Grown Up Kids - Episode #33 - Davy Crockett and the River Pirates


Welcome to grownup kids, a Disney podcasts. I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing was all started by. A low thirty, three of grownup. This episode is profit by the end of Doyle. Thank you. Thank you so much for helping us. Keep our podcast. So I'm and I'm Negga and Meg has a little bit of I have bronchitis. First of all, I sound like man, and second of all, you're probably gonna hear me cough a couple times on us episode in. Sorry, I'm not sorry. I gotta do it. It's gotta happen. Yeah. So the person that really has to deal with that though, is our guest today, we're welcoming back Tim. Hi doing. I'm back Tim, this name frontier? Yes. The wild frontier of Chicago today. He's not from the frontier. No, he's from the river from knowledge, yes. Yeah. 'cause today we're going to be discussing Davy Crockett and the river pirates because nothing to do with our pirates. No, nothing. Just some southern pirates. Yes. All right. So it's time for the thirty seconds is knee. Me. I'm ready. I'll go. All right. Go ahead. Calmed down over there, don't call Miller, doesn't it? Ito seconds. Are y'all clear. Trying to remember the movie with your costs. Yeah. And you go. So we go back in time to David Crockett before the rocket. And we meet my think, and we discovered keelboats. Now we know where those are from the park at Disneyland. Then they go on keel boat race, Davy Crockett wins. They make it to New Orleans first and then they discover river pirates and actually people dressing up Indians, try and blame it on them. There's haunting havoc, but then DVD's the date. Twenty seven. Twenty seven. Nice. No coughing, no cops. Would you like to go? Sure, I'll go next. All right. Any modern get set. Go very Davey. George, you decide to bring some down to New Orleans. They raise my think down the river, David Crockett wins, then they can buy Indians finding out that there are some white people disguising his Indians, murdering, other white people trying to blame it on the Indians. Davey finds the one bad guy and bad guy dies the end nineteen. That was a winged one to the bad guy died. I literally had like the biggest grin 'cause he was my least favorite character. He sucks. These his, he, he died. Lori k.. Why do I not have okay. Are you ready? No. Davy Crockett gets on the race. This dude, Mike. And they're good on the river, and he charged with Roma, but they end up winning anyway. And then you think the movies over, but it's not and AB the textured, and then there's fake Indians and. Yeah. Nineteen. That was terrible. Here's our always so good. I didn't write it down. And I'll give better. I'll get better. All right. So some history on DVD rocket in the river pirates. It is a live action adventure film from nineteen fifty. Six again starring fess Parker's Davy Crockett. It was shot in cave in rock, Illinois this film next as a prequel to Davy Crockett king of the wild frontier because as we know, DV dies at the end of that movie. So the only way for wall to do sequels was actually to do prequels slum, and it is an edited compilation of the fourth and fifth stories of the Disney television series Davy Crockett, which includes Davy, Crockett, kill boat race, and Davy Crockett, and the river pirates. Those both were broadcast on TV in nineteen fifty five originally. So also this is the ninth live action phone produced by Walt Disney productions, because we know that we've switched over to Walt Disney productions still are KO. No more. See ya. Buffalo Shia. So there wasn't too many fun facts, but I got some. It's harder sometimes like especially Davy Crockett. You think it'd be fine, you know. But I don't know. All right. So fuss Parker Davy Crockett and Jeff Yar who played Mike Fink later, go on to be in Disney's all yeller which rooming on, but they never actually seen together in that movie wear. Yes. So there will minute, but they're also both in westward ho the wagons together. Yes, thank you are correct? Oh yeah, yes, they are. I don't remember comes out. I think it comes out after this. It does. We are recording. We're preparing for our trip guys. Sorry, we're all out of order. It's all good. So as mega this movie was actually two episodes of the TV show spliced together and released as feature film. Walt Disney film show in color, even though few color TV's being sold as of this time. And as a result on his Davy Crockett episodes could be turned into instant movies by stitching associated. So kinda just like so on TV they were broadcasting black and white. I guess that's what gen that's what drew people into it. That was the those literally, the only difference in the theater because listening, I guess it could have been shown in color, but not many people had colors. Most people saw it lacking late. Only the rich people had TV's in colors. True. I asked I was talking to my mom today. Actually. She asked she called was like, oh, what movie are you doing tonight as like Davy Crockett and the river pirates? Have you ever seen it? And she's like, no. And I'm like, mom, you grew up in the fifties and sixties how you not seen any of these movies that I'm talking about. You void Davy Crockett. That's kind of what she's like. You need ask your dad. I wonder if he liked it and I was like, yeah, maybe. But like then I was asking her, I was like, you didn't watch. The TV show wasn't like super popular. You know, like I mean, I know that she was definitely part of the Beatles craze. So like n people to sort of craze and she's like, Meg, we didn't even have a color TV and house like, oh, yeah, you lived with. At one point near light. She's like, we didn't have as many TV's as we have in a household. Now back that we had one in my dad hog it all the time I was likely should heal that. My little brother asked me one time. He's like Kate TV's in color. When you were little. Words, walking light when you're little. No old is your brother. He at the time. He was like ten when he asked me. You know when your kid, you think anybody who's all like old? Are you kidding? My dad just turned sixteen first birthday. My brother and I came up with the idea to jokingly do a dinosaur theme because we told them that we are convinced you around when the dinosaurs roamed the. I think that, but we did that to my dad, but my dad thought it was hilarious. You also his cake was a roll of toilet paper with poop, cupcakes. You can see where I probably get some of my sense of humor. Well, thank God for that. 'cause we. Thanks. So the actor who played Jaakko who's the dude with the cigar in the banjo gets Georgie drunk at the bar. He gained fame in the role of the heroic air force captain battling alien in the thing from another world. But what I thought was weird was like he has run hair. It kept him from lead roles in color films. So he was fine in like black and white foams, but it was color just because he had run here. You can't control that did not have die back then what are they have against gingers man. No, I have no idea. I look genders. Sickening laboring too much attention. I don't know what am I favor? It beings in the world is ginger teddy Arcadi cat so's my kidding. Oliver. Yes. My he brought this operate in credit country at California's Zealand park guests can explore the rivers of America on DV Crockett's explorer canoes soda? Those called the keeling. No, those are different. So actually the kiln the keelboats are not like a ride anymore. They used to, but they closed. They were in magic kingdom and Disneyland at one point, but they're not around anymore lame. Yeah. So, yeah, they wanna news, but you literally can like ride a canoe. Well, you know, what do that coming up Katie? How long ago did you do this. Oh, so Crockett's tavern at Walt DisneyWorld for wilderness resort and campground serves pizza wings nachos from. I don't think that deviate those things. I don't think so either. I think he ate like record record score bar and our our. Guests at Disneyland resort, Paris cabins at Disney's, Davy, Crockett ranch. I think that would be really cool especially for you guys because you guys call frontier lender home because he worked there. Maybe there will stay whenever we go to Disneyland Paris and couple years. We're planning on going there for thirtieth birthday. Oh my gosh. Oh yeah. You guys are thirty soon. Hey, not that soon. All right. Two years giving to Ukraine. I got to you got four. Robin, it's okay before it'll be here before you know it. I don't want to be. Okay. Lastly, so this is answering my question had before guests were able to ride Mike fakes kill, votes Disneyland from nineteen fifty five to nineteen ninety seven and at Disney World magic kingdom from nineteen seventy one to two thousand one. The name of the boats from the movie gully whimper Crockett's vote. Bertha may also served as the names for those votes. People. Yep, Yep. So apparently that was around like when I went to magic kingdom and I literally have no memory of it while you. I don't imagine with my mom and dad, your mom, and she knows she did. Rocket. Nobody. Like I, I guess. Okay. So. Twenty thousand leagues under the sea chemo awhile ago. But on that other sewed ice said that I had never gone on twenty thousand leagues under the DisneyWorld because I always thought that I was scared of it. Maybe I was scared of it deep down, but I never voiced it, but my mom said that we never went on it because it was always closed. It was always broken. So I wonder if like we never did the kill votes because they, I don't know. Maybe they like weren't open all the time or something. Maybe they were seasonal. You know how sometimes they'll make attractions, seasonal will remember how we talked about the close twenty thousand leagues because the maintenance was so high to drain it like two or three times a year. So maybe every time he goes went that was just like when they were draining it because I don't know. We could have gone like at the same time every year every other year. I don't know. Maybe it wrong. Maybe that's why I don't know what the keyboards are. I don't think that we ever really even went over to Tom Sawyer's island. Whenever I was little, we mostly just stuck to the regular frontier. Lynn, regular run to your land. The mainland. I'm a bad frontier, Lander. I've never been on Tom singer island I've only been on. Okay. We'll get to that whenever and I never really, really until I work there because I can five into his new once-powerful were and it was New Year's Eve when I went to magic kingdom the first time. So magin how many rights actually got to ride that day on. I rode space mountain and that was that that's a feat. Yeah. Well, we got fast passes for that in big thunder, but big thunder was during the fireworks show, and we couldn't even cross ticket to it. It's probably a good thing that the kill boats don't exist anymore because I would write on them and be obnoxious and be like, I'm gonna get me or bar. I. They're covering insiders. All can never mind. I don't need to go. Why can't they be butterflies. On here powder. Alrighty directors. We've got old Davy back again Davey you just can't not like he's a really awesome character. I think this is like I like it better in this film than the last one. I think because I feel like you get to see a different side of him in this one. I think pre wife pre, right? So it's like Davey Fru adventure, right? This is like thirty years before the regional, though he looks exactly the same right going since I think not. But yeah. No, that was what I noticed too. I was like, oh, like the stadium where he's more adventurous like any other time. You know the earlier stuff in the first movie, he was like doing stuff. I family in the this. It's like he did doing it for him because he's the terminate seen lying. What reason would there to be go on a keelboat race? You know, I mean, like. Looking for something to do, and he, I don't think he ever would have done that. Had he had a family back home because it took him a couple days right? It's months simply three months ago, like when he got captured by the Indian to settle, I thought three months ago. But he, yeah, I just finished that movie like ten minutes ago agreements ago. However, I will argue he left us a lot. He did. So we probably would still done it. What about yours? Giorgis like the right hand, man. He's also do whatever Davis can we talk about Georgy like in the cave with the white men who the bad guys was Arleigh Muslim. Yeah, he, okay. My one of my favorite parts will get more in depth to this, but whenever like he is watching daily while they is like looking in that room, that's the treasure and the the one bag is like trying to take swings Adam, but you like just ducks every time like miss getting. But he he's like keeping the bad guys of bay without even knowing that he's keeping them at bay. You know what I mean? That's just Georgie. Abyan drugs. You dislike. They're like, Meghan, Katie. Yeah, perfect. Perry, I wanna be Davey good to be Jordan cover figured figured I'm the leader almost Levin to be the leader. Whose leader of the club is made for you and me Griff Nour's Kate, you. Mickey mouse. My mom does better. She doesn't a lot better. I, I've been trying for my nephew, but he seems to think it's Donald Duck and he laughs whenever I. Speaking Mickey Mouse, I'm wearing Mickey Mouse. I saw I saw unto incidentally, I just was like randomly word today. The school. How about Mike? Think. Mike fake character grew on me adversely did not like him at all. Yeah, he is definitely one that grows on you. He'd because he is, I think he's putting up a facade for the beginning of the movie like, oh, you know, I've got this reputation up. Hold reputation. Oh, Mike thing. I got to dish. And he's gonna ride to kill. But he loses. Oh yeah. Taylor slipped parody right here in it's being sung by somebody with bronchitis. So I hope that you'll enjoy that. You might have just got nominated for Grammy mug? I think so maybe I'll my date will be Taylor. Sorry, cage cues. Georgie to your daisy. Get. So my Bank, he, yeah, he's a jerk in the beginning upholding this design on reputation that he's got. But then when he loses, he kinda liked becomes more real. You know, he's like, oh, Kay. You know, you got me. I'll eat my hat. And he ate his, hey, you literally eight was words and his head. Makes me think of that kid who was a bullying high school who grew up, but never grew up in the beginning. At least like he just actually kiss to be like big man on the playground. Yes. He can't even looks like a child like a man does no guy, but then he does like, you know, literally, does he just words? So like I said, he'd grows on you 'cause it I just has. I think he has the most about -ment. Out of any other character is at the end, you know, he becomes like an ally, and he's like, oh, well, you could be king the frontier. I'm still king of the river right. Then he gets golden canon. The canon. Already. So Jaakko. Name. He is the banjo guy. So he is okay question. Is he actually a part of like the bad guy gang? Okay. That's thought, no, he's a part of his Lytham Mike Fink? Yeah, not the bad guy. Now the Bagai, but like, oh, I Don think spoke as Mike Fink spoke. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know. He's funny his reactions to stuff refunding like whatever the whatever Davies vote would pull ahead at like when it shouldn't have survived, like he was the one who would look over his jaw drop everytime. Oh my God. I just thought of the perfect comparison for Mike. Thanks like acting. Okay. So every just use that this, that made me think of it. So every time Davies vote would come in like he'd be just ahead of him or like he'd think that they died in like, oh my God, they're, they are. He reminds me of like bad wrestling acting. How like looks at the boat and he's just like frantically what? What? Oh, my God. If like overreacting, acting evening. The Freising and the fighting. Yeah, he's like own gonna swing at you. Duck on a new would be like Hollywood hit and through people like there's no way anyone could do that real life. Even bodybuilders can even probably had like they'd be dead. This this David cracker film slash TV show. This one was like way more comical, which I read about that one looking for fun, fax to like right off the bat, there's more jokes yet. I think I can see how you can kind of see how the so did these shows come out before the other day? The Crockett. I don't think so now. So this is the correct order. They came out later even though they were prequel. Yeah. 'cause I was gonna say it's kinda like you can see the progression of the show in like how the actors are more comfortable in roles. You can see the more comfortable acting together and you can see how they've kind of taken on more of the persona. They're characters are kind of doing their own thing. I think they just see more comfortable in it all around. Yeah, yeah. I mean everything. Everything's were comical. Goodbye. And I can see how like people that time would just eat this up even more, you know, like they're in love with Davy and then now he's like a more like fun and loose pastime Deidre. So I'm gonna see like kids, you know, of an a and I guess it kind of fits because Dave is younger. He's supposed to be younger here. So he's like joking around more yellow, more immature. The twenty. Look like fifty. Yeah, he's awesome. Yeah, he is awesome. He's a BA napn assume that means from children, but we know what it means. Okay. So next his canton big ass. Yeah. Can you know the while? Do. Captain cub dude, that guy, he's like the equivalent of the guy from the shore in bug's life, but like more enemies. Chess player. He just he reminds me weirdly of the old guy from The Hunchback of Notre Dame when he's like, I'm free free and then he gets trapped in the trap. Again, you know what I'm talking about now. I haven't seen that movie in Seoul long. Oh my gosh. Well, that's like one of my favorites and I watched it a couple days ago actually. And after watching him like outcome clueless, he just reminded me of that old guy after watch that movie that really longtime, but the music from that movie. And when you do your episode on that, you'll know exactly who I'm talking about. Yeah, he reminds me of captain Cobb. They thinks that like he wasn't supposed to be as funny as he was. But like he is like an old dudes like his old Dan acting dislike was cute in like that old person. That makes sense. Oh, yeah. Best part when he sneezed in that rotor went flying Katie. I'm I like happen. I was looking. I was jacket shopping for our trip on Amazon and Katie was like, Meg, you just missed the best part. And I was like, oh, what was it? And then she's like, no, you have to watch it it so that I can. Sounds about right that you'd be Jack chopping while watching movie. Yeah. Well, I didn't realize that Iceland was going to be forty degrees while there's we need like real. Iceland for two. Yeah. Shaller's. So those killed on seltzer. Yeah, the beluga whales next to us. Okay. So favorite character in scene for me is again Davey. I just I can't straight from him. He needs a shave though? No, I kinda liked it. I like a little facial hair too, but it has that more like the gristle like the wild frontier con. Exactly. Like he is, you know, using an old razor just in the wild and he can't sharp in it. So he's just getting as good as he can. You know, like how my facial hair is right now, just kidding. Exactly. Like him. Favorite scene. I think is gonna be the bar scene where like Davey and Mike Fink are going at it not well, I guess not going at it, but Mike Fink does the thing where he likes shoots the gun from behind him, hits the pan, and then like hits the glass on the Cup on his head in the Davydova thing where healing catches it in his mouth when he doesn't really do it. I love that scene because it was like, first of all, it was just the chemistry of Davy and Georgie like they were reading each other like so, well, David just say like, hey, cover for me in Georgie, just go like he, no, he knew that he hit that thing with SAS Brill in it. But like George just went and plugged it up for him so that they would think he caught it in his mouth. Fair. Yeah, you know they were out there making sure that they could leave whenever that whole little scene was finished. It was just, it was funny. I liked it. That was all you stole everything. He still everything I'm going to is my favorite picture though. He grew on me elected last, but he grow even more with this one. And that is my favorite scene. I think it's kinda funny because so Davey like pretends the catch it in his mouth and like wiles everybody. But then like in Davy Crockett the wealth frontier. He could probably pull something like that off against his older self, like he just things just come to him. He doesn't have to try like whatever he sets his mind to like, he's just call. It just happens. You know, he's very confident. I feel like that would have been like a real life thing. Thirty years ahead of time. I agree. Yeah. Well, I'm gonna go to because Meghan stole Davey. Of course, Dave was my favorite, but actually, Mike think grew on me in the movie. And at the end, I really liked him as a character like just because the character development and my favorite scene was actually when they were fighting in the water with the Indians at the second time in actually, my favorite part was right went on, Mike think was about, like you tried punching moose, which is like the. Mousse is like the lug. Guyane thinks team is, but we used to. Just thought it was over dramatic. So I thought was really funny. That was probably my favorite scene also the bar, but I didn't want to sound like I'm copying you guys. I need to quote will something else I did the cop out, but really that was my favorite. Okay, least favorite character seen least favorite character is gonna have to be like the head honcho of the bad guys who are like, pretending to be Indians. He. Scumbag like just a total scumbag and. Least favorite scene. I don't know if I really have. Okay. Let me let me think. Least favorite scene, I guess. I don't know. No, I don't have one I didn't. I didn't dislike anything that I watched in honestly, in this one like nothing made may super mad in this movie either. You know, like there have been parts in movies that have come up recently where it's like, oh, that super controversial. That bothers me. I mean, obviously it was controversial that they're white people imitating Indians to try and get away with crime. That sucked. So I guess just the whole concept of that was sucky, but. Davy fix it, like he does. David. Least favorite. I'm gonna have to go with Mike think even though he the girl, but his laughs made me wanna like punch him in the face. He probably just blew people's eardrums out. Will he blew my eardrums out when I was watching the movie so blame? It was kind of like a maniacal laugh, but it wasn't high pitched. It was just like a some kind of fake. It was. Yeah, he made think of like the guy that plead can't think of this name the pirate gun from Treasure Island. But like that was that persona was okay because he's a pirate. So he's array animated, but that's kinda like how he was reminded me a lot of that. Yeah, we stay early release favor seen adul- like the term in GM into no jn Rudman pirate. You know that. But. Yeah. The other other frontier. Ishmael VI's have been worse toward the news. I think agrees. Yes. Although, obviously not cool for you know, white man to be drying and making the Indians lives worse. You know, show Megan seem like they're bad guys. Yeah, you know. And we wonder why there was conflict. America markelle. Nile lease to character was there was two Samuel Mason, of course, jerk wad and then colonial plugged, the singing guy. I really didn't like him. He was also a scumbag. He was a scumbag like he joined their boat to try to like sing to the bad guys. What was on the boat, which he there was really gold on it. Of course, we know that he was like goal, yeller, gold. I'm just like that was my least favorite scene is just when he was singing. I'm usually like I like music and movies and stuff like I'm a former singer my day and usually like that stuff. But like for him, I was just like really annoyed with him. I kinda wanted to punch him in the face and I never wanna punch anyone in. Yeah, he was. He was annoying. I can tell soon as I saw on the screen. I'm like, he's involved with the bad people. Yeah, I had a feeling. Who way to bring me back to my senior high school events. All righty. What we took away from it. Don't mess with Davy. Right. Honestly Davies be, hey, I mean, he's hanging the wild frontier. Nobody can take that away from him and. Don't pretend to be something that you're not. Yeah. They have confidence liberal life. Yeah. Hashtag preach AMA all day. Took away. I liked this movie last minute, like. Botts on it. It was a good it was. I liked this better than the first one I do too. I think this as a kid, I probably would've enjoyed watching this, but more than the other one, the other one would afford me, but, but I still be other one kid. So I I have, but I never saw this one by the other one as a kid. I wish they had on the keelboats at magic kingdom. I feel like this one was more Disney than the first one. Yeah, yeah. More rarely Hume wall humor. You know it gave you that Disney vibe, blaming the other one. I mean, again, it was good. Obviously it had the craze, people loved it, but it was a little bit more serious than this one at time or dry. Yeah, this one was definitely a little more fun than let loose a little bit. Like I said, the acting was better better. More comfortable? Yeah. This one more like a TV special regard. Yeah. Yeah. Tell that there were clearly to cut stories in this. Yeah, because like it was the end of the keelboat race in we, we both kind of looked at each other like they're still a half hour left of this movie. Oh. That was the ending. And then like another story picked up. It's like, oh, that's the division in the two TV specials basically that they were trying to together. So you kind of feel that a little bit, but it didn't really bother me too much. Once the second story started picking up. I butter keelboat race was definitely more exciting and the river pirates. I was still having a TV in memo on for the river boat the whole time. Like, are they gonna win? They better win one. They want they're gonna win the Disney, the Disney movie. It's not like those movies where it's like he other team wins, and you see like their disappointment on their faces and you're like this disneyesque at all right. Special call out when they're on the keelboat. Like we're sinking. Oh, you didn't realize two seconds later. You're like underwater, right. I think we're thinking are you sure. Oh, don't go on your own. He was like the bear. Yeah, he really goes Woodson. Listen to the. All right. Doesn't remember. Yeah. Okay. So this week comes from kill, c. dawn. Whoa, thank you. Heavy just to the headphones on my year. Clancy Katie. Keep my hands to myself. So Kelsey says, hey ladies, I'm really new to the podcast world and only started listening to them because my commute to work each day is over an hour and a half one way. Whoo crazy in your own star mega episodes longer for you. One defined shows I'm interested in in one of my searchers was Disney. I found your show in fell in love with the bubbly in charming approach to the show that literally gives me Disney feels. I love hearing the Disney memories in wanted to share one of my own actually actually didn't realize this as my favorite until I started thinking about it when I was fifteen entire family. My parents, my sister nanna Papa. My two cousins aunt and uncle car pooled from Ontario Canada to DisneyWorld in Florida hall. Man. There was so much that love and sharing it with my family was amazing. However, it wasn't until I was struggling with my own anxiety. Depression that I found out my mom was experiencing episodes during our trip in actually went to the hospital. I knew mom was feeling well, but did not understand the extent. They tried to hide it for my sister and I looking back at photos in knowing what I know now I have so much admiration and respect for my parents. My dad took it upon himself to go on every single ride with me and do absolu-. Everything on my list, my mom, even though she was struggling, didn't let that stop her from sharing the magic with us as much as she could. My first time meeting Mickey. I got a picture with him and my mom and my favorite movie Allison wonderland the teacup ride with my dad. I'm truly grateful for the family. I have been blessed with MetroPCS. Disney will forever be deeper part of my family history. That I think has brought us closer. Thanks again for your podcasts. Makes Toronto terrific. Enjoyable and medical. That is a different take on the Disney magic and I love it. Yeah. Your mom sounds like a very strong woman? Yes. And your dad to for like picking up the slack there and making sure that you got to do everything you wanted to do, not let it not let anything interrupt your trip as a trial because yeah. Yep. Yeah, in thank you for sharing. Yeah, thank you. If you'd like to have your Disney memory featured on the show, please Email us a grownup kids, podcasts, Jimoh dot com. Give anything even remotely Disney released it. You could be like I was walking on the street in cloud shaped like Mickey MacKay me feels school. Assigned mostly. Perfect. Because like who bear started that whole trend of looking for the right. I still look for mcleod's. Yeah. All. I saw lion Miller day. Remember that rowing line at it was awesome. So send your memory our way, and we'll be sure to feature on a future episode. Bank you, Tim as always. You're welcome. Oh, I just remembered ROY one in Mita. Tell that might catchphrase story or whatever. When I went. I just remembered now on c. because I promised where I put in the subsoil. So now you could hear my Disney memory of being cast member. So as probably most of you who listen, probably, no, I was one of those overexcited cast members, particularly in frontier land that was like really when I experienced magical working there. And anytime I would see guest with the Disney button and they looked either miserable or like I could tell like they had no one was like giving them any attention because at the but none in generally the buttons are because you either really want attention or your parents really want to embarrass you. Either one, like it's true like that's why you wear the buttons and Meghan noses from many, many, many times with me, and she probably got very, very annoyed from this as many as it. You did. A few of our college program friends would yell at me for doing this now. They don't have Disney magic if they all day. 'cause this is amazing every guest, I'm sure appreciate it. Oh, I know. Oh, I know I still sober get flashbacks so whatever shop, whatever shop I was in, I would announce to the whole store that it was this person's birthday, and I would force them to sing happy birthday. Like I had. This was the last splashdown photos because like a ton of people would come in there after they. All right. Yeah, I'll have to be like attention, splash photo attention. We got a birthday today. Their name is blah, blah, blah. And then it'd be awesome to all happy birthday. And then it got really intense where I don't know if you remember this during the summer. One of the seasonal girls read a birthday frontierland song and I sang it like one time in the manage run. You can't use it, and it was so good. Like it was frontier land themed, and I wish we would have been able to use it probably would have still in use to this day. Oh, I don't know if anybody does anymore in frontier land, but I know like there's other things that I used to do in frontierland that I've seen or heard, particularly like my girlfriend just went to DisneyWorld and there were some splash mountain like thanks for dropping in. And I remember I started that like wrote it. They said that I'm like. Look at that like. Making your Mark see like that? Yes, those are the cast members. People remember you are in someone's Disney memory. Couple. Photo albums because some parents to take pictures with me after I sing to their kids. So like they're, you know, around the dinner table or whatever, be like one time we got off slash in that crazy. Cast member made the whole shop sing every and it's gonna bring that back. That's amazing. Yeah, there needs to be you're, you're like over that makes the impression linked. You. Thank you. I've been Issing his lately. Yeah. Yeah, I haven't been back for five years, so I really been missing lately. To go, but I know you are extremely busy and working toward the. Yes, yes, I get it. I get. Well, thank you as always too late inaugural, always busy. Working meantime for us. Oh, it was my pleasure. I enjoy doing this podcast. They really do. It's a lot of fun. It's also made us talk more often yet. Oh, I like it does make us talk more often because usually we only keep in touch when one of us is visiting the other one, and that's about it. And then like, but recently we've like kept more in touch like, you know more what's going on in my life than I think I do sometimes. It's true. Roles. She knows more about everybody they know about themselves including me. She just keeps Amponsah how she does. I'm good memory. I do you work in marketing like I'm a marketing major in like sometimes I'm good with that stuff like when I have to be, but like like it's something marketing people like I can't be good with it when I'm not drowning in books and. Working fulltime it. I'm not going to bash my job on the Todd cast like where I work very stressful job, managing high school kids. So, yeah, you kind of. Well. So grownup kids can be found on pod. I tunes Google Playstore Stitcher tune in and Spotify. Why'd you scroll up? I'm sorry. No, my line. Make sure you subscribe could be sure to get our latest episode as soon as it's valuable. This episode comes out on our last day in England. Oh, oh, man to everyone. Listening today were sent. 'cause really leaving this trip we've been talking about for like literally ten years. Yeah, I won't be said I should be done with midterms by the time is up. Episode already, guys, you can find on all the different social media channels on Facebook at grownup kids, Disney podcast and Twitter, Instagram at grownup kids pod. You can also support us on patriotic at patriot dot com forward slash grownup kids pod. If you had on over to our Facebook discussion group, I've also posted a document with our list of movies that we're gonna be watching with the availability to be on the show. So make sure that you check that out if you want to join us just comment on the post Email us at grownup kids pod cast or messages on Facebook, and we will get you on enough Assode don't know out. Yes, easy. You got Skype. You've got headphones. You're in. So thank you guys so much for listening and make sure to watch secrets of life ahead of next week's episode and don't forget adults for only kids grown up. This happy place. Welcome. Disneyland your land. Relived memories of the past. And here you favor the challenge in promise of the future.

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