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Welcome to strong black legends. The show where we give flowers to the legends of Film and Television brought to you by Netflix. In strong black lead each week we talk with. The folks paid the way for us to imagine what was possible folks on and off screen. I'm your host Tracy. Clayton Aka Tracy V. Pony got to do a couple more squats and get the maximus is a little more maximized before I hit stallion level. But you know what I'm here working on so it's the top of the show so you already know what time it is. It is have me to kick you out a little bit of game. Put you up Wilson something right so I know you know about Shar Jackson but John Know About Shar Jackson who in this episode we are talking to the TV hunger that everybody wanted to be their home in real actual life shy Jackson. Shar Jackson has been the onscreen best friend that everybody has always wanted. And you might end up a little jealous because I think now we're at it means to your best like that but it just happened Buffalo. Yeah I learned so much about shot that you probably would not know from watching her work for example. I had a fantastic times. How can about how she even got on said Malaysia in the first place? And then all the other fifty thousand sets that she's been on and we've talked about her life outside of acting because it turns out actors have lives. What in her outside life. She is a Gamer. Like a Gamer game or like a professional gets paid. Has Thousands of followers type Gamer. See I told you Where are eighty best friends? I know everyone of our secret. Still do so so sit back. Relax enjoy listening to our new best friendship blossoms yourself enjoy Dave black icon. I'm so excited to talk to is the one and only sharp Jack. I don't think I've ever been called an icon. So I'm a little exciting Yes probably thank you for being here. Thank you for having me. How does it feel to be called in icon from digging it? Do you feel like what I don't know. Maleta marinate for a minute. We'll let it marinate I will say that there have been some times in these interviews where some celebrities sort like you know. I don't I don't really feel like I did that real quick but then I'm going to accept it like this. Is the Europe accepted yet? If you're GONNA call me that I'm going to accept that I mean you kindly if the shoe fits which supposed to do put them out? Put them walk around pretty much. Okay Shar Jackson. What were you like as a kid? How would your fourth grade teacher describe you man okay as a good kid I got kicked out of a lot of schools though. Oh yeah nothing bad. It's just I ask a lot of questions. I still don't understand. I don't eat questions. Were you asking everything like every? I'm a Virgo League. Soak up all the information possible so I asked everything the teacher would say that something is something Okay why is it? Oh that's messed up and so I get kicked out. Okay how was it? That wasn't really sexy. Okay so you ask a lot of questions I did. They were like it's too much. You gotta go. Yeah what were your hobbies when you were getting kicked out of school. Enjoy the same hobbies. I have right now. Dude I I played a lot of video games. I am actually a pro Gamer for heard. Yeah so that's that's kind of exciting. I'm the only female celebrity that that's A. That's a partner at mixer for sure. What does that mean oppo? That means that means that they pay ME TO STREAM VIDEO GAME. Play Bass play my games. I curse a lot and yell at the television. It's amazing that sound interact with with my followers. So right. Yeah so other than you. The only black woman Gamer. Who is known advocate? I know because I usually tyler so I'm very curious as I can see that okay. Yeah Yeah I have a lot of similarities so I can definitely see that. Yeah Yeah I love this factoid about you because I don't know who else knows it. Yeah I mean I know you win actress right. Wow okay. There's there's a lot of layers to peel. The cannot wait as a kid. Got kicked out also plan video game at some point. I'm an acting since I was three years old. I got my first job when I was three. It was like some commercial. I don't remember it My mom does less and so I never was even like really in school like a normal kid like I would be there for a couple of days or a week or so and then I have to leave and go to work and then oh tutoring onset and things like that That sounds hectic for kid. Was it at my life so I didn't know anything other than that like literally. My whole existence was like that so I didn't know that that wasn't the norm right. You know right so school for me was spun because it was either there. I get to see some friends and Piss awesome teachers or personal teacher. Who GETS ME and answers all my questions with not a problem in the world which also helped me graduate when I was fifteen years old so that is kind of a good thing. I'm not mad at that but outside of school an acting in my video games I did martial arts my whole life too so that will how that was my other release games in the Martial Arts Mike all of the arts or like yeah leave you in particular. I mean I mean I have some that I gotten fourth degree black belts in five that I have fourth degree Black Wilson but the rest after a while I stopped doing it for belts an advancement like that is just more of for the the love of it in the end the training you really do layers gaming and leaders late for me martial arts brought Zinn peace and Me Being able to control my anger and and understand discipline and things like that and I think what is today's just like a all bad. Let them fight like may see. It's like come on Lincoln's not. It's not just that like all. I learned Martial Arts. Was the last thing you want to do is have to use. What no right right today. I think kids just WanNa go and beat each other oaks. They think it's cool. 'cause he dumais. Yeah that's not sexy. How do you think your martial arts training helped? And benefited you in your acting career. Oh my God tremendously Again give me patience numb. And he gave me discipline Hollywood as when I was growing up and it was a crazy place still crazy but it's a lot different So it was a lot of things that I'd have to deal with as a child that were adult things that if I didn't take the patients in the the the discipline to learn and understand it probably would have messed me up a little bit So I think it helped tremendously. Yeah I can see that being true. Yeah and you know you hear about like some entertainers who get onset since definitely spas out gough people because added this round like. I never did that because I know how to use. I think you and I think that's that's important so I think it helped tremendously well. Let's talk about your time on so many said let's talk about In one thousand nine hundred seventy good burger that year. Welcome to good Burger home with a good burger. Can I take your order? Do People like yelled at all the time so I got a game and conventions and I go icons cons and all the stuff like that because when we gave her animal geek. My newest thing is I'm caused playing right so I tell you I just went to my first comic con and a few years back in December November December. And I literally like the first day I went as me and I said at my booth and how to do the next day I put on my monique outfit for good burgers. I 'cause plays ask. I walked the crown. So good fast spot on you worked really hard so I thought it was bad as I could cause players myself that I have. I have a new goal in life. Yes I want to be able to cause play. Yes yes yes I'M GONNA make it work making them out. How did this welcome about free? Like how did you hear about it about the role though so Literally that one was just a regular auditioned. It was my agents were like. Oh there's this role and initially when they asked me audition for some reason it was like a cross and communication and my manager had told me something like it was for a Wayans brothers skit or something and I was like. That's a different scenario. So I'm like oh it's a way of brothers movies so this is going to be off and chain so one way of playing it in my head script and then vicar revamp that. Because that's not. That's not going to sit well. I made some adjustments right and then the roles had you done. I would have went dude. God knows a shock. Oh Oh wait a minute. E Yeah Man. Was there a lot of like breaks in the for leads so much fun? That was the most I ever had on any project ever in life. All we did was we were just a bunch of crazy kids avenue. Good time Making a movie about a burger. Have your kids seen? Oh my God you do. They love it so I have a granddaughter right inspired. Today it'd be birthday babies the weirdest thing to even say that. Fix My mouth to say those words. I tried to keep my composure. Four you can go ahead. I fainted when I am I just. She's five today. She watches that movie constantly really constant and she took her tablet to the zoo today so that she can watch while she's at the zoo overkill baby girl should just look at me and say the line. I'm like okay. Thanks so dear caves in your family watch so my mom and my children love motion. Yeah I don't watch it with bated weird some time watching my own work. Yeah at critical. Yeah so like as you're watching us. Nothing like I should have done this. I should have done that or will like damn. She sucks but I definitely see things where I'm like on could have done. You know that up why they go with that take I. Don't yeah I don't watch it do does do your kids. Anyone in your family ever call you mec- they will never know all right. No Sir well since we're since we brought Moesha yes. We must discuss it because Malaysia I think is one of the like most impactful. Sitcom yes because I get addressed and spoke to a group of people that people aren't really catering to the like young girls. I'm so proud of show. Everything we did was so groundbreaking and I didn't realize until I became an adult because we were doing and just felt like I was good to hear like the younger kids. Talk about it like while you talk about that. Touch on our tackling the BEKKER's racial we touch on Malik. Godly get so crazy. 'cause we really touched on things that were happening in our neighborhoods and nobody else was doing that so yeah. I was pretty on that. I heard that you didn't have to audition for does it. Not so flex of all. Ooh Yeah No. I done this other show called South Central. I loved South Central Central Soak. It was so good that did you know those J.lo's Berry first acting role I did not. Oh My Gosh. We did the show. And the same producers from that show are the ones that worked Amoah. So that's why why was there too and So yeah like I was working on this other show called my so called life and I just one more day now is gonNA wrapped. I got a call from The producers and they're like Hey Shar so listen we're in production on this show and Shot a couple of days but the actress that we have isn't really working out so we're wondering if you could come in and jump into this. We only got like two days left. Yeah can you handle it up like done with this today? I'll swing by and save a little shot. I mean I'll see you about getting on a t-shirt bad so it'll be great because I showed up in luckily spit right in restless history. You Randy had such amazing girl before yes. Oh God yeah so I sing. Occasionally and brand was always singing so we would cross paths a lot in in that world. We were both really good friends with immature. And it's always like do stuff together singers Blah Blah Blah. I'd known her before that but I didn't get to know her until the show. Yeah how did you go about developing the character of like? How much of NECE- was shot a lot? Yeah a lot I just I kind of just I wanted her to be real. I wanted her to be that one chick that nobody ever gets to see what I mean like we had brandy who was the straight You know super educated. You know I'm going to be the good girl and we had count is doing the Kim character which was like the off the cuff. Kray and all the mischief friend. What about the chip? It holds them together right. What about the glue? It'd be the glue and another flex that I have heard about. A Little Brady told me. Is that knee was supposed to be there. For the first she was funny she was just supposed to be there for the first episode. Her name wasn't even Lisa. Your name was gail. Wow I'm happy. They change. I didn't feel like a gale is like a definitely A. It's not an easy you know. Yeah not an easy so not even for the first season but just for the first episode. Just it just for the pilot. That's what it was supposed to be. And then what is walk me through this? Every week there was a new script on my front door was. I don't know if you would have been able to tell me anything. After that on my mom would have made sure she was like. Don't you still better? I'm on did do way. Have you heard a story about that? No one Oh my God like six or seven right and I remember my mom and I think Filming all day and we get home from from work and we walk into the House and this mom checked me in the beginning of life and we've never had a problem since we get home and I'm exhausted right so my mom's like oh by the way don't forget it's your night to do the dishes and everybody stopped and looked at her leg. Dishes chromos star. I'm nervous at this point. So my mom was like you're a star. It's like yeah okay. So she walks over to the sink and in that one little light that's like right over the sink heels in flips that light on a she was like we'll start. Shar does the dishes won't pass it and what added a room and we've never ever in life had another problem with the with any action that would keep me humble for the rest of never had a problem. Wow ONTO G. Yeah so militia. Yes huge show. Yes both now and while it was still lawn. It's GonNa be a reboot right. That's what I'm hearing here in some some about that. Is this the exclusive here some stuff about that? I'll let you know when there's with. Yes yeah how. How did Your Life Change at the Pinnacle of militias? Success did in a sense because like when I go out of town and things like that it would be crazy. I remember we went and did some event in like I don't know what it's like Texas or like Chicago or something. I don't remember because while we saw in out robust. I don't even remember where we were but I remember. We had to be airlifted out of a mall. Know gruffly like instinct. I was learning. We are what people whose whose instinct today Dated you going to stay. Say Want to be on saying alley. Felt like beyond say well yes so it was like we got airlifted out of the mall because fans were going crazy like I was bizarre to me but I think the strangest thing or the way that it I realized what was happening is all all the places that I would go all the the award shows and all these things I was being invited to all the time lake doesn't always like okay when I'm sitting in a makeup chair Lake Next. Saly Dionne Fan and I think that's kind of what I realize. Yeah that we might be onto. Something Brady had dolls you too Barbie Lake. I remember Brandy Doll. They had moesha books that I did not know yes I found like my sister thought it was funny to buy them all for me but she the collection of Moesha Books. I was like what is this. Stu- covered teen magazines was crazy. It was crazy man beshear but I lived in Orange County and in Orange County. They just didn't care. So those pretty cool Ballots literally both were right. I think unreason that especially Nallet. People are like thinking about the show and talking about the shells on my. Does it like? It's just a good time for this Algebra whether or not as because media for a while was not as black as it was of the nine right or if the world is just shit and we just want to go back to all of the above all of the all the baths Lee believing. Yeah there were so many black shows on. You have been apart in some way of of so many of their work. Do you know that that the character nece- actually appeared on Moesha? The parkers girlfriends clueless what that character alone showed up on. All those shows like meet the. Yeah wow this is weird and bizarre and it happened I missed. They'll say so much crazy so much. Tv It was like really good then like it. Was it made if you you know what I mean now is over saturated with all these things like I mean? I'm not saying it's oversaturated. I don't WanNa work but right. It's the everybody had their shows like there was like. Oh gotta get home because then it is coming on and and it's just not like that anymore and it's not it's not bad. What does it mean like looking back as we have this conversation? What does it mean to have been part of such a black time in media is pretty bad ass man like it's good to know that? I helped girls that look like me realize they could do this and that they're not trapped in whatever little world little environment that society tries to tell them that they're stuck in. You could step out into this. You could be on the cover of this you. Can you know what I mean? And and it wasn't I don't know I just think it's a powerful thing like when I really sit back and think about it like This one kid actor of color he's Hispanic and he came to me and he's on a show that I might not love love your show. And he was like no wait. Hold on I just want to tell you. Thank you and I was like hot because you made it you you were part of paving the way for people like me to do what we're doing and I was like shot of all who's chopping right but yeah no no. I think it's I think it's a nominal did and I'm super proud to have been a part of it. Yeah you and Missy. Elliott's one minute I just want to hear about it. 'cause missy is just like speaking of kinds yes I mean. Also how did that happen? I think she's going to call me. It was like Yo come do the video and I was like. I did a lot of videos like in the nineties girls. You know what I'm talking about. I wouldn't be able to you know. Breathe knowing that Missy. Elliott had her phone at every day. Just like back then. It was like a. What do you call? It are two ways to Rolodex. Two-month big gloppy bucket every taste buildings. So yeah me and that man but yeah so I think she just called and was like oh come do this video and I was like all right. I'm there and I saw the wardrobe and I was like well. I'm aware the to to the panties right in the lace panties. That's the was the a and the big hat. That's GONNA make this bill dressed in again and I was like this is so not Nathan. I remember dad to we. We were together and I remember coming up to the set. When we were dud wrapping. He was like you could take that home. So what you're saying that you know I asked you. Don't need this right. 'cause we do just say don't ask no questions needed to be. Everybody knew what it was and so yes she called it. I did the video and it was a great time and I look awesomely hot lake. Yeah I mean not like Bill Myself Way I mean he C- who was not ever sexually hot. Yeah whatever to putting this outfit on in being. I was like this. Is it right here? It's like it got to say to everybody like you now need theon Louis but can do yes and loved it. It was awesome. Yeah I'M GONNA get back in that they do it do it. It's going to happen speaking of music. I wanNA talk about your career. Okay a little break homey that you were in a group yes. I love the way the spilled yes suspicious. I did that I did that. Yeah Yeah 'cause I was trying to make it like I felt like instinct. They were so like hot and so they were winning. They were the one they were again. There's always like the battle of the two whatever whenever whenever it was the incident. Backstreet boys now team in Saint so I was like okay so when we're on tour with them if they're letters look like this are letters to threaten to the perfect right so also reminds me of like nineties music when all of the groups yes very creative. Yes yes absolutely. All of us act like we couldn't spell and it was awesome so impulse Ed a song on the Princess Diaries Soundtrack about like Ju found the group. Okay so yeah I put the group together and I did it initially as a joke. Not really a jolt but like when I put the group together it was like me. My sister's my cousin and then this one girl that we did make audition. It was Morgan. She's from Australia a lap. But I was like no I. Don't listen guys. Look we're awesome but we want to make this worldwide. How you visionary come on Man I was like do we are going to be bigger than the spice girls debit. We need an Australian and we found mortgage mortgage or the group and it was awesome. An we would just do Karaoke in my garage. And I spent thousands of dollars off Mikes and speakers and all the stuff to make just like an elaborate stupid gigantic. Karaoke space in my garage was so bad ass heavy and so then like I started getting more serious about it like I was like Ali actually kind of sound good minus you gotta get rid of you because it's not work in certain eliminated family members and so I started gigging. My sister's out they made it made it at the end was my cousin my cousin Diana because she was my Justin Timberlake to my J. C. Show say are Hamas was fired so she she got the state the was. It couldn't go. Well let's not the personal guys. I'm trying to make this real the industry for that. I would have them do shows the stuff and they'd be like this. How are you? Are you complaining? Are you playing Alpine replacement like we with through so in this group that I it drove me crazy like literally that was the downfall at the end of the day girl groups? That's our work especially when you're the boss of the girl group and you know they had the nerve to get mad at me like I would. People bubbles. It would be gigs right and I'll be like can the group come. Can we can we? We can sing the national anthem or we can build shopping. They want you know going without my group. I pay my family applicable. And so we get everybody's there and then they get mad when we show but I have a room and then they have two rooms share. How are you here stopping? You're not going to do that to me. So they get jealous. Ah Let's be honest. This sounds like it was not like dreamgirls or anything like that. I'm just saying put it together. I was trying to make them rise with me. They didn't want it and so I had to leave him behind the dust that was return. Wait for this lifetime movie awesome so I WANNA play Morgan. The Australians making blonde your I can do an Australian Australian exit. Uh-huh work on it. But I feel you but I feel we appreciate the NFL. Let's not include that. Okay Okay Okay. Okay so you got more serious about it though like I did I had the kind of yes but that was the downfall lake importunate. Hasek story interest. Okay so two things that must address. Let's get it number one celebrity rap star. Okay you killed that Shit. Thank you hear the Song Right. Yes and he was there staring me in my face like looking up optics like I just like. When is when is the mic state-drafted because it was too precious way too much pressure like I was like listen? I'm not a rapper okay. I'm an actress who convince myself. I'm a rapper. So I mean I can't I did a twist of ours so awesome but I do watch that like go back and watch that because I would do is I thought I was God after that. So awesome mob did. Their Dad came out with the rap album. Their Lake here. That's what I had so much fun on celebrity around nude. How's it made some awesome friends? What can we look forward to from Shar Jackson in the year? Two Thousand Twenty where we are now. Man I'm coming back brand new lake. We direct him. We produce definitely directing. I am producing. I am being an entrepreneur. Like there's no other like I have bath and body product. Line called SHONEY's. Oh and it's all beautiful. Artisan soaps in all bath bombs and body butters oils and all these things that myself and my children actually make ourselves. We actually do it and stuff. He's working. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah. You can't live in my house for free but It's beautiful beautiful stuff it. It all looks like food. It's just it's awesome an amazing and I love it and then yeah I have a couple movies coming out this year and out anything out. I've rested these last years. I was napping and then now wall toward up. All of the energy you need now is just right. Well before we let you answer the world and you lose to go make all things. Yes super super quick. Let's do a segment that do getting rapid fire? Go random question you ready. I'm Brett to go okay. Do you have any dream roles or projects? Oh my God yes I want to play Janet Jackson her biopic. Ooh Is that like a thing that like is in the work somewhere maybe. Is this an exclusive? Maybe oh my gosh you heard it first right If you had to choose one randy's Donald to listen to for the rest of your life sitting up in my room. That was quick also great choice choice solitary line. It's your turn doing anything but it's work nothing just I feel like everybody else has got its work. I need to be different. The as the preplanned you know what I mean Mary. Part of Bertram. Okay so if it were possible to pull one's black card yes okay. What would yours who shit? I can volunteer. Okay so okay yes. Saudi also because when I volunteer Ma. Yeah Yeah Aguirre roasted and I. I don't WanNa okay but certain someone who said she hates actively hates watermelon. Okay Oh God you're GonNa take mine so I can only watch one media. That's all I got any. They say goodbye to a girl. We're doing here again. I would not expect to one hundred. I think it was perfect. Feel seen safe-space Shar Jackson. You want a the light and girl you know. I miss which you'd along way but still you treat me like a redheaded stepchild. It's been two months three days. Twenty two hours and fifty. Four seconds is the less. You won't take me but I see you tweet minimum. Try Not to take personal. Take a personal when you personally. Eight hundred stamped on my heart. You must not know that that hottest will love girl love for you. Some people think I'm a punk Tell them now. I'm just even you passed out my Nanna. Eighty Fifth Birthday Party did was you because I was there. Just don't understand how much I love you. I'm here for you. I don't even talk to my family anymore. Like they came believe. I didn't say anything you through. Nana's cake on the floor and everybody tastes like cornbread. Sometimes that's just how this week's flowers are going to talk and parks in R&B songs. I don't even remember the first time I heard somebody talking to earn. Be Zone but The first solid that I think about when I think of this happening is boys to men into the road. Kill we just pause for a second and listen to the situation that either he or all of them were in into the road. He's dead and I quote him him girl. I'm here for you all those times a night when you just heard me and you just run out with that other Fella Baby I knew about it. I just didn't care you just don't understand how much I love you. Do you own time out. I feel like is the toxic relationship. He clearly did. His paramour is just like out running around. He's like yeah now. You're doing me wrong but I don't care I don't care about it so much. I'm making you smell to tell you that I don't care about how you treat me. Which on the one hand. Oh my gosh feelings are so deep but like on the other one is she loves yourself more regardless whether or not this should happen whether or not the lyrics all right. I Love. That had happened in rb music and it needs to happen more it. Just ask a little layer of of drama right. 'cause like again seeing the situation to some mighty within is like no let me break it down to you also. It makes sense that we're so good at knowing this right like there's a reason that it sounds normal rb songs in it's because it's church mic one. The dude like just like okay like pause for a second. Let me go ahead and testify testimony we lenny Williams was talking about. He missed his girl and he's sitting around and he watched television until television when off. He's testifying about his trials and tribulations. You know who else probably does that every Sunday morning when you can make the church sister whomever just pick one. So there's something about this tradition. That just I dunno feels like home is sounds like home I think. And he's the comeback until it does topping parts in rb songs. These flowers are for you friends and family. We have made it to the end of yet another episode together. I am so proud of you. You Hung in Mary and you know what by now. We send a lot of time together. So guess what I think that makes us best friends which technically makes you a friend of a friend of Shar Jackson. You're welcome please. Sinned all thank you gifts to my po box. This show is a production of Apple Street studios in partnership with Net flicks and strong weck lead. Executive producers are Mex- Linski Geno Ice Berman. Jasmine Lawson and a guarantee Chevron our lead producer is Josh Glenn Production by Jesse Jupiter Engine Neil Anderson with additional production support by Cindy. Okay and Alexis more. Our music is by the incredible Dan Wheel. You can follow him on the socials at deejay Don will. He'll make music if you pay for it. It's true televise. It you have been your host Tracy Clayton and you can find me on Instagram at Brooklyn. Mclafferty come say hey. I Like I like for instance attention me and my therapist. Make sure to follow us on other socials as well. Strong lead lead if you had fun with me today if you enjoyed what you heard then spread the joy and tell a friend because what the world needs now is joy sweet joy. Also don't forget to rate and subscribe to strong legends on Apple PODCASTS. Spotify AND WHEREVER FREE. Podcasts ARE SOLD UNTIL NEXT TIME. Shine bright all of the skin on queen sugar like it can't just be coconut oil in there right. It's got to be some some star US something able you know it. Let me guess on lobbyists? Okay Okay Bye.

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