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The B. is episode. One sixty six of the feed the official Lipson podcast the podcast that takes beyond how to podcast into keeping you podcasting with casting tips and information for the everyday podcasters and taking you inside. Lipson. The largest podcast host and distribution network. Since two thousand and four welcome friend I'm Elsie Escobar coho Stanford of this podcast as well as the community manager at Lipson. Thank you so much for listening and now this is what we're covering on the show. I'm using a new piece of dark. Oh my gosh then. The hashtags reviews four good initiative that we are participating with with Punchy Sir the iphone s. e. podcasters Cova Nineteen episode takedown. Updates again some really really interesting at buyer data from the update on the podcast discovery survey and of course. Oh my gosh we have so much stat stat stats for geographic and user agent. Okay so it's a long one folks. There's a lot more than I did. Not Mention in that intro so strap on your seatbelts and if you know the drill feel free to tap that thirty second forward about four or five times for the rest of you. Here's the scoop on getting on the show you can send in eight thirty second. Promo to the feed at Lipson DOT com. It needs to be thirty seconds or less. Nbc clean as no profanity and again do your very very best to keep it to thirty seconds attached to your email and send it to the THEDEBT LIPSON DOT com. If you don't have a problem but you want your voice on the show. Ask US a question or add to the conversation that you hear on an episode. Send us your voice feedback you can record it and attached to the email right and send it to us or you can call us at four one. Two five seven three nine thousand nine thirty four and finally the other way that you can do it is going to speak. Pipe speak pipe dot com slash the feed. We also have a long running blog feature called Rock and Lipson podcast every single Monday. We highlight one. Lipson podcast and in order to be featured on the blog. You need to email the feed at Lipson DOT COM and ask. That's it I'll send you all the information. It is first. Come first serve so the sooner you get your Info to me. The sooner I'll get you in the queue and now let's jump into our main conversation with Rob Waltch. Vp of podcast relations at Lipson as well as my co host right after our first. Promo of this episode the Football History Dude. Do you wish you knew more about the one hundred seasons of the NFL. You're in luck because you found a football history podcast where each episode is a journey back in time to learn about the rich history of NFL from the founding of the League in an auto showroom. All the way to what it is today. America's favorite sport and behemoth of an industry. My name is Ernie Chebet. Football is my passion. And I want you to come along with me each week to explore the yesteryear the Gridiron hop on board model Laurean. And let's get this baby up to eighty eight miles per hour. Hello Rob Generic time of the day going Greg. Staying in Yeah I just saw somebody posted on on twitter there like it was. It's been ninety days since I've been to the grocery store and I was like it's been thirty five days gone along. We've been yeah. My kids are doing well in doing through this all but yeah starting to get wearing. No it's like there's a point where you're just like make it stop but hey you know what we're fine. It's all nice and it's good. What at least we. I'm sorry I hear. Some people are experiencing some snow and things like that in the world and but at least in my neck of the woods. It's been quite beautiful out there so but hey so before we get started here. I kind of want to share a little. Bit About My. I am so. I'm using my new little piece attack because I got a cloud lifter from the team. Over at that. Cloud lifter team over a pod fast and I hadn't been able to use it because I hadn't figured out exactly how to make it work because I know that you're supposed to just kind of stuck things together and I was like this should work and it took me a just a little bit of time for me to understand how that would work with an eight six. So if you're using age and power on yes exactly and I didn't know that I was like what how come. It's not working. He'll come as no working. So now I've I've I have one of my tracks all setup first and stuff and it works. It's been great. I mean it's it's so nice. Really Nice job. They really good equipment. Yeah so and I mean in case you guys want to know what cloud lifter is. It's kind of like a little pram. It's something that works. Really well with microphones that tend to not have very much gain like what is it. The SIM B. I always been big salmon. Be That's right so that one like sometimes when you just put it directly into a mixer you have to turn the gain up so high and sometimes even that doesn't get you the results that you want and so this actually really boosts that gain up that gives you a little bit more control and for me. It's not that I need it. I actually have an Ohio. Pr Thirty that. I'm using with it and does really well on. Its own but the thing that it's really helped me with is. I don't have one of those little. Spongy things on top of infront of it. I don't have a pop filter either and so it. It tends to be like one of those things. Where if I'm really right on top of the Mike it I can hear like me breathing out and the popping peas and the just extra like noises mouth noises and things like that so with the cloud lifted I can move away from the mic and that kind of solves a long list problems for me. It's really nice to some fifty eight and those who made six. Yeah Oh gosh and it works like a charm and also gives you more like more cord. That's something that I really I was like. Oh this is great. I can actually move really far away from the computer or from wherever it is that I'm doing and just kind of use this so I'm super stoked. Do you guys have a link in the show notes to what I'm using and so that you guys can check it out because it is. It's a nice little tool to have in your toolbox particularly if you're one of those people that doesn't necessarily like to be like right on top of your mic and you need a little bit of space between your mouth in the microphone. This is a great tool for you to have in case you need that also before we get started with the main like our main chunk of all of the information here. I just want to see that we have. We're doing a little bit of a of a campaign partnering with the POT T SRE team. They started at the beginning of April. They started this campaign called re Hashtag reviews for good and they reached out to us to see if we would help them out a little bit. And we Kinda like sat with this and we didn't have a chance to start off right off the bat but what the campaign is about. Let me read you a little. Bit Of what they talk about their. It says that this is what they put on their on their blog posts. And I'll have a link in the show notes here quote. Things are a bit hectic at this moment to say the least so we wanted to come up with a fun way to support our community and our podcasters in the face of covert nineteen and recent quarantine efforts across the nation. Many seniors are being even further isolated at this vulnerable time. That's why we chose to support meals on wheels. America Kobe. Nineteen Response Fund an excellent charity. That delivers not only nutritional meals but social interaction. A hot meal and a friendly delivery needed more than ever and quote. So how are they doing this? Essentially you go over to the podcast. Pod chaser website which is available to you in whatever. Os you're using Anybody can get an account anybody can go there and leave reviews An effort every review. That you are leaving if you are a Lipson podcast or whatever review or comment you leave for in the reviews. Inside of a inside pod teaser. We are matching twenty five cents per review slash comment up to fifteen hundred dollars through the end of April through so April thirtieth and so this is a wonderful opportunity for you to go review your favorite shows and also not feel so sleazy asking for us for your cell and telling them that you are in fact helping helping people by asking for reviews this time so it seems like the Tennessee. Really Nice and you've got a blog post up that all of this in more detail. Yes of course and so. I will put it again a link in the show notes for that guys and please use that. Hashtag reviews for good and share away. So you don't have that much time. It's isn't it crazy rob time. I don't even know what time it is wholly cads. We didn't. It's going to be the end of April before you know it. Well this last few couple months of feels so long ago that we were at podcast. Wait it's like when I look at those pictures and I'm like that seems like a lifetime ago. We were. Did you video online with the girl that goes back for months to talk to herself? Four months ago in January a video. Where she she goes back to. January to talk to herself. And she's like okay because I can't tell you exactly what's going on a butterfly thing and she's like but you want to get out of the stock market maybe invest in Zoom. Her herself in January goes well. She goes She was what about those Australian wildfires in in the future her goes. Oh Yeah Yeah. She was in old pass goes well. That's going to be the defining thing in two thousand twenty. No not even close so how things have changed. Formats is nuts. So there's a new iphone. Iphone has e was announced. That's like so I mean I guess you say that it was everybody knew but this is a really weird time to be releasing an iphone at least originally expected to be. Yeah well yeah. I'm originally you know the rumors before everything happened was going to be in March and the IPAD still came out but the iphone se got kept getting pushed and it got pushed to this past week and on the Seventeenth. You could order it and actually ordered one for my wife. She had the original iphone Esi which she loved to death literally And she actually hit this. Which over to my son's old iphones. You've been on iphone six. Oh the last few months while I told her patiently. Please wait please wait. And she kept bugging me this thing so slow slow slow and I'm like okay. This new one coming and the IPHONE. Se is really se. I think it stands for same except and it's the same as the iphone eight except it has the eighth thirteen processor versus the a eleven so two generations jump in processor speed You know it's this but it's that's really the biggest difference. There's a two hundred fifty six Gig version and then some other minor differences in there but the biggest difference clearly is it went from eleven to eight thirteen processor in my wife's case going way back from an iphone six so she don't jump many processors going to be so much faster for her but the best part about all this is it starts at three ninety nine. I think is is the the price? So it's the cheapest iphone out there. Yeah so three ninety nine starting off with a sixty four GIG and then goes up a little bit for the twenty eight to two fifty by lowering. The price of entry for the IPHONE is always a good thing because as we know iphone users to android users it's a four to one plus five to one ratio a consumption so any time. There's a lower cost device that means there's more people potentially coming into the Appalachian go system which means there's more potential listeners to podcast. So that's why we mentioned this at all. Even in my that's cool. They are very nice. Still is it. Does it have face. Id or does it have your finger. It's still is if the iphone eight. It really is. It's the same thumbprint. No face Except it doesn't have three D. touch anymore. you've got rid of that but it really is as I said. Sap same except right. It's the same as the iphone eight except has a thirteen processor. Well I am. I'm only asking that because I personally don't like this I D. It's so annoying and it fails a lot at least for me anyway. Not because what my IPAD? I use it on my bed because I'm usually like not in a position for the IPAD to even see my face you know. Here's here's the thing. You'RE GONNA be walking around with masks on for the next year in public right and the iphone eight thumb. Id now you might have to wear gloves to But if you're not wearing gloves all the time be are wearing masks which you know in New York you have to now efface. Id doesn't work with a mask on unless you train your face with the mascot. Although I heard heard some people have done that but having the thumbprint is there is an advantage to that. I kinda I kinda like it because usually it's like I would open the phone while it was just down like I don't like the point of having to lift things up. It's kind of annoying. My my girl will come in. When they're using my i-ipad they'll come in and they're like they'll shove that Ip. I'm like what is happening here. They'll just put a strain on my face so so it opens like Oh my God. The other advantage with the finger is you can do five different fingers so it can be more people yup and face ideas one. That'll buy my Wi- my phone any of our devices that have don't have the fingerprint. Id We have multiple people that are registered to that. I do that. Let the girls ipads to. It's my it's my finger in not there all right. Well then let us know guys. If you guys get an iphone se or fit like resonates with what you guys are doing now. We are going to go into the conversation of. Oh my goodness your episodes are being taken down because of cove nineteen update. I guess now that the segment right. I mean there was a facebook post that came out right after we recorded last episode before it actually launched saying that spotify is not taking episodes around. Kovic Nineteen Not True and on episode one sixty five weeks you gave examples of those so we hope that episodes timing helped clear the air and yes since then we've seen others taken down for that reason as well that even included an episode. I got taken down by spotify for Ted nugent. Wife's PODCAST Yeah and and here's another one for another podcast and it was taken down in. The episode title was the water cure to curb. Covert nineteen deaths. Yeah That one got taken out again if you are talking about anything that goes against. Cdc recommendations goes against science. It can get your episode or podcast. The boot just practice common sense when picking title for an episode and now is not the time to release episodes with nonscientific recommendations for dealing with covered in nineteen telling people to put magnets in their socks take colloidal silver or to turn their bed to face a certain direction to fight off covered nineteen yet though should and likely will get the episode the boot and sadly the only thing spreading faster than coveted nineteen is fake news about Covet nineteen no telling people to stay indoors. Wash their hands wear masks when they're out in public. That's okay and actually recommended for you to be telling people to do that. You know. It's okay to have general. Psa in your podcast like we just did general's general PSA correct and some PSA. We go to a promo so this is number. Two of the show is called. Welcome to podcasting tips from the front porch. This is your host troy and I'm literally setting in my front porch swing recording this short form. Podcast that is just three to five minutes of a podcast tip. If you WANNA learn more simply go over to podcasting tips from the Front Porch Dot Com. Thanks for listening. Thank you thank you now Taking with the covert nineteen and I did. A covert add reductions survey that they sent out for ad buyers and content networks publishers. So folks like Lipson and big networks. Podcast what they asked was and this was collected data collected from April first April eighth so it's rather recent and it was about what buyers have done or are planning on doing with respect to coveted nineteen and what content networks publishers are seeing and well it was pretty much as expected some key items from the survey Those that are buying ads admires sixty. Nine percent said they are making adspend adjustments. I E lowering the amount of ad spend and pushing out advice. Thirty percent said they have not determined what they are going to do and just one percent said. They have no plans to make any changes to ad campaigns on the seller side content networks publishers. Ninety eight percent anticipate. Us AD sales revenue to decrease versus the original twenty twenty plans Do covered nineteen of the buyers. That said they are adjusting. Spend for March to June. They expect to lower ad buys by thirty three percent on average for digital media and thirty nine percent on average for traditional media per digital audio. They EXPECT TO REDUCE AD spending thirty five percent looking out for Q. Three twenty five percent of the buyers already are planning on changing their adspend. Down and twenty two percent are planning to change it for you for the rest. Were to be determined for those planning to make changes in q three and q four. They're looking at lowering. It's been twenty five percent and twelve percent Respectively the buyers were asked if they thought Cova nineteen. We'll hit the economy harder than the crisis of two thousand eighteen. Two thousand two thousand nine and forty four percent said substantially more negative impact thirty percent said somewhat more negative impact so that seventy four percent of ad buyers thinking. This'll be worse than two thousand eight two thousand nine. That's not good. That's crazy seven percent I know and those are the ad buyers who those are the people that make financial decisions right so short term and slightly longer. Term Prospects. Red Cells are all looking down right now with the potential for it to be much worse later on the two thousand eight nine downturn in AD sales took until two thousand ten eleven to really start coming back in the podcast based just for perspective. Because I know a lot of people weren't even around in the pocket guessing space then so don't have any way to guide or measure that we were and I can tell you when it came back and it was a couple of years later if you want to follow the advertising space overall there is at ages ad Lib podcast and add weeks yet. That's probably an ad both check out and both by the way are hosted on Lipson but those are two really good Podcast to cover the space and we'll be talking about this for a lot of communist future right but you know one thing that is different between like at least one thousand nine hundred nineteen two thousand eight and twenty nine eleven and all that stuff is that now we have. We have like all kinds of other businesses. That weren't weren't around that time really and ramping up. Such as you know the INSTA- cart of the world the thrive markets of the world. You know all of those companies that are online delivery systems and things like that that are are currently doing quite well. Here's the problem. A lot of them have canceled ads because they're too busy. So yes who situations here. You have some. That are canceling. Because the nobody's interested in their product travel interests. Who Case Right now? No one's interested in buying tickets for sporting event. So anything related to travel or sports that there's no end. There's there's just nothing they can sell on the other side frozen meat delivery wine delivery right there. That stuff is so busy. They they need to pull back on advertising. Just a slow stuff down so they can handle what they can. You know do orders already getting so? That's a double whammy. So yeah the ones that you're talking about weren't but they're also busy right now. They don't need to advertise as much and they are pushing out ads that that's Yeah. I. I didn't really think about that too. Just because there's just so much demand they don't really need to have all of that advertising because it sells out right so there is that balance between visits to different things but the advertisers came back last time the fastest worthy. Dr Stuff so the Dr Staff did come back the fastest and it was more the brand advertising that took the longest to come back last time. Okay yeah so and just to clarify guys. Dr's is direct response and so what that means is just like the coupon coupon code thing right like us this to the thing get stuff you know that kind of stuff but yeah. It's going to be very interesting to see to see how that all pans out. Can I be one more Kobe? Nineteen ran yes. Of course you can. I cannot believe people are protesting the fact that some governors are saying. You need to stay in place. I know I mean these are the same people that would go out and swim in the water. When the government says get out of the water because shark-infested don't them? Yes that's it. We're going to pour blood over ourselves and we're going to go out swimming. We'll show you okay. Commonsense folks please commonsense. Yeah well if you don't need to be out right now it's GonNa be a while before there's a nomination for this and treatment so for now. Just be safe contents. On that note we will be moving onto our first on my gosh. This is our first email the episode. What okay here we go. Hi Rob Quick Question. Our show is only displaying back to episode one. Seventeen on Google podcast. How can we get Google podcast to display all our shows in their APPs? Slash Directory regards. Nr For this show in question all good with RSS feed. That is in Google so I looked at C. Which one was in there? And I'm seeing three hundred and forty six episodes on that feed but only two hundred twenty nine or showing up in Google podcast. I then checked my show today and it has four ninety three episodes in the feed and three hundred and thirty episodes in Google podcasts. So then I went and looked at macos. Ken which has twenty four hundred nine episodes in the feed. Yes two thousand four hundred nine episodes in the seed going and and They they go back to March. Two thousand ten and Google podcasts It only goes back to September two thousand sixteen. So it's around nine hundred fifty episode showing. I sent email Google asking if there is a limit for Google podcasts. On how many episodes are being index or some sort of algorithm and these are all being limited in what's being shown but different numbers Once we ever a reply in that will let you know But it does not seem to be indexing your feet or my full feet or or or Mac os cancel feet. So I'm not sure why the limit is but it's not the same numbers not like where we say apple podcasts. It's you know it's still show you in the directory. Three hundred up to three hundred one episodes you know ninety three It's not like that with us. It seems to be all over the place from in you know in this case two hundred nineteen in one case Two hundred twenty nine and one case up to nine hundred fifty and and the other. Hopefully we'll answer. Can I make a guess can guess? Guess maybe it's just because it takes time for indexing all that stuff in like maybe the the amount of things that are having to be processed. Maybe it's just a little slow down so you never know if you go back. Maybe in a couple of weeks if that would've changed. Yeah I know but given a Mac Os cannon today and I have been in there for for a long time and so is the other show. That was in question. So these aren't shows that were recently added so they've all been in there. It might do with the size of the feed. It could be a certain number of kilobytes indexed and you know like fi burner does and they cut it off a certain size so it only goes back a certain amount And and maybe their feed has a lot more information in their in their description than my feet does versus os can which is very minimal and the description so that might be it. So that would be my guess. It has something to do with the size of visas. As far as kilobytes. We will wait. We will be just chewing her nails for cancer. All right another email hi Robyn. Lci occasionally do an episode with a music related interview when dealing with classical music which has a wide dynamic range too much. Leveling out of the volume would destroy the expressive. -Ness of the music. I'm afraid of blasting people eardrums with my voice when I start talking after they have crank the volume up to be able to hear the quiet parts of dynamic music. One time I simply whispered after the music was done. You probably want to turn the volume down now. But I don't WanNa do that. Every time to compromise I have come up with is to amplify the music so that they're rare. Peaks are a couple of decibels above normal podcast volume because that seems less risky to people's ears than having them crank up all the way up and then melting their face with certain sudden booming voice. That doesn't totally solve the problem. Though because it quiet parts are still pretty quiet even then my understanding is that classical radio stations. Don't do a lot of compression on the music either. What do you suggest as the best solution here fix Thomas? Thomas thanks for sending and I would ask this. What is it they come to your show for is it. I the interview or is it. I The music if it is I about the interview and the music is a nice little adder but not the primary reason for listening then you optimize around the spoken word which means running your music and spoken audio through a program like Phonic leveler getting it. All in their compressed if the primary reason for this they list you know coming to your show is for the classical music and the interview is just a small segment in your show that you have area so often then optimize music and work in better transitions out of music and into the spoken word. But you can't have both pick the one that is more important for your listeners. And optimize for it. I need nothing more say on. Here's another one. Greetings Robin Elsie Goshi. Podcast YEA I work. On the skeptic zone read recently had our six hundred episode and since last November a skype update permanently broke skype on all my Max. I tried to regress back then. The call recorder wouldn't work. I'm running a twenty fifteen macbook pro running ten fifteen ten point four with skype eight point. Five eight skype launches and the menu titles appear in the top left as usual but it never opens any further. I have restarted in reinstalled skype. A of times same thing. Have you heard of this issue? As the SKYPE MAC forms seem to have nothing about it than I have been able to find anyway. Apologies for bothering you but this for some Mac users skype isn't an option regards and thank you for a great regular show that shames the scammers may not from the skeptic zone. Thank you for saying that I did not have this issue with my macbook. Pro Twenty fifteen so I have the same MAC book pro. You have And that was before when it was before it was running catalina so this was prior to having ten point one five on it and I actually just did a swap out of the battery because it has well swollen battery on that That's why I got the new computer so Recently my son did a swap out for my fix it and it's now in one. After I did that I wipe the computer clean for him. And it's now running Catalina. Ten Dot one five dot four. You're running and we're going to take a look to see if we can get skype to run. I with call recording. Get a chance to do that last night. But if anyone else has had this issue and more importantly figured out fix for the issue let us know otherwise. I'll let you know one. We do some testing and what we find out but again if someone else out there Has the macbook Pro Twenty fifteen and had issue or any MAC book pro running Catalina and has had an issue with skype not working. I hadn't heard of that from anyone else so it could be a conflict with one of the other pieces off where you have installed another email. Hi Robyn Elsie. I run the Christian Meditation. Podcast and I just heard on Youtube. What seemed like a great studio to studio clear option? It was on the booth junkie on Youtube. The service is called clean feed. I don't have anything to do with them and haven't used them but it seems amazing. It seems like it is designed for voiceovers but is actually better suited to podcasts. I know squad cast has been strong in this area but this one seems strong. Also regards jared. Thanks for the heads up. I did look at their site. requires chrome to use and right now only chrome however there. Faq said support for fire. Foxes coming soon the service is free to use and they say can handle up to three different people. I guess one to want to different people as the normal but they said you can have a third and in see if you can have a fourth or fifth but they did say yes on third They have a pro version that the FAQ says adds more features and looked at a little bit more on that and what that includes is where records multi-track which I would say is Kinda SORTA requirement for good post production editing. They say for pro. You can use extra microphones. I'm not sure if that means you are restricted to using the built in Mike only by default and with pro record at a higher bit rate so it sounds like pros the way to go if you're gonNA use US until well. I tell you the price and it's thirty four dollars a month for business. Use and twenty two dollars a month for individual charity or education use if anyone has used the free version worth pro version. Let us know your thoughts of the sound. Quality are and we'll have a link to clean feed dot net which is pretty easy to go to anyway. Just clean feed dot net. And it's exactly how it's sounds on the spelling But wobbling GONNA show notes for episode one sixty six coup. I know that this is a solution that comes up a lot and she podcast and the I I know at least that group. There's quite a few people that have been using it. I've never used it before and but I do know that there's some people who kind of have totally gone all the way with clean feed so yeah. We would love to hear your experiences with what works. What doesn't and you know if it's worth the price for you because you never. I mean if something works and it's working for you you're you're cool with paying for it. Yes Okay Hi rob quick question for you if we want to restrict the podcast in only have it appear on apple podcast and no other platforms. Is that something? That is doable. Thinks advanced regards in our. I've gotten this question a few times recently. I don't know why So I figure time to answer this No that is not possible once. Your show is approved by apple and made available in their directory. It is then avail- available to be pulled into a one hundred. Twenty plus other aggregate or APPs directories including overcast box. Podcast addict podcast player. Fm Luminary and again. It's over one hundred. Twenty one hundred twenty was when someone counted a couple years ago. I'm sure that numbers over two hundred and fifty. When you count all the different languages absent of popped up specifically for certain countries. So yeah when you submit apple podcast when you agreed. Apple'S TERMS OF SERVICE. You are agreeing to allow your show to be in the Apple Public Directory so in short per your question. No when you submit apple podcast you a really submitting to at least one hundred twenty plus other aggregate or absent directors and now moving on a little bit to our to our little segment called. Where have you been as in you guys? You'd people that are listening to this show and this is an e mail that we got. Hey Robin. Lc It's always nice for a podcast here that there are. Podcast is making a difference. See Paragraph seven below. Oh my gosh beyond this glowing endorsement so I guess they shared like glowing endorsement from the National Ms Society because he partnered with his podcast and each week. He moderates a Webinar. That's attracting a couple of thousand viewers. It's life so moving onto what he continues on here and then many more check the video replay during the Webinar. I interview an MS expert about different aspects of how covered nineteen might impact people living with multiple sclerosis. And then I continue the conversation with the same expert on my podcast. It's a remarkable opportunity to play a very small role in quieting the anxiety that so many people are dealing with today. File this under one more way. Podcasting has changed my life and to repeat what I've shared with you before. None of this could have happened without having the benefit of the things that I continue to learn on the feed and the consistent. Excellence that Lipson delivers to me. And thousands of other podcasters all not-so-sweet. Please stay safe and this is from John John. Thanks for the information there and and thanks for doing what you're doing and you know it's great to see you podcast. He gets into a partnership like this. So hurry call. Eight congrats okay. Hey Elsie the goats and rob L. V. I think that's the first time you're you're goats. GotTa shout out that got better billing than I did before you okay continuing on with his email. I listened to you talk about zoom on episode one sixty five side note. Why does Grammar Lee tell me that on episode is wrong that it should be inept? Did I miss that? In School L. O. L. I use zoom to record my interviews because Ed L. C. said. It's just easier for my guests. Not everyone has a skype Gus. Skype account and I don't believe you need a zoom account you click the link. I use Hindenburg to record my interviews. My eighth year. Twenty one hundred is plugged into my macbook. Air and into Hindenburg. While my guest audio is inputted to Hindenburg as a separate audio via the sound flour sunflower channel. When I'm done with the show I exported as a wave file and then send it off to automatic to start share and I hope Elsie that no one is holding feed. So you're freshest goats don't go hungry he keep up the good work thanks and this is from mark. Stir testy productivity expert and trainer from the Marchers Jesse podcast about that gate. And nobody's hoarding mark. The goats are well fed. We haven't seen that. There's been a lack of feed so that's good mark. Thank you so much and I won't take personal. That goats got spilling them cute though I mean all right now we're going to transition into the worst email of the week and this was the every now and then you get those ones that you read and go. Yup We have a winner for the week And I I sent this to you. This one is this is classic. You want to read it. I'll let you read it here. Okay here we go. Hey people always call me Joe Rogan. Nice speak like him and think like him with all the crazy things he comes out with. Would I be able to host my podcast with you if my podcast was called? Joe Rogan podcast. I don't want to breach any copyright claims but looking at it from a legal standpoint if I was to legally changed my name to Joe Rogan or if my name was Joe Rogan I created a podcasting called my podcast. Joe Rogan podcast. Would that be legal and not breach any copyright claims? His podcast is called the Joe. Rogan experience in there are lots of Joe. Rogan's out there. Also Joe Rogan. Podcast isn't copyrighted or trademarked. Which means I can legally call my podcast Rogan podcast. I just wanted to check this with you and clarify this as I'm cheeky. And try to get away with as much as I can. But I don't WanNA breach any copyright claims if you guys you know and you guys in new trouble on Quilt Name. Redacted Foia this person speaking Joe Rogan one is from the UK and to. I don't ever remember Joe using the word cheeky unless he was talking about wearing. Mma fighter got hit or just kicked and it was more of a he got kicked in the cheek but Point is this. I told this person this was a bad bad bad idea. And not to host with us and not to do it period Riding on their coattails and hard work of others is not cool regardless of its legal status. All right emma email here and this is a follow up conversation that we had in the last episode. Hi Elsie thanks so much for highlighting in discussing our podcast discovery survey over apple podcast hosts dot com slash discovery. We appreciate Rob's point of view about the listeners versus podcasters axe aspect. Bear in mind that they were asked if they had ever run a podcast before. That fifty nine percent won't necessarily all be season podcasting veterans but in the interest of curiosity we ran the numbers for the three hundred twenty participants. Who'd never run their own show before that still a decent sample size. I'd say. The results were practically identical APP. Directory search remained the most popular method of looking for new content. This was up a little from forty percent to forty two point six. Google search was one of the biggest movers in the entire survey from thirteen point. Six to seventeen point six show description and episode titles remain comfortably. The two biggest factors listeners are looking at before hitting play. The only change in the order was here was that the artwork dropped down a little bit too seventh-place eight point. Two percent won't listen to adverts in podcast which was up above the overall figure of six point two percent and on the question of the episode length. The bulk of listeners again. Don't really care. Twelve point. Two percent prefer shorter from eleven point. Two and thirty three point two percent feel put off by episodes of an hour or more up a smidge from thirty two percent. I understand what rob saying about consumption data showing that longer shows are statistically more however. I think we can all agree that this alone is in a reason to do along show. Episode length should be determined by content alone and two hours of good content isn't too long at all. We just wanted to reach out with this additional data as rob said he'd like to see it hope that that helps clear things up. Keep up the great work and hope you guys are both well regards issue more Matthew. Thank you for following up with an analysis and I'm glad to hear the numbers were pretty close between podcasters and podcast listeners. And I agree. A hundred percent that episode length should only ever be determined by the amount of content. You have and it should never be based on what someone says. They think they like in length of an episode again. What people might say they like is not what people actually do like as longer shows are more popular but making a show longer never makes it popular the example. I always use when I'm doing presentations on. This topic. Is Star Wars episode one. It was fifteen minutes of content that George. Lucas stretch out to two hours and sixteen minutes. Didn't work really. It was two hours and one minute too long But conversely game of thrones season eight was sixteen at the which was six episodes. Well I should really say was sixteen episodes that they tried to shove into six episodes. That didn't work either. So going to short can hurt just as much as long. I guess in Summary. The long the short of this is your episodes. Should be the exact lane of the content you have for that episode and not any longer or shorter and don't worry about what survey say just make it to what the length of your content s correction the rebel so the last episode. I said podcast. We're no longer available. Google play music on IOS. And I've had well according to Google for IPHONES and IPADS. Podcasts are not available in Google play music APP and never were there to start with so the no longer part was incorrect According to Google podcasts are still available for Android on the web but only in the US and Canada. Sorry for any confusion. I thought they had been on my Google play music APP because I had it on my phone and I guess it was just search results that in their stored but in any case Google play music. Podcasts are coming out of there eventually. Okay and who we have here each short email for Europe. Hey Ron I hope you in. The family are healthy. And happy question for you. I know we are approaching one million podcast on Apple. How many of those are actually active? Do you have any stats? Thank you and this is from Jackie. Jackie let's take a quick look at where we are with the total number of podcasts at Apple podcasts and according to my podcast view dot com we have just crossed the one million mark again we will by the time. Sas is live on the feet but here is the big but mo- shows are not close to being active or what you might call potential competition to your show what I consider to be. An active show is any show that has at least ten episodes in the RSS feed and has released at least one episode in the last ninety days based on that. Only about two hundred and seventy thousand PODCASTS AND APPLE. Podcasts are actually active. Dad is the real number to look at competition. Yes seventy three percent of shows out. There are not what we would call active but they sure do clog up the pipes when listeners are searching for podcasts. And I'm sure you'll hear more about the one million guests in Apple podcasts. In the next few weeks just remember. Seventy three percent are not active and established podcasts. That's data comes from my podcast reviews dot com go to my podcast reviews dot com to get the latest data there. Thank you Daniel for putting that all together and running that site. Yeah we love it by love to look Nice job they all move all the little charts so pretty all right so now we're getting close to are one of the special things that we have here at the feed our stat section. But we won't get started until the third. Promo of this episode. So let's hear from controller disconnected. Hello I'm a Theis. Carneiro host of the controller disconnected podcast. It's a little show. I make myself where I talk about. Whatever games I've been playing recently and other subjects games as well. Sometimes they even do reviews justice. Shake things up if you enjoy listening to my weird accent episodes released every week wherever podcasts are sold well actually podcasts are free but you know what I mean. All right reconnected. Now and Thank you sending. You know we're going to get into advance stats and I is country breakdowns for March for downloads. And now this does include spotify mixed in for this and all the stats We'll talk about from now on and let's start off with the United States For March was fifty nine point six percent versus sixty point. Five percent in February United Kingdom came in next at five point four. They were dow down a little bit from the five point. Seven in Canada five point three down a little bit from five point five Australia. Three point seven Sweden three point three Germany three percent Brazil point six percent Mexico. One point five France one point two and Japan one point one I. It's interesting Most to countries that went into lockdown that percentage is down. France went from point seven percent in February two one point two percent in March. Yeah so I guess that's where they get their news rounding out the top twenty Netherlands Spain Ireland Norway Denmark New Zealand South Korea India China and Russia. No last month. We didn't mention China and China. During their lockdown. Dropped all the way. Down to thirtieth. Oh yes they had a big drop big drop. Yeah so the the lockdown for them really got people not listening so just was interesting to see. Some countries dropped. Some countries in law lockdown went up But China was one of those ones. That dropped dropped a lot. Matter of fact percentage wise so anyway check your stats see how you measure up and these numbers for March countries that you're seeing downloads for again. The all these stats are being affected by code. Nineteen right now and I'm sure we'll see more effect for April can be even worse. We mentioned on the last episode. There was a user agent called Ruby. That popped up in the stats mid March looking at the numbers from right before it started and then at the end of March there was only one user agent that dropped close to the amount and that was spotify. Contacted spotify to confirm if it was them and they looked into it and said it was not them you then went and looked at some of the shows that had a higher percentage Ruby and what we found. According to our tech team was quote. This is almost for sure about of some sort and when the requests are coming from Amazon or other larger cloud providers they are being filtered in the IB STATS. However many of these are coming from a smaller cloud provider. Company was originally named Soft Layer. Bud after having been bought by IBM they are brand rounding the service under IBM cloud. Now there are about nine hundred and fifty. Ip Ranges for the shows that we looked at that the US and they are not currently blocked in the IB stats unquote either way if you see ruby showing up in your lives in stats for now. No they are ninety nine point nine nine percent likely from about and we will work on what we will do on filtering them out shortly after. Also talk with the folks and they are removed from these stats. Were about to give here for March and remove them from April stats when that comes around as well okay. Now looking user agents overall mobile downloads moved down a bunch of about one percent to eighty seven point seven percent of all downloads in March. Going direct to mobile devices eighty eight point six percent in February computer downloads. Who are up to twelve percent. Even those changes definitely had to do with Govan nineteen and people starting to stay at home expected to drop more next month for Mobile Home Voice. Attendance plus atop boxes were at the same roughly point two eight percent in March which is really just a smidge from the point two nine in February the IRS to android ratio for March was down to four point. Eight to one versus five point five to one in February. We'll be interesting to see how those changes are affected from April when everything gets little bit mixed up with all everyone staying home for the month mobile aggregated APPs not from spotify stitcher or from Apple. Moved DOWN A little in March. Two thirteen point one percent vol downloads versus thirteen. Point five two and the big dogs in while the big dog in aggregate or APPs is still apple with apple podcasts APP and itunes combining coming in at sixty four point seven percent of all downloads. Who March which is up a little bit from February sixty three point. Eight number. Two for March was spotify with nine point seven percent which is another large monthly drop for spotify number. Three was stitcher at two point. One six percent number four overcast. Two point one five percent number five was cashbox. At one point. Eight six percent number six was podcast addict at one point. Six six number seven was Google podcast. One point five. Nine percent and number eight was podcasts. At one point one. Two percent and percentage wise that is everyone over one percent. Now the ones that with names and under one percent are The podcast APP. Ios Only pod Bean Player FM podcast Republic Pandora downcast tune in Radio Antenna pod. Breaker player are assists. Radio pod Kicker Castro Himalayas eye-catcher radio public luminary and POD crunchy. Hey Castro was above both Himalayas and luminary which both had one hundred million dollars each way to go Castro and then there's many many more that come in less than point. Oh two percent and don't really want mentioned in a close runner up for the worst email the week was this one. I received on April fourteenth quote rob in the past month. We've seen our download dropped quite a bit and I'm curious with apple with the new apple updates if we're missing anything UNQUOTE Word SCAPE LEAKED THAT TRANSITIONS. Earth into the cove in nineteen stats. Maybe that had something to do with it. And just as mentioned on the last episode I've been looking at downloads from the past few weeks and I compared them to the averages from the week of January Twelfth Nineteenth Twenty six I will be using his baseline number for this and future mentions and what we found. This is the weeks of March twenty nine th the whole week. Sunday to Saturday was decrease around thirteen point four percent. But if you looked at just Tuesday. Wednesday Thursday traditionally are big days week We start decrease around seventeen point eight percent and then looking at Sunday and Saturday we saw a decrease of three point two versus the baseline weeks for the week of April fifth for the whole week. Saturday Sunday there was a decrease of fourteen point two percent but if you looked at just Tuesday Wednesday Thursday we saw decrease closer to eighteen point seven percent and looking at Sunday. Saturday was a decrease of around two point one versus the beginning versus the baseline weeks and then finally for the week of April Twelfth. Which were still in that week. So all I can give you the Tuesday Wednesday Thursday numbers Versus the baseline January. There was a drop of seventeen point two percent which is an improvement from the previous week's eighteen point seven so maybe we've hit peak production and consumption and have turned that corner. What is interesting is when I started looking at this. I went with January twelfth to be starting the beginning of the baseline apple just released some stats of their own and they use January thirteenth as their starting point for their baseline pretty much use the same logic get away from the holidays but get to a point before this really kicked in an apple is calling their reports their mobility trends and they looked all around the world at the number of requests for directions on the iphone for walking driving and transit and what they found is a huge reduction versus the baseline of January in the US. This past week it was about a seventy five percent reduction for transit directions and a forty five percent reduction in driving directions. But you can also look at major cities in Los Angeles deduction was seventy seven and fifty five respectively for transit and driving in Boston. The reduction was eighty three and sixty four percent. San Francisco area was eighty and sixty one. Percent And York City was eighty seven and sixty four percent reductions. That's a lot less people travelling looking. Yeah so looking at the biggest countries we see for podcast downloads. Married you mentioned in the US. The candidates are reduction of eighty two and fifty five for transit and driving. Do you case reduction of eighty five and sixty three. Australia's or reduction of seventy eight and forty. Seven percent. Germany's reduction of sixty one and forty six and Sweden which has not locked down or stayed in place still saw a reduction of forty one for transit but just five percent for driving globally in just in the US. That is a very large number of people now. Not Needing transit and drive action. That really means not driving or taking transit. We already knew. It was a big reduction and those reductions clearly are affecting the Dow numbers And we'll so for at least the next few months. Thanks apple for this tool which we will put a linked to in the show notes for episode sixty six. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes. For the requests to get back to that January thirteenth baseline the most positive out of all of these numbers is that wild transit driving are reduced around eighty and fifty percent respectively. We are just seeing an overall reduction in podcast downloads of around fourteen percent weekly. That means people are still hunting. Down the PODCAST. Listen to even know their weekly schedule and routines are all a whack. I take out of that positive. That podcast consumption is still sticky. I mean it's not going to be. It's not perfect. It's not staying the same going up really bad reports out there. A-cash shame on you but there's some really bad ones out there and I guess that I mentioned shame on you but it is going down and that's expected others. I talked to in his face or seeing it going down as well. But it's not going down that much and it's not going to as much as people are stopping driving and stopping trans so to me overall. A good thing to show the power podcasting but you should expect drop. Yeah if your numbers dropped in the last month it doesn't have to do with how your shows optimized apple night. Yeah that's not going to work the same. You know it's really interesting is that the same questions are coming up. I think with a lot of people at least in the she podcast groups. We still keep getting the whole. How do you promote your show? How do I get more people listening to my show? You know all of those things and one comment. I think coming up into here where we're how we been right because you had an article on the PODCAST Business Journal that I'll let you talk about here in a moment but one of the things that I've talking about is that you know you just you can't you can't make decisions based on right now. You you can't do that because people are still settling into what they're doing right. I mean even I'm a huge podcast listener and I'm still listening to podcast. But what I've noticed in my consumption is that I'm not listening to my regular podcasts. I've actually like this. I re discovered at least three separate new things. Not even rediscovered just discovered new podcast. That are now listening to that. I didn't even know existed before because I'm in a new place right. There's this gardening podcast so good. It's really sure and it's great for us because we're doing a gardening bet outside like that's not something I ever did before right so it's all new stuff in but I'm still listening. It just means that I may not be listening to your show anymore. At least not for the moment but anyway moving back to. Where have we been ROB I recycled some of my tax from the last episode and use that for a blog post on business journal Linked to that new show notes. I was also interview interviewed by at age. I mentioned that on the last episode in that articles. Now live and while the link to that in the show notes and then let's see Dave was also in podcast business journal on how to keep your sanity article leveling to that and then You and rob were Greenlee were also coated in article. What do the experts think? So we'll have links to all of those in the show notes moving onto. Where are we going? Well we we have something you WanNa talk about it for sure. And so this is going to beat this is obviously. This is our virtual. So we're virtually going to be having a Webinar and depending upon when you're listening to this so this is set to go live sometime around Tuesday. The twenty-first we are having a Webinar. If you listen to it right after I let this out. We have a Webinar on Wednesday. That would be Earth Day August. I mean sorry April. Twenty second at five. Pm Eastern Standard Time and it is all about web headliner so we have new integration with headliner. Which is you know that little tool that people use to make those those video files that have the moving little audio graphics and you can kind of listen to it. People love those little things you podcasters love to share these and so we are going to be having a little bit of a walk through and not necessarily just because the the Lipson side of things is the easiest thing I think I've ever done. Do you like create one. It's so fast but the cool part is that we're going to have the headliner team. Come in and walk you through a like in their interface so that you guys can get to know that right. Because you can't you don't create the headliners inside of Lipson you are redirected to their interface. And so this is going to be awesome. You guys get a chance to ask questions and all the stuff that said though if you do listen to this show like Thursday or Friday or whenever however late you listen to the show after the April twenty second you can still click the link in the show notes. Okay you could still use that same link and you will have you can have you can watch. The webinar from there is just not going to be live of course but you can sign up that way and you can also watch it afterwards. Which is super cool now where we're going physically as well. No hair you know. We're practicing social distancing And I actually just saw yesterday. Facebook and this yesterday be the Be April Thirteenth facebook or sixteenth April sixteenth. Facebook said they will not participate in any live events of fifty or more people through June. Twenty twenty one. That's not right. They totally went. Like let's just say no. Yeah they'll have to change when they normally have their F. Five or they're the baseball whatever their their event in in the oculus event. And so there's a bunch of events that they have themselves that are going to get pushed or they're going to skip you know see is a big one for for oculus group So they're not going to be at. Cas next year with is based on this announcement or anything else Until June twenty twenty one and based on that the next big live in person event might be apples. Ww Twenty twenty one event. I mean that's without A vaccine it's GonNa be tough for a Lotta these shows to To to go on and we'll see what happens with with other events. I mean we have some events that were supposed to be at a hope to be at but covered in nineteen might not allow defense to go on There was going to be one that was in Kansas City. Here the True Crime. Podcast events So we'll see what happens to that was in July. I just don't know how you know. Hopefully they still have it. But I don't know if I could go to it Do they let me go? My there's GonNa be a lot of questions again. We don't know what we don't know and we just have to wait. Unfortunately that's kind of nutty. They're coming back to apple's you know possibility of that. Ww event like they put out like this all of this amazing sort of educational promotion. It's marketing material essentially for Apple. It's like apple at home kind of videos out there and they are really greatly produce. I mean they look really really nice and I am so curious RAV. I am so curious to know. How did those videos like I mean in terms of the workflow because they just final cut pro's evolved? Well Yeah I kind of. I'm so curious about the whole thing. Like what APPS did you use? How did you work with the teams who did what? How did you transfer the files like? How did you communicate like? I'm like interested in the communication of the of the marketing teams. Because I'm sure that there's like you know. Make this smaller. Or let's not say that? Or who wrote the script and how they? I'm just such a nerd when it comes to that but but I'm I'm getting to the fact that if they were able to produce these beautiful videos for their marketing stuff and you could still see that. They're producing something high-calibre even during this time. I'm I'm I'm kind of hoping that www virtual this year's going to have a little bit of possess right that it's going to have a little something that's slightly extra than maybe just having like a talking head and some keynote presentation in the background. I don't know who knows will depend on the presentation. I mean you can have a lot of presentations. So it'd be tough to do. All of them right yeah. A lot of keynotes legitimacy allied allied keynote sites for sure but like what would the key like? What would some Tim Cook? GonNa do for the Keno. Like what is that going to look like because they always do something fun when they when you first start they have extra shooting and I don't know I'm just curious I hope that it becomes that it's it's a little bit extra because that would be really nice to see that they were able to deliver something like that you know. Lock virtual events coming up. I know a lot virtually events all right. Well Anyway. Thank you so much you guys for sticking around all the way to now. If you have any feedback please email the feet. Lipson DOT com the feed at Lipson DOT com. Please please please. You can also call us from one to five seven three nine thousand nine hundred ninety four or you can download our Iowa's or Android APPs. They are in the respective APP stores. You can just get those for free tap and connect with us right away from within those APPs. We really really love it. We hope that you are safe. That your family is staying well in that you are enjoying podcasting and creating great content and please leave reviews for show that you love reviews for good. It's such a wonderful initiative. Just get us. You know community oriented and supporting Pod Teaser. And being able to get the word out about the goodness of podcasting because obviously it's a wonderful way for us to share reviews and our work so that more people know about podcasting. Olympic Pine poke show.

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