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Local Hour: Shawn and Grant


Mike ward stadium seat finding game tickets hard trae but being there so much better than not being. There are replaced my regular seat with the stadium seat to try and recreate that stadium atmosphere. I appreciate the effort, but I got a better idea use vivid seats to find tickets to the game. They make finding the seats that you want quick and easy. Sounds like getting tickets at vivid seats would have been the easier option. It always is. You guys wanna sports guys want sports because sports was pretty great thing. We have to we have to sports. We have to sports. Billy do sports for the at least the first segment can we? Yeah. You can sports. We're gonna we're gonna sports for at least one segment, something next segment. Okay. Just so you know for a little sports for now. But the clock is ticking. No, it's sports and just watch out there teaches go on, man, that's to come. But let's talk about last night. Let's talk about this series is pretty good. You know it's weird. Right because he has like all these. Yes. He's amazing dancer, your question. I'm not here to do the isn't great show because I think was the best player on the planet. I have I've had that take b before he lifted the MVP trophy. But it was a really bizarre fourth quarter and the fourth quarters, I known game five he had a bit of. A run. But the rest of the game was pretty crappy for the president, that he's sort of a sabotaged coup. Why even though in models is game after Michael Jordan, and he could really see a lot of the similarities in the game. There was moment where he had sort of push off. He emulates a lot of his moves for people that were old enough to watch, Michael. Jordan regularly. It's kinda creepy sometimes because why isn't going to force something into a double team. I thought golden say defended Leonard so well throughout this entire series. And it's a testament outbreak. Why is that he won an MVP out of that? But he's not like that killer. You know, he's he's a robot. He's going to make the smart basketball play double. I'm gonna swing it around or the open man. Most of the time. I mean I feel like if that game what was game five goes a little differently. The narrative on him because he had a rough game five, but then he showed up at the end and was very impressed would only remember the end, and no one's gonna remember how bizarre this. This was one of the more bizarre title celebrations ever. Because Toronto had it one and Koi insisted on shooting free throws. Yeah. I think in large part because he wanted to score over twenty and he's like team guy. But it was weird that fourth quarter with him and Steph. Yeah, I wanted to see greatness and to van fleet's credit to Siaka GMs credit. It kind of had a Mavericks feel it to everyone on the team really just played about, as well as they could. You know what? That's an excellent comp. I think the, the, the Mavericks seem, I think two thousand eleven that beat the Miami Heat where you had the one out of this world superstar Dirk was playing probably the best basketball in the world. At that time where for one series. These come compilation of players were a dominant team. They were warriors esque with really one guy. Yeah, that's a star and you're always gonna have guys random guys like van. Lead, although van bleed, I think is turning into really. Excellent player Siachen. We've seen his development, but Sergey Baca the veteran that a lot of people were like this guy is not really the x factor. We thought it would be he had a rough two games start the NBA finals. And then all of a sudden and it Serge Ibaka from Oklahoma City again. Marcus oil had contributions last night was a bit of a weird game. I really wish because the door was opened for staff to go crazy and really put the team on his shoulders, and I understand losing Kevin Durant in Klay Thompson on hold up. I had the serious today. When I was watching at the bar. Like if you're a warriors fan that is such a great way to go out in terms of your dynasty possibly ending thought you were gonna I thought you were doing the take where this is like good for them. I have that take two. I certainly have that tech to in terms of the long-term keeping together of this were probably going to keep Klay regardless, if K D leaves, they were probably gonna resign cry. So how is it helping that he's out for a year now? I mean, it was remember Adam Schefter, our MBA expert reported exclusively. They Klay Thompson was resigning with Golden State Warriors. Those always those Laker whispers because of his dad, and we even this shows guilty of failing to mention when we were talking about this upcoming off season with the rant and Kawai and kyri clay Tom. Was also an unrestricted free agent, this summer, he was on pace to win the finals MVP if the war the comeback if the warriors. Yeah. I think everyone last night, sort of fell in love with Klay Thompson. It was. Yeah. He was. He was doing the things that I've really wanted Steph to do since Steph really emerged on the scene as a guy who was arguably top two players on the planet, and again, Steph with the fourth quarter, it's just it's just yeah, she's shy. He had to say what you want. He had that shot at the end missed it. He had a clean. Look, he had to work for it the good. That was a Jonah play where they all boogie cousins. Does a little bit of a like shuffling, this feeds all that, because, you know, I thought they were gonna put all five guys on staff they were not gonna let Steph take that shot. And he got shot. It was a good lake contest. But you know what? That's, that's a clean look. Good shot clean. Look in that situation for the best shooter in NBA history and make it, what was it one for six in that fourth quarter? He hit a couple of free throws made that fourth quarter look a little. Better than it was. But yeah. Once again, I come away less than satisfied. I mean Kowa though we just have to sit back for a second what have we seen in any sport? That's as impressive as by ending the Heat's run and ending this warriors run. Yeah. Dynasty killer. I mean literally all this scene in sports more impressive than that. Michael Jordan won six NBA idols and didn't lose any. He's but yeah. It's true. You're being a bit hyperbolic. But these are two Billy these are two I mean rate us NBA dynasties, ever, even though what was the team and went through. I honestly think a warriors were not a full-strength. That's true. Yes. Wasn't exactly like David versus Goliath understood. And this one like David versus like a guy that was like a foot short of Goliath. I was I was thinking on my way in here because the first allies with an achilles injury. The first warriors title, they face LeBron James. And it was a mash unit of the Cleveland Cavaliers, where Matthew delve. Adobo was forced into being their second. Yes player. And they're counting on Tristan Thompson to make huge, huge impacts in that series because I lost Kevin love and they lost Kyrie Irving. And even though we all assume, Golden State was better than a fully healthy Cleveland team that series one six, and while it's mentioned as a footnote no-one's really out here trying to take away that first title that Golden State one, especially since the rain came afterward, and it only increases how good that title look this one I, honestly, think this one's going to have that asterisk, people are always going to remember because these. Aren't. I mean they happened in the series for one and they happened in tight games and Kevin Durant in the twelve minutes at he played. He was spectacular Klay. Thompson was game six clay all over again. He was phenomenal. I think people are going to mention this rafters, title and immediately say, but Golden State was banged up. I feel like if clay doesn't get hurt they kinda sneak on that they skate on that. And they get the credit for it simply combination of clay going down. That just makes it like okay. They have nobody left. Draymond green. Is that you can't have him at the top of the key, like really making a big decision late? It's drain on how to weird game because offensively there were times, I was just eyeso- camping him. I'm like with her the same great. And in the fourth quarter Draymond starts getting the guts again. And he he's making big shots. And he had a tremendous game. I thought defensively and on the boards, but to the point of Klay Thompson going out. And Kevin Durant. I if I'm a warriors fan, I actually thought they gained a lot of respect in losing because people are like the super team. And then they added Kevin Durant. It's not fair and people started hate them. But I kind of I was really surprised at a sports bar that I was watching that eighty percent of the people were going for Golden State. Wow. I was asked so at bar, and I know I did not. I was it was more raptors fans, but I do agree with you that it does make them less. Unlikable all these injuries. Right. Because look Katie. I don't know how this, well, I know how it happened the achilles injuries Katie became a mortar. Yeah, you went from. One of the most hated players in the NBA. Certainly in sports. I dislike that guy more than anybody, and I felt bad about the Killys injury nowhere near as bad as I felt about the clay tongue because Thompson's a likable guy, I think he went to another level Durant became more likable with that injury. Yeah. And if you're if you're warriors fan, you could rest back, you can sit back and say, you know, it's really hard to three peat obviously him full of teams done it, and we probably would've won this series if we were full strength, they got us. We were hurt. Sometimes those are the breaks, even we even got her first title sort of that way. So now with clay, and Durant being injured for the next full season. Are we in a position now where the Western Conference is the weaker conference like a year ago? We were at a spot, why would the Bron leave the east? Yeah. And then now we're looking like thinking of from Leonard's asked like what he's thinking about wouldn't you rather go? I'd rather go to the west now and face a Steph curry only warriors than have to go through Jaanus. And, you know the. Isn't that east better this year? I that's what I was going to say is I felt like. That's a lukewarm take in terms of like I thought these conference was better this year because there were three teams deeper. There was the west the west was deeper. The east had better teams at the top. Yeah. I thought there were three teams in the east that could win a title and out west. I thought it was Golden State or Houston, that was three and three I never really Denver could win. No is really no state Golden State in Houston. No. So you had more teams at the top on the east that were better. But the the west had more good teams in terms of light one through eight right? Yeah. I mean, the, the odds on favorite was always Golden State, but there were three teams out east and Philadelphia Milwaukee, and obviously, the NBA champion Toronto Raptors that I thought could beat the warriors in a series and same in gun gave voice to it. And there were certain concerned surrounding the school than say team terms of their defense and it wasn't really the same exact team. So I think the Eastern Conference low key this the transition year. Yeah. Now it's official like going into next season. The east is better. I mean you need to see where the free agent. You need to see what qui- Koike go head back out west. The west is wide open. Now we have, you know, has and in today and Sarah Spain, and we have to sort of talk about what happened because I was an incredible series but. The transactions always more interesting than the actual result of the of the game. And what those injuries due to this NBA offseason, which was gearing up to be just bonkers bonkers so bonkers that you forgot that Klay Thompson was even a free agent this here, now it's a little tempered, because if you're these agents for Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson, you have to encourage them to take long-term stability long term, contracts, considering the injuries, they just stained, Kevin Durant much more. So, right. So if why goes out west. Man. This is huge for Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Lakers, too, because now the Anthony Davis thing you were looking at LeBron and Anthony Davis and considering all the players that they had to give up to get Anthony Davis. You're like that's still not a team that's going to seriously compete for an NBA title, even though they have to the best players on the planet. Now that's certainly good enough with whatever Cassie put around them to make it to a Western Conference, final, the so rich. Paul, Anthony Davis, Los Angeles acres. They gotta go all in because Klay Thompson playing for full season. It would appear Kevin Durant certainly not playing next season. Even though boogie kinda came back relatively quick, but certainly not himself beaking of clay did Bob Myers cry. I didn't see any of the Bob monitors post because if I'm clay, I'm sitting there saying, go ahead. Let's see what you, let's see. I feel about me, you're pretty emotional about Katie Grady emotional. Let's see how much you like me. How stunned were you to find out that clay actually 'cause the news came at one thirty AM and I was asleep by that? Woke up to the news that Klay Thompson had actually torn his ACL. I was like, wait. What made me think why did he jog out? I couldn't have helped her roic moment. I was guilty of thinking like, oh, he's, he's just going for the Trix, even though I saw. You clearly saw his knee, bend in a way that was weird. But we've seen people bounce back from, like, oh, that guy's definitely done for the year. And they're all out there. No problem and he was running around and try to get back on defense after the free throw didn't look like himself when he was trying to get back, but I was like, is this the ethical thing, and then he was upset that he was going back to the locker room. I'm like, well, you sort of brought it on yourself by maybe milking it. And then it turns out to do that tore Nexia been that it was. It was about to. It was partially torn, and then all that movement, the jogging I probably not. I think he was probably injured. You can't rule it out. But considering the way leave Ali adrenaline that he was running on and got out there was nobody in NBA history that I wanna see less getting back on the trying to stop a fast break in Danny green this guy. For damn near a decade for whatever reason he's use as you saw with nine seconds left. Do not force Danny green into a situation where he has to do anything, then catchable and shoot. Even though I thought Hawaii really skated on that pass. I know Danny green. It's super embarrassing. He threw it out there. Kawai Leonard had the ability to dribble out of that double, but he's like, cyborg, open men, but he passed an open man. That was absolutely pinned between the half court line out of bounds. With an all world defender on them. What would you like Danny green to do in that situation? I say realistically, it's fun uphill on Danny green who can't do anything but catch and shoot. But quiet and put him in such a terrible spot there Siachen was an option. And everybody just pointed the blame at Danny green, but Danny green who could only catch and shoot. That's actually misnomer. He can run back on defense and transition defense is like he's the Michael Jordan of getting back on the are we going to give Patrick McCaw some love today? He had his own personal three P last night. He did. I, I saw like. The modern day James Hosie James Posey did it. No James Posey one with the heat, and then then he go to the Celtics win the next year with the Celtics. I don't think the Celtics one in two thousand and seven whatever he's a modern day James Posey. James jones. No. But Jane Jones to. Yeah. Well, James Jones, went to what five street finals James want to as many. Yeah. You went to as many finals LeBron did, by the way, LeBron like on the low went to h straight finals, and the war is complaining about tire. They were going to five straight finals. Yes. Being crybabies run. When three more finals than you guys did. Yeah, it was. I was in a conversation with my wife explaining like went to five SRI finals. You saw with the heat. Like that's a marathon gastro intestinal health for us down here Miami has all taken a hit because of those four years, and the stress and not being able to keep food down. I was watching that game last night. Thinking man if the Miami Heat were in a game like this, because that game was crazy with all the lead changes I would have I would have I would have just pooped water. Is that extra buffer Buffier with the heat before you went to the Celtics, won his second, title, James Posey, that is his sock. By the way James Posey sock game. So strong really dress socks. I don't know. Oh, hi song. Williams types had been what are the rankings in terms of sports of just when you get down to that final minute in a big championship game? Because like when there was forty seconds, left and the raptors your blend the I'm at this bar, I have no real interest in these teams. I'm like hype in terms of really get hypertension filled. I'm just, just excitement just like wow. Like I'm looking around like this, this is right now. I don't think anything like two minutes minute drill. I was thinking the opposite. Honestly, I was thinking, like, when you have the games decided and you still have like the, you know, the heat had it one of the times that they one where they had the game in hand and then they're just two minutes lead while we're like this person. The sideline. Exactly. So, yes yesterday, the raptors had it would like ten seconds left in Kuwait. Ripped it from them. Well, they, you know, those free throws were totally unnecessary, those just wasting time the championships already been decided, and you're still there just watching the clock for another ten minutes about that two minute period. I remember that two minute period. Vividly. Joel Anthony on the bench behind Labus Superbowls like that to a lot of time Superbowls decided like way before the end of the game way before it was really weird to see Toronto. Not celebrate the title after that to the Stanley Cup two nights ago as soon as they got the third goal. This is over the whole third period was a waste of time. They weren't gonna come back from from a three goal deficit against Ethan time you got one goal deficit. Going to sell a close game close. The key is a two goal deficit. Right. Roy. It's. It's. The most dangerously which is not the case, I was telling my dad that and then he went up, and he look all these statues, like it's actually not a one gold. They people teams overcome a one goal deficit eighty percent of the time as opposed to thirty percent of the time. And it's like, dude, I'm just a cliche, I don't need actual facts, goalie and most dangerous lead in sports. But back to Chris's point about, like what's in terms of being a neutral, observer, I think, like maybe the most tension filled stuff. Is certainly NBA overtimes, I think, in terms of prolong tension and stress playoff hockey going overtime because you're always one bounce away. And sometimes that can last for three additional hours Calgary baseball's the worst. Yeah. Baseball. You don't really have the high. It's hard for baseball to have high-drama. Yeah. Even though the sport is conducive with all the time that goes in between right plays PK's, even though this not really how many people wanna see the sport. I think a more exciting time in soccer is when a teams down one and stoppage-time like four minutes, especially when on the counter attack when great team when it's when it's a great team. I think when the US beat like peak Spain in the Confederations Cup and they were just going to kill Tim Howard by pelting him to death. That, that is super fun. But it's rarer to see that basketball, the NBA is all about drum. I've heard as say that all the time, and it's so true. In terms of just the Trix and drama. Nobody does it better than the NBA. And last time was one of those rare games where the entire game was vividly memorable and the entire game your nerves are, are totally shot to hell because the entire game is stressful. There were moments in that game that felt like that could be game that could be game. All they found Klay Thompson, again, on a three point that it's gonna come back to haunt him, Shaun Livingston fouling van Vliet on the three that could be the game right there. A cow Lowry exploding. Oh my God house, golden say, good, overcome Kyle Lowry, shooting like this. The so many great moments in that you guys following Alex, Don on Twitter last night and his journey watching the game. He just keep uploading videos promising that he was going to watch the whole game. I was hoping someone saw he watched the whole game or not. So he started on his couch, and then eventually moved to his bed, but he kept telling us he's gonna watch the entire game and not fall asleep. And there was a video of him where he fell asleep. Leap some kind of wondering if you made it the whole way through I, I went out last night, just so I wouldn't fall asleep. I took a nap before I put a lot of work into not fall night. You know what that's good for you. That's good for you. As a sports media, professional talking about Donna and how we watch games, remember like peak heat Twitter with good heat teams. Like there was a large segment of Twitter. That was convinced that heat results were dependent on where Alex Ana watched. His game. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Got up from the couch like no, no, no. You gotta go back to the lucky couch dot had a couch. I think it had a hashtag, but lo I love Alex Alex on such a great. He's a real San up guy. Alex good tude. All right. That's enough of this sport for, I think the rest of the show. You're gonna dunk on their Dietrich next. I look seventy six four five six eight three seven I have something for Dietrich and for JT Romeo next segment, because I'm sick and tired of this. Gods here. 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Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more donlevatar, aren't you trying to run a homeless guy out of your call to sack? Yeah. You want to tell the people that story, still God's, there's a homeless guy who, who is living in our community up in parkland. And I'm aware of him. I've seen him. I've given them a loaf of French bread, but I don't have the heart to kinda go to any of the management there. And radha. Matt feel bad for him. So my strategy is if I tell enough people, perhaps someone will go to management and get him kicked out. But now he's upgraded man. He's got like a little scooter got a basket on it. So now he just drives around the neighborhood and I saw him this week in half the loaf of French bread that I gave him a week ago is still there in the basket, but they'll need it. This is our show with the stugatz on the ticket. I'm getting sick and tired. And I've been calm. I feel like I've been calm about the Marlins for a couple of seasons now and maybe I shouldn't have been a rational voice. I'm getting sick and tired of all of these former Marlins leaving and taking a shot at the fans. I'm sorry. That you guys were a group of losers who could not win any games together and couldn't get fans out to the stadium. You're upset with the ownership you're upset with the front office and you're taking it out on the fans and I'm getting tired of it. The latest example was an article yesterday entitled why haven't you heard of Derek Dietrich before now by Hannah Kaiser at Yahoo sports, and I'm going to read you an excerpt from this article he never posted numbers in Miami, like he has through three months in Cincinnati. But still does Dietrich feel like he went under appreciated by his former club. Absolutely. Yes. By the front office or the fans what fans he deadpans, I'll get back to you, Derek Dietrich, then as part of the article, we went to JT rail Mutoko, who said, Dietrich has always been a phenomenal hitter. It's a lot of different or it's a lot different just having fans. They're just having fans that are so passionate about. The game show up every night, it just gives you something to play for ram Yudo says it's tough to play when there's three thousand people in the stands, it's kind of a graveyard. You can hear the other team talking in their dugout. That's not fun for anybody. Eric Dietrich, first of all, you have some nerve. All right guy. Here's a Dietrich love. I was gonna buy Derek Dietrich shirt, because they made these cool, Derek Dietrich Cincinnati redshirts. And I was going to buy to support him no longer. He is an ingrate. Alright an ingrate Derek Dietrich is the last person that you talk about fan support because they're Dietrich was a player in Miami. Derek Dietrich played six seasons in Miami. Do you want to know what the Marlins record was not in games when he was amazing in games? Derek Dietrich played in the moorlands played six hundred eight games or Derek teacher played six hundred and eight games in Miami. And the Marlins really large Sam. We're two hundred and fifty six and three hundred fifty two with their teacher playing a four twenty one win percent. All right. And Derek Dietrich had a fan club in the Jose's hero section. There were a brother and sister who had a sign that said, Derek Dietrich fan club. His fan club was to people and he was not deserving of the two people that were his fan club because he couldn't get ahead of players, like Martine product and Brian Anderson, and then they had to stick them in the outfield when he's a third basement enough of their Dietrich complaining about the Marlins fans because, you know, the thing about these articles where they're angry at other people. And then they come in, they rip the Marlins fans, you know, who's going to see that the three thousand Marlins fans that are actually there that care about them, because you're not going to insult the people that aren't going to the games because they're not reading about their Dietrich generous, just so, you know, three thousands of bit generous. And then let's move onto JT by the way, don't go on him. I was going to go around, and I was going to get things on Stanton and yelich and all of these players, because it seems like it was just a team of malcontents, who were grumpy pants and we're always sad and they didn't win anything and these this expected these trophies for. Nothing because they didn't do. Well, I'm sick and tired of it. GT Rome, beautifully five seasons for the Marlins. Do you want to know the Marlins record in games played in please bring he played in five hundred and forty games for the Marlins? They were to thirty nine three oh one a four forty three win percentage. So JT's comments, I actually found really interesting because JT is not having a good year for JT. He's picked it up. He's. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I was going to go after his numbers versus Faro's numbers. But then it quickly stayed away. No saying that one. I'm not saying Faro's numbers he's saying how much easier it is a play in front of fan and how much it say that because I looked up the Marlins record in the season at home in a way in the games, JT Rome, Utah, or in the seasons that through Utah and Derek Dietrich played in and you know what I've found because I was going to say you know what their trick and JT realm, you till it's funny how you found it so difficult to get motivated to plan front of the fans. But the other team that you played against. Did perfectly well against you guys in the same circumstances and much to my surprise. I found out that in the five seasons that JT Rome Utah played for the Marlins at home. They were two four and two hundred over five hundred on the road, those years. There were one sixty three and two forty one. To me like you played a lot better at home than you did in front of actual people. Watching you JT room. Utah, Derek Dietrich in the sixties. He was on the Marlins Marlins were to forty to forty five at home as opposed to one eighty nine to ninety six on the road. So it seems like the lack of fan support was not the problem. Is there a reason you're cherry picking teams record? It's just it's they said, what do you mean? Well, because these are individuals, and you're going after I don't know how much they said that it's so hard to be motivated to play at home. And on the road, I understand at least JT is a potential all star. Get out of a one time all star team. These and also said it, we were always here we row is here saying Dietrich was a nice little hitter. And by the way, Derek deeter just another thing before you start going around and parading, how happy are in Cincinnati. And how great the fan base is in Cincinnati in two thousand thirteen the Marlins finished thirtieth attendance in the red finish. Twenty fourth two thousand seventeen the Marlins for twenty eight threads from twenty six two thousand sixteen the Marlins finished twenty seven and the reds finish twenty fifth. So it seems to me like the fan support. Cincinnati is not that great. Additionally the Marlins finished last place in the east last year and the reds finished fourth place in the central the morals finish last in two thousand eighteen and two thousand eighteen so did the red and two thousand seventeen the Marlins for your second in two thousand seventeen the reds finish allies in two thousand sixteen the morals finish third and the reds finished last in the central so have fun at a loser organization because you haven't improved very much and keep the Marlins fans name out of your mouth because all they're not plentiful the ones that are, there are passionate and do cheer you on, even when you don't deserve it because this team has had like ten consecutive losing seasons and hasn't sniff the playoffs. So the fact that you're complaining, and the you're entitled to have a sold out stadium is laughable. I'm glad that all the malcontents are finally gone. And I hope that some of these players that are here. Now, appreciate the fact that they're in the major leagues and they start winning and they develop a fan base that's going to support them, and they appreciate it. Unlike these ingrates who have left the team and do nothing but complain about. A fan base. I'm sick and tired of it yet over the moral. You're on the reds talk about the reds, you're on the Yankees. Talk about the I was going to stand so bad. But then I found this quote that he had last year when he came back where he said, I won't positive things down there. Hopefully it'll start to happen, but everybody always associates with negativities there, I'm sick of that and done with that. This is a great city. It's a great potential or has it's got great potential. I hope it switching. That's we're standing off the hook because he at least kind of apologize. And Derek Dietrich did a thing the other day on Instagram where someone ask him about if you MRs fans Miami's, I missed within that he had that picture with his fan club that you had put on his Instagram story. And then this article comes out where he's ripping the fence because he wants to be a funny guy and take cheap show. I'm not going to get past Dirk Dietrich not gonna have. I'm confused. Why Dietrich is warranted this yahu article, I know he had a nice start. He's got some home runs. Why are the reds building around him? He's a nice hit or he's not someone you should build a team around there. And why are they doing shirts for him in Cincinnati? I'm confused. Do. They have nothing because he has a good personality. He's come out. And costumes and stuff like that. And he's a likable guy, but not any longer, not in my eyes not going to happen. Seventy six four five six eight three seven you wanna rip former Miami athlete, good luck round ready for it to around? Derek Dietrich like as people who we were on Derek Dietrich when Dan was calling him a minor leager. We're like sure he's a nice little player, but good luck building a team around him. And having yahu features on them like this is ridiculous. It's way over the top. It's gonna fall back to earth. I'm checking out JT stats right now because of his quote specifically it's softer to perform and be motivated and be your best when you're playing in front of those few fans. He's exact same player. He was in Miami is in Philadelphia. I mean, the stats are identical. He's on the same exact pace. In fact, a good pace though, right? I mean it's a respect. He is pretty much a two seventy eight hitter. It's really weird that he has like every season since he got regular playing time is pretty much a carbon copy of the previous year. You can guarantee. He's a very consistent player. Twenty home runs twenty. Looking to seventy eight. He is exactly the same player in Philadelphia that it was in Miami. So what does this nonsense about not being motivated when you're the same exact player playing in front of the Philadelphia statistically, not just wins losses your own individual sets? You're the same exact player Philadelphia that you wear my, it's kind of disappointing because I've said like, you know, the reason they weren't very good because they were motivated by the fans and then I got a lot of pushback on that thing like, oh my God. You know what you're an athlete, you go out there and you try every day and you don't understand people are not trying, less trying harder. Because when a ninety seven mile an hour fastball is coming. You're not thinking about that. And apparently they were, which is kind of ridiculous. I think we can agree that they have a point. It's probably not that fun to play in an empty stadium. But don't say it, don't be jerks. All right. It's not like you're that great, where you can just go off, and you're this, now you're a perennial like you're still dare Dietrich and JT review jeered, you beyond the media, the first time you get any sort of attention for something that you've worked decades, on, honing. Right. Guys have never seen major league. They hated their owner. And guess what? They went onto the World Series anyway. Yeah. Like you've been there before they threatened to move that team to Miami. Imagine what that team would have drawn a Miami. Oh my God. Major leagues. Miami, by the way, angry Cincinnati fans on line six wanting to yell at me. Matt. You're on line six and you wanna yell at me for calling the reds, trash organization. Push back a little bit here. I mean, the Marlins to World Series more previous or more recently than the red suit. But the rents are one of the first teams in the league ever, they used to be the Cincinnati red stockings. So Boston still the team name from them, and they have five championships. The big red machine nineteen ninety then you're calling them a trash organizations, compiler, you've been around for six hundred years five champ. Yeah. You have came out nowadays when today Matt nowadays when people think of the reds of Adam Dunn, right? No, one of the big red machine, you say big, red machine, you know, I'm thinking of Cain. That's the only big red machine that I know donlevatar you know, who I who I shared a while, I was on the same flight is. And then I shared a tram from the airport to the rental car terminal on this past trip, Elvis Crespo's. Oh, wow. Soon recess. While they meant this guy's a legend stugatz. Gwen. Seena. Say so on res. Look at us bonding over so unreas-. Yeah, I know. I do you guys talk. This is. This is our show with stugatz on the ticket. Got a little PSA for you guys public subs or five ninety nine for the next. I think week until the nineteenth next five days public. Subs finite, have ups house with holes the whole the whole kidding me, all of them or said, polars, wait. There's no price difference between the boar's head and the pubs. I mean there is I think when you normally but when they have their sale like this. I went there last night, because wife and I did a little pup sub dinner because it was the deal people. We know it's a special no more than two subs person. All right. I don't like you go to a sub place. This is not just Publix is any sub place, the guy in front of you. I need five foot long. It's like no, no, no. Don't do that. There's work in the station. It's like drinking beer at a stadium. You want to order for subs coming with two people. All right. That's it. I'm with you. I have a PSA PSA. I'm just promoting. I'm DJ tonight. Last says, if you guys wanna come out and say, me, yeah. Yeah. My wife doesn't let me out of that. All right. Busy. It's okay, so you guys you don't go on until, like, four white doesn't let you out of the house. You went out yesterday. I know that's got to pick your spots. On the weekends. It's tougher. Weeknights actually easier believe it or not. We have a bunch of callers years. Wanna talk to grant who doesn't know what he wants to talk about. We have Eddie, who I just wrote the word silver. I don't really remember without we have Mikhail who's a doctor. But he also had healed side a story about an injury. And then he said three somebody, I don't really know where the story was going because we were coming back. So I put him on hold. And then we have Sean online four who's mad. We also have Christian who has acute health. No. He's gone replaced by McCall. I'm torn between a guy that doesn't know what he wants to talk about the guy that you just wrote silver next to before we do that. I have another PSA. These aren't PSA's. Jacob totally lied to us yesterday. I was on every single one of his stories was ally. They're all they're all like, yeah, they're all like Reddit or legends. Like it'd be undertaker thing, the guy putting out the cigar in his eyes. Hey Jacob way to be a jerk. We thought we had a nice moment, you know, I was on a Jacob was it really fun? Was that fun for him? Does he leave like feel good about himself after delivery was good? And it was entertaining radio. That's what I mean. But like beasts sear with entertaining radio. Don't lie to us. I mean, the coups cool for all the people on read it now. I've heard that before. I want to go to the guy wants to say who wants to just say silver talks line for Sean because I really want to know what his problem is with me. All right. Sean. You're on the air. What's your deal dude? Incoming you. Call me a liar in aid. And last week, I called and under delivery by God this day again. What crimes this week on? Yeah. I want to think of what, what I know guy who really, you know, losses site because of the accident was Carson. That's really messed up base. Jacobsson base. Welcome back. I feel like we're becoming what happened with Sean last week. For refresh my drink any audience. You don't remember so he called in his delivery guy, and he was talking about tips. He said that he got two hundred dollar tip from a softball team. I told them that I did not believe him and I thought he was lying about that. And then he went on to tell us how he was running the scam at the place where he was at the Lutheran driver. Okay. So I, he was running putting it light xactly committing crimes where he was stealing food from work, and then he was going into living it, and he was taking all the money and he was pretending like the food didn't exist in terms of his employer. Is that about right, Sean? That's a lie. He rationalized how did you tell Mike compared you to Robin Hood? And that was not the case, we're taking trying to taking delivery orders, and you weren't putting them in, and then you're going to live ring them and take the money. What do you mean? You. On. So how did how did okay? So how did you crime work? Not crown. It's not. Robby, Robin Hood. Thank you, would you would you describe it, Sean? All right. Saying deliver jive is a lot of risk, every time you go out with getting rob hurt or random people just showing up at doors. But naked and those are all the same. Yeah. They are thing. Thing that real, though, because you're running around with a stick sound. So the rich is not really worth the reward. It's about to go out and maybe have putting your hands because of food, because you can't around money. It's not like a UPS driver has this ever happy. Yeah. How many times has each of these things happen to you? Like how many times have naked people open the door. How many times have you been I had, I've had a man, open his door with just a robe on, I had one in overhead door, where brush up older people. Okay. How many times has held you a gun point? Me. I've never been held at gunpoint guy work next to came back. He's got postal history food, add delivering. I mean it doesn't matter. I mean like only way you know what that areas bad is after say, rob, you and then that's what they can't not not supposed to go out there anymore. Because once you rob somebody in the air, they want more. But all the way you can figure that out is if somebody. So the guy got robbed at gunpoint, 'cause he's riding around with a big sign on his car, then basically saying, hey, I have money food, because you have to carry he the both. Like I say it's not like you. She. She just take off your car, what I didn't drive around with the sign on my car quit most for the most part. You have to around your car. I don't want, I don't want to be argumentative Sean, but I feel like by your logic. You've never been to a bad neighborhood, because you've never got robbed now been too bad neighborhood. No, you've got it. You said that, you know, it's bad neighborhood, which is nineteen I wanted to disagree. But I felt bad pushing back on that now like I'm from the area like bringing hours from areas, I'm don't worth bad. They are no, where to going not to go. I know all the problems, shiny Sean for a second. I'm just a little confused as to why you calling Billy liar. Because everything like, I think it last, is it, okay? I mean just as you're rationalizing, and while we're rationalizing is like Robin Hood. You know, Robin Hood was a prince of thieves right at eye. Shannon apology. I feel like we keep getting off on the wrong foot, and I really do feel like we have a lot in common and could be friends, Sean, do you feel that way, too? Yeah. Maybe there's a hill. How about this about feel like we're just talking about the reds and Chris it at. I don't socially. I associate ways of king Gillian exact I can't Virginia is the greatest unappreciated player, and it's all the time. I appreciate it. Not say he has. No, no. He's not. He should have been voted into the hall of fame unanimously easily feel it wasn't the Cincinnati is really Artem Marianna. Revenge unanimously is a joke, but let's not get into that today. Sean doesn't wanna talk about that, Sean. Do you wanna talk about that Sean does wanna talk about that? All right. Thank you, Sean. No Sean still not done yet. You don't hang on. How about your side today? Sean. No. I'm talking about Mike. Okay. Good. Yeah. Let's see. I was backing him up. Calling them, Robin Hood. What do you got for me? Sean. No, we're debate. What is your favorite rob and do the pack? I wish my chilly. I like the beef broth Rama noodles overrated. Don't don't, don't even to turn off because as my Sean have you seen all these videos that they have now where they're like, they're fixing everything with Rama noodles, guys. Not seen what everything I do on inside of your stomach. Have you ever seen they? Oh, no. I don't wanna see that. Something inside of your stomach. What do they do? I guess, like I don't know. But it's like what happens when wants the noodles like you're Justice system is very stiff I what happens in there. I mean, there's probably a lot of things that go on inside our. Yeah. It's better just to not know what food does because then you don't eat anything that tastes, delicious. Okay. You guys haven't seen the videos of people fixing things like fixing things that have broken by just like putting a bunch of Rama noodles. And like superglue and then they make it seem like it's a cure for everything. You guys have not seen this. This is definitely a thing on the internet. I've certainly not seen them fix a table where they just start putting a bunch of Rama noodles in, like a whole initative, and then they put like superglue, and then they like sand it. And then it looks like it's like solid because it's Robin and superglue and then they painted over, and they're like this tables, good as new, and then you're looking in meant somewhere. There's a table that people have things on. That's just like made of Rama noodles. It's like patch with Rama noodles. I saw other one that was a comb that the edge of the comb broke off. And then they put a bunch. Yes. I'm telling you, Sean, look, it up. It's definitely a thing. This is the thing on the internet. I'm pretty sure thing, but it's just not. You don't believe it Sean, brought it. That's my phone. I know my team Sean, you're right. I'm just going to draw on Mike. And you're going to do it with Chris, Mike for the rest of that you want to know the caller, so you can talk Eddie's online one. He wants to talk about silver grants online to he doesn't know what he wanted to talk about Macau has a story about who doesn't know what he wants to talk. Mike and you talk grants grants online to all right. You're on with grant. Go ahead grant. What's going on guys? What do you wanna talk about? Rama noodles, are what are you being? Go ahead. I don't understand. While you're in control. Hey you wanna talk about grant. They'll be come on grant. We invited you on you Mr. showing you mess with us. I didn't know that this was an alliance that informed, but I need to see if athletic, Chris would like to be on my life, 'cause I don't know what I'm talking about man. Sorry. Well, you really don't know what you wanna talk about. You're gonna come at Sean Conradi. Yeah. Well, he's got me already. I've already Shawn maybe you can get something out of this. Don't you ask him a question? I'm ready. What is your can't? They recover. What is my favorite color? Tint, favorite color. Obviously, I'd say green. What's yours? Okay, I'm asking the question here. Okay. I understand what's your next question. Hi grant. What do you want to life? What I want out of life, a happy life. Maybe a few children. Killing child. How do you feel about Billy? I think Billy's great, I think Billy is wildly entertaining radio host. How do you feel? I feel Billy. Billy's complex he complex individual. And I think he needs to take a walk to those. I don't think that at all. Kids. Being very aggressive, Sean. Are you an S H Sean or S? E A N. John, you seem like an SEA Sean. How do you spell your name? Oh, that's eight. How shocking anymore questions for grant? Now granted about the king Griffey junior when I was probably I dunno maybe twelve I went to the Cincinnati I don't know what the parts call or whatever to watch my first baseball game. And the reds were down, I think by, I think it was three and the basis reloaded king Griffey was up bottom of the night. And he struck out. So I, I don't really have that much appreciation for him. I think he's countable. Yeah. You're something which is. I don't think so does appear to be an isolated incident. But that's his memory came really take it away from them, Sean. I mean Sean. House. One robbery. So, yeah, that's what I was thinking, too, because that in that case, I've never been to a bad neighborhood, either. But I'm pretty aware of the ones. I should stay out of. I mean if my job is to deliver their then have a choice, right grant. How do you feel about fair? I think that I precede his intensity, and I really definitely appreciate his questions that he asked me. You know what grant I'm wrong about you, your great guy. So are you using the facts? Yes. I'm down. How can we exchange information? Each other just give each other your phone numbers. Right. Just doing right now. All right. Here we go. All right. I'm kidding. I'm not gonna do that. But you give me your phone number. You give me your phone ochre put your both on hold. And we'll get that done for you guys. Thank you for gateway job for us. All right. The grant and Sean show man. I've really enjoyed breaking down the NBA finals, but you guys also, but we did it. They had a good report. I like that making radio shows. I mean that was those certainly swing. I'm not really sure if we made contact maybe we'll do it. Maybe we found fouled on straight back. Do you take? Oh, that's just me saying who else is doing it. All right. Sarah Spain and amino Hassen in with us today. It's big show because there's a new NBA champion America's no longer. Number one, I can see a mean right now and he looks ready to go. He means business. Oh, I mean, it's the means. Sick with us through the national show. He'll you'll hear crappy word play like that throughout.

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