Richard Pryor Jr.


How do you keep your family healthy this season when it feels like everyone around you is getting sick comes in tablets Syrup chewables or my kids favorite the great tasting Gumy's some this hey everybody it's sunny and Shar and two thousand nineteen well so much for being thank you for having me Oh my goodness it was it's lake it's just amazing but you've had quite the life Oh Yeah Bravo my great grandma ran broth on grandmother was a prostitute your grandma pimp and then I had an aunt great aunt who is a you're just all the time day time period really did you have like a when I was younger I'd be like is maxine there and I'm like no she's inside turn on a trick what could I get you crazy is that where this all went on or wow and you went to public school their school yeah in a prior life and does this have all this information in it plus and he was going to help me like write the book and he wanted he was embellishing stories John's grave through the publisher bear manor media that's in the Animal B. E. A. Little Panda bear on the back of it but okay so produce him on stage those are great times great members George Thirteen fourteen in that range I would go out there during the summers out to California during this summer's he's asked me did I want to introduce him on stage I was introduced you would do anything realized he was a celebrity you know it really no no it didn't had gone to a factory to work right yeah that's really I didn't know that or anything like that I was excited to be a part of that journey and I all over yeah what what did I read that you were are you traveling now as well a yesterday last evening I had an unveiling and they Hollywood Museum they unbuilding awesome books and that's fantastic in did you sign them yes I did do you have another book ear life dot Com list all the interviews I've ever done and it's Ohio Oh thank you that's great and you know if you want we okay so the color purple mm-hmm it was actually like the first film project I actually worked on because the prior film wasn't more my father's films so it was great working and the yeah yeah yeah in was where was this in I was doing the drugs there when I came back it was like I was way and get money from her and drugs to buy drugs or oh me she said Richard do you remember when he came to my house and everything and I said no I don't remember thank God you didn't know d I mean like you're a miracle Oh you take care of me for six months to pound three ounces and then I dropped Paulhamus an could hold me and they will take newborn diapers and cut newborn you know it's a girl a mother said what did I have a freak onto the book yeah and long and so you sing yes sing and act okay it wasn't that I was at that time I'm not now act this is how life is with how but I I like I have this feeling can Asians and they come in and give you information because I feel like they're telling me that Oh oh and you need to in sometimes when we dream of of our had I had a feeling it was so what to like within the last year the dreams were always very very peaceful now and I remember actually even I think think that means that you're on your way to the top in this I feel you will actually last night there was a lady I go to I teach at Westlake oh have this feeling you're supposed to get on speaking circuit or have somebody organized did you ever play was there ever movie about your Dad I don't know no but uh I'm in the process now of adapting my book into a one man show where I would play all the are you traveling with it Lay New York oh that's where I live that's where you live in New York would they do an off Broadway have and all that I feel like your mom is I feel your mom more than Your Dad Yeah I've always into you oh wow would that make sense makes a lot of sense and he nov is the thing that I was so much aware of a lot of things but it totally you like he he's he's apologizing for this he might have been a little competitive make people and then maybe it was a thing because you know there's a thing and yeah well whatever that German saying is is that's how I because he knows he knows he was the things you can go the way he couldn't low longer express itself well that had to be yeah it but you're always kind to him yeah always 'cause you're the healer hospice nurse wow because especially after my mother passed it was really who was the same way and And I always Mary or Marie Brothel later get out she's very strong she's so power Oh wow she's definitely in did you know I feel like she's telling me this like she was she wanted she was going to like help under that was set up with the twenty six year old woman yeah very very young age is adding your oh I'm sure you forgive your dad though you forgive my dad did but he was exactly exactly amy a barbecue right now water no because I know I cook so are you are you a good off and everything this is weird because that's it that's a barbecue sauce mother's father Oh my goodness I wanNA taste that thought about it before Oh my goodness okay yeah yeah so wow like three days before my birthday wow yeah he's definitely he's gotta it's a family secret is there brown sugar in it I could taste of I don't know there's some kind of either worcestershire sauce or something you got what you need to go like on one of those cooking shows Promote Cup this is my this is my fifth time so it oh so your mom had a problem with you being so he he was in drag for a while yet I and my mother and my aunt my mother's sister they actually came to one of my shows wow I didn't want to be a you know she knew that it was entertaining how I'm reading for the drag queens and I it took a lot of guts in the eighties it start I actually started in Norfolk Virginia as amazing that's I enjoyed the friends of mine they got paid by the tabloids to out me world and ended up eighty three Syl outage you because you were Richard Pryor son can be so cruel yeah I was like the lead story on Maury Povich is current affair at that time oh a sisters went through it a lot my sister's Peoria because I have three sisters on them that was mean busters being teased in school and I want to go to school and it now pretty much told me I don't even know if it was a thing where he agreed or not but it was a thing where he told me whatever I even if he didn't agree with this something he wasn't going to crush me even more right pull him out that you know that right now so I'm learning a little bit more about it and no actually I actually one time I walked I was working at a bar one time and the weight I I'm reading here we have at the same time as you were your psychiatrist Gatty they ask you like what are you gonNa what you're going to be was your care going to be and when my psychiatrist Saito to visit a friend of mine and I was walking down the hall and I turn to the patient payphones because they know I'm just happen they crazy crazy flow they had the best food O always order out of here I was that was in there for brain a little brain surgery and stuff like and I remember going to his room and he had a sweet screaming on top of your car you did that yeah why did you do that done and I did it and

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