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Hello word nerds. Welcome to another episode of the dictionary. I have adjusted the position of the microphone since the last two episodes, which was just about a minute or so ago for me at it sounds different. I don't know if it sounds better or worse. But we're going to go with it. And let's see. Let's see what happens if you have any strong opinions, please Email me, tweet me, whatever. And let me know your preference. All right. First word for this episode is alpha test to separate words. This is a noun from nineteen sixty four eight test of a nearly complete prototype of a product, especially by employees of the company developing the product next. We have alpha to- coffer. All I think that's how it's pronounced alpha. Hyphen. T. O. C. O. P. H E, R O L vis is a noun from nineteen forty one eight Toco. Offer all c twenty nine h fifty oa-to with high vitamin E potency. And then we have these synonym vitamin E next is alpha wave. This is a noun from nineteen thirty six and electrical rhythm of the brain with a frequency of approximately eight to thirteen cycles per second. That is often associated with a state of wake full relaxation called also alpha and alpha rhythm next. We have ALPHA's capital. A. L. P. H. E U S. This is a noun from fifteen sixty seven a Greek river. God who pursues the nymph, Orissa and is finally United with her next. We have alpine. This is a noun from circa, eighteen twenty eight one, a plant native to alpine or boreal regions. That is often grown for ornament to is often. Capitalized a person. Possessing alpine physical characteristics, next is the capital version of alpine. This is an adjective from the fifteenth century, one is often not capitalized of relating to or resembling the elps or any mountains to is also often not capitalized of relating to, or growing in the bio, geographic zone, including the elevated slopes, above Timberline or timber line three of or relating to a physical type characterized by a broadhead stocky nece medium, height and Brown hair or is often regarded as constituting a branch of the Caucasian race. That's called alpine. Okay. Four of or relating to competitive ski events consisting of slalom and downhill racing compared to the word. And nordic. And oh our D I next we have Alpin ISM. A. L. P. I N, I, S M. This is a noun often capitalized from eighteen seventy three mountain climbing in the Alps, or other high mountains alpinist is a noun. I think it's interesting that we get this word alpine, meaning you know, kind of in the mountains, and that cetera, etc. And it comes from the ALP mountains. How lucky did they get that they got to be used in other words also like Alpin glow and alpenhorn and Alpin stock next? We have Al Prasanna lamb. A. L. P. R. A. Z. O. L A M. This is a noun from nineteen Seventy-three a benzodiazepine, tranquillizer C seventeen h thirteen c l and four years. Used especially to treat mild to moderate anxiety next. We have. Alprostadil. A. L. P. R. O. S T. A D, I L this is a noun from nineteen eighty one a prostate Landon. I don't know about the pronunciation there, see twenty eight thirty four zero five that promotes Vasil dilation, and is used especially to treat erectile dysfunction next. We have the word already. A. L. R. E. A D Y. This is an adverb from the fourteenth century, one prior to a specified or implied past present, or future time, colon by this time we have these synonym previously as in he had already left when I called to used as an intensive as in alright already also enough already. The next and last word for this episode is all right? A. L. R. I. G. H T. This is an adverb or an adjective from eighteen ten. We just have the synonym. All right. Two words and the first word is a L L, but we do have some usage information for all right? And it says, although the spelling, all right. One word is nearly as old as all right to words, some critics have insisted. All right. One word is all wrong. Oh, clever their dictionary. Nice joke. Nevertheless, it has its defenders and its users who perhaps have been influenced by analogy with altogether. One word and already one word. It is less frequent than all right? Two words, but remains common especially in informal writing it is quite common in fictional dialogue. And is sometimes. Found in more formal writing as in the first two years of medical school were. All right. That is from Gertrude Stein van will end this episode. Thank you very much for listening. I think I'm going to reposition this Mike again and see what sounded gate. I might just go back to where it was previously. This, this sorta sounds a little hollow to me or something anyway. Thank you for listening and until next time this is Spencer reading the dictionary. Thank you. And goodbye.

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