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Irascible than thank you. Aw Yeah Welcome to episode two hundred and fifty six of of the Ross Bohlin podcast otherwise known as VP. Two five six presented by bowling media. I am your host Ross. Bolan here holding down the Fort on a Friday by my lonesome. Big Show today though with call no no calls emails though. We've got some emails from y'All we're going to be hearing hearing from you in email form today some big time Merch merch in Youtube announcement as well and so much more Speaking of my Friday I have a haircut a little bit later this afternoon. My my hairstylist Lady Haircut Barbara Babe has become far too popular and I worked my entire adult life to find someone who could cut my hair hair and make me not look like potentially inbred man boy and I enjoyed a handful of years of the fruits of my labor but little by little as I continued. Can you to spread the good word about this woman. And her skills. She's picked up more and more clients. No good deed goes unpunished. And now I'm stuck with a five thirty on a Friday haircut and the problem is we've got some torrential fucking apocalyptic weather role in it like as we speak as I speak. I'm not trying to roll out. You know it's it's it's lunchtime right now we've got potential tornado shit coming in Hale and whatnot hitting it like three thirty. Then I'm supposed to go out and get my haircut at five. Five thirty five thirty on a Friday is like fuck the world. It's the weekend I'm not doing shit responsible time. Actually now that I'm thinking about it. It's really not bad move. Nice Oh happy hour to go to the barber. If you've got one of those ones to serve drinks and shit mine does battle drinks. It does matter but I try not to disrespect who girl by rolling into her sweet. Just like reeking of the loud because her space is shared with a bunch of sweets or whatever people in there grinding and I haven't even been smoking weed this week though so maybe I give myself a night off and just roll in absolutely faced tornado going on outside Heo pouring down from the sky me and they're getting my lettuce chopped stay tuned by the way I spoke to. We're GONNA have a youtube announcement. Might as well do it now. We have a youtube page now for everybody to watch this show. You don't just listen anymore. You Watch and YouTube dot com slash Bolan media bowling media are you to page host all the VP and OCC videos. Okay very excited about this aspect of twenty twenty bring in video to the mix but one thing you need to be you need to come to terms with upfront people. Keep commenting on how Pale. I am how white I am which feels racist. Even when it's white people saying it to me like if you said that you do a black guy wouldn't fly because I'm white it's weird. I'm I'm extremely white. I'm a white person I have only shitty white. DNA The keeps my skin looking ghostly in the wintertime when sunshine is hard to come by. This is what I look like. Become a little vampiric. It is what it is. Get off my ass in fucking July. Won't look like this. It's January and I got nothing to bring Melatonin wise. I can't change this. No amount of gym or meditation. Tation is GonNa make me less Pale. You're just GONNA have to get used to that part. That's all I'm saying if you watch it on Youtube if you watch on twitch what's up Holler you're gonna you'd have to get used to my white ass if you want me inside recording all day every day. This is what you get. I don't apologize for that or Beep to fifty-six is brought to you by Felix Gray whether you're visually impaired or not they make glasses. You need to know about Felix Gray. They're bad ass blue light blocking glasses. They've got prescription they got nonprescription. They got kids adults. 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Unlike other blue light filtering glasses Felix gray uses proprietary blue light technology embedded into the lens as opposed to some of their competition use a cheap coating that can easily chipper scratch over time. They're on a mission at Felix. Great and make fashionable high quality blue light protection widely accessible by offering a variety righty of frames for all face. Shapes and style preferences they're bad ass our first every sponsor twitches well Felix. Gray was. Don't go another day without looking Without the to help us Felix Gray staring at all those screens you need. 'em Go to fuse Greg. Glasses dot com slash rb P get free shipping thirty days of risk free returns or exchanges. That's Felix Gray glasses. Dot Com mm-hmm slash rb P. F. L. I. X. G. R. A. Y. GLASSES DOT com slash. Rb Your noodle show the Rosebowl in podcast. Almost every episode is broken down into segments. which are going to be able to find with time cues below in the description now? Some episodes may have a special guest or a special topic and be exceptions to that rule and be less segmented minted but typically the ideas we segment this show. We time stamp all the different topics. So you can consume at your own pace based on your work or school or whatever schedule rules your life life this year in two thousand twenty. You don't have to have listened to or heard a single one of the two hundred and fifty five episodes preceding this one. You don't it doesn't matter. This could be your first time here. Welcome if you like. Today's show go back. You got two hundred and fifty five backlogged episodes to soak in and enjoy as you have the time so have them some announcements first off huge birthday. Shout out to my dude barbeque by the CABBIE birthday man You rule thank you for all the support. He's just a bad ass random listener listener. Who I hear from all the time on twitter and instagram and snapchat And he emails me as well. And a girl courtney hit me up asking for birthday. Shot up for Bob Again. It's site will fuck. Yeah of course. New Drake Future Song came out today. Which is always nice? Even if future is a great big phone. Happy Birthday. To Courtney. Another Courtney I believe and congratulations relations on getting into medical school. Happy Birthday to ask Mr Chivalry Gone on Twitter Aka. Keith shout outs. SMU Cap goes out there Oh by the way. Remember a couple couple of weeks back when I left my laptop on top of my car and drove away and it flew off on the feeder while I was doing like fifty five and that resulted in my having to buy a new laptop. The laptop that flew off by the way was very very old. Not that that makes it any less shitty. We'll does no it does. It's like an old person dies. That's what they do they died. It was inevitable we all knew it was going to happen. Inevitably this laptop was gonna fly and it did. Point is I was in the apple store and while I was there I was like well fuck it. I'm I'm here with the company Card Anyway. Daddy needs needs. Some new airport proves to see what all the hype is about. So I bought some like an asshole. I've never had noise. Cancelling headphones owns. Sounds like a good no pun intended idea noise canceling. I'd like to cancel noise so I grabs him. Fuck these things man. I the noise. Cancelling part is tight. If you're sitting completely still and there's no wind blowing nobody touches you the fucking things won't stay in my ear when I play basketball when I go running even lightly Bob my head along to the music they fall out miserable. That being said won't stay in my ear. They cancel noise. If you're on a bus or an airplane and I have now washed mine in the washing machine twice and they a stork which is cool. You have to leave him out like let them dry for a couple of days or whatever but they still work. Which is cool follower showing instagram at Ross? Bohlin podcast where every day. We Philip story with photos and videos sent in by you are listenership. Otherwise known as the RV P gang or US on twitter at Ross Bolan Pot and you can find us on facebook if you're the middle aged aunt of one of our listeners. Some women's prison Abraham Lincoln did not enjoy retirement. Richard Nixon did not enjoy impeachment. The population of China is one point. Four two seven billion the first segment how dominate dry January. I received an email from a listener. We'll call Damian Mian. It's not as name as just funny to me. I'm GonNa take said what's up. Ross I'm Damian and I've been listening to you since rb. It'd be p fifty this emails kind of ironic to me. Because I wasn't twenty-one yet when I found this podcast anyways after my last deployment thank you for your service. I came home home with batting Zaidi and it becomes worse when I drink for new years I have given up alcohol but it is hard and I was hoping you could tell me how you got through the first just a month or two. I know you are super busy and my feelings won't be hurt if I don't hear back from you but I remember you talking about sometimes you just have to shoot your shot. You were talking about trying to get a job so it's a little different but I felt like you could apply to this too even if I don't hear back from you I just wanted to know Wanted you to know that you talk about having anxiety making me feel. It's okay to not have to drink with everyone and gave me the confidence to even send you this email. Thanks for everything. Hope we twenty twenty years the biggest year ever happy New Year Damian. Okay many of you are doing what called dry January or sober January or whatever which is by the way like a full blown thing in the UK apparently just now making making its way over to our drunk ass country this past several years more and more. According to Wikipedia Dry January is a public health campaign urging people to abstain from alcohol for the month of January particularly practiced in the United Kingdom and it's so particularly practiced there that uh on the wikipedia page practice spelled with an S. British style so this campaign as a former entity appears to be relatively recent being described as having quote sprung up in recent years even in two thousand fourteen. However you're the Finnish government of Finland had launched a campaign called sober January in one thousand nine hundred forty two as part of its war effort during what what a horrible concept war is when you need to drink more but that is not the time to be sober? The finish were like we need a batten down. The hatches and focus. No more drinking. Were too drunk. There's a war going on. Jesus all you have to do as long as you're drunk on the battlefield there like fighting the war still your good Finland anyway they they. They went with dry January. They registered trademark mark. The alcohol charity called Alcohol Concern Registered Trademark for Dry January and mid twenty fourteen. The first ever dry January campaign by alcohol hall concern occurred in January of twenty thirteen in the lead up to the drink January two thousand fifteen campaign for the first time. Alcohol concern partnered with public health. Both England if you haven't heard of these things because they're British and you're in America you just uncultured swine in January twenty fourteen. According to alcohol concern which initiated the campaign over seventeen thousand Britons stopped drinking for that month they really caught the short end with that name. Americans Americans sounds tight. Britain's sounds like someone's made a spelling air it's an O.. B. R. B. R. T.. He s right. It's fucking weird There's controversy as to the efficacy efficiency. Efficacy there's controversy as to how effective this shit is those are my words The benefits of this practice of sober January two thousand fourteen survey by the University of Sussex founded six months following January twenty fourteen out of nine hundred survey participants in the custom. Seventy two percent had quote kept harmful drinking episodes down and four percent. We're still not drinking. I mean that seems like that. That's pretty damning evidence that dry January's probably a good thing for people who have issues with drinking or that. I need to take a step back. Seventy two percent kept harmful drinking episodes down out of the nine hundred. That's a great percentage man. That's almost three fourths Hashtag math anyway. Point is I didn't realize dry January was a thing much less than it was a British thing. Obviously I've heard of it more and more in the past couple of years mica did it. Our first year of this shows existence are former co host MICA now. I have been doing dry every month month since October of two thousand seventeen. I quit after abusing the shit out of alcohol as they like social lubricant for fifteen years rush in large part because I was sick and tired of torturing myself with anxiety and panic every single time I was hung over right. I was tired of feeling like like that. I was tired of feeling terrible and also my life had become by enlarge unmanageable with my drinking. It was just miserable. I was miserable so I quit and it was one of the hardest transitionary periods of my life. I've spent many episodes mini hours speaking to drinking my drinking drinking as a whole all drinking in our society. What it meant for me to quit why I quit all that stuff but it was an insane? I'm arguably still in that transitionary period read like rebuilding my social habits making my social calendar healthy. There are just a lot of adjustments. You have to make and it just takes as a lot of getting used to really so to get to your question. How did I get through the first month or two or like any tips for the first month or two? It's dude it's just one day at a time really and really. This is the strategy for all difficult things. In Life. heartbreak overcoming trauma beating addiction. Instituting any kind of major change. It's just one day at a time. One game at a time baby like for real you can frame it up that way is cheesy as it may be every day you could look at it that way and it really is all about framing it up in your head it so much of this. Is that look at it. Every day is a game you just have to beat that one game to move onto the next next one. It's like Bill Belichick in the NFL. We beat Monday. No more questions were onto Tuesday. That's it simple as if you beat every day one by one by one by one with whatever it is. You're facing so many all we get emails from people all the time like my girlfriend me. My wife left me. My boyfriend dumped me. My husband left me my whatever. What do I do I I WANNA die? It's like dude. That's just heartbreak is brutal. You know you can look at it as time heals all wounds which is sort of the like fucking useless way of looking at it in my opinion or you can look at it as like fuck that day by day every day is a game you have to get through that day. Beat that day conquer that day and get to the next next one and that's it it'll make it so much easier promise would drinking. It's the same fucking shit you go day by day. It's even more important that you look at it one day at a time drinking wise and I can't tell you how much more simple that makes things when you frame it that way you wake up. You're sober all you have to do is maintain that until you go to sleep. That's the challenge data the game every fucking day and you build on that and eventually you start thinking about it so much. Hopefully some of us do for me. It's been that way for some some people. It's not some people they had to think about this shit every second of every minute that they're awake for the rest of their fucking lives. Fortunately that is not me in this. This there's others. Should I think about every second of every minute of every day of my waking life but this is not that for me if you're trying to quit drinking if you're trying to dry January and if you're struggling another other pieces advice go to an AA meeting. It's not about whether or not you're an alcoholic or the labels or whatever man. You're trying to quit drinking. You know what people in doing trying to quit drinking. Wouldn't it make sense to go sit with a like minded group of individuals whose a fucking accomplish the same thing. People get so freaked out by this. I went the first two or three months and honest to God. I still to this day. Grapple with the concept of an alcoholic and alcoholism autism when it comes to that label for myself but I love day I went from fucking hating it as a kid I had to go all for court ordered shit when I was like eighteen to twenty three off and on again a fucking hated I thought it was a cheesiest thing in the world. I hated the concept of like. Oh you can have a higher power but it doesn't that'd be God you can just invent a fucking entity to hold you responsible. That's insane but it's not and it works and there is a reason so I it's been around as long as it has been an it's so many thousands of people stay dry over the years. Go in a meeting. Even if you don't think you have a drinking problem and you're just like fuck I need to get through January and I'm struggling and you need some perspective. You won't get better perspective on life period than in an AA meeting. I'm sure that's not the case but for me it's been one of the best places for perspective I found seriously and I don't mean that from just a drinking standpoint it's a life thing go into an AA meeting get around some people. You're not typically around get out of your fucking demographic your bubble go learn about the real goddamn world bureau and some real people if this is the problem for you a lot of our. Listen like motherfucker. I'm around real people all the every day I got you for those of you who are listening like Oh shit go. I'm telling you to blow your mind. It will help so much perspective alone is is like I sometimes find myself like Kinda WanNa go to a meeting just to kind of feel that camaraderie the fucking. It's like it's a room full of people struggling and there's nothing more powerful than that struggling with the same shit anyway. You do enjoy January. Good luck. Congratulations we're only what ten days in ten days in jail if you've made it ten days that's fucking nuts. Ten is a nice even number accomplishment. That's huge celebrate today with a drink. I'm just kidding If you're doing dry January -gratulations if you're quitting alcohol completely in you know from guy that did that even bigger congratulations good for you. That's an incredible change to institute in your life could luck. It's very hard. It's very worth it if if you can do it even if it's just for the month as a challenge to yourself that's huge that's awesome congrats for even trying. It's incredibly difficult in In America in two thousand twenty. But it's getting a little bit easier every day. 'cause we talk about this shit now right next segment famous people we want to fight. I got another email from a listener. Told y'all emails today I'm GonNa Call Him Sam Lam size names. Just funny to me and I'm I'm GonNa read it to you. Now what up. Ross need to make sure you get this so I couldn't risk it on the hotline. Read ahead a bit so I make sure I didn't okay. I'm not gonNa out this person an just listening to the best of episodes I sit in this and I realized famous people. We WanNA fight doesn't get enough sunshine lately in light of that the famous person. I WANNA fight. Is You do for not putting enough respect on its name. And because you're an astros fan go cards. I would fight you in the studio with Mike. Aj Jay bone watching. You've you've got the height and reach on me so I'm absolutely taking out those chicken legs. I and after that I will hit you repeatedly with your mic and then spill your drink on you then now proceed to check your Wallet Get Your Id to find your address drive your house and Dunk on your basketball hoop to further. Shame you after that. I'll probably pet your pups and give your squirrel world fo some. Hgh so he can get some heat behind those acorn missiles coming at your Noggin. All love though you are not alone G.. Three she she says just incredibly savage beating that Sam handed me. You have to respect that effort this made this was this made my morning man reading reading this. Thank you if you are not up to speed with the squirrel situation in my backyard. The King One man that I keep getting footage of with the nut sack like a fucking God. What is he doing back there? This guy's running a squirrel army out of the tree in my backyard. He is unionizing with the other squirrels. They have too much power. It's out of control. Somebody has to step in and stop this guy. I don't care if it's of Raven a crow a blue Jay. Somebody has to come through please other woodland critters that are listening one of you rise up and take this bastard down you. He's not a neighborhood terrorist. That's what it is woodland. Terrorism unbelievable email though. I don't appreciate you going out of your way to spill my own drink on me just because I spill constantly and right now you've got me thinking about it and there's a water bottle on each side out of my laptop and I'm just like why would I even do this to myself. It's just a horrible setup for a guy who wages arms around as much as he does when he talks like me. What what an idiot? Anyway I guess I have to pick a famous person who wanna fights and Sam just crushed me. I'll go Quentin Tarantino. All right. And here's why he's on my mind Golden Globes. Once upon a time in Hollywood one of the best movies last year some would say the best movie last year. He's he's one of the best directors in the world arguably one of the most Talented creative minds alive at this point. That's not arguable anymore. Look it demands hit list. But he is a smug genius prick who desperately needs a beating. He always has. This guy is one of the most notable punishable human beings on earth bar. None I respect him. I love his work but I want to kick ass. I think you would agree. That he's one of the most fight -able humans on earth. He needs a beating. Maybe some of his genius would rub off on me like Louis. CK What Quentin Quentin Tarantino. I feel like that'd be a good. He's a big dude too but that's not going to be easy and he's psychotic and you've seen the shitty likes to put his movies. The last ten minutes of once upon a time in Hollywood Hollywood was Brad Pitt bouncing a woman's head of every object in a house he could find on. OCC We were joking. He was like fireplace Mantel. Bench kitchen table Bar like he was just banging your head off as much shit as he could find until there was no head left. I don't want that to happen to me. Who Do you think came up with that? That Brad Pitt. No quintin. Oh he's fucking crazy and he's a big dude so we'll be challenging. Perhaps you get some creative genius. Knocked out of them into you. He needs it. God knows he needs it. I think during his acceptance speech Globes he was like typically. I don't have anybody to thank because I write right. The ship by myself on the greatest it was like a Jordan moment. It was nasty. It was awesome but he needs to be punched in the face badly. How is your not footage getting hit on a daily basis? I don't think I've ever seen Tarantino get punched is crazy anyway. That's my famous person. I want to brand new sponsor alert. I brand new sponsor of twenty twenty. Hit the brand new sponsor horn. I'm just kidding. There is not one or IBP to fifty six his also brought to you by acre gold. I love goal. Have you heard about this is a bad ass company that let you subscribe two gold bars. It's crazy I know but it's cool because you don't have to come out of pocket all at once for gold bars which is always the problem with gold bars and having gold bars is fucking tight on some three Kings Shit we three kings still in the gold instead of coming out of pocket all at once. 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It's baller gold too because it's acre branded and manufactured in freaking Switzerland like a Goddamn James Bond movie in your mailbox son. What are you waiting for for? You can get gold. DELIVERED DIRECTLY DOORSTEP GET ACRE GOLD DOT com slash. Ross that's get acre gold dot com slash Rawson. Acre is also giving away a gold bar and you can win this bar by tweeting at Git underscore Acre in me at W. R.. Bolan and telling us why you you deserve to be a winner of this gold bar. GET ACRE DOT com slash Ross g e gold dot com slash rush get acre gold dot com slash Ross giggled dot com slash. Ross fire those tweets off tag at get underscore Acre and at W. R. Bolan and. Good Luck I love of goal next segment. What the hell is happening in Australia? I admit been living under a rock last last couple of weeks right. It's a rock covered in merchandise in the only information I have on Australian the horrible fires killing Kangaroos and quality and all the awesome Australian animals and burning up their shit it came from the Golden Globes. which is admittedly not a great news source? So it's time to educate myself. And you or at least those of you. Who are as naive in Indiana cause me via via NPR and I'm going to read it in my NPR voice? I'm just kidding. I'm not that would seem like I was mocking. What is otherwise a worldwide fucking catastrophes on not going to do that Roth no stop it? I'm serious it's not joke. I needed some of this information. Don't know enough about what's going on in Australia and I'm sure a lot of y'all do too because you're lazy just like me. Don't want to read here. You are listening to me read. There's a pair of massive brushfire bushfires. Excuse me in South Eastern Australia right. It's turned into what is called a mega fire. Twenty three hundred square miles of flames ablaze more than three times as large as any known. Firing California so you know the fires in California they were always like Holy Shit. This is out of control. We have firefighters having to come out of the states to help and couple. This is three times as large as any known fire in California. That's crazy the merged fire which straddles the country's most populous states of New South Wales and Victoria measures. Nearly one point five five million acres. That's according to the Sydney Morning Herald. There are one hundred thirty five bushfires in Australia southeast. They've killed killed over twenty six people already more than a billion animals destroyed nearly three thousand homes. She's been going on for months on President Bush. Fires is sweeping through areas. Larger than Massachusetts and New Hampshire combined been going on. Since September Nassar released an animation showing how smoke from the fires has reached the lower stratosphere and traveled as far away as Chile is crazy and all this is tied into climate change too by the way thirty thousand thousand people attending a protest in Sydney to denounce the government's handling of the crisis to call for action on climate. Change part of the reason. We heard a lot about Australia. The Golden Globes way more Australians. In Hollywood then you realize there really in their stralia fosters for beer that other commercial goes it doesn't matter Anyway this is a fucking absolute shit storm of a catastrophe view at this point. They got helicopters dropping in supplies. They got C.. One thirty tankers dropping fire retardant on everything I mean I mean it's an utter and total shit storm and they don't know how to win this I mean the the loss of livestock will exceed eight hundred thousand animals by the time. This is all said and done hundred thousand in the the conservation group. We always reference reference when we're doing animal the week WWF. Australia WWF is the World Wildlife Fund. Right one point two five billion animals. They estimated been killed killed in fires and they fear that some species like the glossy black Cockatoo and the knee. High Kangaroo face local extinctions hells a local extinction go extinct your extinct locally or otherwise. Hopefully they don't have any local or non local extinctions. We don't want not that bad very bad. WE DON'T WANNA lose. Entire species to fire should is a disaster. If you look up I mean everybody in their mom is pitching in at this point. We Got Ellen doing a go fund me with a JILLION dollars in already. Find somewhere to find a way. I'll try to find one that makes sense for us to if if I can but y'all got to find out if you have the means to help Australia and the situation with all the amount of animal the weeks that we've had come out of that country alone we own in this is a tr- this is fucked when you look. It's one thing when it's like people suffering. I hate that too but when it's a shit ton of animals I'm like man. You gotta be kidding me. We don't have enough stuff going on. We need the whole Goddamn country was strictly on fire as well fucking Koalas vicious. They may be some of the cutest animals in the world. Some of the craziest most dangerous to those Kangaroos will fuck you up. There is nothing scarier carrier than one of those Kangaroos. It looks like it's been on steroids for a decade with just the craziest muscles. Those things will beat your ass and they're dying in droves Rove's because these fires it's fucked. That's what's going on in Australia. I got in fire crews all over the place. The wind is a big part of the problem there. There's been wind shifts and ramps up to fifty miles an hour trying to fight fire. You've got fifty mile an hour winds. Also it's one hundred and four fucking degrees outside and everything's on fire. This sounds like a nightmare. Scenario they would create like in a computer virtual reality world for a fireman who was training for the worst possible mission of all time. But it's real and it's happening in Australia. So Avi look for those those of you who think thoughts and prayers don't work. I don't know how to contend. Would think about it. Whatever you want to say? Good vibes into the fucking atmosphere thing. Just sin positively to the country of Australia. Really if that's all you got but if you've got money find good good place to put it to help all these animals and these people in these firefighters in all the other brave. Australians who were standing up to try to help their country and keep their animals in their homes and land safe from the flames for real next segment. Let there be merch finally last night at like seven fifty. PM Central time the first ever batch of Ross Bohlin podcast best merchandise created by bowling media became available finally took six hours yesterday. Counting fucking shirts parts. Don't ask why had to count them. Stop thinking through how I got to a place where I had to count them just know I had to count them. I'm counting shirts six six hours. I'm putting them in manually into the fucking system so yoga and order him we sell out of the Goddamn hats in under a minute under a minute in honestly it wasn't even a cool thing. It wasn't cool. I wasn't stoked on off sick. The hats are gone. I was like fun Kimmy. It felt like it felt like You know you work in your way towards China Hook up with a girl or a guy for six months and then you get there and you come instantly you in the whole experience is over. I was like and we live and we got an email. It was like congratulations on your first order. And then we got an email like forty seconds seconds later. That was like congratulations on your fifty. Th Order and I was like Oh and then I looked in the fucking hats. We're going so I'm really sorry to everybody who didn't get I look I ordered more already. That's the black asteroid. Dad had is sick admittedly. I'm wearing the shirt by the way if you're watching on Youtube Uber on twitch this is the the astral on edge as we're calling it. Oh my gosh asteroids some pronounce it shirt in black and white as well up the merger is awesome. It's only people on Patriot right now if you're not on there I'm sorry you missed the drop. You definitely didn't get a hat. We got some white hats to Mug. Sean we've got a few different types of shirts. I'm super stoked for everybody WHO's gotten their hands on merge so far thank you to everybody who supported seeing the amount of action on this on. The store was very very cool. I was just bombed that more. People didn't get a shot at the hat like that. I get look. The hat is admittedly very cool. I might over hyped it. It's because I wore the Goddamn had had every day for like two months. It was on me I should have mixed in the other shit. Everybody went after the hat. There's other good stuff on there and I'm excited for everybody on Patriots. Enjoy it If you're wondering like all my God when are we gonna get what about a wider release. I don't know yet I'm busy. I got a ship this one I but it's exciting ship and shouts again to Jack Sheffield designed at all our first batch. I'm very very proud of a love. The stuff it's great. It fits great. It looks great it is great next segment. You are not alone so for a few months now. Periodically oftentimes like late night as nighttime can be rough for those who are suffering. I'll fire off a tweet with a simple forward message. You are not alone and I think the first night on by the way first and foremost most I understand how cheesy that sounds just from a simple tweet standpoint right and I have like A. I'm a person who has an issue with cheese. There's levels cheese. It rubbed me the wrong way when people are overly Cheesy or or they get all you know. I don't know what the word I'm looking for is overly overly emotional. I Dunno it can rub me the wrong way I get it. I mean I get. I get that that can seem like it's like you know there's so much bullshit and fakeness vagueness on the Internet that that's what it is. I'm just so inundated with the bullshit that if I saw somebody tweet that and didn't know him I'd probably think they're full of Shit just looking for re tweets. That's what I mean and I get I get that. There are people who see that Tweeden probably think the same thing I totally understand the Internet's a fucked up place. It's all of us that being said I is it genuine genuine feeling in the first time I tweeted it I was like I literally only tweeted it because I felt so alone and it was the middle of the night and I couldn't sleep and and I was depressed and miserable and I was like fuck dude. I don't know what to do about this. All my people are sleeping. I can't text anybody. These people got work at like seven in the morning and kids and shit. You know my parents fucking sleep in their old. They need their sleep. Right did not that. I don't to So I see I tweeted. You're not alone and what I found. was there a lot of people on twitter late night. That are depressed or you know drunk and sad or going to ship the needed to see that and now I've probably tweeted that you know twenty thirty different nights just periodically randomly as either. I felt I needed it or as I felt it might be needed in general especially over. The course like New Year's Eve we went in some people are calling this like the Yana Movement. Hashtag Jonah. Like why which by the way I think is a thing elsewhere. Don't fucking at me if that's your trademark or copyright whatever good for you dude. I haven't been saying that I'm just saying people are saying allegedly protected after legal jargon right. Yeah and now when I tweet this it gets re tweeted more and more and it's become like a a piece of our our community the RVP gang this concept that you are not alone and there's a reason that I find that to be so important it the hardest most challenging things. You will go through in this life whether it's dry January January or your parents died in a bus crash or whatever fucking horrific tragedy you have to go through as we all have our tests and tragedies that we have to go through through no matter what no matter what you tell yourself how prepared you are for it no matter how much fucking meditation or healthy you you clean living you have in the bag to prepare to get to that fucking challenge. You're gonNA feel alone. It is inevitable it is part of the human condition. We are not good good at at separating at getting that feeling of loneliness of of of solitude of isolation out we feel it we cannot help. It's a problem when we go through stuff we feel alone we feel isolate. Even if we're not I am in arguably not alone as a human being I I have an incredible family. Great parents awesome brother grandparents so many friends aunts uncles. I'm so fucking blessed beyond my wildest imagination imagination. It's insane and yet when I go through should I feel utterly alone utterly alone so I know this to be a fact. It does not matter Matt. If you go through rough shit you will feel alone any so so hard to beat that feeling. So what I've found is sometimes all you can do is remind yourself of the even if you feel alone. You're not is just not real in. That feeling is going to go away. And it's shitty piece of advice and it's back to like the time heals L. wounds thing and that's where you get one day to time than men just beat whatever it is. You're facing one day at a time you feel alone you feel so alone. Your mind goes to dark places. You don't want it to just beat one day at a time. If you treat everyday like that I swear to guide you. The victories will start to add up like crazy. This from the small ones on a daily basis to the huge life ones that come out as a result. It'll blow your mind back to the you're not alone thing. It's just incredibly important to remember. No matter what you're going through. No matter how the beat you might feel or how how big of a shit the world is taking on you over the first ten days at twenty twenty man you are so no not alone. You're just not and nothing has been more evidence of that in my life than this community that we've created here the RB pig nothing In fact one of the ways that I have become or I have started to combat that alone feeling over the past. Several weeks has been with this community in our discord server in playing games with y'all at night people who listen and and get in touch on twitter and through email and through. DMZ Shit like that's been one of the ways that I've gotten to combat it and it's been awesome so thank you for that outlet for this outlet and for that opportunity. Because just like you I feel alone too sometimes. And it's just that's natural that's fucking goes but you gotta have some tools and the chest to try to beat that Shit. You can't just sit in it while around in your loneliness you you will inevitably. You will try that route and it will hurt like fuck in in in. It's dangerous because if some people you don't bounce back from that don't put yourself in that position if you don't have to you're not alone. You're not shouldn't have to suffer in that feeling of loneliness get on fucking twitter. Tweet me toss you like and then there you go now. You know. You're not alone right. Yana no allegedly trademark hashtag copyright. What we're done before you head out to take on the world it's time for some very important announcements? First and foremost you've been saddled with two legal obligations having listened to the entirety of our VP to eighty six. The first of which is that you must rate in review this podcast. You may be listening on spotify watching on Youtube listening on soundcloud. That's great. It's awesome. I appreciate you wherever you listen or watch a love you if you would. I need you to rate and review on Apple podcasts. You might know it is I tunes. They still connected. Nobody confusing aval. Get Your shitty rate and review on Apple. podcasts it's still the biggest platform it's still the one where the ratings and reviews go the furthest five stars two or three sentences about why you love the show. That's IT Rate Review Apple podcast. Check your first box. That legal obligation is complete. It's time to move on number two which is to share the show with one person one friend one family member one coworker a neighbor. Any one individual that you believe you know what I think Tim. My mailman would really enjoy our. BP appea- I saw that he wore a Koala broach to deliver my mail yesterday therefore perhaps he is an animal lover and would enjoy this show. I don't know just pick a person. Share the show with one person this week one person next week one person every week until the week you die father show on Instagram at the Rose Bowl and podcasts were on twitter at Ross Pol Pot and you can find us on facebook. If you're the Middle Age aunt of one of our listeners you can follow me. Ross Bohlin at W. R. Bowl and on twitter instagram snapchat chat at W. R. B. O. L. E. N.. On all three of those were on twitch dot TV slash boss rolling where we're live when we episodes we're live right now what's up. Twitch will live every night when I play Apex Legends. We play almost exclusively with podcast listeners and members of the RVP gang at this point. As I said our discord community a growing community of over three fifty three hundred fifty people I believe now is Incredibly cool and fun in. It's probably partially that way because it's still Dell's small and exclusive so I don't know why the fuck and plug and it's going to ruin the coolness of it. Well there's no link for you to click so you can't find it. It's just a tease twitch dot TV slash boss Sorolla though I would love you to be a part of Follow subscribe whatever we over four hundred subscribers on twitch which is a good amount for a due to Louis below-par video game skills and and for the first three months played like so stoned that he could barely open his eyes or see. That's pretty cool. Thank you all for support on twitch DOT TV slash boss role in checkout bowling. Media's television film podcast wasters clams and cockles. It's available wherever. IBP is available. Well if you're watching the witcher we are now in my opinion. The number one wichita podcast and the entire world we have no stats to back that up but it is in fact highly plausible. Now then I'm thinking about it that will do it for our B fifty six recorded and produced by Mike Moody and Grant Davis at Permanent Record Studios in Austin Texas. We'll be back Monday with episode. Two hundred fifty seven to fifty seven coming Monday. Have a great week in your Potman gets paid respect Mr Park Strength Honor Gang Gang Gang peace be with you and also with we do. They took They go low baby.

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