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From Washington DC. This is Westwood. One daily Daily News for December Seventeenth Twenty nineteen. I'm John Trout. The house this week gets ready for a history making vote on impeachment and then the focus turns to the the Senate correspondent Linda. Kenyon has the story Senate Democrats believe strongly that the trial must be fair and it's very important that the American people the judge to be fair Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer at a news conference on Capitol Hill Monday saying that's why he wants to sit down and discuss the plan for the impeachment trial in the Senate Annette which is all but certain wants the house votes this week on impeachment leader. McConnell has finally said that he wants to sit down and talk and I am. I am very eager and willing to do that as I said. We WanNA come up with a fair trial with the facts. Come out that's why. He says he wants to call four witnesses acting White House chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney Mulvaney senior adviser Robert Blair Office of Management and budget official Michael Duffy and former national security adviser. John Bolton we don't know what kind of evidence they will present was that they might present exculpatory evidence that helps president trump it may be incriminating against the president but they should be heard. Many Republicans are saying the time to call fact. Witnesses was during the impeachment hearings in the House. It is not they say the job of the Senate to go after additional witnesses who have not testified prior to the Senate trial nonsense says Senator Schumer have witnesses. That's what trials are all about. Humor also says Republicans argued more about process process than the actual charges against the president which are abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Republican Representative Mike Johnson begs to differ them presented any direct evidence evidence to show that the president was involved in any crime and Johnson says the impeachment charges against trump are nothing like the charges against previous presidents who faced impeachment and each one of those. There were specific criminal acts that there was a mountains of evidence to prove had been committed. We don't have that here. Some Republicans say if Democrats want to call witnesses. They might call call some of their own like the whistle blower for example but on CBS. Face the nation this weekend Republican Senator Lindsey Graham loyal trump allies said personally. He's not interested. I am clearly made up my mind. I'm not trying to hide the fact that I have disdain for the accusations in the process so I don't need any witnesses. The president can make a request to call witnesses they can make a request call. Mike Pants POMPEII. Oh and Joe Biden Hunter Biden. I am ready to vote on the underlying articles. I don't really need to hear a lot of witnesses. After the house. Votes on impeachment on Wednesday the scene will shift to the Senate which is planning to begin the impeachment trial in early January. Sorry Linda Kenyon Washington former New York. Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been making the rounds again in Ukraine and Bob Costantini reports. The president seems to still view Giuliani as his personal lawyer. President trump would only say rudy. Giuliani didn't tell him much about the personal attorneys. Recent trip to Ukraine Giuliani. Liane is a firm believer in the theory that Ukraine actually hacked democratic campaigns in two thousand sixteen in order to help Hillary Clinton and he's been lobbying Ukrainian officials to launch investigations into Hunter Biden. It's assumed the former New York City mayor met with the president on Friday at the White House though press aides would not confirm it. He's a great person in who loves our country and he does this out of love but he does it out of love. He sees what goes on and he sees what's happening. He sees all of the hoax. That happens when they talk about impeachment impeachment hawks who are the Russian collusion delusion even some Republicans on Capitol Hill questioned. Why Giuliani would go to Ukraine in the middle of the impeachment? Controversy centered on what. The president meant went asking Ukraine's leader for a favor in the phone. Call Mr Trump told Vladimir's alinsky rudy. Very much knows what's happening and he would have Giuliani phone him. That was in July after Giuliani's first visit to associates. who were helping the lawyer gain entree to Ukrainian officials have been indicted for campaign finance fraud? He was quoted in New Yorker magazine article and saying former. US Ambassador to Ukraine. Marie Ivanovich needed to be pushed quote out of the way because because she was an impediment to the investigations. Giuliani was trying to get started regarding. Democrats Bob Costantini. Washington considered a victory for people who choose to live on the streets. Jim Roope reports the. US Supreme Court ops not to review an appellate court ruling reverberating across several Western states dates. It all began about a decade ago when a lawsuit was filed against Boise. Idaho's ordinance that allowed police to ticket people sleeping on the streets even if there were beds available at shelters shelters people don't want to be in the shelters and that's a really simple version of the argument against the Ordinance Attorneys for six homeless people who filed the lawsuit back in two thousand nine charged the ordinance cruel and unusual punishment because for example. The behavior of some people with mental illness who are homeless are not welcomed in the shelters because at the very least they are disruptive at the very most could cause harm to someone else or themselves Lawrence Banks Drum. A homeless man in Boise tells the cities K. O. B. I.. TV that the shelters are not a good fit for others. They're noisy people are constantly snoring. Coughing somebody gets sick. They start passing it around. Another argument made in the lawsuit is that some shelters have religious requirements in that shelters require guests to attend services that might be contrary to their individual beliefs. This is an argument. Bill Roscoe with the Boise rescue mission flatly denies at least and they're not our policy. We won't do that so I'm frustrated that in that decision once again. It's claimed that our shelters require people to attend religious services in order to be served. It's just not true and it's very frustrating that after all this time that's still being said after through the night circuit's ruling that agreed with plaintiffs at the practice of ticketing. The homeless as cruel and unusual it was appealed to the US Supreme Court which decided Monday it will not review leaving the Ninth Circuit Court's ruling intact which affects all states within the Ninth Circuit Jurisdiction. Nine Western states and to Pacific island jurisdictions. Jim Roope Los Angeles in sports drew brees became the NFL's all time leader in touchdown passes throwing for four scores to lead the New Orleans. Saints to thirty four four seven victory over the Indianapolis colts straight from the Saints Mouth Monday night. Football playing the colts. Right the team that you know we. We won the Super Bowl against ten years ago. So the the whole all super bowl forty four team is back for the anniversary and and obviously national television. You know big game and now you know that record in the balance as well. There's Mr Breeze the scoring broke peyton. Manning's record of five hundred thirty nine career touchdown passes Westwood One Daily News Tuesday December Seventeenth Twenty nineteen. I'm I'm John Trout.

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