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Episode 19: StubHub Ticket Floors, New York, New York


Episode number nineteen inside season. Two of the pinstripe planes podcast is brought to you by my tax refund. As little as it is at least it can cover the cost of doing this thing. Welcome to the pinstripe lanes podcast. Here's radio host and lifelong Yankees fan ralphie overs. Trad? Welcome to episode. Number nineteen the pinstripe lanes podcast. I am just surprised as you are that we are three weeks into the new gangqi season three weeks into the new season of the pinstripe lanes podcast. And we have dropped a podcast every single episode. We've had a guest every single episode as well flashback to the first episode of the season with Giancarlo Stanton and last week, Gary Sheffield, and of course, everybody Jimmy MacKay of the pint cast no Jimmy this week. Although we could use them to continue to break down, the new Severino news and all the other. I mean Sanchez. We're taping this during the Astros Yankees game. The finale, hopefully, we avoid the sweep Sanchez out of the lineup because he's got some tightness. But they don't think he's going to go on the I L four it just one thing after another. It's just try to get to look we'll the all star break at five hundred at this point. I mean what what are we doing here? Why do we doing? We'll tell you what we're doing this week on the show. We have a special guest this week a surprise guest this week as we talk later in the episode about Frank's. Sinatra's New York New York about. Being played at Yankee Stadium for wins and losses will talk a little bit about Kate Smith, and God bless America to and now the fact that that hasn't been featured at the stadium this season and a surprise guest will join us during that conversation. I will not tell you who before we get to that conversation, though, we'll talk about stub hub ticket floors. We talked about this a little bit in last season to the pinstripe planes podcast. The fact that there are minimum set for every level of tickets sold on stubhub for Yankees game. So we'll talk about the floors. That are set what your best bang for the buck is what you're looking for when you're trying to get that good deal on a ticket for a game via stub hub. And then again, of course, the Frank Sinatra New York New York conversation with a special guest a surprise gust. You're probably not gonna guess who it is either. So don't even try just gotta listen episode number nineteen of the pinstripe lanes podcast. We get it. All right now. Number nineteen of the pinstripe planes podcast. And by the way, thank you for rating reviewing and subscribing on I tunes Google play. And wherever else you find podcast. That's where you could find us. If you stumble on a onto us via some other way, and maybe the place that you normally get podcasts. We don't we're not there. Let us know. We're not on iheart. I think I think we're going to change that soon. Hopefully. I were pretty much ever off. I think Spotify and the after mentioned apple and Google tune in. We we sent a request in a tune in. They weren't updating season two. They have since fixed that so tune in Stitcher Spotify and everywhere else. Okay. Something I noticed after the Yankees first homestand prices on stub hub, specifically the floors, which have changed a little bit. We touched on this last season. But basically, the Yankees a few years ago went to paperless. Ticketing? So meaning you had to either have the ticket on your phone or you had to get it from the box office or a TicketMaster outlet when they did that they got out of their partnership with stubhub. Stubhub was partnered at the time with pretty much everyone in the Yankees. We're trying to set a precedent by saying stub hub. You're not going to price our tickets at whatever price you want or whatever price the market dictates. We want to set that we want to set a certain value for the tickets. Therefore, we're not going to allow you guys access at least to the electronic tickets. You could still get a a hard ticket from stubhub. But of course, then they made it difficult. There was the whole lawsuit. Where stubhub was trying to set up an office close to Yankee Stadium. They had to go down by that mall and the parking garage ramp over there, which I walked to on a number of different occasions to get tickets nonetheless, halfway through the season, the Yankees realized that stubhub is in fact, a valuable partner more so than they thought and they switch things up. They they got back into a deal with stubhub it as a part of that deal they mandated, and this was kind of a first of its kind deal. I think stubhub is done it now for other teams in other leagues. But they mandated that stub hub set ticket floors for each tier of ticket. That is so the Yankee Stadium a ticket floor is basically saying, okay, I have this bleachers seat ticket and say, I'm a season ticket holder. And I just want to get rid of it. I can't list it for three dollars. There is a minimum that I have to list it for otherwise. I can't put it on stubhub. If. You're wondering for Bleacher tickets. I believe the minimum on that is nine or ten dollars. I have seen pinstripe pass tickets as low as six which is probably the best value when it comes to the ticket floors on stub hub. However, if you're if you wanna go premium, and you're trying to get a really good seat at a really cheap price. I think the best bang for your buck is going to be the champions level seats. Now, the champion seats are third base. First base in just into the outfield. They're just past the legend seats, which go from first to third along the infield. The first five rows the next section sections to the left and right of those respectively are the champion seats in the great thing about the champion seats the floor. Autumn's one fifty I think the face I wanna say is like three fifty maybe four hundred dollars a ticket. So the floor is one fifty if you can get them for one fifty it's really not a bad deal. Because in addition to yourself. And drinks and water and Dunkin donuts coffee and lots as that are included all your foods included as well. And it slightly elevated from your ballpark fare. Yeah. You have your hot dogs or sausage or French fries and your nachos. But you will get some sushi and some salads and some sandwiches and other things of that nature. Private restrooms bartenders full bar in-seat services. Well, so again as far as your bang for the buck and to compare it a legend seat the floor on those this year is three fifty which is one hundred dollars more than the season ticket price for a legend seat rela I'm trying to think of other clubs in the stadium the Jim beam sweet if you if you buy a ticket in that section that has the access the floor on those as fifty dollars. But again, you're only getting peanuts popcorn. And I don't even think you don't get soft drinks you get free refills in Jim beam. Delta sweet, you do get the peanuts and popcorn and you get free soft drinks to get the free coffee as well. But that floor is one fifty. Beautiful seats because you're right behind home. But you are in the two hundred level as opposed to the champion seats, which are feel level. So again, you've got the different floors. If your first of all, it's good to know that there are floors because if you're waiting it out before a game, you think a tickets to get cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. It might not it might have already hit its floor A B. It's good to know what the floors are. So that you can judge based on your budget for the game. And you know, again, a champion, obviously, if you're going to spend the one fifty and get the cheapest champions seat that you can you're going to go to the ballpark on an empty stomach. If you're meeting friends before the game for food, or what have you then maybe that's not going to be the case. But as far as again, the ticket floors, you get that pinstripe pass super cheap, and you get some of the grandstand tickets super cheap, but premiums sweet levels. You definitely want to go with champions. And I don't know if he's there because I haven't sat there yet this year. But my man bird is over in the think, it's the kettle one lounge along the first base line in the champion. Sweet. Please tell them we say Hello good, man. All right. When we come back. Frank Sinatra New York, New York, it's being played in the stadium for it's been happening. A while now for both wins and losses. We'll give you a little background on that. And a surprise guest. Joining us to talk about New York, New York which made headlines last year, there's a little bit of a clue for you more pinstripe planes podcast coming up next. And while the backup number nineteen inside season. Two of the pinstripe lanes podcast. I'm ralphie Aversa. Of course, you can find us at pinstripe lanes on all of your favorite social networks. If you hear a little Brislin in the background. We're not as soundproof the room that we tape. The someone's getting a little hot on the twenty first floor of our building here in the financial district. And so we crack the window open on a nice spring evening here in downtown Manhattan Yankees currently playing the Astros finishing up their series before off date, and they come back home White Sox home. In the Bronx this weekend. Take it on the Yankees Friday night, Bernie Williams bobblehead night. I would imagine burn baby burn will be in attendance as well for that. Maybe we'll even throw out the first pitch Yankees, by the way, just today Gardner there. You go solo Homer to lead things off a garden party in. All right. So I promise we talk about Frank Sinatra New York, New York. Hopefully, we'll hear that. After some Yankee wins this weekend up in the Bronx think I'm gonna go to Saturday's game. It's funny. And I've tweeted about this before. But I was when I was a student Syracuse university Marty band deer who is a legendary music publishing executive came to speak at came one of my lecture classes that I'll stay at the time. I was a music industry. Courcelles a a lot of take as an elective. So Marty came and spoke, and he was talking about, you know, the whole publishing game for those that aren't familiar with music publishing. And obviously a lot of my background in my other life is been in music and music business. But basically anytime you hear a song public. Publicly, whether it's at a nightclub or in a commercial or at a stadium, the song writers and producers are receiving some type of royalty on that play in the deals vary with the songwriting and producing they have this point system that they use. So it all varies. But essentially, there's publishing companies like Marty's, and he's got the biggest one in essentially that come in and say, okay, you know, Yankee Stadium you play these songs, we rep these songwriters. These producers, you owe us this amount of money for playing the songs, and there's also licenses that they could buy to do it so on and so forth. But that's essentially the way it works. Marty came to speak Syracuse university, and he told us he was good friends with George Steinbrenner and he went to a Yankees game. And he sat in George Steinbrenner's box. And at the end of the game Yankees one they played Frank Sinatra, New York, New York and. They had the rights to that song Marty's company, and he turns to George and he says you're not paying the publishing fees on the song. What are you talking about and ever since then ever since that time that George happened to invite Marty to the game mardi Bandera in his company collected royalties on Frank Sinatra's, New York, New York, of course, for a long time. It was played only after Yankee wins and after Yankee losses the Liza Minnelli version would play LIZA. I don't know why how it took her took it so long to get to the Minnelli camp. But it did. And they complained and they said look either play it for wins. Like, you do a Franks or don't play at all. And so I don't know if there was going to be a lawsuit or what the deal is going to be. But the Yankees didn't want to deal with the trouble. And now if you go to a game, regardless of whether the keys win or lose they play Frank Sinatra's, New York, New York, of course, that song in the headlines last year during the playoffs after was it. Yes. Game. Three of the AL Diaz. Aaron judge in his bluetooth speaker as little boombox walking by the Red Sox clubhouse blasting New York, New York judges, of course, since come out and said that it wasn't intentional. He wasn't trying to stick it to Robert into their face. Of course, the Red Sox. You know, all that story ends. We don't need to recap it. And in addition to them winning it all then than going on in playing New York New York, both after they won the AL Diaz. And then basically after every series that they want including the World Series, then blast in New York. New York in the clubhouse. If you listen to the podcast last week. I caught up with Gary Sheffield, and I caught up with him at David Ortiz's celebrity golf classic that he has in the Dominican Republic to benefit his children's fund. John rule New Yorker Yenkey fan performed at the golf classic on the Saturday night. I believe her Friday night of the golf classic jar rule performed. And of course, he's got that big. Song New York, right? I think it's called New York New York action. It's got fat Joe on a two. Big Papi, actually stopped the performance to request that song. I kid you not. And so I caught up with big Papi the following morning. And I had to ask him. I was like is this a Saturday morning now actually on the golf course in the Dominican Republic at Qasr compo were staying beautiful resort. And I asked him if like this is going to be a thing. Now that, you know, Red Sox players four replaces fans are going to use these big New York songs to kind of stick. It does Yankee fans I will say this thing just me make everything more than two -taining. You know, a lot of friends in new your friends and family and your earliest one of my favorite artists, and in indus- own Kim out relag it because it's realities is life Sola buzz not about if you're from Boston from New York from from from the Dominican it's all about life life in general. So I remember when the sun today, and that's why I wanted to play last night. Hoppy, thanks for a great weekend. Anything I believe. His intentions, but I don't know what if the Yankees and Red Sox face off again in October. And we don't pull it out. I could see this, and I will say on the flip side of that. If the Yankees win. I don't wanna hear sweet Caroline in the clubhouse. I don't wanna hear trucking up to Boston. I don't wanna hear that dopey Augustan a song. I don't want to hear any of it. Give me some Frank. Gimme some J. Give me some John. Subtract the fire festival in a way. Rap on episode number nineteen of the pinstripe lanes podcast. Thank you for subscribing for rating reviewing wherever you get podcast. If you haven't please do so ratings going up on tunes and Google play. I saw so thank you for that. Also at pinstripe lanes, Facebook, Instagram, really active on Twitter Twitter is always kind of been my thing. It's just quick. And it's easy. And I like how immediate is as well. And you have to like, I don't know. There's there's all the social networks is a lot of superficial stuff. I feel like Twitter cuts through a little more though. But we're at pinstripe lanes on all of them. So thank you for following on those. We'll catch you next week for another episode of the pinstripe lanes podcast. Thanks for tuning in. Let's go Yankees.

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