigarette. Asher lingering odor switch to Joel check, OJ dot com. Slash sports. If you don't smoke, Vate, don't start warning. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Any lenders do those? Those moves Gary taught her? Is that where it is. See your best dance. Lawnmower shopping cart running. Was on soul, train back in the day. That's good. Something new every single day somebody finds her back year, Joe, we're going to be joined by the Auburn Tigers coming up in a little bit, but I want to get your thoughts been a busy day here overall. What have you learned in here? Women's tip off immediately. The first thing you learn is the best thing about it is just the excitement. He say, coaches are not. They're not downtrodden, you know the middle of the season. Yeah, everybody's in a great mood. They're feeling really good about their team. Their kids have it really made any big mistakes or no injuries. It's really been interesting in that regard. I really, I love talking to Don Don Staley today. I thought Don had a lot of great energy really excited about team, and she's the plights. He's the coach who lost Asia Wilson, the three-time player of the year in this in this league. She's great energy and looks forward to the shadow of the pressure is off the expectation when you lose an Asia Wilson goes down or at least you think it. Yeah. For for a minute, but what will happen at South Carolina's they will continue to win. And as soon as they've time five six wins together back to back. You're right back so she better enjoy it while she can. That was impressive. I asked her I said, what we lose in Asia Wilson, what will do to your tendency? 'cause we've already sold ninety five hundred tickets ninety four hundred s I mean South Carolina faithful have come through have that breakthrough moment and they've had it over the last couple of years. All of a sudden put the program on Passo a team that's had that before too is Tennessee. I was really impressed with Holly Warlick's attitude when she came up. You're talking about energy. I felt like that was something maybe I don't know for whatever reason missing maybe in the last year in a half or so. I've felt like she had a different outcome. I think I'll typically and I'm going to go back in time to what nail was talking about a moment ago. What is impressed me today is is normal a tremendous positive energy amongst coaches and their player a good feeling, a good vibe. We're ready to go. We feel good about what we. Can accomplish that has been consistent through each and every team and coach that we've talked to. That makes me feel good. Now, as the season goes on, we'll see how much of that you'll. You'll get your fogy mood a little bit later. But yeah, you're happy about this right now, but honestly, isn't it because I think coaches throughout this team and you said that top seven, everybody's kind of involved in this this things a little bit more wide open than yours pass. Well, I think everybody thinks that their team can be better than it was last year. Even Mississippi State has something to shoot for. They did not want to championship. They did not want to conference tournament, so thank you. Everybody feels like they can be better get on hold. We're going to be taking your phone calls a little bit in the last hour and you can also hit us up on Twitter at Peter burns ESPN eight, five, five, two, four, two, Paul is the number just means Moore's. We move on the Paul finebaum show here from Birmingham, Alabama.

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