Hour 2: Came & Wentz


Mike ward stadium seat finding game tickets hard trae, but being there so much better than not being there are replaced my regular seat with the stadium seat to try and recreate that stadium atmosphere. I appreciate the effort, but I got a better idea use vivid seats to find tickets to the game. They make finding the seats that you want quick and easy. Sounds like getting tickets at vivid seats would have been the easier option. It always is. Sportscenter right now on the Collins with news out of the NFL sources telling our insider field Yates chargers are exercising their fifth year option. Enjoy Boza it keeps the twenty sixteen first-round pick and Potter blew through the twenty twenty season the defensive end had twelve and a half sex in his second season before being limited to seven appearances last year because of a foot injury McNabb is using Twitter to clarify his recent comments on eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. But Knapp who quarterback Philly from nineteen ninety nine through two thousand nine set on CBS sports radio that the teams should consider drafting another quarterback. If once county eagles pass a second round of the playoffs in the next two seasons. He tweeted yesterday for those of you who missed red didn't understand we're confused or just didn't like my comments clarify for you. Let me start by saying there's no beef riff or ill will toward whence or the eagles. My comments were strictly based off experience and understanding of how the business works. You're constantly. Evaluated every day every game. And if you're reliable and or healthy enough to play I know at times players and fans, it can be confusing to on from a beloved player, but due to the business of health and trust tough decisions are usually made. Maybe people just didn't like it. Because it's coming from me. Or I answered a question from one of the talents on the radio that we use it in agree with? That's how you feel him star. You feel that way? It's the nature of the game. Now, let's get you back to I take. So Don McNabb goes onto Twitter. Monday to clarify his stance on Carson win that you need to do that. Stephen Donovan McNabb. Oh and explanation. Hell, no. And I'm ticked off at him forgiving one. Which is what I text the Murli at tell him. I'm really ticked off that he felt the need to elaborate in explain himself. Gore did his original response and very upset would lane Johnson as well. Let me explain something laying Johnson is stuck don't give me all I'm certainly not going to cast any aspersions on him. But what I would ask sling Johnson is to consider who you're talking about here. I understand Carson Wentz is your quarterback. I love Carson Wentz. There is no question that I think he should be the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles should be the franchise quarterback. But everybody in the eagles locker room. Did it feel that way? I would know because I several players who personally told me they would have preferred Nick foles over costs. It went even though there were plenty of others who preferred coffin went over Nick foles, but and winces not been durable. He'd been injured. He has participated in postseason play in his three years as as. A quarterback for the eagles. Which is why Donovan McNab said what he said. Which is if two years from now, go by and cost and Wentz is still that dude that's getting hurt. It's not available for the postseason that doesn't is able to advance you in the postseason. They guess what we might need to draft another quarterback to secure future. What the hell is wrong with that? Put Ticu -ly considering who said it and lay Johnson. Evidently, you must've forgot. So let me remind you of who. Donovan McNabb is Donovan McNabb is a God. It took the Philadelphia Eagles to five straight playoff appearances from two thousand to two thousand four four consecutive NFC championship games, a Super Bowl appearance. He's been the five NFC championship games as the quarterback for the Philadelphia. Eagles you play football. So you know, how that's not easy to do in his eleven years as the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles are right? He's got a record one thirty more. Games plus above five hundred then he lost. Okay. He's been in sixteen playoff game. And he's a nominee for the hall of fame because of what he did for the Philadelphia Eagles organization and all he said was the durability question about this guy. And you're going to talk about Donovan McNabb like he's trash. I think that's wrong. I think it's wrong excessive on a part lay Johnson, and I would expect better from him for that. Even if he is coming into the defense of the quarterback and remember Donovan McNabb max is the guy that was picked number two overall just like Carson Wentz. And it was booed and was held to a standard that costs. It went has yet to be held to which is further evidence that gives him the right to say what the hell he said lay Johnson wrong here, and Donna that shouldn't have apologized or clarified rather, you should've clarified. He owed it to eagles fans. Plea look. Donovan McNabb is salty and everyone can smell it on him. You could smell it on him. He's salty. He does not like the way he was treated. And I've always thought McNabb is very underrated. I think he was a Super Bowl away essentially from being John Elway. What's really the difference? L waited got close. Never quite did it then got a great running back in one a couple at the very end when he was no longer as great as he once was had he not had those couple at the very end. What's seen him in McNabb? I think McNabb is essentially John Elway minus the Super Bowls, but minus the Super Bowl is a big thing. Not mcnabb's fault that they weren't quite good enough. But had he been able to take over the top and win a SuperBowl. He'd be remembered differently. I'm also sure that McNabb experiences the world and experienced Philadelphia and saw at some level through racial prism and felt like some of the standards were different based on race because it's an inescapable reality of American life, particularly at that time, especially at the quarterback position. But people can tell that McNabb salty. Sorry, Steven A. And if you're an eagles fan like time out your our greatest quarterback like we're all in this together. Right. Like you're rooting for Carson Wentz. Because the fact of the matter is the eagles won a Super Bowl with Carson Wentz. He didn't win it for him. He didn't get take them through the playoff run. It's why don't think they should have gotten rid of Nick foles tried to work that out by Hooker by crook. And then the following season got hurt. Nick foles is the reason you know, they made that little playoff run again. And there has been that Joe Santa Luqueno article that everyone got mad at about Carson Wentz points out certain ways in which Wentz could be a better leader. And I think Wentz will learn from that but McNabb just felt it feels to fans like this dude is kind of anti Carson Wentz, and it's based on his own experiences, and he's comparing himself to west he shouldn't be doing that. He should just be pulling for guy. Well, first of all that's not says, he can do what the hell he wants to do in that regard. And I'm gonna tell you why number one because again nominee for the hall of fame. Number two, you have individuals. It's not just McNabb. What do I religiously every morning on this show Matt's hall of famous come up to me all the time and say, don't forget the standard? Don't forget the standard there. We were held to don't give others the past. When you didn't give it to us. In other words that talking about the entire media. Not just talking about the entire fourth state and make the standard consistent. Okay. That preclu- number three. You wanna talk about? I'm addressing all your points. You wanna talk about the racial prism or whatever. The case may be this legitimacy that okay? Mcnabb. Is it wrong? Feel that way they held on to a different city number one number four match day. He's talking about constant with they have a better argument if he were talking about Nick foles Nick foles won the Super Bowl way with. With thought about. So what's the problem? Won the problem. Playoff yet McNabb never won a Super Bowl. But the team that Carson Wentz was on did and he contributed at least during the regular season. I want to read you a quote this from about a month ago. The ones we were part of already proven. I don't say these guys aren't there better than us? They have a great bullpen Chapman in the back will do what he needs to do their hungry. I can see it in their eyes. That's Mariano Rivera. The greatest pitcher inning for inning who ever live the most clutch player arguably, although time in any sport talking about the Yankees bullpen that is never wanna championship. As a Yankee fan. I'm like, I can see Rivera's with us Rivera's. You know, he's rooting for these guys and eagles fans smell on McNabb. Yo is is he rooted for us. That's why I'm not saying mcnabb's, not I'm saying that's why he needed his that his job is that his job, you tell the truth. Make you talk about the city of Philadelphia all the time, and how their fans could be ma- dot net is Mirroring what Philadelphia fan. Out that you're not wrong about that did McNabb. Oh us an explanation. Didn't know us he owed fans explanation, and he gave it to them. All right. The question is was he telling the truth was he right? That's the only question. They're writing the truth. Dogs dogs. Mike your guy selling hot dogs in here. I'll get tickets at a game. I want to see a hassle, but I missed that stadium atmosphere. So I brought the stadium atmosphere to work Michael vivid seats, make buying tickets quick and easy. Find the one in just a few clicks nice. I just got tickets. Tonight's game. I scream get your ice cream here. You guys can all go home. Now, we're good here. If I. So I'm always helping right? Like right now still help my team. I love my franchise. And I love the city. So you have to do things sometime on your own terms. No matter what other people think say, I'm that guy. She has. But but I'm still helping it's almost like I've never left. I'm still talking to them every day, sir. You missed LA. You'd be missed LA my whole life. I'm gonna help them get the Lakers back. Right. You can believe that. Welcome back to I hate coming to you live from the seaport district appear seventeen brought to you by chase. Magic Johnson tells TMZ that he's still talking to the Lakers every day. It's like you never left. According to the Los Angeles Times Jeanie Buss has no plans to hire replacement for magic max. Yep. Do you think the Lakers are better off with or without Magic Johnson? Because of the way magic quit. They're better off without him. Any kind of help he can give on the side is great as an ambassador cooks because of the way, he quit. There's no going back. Now, they got to get rid of Pelinka to Pelinka has not shown that he's good at the job. He's not experienced executive. He's a seller not a buyer. He's an agent not a not a GM to me. It indicates that Kobe still wields a lot of power with the Lakers. The fact that Pelinka was identified essentially by magic that or you could infer from what magic was saying is talking about Pelinka that magical and get pulling moved. And why would that be what powers holding Lincoln place? Seems to me Kobe's still wielding a lot of power. It's very interesting kind of soap opera, there's a lot of drama here. But I think you gotta get rid of Palinka, and you gotta get a guy in place immediately. Because building the team have to have someone calling the shots. Who knows what they're doing and knows how to get things done. And by the way, someone maybe who the whole league doesn't hate right? Like that would be a good idea. But Stephen a the way magic quit right now with no team president in place with as the GM. It's a clown show. Let's be honest. That's why all these free. It's not just lebrons presence. The circus has come to town because LeBron you had another superstar to LeBron your title contender like that. Even LeBron at this age. No right now the league is looking into Lakers. Like, it's a clown show over there, and the clippers seemed like the franchise that looks at tractive because they're being run. Well, so the way magic quit better off without him. I hate to say I love Magic Johnson. Well, first of all I disagree. I don't feel like the Lakers are better off without magic. But I have a different opinion on a different issue. So it's not necessarily disagreeing directly, which you magic. Max his what I'm trying to say. Magic johnson. The Lakers are not better off without him. Because the reason you lost him is because essentially link is still there. Now, Jeanie Buss rob Lincoln everybody else can deny it. But anybody that's covering the Lakers. We'll tell you. We have all heard that Magic Johnson wanted. Both Luke Walton and Pelinka going clearly genie did not have a problem with Luke Walton leaving. So that wasn't the issue. The issue was Pelinka. Now, you could bring up the attachment Koby. You could bring up the relationship Pelinka cultivated with genie. You could bring up the relationship. Pelinka has Linda ran vis genie's. Good friend next door neighbor. Now, some defacto executive for the Lakers. Whatever you wanna call. I don't know what the hell. She is right now, I respect I'm not trying to disrespect about saying that I'm just saying, I don't know Heroux at the end of the day. Here's what it comes down to people believe that Linda Rambus is the biggest. Influence engineer buses air, whether that's accurate or not. I have no clue, but that's what people believe and clearly people believe that Magic Johnson wanted to get rid of rob Pelinka and with the nod to opportunity to do. So which is why he walked out the door. So when we asked a question as to whether or not the Lakers are better off without magic. My answer would be no because if you will willing to get rid of Pelinka, then magic with likely still be their new GM would be in play. Somebody more experienced on being a bio max as opposed to a seller. Whatever whatever analogy that you wanted to us about Pelinka, a more experienced hand in terms of cap issues, you know, being a GM knowing how to work the phones being able to pick up the phone and actually get it answered and receiving people willing to receive your phone calls, which was a challenge for Pelinka from what I was being told these are the kind of things that magic anticipated overseeing remember he inherit. Did pelinka. He didn't bring Pelinka onboard janey Boston. A Lakers told him police because you're right hand guy as a GM just like Walter is your coach magic wanted his old team. And that was the not so of magic had had his own team all with able to formulate his own team. He would not have had to leave. Which is why I don't say the Lakers are better off without him. They would have been better off with him. Had they listened to him in terms of wanting somebody other than the people they haven't I agree with that. Could you imagine the when I say clown show? What a clown show the Lakers are right now. So let me get this street. And like I'm rooting so hard for Jeanie Buss. I've never had any experiences with her especially someone who is here like dealing with the Knicks in New York, and then going out to L A and deal with the Lakers. It's like, yeah. No wonder this franchise has all these championships. And the Knicks don't look at the kind of that are running this place. You like them and you root for them. But right now, Stephen imagine this for a second imagine Pelinka chooses the new coach because they're good in need another coach right Pelinka has his and then he's going to have to get one out of there because he's no good. Eventually. So. Start again. It's potentially worse than that is potentially worse than that. Max would've Linda Rambus is the one making that Cole? I'm not saying, that's that's the reality. Saying that's the perception. Let's be very clear also because we both got a lot of affection for genie bus. But it's important that we remember this. She did not do well for herself dishes. She called out the media where she was being interviewed at the sports institute. You know, you got voices LA like the great Bill Plaski to LA Tom's Brad Stevens. Outstanding. Reporter, you know, my buddy for the Los Angeles Times as well. Jim hills of the world and others people were incredibly offended by the position that she took because it came across as not only disingenuous not only an accurate, but grotesquely unfair to individuals in the local media who spent the last five years giving an incredible pass. And so she's walked around. Now, she's talking about fake news. And. Immu whole words verbiage is imitating and echoing people that we don't feel like bringing up on this show on this particular day. These are the kind of things that have been coming out of the mouth. Religiously over the last several months and Jeannie buses star has descended to some degree monks local media because they feel like she's basically figuratively speaking spilling face by not being appreciative of the past that they've given her for the last five to six years. So she asked to be careful right now, really quickly guys. Magic said something else fascinating teams. He said he was confident really confident certain LeBron will bring a to the Lakers. Are you guys sharing that confidence got to be quick here? Stephen max, are you certainly Bron brings a championship to allay. I'm not. I'm not I'm worry because I'm not sure that the Lakers are going to get that next star. But I believe the clippers are imacs. I got some news for you. I starting to believe I'm starting to believe that could clippers have a legitimate shot a better than fifty percents shot at both a while Linnet, and Kevin Durant starting to believe that I based on hearing. I'm starting to believe that. Yeah. I also think that there's a good possibility that that can happen. Let me say this will I'm under fifty fifty that. The Lakers will win a championship. I think they have a damn good shot. Let's say thirty or forty percent chance. But let me tell you how I calculate this four year deal for LeBron didn't win it last year. Three years left ain't gonna win it this year two years left age age thirty five thirty six year old LeBron at which point let's say they have a and they have some good pieces around then has two years left. Not just to contend for champion. Ship but win one it could happen but under fifty fifty okay? And I just want to I want to bring the highlighter out the big yellow highlighter, Steven you're telling us from what you're hearing better than fifty percent shot. Not just why. But cool why and Katy to the clippers tell you. That's what I'm here right now, the clippers feeling very very good about themselves. These days. Remember, I was out in LA last week for reason. Jerry, West is unbelievable. All right. That's awesome information were two days away from the two thousand nineteen NFL draft. And joining us now to give us insight into the top prospects waiting to hear their name called is the mouth of the south, Mr Paul finebaum. What's up? Paul will buddy. I'm good man time. It has been so guys. Let's do this. Let's go through some of the bigger names of able this weekend. Paul mac? Stephen you guys will tell us your confidence level each player being a star in the pros. Okay. Well, we do it on a on a one to ten scale. I'll name the guy you tell me on a scale of one to ten how confident you are. Let's start with the biggest name in the draft. Let's start with Cuyler Murray. Paul. How confident are you? He will be a star in the NFL. I'm out about a seven ratio. Listen, I think he's an outstanding player. I understand the love for him. But I saw some things I did not like he struggled against army. That's a game that Oklahoma had to go to overtime to win. But I on the. The biggest game of his career. He didn't show up in the first half. Alabama went out to a twenty eight to nothing lead. I realized his star receiver was banged up. It was not a good situation for him. But still he was chased all over the field by Alabama's defensive line, which we'll talk about maybe a little bit later. And I think it showed one thing he came back in the second half Alabama was wearing down a little bit. They were already thinking about the next game against Clemson. But it showed me that he can be vulnerable. He made some very poor decisions. He was he was running for his life in the NFL. He'll be running for his life every single Sunday at one o'clock. Was that say right there? Seven. Yeah. I see I see very largely the same way. That Paul just described. He seems to have all the attributes of a star. He's small just because Russell Wilson is done it and drew Brees to a lesser extent. They're not quite as smallest Kyle Murray. And Baker Mayfield is on his way to being a star. If he's not already doesn't necessarily mean, basically size does help you. But he has the army has the legs. He has decision making. I Steve day actually was troubled by what I heard about the combine if that was simply irresponsible reporting. That's the reason it's responsible because it puts them down your mind. I'll give them a seven. I'm at an eight. And the reason why I'm eight guys is because I think he's playing with house money. First of all you have a head coach who I still repeat does not deserve to be to head coach at Arizona. I mean to below five hundred head coach on the collegiate level to lose your job to get a coordinator's position in college football. And before you have a chance to go down the road awful PICO and LA brea at roscoe's to get some chicken and waffle suddenly become a head coach in NFL. It is amazing to me that Kingsboro is the head coach and the NFL having set all of that. I believe that column Murray would be playing with house money because you're playing for coach just going to let you run as much as he throws because that's going to be able to gloss over some of the mistakes that the rookie head coach on the NFL level may be able to make Nick more stuff is going to be put on column Murray would is real. And I think he's going to be spectacular in that category. And obviously it's going to come with minimal expectations because he's undersized and he's a rookie quarterback. So I think that he'll be playing with house money. And as a result will look at what he does. What is we? Heels and the dual ability that he has and I think I think eight appropriate Stephen really quickly as a quick follow before we move on. I want to talk about this a little later on the wheel Kane show, but is your confidence higher for color or lower because of cliff Kingsbury. Confidence is high because of him and his ability, but I don't have much faith in kings burry. Stephen, Michael what happens to Kyle Murray after Kingsbury is fired which way, I think we all in this panel. No, he will be pretty soon agree with that that we'll revisit discussing this. Really? I'm not sure about that only because kings good to have his quarterback like kind of gonna give Kingsbury the best possible chance to succeed. You're right. If he doesn't then it's like, dude. What what can we give you? We gave you the guy. But I think chance. Chance because of the heart in the basketball. Yes. They're totally confidential. Yes. Because of that, I'm more confident in column with Kingsbury. Jon Gruden in Oakland me too. Okay. Okay. So we're all say great column fits Zona less confident somewhere else. But if he doesn't go number one the name that many are suing would is Joey Voces younger brother, Nick Bosa, Paul. How confident are you in a knick Bosa as a pro? I'm not a draft analyst. But you're asking me a question. I would rank him the highest player. We're gonna talk about today. I would give him a ten. I think he's got everything necessary. Yeah. I know. I know you had the injury and a lot of people quibble about that. But in watching him over his career. I mean, he he does everything. Well, I think he's a can't miss and I would take him over collar Murray or anyone else in this draft. I give them a nine poll. I agree with everything you said except there's injury concerns. And by the way, his brother is also a star in the NFL. He's at least as good as his brother. It looks like in college. So I give him a ten, but if you've already had a major injury that's had you miss time in college, you're playing a somehow I feel like between like a tackle. And a defensive end that the defensive end feels to me more like the injury position. And if if you've already been hurt I can't give you a ten I'll give them a nine tonight. He's. Why I you know? I mean, I'll give I'll give them a knob because I'm certainly not questioned his ability. But listen, Joey both is a big top play. As far as I'm concerned look at how much he was reduced gets Tom Brady. I get what I'm trying to say is. I think as football continues to evolve you're going to see quarterbacks getting rid of the football quicker. I think it's going to neutralize some edge. Russia's like him. I know that he's got the ability pole. I'm not chain. I'm not questioning that at by any stretch of the imagination. But I'm thinking impact if you're talking about his ability. I completely believe I completely believe in Nick Bose's ability. But how effective is he going to be dependent on the quarterbacks. He goes against you know. You know, they're getting rid of the football combined with his durability when three hundred pounds. We had two twenty pound offensive lineman a block and get the full in on them on purpose. I don't know he. I g much out of the injury, by the way, he had he had half a season to recuperate. I mean, he took the season off. So the problem with that? We we had that conversation on yourself a couple of months ago. I mean, why not why why play for house state and two games get banged up and lose your draft status. But I mean that injuries over with. I mean, he's completely recovered. He's recuperated. So why hold that against you got hurt players get I'll tell you. Why let me answer that question. Mr. Bob, the great fun. Who I loved dearly? Let me ask that question. If you're worried about him getting into two Danes, what about sixteen against grown men who've got him by about fifty pounds that will fall on him on purpose because they think that ultimately durability is a question. More say not his ability to there. But he I also like your core stuffed effects guys when I hear about core injuries right away. I get a little bit nervous. Presuming. He's healed to Paul's point. He's. I realize I was on sports medicine panel here. I thought we were talking. No place. A legal panel an expertise 'penal of every kind. I don't know. This time is max doing hip surgery this afternoon over at Mount Sinai about that. The jury this show every day. Okay. Because I'm seven seven and eight on collar Murray, you guys gave him I want to go to the other quarterback. The God of the max Stephen a wearing big blue wearing the big blue from New York Giants next year Paul Duane Haskins. One to ten how confident are you? I like him I'm going to give them an eight. I realized that's somewhere in the middle there. But I yeah, he he had some limitations, but he can throw the ball deep. He moves. He does pretty much everything that I wanted to see now. Now, he disappeared once in a while this he played on team that lost it for do. But he he let an amazing comeback against Penn State, which really impressed me and he survived urban Meyer that gets an extra point in my book. I give them an eight as well. It's I know he's one year starter. But look at the trends, he got better. And better as the season went on. He has a huge arm. They had a passing attack where he's throwing down the field. Getting seventy percent completion fifty touchdowns. Eight interceptions has the kind of attitude and eat O'Connor's great article on ESPN dot com about this is like a young Derrick jeeter. This guy says winner to me I take him over Josh Rosen. Josh Rosen were available in the draft. And he is available but treated seems I love Haskins. He's not fast. We he's only a one year starter that keeps them at eight for me. But thank you for max being as quick as the producers asked you to really appreciate that. I'll go what has because at eight as well. And the reason I would do. So the reason why it's not higher is because I'm worried about the coaching here receive at the next level he can land in New York. He could land Cincinnati with a rookie coach he could land in the nation's capital with Jay Gruden. I just don't know what it's going to be like for him. But I believe in his ability all of you more confident Dwayne Haskins than except Stephen. You have them tied fascinating. All right, Paul. Appreciate having having you on always, man. The new state farm drive safe and save app. Could get you a discount thirty percent for good driving. But it's date from radio ad gets you one hundred percent discount on this plastic. Would. Just up to thirty percent, dry states and say just say. Not available in all states. Beckham junior took to Twitter yesterday on what he called one of the best days of his life and said he was ready to fire back at all the haters and a late night question and answer session and responded to one person who called him a locker room cancer. He said has any one of my teammates of who? I was a teammate in a man and a person, and yes, I'm a cancer to a place. That's okay. With losing. Because I want to win that bad. You're absolutely correct. Saying, yeah, he's a cancer to places that like to lose. Stephen you like love hate what Beckham's response on Twitter. Well, I like that part about the cancer. Because I think that adamant of Gettleman, I'm sorry, provoked and initiated all of this. I don't like how expansive he was. I think responding the folks on Twitter he put forth like forty one tweets and went out of his way to forty four tweets, actually. And I think about forty one or forty two of them were coming to the defense of himself. And I think he went a little bit overboard with it as a potato. I'm only a cancer team. That's okay. With losing. I think the New York Giants deserve that shop because Mr. Dave Gettleman a grown man of who is an executive who is an accomplished executive believe it or not shit. No better than take shots at Dell Beckham junior, which is exactly what he did. I think a day or two earlier when he was asked about the problem with the coach and the giants locker room, and he said, it's not a problem anymore. Clearly wasn't talking about Livia Vernon when he body else. He was talking about. Dell Beckham JR. And that was an unnecessary shot. And it was childish would get them into do that. So I don't blame Odell Beckham junior for coming to his own defense in that regard. But then he got a bit excessive, and that part, I didn't like it all the matter of fact, I hated it because I'm looking at Dell Beckham junior, and I'm seeing your commenting trolls on Twitter. Good luck with that number one. But number two or more importantly, he went at somebody talking about what he's done in the playoffs. Odell Beckham junior has been the one more playoff game. Then you, and I which is to say just one in isn't tie career and in that particular game he dropped about three or four passes of the eleven attempts that were thrown in his direction. I think the number was four if I remember correctly. And so you're in no position really bloviating come to your own defense about your post season performance because you only had one of them, and it wasn't very impressive. And so I think that you've gotta recognize that and understand it if you'll del Beckham. Julia the fact that you made that spectactor. Catch that one indicates it gets the Cowboys at in East Rutherford, New jersey changed the complexion or the or the trajectory of your career and your life. You became an instant magnet box office material endorsement deals came your way to Nike deal came there. After an all of these things happen to you. Because of that catch is great of a talent as you are an e is phenomenal. And actually a good person. I might add undeserving of what get them in did to him or set about him. That is the bottom line is Odell Beckham junior's still has an awful lot to prove. I love if it's like love or hate. I love Odell response. In fact, I'm going to get to the playoffs thing in a second other than the playoffs. Perfect. The perfect response Gettleman has a lot of nerve calling Odiele cancer. And by the way, I've heard of because the cancer with the giants has been the front office and the coaching. It's been the they've been bad. They've been they've had some they've been bed the front office have to fix the. Line Gettleman went out and handed out neat soldier the richest linemen in the NFL briefly offensive lineman job, Dave notice who got rid of Nate solar. The patriots. You think it's wise to signed to the biggest contract the guy that Bill Belichick feels like he can part with? Look. Odell is I think the most talented wideout who ever lived. I think he has a chance to be the greatest of all time. I think the giants didn't like what I hear the fact that he wasn't big on film study and stuff like that. And the excuse they make sometimes he's not where it's going to be it messes up the offense, and the nonsense of that is that demonstrably according to the numbers he lie was barely an NFL quarterback starter with Odell on the field without Dell on the field. He was much worse. So how is not being where he's supposed to be? According to some people that I've heard from. How is that hurting the giants if they're much worse without him on the field, by the way statistics? Well, according to the numbers, those are records of events in Odell tenure as a New York football giant. They never had an offense of line. They were terrible until saquon one year they had zero running game, and let me be very clear, and I love ally. Manning he brought New York two Super Bowls with clutch plays. I love him. When ode L was on the giants. Ally was cooked. They have not had a quarterback. And the fact that then they turn around and try to go after his reputation, basically as a cancer. He has every right to I'm a cancer on a losing team because I am trying to win on need to correct. The record next year second. And let's missed a massive story. Gettleman did not call Beckham junior a cancer. He said to say that like no max said it twice Stephen just let me correct. This record really quickly. He said, there was a culture problem. Okay. Go ahead. I have a quote, I want to read the quote, that's why we're going to interrupt max here was what the quote was. He's talking to New Jersey dot com. He says there's more to it than just collecting talent. There is a cultural thing to it. That's critical. I have not been on a team that's going to a Super Bowl. That's had a culture problem. The reporter asked him followed up by asking him if he had a culture problem in New York and get them and said not anymore. So who's he was his shot kit. Everybody you can read into said earlier in the show in. I n furred I should have said that again, I'm inferring because I'm a reasonable person with a brain that he is talking about Odal junior we satisfied. Now look distinction was whether or not he called him a cancer who said he had a culture problem. He did not call him a cancer beckoned called himself cancer himself, the cancer to an organization that was awry with losing that becomes the operative problem. They'll max the Joanne's are certainly guilty of many mistakes, including in my opinion, drafting saquon Barkley over Sam darnold year ago, they are guilty of incompetence. But are they okay? With losing if you if your answer to that is anything, but yes, you can't be okay. With Oto Beckham on your husband WI I'll tell you why it's totally fair. For Dell to say, yes. Because if you're giants ownership, and you could keep putting losing front offices and coaches in place than your okay with losing so long as they reflect your general sense of how football should work, you know, they fit the profile from central casting according to ownership, but they continue to lose. And you continue to operate the same way. Then you are. Okay. With losing and ode L is not Stephen A quickly about the play offs. You're right about that. Odell can't open his mouth about the playoffs. When we all. I said when they went down on that boat trip. Everything's fine. But now two things have to happen. Dell. Just for the optics one you got to win and to you better not drop any balls, and he dropped to tick dealer that were bad in his hands. Will will come at you with this will because this is where I wanna go with this. I think it's important that we understand something here. Even though the word cancer was never used. That is correct. Okay. You're talking about a culture problem and your. Intimating that it was del Beckham Julianne getting rid of him as addressing the culture problem with the New York Giants, you know, what that ain't even get him. Biggest problem? The biggest problem that get them. In has a my estimation is how he then followed up not in the end of you. But I'm talking weeks ago after trading older Becca junior. It's the willingness to follow up by being so outspoken in support of an ally. Manning that everyone would too is can see his skills have clearly dissipated to some degree. And it's due to age and attrition. We have seen ally. Manning go down without getting touched at your site of oncoming Russia's he's sat on the turf, just so he wouldn't be touched is the equivalent of a boxer and analogy that Mexican appreciate you. It's the quivalent of a box that's Punchdrunk for crying shot. This. Shot shot fighter. Show if I want to get touched and Joe del statement from on on the cancer to any organization. That's okay. With losing just answer this police, if I changed that to on the cancer to any organization, that's losing would that change your opinion. Tenny organization is losing. I'm sorry. I don't instead of okay. With losing. He's a ceiling. Okay, with it seems to me that everything Dila saying is resting upon accusing the giants of being okay with losing rotting because the situation is what happens if you go to Cleveland, and they're losing are you cancer. What would it be? I wouldn't be okay. If he said, I'm a cancer that anybody that's losing. Because sometimes you're going to have rough patches and your character is going to show up. Right. But he is use it a word. Okay. With losing. Because again, they're supportive of God that they love so much because of what he did in the past, and then not paying attention enough to the here, and now and estimation, and you guys out there that the younger talent I like sacrificial lambs. The giants are okay. I'm a giants fan. They've been okay. With losing for far too long. Odell is absolutely right about that. Okay. With losing did GM and get a coach New York football giants take it from a Cowboys fan. Maybe this reflects a little less bias sometimes you can just be bad at your job not actually being. Okay. With losing. I think it's usually probably manning is where to okay comes in will ally banning is okay comes in because they consistently correct out of their way to act like he something he is no longer that's corrupt. When a series. Physically it seems like. It's fun. Not not to. You know, things like. My games on other level. Jimmy being. Let's. Engine do. Charts? Playoff. Dwell and bean says he likes the physicality of this series. But his coach Brett Brown warned the team Monday that there isn't a secret how this game will be played given the complaints that have surfaced in regards to refereeing. So Stephen eight how confident are you that Embiid can stay away from trouble in this game? I'm not that confident. I think this is one of those situations where you gotta keep your eyes on the game. You gotta keep your eyes on Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers Embiid has fun off of antagonizing. He knows he's better than them. But to tag Anais them rub it in their face in the process. It's not something that he's a verse to doing and the Brooklyn nets. This is this is a team that that's gutsy. They're not scared of anything. They're not as skilled as the Philadelphia. Seventy sixers. That's why they're losing this series. But in the same breath, they're going to fight they're going to come after you. They're not going to back down and went Jared Dudley. Pushed in beat in the back. He didn't do it. Because it after titular play. He did it from days earlier when Embiid elbow Jared Allen, and then laughed about it in a press conference. It was residue from that. They know they're not the superior team. They know they are an inferior team, and they wouldn't shock the Brooklyn nets at all. If they ended up going down in this series tonight, which everybody should expect to happen. After what we saw in games three and four. But in the end, they're not gonna go out quietly. Brooklyn is giving you know indication that they're going to go down quietly. I'm not telling you, they're going to break rules or whatever, but they are going to be physical. They're going to fight. They're going to be gutsy, and you know, this when the GM is running into the referees locker room, you know, you're not supposed to do that. That's exactly what he did. Because according to what the NBA told me he was convinced that in beach have been jet for the game more so than Jimmy Butler. So these are the kind of things this residue. From this past games coming into tonight's game. They're not going to go quietly and in bead. Unlike everybody else is going to invite that just to mess with their heads and send them home miserable for the off season. He'll enjoy doing that. Because that's his personality. But I'm confident and beat can stay away from trouble. I think the nets will be chippy partly because they understand probably their best shot is to exchange any player on their roster for and beat if any two guys get thrown out, and then beat is one of them the nets just suddenly the nets odds improve. So they understand that. But here's the thing about NB. He's a super smart player. First of all like from the first tweet at riana like when you're playing fantasy football. You can tell who's going to be good in the league based on the name of the team. That person's smart got to watch them. You could tell from NBC Twitter. It's not just that. He's funny is high Q like, he's a smart guy. That doesn't always mean though, that you can stay out of trouble. If you have an impulse control. Problem. He doesn't know this is not perfect or someone like that. This Embiid has played under control. Now he plays with passion. He's clearly interested in being the best player in the world in being a great defensive player. But he is the go dirt. Not the go d so I'm not worried about 'em be doing something stupid. I think he'll stay out of jail. Stephen. Why does this question the question? The question wasn't along the lines of what he get injected or something. In other words, max when when Jimmy Butler got Jek did all right and Jared Dudley gotta checked it in beat wasn't a middle of that. He didn't get a check did. But he wasn't some innocent bystander. He was instigated. That's all I'm talking about. He's not innocent at all of this needs to way to be in the middle of it. He's not going to be interested all the he's not gonna be some innocent bystander. If you want to change the question to, hey, if there's trouble in the game the question to be innocent. That's a -lutely not he's an instigator. I'm just saying he's not the instigated when I think about staying out of trouble. That's what I figured max. If you're always involved in. No, it's Marcus smart or Jared Dudley. If you're always involved in it is going to come back to bite you. May we'll do well as the other guy that's a fair point. He could wind up embroiled in something where he damages himself somehow, even if he's not technically to blame. But I don't see I think he's two hundred control listen to this guy's NBA champion Kendrick. Perkins was on get up yesterday. And he had some high praise for Leonard. This may sound crazy. But Kowa Linda reminds me of Michael Jordan. And I'm not saying, you know, what I'm not comparing him to Mike. But if you watch the way he plays his style the way he plays the game on both ends. He can have a game that mimics Michael Jordan is not all the way fancy. He gets his bites. He got nice turnarounds. Big hands palm the ball in on the defensive end. Like, he's just he's probably the best in the game. That Michael Jordan analogies for Leonard matchy like that comparison. I do I know exactly what he means. But Michael Jordan's not the guy who jumps to mind because co is not the kind of play was going to give you fifty on a nightly basis Jordan in the playoffs. Fifty he'll give you fifty like every time, he'll do whatever he needs to do that way. Kawais is not that kind of ball dominant score, although he can be bold dominant. And he's not the passer Pippen was I get it. But he reminds me much more of Pippin actually than Jordan the competitiveness like Jordan. Sure. But the game like he's the guy. He's the forward who you can put on the best perimeter player on the other team every night, and he'll do the best job in the world on that guy. Like, you couldn't do a better job. And also give you a good positive contribution on the other end, not the passer Pippen was I get the hands comparison to Jordan. But if forced to choose between, Jordan and Pippen who he reminds me more of I would say Kawai reminds me. More of Pippin. You're all I would go with the Jordan comparison because I think we have to listen to the words that Kendrick Perkins. Stated he talked about clearly Michael Jordan is in a class by himself. But when you look at Kawagoe wise average twenty six this year co why is your number one offense of option that was never really it. I mean, even when Jordan was going Pippen sat on a bench in the payments game because they'll Lou Phil Jackson called Toni Kukoc number to close out. The game VIP is a career sixteen point per game scorer. He clearly look at Hawaii Lenin. And that's not his intent. He's a number-one option. He's a better than twenty five games. Go point per game score. He shoots about forty nine percent from the field. He shoots about thirty seven percent from three point range Pippen. Never did that certainly defensively. Kuwa- does a lot. What what Jordan and Pippen does? But ofensive -ly Kowa Leonard is far more significant than Pippen every even tried to be. And I think that's why the comparison Jordan is more is more pal. 'table than than comparisons. Look, look if there were three point shot was it was his prevalent. Then as it is now people would've shot the more. But at his best pipping was twenty two points. Twenty one points twenty points, twenty one points rebounds up seventy eight boards game assists, up five and six. Assists a game three steals a game like throughout his never number one off at the with the exception of Jordan being gone, right? And it's definitely the number one is in. Let's not forget the Knicks got a gift in game seven against the taken into the finals and to Mason. He was the number one option on that team. He was the second best player in my opinion to Hakim that year in the NBA, let's fix denigrating Scottie Pippin with just talking about what reminds Kawais game remind you more we're not ever, denigrating Scottie Pippen. So Stephen, let's fix this storm. Now, you're absolutely right. Quite a number one, option Scottie Pippen never was. So he was actually we're not too is gone. One year next. There's parts of this. Don't worry don't go to why Jordan also not even the well rounded nature cO is game reminds you of Pippin, but set us aside who is the right historical comparison for Leonard in don't fit it into these two boxes, then give me the right guy. There's really not a perfect comparisons. I understand what. Perkins means Stephen in certain respects. He is reminiscent of Jordan and co is not a great passer. That's the one part of pipping was very good passer. Wise not great at that. There's not a perfect comparison to Kawai. He's not like the kind of spectacular score we've seen in the past. Grant Hill's game also more of a passer. Right. And maybe even more of a rebounder. Why is unique kind of player? He is good enough to be the number one scoring option on a championship team. Had he played with Jordan. He would not have been the number one scoring option. But he is he his defense is what makes them special is excellent. As offenses like who is he like a souped up Igwe Dollond as MS range and and as mid range game. I think if you're going to answer the question that will present it. I think Jordan is applaud with only thing that you'd never confuse Kawai and Jordan. I'm not saying the only thing, but when you look at Jordan occur. Why has never been a Skywalker. He's never had an aerial assault. The likes of which we haven't seen Dunkin over seven foot four Marquis into the world and people like that. That's not who could wide lend it is. But if you look at his dribbling, if you look at his mid range game is pull up mid range game the man in which is defense the way that he scores to strengthen finishing at the basket, etc. Etc. It's not that he is. Jordan by any stretch of imagination. But I think he's more closer to that kind of a game. Then he was to pip. Here's the problem with the comparison. We already have seen a guy who's almost exactly like, Jordan Kobe. Someone's like who was just like, Jordan Kobe. You say who was just like, Jordan. It's not Kawai even if you see Jordan in his game. I don't know the answer. Like, I as I said, maybe a souped up Igwe Dala type, I guess with a better three point shot. Let's go to Kobe. Kobe even walked like Jordan for crying Kawais. Larry low profile doesn't want any kind of sizzle at all. That's not a wa let me go back to the rockets rockets last night couldn't close out the jazz. They went over thirteen from three in the fourth quarter and failed to complete the sweep game five will be Wednesday night back in Houston. Did this hurt the rockets chances ultimately against the warriors not closing out the jazz? Max don't actually think it helped him. It's a wakeup call. They gotta hustle for everything. They can't take things for granted loose, balls rebounds, boxing, guys out making the extra pets like they got sloppy. And they took they took the jazz for granted. I think it's a good wakeup call. Also, if they're going to have a little issue shooting get it out of your system. Now don't bring that to the warriors series. I think if anything that could have helped. I disagree. I disagree does to additional those are two additional days that that they gotta worry about an opponent as opposed to getting ready for Golden State. So now the series will probably end at the same time. You gotta rest you didn't that you were going to have a rest avantage. You don't have that. Now and keep in mind that the rockets has been the issue this year health C P three goes down. Click appellate goes down regarding missed a few games, etcetera etcetera and additional gain doesn't help in regards to win tear. You never know how that could affect. I think it was a mistake. Not to close them out last night. Let me get you guys on the record with prediction tonight. Thunder blazers to the blazes close out the thunder tonight max, yes, yes, they do. Yes. Both w easy. They do. Dame time, it's Lillard time. All right one more question for you on the wrong. Someone ask you this. Then you guys aren't you worried about the rockets going cold again, they did it last year. James harden, did it earlier in the series did get you're not worried about them going on Jay taught and drops forty five in game five shown attendance cold when it matters drop dropped thirty nineteen shots with when he couldn't shoot supposedly. The new state farm drive safe and save app. Could get you a discount thirty percent for good driving. But it's date. Farm radio ad gets you one hundred percent discount on this classic. Would. Just up to thirty percent, dry safe and say just say. Not available in all states.

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