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The Tabloid Teacher Pt. 2: Mary Kay Letourneau


Due to the graphic nature of this woman's crimes listener discretion is advised. This includes graphic discussion of the sexual abuse of a child which which some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen. If you suspect that a child in your life is being abused you can in call one eight hundred four two two four four five three or visit child help dot org for information and resources. The Pretty Blonde sixth grade teacher was positively glowing as her students filed into the classroom. mm-hmm after months of hiding behind baggy clothes. She had finally decided to let her students in non some big news in the fall of Nineteen ninety-six thirty four year old. Mary Kay Letourneau told her students that she was pregnant with her fifth child with the shy smile. She gushed that they were among the first to know she hadn't even told the principal hands went up all over the classroom. The students students asked if she was having a boy or a girl when she was due and she'd still be their teacher. One question nobody asked was. WHO's the father? The teacher passed a sonogram photo around the class. Gleefully accepting compliments pausing at the roundtable where her favourite students sat a grin spread across her face as she remembered who had been sitting there the year before thirteen-year-old eighteen year old villi allow her baby's father her Mary. Kay laterna was pregnant with a seventh graders. First child the picture a murderer a gangster a thief. Did you picture a woman. We didn't think so- society associates men men with dangerous crimes. But what happens when the perpetrator is female every Wednesday. We examine the psychology motivations and atrocities frosties of female criminals. I'm Vanessa Richardson. And you're listening to female criminals apar- cast original. You can find episodes of female criminals criminals and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream female criminals for free on spotify. Just Open Open. The APP and type female criminals in the search bar at par cast grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at park cast network. If you enjoy today's episode. The best way to help us is to leave a five star review. Wherever you're listening? It really does help. This is our second episode on convicted child rapist. Mary Kay Letourneau who later married her victim and raised two children with him last week. We discussed Mary. Kay's conservative. Upbringing and how a dysfunctional is functional attachment complex positioned her to become a sexual predator. She was what's known as a heterosexual nurturer preying on adolescent. Listen boys this week will take you through Mary. Kay's criminal proceedings and time in jail. Even after serving time in prison she refused to stop op sexually abusing Villi F- allow will also report on how she villi and their two daughters are doing today. It was the spring of nineteen ninety. Six and the school year was drawing to a close but thirty four year year-old Mary. Kay Letourneau had no intention of waiting until fall to see twelve-year-old Villi. F- allow again. She believed she was in love with the adolescent boy and saw him as her boyfriend not a child in her classroom and unfortunately for villi nobody yet noticed noticed that his relationship with Mary Kay was dangerous. His thirty eight year old single mother Suna was overwhelmed raising four children. Yeah so when Mary. Kay began offering to help out with Villi soon. Couldn't say no a few hours of free childcare allowed her to pick up extra shifts shift at work and besides all four of soon as children were gifted she was used to teachers paying them special attention it would be months before four sooner realized her son was in the care of a Predator just a reminder before we continue. I'm not licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. But I have done a lot of research for the show according to Amy Walker of the Mississippi Attorney. General's office it's common for Sexual Sexual Predators to groom a child's relatives to gain unrestricted access to the child. This grooming can take the form of excessive flattery of the child old and family like Mary. Kay's insistence that vilis. Artistic talents showed genius with unlimited potential. Ultimately the predators editors goal is to become indispensable to the child's family. That may be why Mary Kay didn't just take an interest in her underage victim she. She spent a lot of time with his older brother Perry to she also placed one of vilis cousins at her special roundtable. Gifted students alongside side Villi Mary. Kay paid for Vilis art supplies out of her own pocket. She arranged a two hundred dollar grant for him to take classes at nearby. Oh By highline community college. She even took the classes with him claiming she needed the continuing education credits to keep her teaching license. This initially soon must have been thrilled that her children had found a valuable and dedicated ally. She probably hoped Villi would go to college and lift himself himself out of poverty. She saw Mary Kay as an ideal role model a role model. Her son needed vilis. Father Lou wave AF- allow had no relationship with Villi. He was still in prison where he been since. Billy was just two years old. Louisa had assaulted SUNA In front of him leaving the boy with a seething hatred of his own father and after watching his mother survived domestic violence. He was was anxious to be seen as a man Mary. Kay had spent the previous school year openly favouring Villi and her behavior. Your hadn't raised many eyebrows so over the summer of Nineteen Ninety six thirty four year old. Mary Kay got bolder and bolder about spending time with her victim. She often invited a group of kids to her home including Villi. The kids all worked with her on the school yearbook after. There's so many late nights at school. The group was close but as the sunset and the other kids headed home to their families. Billy stayed behind wind often. They drove around in Mary. Kay's old minivan with Villi behind the wheel in June of nineteen ninety six a a cop. Patrolling The des Moines Marina spotted a minivan rolling by with a little boy in the driver's seat. The boy was driving erratically. It looked looked like he might be receiving oral sex while driving suspicious. The COP approached the vehicle but by the time he got there Mary. Kay was behind behind the wheel and Villi was curled up in a sleeping bag on the back seat thinking on the fly Mary. Kay claimed that she was babysitting. Villi she she said that she and her husband had gotten into an argument and she'd left the house so he could calm down. The boy in the back seat stayed quiet. The officers officers sensed something was off. He decided to take both Mary Kay and Villi down to the station for further questioning but even after are questioning them separately both denied any impropriety day were released without charges outside of that singular incident. The first person to worry about Mary. Kay's relationship with billy was Steve Laterna. Oh he didn't know yet that his wife was sexually sexually abusing her student. He just didn't like how much time she was spending with him. Steve Felt villi could be a bad influence on their own. Children at Twelve Villi already smoked cigarettes and Mary. Kay went on and on about how mature he was for his age. Practically an adult. But Steve wasn't so sure. Of course this is another part of predatory grooming according to the US government sex offender management assessment amended Planning Initiative. Women who offend alone against adolescent. Boys are oftentimes seeking a less threatening equivalent to an adult relationship rather than fetish izing childhood like other predators. Do they have a delusional belief that their individual victims are unusually mature. Sure letting villi smoke at her house and drive her car. Were just some of the many ways Mary. Kay convinced herself. That VILLI was grown up enough to be her boyfriend she would later say of the twelve year old. He dominated me in the most masculine way that any man any leader her could do a ridiculous and deluded statement about a preteen. No matter how you slice it but Mary Kay seemingly believed it in July of Nineteen Ninety six Mary. Kay was scheduled to take her children to Alaska to visit Steve's family but she couldn't couldn't bear the thought of being away from Villi so she decided to buy him a plane ticket to anchorage without asking or even warning Steve. She added her child victim to the family vacation just like her own. Mother had ignored her emotional needs as a child Mary. Kay pushed her her own kids aside all summer when she did spend time with her children she gathered them around to admire vilis art in front of Steve and and his family. Mary Kay held hands with Billy. She borrowed her father-in-law's truck to take billy to see the stars. The laterna family smelled at immediately. But even though Steve didn't like Villi he wanted to believe that Mary. Kaye was just obsessed with helping talented underprivileged privileged student not long after the Alaska trip in early fall of nineteen ninety six thirty four year old Mary Mary Kay felt something familiar. Attest at home confirmed it Mary. Kay was pregnant Mary. Kay was overjoyed. Enjoyed she wanted this baby. No matter how complicated things would be she loved being pregnant loved giving birth and in her twisted listed mind. She thought she loved Villi. The now thirteen year old. who had just started seventh grade? Mary Kay had a hard hard time keeping the big news to herself. She mulled over ways to announce her pregnancy and introduced the world to the father. She started testing the waters by calling her friends to tell them she'd met someone new as one friend machine related to crime writer Greg Olsen. She was happy for Mary. Kay at first. Michelle knew that things weren't working with Steve and figured they were only together for the sake of the kids. Michelle figured Steve Probably had affairs from time to time to if Mary Kay was finally really in love more power to her of course Mary. Kay failed to mention that her affair fair was with a child in fact she didn't mention his age at all she spoke about him exactly like she would imagine her own age. She gushed over his beautiful jet black hair and called him her soulmate in October of nineteen ninety. Six Mary Kay told Michelle she and her new lover hadn't started having sex yet but were about to. This of course was ally Mary. Kay was due in May meaning she and Villi had been having sex for at least two months. But Michelle still thinking. Her friend was seeing an adult man. Encouraged her to do whatever felt right. Of course she thought they were talking about adultery. Not Statutory rape a detailed Mary. Kay conveniently failed to mention and so encouraged by unbelievably selective hearing Mary. Kay pretended tended to start the affair then called back a few weeks later to share her pregnancy news. Mary Kay told Michelle she planned to tell Steve. The baby baby was his at least for the time being. She'd gone to bed with him shortly after she conceived to create a cover story for the pregnancy but the clock was ticking. Mary Kay knew she'd be exposed when the baby arrived with vilis brown skin and black hair but as it turned out she didn't even have that long coming up exposure scandal divorce and prison. Hi Vanessa and I'm excited to tell you about an incredible show from podcast that you don't WanNa miss their four legged full of love and oftentimes more like family than their nickname suggests. 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Kay was enthralled as she prepared for her baby's arrival albeit in secret. She wore baggy clothes to school to disguise. Guys her figure at home. She told her husband. Steve that the baby was his at the same time she kept sneaking around with Villi. who was excited about the pregnancy to Mary? Kay the baby only cemented the love between her and Villi but this more accurately meets the psychological logical criteria for a phenomenon known as traumatic bonding. According to therapist t Emerald Hill. Many survivors of child abuse use strongly desire the nurturing and affection of their abusers a few factors that put someone at risk for traumatic. Bonding include low socioeconomic issue economic status lack of support system and witnessing domestic abuse in one's family of origin. All of these applied to Villi the thirteen year. Old Father to be. It's hard to imagine someone less prepared for parenthood than a thirteen year old boy who despised his own absent imprisoned father. He craved advice from someone who knew how to raise children but Mary. Kay kept reminding him that nobody what he could know that he was the father not yet. She promised she'd come up with a way for them to be together when she couldn't couldn't physically be with Billy Mary. Kay wrote him love notes but he couldn't keep them in his room at his mother's house so Villi gave some of the notes back back to Mary. Kay after reading. She didn't hide them very wealth. One day in January of Nineteen ninety-seven. Steve Laterna oh found onto stash of Mary. Kay's illicit correspondence. The letters hit him like an open palm slap. His wife wasn't having their air fifth child. She was having Billy's first. Steve was enraged but he wasn't sure what to do if you went to the police he'd shatter his own life to he'd expose his children to embarrassment and there was no guarantee the cops would actually do anything so. Steve did. What Steve Always did? He avoided direct confrontation with his wife at all costs instead. He went to Vilis House to confront the the boy as if he was a fellow. Grown man when Villi answered the door. Steve Lit into him. He made it clear that the relationship relationship was over effective immediately. If VILLI kept seeing Mary Kay Steve said he'd showed their love letters to vilis mother and hand to everyone else. Villi shrank back from the screaming. Adult filling up his front doorway and quietly promised to end things. Thanks for all that Mary Kaye insisted he was an old soul. He was still just a thirteen year old kid but of course I ending. Things wasn't up to Philly just like starting the sexual abuse hadn't been up to him either now that Mary Kaye was deeply attached and pregnant with his baby. There was nothing billy could do to make her stop. Steve meanwhile was at a loss for what to do. He confided needed in his mother. Sharon swearing her to secrecy so naturally word quickly spread to the entire Latino clan at at a family party in January of nineteen ninety seven. The news reached Linda Gardner. The wife of one of Steve's cousins unlike the La- turnover. Linda didn't need to think about whether or not this was child abuse and she was going to do something about it on February. Twenty Fifth Nineteen Ninety. He's seven Linda dialed child protective services and told them everything she knew but instead of springing into action. The person on the other end of the line told Linda to complain to the school district. Since the person she was reporting was a teacher. Maybe because the victim was a boy oy or because Linda was so far removed from the situation the CPS employees just didn't believe her but Linda pressed on she called up the school district headquarters and talked to an administrator there. He to seemed strangely apathetic. Linda was perplexed ext but the sad fact is that in nineteen ninety seven there was very little social context or judicial precedent for the prosecution of women in a position position of trust who molest adolescent boys. Today we know this type of abuse is fairly common according to a two thousand seventeen scientific American report based on the US national crime victimization survey thirty five percent of male victims who reported rape or sexual sexual assault suffered at the hands of at least one. Female perpetrator seventy nine percent of men and boys who said they were forced to penetrate a trade. Another person reported a female perpetrator at the time. However Linda Gardner felt she was out of options? She tried I to move on and forget about the whole thing but the next day on February. Twenty sixth nineteen ninety-seven a police. This detective interviewed. Linda Gardner apparently someone at CPS took her report seriously. After all the detective Patricia Tricia Maili took down. Lind's story in full detail. She gathered evidence and on March Fourth Nineteen Ninety seven interviewed thirteen-year-old Villi though. He insisted that Mary Kaye wasn't forcing him to do anything. He admitted he was the father of her baby. Maybe he also told detective Maili about their first sexual encounter in June of Nineteen Ninety six when Villi was twelve off that afternoon. Detective Maili pulled Mary Kay out of her staff meeting now. Entering her third trimester the extremely pregnant and thirty five year old was nervous as she walked with Maili to the police cruiser parked outside mainly said. I think you know what this is about Mary. Kay replied I think I have an idea. Detective Maili placed Mary. Kay letourneau under arrest and loaded her into the back of of a squad car. She was charged with second degree. Child rape in a tearful interview at the police station. Mary very cave. I tried to blame her husband. She said the love letters were just something. He was using as blackmail to keep her from divorcing him but when detective Maili pressed Mary Kay about the pregnancy she admitted the baby was not Steve's but that admission opened the floodgates blood gates Mary Kay poured her heart out. She didn't WANNA have any more babies with a husband. She didn't love. She wanted to be with Villi Ellie. She knew that the news would get a hold of the salacious story of child rape soon enough but her very worst fear was that she would no longer have have access to Philly FA Lau once. This went public that evening Mary. Kay was released on bail. She didn't know what she could possibly do with her life now. She reached out to the only person she knew who understood how to weather a sex scandal. Her her father John Schmitz. They'd been distant for years but he headed for Seattle right away to support his daughter. Senator Schmitz Schmidt's had fathered and subsequently abandoned to children outside of his marriage. The only time the senator ever made National News He. He knew exactly how Mary Kay must be feeling. And on some level he probably blamed himself for setting the example but he'd never had Sex with children. That part was all Mary Kay while she waited for her trial Mary. Kay hired a defense attorney. Steve got a lawyer to to help him figure out what was next for himself and the kids after consulting with her new attorney on March twelfth. Nineteen ninety-seven Mary. Kay Letourneau pled not guilty to two counts of child rape her attorney hoped for a plea deal involving evolving sex offender treatment and rehabilitation rather than a minimum seven year. Prison sentence. If the prosecutors promised treatment rather rather than prison Mary Kay was willing to plead guilty. She underwent a battery of psychiatric tests as her belly grew and her due. Do date got closer. Mary Kay was diagnosed with bipolar disorder by court appointed psychiatrist Dr Julia More. According adding to the American Psychological Association bipolar disorder is a mood disorder. Formerly known as manic depression characterized by alternating waiting periods of mania and deep depression some bipolar disorder patients. Also experience symptoms of psychosis but bi polar psychosis. Hostesses probably. Doesn't explain Mary. Kay's delusional belief that Villi was capable of an adult relationship and a study of female sexual predators was conducted by researcher. Donna Vander found that this type of psychosis is the exception not the norm in this population of offenders. Still Dr Julian more recommended that Mary Kaye seek medication and psychotherapy after the thirty five year old gave birth. Most medications used for bipolar disorder. Aren't safe for developing fetuses on May Twenty Ninth Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety seven Mary. Kay Letourneau delivered her fifth child a baby girl named Audrey Locate Lonnie any follow. The infant was born with a shock of black hair. That stuck straight up like a Mohawk. They didn't need a paternity test to to prove this. Baby wasn't Steve's the only question now was whether Mary Kay would get to raise her daughter a possible seven seven year. Jail sentence was in her future. She might miss all of auguries firsts. By the time she got out the baby might not even want want to know her up next Mary. Kay goes behind bars now. Back to the story story. In May of nineteen ninety seven thirty five year old schoolteacher and Sexual Predator Mary Kayla Turano gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The child named Audrey was fathered by thirteen-year-old Villi F- allow Mary. Kay stood accused of two counts of child rape for sexually abusing billy over a period of more than a year. The judge ordered Mary Kay to cease all contact with her victim while she was free on bail but she never considered barring Villi from the delivery room. He came in secret and left in secret but was there long enough to hold his daughter Villi and his mother Suna both both loved the baby no matter how bad the circumstances of her conception this child was innocent. They both badly wanted to take care of her Mary. Kay on the other hand wasn't sharing such a magical experience by the time she returned home from the hospital with Audrey Steve had moved out and taken the other four laterna children with him. He was filled with rage over the circumstances of their separation and threatened pardoned Mary. Kay on several occasions and despite the risk Mary. Kay ignored the judge's orders to stop talking to billy. She Snuck Kim into the house to help her with the baby when they weren't together in person they talked on the phone. She was still convinced they were star crossed. Lovers it's not Predator and victim when she started receiving letters from a fan club. It only deepened this feeling when her story hit National News Mary Kay expected to get hate mail. What she actually got was far worse? pedophiles from all over. The country wrote letters of support to Mary. Kay Her story of forbidden love sounded exactly cler their own sexual experiences with children Mary. Kay was disgusted like most female sexual predators falling into the heterosexual sexual and nurturer category. She didn't see herself as someone who was attracted to children. She saw herself as someone who happened to have met an adult belt. Living temporarily in a child's body realizing that pedophile were embracing her as one of their own gave her chills but but it didn't make her think twice about her relationship with Villi when she met with her lawyer. She didn't ask about the progress with her case she asked. When when can Villian I be together? It was becoming obvious even to Mary. Kay's own legal counsel that no one on with any common sense would recommend sending her to therapy over prison. She obviously had no remorse. and No desire. We're to change so the defense strategy changed to obtaining the shortest jail sentence possible Mary. Kay's lawyer struck a plea deal with the prosecution Mary. Kay would plead guilty and report to prison immediately. Once she had served at least three months in prison season and taking prescription psychiatric medication for six months she would be released on probation. There were two more conditions for the deal. I Mary Kay had to agree to give up. Audrey to SUNA vilis mother for the duration of prison term. Second and far far harder for Mary Kay to agree to was no further contact with Villi judge. Linda Lau was very clear on this point. Whatever whatever had been between Mary Kay and Villi was over she could talk to the boy's mother when she got out if she wanted to discuss auguries welfare but Villi was off limits forever? Mary Kay had no choice but to agree otherwise she'd served seven years in preparation for prison. Mary Kay found a hairstylist willing to highlight and foil her hair in the kitchen. She spent her last night of freedom freedom with her few remaining friends laughing and talking. It wasn't until she went to bed that night that it finally hit Mary Kay she was going to prison she. The senator's daughter who grew up playing on the White House lawn would be just another other inmate. It was a global story on August. Seventh Nineteen Ninety seven when Mary. Kay reported to King County jail disgustingly. Many headlines made tongue in cheek hot for teacher references making light of Mary. Kay's predation nation talk radio shock. jocks loved the story. They called Villi lucky and asked listeners to call in with stories about their own. Crushes is on teachers. Meanwhile the very real now. Fourteen year old boy at the center of the story was confused. Overwhelmed or well-named and mystified by Teen Fatherhood in the spotlight. None of his friends could give him any useful advice. He didn't know anyone else who had a baby with a grown woman and Mary. Kay was getting jealous worrying about whether Villi would move on with a girl his own age while she was in jail bill the only thing she cared about was getting back to him. Some brain imaging studies suggest that romantic feelings can function. I'm very much like a drug addiction. According to biological anthropologist Helen Fisher. It's possible that all of our other addictions from gambling to nicotine to heroin are just hijacking a system in the brain. That first evolved to encourage pair bonding and reproduction. This adaptive adaptive system might malfunction and people like Mary. Kay making it impossible to let go. Even when it's clear that the consequences of remaining in a relationship are dire in short Villi was a drug and Mary. Kay Thought of nothing but her next hit meanwhile Mary Kay's fame grew and grew Villi gave an interview with a local reporter to tell his side of the story. Sorry admirers came to see Mary. Kay in prison. She received love letters and marriage proposals bored to tears in her cell. All the former teacher agreed to see some of her bizarre admirers. She entertained the fan club which only prolonged the media circus but as far as judge Laois concerned Mary Kay had met all of the conditions of the plea deal. She was paroled on January. Sixth Nineteen Ninety Ninety Eight. Of course judge Lau had no idea she'd been secretly contacting her victim from jail. She'd been using her groupies movies to carry messages to Villi after her release Mary. Kay moved into a friend's spare room. According to the conditions of her release Mary. Kay could have no contact with her laterna children for another six months. They were in Alaska with their father. And if Steve had his way they would stay there until they grew up Mary. Kay's only contact with Audrey was supposed to be in the form of the breast milk. She was still pumping for the baby but someone from her fan club got her photos of Audrey and Villi which she cherished if she'd left things at that she might have stayed out of prison but Mary. Kay never knew how to leave well enough alone on February third nineteen ninety eight less than a month after her release thirty six year old Mary. Kay and fourteen fourteen year old village allow piled into a tiny vw Fox along with six thousand two hundred dollars in cash a pile live baby clothing and Mary. Kay's passport. Billy didn't have one but presumably. They had a plan for that. They were going to pick up Audrey area from the full House and flee but first Mary Kay had another item on her agenda after months apart she was eager to sexually sexually abused Villi again. They parked in a driveway and got busy steaming up the windows. Those fogged windows does attracted the attention of Seattle Cop. Todd Harris he had no idea who was inside the vehicle but he ran the plates anyway. When Mary Mary Kay's name came up officer Harris knew he was in for a long night especially after he spotted the second person in the car? Dr Mary Kay was arrested and sent straight back to jail. This time there would be no breaks and no accommodations seven seven years for child rape not a day less soon mary. Kay announced that she was pregnant and again in her brief time on the outside she hadn't seen a need for birth control once again. She made headlines Mary. Kay's Hayes Lawyers helped her inc a lucrative deal for a book co authored with Villi to be published in French. Apparently the story was seen quite differently. In France there Mary. Kay and Villi were seen as the star crossed lovers Mary. Kay truly believed them to be Mary. Kay a still wasn't allowed to write Develey but she could write to her lawyers and so could he without ever contacting each other they could co authored the book and use the attorneys to piece together. Mary Kay began writing out her memories all the while her belly grew due in October of nineteen ninety. Eight thirty six year old Mary. Kay gave birth in prison hospital. She named her second daughter. Her Georgia just like Audrey. This new baby would go to her paternal grandmother once again Mary. Kay spent her days in jail pumping breast milk and sending it off to a baby. She would never hold the seven years past last slowly on the outside. Her children grew up in nineteen ninety. Nine Steve Laterna officially divorced Mary. Kay The kids stayed in Alaska with their dad and had no interest in visiting their mother. The book Mary Kay and Villi co-authored was eventually released least but only in French Mary. Kay fought tooth and nail to prevent it from coming out in the US. She claimed her lawyers head inserted made up stories but some speculate that her real problem with the book was much more Mundane Villi wrote like the teenager or he was Mary. Kay wrote about a transcendent love for her student. Villi on the other hand mostly scribbled down clumsy sex ex- scenes in the book. He claimed the whole affair started with him making a twenty dollar bet in sixth grade that he could seduce the the teacher he estimated the number of times they had sex like a blustering insecure kid boasting on the playground. It's hard to say. How much of what he wrote is true? Reading the dirty stories Villi wrote about her might have been the first and only time Mary Kay saw him as is the boy he was he was no Romeo. He was just like every other horny teenager in her classroom on the outside outside Villi and their two daughters waited and waited and waited by August. Fourth two thousand four four when Mary Kay Letourneau was released from prison for the last time billy was twenty one years old and Mary. Kay was forty forty two the same day Mary. Kay Left Prison. Villi asked the court to vacate the standing. No contact order between them judge edge. Lau threw up her hands and granted the motion. Apparently nothing she could do would keep them apart on on May twentieth two thousand five the couple tied the knot. The forty three year old bride took twenty one year. Old vilis surname name becoming Mary. Kay allow the newly minted. F- allows word shy about basking in their notoriety when billy decided he wanted needed to be a DJ HE NAMED HIMSELF DJ headline and promoted his career by CO hosting hot for teacher nights at a local nightclub club. They continued to give interviews always coming out with new sensational details about their relationship when hype threatened to die hi down the to allow daughters new. Their parent's relationship was unusual but it never seemed to bother them as they grew both girls. I found it fun to have such a young father. He was able to relate to their hobbies and interests in ways and dad might not audrey and Georgia F- allow how are now twenty two and twenty one years old respectively. They're healthy happy young women. It seems grandma. SUNA did a great job helping her son raise his young daughters while their mother was in prison but the fact remains that the philosophers relationship took away an adolescent boys freedom it was sexual abuse pure and simple. Billy should that have been focused on growing up instead. He was busy attending to the emotional and sexual desires of his sixth grade teacher. A married mother mother of four young Villi probably felt that he genuinely loved Mary. Kay but he'll never know how much of that feeling was. Ever Real and how much it had to do with her extensive grooming. If Mary Kay really loved Villi she would have encouraged him to seek out a relationship with someone his own age after she went to jail instead. She made sure he never had the chance to love anyone but her after almost fifteen years of marriage to his childhood abuser. villi finally seems to be breaking this traumatic bond in August August of two thousand nineteen. The couple filed for separation billionaire. Now thirty six and Mary. Kay fifty seven. When asked what advice he has for his younger self vilis simply replied don't do it Thanks again for tuning into female criminals. We'll be back on Wednesday with a brand new episode for more information on Mary. Kay Laterna oh. We found the books. If loving you is wrong by Greg Olsen and mass with Mary by Christina Dress Mary Kay Letourneau and Tama Hamma Lisa Johnson extremely helpful to our research. You can find all episodes of female criminals and all other podcast originals for free on spotify not only does spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like female email criminals for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream female criminals on spotify. Just open the APP and type female criminals in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at our cast network. We'll see you next time. Female Criminals was created by Max Cutler. It is a production of cutler media. Et is part of the podcast network. It is produced. By maxon Ron Cutler sound designed Zayn by Dick Schroeder with production assistance by Ron Shapiro and Carly Madden this episode of female criminals was written by Yellen Awar-. I'm Vanessa Richardson. Listen don't forget to check out podcasts. 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