June 16: Chatting with James Neilson and Smax Smith


Goes to counting Canada across North America and around the globe, the World Wide Web. This is race line on the race line radio network. Presented by Subaru and race. On is driven by the twenty nineteen Subaru. Wwl Wrexham, WRX says TI the typical sports car Subaru confidence in motion by the Subaru be ours. Add the formula for performance, and by continental tire for what you do. It's a Subaru Canada presentation of your national radio motorsport authority by gosh. Good old race LAN radio network. I'm Eric Thomas hosted anchor, Donna Pollard. Our supreme commander race line master control. Andrew Holland continues to run the network forest this week more on that converse. Canadian Grand Prix f one finish microanalysis of inside track. Motorsport news assistant editor, and if one critic James Neilson, the only event in Canada to feature nitro drag racing the summer June, thirtieth weekend nitro nationals at Toronto. Motorsports park. We get a preview with European top, you'll champs. Smack smith. Plus more plays of the Subaru race on mailbag trivia contest race. Rap news. Quiet side of the Father's Day weekend, however, Alonzo and Toyota tops in the Lamont twenty four and no Ferrari is not going to appeal the Montreal penalty. So for race fans everywhere powerful sport, powerful radio twenty-seven years on the air across Canada. This is the race line radio network. This is Lewis Hamilton, and you're listening to race line radio. Unlicensed doctor we suggested for scripture in for one of our shows sign up for our free podcasts at I tunes. Or what your favorite podcast? You're fake doctor's orders sports, five ninety the van on demand. Eric, Thomas situates wine and the race radio network. Latest news and opinion. For y'all the race line race rap right off the top continental tire sports. Car report is brought to you by continental tire for what you do. Eighty seventh. All twenty four hours by the old name that we knew the twenty hours. Lamont doesn't matter, sir. Que- Doulos, arth limo France, some say this is the greatest spectacle in racing. Well, it certainly is the granddaddy of all road. Course. Sports car insurance races. That's for sure. For non Lonzo Kazuki, naked Jima and Sebastian wany go back to back with a victory of the classic four Toyota, after a right? We're flat took away would appear to be sure win for the team sister car. You see with about an hour to go. Jose Maria Lopez slow between the two Molson chicanes, and it was a slow drive back to the pits to fix that. And that kind of seal the deal for the Alonzo anchored entry securing the role insurance championship title as well. You know what we certainly do remember fondly Canada's top road. Racer in fellow Canadian motorsport hall of Famer our good friend Ron fellows. Multi-month Lamberty guest is a three time. Lou twenty four hour GTE class winner back tobacco no one two and again, in oh, four and certainly with corvette Formula, one in the Canadian Grand Prix. Montreal for TSN six ninety s where we left off on the schedule into an idol weekend. And we are still yacking about highly controversial finish at Bill Nuff. We're smashing vessels win was snatched away a war to Lewis Hamilton, a five second time penalty unviable for a bogus and alleged unsafe re entry to the track intern for lap, forty forty-eight that almost not almost put Hamilton into the wall. Not many support the unduly harsh penalty, some of tried with their arguments, but they ring kind of hollow to me, but rarely have had an when weekend. With more animated reaction. We all heard an irate smashing battle venting to his team on the radio how unjustly felt the win robbing penalty in. Montreal was. And then I was lucky that I did hit the wool where the hell I am proposed to go. Wolf. Fifties clover. Cody. Of course Lewis Hamilton site differently, whether he actually forced into the air on the grass or not he saw an opening on the right near the wall. Instinctively dove into it. It might have been his only chance to pass vessels, red car. Trevor white rice, Florida such great job. They was so far and it really took. Absolutely everything for me to try and keep up with them and remain in the race. Thanks, guys, sports f one for use of the clips now coming up a bit of a different spin on all of this inside track. Motorsport news assistant, editor and critic James Neilson Ferrari, by the way, if you didn't hear deciding, they are not going to appeal this penalty F one points into the French pre at Paul Ricard, Hamilton leads teammate BOTAS by thirty Mercedes a running away with the constructors battle one Twenty-one better than Ferrari, IndyCars idol, is well, after the Texas tussle they do road America, Elkhart, lake Wisconsin on the twenty third then hall the entire show to Canada for the Toronto indie for sports net five ninety the fan, the July twelth weekend, Indy-Car points into road, America, Penske's Joseph new garden with three wins, so far leads Andretti's, Alex Rossi with one victory by twenty-five candidates. James Hinchcliffe trying to shake off cruel luck this season ranks tenth in the order, currently tied with Sebastian board, other IndyCar headlines, who the heck is this Santino Ferruccio kid? Well, the twenty year old or the Italian name is actually from Connecticut. He's been very good though, especially on ovals to lead in. Cars rookie of the year standings. With very strong fourth Texas for rucci was also Indy five hundred rookie of the year finishing seventh. Many iron men devote Ferruccio completed all, but two laps over the first nine races. Best of all drivers on that includes the veterans NASCAR also the week off. We know that pole-sitter joy llegado registered. His second one of the season taking Michigan for eight hundred. CK L W rained ahead of the Monday. Some of his opponents claim Lugano jumped the start on the gas before something called the restart box on his way to the win. Okay, fine. Christopher bell wins the rain-delayed NASCAR expended Iran out at Iowa Ross Chastain thought he won the truck race. But he measured way, too low Brett Moffitt declared the winner. You know what the first time that nascar's ever overturned a win since nineteen sixty through candidate Stuart freezing fifth in that race Raphael. The sard while up in ninth place are drag racing news, brought to you by the Nitra nationals at Toronto motorsports park, June twenty eight to the thirtieth the only nitro show in Canada this season. There ain't nothing like nitro NHRA going. At Bristol, the winners, Mike Salinas in top fuel. Bob task of the third in funny car. Big upsets they're coming up. European top fuel champ, the always colorful. Smack Smith previews, the June twenty eight to thirty of Nitra nationals at Toronto motorsports. Park go nitro or go home of the rally news is the presentation of Subaru WRX Antonio Rx, STI creating those monster sales. He's always there. That's why we love him world rally championship rally Italy at sir Denia Denny start a wins the final stage heartbreak though, for longtime leader, Tanic, ought was on his way to his third straight win, when a steering problem surpised on his Toyota yeras, and the final speed test that cost more than two minutes ranked him fifth that handed the window Sordo in his day for this first victory since twenty thirteen he finished thirteen point seven seconds ahead of team soon who claimed a career-best result in his Ford Fiesta, is do some bikes motor GP Catalonia Spain Marquez as taking a giant step toward the championship with a dominant victory after a mind. Bending error by teammate hor halo Renzo that wiped out key rivals. Andrea, VC also, Valentino Rossi and maverick Vanessa's. Wow. Lorenzo folded. The front end of the turn ten left-hander on lap to you. See clipping the back in V ios do catty, which bounced into vanilla Yamaha to his outside while the close. The following Rossy had no. Where to go? But over Renzo stricken, Repsol Honda, everybody's okay. Marquez knows now. Now rather stands thirty seven points ahead of diversity, also faces in the pits jumping out of the Indy-Car, TV booth once more to buckle up Canada's Paul, Tracy will call pilot ride in the Lambert Guinea, super trophy, oh, North American championship with William hobble, and Eric current around three and four at Watkins Glen, New York at the end of this month. PT recently raised the bathrooms twelve hour and returns to competition at the Glen, he last ran in two thousand nine with cars. It's a pretty Stoudt automobile the team doing rather. Well, at Barbara, Alabama only had a controversial finish as well in pro stock bike, at the last Canadian superbike round at the grand Ben motor plex, the confederation of Canada overturned the finishing order Thomas cast as winning the original race had leader Sebastian Trombley award of the victory and pole-sitter Dylan Bauer finishing second despite the two being volved in the crash. Well, the rule save you cause a crash, you're put tail and that gave the win to Thomas Cass. Now this might have an effect on the sport. Bike points situation as leader will Hornblower and currently, runner-up, rather David MacKay, ultimately joining the podium for the second time in as many races. So they have controversial finishes up onto heels as well. And that'll do it for this week on the race wrap your questions your opinions your comments issues and stories in the news, or welcomed, we do like to hear from y'all share your thoughts and tears of fellow gear heads across Canada. Could win the grand prize in our Subaru race Lonnie mailbag trivia contest. If you qualified to win we play that contest shortly. All right. Donna pit stop. Please wants back to green previewing the June twenty eighth thirtieth nights for nationals Toronto motorsports park with the always animated smack Smith. Then more analysis of that head-scratching F, one Canadian Grand Prix finishing within sidetrack motorsport news editor, James Neilson. This race line presented by Subaru a range of a former drive this week at two local Subaru dealer. Anyone along the race line radio network. I this is been we're coming right back race. Radio. Scribe to a radio shows at I tunes or with your favorite pod catcher, no medical exam, or health, questions will be asked sports knit five Ninety-two fan on demand. Canada's national radio motorsport authority is indeed race line. Where do you network, the drive racing fiends that we are? Once again, are all over the only drag racing show in this country this season, little feature those ground shaking, eardrum punishing nitromethane projectiles, June twenty eight to thirtieth nitro nationals at Toronto motorsports park, a yoga in global News Radio nine hundred C H coverage, Betty, crane Lee berry in the gang. Promoting this on the race line radio network. Happy to have him aboard for our first preview that I tore nationals going to introduce to you a very fast and high energy. Englishman, from Lancashire not far from that Manchester Coronation Street thing. The European top fuel champion is now based in south central on -tario sell nitro nationals preview number one with smack Smith on race line radio show. Yeah. I've been doing that forever. I was told you about me, but. European champion, two thousand three's rookie in Europe became the first I was the third person to break three hundred miles an hour on the quarter mile. Yes, some big big. Hey, stream in doing what I'm doing. But for this natural nationals exciting thing is for NHRA, which she said, you know, the, the Americans the highest veto to try and slow the cars down the now race over a thousand feet. That's right role thirteen twenty so my big thing now is I wanna go three hundred mile an hour in three seconds two thousand feet. So that's my next. And really they only milestone left in my career. That is as soon doable, and it'd be testing in my home tried to do forty four point one at tune eighty six miles an hour. So so, so he's pie-in-the-sky to do it. Right conditions in a little bit lady. Lochen we go. The equipment to get into that, that envelope. You're talking about. Yeah. Don't tell us why. Well, because the car the car's already donated. Like I said, not same Corey went four point one tune eighty six I beat Toni Schumacher's, eight time world champion dot car. So, so now we lie more new parts on the car and then tests and he's gonna little bit quicker. He's going to the four zero range, so that's almost three point nine nine. And so we just wanna break three hundred miles an hour, just to say, we've donate tracks. And you know when when you're doing, it's essentially an exhibition event and it's you know some people call it match racing. What have you? But if you're looking to hit those big numbers, you're going to have this thing sent on kill aren't you? Sound fights. It can be really true full. He's when he gets to this level of this point hard Tabacchi down gosar window become so small be right wrong that you cone, just say, oh, just give it a little bit less nitro, and everything because they so much dial into it with all the won't boy with the detail. Gets crazy. But mean we I mean we're all volunteers, and we've got huge passion for the sport. You know, doing what we're doing. And you know, this is the next biggest things where it's all confirmed, whether Lee and with, you know, with, with the team that we're going to certainly give it a try, you know, Coppola people who come on board to help us is sports exchange, which is a new company, not should be exciting 'cause they're hoping to go global. So this is kind of. Tasted drag race. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, we got all sorts going on. Well, listen, it was funny because it was watching an old piece of nature, a national event footage from somewhere and you involved in it in the announcer. I think it was Mr. fry cities, e you're smack Smith coming down from Canada, and I'm thinking with an accent like yours Canada's next, not your native country, Mr. fry. So tell us everybody. How did someone from your neck of the woods, get involved with nitro drag racing? It's a bit of a story as mainly about my longevity. You know, I'm just a straight Kate. I, you know, apart from fixing cars acclaim wind is did, whatever I need to do to get racing and started ride just like everybody else, right? From streetcars to little altered, and I have my first taste of supercharge car in one thousand nine hundred eighty five and I went supercharge, then I've been supercharged ever since. Yeah. So then eventually got to well, I say I had a huge crush mile. Call dragster in nineteen ninety nine walked away from me. So I came out, and I built my first natural you know, I don't feel carbons funny car. So I brought that out and this is all in Europe and around the second fastest speed in Europe tuned in sixty five mile an hour at the time we stood for, like seven years. Exactly. So from there, I was just about ready to give you because I just run out of money in run out of parts and everything I ever little sponsors, tiny baby, but he was so helpful that could hire few car. So me my guys with these high few car. Just went to Sweden Finland Norway, Germany, as well as England. A woman don't feel jumpy. She key. Nobody could believe he man. But. My second race. We round three hundred and three miles an hour eight seconds. That is starchy that starts the while on. What a great story. This is smack listen we're we're at a time. The clock is always enemy. We're gonna look forward to seeing you at the Nitra nationals at Toronto motorsports park, June. Listen smash thanks so much for this man. Does smack Smith remind you of? Yeah. John force even are good to Superstock, Ozzy friend, Wally Clark, lots of enthusiasm to burn for drag racing England smack Smith there. He is setting up the June twenty eight to thirtieth nitro nationals at Toronto motorsports park, go to their website, Toronto motorsports, park dot com for all the ticket deeds unique to join us for the only nitro show in Canada, this summer next week preview number two with Canada's top few leader. Another good guy and a good friend of ours. Todd payden already. Donna a pit stop, please. But still to come the Subaru Raisani sunny, mail trivia contests, and then more, Canadian Grand Prix analysis within sight tracks own James Neilson. This is the race line radio network. Hi, this is Mike Lynn. Ready? We're coming right back on race Lang radio. Send us all your money. Sign up for our free podcasts at I tunes or with your favorite Bod catcher, and we'll send you a free subscription for sports net. Five ninety the fan on demand absolutely free. Canada's national radio motorsport of not the race long radio network. I'm Eric Thomas. Have a boo at my Thomas. Tales colognes inside track motorsports news magazine on the web. It's sports net dot CA. So here we go again with our Subaru race. Lenny mailbag trivia contests. Yes. And other grand prize to win. If you qualify answering the Subaru trivia, questions correctly, your Email comments, if you do that. Your entry goes into the brake drum with a winner drawn at random at the end of the on-track racing season in November, it'll be here before you know it. Yeah, the qualifying trivia question right now. You need to answer to quantify. Is this one within twenty nineteen Subaru WRX TI at what our PM is peak power achieved with three hundred ten horsepower. Turbo charged boxer engine. I showed repeat the question with a twenty nineteen Subaru WRX STI at what RPM is peak power, achieve with the three hundred and ten horsepower, turbo charged boxer engine right? If you. Think you know, get in here. Eric race line radio dot CA to connect to enter the contest to win the price pack your chance to do that. Eric at race line radio dot CA capital. E R, I K symbol at race line radio one big word don't put a space in their bounce, like crazy dot CA. Eric at wrestling radio dot CA. Let us now go to the mail. Bag of I can find it is. And I being the Mike as well. That's pro already. Let's go Steve Sarah MAC listens, faithfully Sunday nights. Eight o'clock eastern on AM, eight hundred CK kale w Windsor. Well, Eric after another try the contest here we go. Again, Subaru WRX STI three hundred ten horsepower, engine developed speaking, fishy at move RPM. Correct. And he's able to enter that because he knows he's got it ready. Get enter as many times as he wants already know new rules like that or restrictions like that. We can like their way to on business as go back a little bit here. I was on Belle, isle Detroit both days for the IndyCar race. Can tell you Saturday was nuts. Trouble started just as festivities commence for race one sky over. Cast rain expected, all of a sudden messages, appear everywhere, to abandon and evacuate the island. Yeah, I well, the weather was crazy and still is I stayed being the idiot, I n describes and was rewarded with the opportunity to upgrade my tickets, which declined due to the start of the race. But also because I already had Primoz seats in turn three great race. Nonetheless, race to was good to accept a course, for Hinchcliffe crash item to your guest few Sundays ago commented on your preview show for the grand prix of Montreal that land. Stroll would not be an F one right now if his dad didn't know Matisse I think that's absolutely spot on. He also said that Lance isn't that good racer yet? And again, I agree question is will stroll ever develop beyond being a backmarker or amid fielder time will tell I suppose we'll he's had a podium. He's not necessarily a backmarker but yeah, the step backwards last year when the Williams was just woefully uncompetitive. It's still early in the game. I think that's the I think that's the key to this whole thing. Steve just give some time that we do with this team, don't know. But I, I. I still think it's early in the game. It is development of whether or not he's going to become a regular winner, but he doesn't need to really start doing that, and do that pretty soon, our level merit Ville maniac, Wendy, Hollis, NewsTalk six KTBS and Catherine's, Niagara, western New York. Checking in again. Hi, eric. She says just not let you know, I must have missed something I fell asleep during the Indianapolis five hundred and nascar's Coca Cola six hundred goes to show ya. I didn't miss a whole lot. It seems too bad the Canadian Grand Prix, couldn't be broadcast on radio like NASCAR races and IndyCar races are it would add spice of life for those of us who are Formula one fanatics. No, they tried that a while ago. And the name escapes me and that's not unusual for me. Now, the guy who used to run into car tried to start a Formula one radio network and it just didn't fly in last very long at all. I don't even think they lasted a complete season. It in my humble opinion, wasn't really up to par. And I it didn't work but I mean f one races on radio. Yeah. I mean you can do IndyCar in radio NASCAR on radio. Uh-huh. Went on F one. Somebody should try that Montreal may not care for stroll, Eric, she goes onto say, Wendy HAMAs Maryville minneap because of his financial background. But how else can tell to driver get a chance to racing? She's right. Really, we think about it after only a few slots that may become available to someone in Europe and you need money there, too. Don't you, she's right? Again, the answer to your trivia question. Horsepower RPM's rather for peak power. The turbo charge boxer engine. The Subaru WRX in the STI she's got the RPM's, correct. We to go see you in the winter circle of it doesn't Renaghan. Oh, yeah. I mean the rain has been ridiculous last a little while here, Wendy. Thank you for that in Niagara alone. 'cause I'm located there you probably got similar stories where you are on this network, men merit Ville ranson Bill speedways of had a cruel number of rain outs this year. It has been one of the wettest springs, we can imagine. And in the last long long while hopefully it'll get drier and get better. Sinister contest comments us Eric race line radio dot CA to connect to enter the question you need to answer correctly, the qualify to win the prize 2019 Subaru, wwl. TI at what our PM is peak power to cheat with three hundred ten horsepower, turbocharged boxer engine. All right. Let's click off another pitstop here done than inside tracks James Nielsen and his take the Canadian Grand Prix controversy. This is race line, presented by Subaru for the element of handling test drive, a sports coupe this week and do it along the race line radio network. I this is Paul, Tracy. We're coming right back on race line radio. Like when you're at a game and sign up for credit card just to get the prize. And then you mmediately cancel the credit card because there's no prize. You sign up for a radio shows at I tunes or with your favorite podcast here. Sports net. Five ninety the fan on demand. Canada's national radio motorsport authority are twenty seventh consecutive season on the air across Canada. We are the race line radio network. Well, here we are weak later. Right. And that penalty that screwed up the finish of the Canadian Guam pre Montreal in TSN six ninety coverage is still being debated in still has people like me getting emotional, because I feel Sebastian battles re entry to the track on lap. Forty eight almost put Lewis Hamilton, notice I said, almost, but Hamilton the wall was not necessary and it wasn't justified either. It rob veteran Ferrari of what was likely a win bottom line, the w bestowed on the second car across the line. Lewis Hamilton for his take on this controversy. We're going to welcome back, the assistant editor and f one critic and columnist from inside track motor sport, newsmagazine, our good friend and partner James Nielsen on race line radio, we've analyzed, it all kinds of different ways. You that a chance to look at this thing multi? Times as many of us had think you've got a little bit of a different a little bit of a different take on this. Don't you tell us what you think whether or not you thought that penalty was deserved or I think in the state of the rules. Yeah. I mean you're actually watch enough of the replays, he does make an extra move. You know, the rule of the sensually, if you go off track you have to return to, like, on-track under control. Right. And you can't impede the cars behind you. Which, I mean, if you apply that definition than he absolutely broke those rules. Okay. He went off the track. He oversteered almost ran in Hamilton a little bit coming back on the track. Kept moving over to the right. No. Like, I'd I'd love to be Ferraris PR team. Than such. They've managed to screw up so much this year, all the talk is. How about the stewards are boring? The racing is wants to fix it. But, you know, this is another example where you had a great three way battle. And vitelle Mita mistake. And then he called to that mistake with more mistakes. You know, I I understand everyone's disappointment and disappointed to would been finish. It was a great drive by Hamilton, particularly when you compare where his teammate was. But at the end of the day, I think it's a fair penalty. I mean take it to another sport. I really can't stand watching hockey at this point because it's centrally left to the discretion of the referees to decide what isn't isn't a penalty when you know, why even have a real rule book at that point. Well, I do appreciate that. The stewards actually made the call as the rules written having said that we to only do it. Well that too. And you know looking at it from the other side of it, I vehemently, I I'm gonna respectfully disagree with you. A lot of ways and. Empathize. With valley, says where the hell was I supposed to go? He says, I'm on the grass. I get back onto the race track. There's grass on my tires, etc. Etc. James. Why was he not simply trying to defend his position and, and not allow Lewis to get by him? He got back on the race track is the best. He could, you know, after making a boo boo. I mean was he not simply defending his position. I mean you're right. I mean made a little extra move there. But, you know, I in his mind, and I think the mind of myself and a few others, he simply trying to defend his position on the racetrack and stop Louis from getting by him. You know. Yeah. No. I I wouldn't argue with people who see it differently. I mean my argument with that is I feel like he already lost his position when he went off the track. Guy though he's defending its position. Sure, in his mind. You like I don't think he did anything particularly dangerous. That's the one thing that was funny was listening to the radio. And there was just clear politicking going on to tell did that the most calm angry. You know, quote unquote, angry Amilton I've ever heard, you know. So, you know, for sure it was a very small fraction. But when you look at the rules, I think I'm glad they applied them in, and that's more, maybe just because watching other sports where you have to flip a coin to decide, whether it's off site or not. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. The, the implementation of rules in sports in general has become so much at the discretion of the people like calling the game that it's frustrating to watch. So when I look at it, and I see you know he did. He didn't have control when he came on the track you did come across on the right you over steered, almost ran into him. And then there was that extra little move at the end. Okay. Well. You know I get it. I also get why people who but at the end of the day, it wasn't a particularly dangerous thing either. So I get people think they should've let it slide. It's more of a philosophy of how much leeway you wanna give people interpret the rules that they see fit. And I'm fine with either. I my preference is to call it as it is regardless of circumstance. And that's all you can do. That's fine. Yeah. The real issue was it took ten laps to finish that wasn't a Finnish. That's what you really have to wait and rates have a guy who's didn't win the race finish first and then not win. I. It's a disaster for them like that. And you're gonna and no matter what you're going to get criticized. If that happens, whether you made the right decision or not just way too long. It's an interpretation, but, you know that's mine, and good anytime you. Maybe if people had applied it, and this is where it's kind of catch twenty two. I see where you're coming from. If, if, if the stuarts that applied a little more of their own discretion you put out a pretty exciting into the rates executive, you had a confusing one. I made that same point. Two is too bad that, you know, the first guy across the line said didn't win the race in in, in a bunch of guys. Looking at monitors in a room decided to finish racing. You never wanna see it happen that way. But I guess it gets down to the to the old adage, no matter what level, you're racing at as low as long as you enforce the rules consistently. And within full letter of the rule. But as you say is somebody mentioned, maybe Charlie whiting still around. You may have let that go, you never know. But as you say, it's, it's up to the interpretation, and there's various ways of looking at it, I suppose it there's a positive in this here we are a week later. Maybe I'm squeezing the last little minute bit of toothpaste out of the two here but we're a week after this race. And we're still yacking about it and people are still talking about it. So I suppose, that's a good thing for have one isn't it? Good. Goater bed. You know, there's been an uncharacteristically boring couple Canadian ground pres recently. That's true. And the track was on such a run with so much exciting stuff. And, you know, historically, there's been so many I at that track of the first use of a safety, Carl sorts of, you know, people earning their first wins, like, you know, Johnny Lee, and Robert could be a lot of like fan favorites. Maybe not had the most success. And you know, it just it's a track that seems to, you know, help, you know, I think one of the things is, whether it's always different sometimes you get beautiful races. Sometimes you get wet ones. I think it Jensen Button's race there. Years ago from Clarin. No, it's just nice to see Tanta throw a wrench in things again, what it does predictable. It's not. So stayed, you know. Absolutely. James Neilson, by the way, this editor of inside track motorsport news time about that. Controversial finish to the the week ago, Canadian Grand Prix lesser queasy Villanova Montreal vols talking about this. It's a wrong world. This is not the Formula one. I love blah, blah. Some of you'll even speculating he may not even be on the grid next year. I don't know what his contract situation is for. Are you probably know that better than I do? But as he going to be delusion to the point that he doesn't wanna compete anymore, or is that just way way over the line? Cutted ejecting position. He's in after the success had. I mean, I'm sure there's a lot of drivers and people in general who aren't really going to sympathize with the one that part given the success had. But at the same time so much of it self inflicted by mean. This is a perfect example for every mistake for Ari makes the TELMEX and this is one of the first weekends, where you were sitting there thinking, wow. They've really pulled it together because they were fast. Absolutely. I mean Hamilton like Heather had a great race. I think that the finish also takes away from that when you look at his performance, relatives teammate the fact that he was able to get his nose in there with those Ferraris was fantastic. He was definitely the stronger team all weekend. They were again in a great position all of a sudden the mistakes creep in. Understand that too, before we run out completely at a time. Thank you for your visits. Great. I mean, it would be pretty boring if we all agreed with one another all the time, but I mean it's, it's this sport. And every once in a while, there's a little bit of controversy to get people yak. And that's good. And that's, that's always a good thing to talk about subscribing to the stapled monster. My friends at inside track motorsport news will be mad at me and they didn't ask how to subscribe to the magazine. Subscribe to both inside track dot my sub dot CA, our next issue coming up is going to have all sorts of coverage of the opening races of the Canadian season. Victoria day speed fest coverage from the five hundred Canadian Grand Prix. We had Jeff Papun there and yeah, that's the best way to go. Thomas tails on there, too, isn't there, I think, so they was calling as well. Don't have to subscribe to find out. Sure. James, always enjoy these chats. Always really doing. Great to have you. Contributor on the Formula one scene. Thank you very much for the time and no dealt will be talking about another piece of controversy before the season's all done. Thanks for the time, buddy. For something. Not related to fry messing up. That would be a refreshing change. Thanks, james. All right. Thank you. Enter and Formula, one specialist inside track motorsports news. Good guy, James Neilson, who thinks fedel deserved the time penalty in Montreal that ultimately cost him the win of the Canadian Grand Prix as it turns out, because, you know, or here for our is not going to appeal the decision market. Although as a controversial benchmark of a twenty nineteen f one season already done. And let's lay out for our final pitstop, and we're gonna come back for the last laugh, next week, show rundown, and more. This race line presented by Subaru powered with heart. Punting WRX STI fourteen time Canadian rally manufacturers champion on the race line radio network. This is Travis Strada. You're listening to race line radio. Subscribe to a radio shows at I tunes or with your favorite podcasts. To man man's sports. Five ninety fan on demand. Eric Thomas race Len across Canada on the Goodell race line radio network. White flag is signaling one more to go. So here's what we're planning for your for next week. More preview the twenty eighth of June to the thirtieth night for nationals at Toronto. Motorsports park with Canada's top fuel drag racing as our good friend Todd. Peyton Canada's hall of fame. Racer NC TMP Cohen. Ron fellows is back with us talk his new Moto master Phyllis karting championship to help develop new Canadian racing talent at the base level plus more of your entries for the Subaru race. Lenny mailbag trivia contests but wind checkers fly. We say goodbye, Hugh Norma's race line. Thanks going out to smack Smith and TMP media. James Neilson inside track. Motorsport news Sebastian metal Lewis Hamilton and skysports at one, thanks supreme commander. Donna Pollard and Andrew Holland for production and operational excellence. So from all of phrase line radio. I'm Eric Thomas song. Everyone race line coast to coast the race line radio network. Presented by Subaru has been. Driven by the Subaru WRX and WRX. Sti Subaru confidence in motion. You can learn more at Subaru dot CA by the Subaru VR's Ed, but twenty nineteen race line radio network special events summer, cruiser, and by continental tire for what you do. Taught you on again next week right here on race line radio.

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