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The Ocho: Jimmy Johnson is a Hall of Famer!


In a divided nation all opinions are not created equal in. Don't HBO's Real Time With Bill. Maher the only thing that's not up for debate is the truth. Each week joined bill in his guests as they unpack the most critical issues of our time. The new season of real time with Bill Maher premiers Friday January seventeenth. Ah Ten PM ONLY ON. Hbo And what a World Welcome to another episode of the Ocho presented you in partnership as always SPF nations blog on the boys dot com. Arjo Charleena me of course from and from readier as you're humble host on the OCHO. It is Monday January thirteenth two thousand and twenty and another weekend is in the books. The conference championships are officially sick. Kids Achieves Tennessee. Titans Green Bay Packers San Francisco. Forty niners we're GONNA get into that in a little bit with our special guests. I want to get there really soon. So don't WanNa waste a bunch of time too quick updates with regards to the cowboys to report sow wrote about these boys dot com. If you want some more information Maurice Linguist from my Alma Mater. Maurice expected to be the Dallas Cowboys. Secondary Coach under Mike McCarthy. This past weekend was the first one with Mike McCarthy as the team's head coach and it was also reported on Sunday afternoon that is expected to be. The team's quarterbacks coach is there reported reported moving on from John Kidnapped and Doug obviously was the team's tight ends coach which means that could be Jason. Witten job I don't know that's you. You know speculation for another day like I said I want this episode to be what it's about and that's about Jimmy Johnson. The former Dallas cowboys head coach the two time superbowl winner. It was announced announced on Sunday is part of the pro. Football Hall of Fame Centennial. Class of two thousand and twenty and it is such fantastic news and and to discuss all of this. We brought an very special guest none other than my dad Top Jimmy we talk his career talking to being a hall of Famer on and on and on and on so let's not waste any time here. He is my dad talking. Jimmy Johnson Hall of Famer here on coaching pleased to be joined now by a very very very very special guest. You ask for them all the time here. He is not in person will reporting over the phone peasants the one and only my best friend. Your Best Friend Dan my Dad Papa Ocho what is up my dude. Hey how are you happy to be here. I'm doing well. We don't record a lot like this Is it strange like do you feel we're not being in my office. It's a little awkward but I think I can manage. Yeah and you will be here For at least one show After the Super Bowl right or before the super bowl or any way to around superbowl time. So we'll have a live recorded or impersonal episode coming at them but we had to get an episode now. Because I tweeted this. Obviously everybody listening. Listening knows that Jimmy Johnson was announced as the three hundred twentieth member of the Hall of fame by the way. Very cool for you in the to share and talk about because we were at Super Bowl fifty one and the twenty eight to three. and He's number three hundred twenty eight but I tweeted this I. I'm thirty years old. Is I turned thirty in October. And I look a lot of people are cowboys fans because like for me you know. My Dad was a cowboys fan. You know you raise me that way. And we've shared a lot of great times and as well watching in whatever but a large reason that so many people my age my generation became came cowboys. Fans was because of what Jimmy Johnson did and so I could think of nobody else. I would rather have the sort of post announcement talk with Jimmy. Johnson is a pro football hall of Famer. What do you think about while I'm thrilled? That it Jimmy was Recognizing that manner I. It's come full circle. I mean you know I I. There's a part of me to believe that the triplets wouldn't have gotten you know the the amount of recognition and all the success they had without the Fabulous coaching that. They had by By Jimmy Johnson Obviously you know. They had a lot of talent to you. Know to begin with but Jimmy was The guy that put it all together you know. Put all the pieces of the puzzle together. made the Chemistry come together you know. And you know his psychology major major really came into full effect when he did that with the triplets on the other members of the nineties cowboys. you know so. Yeah Yeah I think it's very very exciting. You know that You know if if they're in the hall of fame you know he and Jerry's in the hall of fame you know Jimmy. Certainly Belongs along that same classification in that same same accolades that they've received because he was part of that nucleus. Ah The prime. We'll get to Jerry and a little bit and there is a bit of a you know an elephant in the room but there's an elephant in the room sort of wrinkle wrinkled at this but I mentioned that you know people my age kind of became cowboys fans to some degree or at least their fandom was all the more strengthened by Jimmy and this is a topic for another day. But you and I've talked about this I mean I don't know that the cowboys I mean. They're America's doom not trying to take away from that but I don't know that they become. I'm this global brand. If they have that decade of success in any other decade I think the fact that I mean. You know better than I. You know in the nineties like the the American economy booms you know what I mean like. It's this you know. It's the the birth of the Internet early on in its very I don't WanNa say delicate but very precarious decade in United States history. And so the you know. The country took off in a different way and so to have the cowboys do what they did in this really blitz and glamorous sway really added to the legend of it. All I mean you obviously you know where a cowboys fan for a long time before that. But what did he do for you. How did you know what what was that? Like to to live and experience. And I mean I know you you and Uncle Mandy and uncle George and everybody those characters that Ocho listeners don't necessarily know about but I mean you you had some great times. I mean in in a way that you know people might didn't so what. What was that like just to live experience on? What did it do for your fan? Well you know I think that You know everybody At the time had the utmost respect for Coach Tom Landry Hendry and You know we had come to believe in him. He had brought an enormous amount of success to the cowboys and You know so. Yeah I mean. Everybody respected him as the elder statesman. And you know I think when When Jerry took over the team and brought not in Jimmy I mean there was an initial Maybe negative reaction to that partly because of maybe a little bit of the disrespect respect that was shown to To Tom Landry But you know the way that I think Jimmy was able to have the team embrace him immediately and you know the very very contrast contrasted style that he had from Tom. Tom Landry You know just made us hard to believe you know that there could be more success in Dallas You know in the very near future and as you know I think they started out once one in sixteen His very first season they did for me. Yeah and and and You know so. We're like wow you know what just happened and here and You know and then. That's when the Herschel Walker Trade Came about and and You know they were able to put together The trade for that that ended up getting those the pig for Amit and You know in three years later you you know we're super bowl champions than you know so yeah it was. It was a very trying time for those first couple of years. But you you know Jimmy never relented you know his his Coaching style is Method of of being You know a fair yet berry assertive assertive disciplinarian type of coach. You know proved to be very very successful. The players love him. You know even though he was extremely you know disciplined and and Very little tolerance. I recall that you know he He cut a one of the running back named Kurban Richards after he fumbled twice in the game meaningless game in. I mean to to be exactly but you know but you know and some people said he made an example out of him. But you know I think it could have been anybody I really do. Feel that way and You know he just had to demonstrate that You know there was a certain Red Line that you didn't cross a lot of variables involved in the operation and the business and the end of the game and the team and you know he You know was very very You know just upfront about it. I mean you know you know the thing that he did to solidify you know the The fans following him. You know things like you know when he said You know the the Championship in the nineties. Yeah three inch spoiled lettuce. You can put that in three inch bold letters we will win this game and you know I mean that day I mean I think that's one of the you know the the most Euphoria I've ever self as a cowboys fan. When he said that? Because we're win or lose. You just felt good that you had a coach you know. Oh that was You know using every bit of his you know Ed's in in terms of philosophical to try to You you know when one pump his team up and also intimidate the other guys to the point that you know. Maybe they'd be. You know anger that they go in and start making mistakes which they did. YEA GOTTA no penalty to start the game like before kick-off. Yeah Yeah I mean you know He. He pioneered those kinds of things. You know to get into other people's heads And so you know that's That's the type of thing that Jimmy brought to the game To the team the organization that you know we just haven't seen anything in close since then and you know you know being very honest I've since we've changed coaches after him I've always had that You know maybe subliminal fault that you know maybe we could get Jimmy bag but yeah I recognized. It's past his time now so I didn't even cross my mind this week anymore but in previous times and I think I shared that were the the I would say man. It'd be awesome if they'd get Jimmy back but but no I mean he was the one of a kind was unique and in many aspects aspects and You know I can't wait to see you know his Acceptance Speech and dancing. I agree you're right. I think what ask what super awesome about Jimmy. Johnson is that there's this law and there's there's a lawyer for check mall and there's a lawyer for Bill Walsh you know in these. He's like you know they're these gigantic figures that were super respected in these brilliant men. That did all these crazy things. Dramatically not Jimmy but but Jimmy was just this like I mean this bad ass. You know this I'm GonNa drop them on the table. You know what I mean like in in that was a really Character that was a new sort of character I think for the NFL And you can pick you mentioned the Carbon Richard Story There's also the the asthma tests in the asthma field legend. And I think the best sort of like Jimmy's story is the three inch four letters but that would never happened today. Just because coaches are so stoic. You know what I mean like they hate talking as is the the best part about that story is. It wasn't like you know. Jimmy said you know after practice when the media was around he called into a radio show you know he called in because he was yeah. He was hired of of hearing even the suggestion suggestion that his team wasn't going to just whip ass in like I think that that hunger that aggression I mean like now people say they like oh I want an aggressive coach like the kind of guy that will go for like on fourth and three. That was Jimmy before you know that sort of wave cool. Yeah exactly and you know to to peel that onion back a little bit the title game. You know three interesting. He didn't do that. You know look I want to get your thoughts on the toddler games a a little bit. But he didn't do that against the two thousand nine hundred Tennessee. Titans led by Ryan Tannehill. He did that against Steve Young. And Jerry Rice. You know like the the a Santa Mighty San Francisco is already beat him the year prior. But you know he did that. A against a a Bee's that wanted to come in their house house in get revenge and he just said you know what I'm good you know. There's a lot of quotes he's got he's got the one about you. Know if you swing it a guerilla You don't swing it in lightly you hit him with everything you got which I think was their mentality but you know some. We haven't even mentioned. I think you know that I don't want to say he deserves credit for as we're way to put it but Jimmy coined how about them cowboys. And you know that's the I'm not saying like put him in the hall of fame for that but that that's just what makes them special the cowboys fans. You know what I mean. Yeah and you know you hear every Many many teams many different sports at many different levels you that same term that he coined they'll Kansas J.. Exciting them whatever. Even how about them apples in one of the movies he's in so yeah but But no I mean and I fully expect that him to interject that phrase That that that term that he coined in some part of you might end this hall of fame speech with that and that would be phenomenal but But yeah no I mean you know one of the the other things. I remember vividly. was you know the the rivalry ettelaat rivals with the NFC's but the one was Buddy Ryan and the eagles was telling US unbelievable. That was fish. I mean you know. And and he brought that To that rivalry because before then it was a very respectful. I mean obviously with with Tom Landry but yeah Tom Landry meal. Yeah I mean Dif- different thing. I mean it went from you. Know a Fencing to wwe. You're not I mean it went to that level exactly and you know they. They made it clear they did not like each other. And you know that was so fun to watch Cowboys Eagles Games. And and you know it still is but you know that was very special that time. I'm too so yeah I mean you know ray for Jimmy. That's fantastic. I saw there was a great tweet and I I forget who tweeted so apologies but because I wanted to ask you who you think should present him and somebody said Jimmy's GonNa Choose Troy and then he's GonNa you know. Change his mind and try to sub. In Steve Walsh which was really fun like that was really funny given the history of that but who should inductive in your opinion I mean i. I don't know who should I mean. I don't know how tennis shoes but I guess what would be. What makes the most sense? What would make you feel the best I guess I think what would be best for TV? And that's where I'm going from my perspective now would be Michael Irvin all my that would be you know just You know made for TV. Because t would You know just bring down the house just before you know. I'm getting Jimmy out on the on the podium in making his speech but yeah you know that would be. I would love to see Michael Irvin. I I really don't want I I. I would be a little dismayed to see Jerry Jones because I I mean everybody knows the story and you know I don't i. I don't think even Jerry would like that. I don't think Jimmy is. He's GonNa do that but you know Yeah I'd love to see Michael Irvin do it or maybe the triplets combined would be another thought To bow out thrill go up there and You know Present him. Well you mentioned that and so Oh if if anyone listening is unaware something that you and I absolutely love I mean we love football we love the NFL and you know we make that really obvious. And it's part of what we talk about. When you're on the podcast and Steph appreciate everyone that kind of you know enjoys it with us and we've been we've been very blessed to be a lot of places in love shopping? NFL WE BEEN TO CANTON. Ohio twice we went with toured in two thousand eight when our window Korean from your alumni. You're on your fellow alumni got got in but we didn't go to that in chime did go to the enshrinement in two thousand ten perhaps the greatest class of all time. What's future Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice? This class This one and by the way I I learned that. They're doing the centennial inductees on a different week Because it I mean imagine that class like that. That night would take forever in with all the speeches so it will be a little bit unusual in terms of the hall of fame but Do you know as I'm sure you do. Do you know my favorite class. all-time besides the only Barack 'cause twenty seven was really special but at been to you know my favorite class. Yeah I think Was Twenty two thousand six or seven one of those it was two thousand sets. While you're dead I mean it was oh seven. That was is when I love that class forever. That was Michael Irvin's you obviously But there were a lot of danger the berries and mistress Charlie Sanders yes In our league and there was a so many great moments in his speeches he talked about how his mother died before he really got to play football and so he never ever got to look into the camera and say hi mom and so he did it then which was really beautiful. Roger Wurley talked about how his wife was like you're going in the hall defame with Bart Starr and it was just really cool. Surreal moment but one of the best moments was when Gene Hickerson The longtime Qiliang Brown's offensive lyman. Who was was ill at the time? Unfortunately and so he couldn't speak and was in a wheelchair he was and this was at the time when they would still do do the presenters they were they. Were actually go out there and give a speech now. It's the prerecorded video but he was pushed in his wheelchair. ONSTAGE by Bobby Mitchell. Jim Brown and Leroy Kelly the running backs a he blocked for and they said he's he led us all here in the kin and and he's GonNa lead us in one last time this one of the most incredible things I've ever seen And to your point I think the triplets should do something like that I it should be the three of them. I mean it really really really should and then whoever speaks is whoever by that moment would be amazing. Yeah it would and I think You know Jimmy mentioned tonight. You know. All of the other coaches coach with him and players that played for him you know are the reason he's there and I think that would be a very exciting. You know like you know. Close closing the circle or the loop On this holy bent you know because again you know I mean he He did a lot for them. They did a lot for him. And it's only fitting that You know it comes to fruition As a group there but Yeah I mean mean anything like that I would be just beyond the pleased with a Webcam deciding to do that. 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I mean you know that's sometimes as part of the Gig what I really truly believe. It's embarrassing for the Dallas Cowboys. That Jimmy is now a pro football hall of Famer and that it actually took this. You know a specific centennial annual class for him to get in and that he's not in the ring of honor that's it's it's a shame it really truly is yeah it is And and you know I don't know we don't know you know the behind the scenes of of all that but it certainly does you know put Put their among you know on the front of the The world stage just to you know. How do you explain this right? Yeah and the guys in the hall all of fame because of what he did in your organization. Yeah he's not what dozens yeah. Yeah no exactly You know so yeah I mean I I you know I agree with you and you know it's also you know kind of you know how like we always talk about things you can't plan you know the the same very same week that Jason Garrett Leave the organization. Mike McCarthy joins the organization and then Jimmy Johnson gets inducted into the pro football hall of fame. I mean you just can't plan that I mean and you know so here is McCarthy now you know he's now he's got you know quite a high standard To you know to shoot after and then you know I I wish him the all the success and hope he surpasses that but you you know. That's pretty high standard now. Yeah I WANNA get your. We've got a criminal out into the end here but to finish the tai-bo on the Jimmy Jerry. Thing it you're right like there could be. I mean because you know there's an infinite amount of possibilities or I guess it's technically fine but I mean there is potentially a reasonable or at least somewhat understandable reason. Why Jimmy Johnson's not during a fire like that possibility does exist? But you said it I mean you. CanNot it really explain this in all this does is really make Jerry. Jones look poorly. I don't think you know I think that you look at it. I don't believe leaving Karma that's not like you know our faith or anything but I do think it's at the very least interesting that you know so you know because people say Jerry's there is only in the hall of fame because he stood on. Jimmy shows whatever but. I think it's funny that you know denied that Jerry was celebrated with cowboys fans at Agency stadium. Liam for going on you know when they give them their hall of fame ring. That night was the night. They lost to the eagles in two thousand seventeen. That's literally the worst loss ever in a ged stadium sister. You know what I mean. That's just a really funny coincidence. And you know you look at Gil Brandt who also took way too long to get him to honor and he just barely got in there before before he got into the hall of fame and at the time the writing was on the wall that he was going into the hall but Gil Brandt went in the night. They beat the saints in two thousand eighteen. You you know what I mean this like incredible night everyone will remember forever or as Jerry went on this one that everyone wants to forget and it just I think those are funny things that automatically you know make paint Jerry in a poor light or whatever he did release a statement And he said were so happy that the hall of fame has recognized. Jimmy Johnson. Awesome for what he is. That's the first sentence and it's just like well. Then how have you not you know. It's a really unsettling thing and I think that like like throwing a boomerang. Yeah it's a really a hypocrite. I don't know what word to use but it it looks really badly on the cowboys organization. That that it actually happened. I mean great for Jimmy Johnson. But you know you know. Somebody tweeted at us on the block on the boys camp. It said that Jerry should inductive an I vehemently disagree superior that the moment should belong to Jimmy and Jimmy alone because he did he has not gotten that do in cowboys fans. He should bathe in it all in his own. If he wants have his players you know like we talked triplets. Think that would be cool but this you know. It's a really really really bad season for Jerry. Jones the owner of the cowboys. And this is kind of the. You know the closing of that circle so to speak. Yeah no I totally agree and and the yeah. Yeah I mean I I think that You Know Jerry Has Been Very very kind of to due to Jimmy in terms of you know whatever success cowboys have had in terms of including hammer recognizing them for that in fact you know may have even gone out of his way to try tried to leave him out of it but You know this it's here is something he cannot ignore it. I mean it It's very vivid. Part of You know with the cowboys success is is due to and And Yeah I think it's Jimmy's opportunity. I'm you know Going there and enjoy the moment with themselves by you know himself on on a standalone basis as a as a dynamic coach that You know did some some pioneering things to change the game and I do believe that firmly We'll go in order of importance here with regards to the new cowboys. Head coach conference title Games. You mentioned it briefly. But you haven't been on the pod sense. What are your thoughts thoughts on Mike McCarthy just to get them out into the ether? I liked him You know I think you know I have been sorry to cut you off but I meant to add things you cannot plan. They comment you go. I mean you couldn't plan first of all that the hall of fame announced these you know what I mean like the bill cower and Jimmy Me Johnson thing like they're never announced you know what I mean divisional weaken. This is like the the one time that ever happened in into your point. It was the week that the cowboys moved on from guaranteed McCarthy earthy and that had happened at halftime of the cowboys new coaches old team punching their ticket to the NFC championship game. Sorry the airport. Yeah no I mean that's very Very pinpoint and I appreciate that but no I I like the I like the higher of Mike McCarthy I liked what He's talked about that he's done in the off season I think that You know and I'm hoping hoping although we you know we really haven't seen the exact nature of what latitude and authority and level of decision. Making he is is going to have. But I'm assuming that it's going to be you know Enough that made him accept the job or helped him accept the job I certainly don't see him as a guest person to just come in here and you know. Take everything that the The Front Office wants him to say and do and do it. you know so. I'm I'm happy that we've got somebody that you know. I consider to be a high pedigree. I think He will make some changes is You know they may not take cowboys to the Super Bowl in year. One but I certainly think that the There will be a lot of Improvements mints in terms of the Execution in the and the football play and The disciplinary type of approach to the game. Something that I think were some of the weakest links that we had Past few years here. It's ironic that those would be the the weakling Sunday cowboys. You know the cowboys of today you know. In the year. The Jimmy Johnson goes into the hall of fame when those were arguably really his greatest assets. I mean it's just it is rated contract. Yeah right So finally Were recording this right after the conference unstamped ship Games are sad so we've got titans chiefs in the AFC impacts forty niners in the NFC although we didn't mention before we got there. What did you think of Troy Aikman even during the Jimmy announcement about that was very genuine? you know I mean just a moment that You know the Kodak Moment for lack of a better term but you know it was very appropriate You know that he let his emotions you no be shown to a certain degree I think people will Embrace him for that You know it certainly Demonstrates that they had a I think a very special relationship And so I was. I was very You know I was I was also you know maybe a little emotional. Don't do and I saw that but it was. I think a good moment for for football and a good moment for Jimmy Johnson and Troy all three of saint time. I think that's one of those things things that just tugs at you as a sports fan as a cowboys fan. In this instance there are times where you get emotional. I'm not trying to put this in that category but to me it feels. The moment felt a lot because that was a really powerful. Just still frame of Troy if felt like when Roger Staubach doc retired and he talked about Tom Landry and he welled up and he talked about a man in a funny hat. Looked like that you know what I mean like. There's the same sort of love and respect which was cool but anyways so choi will be calling niners packers Who who do you think wins two games last that I? Yeah One last thing on Detroit thing I to me the last thing I was gonna say is it just seemed also that you know maybe you know. He had somewhat lobbied for Jimmy with some of the sports writers. You know some of them you know so this was like okay. You know these guys you know and again. I'm just speculating. But he wanted like you could tell he was invested in them. He wanted it in not that work for it. Yeah and and not that the pride like oh my work paid off like it was pried like this is. Why did that work because he deserves? That was the motion exactly. Yeah no and I kind of felt like there was a little bit of that too. You know like wow. I'm really glad that you know this is happening for Jimmy. And you know everything that a lot of us have have tried to you know portray to others about him as finally come full circle for him so yeah but yeah so You know of the Next week game forty niners and And packers well. You know you and I watched the first time they played earlier. This season in In Boston Boston At a Chili's restaurant after the The cowboys that loss to the Patriots. So we watched that game and and it wasn't much of a game there wasn't much contest it was You know forty niners really just rolling over the packers and I'm not going to go out and predict that you know both teams things You know have matured and done a lot of things since then You Know I. I was impressed with the third down. Conversions tonight by the packers packers. I thought the SEAHAWKS You know could have control. That batter came. You know some of these times some of these things you just say. Aachen in Devante Adams B. So wide open you know on on such critical places like that but you know to their credit. They managed to do it. I do think the last time I saw the forty niners play was yesterday and in previous to that last week and Sunday night game Seattle. I mean I do think that the forty niners are or the More talented team. I if things that you know both teams you know on paper forty niners take it on talent on the forty niners take it. It's just GONNA be up to execution now. You know if if the Green Bay packers can execute better then the the forty niners. I mean that's GonNa change the I think the The outcome of that but I'm I'M GONNA say forty niners because I think they're the better team him on paper and they're the better team on. I've watched both teams play several times this season. And you know the forty niners of have just been more consistent. I think that you know the of the victories and the margin of victory and the the The plays that they. I've seen them make our you know execution And you know without so much of a break so much of okay. Oh Wow you know that. That just went their way. No I mean you know the the plays the forty niners with me that I've seen not all of them all obviously but you know the way they've scored and whatever is because they have you know impose their will on the other team gene in Green Bay. You know to their credit. You know a lot of times execute but a lot of times they just get a lot of things that You know the revs call their way like that that last I didn't think Jimmy Graham had that first down right You know and and so things like that but it just ends up going their way and and you know a lot of things I think are are that way for Green Bay. But I'M GONNA Say San Francisco I'm GonNa say they win by ten points. I mean I really think I think going to be able to do what they do and do it. Well and You know just on a mission this year in K.. I think I agree with you. And by the way both Casey in San Fran have opened up for online seven point favorites I think. San Francisco covers Amazingly Texans exited still the chiefs covered a ten point line despite falling down twenty four. Nothing against the Texans I think I mean look you know. I Love Ryan Tanning. He was the quarterback when I was Texas A&M He was a wide receiver. I but I mean that's been that's been a fun story but we both think that she swing right. Yeah I I think the chiefs win You know and I like both teams seems to be honest with you. I like Andy Reid. I like Homes you know I You know I just think that Again on on paper thing the same analysis as Green Bay and San Francisco on paper and on talent Kansas City should win and I think they will execute better. I mean oh I think that You know they were a little rusty in the first quarter today and they got over that quickly and You know just just going to be interesting But Yeah I'm GONNA go San Francisco in Kansas City. Okay two final questions for you. Number one based on that prediction who again not knowing doing what happens in the conference title Games but who wins the super bowl. Then I think in in that contest It's almost for me. It's almost a toss up I think Me To Kansas City has been you know working together as a team longer and performing at this level longer. San Francisco is doing very well. But you know they're you know they're they're APPS and they're almost due for some morte letdown. I hope it doesn't happen in the NFC championship game. But I think the Super Bowl You know might be Where they and their run and and I think the Kansas City will prevail there? I do think San Francisco is going to be in the playoffs for the next You know several years as a teams very strong. They're going to get stronger. They might win the Super Bowl next year. But I I think this year it's Kansas City. I think they're they're the team to beat eight now. Yeah I agree with you. San Francisco now kind of feels like Kansas City a year ago. Yeah so I agree with that. I also I I will caution to anybody listening the narrative all week long because this has been the. NFL's one hundred season is gonNA be. It should be packers chiefs in the Super Bowl because that was super bowl. One you know what I mean like. We have to go back to where the history of the speaker. That's going to be the narrative I agree with you. I think the chiefs went off. Aw Source Potty. Go on all of this. My last question is as a cowboys fan because it is something that's being debated what is your preferred order super bowl winners NATTA. We know the final four I would say Chiefs San Francisco. Oh Wow oh San Francisco over the titans. That's where I think you're going to be a lot of people because everyone's going to say I don't WanNa See San Francisco get to six. Why would you? I would rather see the forty niners win over the titans. Well because New England already has six and Pittsburgh so in Pittsburgh so you know I I think that You know I'm more of a fan of Powell Shannon and then label. So so what's your size. You're willing to put your taxes. Yeah you're willing to put your cowboys Phantom aside there in the in the name of just good football yeah exactly. So yeah I would say cheese Forty niners pardons and packers that the packers thing though is is that clearly you saying. I'm not at all willing to put my cowboys fan there. They have heard us a lot. Aaron Aaron Rodgers is is Aaron Rodgers Etcetera. I don't I absolutely do not want them to win. The Super Bowl is that is that your top prices. While I I actually think they're the weaker the fourteens I actually think you know but The titans have demonstrated a lot more Energy a lot more enthusiasm them. I mean they've shown up to play a full game and in the two bit to game playoff games that they played and You Know Green Bay against the they you know I mean you know we talked about this before You know they early beat Chicago. They barely beat Detroit. Going behind on those games and you know today they you know they. you know just again another You know series of of good fortune of four them and they were able to slide applied by Seattle. Who played very poor game? No you know that's why I think that You know right now I think they stack up The worst against the other three. It's interesting considering that leflore worked for the titans. I agree with you. I think I mean Aaron Rodgers is obviously but I think that microphones are better. Coach them out of Florida right right now. At least I mean Mike in down you know what I mean like and so I agree with that. Take overall well. Let's hope for some fine you'll be back on you know unless Unless all of a sudden it's during Woodson wasn't the hall of fame. We have to do this again but you'll be back on at least right around superbowl time So You know you got gotcha predictions in and Have a have a great rest of your week and everything going so Thanks for taking the time. And congratulations again to Jimmy. Johnson is this is it really is absolutely yeah. I'm I'm Beyond delayed it for him. Okay Dad thanks for taking the time. That was an awesome conversation. A big thanks to my dad Really cool talking about Jimmy Johnson. It's going to be a lot of fun stuff. A lot of fun angles. I think to this As the off season rolls on the enshrinement kind of approaches. We'll see by the way. If Jerry Jones ultimately decides to put Jimmy Johnson the ring of honor. I have to imagine that announcement would come rather soon but see like I think canal juries in a really awkward place because if you don't announce it US look petty and if you do announce it you look like you're just you know trying the jump on this and you also look like trying to steal his shine. It's an awkward place like I said we'll have a lot of time to get into all of this by the way other story that kind popped up on Sunday apparently. ESPN is going after. Tony Romo hard to be the Monday night football announcer. So we'll see what comes of that. Tony Romo still has one more game left this season the AFC championship. So let's have some time this week do me a favor. Have the absolute best Monday of all time. You know why because you deserve it. You will see him. Indiana my friends is always go cowboys. Empty Out The.

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