69 - Liverpool Are Champions of Europe


Let's talk about six baby next dog about you and we talk about all the good things and bad things that may be. Let's talk about six doc. Hello and welcome to the two roby's podcast with me. Robbie muster and him robbie earle liverpool football club have won the author champions league twenty eighteen twenty nine thousand nine season <hes> reveal <hes> sure it was a great game but it's a result and it was all the matters into the poor got the result to nil in madrid spain just gives you i kind of general impressions rob of this <hes> all english much up after say any it doesn't particularly give me any pleasure was disappointing final when you think of what competition been issue champions bling being champions league has been magnificent with what he's given us. What is true is the drama the exam do you think the semi finals and liverpool game into passed balls luna and spurs game it kind of felt it was a final robert if to emulate teams and i think the hope think my hope was that we i saw high intensity. Maybe a little bit in two teams who flew to our possession. You can really create make things happen and don't be in a little bit like like one of those games rob. It's nearly kickoff noon kickoff in everybody's not quite ready for didn't you exp- i. I mean with two teams. The it's so huge for both football clubs suit teams that know each other inside out. They've played it so many times absolutely. Didn't we expected to did you did you if if we had a really good game of football that's a massive bonus. It's such a big game is so important it. It was always going to be safe and knows take any risks. No one's going to fly forward knows going to talk turn to anything kind of a spectacular to try and really influence in case there because they make a mistake. It's very cagey very tight a little bit nervy okay totally. Get your point although i guess i'd better x._p. Maybe big expectation. Maybe monte can be that once but i have to say and the point you make about the nervousness and the way the game and what was it steak. Do you not think goal or goal opportunity. Apparently given up to twenty twenty six seconds changes the whole dynamic of again yeah well it does it does which will talk about in a second <hes> but that's that's august a longtime rob for for everybody enjoy did it change liverpool agility to kalisz just a little bit of edge out of liverpool to the point where we'll no. There was a tentative <hes> performance about pool. There didn't used to c. J. almost sued them off a little bit and show only specs settling transit possession spurs sitting the early seat v eight minutes. A game batted possession. I mean we we watched it together. Yeah i remember looking to you insane because spurs came on strong after that towards half time and send you the liberal gocha sop planning because it gets you're right. They didn't stop playing again. They would on the front to attack. They didn't i guess they didn't need to attack an and it made a different kind of natural position for them the way that they put your game after that the penalty rosca to that because happened really quickly in the game and let me just say this first of all now i know it was on june first and i know that there's a new bunch of interpretations and rules are coming in but they're not they would in place for this game missile. Something twenty-fifth venison competitions was so this isn't the new set of interpretations for humboldt so back took as it always has been and i think we agree on this. We've got about of course <hes> i. It's it's very harsh. Okay right because we saw the ball deflects off the chest the cut of the work the pictorial if you like then straight onto the arm and his arm in in his army's out he's pointing circus pointing and it kinda catches him on the underneath of the just after the chest broad. We're missing something because the referee was right there at the v._a. Are look look. Look like this yeah for for potential panicking etcetera etcetera they will still handball. So what are we missing. We're missing is that european into the game is an and let's just be totally frank about outlive if the ball hits any paul of janda loam in the penalty box. It's going to be a pound cake set forget that he's chessel. Forget that that he was pointing forget that he's not delib. Forget that he might is not making himself bigoted to detect thing if if the ball hits your own inside the penalty box here enjoy your in trouble based on what we must remember the referee didn't even go look wasn't one of those where i think one of the very show hey hon john so is your policy decision comes onto valley is hunt at the moment doesn't seem to montreal to the a new interpretation to see what's going on and there is we'll get into. I guess next robert now a free kick against humble can be accidental and they give some bigger and i guess that he was making south big but in the next saw bunch of interpretations where it's not going to be given even his accidental title is if it comes under the part your body if you play the ball onto your arm then it's not going to be a ham boss. I know this is not. I just don't know where those guys in the game thought uh-huh benefit to replace the fat and they must have decided she's going to help me. I'm telling you i'm not and if i was playing in the game. I'll do the same kicking the ball straight. This is what we said. Okay say penalty cake and interpretations nations. It is if you're going to see more without defenders with the huns beyond the world before because any poll that took john is is going to be approved which is incredibly unnatural to play with your arms tony game changer. I hate it. Can are we just rewind five years rob and go back to the very basic element of this law is going to be too liberal so it's your arm when you unless your arm is spread spread out and it's pretty obvious you're making south pick. It's just accidentally continued doesn't go pat rubbing fortune way. Maybe are you being our listeners and people who watch a game going to have to be sought to be more broadly with our thoughts and look at these missing something that we must be missing. Here's something that european fully is dictated that that was clear to the referee wasn't even any doubt the people in vail clear. So why are we going. How's he giving that. He's coming off the cuff. Chesting must be something they don't kind of look for an and basically what was on its way out 'cause he's pointing but that's about it was way out uh-huh and the ball pretty much similar tena sleep. We just flicked off his hands. You undesired n natural position as away from his body. <hes> i'm and it wasn't it wasn't a caen onto the arm. It was very close to his his upper chest or whatever so they gave him twenty six minutes. <hes> solid takes finds a bucket in that. Do you think he really game in some way did he. Did he think it ruins games it it. It certainly changed the flow of the game. You're right. I live a poor changed the way that they they were playing after that spurs bit more on the front foot. <hes> you know as football isn't it is football. You've gotta find a way one down. You got bags. You gotta lotta time. Impose a live report have to find a way to why the continue to attack which i normally to all it did in this game defended very well defended very well. I'm we know that that's what's changed about liberal from this season two previous seasons. The goalkeeper situation of course is very different now a year ago at against rao madrid with lost <hes> ellison tossed goalkeeper but i thought is back for a liberal post defensive kind of abilities will walk warmness wanted whatever i wrote the same one of the lines that game was won by liverpool's defending pataki talk his were okay <hes> and the defense excellent <hes> go keep an and that's what liverpool is got now. I've gotten to what they had isn't it so oh a single goal so from last year or previous seasons. You still think they might conceive now. That's different so they come. We will know they can win. In different ways they can play counterattack football which i thought they were going to get another gold lakes are on but i thought we see more of that with more threaten more opportunities for them. It didn't really until the the second goal goes in <hes> no defensively very strong visual van dyke rolls royce. I mean just just cruising value vonda continue name. I mean whatever you pay for them. I mean there was one situation melvyn in the game on and maybe a little boy you bought it that human sauna was going on one of those human sons where we came through and he's on the last month with one day. Yeah i can vandyke showed presence. He's strength across the line if sante just body tackle and was just playing put out for a corner kick. It didn't take any any risk and you wanna remind me my husband went well drilling defending analysis and it took me to the same team member. The one was soaker currency so coast china plate. I'm field and cut off twice the altuve defending the art of defending and there's always think i was looking at maybe what we see next year cost. You also need something like oh. Costume on united needs something you know. Liverpool need something light out. Maybe two three three years ago they went and spent on he was there he was playing in l._a. To the to the risk and look there was again. There's a calmness about him. Rob the. I find most impressive so we know his quick. We know he's good on the ball. We know he's a giant can headboard put the way does it almost plane within himself and godless exists very calm and his makeup whatsoever waiver. <hes> and i thought like you yeah couple of situations where they needed him. He was fantastic back there and the whole but four runs play tight year. I mean just very good given given the spurs lineup. Should we talk about spurs line gets his because that was interesting yeah we we debated last pre the game who must all links together asto added diet obviously trust in him that i thought he would go with tyrod. Do we both thought that came would start. We both thought well. I certainly thought might be the guy on the bench that deli in and out of play because of what they did you think what did you think of the way the puts them up kind of fall to three one. Yeah surprise moreover would be in the eleven so i have to say i. If if you're going to drop warn it will be so. I just thought that maybe he can come off the bench. I in a different way. I've just been more hot chicken and all the gone on <hes> he was he was going to be pulling hurricane still yeah <hes> well the game the performance the result show did he was a wrong decision and it was a wrong long decision. First off completed four passes dribble. Personnel defended had shots on goal. Hurry came was it just wasn't ready it wasn't he was pad and i was trying to think what's the right analogy now. This is <hes> do i. If it was like to padding the turkey for thanksgiving they go ready to play in a big game but he wasn't under percent was time she couldn't jump properly getting beat by these times he was going into challenges challenges and and kind of hof going. He wasn't the right how he can now. They've got honey cain entertainment absolutely no why if spurs create four or five chances going across elsa box inside the six yard box yearbooks hurricane is still good enough and as the intelligence and intellect to get on the end of them is he one of those this call be though is he one of those being of chances. I didn't think spurs creating johnson four hurricane to get the goals he would get. I still think seventy percent cain with spurs rattling bulls across the six-yard. He still knows i'll pick somebody off. Because that's a movement you could say what seventy seventy percent when you send. It shouldn't start at the spurs. The spurs didn't make those chances for him at seventy percent so i'd rather go one hundred percent mura umbrellas v seventy eighty percent cain based on what spurs didn't do with possession of the ball. <hes> harry links was the other decision in jail. The i mean i think is a brilliant play. I gotta yes i. I know he's not up a defensive not particularly strong. Maybe physically different doesn't differently and he cuts out a lot of stuff is such a nice football and lee always wants to take the ball and try and play <hes> so i mean that was good. I thought him to play alongside mussa. Soco in the middle of the park. <hes> was good for spurs. Put never never really her liverpool enough rob you know that midfield of of liverpool's with arena plan by the way so quickly on midfield that was where we we weren't quite sure no one that's gonna apply and really trust me now any for the middle so that henson's got a little bit more licensed tends to go and make things happen fills a nicer blend with henderson four get ford other than the james milner. That's the being shooting into that defensive committee. You know it could be the fernandina couldn't he can play defensively understands that roadblock things off. We saw against paul slow now important. He wasn't i mean the big step up for him. In next season could build onto figuring bad things. I mean just the general game again. Whoa whoa spurs lacked something. Rob didn't name what what is it that a lacking right now in that particular game that they couldn't hurt liverpool is it just defending was was good and there are grew system and the spurs all kind of doing as well as they can spurs to win the chums league. We talk again. We talked about it delhi to be on the great. Deli make him on owns one christian eggs in pulling that good play hard very fast and they weren't somewhere fit sumo zuma below the best. That's all they know is good as liverpool no before the game he said to and favors favors and we said for spurs to win the game. They have these guys that play their very best and they didn't and you throw nari hurricane. I think we we thought like if he's anywhere near play don't claiming and they lose you. Guys are aka and if you do play many loose so i'm not really blaming <unk>. You're making this system taints. It's a gamble he took it didn't work out and how sorry came was was seventy percent and wasn't able to influence the game in the way he would want. James mellanby left out. It's kind of sad to sell that goal off gables saad absolutely perfect money includes writing to do the right thing to do. Bring him on the pitch did a again just thinking about the money energy you can help him what he did in terms of subs i mean he's co everything pretty much roy robin. I mean well. Sometimes you raise an eyebrow when he makes substitution of course roberto kominos be such an important player and he was the guy that he wanted he was started the game and then he came out kind of early. An iraqi goes in again and another. I don't donate through the but let's just let's just have a little pause on that. One for me now came in for liverpool. He was wanting to be missing. I knew the loss of these in season and fair enough to stall probably not proper much fit sixty minutes sixty minutes. He's monje goes okay. We've had to give me an hour off. Yuko hurricane. You can club same position all ninety minutes of the game. It does just punch make those symbols similar calls that club would make he is hurricane his guy does he get nominated by the hurricanes captain as one of ours. Does zeno make some of those kind of cools. We asked him for lucas more early than when i'm talking about changes to make a bit <hes> yeah go make harry gives an hour gray was still intact. Nail lucas more going go and run and run. Give him a different problem. Linda we saw before the game the hurricane you know if he's if he's real close to finish your play but but you still saw with madison van dyke quick runs in behind behind shop plaza of more son ma you know might have been a better chance of them of upset and labor force for hank running between them and eddie stall in an and when you realize maybe the cane thing isn't working gosh when i'm thinking dude earlier. Give yourself a chance of something else don't you you know as much as we love. Harry loves his more than than we've given praise. It's not days not he's day in the team. Gets try and get some. There's no guarantee we just think give multiple and on daca different kind of problem because they would cope with. What do you think tina will have some regrets on it. Then the of course off off the game. He makes decisions that you feel that moment in time to think he'll continue doing something different. I think all good managers would do that. I think all good minds. You say wounded if i if i get it's mostly i wanted to play howard looking back now and not be paul. Always learning not might be part of what we say is going to the next day then again. I'm not saying he'd vodka should still do look more. Now is writing to donny k well. I have an issue is to leave. Canaan full the whole ninety minutes and when lucas more might believe something special we will go on and kind of talk bigger picture both the football clubs rob <hes> but just a quick kind of thought about the <hes> knockout phase and how great is being no semi finals and that week of warm permanent stuff as well of course it was amazing about time is this is this been one of the best phase we've seen. We have being extremely ainley. Lucky of what. We've seen this you inch into football. We've seen a premier league rob <unk> going toe to toe playing some outstanding football putting numbers that we've not seen before and we wait for many weeks when we go to europe and europa league just the same unless chelsea and also both got off see chelsea getting the win some of the things we've seen in champions league football you could not make up you could not michael barcelona being three goals on the pool and never pull keeping clean inch sheet scoring the goals and lino massi in spy but you kind of believe <hes> <hes> you cannot believe last spurs were against iox and with the last kick of a game lucas more finding a way to get them sued i mean you you cannot script out in hollywood and people go well. It's stupid winnick's. He's never going to happen. I mean even going back a little bit. Further around sixteen i xe beaten defending champ is religion five three on aggregate run out of scoring hat trick leads. You bet despite spike from tune no deficit against <hes>. Let's go madrid united p._s. G with the three one win in paris with the help of v._r. So it's not just these two. It's been a brilliant alien knockout phase for different teams and different phase of the competition west well. It's been great with european football so we've seen some of the older great. Let's maybe not being the by munich's. You've anticipated the boss. London's not quite in the past. We've seen some young new ghanzi i._x.'s will we've seen the english teams luke block that powering box live pools th this is the manchester city. The whole mix of european football is really interesting place but we all know is a cyclical cyclical football teams with renaldo. Can it'll be moving on you. Don't messy still been incredible but is that team. Embalm unix kind of going through transition position is it. It's a period right now. In european football where english teams could continue to do well because of others are going through transition. We'll we'll see what was it. Dan visit ram. Legitimate show is gonna be a ton of money to rebuild. That team might take a little bit of time boston a feels like it needs. Some injection of newness somewhere by munich again is thank you look at man city side. This most of them are mid twenties or younger. Liverpool's can't drive with the money that they've got a call spurs as well and it's it's it. Is it going to be a little period now. Where english teams looked dominate the semi final stage onwards for the next couple of years yeah they've they've got the chance for over and what what will see and it'd be interesting football as of keeping hold and and encourage enticing great managers great young coaches into into english football is important as we've seen as we've seen with postino as we seem pap bringing big name players rightagent the right you know some of these top players players these monaco as we've seen in the past who is league and take on another level and we wanna see development of young plays a hurry wing of the world want to see them developing -veloping jacqueline rise and all those quality so it's just a great time for english football break time for european football and degree yeah. We've probably the heart the best <hes> yuping competition with that we certainly jump is league format all right my friend. We'll take a good look at both football clubs of in the the final <hes> and where they go from here but i got some words from one of our sponsors. Don't take a chance of being stranded. Stop by a rally autoparts and get your battery tested. It's free of charge and one of the many services available. If you bought your needs to be replace the professional parts people will help you find the exact battery for your car or truck. Rally auto parts better parts better prices every day. Is it possible to say what is the most satisfying thing about what you've achieved tonight yet no but satisfying. I'm happy for the boys so local you know what people said about a couple of layers of this team and stuff like that jordan henderson ace captain of the champions league winner two thousand nineteen. That's satisfying actually and then then that all these boys admitted to the age of thirty three. I think gum as one of the most so eld very important but i can say again without milley's <hes> dress room dressing room talks before the game with a not non native a two english a non native co-manager <hes>. I think it would not be possible so it's so important all the things what they did. I am doing two weeks how they <hes> lifted them when it had been there but we had little real downs and stuff like that. It's is justin credible so tonight. It's really tonight is really emotional. Most that's that's my main feeling. It's <hes> that overwhelming all that stuff it. It feels really good but i much <hes> common and i thought i would be when it finally happens so <hes> i was not important to me. I really to touch the the the the couple. Whatever i love the pictures when the boys headed lofted winner so a few faces in a stance that was what gave me everything everything i need and <hes> so but tomorrow going to liverpool and having something to celebrate that speak and i'm really looking forward to that okay so those really reflections in cloth have money. I champions league first pizza civil f. a. liverpool and now the thing that stands out for me more than anything else. Both he's a player's money. He loves. He's group plays just a remarkable job over the seasons. Now is three seasons we all three hundred thirteen stomach alison at home just a steady progression <hes> of course the remarkable season that primarily ninety seven points and being behind unite of course months by one point and now winning feels like they deserve they deserve something from the season because they've been so great <hes> where they you know where they go from here and how they try and improve is difficult because it's hard you know i i personally talib who makes them bad. What makes them better. You know she'll just talking. Oh can you talk about the the clear and i don't want to go back to haul berina point my my kind of mitchell salaries on the rope elite at chelsea and deserve to be at the football club and and you can hopefully see where he's trying to take your in club is just a natural fit for this football to due to a person and the money he's now going to be in the rarefied <hes> of an and brandon close to it and and and <hes> we'll go quote close to it. He's gonna have the jurgen klopp flag in the cul de the rest if thanh already rarified lyda and and so many factual but what i think he's doing it is not given liverpool. I was trying to think reenergize is he's got. He's giving it back. It's is football. I did not always giving it. Don't give them because i still think people we grew up in new what level wounds for in the way they were. They getting back to that taught. Why don't i go back now that back back as a superpower but getting his winning twenty league titles isn't it. That's dots will actually get him back his well then that's what but they was such a challenge this season. It's almost the pretty much they're iraq where where they haven't been in the past and now live a poll again is is is one of the very best teams in european football and of course in the premonitions monica's what they want to win next and they have they've made such progression <hes>. I know you're just going to jump in fourth again. Go the ownership join. What a great job. What are what are your. They've boston red sox. World series champions till you get boston yet. Yeah yeah we go in just an ownership and we've talked ownership before for launch podcast robyn how important the ship is and how much the lead us some of these clubs yeah owners that want to win. My city chelsea. Chelsea owner wants to win every single season win something and now he's saying liberal football club. It's such it's such an important factor recruit in the right guys the right football structure realizing realizing there's a different football structure at the club and commercial structure of the football club brilliantly done michael edwards director of football. They're good people in all the good spots <hes> every rose on from that good full people as well. They're up. Just go people good football people who understand what is it in your one hundred nineteen. I i'll just go back to a last podcast too because i think i need to make a point that i was talking to liverpool. Women game how important is trophy was and members of the saints in who could and for the more after about eight mu liverpool the e because now which one about your children about liverpool. You're going to implement towels. You're talking about club. He's tooting fits that with full this. This could be the platform for liverpool now for the next five or six years. If if without ownership with the money with the rot plays bull in the younger replays. I looked through the team of thinking about liverpool now attack <music> from tweeted to die at tons. When will the game additions will come in and prove that you know what democracy role for him defend this team now. Let's define by they love clean sheets like then they used to score goals the intensity with what they complain he mentioned the word cop tools season go with what she's team play james milner his age. His stage was clear with the money he's probably made and and the medals that he's got shouldn't be this only well in your club interesting talking about millions. He said interview after the game like that. He's such an important player that his pre-game dressing room chats with the team is basically incredibly important that he didn't think he could get them one today based on these position if james wasn't doing that so even james miller it didn't start in the game is nice to get a little bit of insight from manager about what goes on in the dressing room who are the leaders and what they do. James mooney is been there done everything i mean. He's he's won a guy to look up to so that that's really important as well. I think it's good to look ahead a little bit too for liverpool. Yeah and you talk about driving desire and the manager we know all that challenging monster city again for next season after experiencing this season an an and and watching mine city win last fourteen games by the way to win the the talk by one point mentally to things mentally you comfort gonna be good to go again and let you know okay revamp reenergize for permanent campaign and on the other side of things. Maybe more important recruitment what what needs to happen. What needs that he needs to happen. What could they should. They do to freshen things to improve roof things in which areas of the team we talked about as his goalkeepers sound so i'm not in bad shape too grateful bucks vandyke karate gomez fair. Yeah not invite shape really good. Maybe you bring a young one. In new. You're going to vote on the twenty three three tight. One not the worst thing that they don't they don't by fooled by alexander ronald complain that yeah. I know what you can do that. It'd be one you know if he stayed sure of. Let's right so you you you can drop in midfield midfield and midfield passing creative falls somewhere along the lines if kevin debris and you can't get the point is and then we know those one off but somebody you can see a possibility you might not have quite all energy and intensity but the shabby alonzo totally agree lou coughing feel three in an ideal balance. Yeah was be fabio. Type type type guy defensive. Thanks guys can play a little bit good on the ball but he reads things. Cut things off. You want to go go go through them. We've seen a threat potentially shabby and undeserved love jerry lonzo the former liberal guy somebody that can play a little bit can get the ball and can dictate and can kepler cutler was over the top. You can slide those born between defenders for those <hes> those brilliant wings on the outside they <hes> tournaments by the way the last year interest head yeah sure whether he can step into that team robin at a good age group in a young twenty at least you he'll be a goal threat technical drive. You can sit and hold on hold on. I'm you can do it there. In great shape a little bit different midfielder correct playmate just gives him a different option yesterday and and you ask the question and onto about confidence in a city. That's just remember couple of fox. They lost one game all season for them to use the seven games. Take three those jewels out there when the tile they've won a champions league that is got to give him the belief that close yeah. Thanks in closing sit. You might think we can talk <hes> front three. The two boys no problem happy grads grape great production yeah for me no strike a- rigi now. It looks like starts going to football club can can they find find somebody rob. Maybe i don't know is it was gonna be a fish for me. No easy that undrivable will is when he's on. He's on but we think of. We've got to start to think of competitions games you need you need to bring light for light quality in his review the mon- come up with some huge goals for them but is he consistently the right guy. We don't know i a lot you idea of a young and so far. Let let's be beyond the scouting system at liverpool has produced for them on on all always profile of play they they they got good agee's they understand my one day might nick home from somewhere in france and in belgium in in in jimmy the mighty one of those players that they can go whoa you can just bring that something to this. No worry the monay or most solemn might wanna try something else somewhere else and be attracted much. It might try and grab a couple of those one. Oh i tell you right now. Rope place the not yet. Give give me eighteen months two years and and things don't quite go jumping but right now whether they are. He's not many places to be in european football. We've gone through it that and it's tough to see how they can improve that team. Playmaking midfield player rob absolutely give you a whole count them somebody. Somebody haven't got somebody go all of the spots you can say why there's there's a cover there yeah that's good age there but in terms on midfield and maybe in those draws roles repeal roles you little playmaker who sees slide zabol food on the philippe katina with eh chauncey you could come back to the football club. No and i hope he does in boston at the black type or more of a midfield. We're starting with just three. He's not working intensity. This thing excellent great play listen great player for great business to get the money did somalis kind of moved on from someone like teela into somebody just under the wait also wrote this team with that manager that makes people better and that work ethic around the the might not think of could really good job. Also we might see the full exposure of the ability. Chamberlain was a great example of that came from also. We'll know who's decent plan pooling in different things right. That's exactly right swollen. Thus what you might see somebody else. We think he's a decent place exactly in any goes in the environment it the club reno cooperative rush them any might take six seven weeks before we saw really blood you live poway but we might just fine when <music> jordan henderson wow lift the trophy interiors afterwards hugging his dad for seemed like five minutes. What a great story sorry. What a great professional. What a great story of of of keep going you know when some some people you're liverpool kind of echelon. Playa laya keeps going keeps driving different <hes> positions that he plays in and why don't we hear from rob a little bit of sound of jordan henderson speaking with with passion <hes> right after the game without the money to this is impossible <hes> go through tough times through seasons while he's doing since he's communist. Football club is unbelievable. No neither please go into sports stronger already here. He's better and such a togetherness in the group create especial dressing room so yeah all all the praise everything goes to the manager manager especially my view as well one that will live forever. You woke up to lift the trophy that emily news pickup. Twice spill talks months. Graham sudas wants stephen steve kerr out now. They're adding united list yeah. You know <hes> like i said before. I'm so proud to be positive for both hope nope long time now. The company is even even more special for me. It means everything to his football. Since i was a kid and then yeah ah i've just tried to give me baxter baton football and help me through tough times. It's been difficult over me korea. I kept going to start this. Team's porn and you have moments like this is what you do it for you. This is the best moment of my life cacophony children the moment and this is one of criminal syndicate and just say thank you to everyone you know especially coming w family kids at home election alba libya and yeah just like it's not about me it's up eight million or our company and lifting the trophy especially of course remain football with read. These plays various always manager and now keep born into well. He's dot the emotion the passion the pride <hes> jordan handed some whereas the yellow captain's armband for liverpool football club in and i was hearing yesterday and meeting phil thompson grains eunice d._v._d. Jordan henderson <unk> for liverpool castle. I mean and the thing about jordan handsome ause and we've we've had the st fine melon at the mike allowing leak play his name up to and then yesterday trump is league final kinda adjoin henderson stumped on it and let me say this is it was down it was early. It was gritty. It was not very fashionable. It was who is going to make sure they got over the line and it was a bit lie. I felt june. Heinsohn brings a little bit of old fashioned. Obey the dressing room. We had back in the day and nevertheless hoffman. Somebody's gonna make sure you've got it and <hes> do. I think that's what you wouldn't henderson being. I think that's an important element of liverpool football club leaders james moon. We talked about being that same guy. <hes> the con con can go back to memories and reasons for success early in his career at different football club some what that takes and we know what it takes accord it takes a ton of ability and skill and everything else i and the money to bring in some of these top players but you need that character you need that that just that determination and that guy that's going to ref people up and make make sure they're not you know every single week to get through <hes> through the premier league champions league so i think i just think it's a good story for jordan. You're right it wasn't it wasn't a game from most solemn samawa and and and to be silky not disappointed when he came up who says it's not about that. It goes by expectations for the game. I didn't expect it didn't disappoint me. That wasn't a great game because what you expect you know. It's it's just wanna is an it's all about the result and that's what it was. Unlivable went on their second goal with difficu- vegas finished a really nice here with his left for inside the post. That'll make it to new and it kind of felt without point rob light that show the better annoy me. Why not get me show me show me show me you can still go on to score another go and they did so totally deserved <hes> ex liverpool and just as we before we transition to spurs robert the bigger picture just again for next season is all about the trump the the premise for liverpool now. Is that the remaining thing that you the club has got to try and focus one hundred percent to bring about <hes> two. He goes from hero worship chew god-like worship when he if he can not primarily tall get now just like pet was saying it might say well you know he's hold it in the league on on a he wants to champions league and i'll have a clock can would wanna wrap it up. Liverpool funds would say and it was a brilliant six european complain for them and fishing. They got something. After the season they had in chase city so hard landing the primarily tile has not been done at liverpool football club has not been done and if you can enclo- delivers it up forever king clocks yeah and you just sense that when is the season kicks off next year that i'm field and stuff. There's going to be dr dr excitement and maybe a play or two to add into it <hes> but this this liver poison going anywhere. This isn't a livable out to strain every scene no to try and win win this for next year. They'll go there in great shape to go on next season's. We'll never never fantastic season we will we'll see some of the hotspur raheel some some of them. Some essays success difficult conflict huge difficult periods kids in he's been plenty written sadden and spoke about the stadium. There are no transfers the reluctance on hurry came the the money's going to be there whether trump plaza they're the these been on that conversation and what she'll decide tournament spur of champions these league football next season guaranteed job don. I <hes> directive season of champions league final think and just think about out some of this and the size of clubs who haven't made it to the final. We've talked about the balsam owners and you've got season by nixon on. They just missed tau on on winning. The champions league fine yep fourth in the premier league success learn about chelsea in the league semifinals absolutely success and the whole football football club is screaming success and achievement one of the best training grounds we've ever been to correct now one of the best stadiums around the world right now rack iraq and everything else and we said this stuff before but it should be reiterated because their budget the the sixth highest we think that the numbers come out and the kind of a year behind the sick like the season before this one's just finished they were the six highest soda to do what they're doing to get that chelsea final in different scenarios that one point after the first three games in the group stages. They kept like conceding late goals. I mean come on our show. We liked god. They've gotta learn to close things out and given city they played so in certain games and lost lost points of because of late goals and still to find a way through with this squad that we set in tom's in the permanent robot panova. The line exhausted exhausted team and to get this far. It's just it was just one hurdle to offer them absolutely and listen. I think for spurs at the moment third place finish in the league is almost as their winning tile. They're not good enough yet to be in the top two positions. They're not there yet rob <hes>. They haven't got the squad. I if they were gonna go for a top two finish. They don't miss softy. Give pavia the competition play weaker teams in domestic cops and not not going in in the champions league unlucky by the way the the the era right now that they've got a great team and you've got these two outstanding yeah. I mean nine eight nine seven points in the primarily this team. You saw say you know they're not good enough. Well oh crikey unlucky timing them because they are good enough to be right at them. Winter permanent title this era got outstanding team and you're gonna make the most of whatever <hes> much snotty going through to most after push on again all smell of issues. You're not supposed to push on again. They got to nail that position and start claw a little back rub. That's a big thing. How do they close the gap between them. Muncie in liverpool. That's the big thing uh-huh how how and if you say three or four years to get where he is in this product now throws as ready to go priming. They've won the champions. League chino's is kind of taken a little bit longer less money last residuals and got himself in an a prime position but th there's a probably twelve nineteen point gap and so how do so in terms of trying to close that gap why we've again hard to improve the best eleven at spurs those who given their salary restraints big-time play that they're not gonna do off of it and then we could also argue the the the team has looked tired this ask the strength of the squad hasn't been good enough to rotate and rescue place so in that regard they could bring in some zoos guava similar. Yeah squad plays the eleven but may being games out them out a little bit so erickson. It's like a proper break cane or delhi or different players draw. Oh and they don't drop off so much. They win games against some of the lowest. Is you manage it that way to close the gap yes of course they love to bring in and find a berlin star player from french french second division to make them a ton better but that's difficult to do that me throw to question john two plays christine alex right contract's up what happens between him and massive massive few weeks. It's a massive months and massive window is such a good player. Let me so one of the daily alley is he was the the weight. I is the upside rally whereas whereas i think it is it's it's. I think it is well. Jelly allie will have to start to show the consistency that to brewing the shows that davidge silver show that position not calling iraqi hind aware i'm saying i i teach very best. Berlin in a different way is is not not quite the deployment with the posse no but he got the energy ruining he brilliant timing goal scoring goals around the ball bringing both the komo's frank lampard aska's nea dot guy who influences zone outweigh and that's between him and the manager to try trying to find that form again was it two seasons ago rob you said eighteen awhile and and i don't know for whatever reason again you you could argue that he shouldn't start that game you could you could throw more and you can rotate in league. Put human son at the top in the the number ten position you rearrange that team came in some ways to be better fix deli on the outside position. I kind of switched to number ten and going outside west sun on the outside. Positional roy moore could've done more of that and then some on the other side so this this ways that you could team up without daily but it does give you that only is a midfield players gaglione fighting him. He's got the physicality is go find. It makes runs. It's just we're not seeing the very best of him right now. Critics and by the way is another important paul. He said you don't want to be letting people because genomics football okay so it's it's obviously this is going to go into his final year where they could lose him on a free so now the next month is when you are the contractor or whether they say right christian you don't i want to sign okay. We can't give any more money. We're gonna have to sell ya but what did you say about liverpool and morton ownership the ownership of spurs football club club hasta now decide which way going all the real deal. Oh they install to look to challenge you. Keep hold 'cause you shall genomics in you. Send a message. We just talked about ten minutes. Liberal christian erickson interest rates have gone well you sal when you best each player hobey chicken about the plays. We're talking about spurs the whole thing as much as any individual and not football club <hes> resonates with with pocchettino. It's interesting all been any after after the game obviously disappointed about his future and and the club's future and this is the response. What can you say for the fans of support you through thick and thin and you keep talking about the future future on obscene. There's been a lot of talk about your future in the background not focused on ahead of this but can you tell the fans that were excited to to lead the future on in the coming seasons. I think it's not a moment now to talk too much <hes> because we can interpret you pretty fenian in differing away. Some people want to be clever to compare me with for and monitored and they know that we are in complete different pressure for imposition on different place by the people want to be more more clever land then they won't do give out albanian john without argon. <hes> you know after five. Don was so clear the grocery so glad i would. I'm vision was amazing and the commitment for our player where mason on broadway the club 'em to play for first time in history are temporally finding but now he's about to take on <hes> on started to ooh james damore him what mine and for shula. We're going to have time to talk now. The only thing that both me a little bit about the interview rob the the question about his future. I would've expected different. Response may be of more. You know you know set off well. Don't say anything now three misconstrued or i mean you've been looking for a manager. Yeah i use right near the reading. She mo tat each of out daniel leave. You almost nudge him. He i'd love aw yeah con totally see my future because it might change correct unless you stop. Give me some improved thing john yeah let while ago see the months maybe six weeks. He's talked about wanting to compete to morning to be kind of happy at the tools to to to be able to give the project yeah is. I still think his future in space futures together. I still think there'll still think these these good things that can harmful mm fistful boko. I'd love him and football club to win a cope to stop pull this who go in the league cup next february lift it put them to bed do show people that you can win the trophy and and it will always need elite club. He's worn it silver which we we are not silly. Call money joel. Is there anything in protein. Oh the thinking to himself while chelsea final. We're in the permanent right now with these two outstanding standing teams. I'm not sure where i can go from here with this club. Rob is it well like i'm on a might need to move on tough spot for him to make this his team better unless unless he's given this pool and there's some places he could go way you put your clothes an no no well you mentioned not could go to they could even underfoot by munich bigger clubs. Yeah you yeah topan clubs clubs in transitions clubs that need work clubs. It need some of this stuff yet to spurs them. Slow tally go to success. During those periods. You might be three years before we got success would be three more years in spurs. Will avi the support with us it. Yes it by municipal you venice yeah. Cash cash is gonna so our any saw out and then the money comes in for for the big time players. He wants spurs so you can say that he those cubs are in transition as difficult for him would be better spent standard spurs but he'll no in time. The money will come to try and produce a team that can win everything. They've come so close you'd like you. You don't wanna think that he might feel a taking spurs. As far i was like can i opie stays on respect for what he's done. We know that we've gone over the money. We're gonna this the way this club has grown but goes by ownership and how much they're particularly that okay now going to kind of almost mortgage on the future of the revenues at this stadium and what the money they boosted from this year to get our spurs can potentially become a superclub. They can cut us. The stadium revenues t._v. Money's phenomenal abby thins affable club yeah so it's just how much money is the stadium going to take away from developing a team and we saw it on snow again reports and say that no there's still a bunch of money money portugal get in the summer to make you stronger and <hes> we're absolutely clear on this. It does need new players. Now does not the pennant wimbley or the funds and the players trevor into that stadium every time like an away game and to get what they've done this season with all those senses this is this is remarkable but now he's shown what you can do. We now deserves a chance to to kinda have ago ago this group christian and eric and again though in the massive sign post a week in a sign on if you if if in a couple of weeks we reading an and all those things come now is christine signed. The spurs boom fails boom yeah if we're reading christian nixon agencies talking and it looks like he's gonna leave. Worry me well. What are they need. Spurs can cause quick real quick to go through the team. It's good in areas in it might need to write back if trip he goes tool about monopoly in the back lot donnie rosemont needed i mean thomas sanchez and in one fully to deal in good shape <hes> from plasma son the mailer cain not bad. I'd like another one another one. They're like an the gold school google one. If these one available can we talk about the field and if he stays makes everything yeah vaccine goes looking at different things so these work on these targets to be called spurs they're going to have to do with if they wanna be you know lifting trophies lot liverpool manchester city and going onto the next stage psychologically for them next season going to be taught for again i would say places is <hes> <hes> listen. You can win it. If top three finish the whole season in this state and rubio could could be a massive lift so be a must she has talked about being like something special when you in the noises so game from spurs in of discipline so so much just need a boost of a couple of players to give everybody a ba- freshness about it and more excitement from those supports ready for a new season but there's no question full respect for this football club what they've done with this group. I'm with the manager in difficult circumstances <hes> on every reason to be very proud of of what they've done this season absolutely so <hes> respect to both the teams who got champions league final block after this year's champions league final is heavily wanna hear from you are listening to donald. Please write me be the show of the next few weeks. Why don't we let us know what you're most looking forward to for the star of the next time grammy league season and we'll beat out some of gestures as we get started with the kickoff on a weekend when you can quote when he first piece of silk whereas with his words no mine. Let's talk about six bay. I'm he's must have to julius listening listening to me from him. Good night <music> <music>.

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