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Full Show (NFL Divisional Round recap: Chiefs, Titans, Packers, Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes)


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This is going to be the greatest show we've ever done. I really mean it. Good to Zuma fritzy net. Good well you're about to find out it's a wild weekend in the NFL. I'm GonNa tell you absolutely everything you need to know about this man right here. He's the happiest human on earth right now and for the foreseeable future for a little bit on Oak Concern. I wonder why why you're chiefs did really well. Let's start with those aforementioned chiefs. They beat the Texans fifty one thirty one. That's not the news. The News is that they trailed twenty four nothing L. thing after a series of mistakes and miscues by Kansas City but Pat Mahomes mounted an unbelievable combat the tune of three hundred twenty one yards and and five touchdowns first team in. NFL History to win a playoff game by at least twenty after trailing by at least twenty here is Pat Mahomes Homes after the big win. Obviously we didn't want to be in that in that spot but the biggest thing that I I think I was preaching to the team was. Let's go do something special. Let's go do something special. Everybody's already counting us out. Let's just go play by play and just put our best effort out there in A. I mean obviously as a team we had kind of everything had I'd go the right way up. The defense stepped up. Special teams. Stepped up offense of where we started making the plays. You weren't making a play by play. We just chipped away at that lead and then got the half and came out second having avenue firing. Well we're GONNA fight to the end. We don't care what the score is. We don't care if we're down. Twenty four twenty four. We're GONNA put our best effort every single play. I think that's just the mentality of this team. You love love that man don't you. Oh I love the true story all right so let's break it down a little bit. We all watch this game. How the chiefs mount this epic comeback? Because let me tell Oh yeah. It looked pretty grammy on. It looked like a lot of awful horrifying chiefs playoff moments but the simple answer is how they do it. They the best player in football. They have the best player in the League at any position. Doing anything that Guy Right there number fifteen patrick mahomes. The bigger picture is while everyone was panicking. Including Andy Reid down just fourteen points and all of a sudden were taken out the pro bowl kick returner McColl Hartman putting tyreek back there. Patrick mahomes steady hand. Patrick Mahomes went to the sidelined and told guys just individually do one thing great and as as soon as he said that Nicole Hartman takes a kick return forty yards and there's a little bit of a heartbeat. And then Patrick mahomes finds Damian Williams on the play. We've shown a perfect pass right to the running back coming out of the backfield and then there's a little more of a heartbeat. And then God bless him bill. O'Brien showed up dear. God that's Bill O'Brien's music and we're doing a fake punt on fourth and four and go after now. After on fourth and Wind Brandon mentioned it it was before the show he said the consecutive fourth-down decisions of not going for the one and then going for a fourth and fake punt. It's absurd and now you've got a real heartbeat and then what happened in playoff games guy makes a mistake. Kick returner for the Texans. Fumbles the the ball and at that point. The chiefs are overwhelming favorites. They're down twenty four fourteen their overwhelming favorites at that point. Because you knew they were gonNA score in there. Were getting the ball at halftime but brandon and for them to be down twenty four nothing with ten minutes left in the second quarter and do have a halftime lead. It's quite literally never happened in the history of the NFL. L. Hundred Years postseason or regular season and they did it because the Texans fell apart and because they have the best player in the League and Patrick Mahomes the alluded to that. Patrick Atra mahomes leadership. Yesterday it was impeccable. You know the Texas defense wasn't suffocating. And she's off dropping passes Kelsey. Draw the key pass early Robinson dropped the past couple and it was wide open. So Andy Reid AIRBNB. That was that was orchestrating off minutes wail that she switches rusty. So let's see settled down. They went out. They made a place a suit emmy and once they start making a few play. The Texans fell apart. And you alluded to the fact. Just now that bill. O'Brien this team so much much because when you're up twenty one zero and you got a chance and achieved red zone to go at twenty eight zero putting them away on fourth the one you have to so when you don't go forty what. He kicked a field goal. And then come around and try to do a fake punt in your own all the momentum they need an Arrow here arrowhead of the tough place to play already so you can't get this fan base no life and it is all went to the cheese momento and they just kept going and kept going ended was halftime. Came new to Texas was done. If I wasn't sold on Mahomes I was and it was something you alluded to. There was a shot of Andy Reid after the blocked punt or whatever it was he was just stunned he was a little show shock. Didn't say anything anything didn't talk to anyone and then right after that you see the shot of mahomes running up and down that sideline yelling get guys fired up and it's just then you you say to yourself this. This guy's not only leader on the field. He's the complete leader a complete package off of it. When you look at Patrick Mahomes Cement himself yesterday as the best player in the game I think cemented itself of the best player because he didn't get rattled and I think there's help? Help them the re so much young quarterback because like you alluded to Andy. Reid probably even thought like Oh. This is my playoff floors. I can't I can't escape. This Patrick Mahomes haven't experienced this all. He knows hey. I don't WanNa go out last year. I went to the AFC championship last year. And he has a fresh memory when it comes to postseason because brandon quickly. What our guys thinking? When they're sitting on the side light a team is successful the chiefs you see what's happening on the field and you just you're watching watching your season sort of button up against the line? What are you thinking as a play? Whether you're a player or coach is humid emptying the thing. Here we go again once. This game star unfolded in a way. It is human nature to think like we just have a playoff curse we gotta get ourselves out of this and Hartman. The unsung hero for the chief. This season you know who they might not want to draft at a tyreek Hill with an insight into that Trovoada beginning season. I feel like if you wouldn't have made a return charges gain that would have gotten them thereby if you wouldn't made his kick return this game but she's would've been in trouble. Aw and another guy who's been the subject a lot of scorn for Kansas City. Daniel Sorensen he comes into the lineup because one thornhill the guy. They drafted to replace him gets hurt in week. Seventeen nineteen Sorenson snuffed out the fake punt. He saw Justin Reed kind of Bob inside decide. Something was off there. And he snuffed out. open-field tackle gets. Because as if he doesn't get him down and then some and then he's also the one who forced the fumble on the kickoff. A few plays later to really get the chiefs going but on Patrick Mahomes the we are guests in our friend to the show. Always Laugh in kind of make fun of me a bit whenever we do those. Take your pick segments or inter out segments. My my answer is always Patrick. Mahomes who Patrick Mahomes. WHO's quarterbacking playoffs? PATS moms. WHO has quarterback? It's always back home and you know why because it's correct he is. He's the best player in football. He's the best quarterback in football. He's the scariest player in football l'amour deserved the. MVP Lamar had the best season. There is not a personal live. Who thinks there is anyone playing the position that is better than number fifteen and now he just had one of the greatest playoff games ever there the that should not be lost in this? Yes epic comeback and it's critical for the chiefs because had they lost the narrative about Andy. Reid it would be overwhelming the chiefs chiefs curse that the a lot of people said well. They have a tortured playoff history but the players on this team don't will they all of a sudden would especially when you consider that they lost a home. AFC AFC championship game last year. All of that was taken away because of that kid. 'cause this twenty four year old that is just absolutely better better than everyone else and be down twenty four nothing rally. The troops scored touchdowns on seven consecutive possessions. It was the biggest comeback in the NFL playoff since Brady and the pats down twenty eight to three in the Super Bowl little context on that now. That is the Subaru by the way but they were down twenty five and it took Kim twenty three minutes to tie the game to force overtime the chiefs around twenty four. It took them nine and a half minutes to take the lenient lenient. Yeah because every time they got the ball you knew they were going to score and unfortunately for the Texans they also knew they were going to score and they probably also knew bill. O'Brien and was going to have no answers at half. Did you have any doubt at all beyond never never does not flinch during all your size x I bet at the chiefs win by thirteen to eighteen points. Texans kind of did me wrong. It couldn't even keep it that close down and told you Gina. I'm really happy for you. No no no. I lost service in my house. That's why goes down for put a great on it sponsored by Carmax so yesterday Patty mahomes became the first player in postseason history. With at least three hundred passing yards fifty rushing the yards and five touchdowns snick right put a great on mahomes performance. Oh it's such a high grade. They're making them take the testing. is they think he cheated. They're like you've broken the right we couldn't have been real. It's eight triple plus. It's a perfect score. He missed one. Pass the entire game right after the fake punt. There was a pass down the sideline line. That maybe almost could've been picked. It was the only Bassey missed the entire football game. It's an a plus I give them a auto. Patrick Mahomes is so good he makes you or get that is hard to play quarterback. NFL every ball. He threw seemed like it was supposed to own a receivers hip and that doesn't happen. He throw outside and a pocket inside of the pocket so he may throw he needed to make yesterday. I give them a a+ where his leadership and he shows you the difference that his team's believe him you know go down twenty one and twenty four. You still feel like at any any point we can come back to. Sean was only down ten points in court. You still feel like the game was completely over especially is in many still. Can't figure out the titans knocking off Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens to advance to the AFC championship game game. And it was a game to forget for Lamar Jackson the probable MVP once again struggling in the playoffs. He had three turnovers. He was stopped short on fourth within one. Two Times and Baltimore's defense couldn't stop Derrick Henry who led the way with one hundred ninety five yards. Here's quarterback Lamar Jackson. After the loss US Martin will be painful for you over the next few years here. People spend all that time talking about. How do you have a one play? Okay will you be harder on yourself and anybody else could possibly be not only to kill what they say you know. This is my second year lead. Many people don't be able to make it to the playoffs. I got a great team. Let me say we're going to keep going all right we'll get. We'll get to how the ravens were able to do this. But but I this is now how to playoff games where Lamar struggled after. Obviously having the the season he had this past season. What does that say about Lamar Jackson well to be fair? Ah The game obviously was not entirely Lamar. Some bad drops early a ravens team. That was perfect. Eight for eight on four th and one throughout the year had to fourth and one on snuffed out. The titans responded to both of those by long drives for points and the Ravens Defense which had been exceptional ever since week three and really great ever since they added. Marcus Peters had one of their worst games of the year so all is none of those. Things are not individually on the more but Lamar now in consecutive years has had his single worst game of the season in the playoffs. In Consecutive Years Lamar's play has propelled Bolt more to the postseason only to have have in the postseason. He played terribly and that is not that surprising. It's not that odd. It is something very similar to. Oh how Peyton Manning's career started in the beginning where he was great in the regular season and struggled mightily in the playoffs. But what what I'm not going to do today is go to either either end of this. I'm not going to act like this. Is a total indictment on Lamar and this is why he felt at the end of the first round. This is why mobile quarterbacks can't succeed seed that would be too harsh and that would be too reactionary after we saw in the regular season. What I'm also not going to do is patronize him? And Act like this. It doesn't matter it matters and in the NFL. We've decided fairly or not. quarterbacks are going to be judged differently than other players and they're going to be judged disproportionately Lee by how well they do in the postseason. It's why before Brady had six rings. And before. He had anything close to the numbers he had. There was a real argument. He was better than Peyton. Manning even though Peyton manning a boatload regular season MVP's because Peyton manning got worse than the postseason and Brady got better and so for Lamar. It's not just going GonNa be a long offseason brandon. It's going to be a long twelve months because he no one will care even if it's unfair what he does in next year's regular season nothing will matter for Lamar again until he's back in the playoffs and as a chance to have is I good playoff game and I know he had five hundred under yards total and I again I understand you can say well. This is why wasn't on him in this and it wasn't all on him but if you were to look at the seventeen sixteen games. He played this brandon. This this was the worst one and it obviously came at the worst possible time. So Lamar Jackson Gamed too much for me when it comes to like. You said criticize his game because last sure playoff I feel like they kept the training wheels on. They didn't open up the playbook too much I feel like they wanted him to. Just stick to these amount plays. You're still young. Just get some experience and that ended again they let them throw it a little bit. And that's when he loosened up this game the Ravens in show up as a team that defense. Dan play well. Not The the thing that hurt the Ramos. The most Mark Ingram with and healthy and this offense and there's offers coordinated. This team didn't know what to do. And how to US usually Mark Ingram is going four yard secured three yards a carry five yards a carry and Lamar law might pull it. And he goes eight yards defense all balance so not having Mark Ingram there and think marketing going ahead twenty-something game it really hurting his team because I felt like the Mar- started to press a little bit and it shows immaturity from not being in the playoffs too long and that's why I think he's just needs to grow a little bit. Maybe those ones go a little different. If Mark Ingram's Ingram's back there definitely update mark. Ingram pick those up definitely. And I just think Lamar Lamar the margins. Neither Wash Russell Wilson all season and see how he takes the game. He doesn't get rattled he he doesn't press or anything I think. Lamar Jackson should Iran more in a pocket because they rushed the ball. So when you draw back. They tried to spy on him with Tennessee in a linebacker income. Three Arthur that is guy once he started running the ball. So just take the game in your hands do was the best of your ability nets running the football and that's how you get your team and let them gain momentum. You know it's interesting as we talk so much about how. Lamar Jackson has handled all the accolades. That came this season. How humbled by it? How he was able to really put everything in perspective? I don't talk about what I've done. I just want to talk about the Super Bowl and I thought that would parlay itself into having the right mindset and not getting to rattled or as you said pressing too much. How much of what happened was because the titans played spot on? And how much was Lamar. Do a really good game planning. It's what it during the week last week. Now I can't sit here and say the courage to depict tennissee but I kept explaining why I thought Tennessee at a very very good shot. The rust was clear. The l'amour played one game since December remember thirteenth prior to this weekend today's January thirteenth. So the rust was a real factor. Tennessee data exactly what we said on the show they were going and to do. Listen man if you're going to beat us deep in the outside you're going to beat us and it but we're not going to let you do. Is You gash us up the middle with your legs or with other running back legs and the Ravens also had some bad luck though. The interceptions offers levers hands. They go for a fourth down that they've been going four all year. That's a defacto turnover on over. They go for another four thousand late. They don't get it. That's into facto turnover. All those things went against them and Baltimore is not built to come from behind like you're not going to have superstar wide receivers on that team. Because SMO- superstar wide receivers aren't going to sign up to block seventy five percent of the place anyway right like it's not going to be contractive offense for them and it and it was the exact game plan team needed to beat them. But so for Lamar in his career. Playoff Games is fifty one percent three touchdowns three picks four fumbles two of them lost and a passer rating or in the sixties. It's not good not. There's no denying that it's not good. Good it is not different by the way then Peyton Manning's first three career playoff games. Completion percentage of forty eight percent a passer rating in the fifties including the forty one. Nothing wash out and by the way a loss to Tennessee as the top seed with a by like that did happen probable. MVP paid that year. They were he was damn close. They were thirteen three was year two for him. He was sensational and the other concern. I have though for Lamar's this brandon all year. Your Long. We've talked about long-term this style. Sustainable is susceptible to injuries. And what I've said is who gives a damn if they win the super bowl well. They didn't win the Super Bowl. And I don't think Lamar is going to be able to play like this for fifteen years. I think that wiles. You know most quarterbacks window is this long his shorter because the athleticism and play style. This is a year. They're never going to be better position than the one seed as healthy as they were outside of Ingram and so that does make the defeat all the more crushing the reason I alluded to resolution worst before because Russell Wilson also runs the ball but nobody worries about his health because he gets in danger lies the march still takes hits. And that's why you wonder if you'd be sustainable. The Standard and we just have to get a Tennessee. Titans office credit. They had some long drives de kept defense on the field and their offense on the field. And then let Lamar Jackson get into rhythm you know if he has the three and now he can't come right back on the field he has to sit for awhile. Sit for a while. Think about it and then when you come in at the press a little bit because you don't know when the next time he'll get back going to feel so you've got Tennessee some created when it comes to Hayao office on a field we Russian of ball and Hey Lemar to they always say your best defense. Is Your office sometime. I'm GONNA give Nick a little bit of credit. You may not have picked the ravens but on Friday to titans rather on Friday. You actually kind of half whispered had said in our newsroom meeting you go with the title title. I don't have the courage for. I shouldn't just saddened channel. I Bet I bet I just so I think he the more shutting down to the Vikings they took on the forty niners. San Francisco. Defense was all over Kirk cousins skulking him six times picking him off once the niners will now host Green Mbaye Sunday on Fox with a trip to super bowl. Fifty four on the line brand is a time for everyone to acknowledge that the forty niners are actually a great football team all all season long every couple of weeks we were like. Oh is this the real forty the they for real now. We're here are they for real. They're definitely for real now minds. HEADS UP I'M GONNA jump out on a limb right now. They did the best team in the playoffs right now. Wow the wait is front four yesterday. Control the line of scrimmage or two days ago. I'm sorry. Control the line on a scrimmage it it was unreal. You know it was so much whether it's the coordinator to get pressure is front four. He plays on coverage all day. You can get in all the throne windows kirk cousins. You don't have the right. Man Coverage led Minnesota Receivers Beach. You WanNa one Minnesota got a touchdown early on the outside today and it was like no more we're GONNA rent on. We're GONNA four pursue to throw a small pockets and they couldn't this defense align place so grey they control the game that was the highlight for me for the forty niners. And then this offense man they can run the ball they can throw the ball shit. He does a great job of not letting their receivers just sit outside and have to beat one on one coverage he brings everything in tight and he beats on with just medically so you know so the way. He's just designed his offense to just get open. Receivers get openly kills in a tight end and the way kills buys in and blocks in running game. They I believe in this coat. This team believes in itself. And that's why I believe the best team in the playoffs right now and while I won't go as far as the best team in the playoffs. They I have been as big of a forty niner doubters. Anybody I said before the year. I didn't understand why they were picked by vegas favorite to make the playoffs. I didn't believe in the quarterback and at every benchmark they have have passed with flying colors. They've lost three times. This year once was in overtime to Seattle once was on the final play of the game to Atlanta. Remember that the Julio Jones play was he was he not and the other was the two thousand seventeen slug fest in a monsoon against Baltimore. Those they could have won all those games. Meanwhile they whooped Green Bay annihilated them thirty forty seven to eight they got revenge against Seattle and they beaten warlords in a shootout forty eight forty six in the superdome. They have as good of a resume as anyone. I eight weeks of the year. They were the best defense in the NFL. New England Patriots. The last half of the year. The defense was not nearly itself. What happened will Alexander Jaguar Ski Charter Defoe Award? One or two or all of the time over those finally games. This was the first game since week. Eight that all those guys have been together and not shocking inside the defense was dominant and the other thing that I have to give San Francisco credit for because they have of all the quarterbacks will probably the worst quarterback left Rogers. Rogers mahomes and Jimmy G. One of these three is not like the other they have the worst quarterback of the three teams. That are the true contenders for Super Bowl. But they also might have the best coach with respect. Andy Reid with respect him out before and Mike Mike or Kyle Shanahan pardon me what. He does medically offensively because he has three viable viable running backs. A great tight end and a capable quarterback even if Jimmy G. IS GONNA throw not at least once a game. Everyone seems to be running open like guys. They're such a difficult team to defend. And with all that said I'll probably pick against him again this coming week because I've been doing it all you like. I do like to stay consistent. But with that. said they don't have a clear cut weakness right now other than can you rattle Jimmy G. and make him make mistakes. He made some mistakes in this game and they he's still rolled aside from the wants to digs play. The deepens pitch basically shut out and the offense did enough to give them a comfortable margin the whole game. It's a fun team to watch you. He likes to watch what college team. Let's move onto Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay packers hosting Russell. Wilson and the seahawks from frigid Lambeau told you and be cold. Picked us up in the fourth. Marshawn Lynch scored his second touchdown on the night. Seattle gets within five. It's twenty eight to twenty three. They would need to stop the packers one. More time to get the ball. Back with rodgers finds Davante Adams for a big third down conversion with two seventeen left packers I would have to convert one third down to end the game and so they convert one more third down to end the game. Jimmy Graham with a nine yard catch green bay moving on to face the team. We just talked about the forty niners in the NFC championship game. That guy. Russell Wilson is heading home. Here is Aaron Rodgers after the win. One of those games are we. We know every possessions going to be really important It's GonNa be loud but you know this is this is where against New Zealand. Four teams left. And we're one of them and legitimate chance about as even kill as you can get up there there on the podium. What was the key nick to the packers win last night? One Guy who's been there for over a decade and a few people got there this year. The Guy who's been there over decades Aaron Rodgers gers if you watched week seventeen against Detroit a very important game for Green Bay because the by was on the line they in the potential maybe they could have been the one seed if San Francisco had lost but they also could fall to the three line. Rogers was missing. Every Long Passi through everything was an overthrow overthrew overthrow and it was the culmination of eight straight weeks. Rogers playing very mediocre football in this game. He was perfect not a single completion on balls that traveled more than ten yards through the air on third downs. They threw threw it on every third and long and he was perfect on that too. A legit an actual perfect quarterback rating and they trusted him at the end of the game to not give the ball back to Seattle. We're not going to run run run and then punt the ball away third and eight we will trust you to find Davante Adams in fact Davonte said after the game rogers checked out of the route is supposed to be a quick slant he devante what route to run. At the line of scrimmage and that worked and then the player Jimmy Graham which brings me to the other people. We're the keys Matt. low-floor did something. Mike McCarthy often didn't do which is at the end of games not play the clock not we've got the best S. Guy. Trust him to win it for us. The last time Green Bay Played Seattle in a playoff game the conference championship game in two thousand fourteen. The crushing loss when Green Bay had a big lead early. The Lotta people thought the break point. Between Rogers and McCarthy McCarthy did not trust Aaron Rodgers consistently once they had a big lead they kicked a lot of short field goals. They wouldn't go for four. They wouldn't put the ball in Rogers hands in the critical moments and they end up. Losing this game leflore put it in his hands at all critical moments in the last person who's also news Preston Smith breath when it looked like Seattle could mount a comeback third and five down five. Just the spot. SEATTLE LOVES TO LIVE IN PRESTON. Smith comes flying off the edge to sack. Russell Wilson Seattle never touch the ball again. That's how Green Bay advances back to the Conference Championship Game Brandon. You mentioned I feel like the floor did a great job given the ball to your best player and La him win the game. That's what you need to do to win games in the playoffs a guy who's been there before a guy that you know that you trust that's not gonNa make a key mistake. Put The ball all that his hand and you know Aaron Rodgers Award. You know I can pick up this third and eight. I can pick up this third and nine but the key to the game for me was his defense. That's one thing. Aaron Araj never had these past couple years that can step up and get stops when they needed to you. Ludovico presence making big. Plays the dairy Ismael of making sex at the beginning of the game. They had Russell Wilson running for his life. The whole game trying to make throws on the run so I feel like the defense the way they stepped up jace Alexander challenging these guys on outside let everybody know. Hey aaraj doesn't have to have the Lebron Syndrome anymore like you're better than everybody wanted by yourself like no. This guy needs help. We're going to get him help on the defense and and that's what's GonNa make sure that you guys can somewhat wins and the playoffs. The defense play. Well now the key to the knick you had the the packers you still have them in the super. I believe but you have had some questions about them over the last couple weeks because of the way Aaron Rodgers played. Aaron Rodgers reiterated. His post game press conference as he has has all season long. Look no one really believed in us. It was nice to see the fans out there rooting for us. I don't know how many they do have more confidence in them. What you from what you saw yesterday? Now that Aaron Rodgers interest taken more of the sort of the front role was to see Rogers. Play great game this is also my preseason Picton League. MVP He won't get a single MVP boat and even they didn't five-man ballot. He wouldn't single and be people. He was not very good the second half of the year and had they lost this game. You'd say okay next year thirty seven. Are they going to have a by I again. They've only had three his whole time. There are we in a different phase of his career and the fact that matter is we are in a different phase of his career. He's no longer the best player in the League. But but he's still good enough to dial up what he dialed up against Seattle yesterday and the other element to the game and Seattle evidently going to keep doing this is Seattle title commitment to futilely running the football. They they call plays for the second straight. postseason like Blake Bortles quarterback like the only can throw the ball when they have to apply here. They lost to the cowboys because their commitment to running the ball with no success. It was is worse this year in the playoffs. This season the Seattle seahawks ran the ball with the running back thirty two times. They gained fifty eight yards on those carries one onrush went for longer than eight yards their best running back yesterday. Was Russell Wilson. Their best player yesterday was Russell Wilson and every time they ran the ball green bay. I'm sure it was like thank Hugh we do. Not have to deal with Russell Wilson. Because late in the game it wasn't me. Turner had that drop. If he doesn't have that drop because they now have to trust Russell Wilson they might come back but yeah green. Green Bay's flawed team green based on a perfect team. But they're also now one game away from going to the Super Bowl when they have a decided advantage a quarterback and then game with Rogers. Jimmy G. is almost almost like stuck in a time when we run the ball. And we play defense not in this new school of Football. These guys at quarterback Aaron Ball out there putting on a board and we run RON and especially when you're not gaining gaining yards on the ground Tennessee of the different store job. Derek Harry is there bail cow and you can hear him more than you trust Tannehill. You put the ball and Russell Wilson hands if you'd see halls and let him just make plays put them in a gun let them run around. May Play is all over the field so I feel like p Carroll has to have a coordinated as go come and eh and get out of this philosophy. We need to run the ball even when we can. If it's working go do it. But if he's not you had to change it. Glad you mentioned. They call the game like their quarterback running back combos Ryan Tannehill Derrick Henry. But it's Russell Wilson Travis Omer like what do you do in Seattle. I picked Green Bay because I did did not trust. Seattle would have the right game plan and once again. They don't have the right game plan and Russell so good they don't. They will fire the coordinator because one playoff okay won eleven games when the he needs someone who will unleash him fully unlock it so he can make plays last game. Metcalf Soda The last playoff games where he could do an outside aside just back here I joined by. NFL Ran Afoul head coach. Eric Man Oh man there and author. What a glorious data coach here? So you're so gloria. I told you this happy in a long time. I was so bummed. We didn't have coach last day because it was of course the end of the Patriot dynasty. But it can better. We have him today. Because it's the start of a new dynasty and we talk to the Patriots. Let's make nick even happier. Let's talk chiefs. Maybe Texas fifty one on thirty one. That's that's not the news. The news from this game is that they trailed twenty four. Nothing after a series of mistakes and miscues by the chiefs Padma homes go mountain an unbelievable comeback the tune of three hundred twenty one yards five touchdowns first team in history a playoff game by at least twenty after trailing by. Why is at least twenty? Here is the quarterback Patrick Mahomes after the big win. Obviously we didn't want to be in that in that spot but the biggest thing that I think I it was preaching to the team was. Let's go do something special Let's go do something special. Everybody's already counting us out. Let's just go play by play and just put our best effort out there and I mean obviously yeah. I knew as a team we had everything. Go the right way up at the defense stepped up. Special team stepped up all authencity. We making the plays. You weren't making a play by play. We just chipped away at that lead and then got to happen and came up the second half and kept firing. Well we're GONNA fight to the end. We don't care what the score is. We don't care for twenty four twenty four. We're going to put our best effort every single play way. I think that's just the mentality of this team. Hard to believe that was only mahomes third career playoff game and to do what he did. Nick how do the chiefs mount this epic comeback will. Well I the most basic answers because they obviously the best player in football in the best quarterback in football and despite his youth despite his lack of experience he was the steadiest hand in the room. It you said it earlier. Generally you're spot on the look on any reads face. After the blocked punt touchdown the only word I could use describe it as catatonic and and then the the look on his face after Tyreek Hill had them upon. It was an eye in Andy. Reid is going to be in the pro football hall of fame one day. I believe we had a couple of new coaches inducted this year. Already and congrats to coach cower and our Guy Jimmy Johnson Andy. Reid got a similar track without the Super Bowl and he's a super bowl away and he saw his best chance to win the Super Bowl slipping out of his fingertips and then Patrick mahomes saved the day he was. I think aided by some very curious coaching decisions by Houston and aided by the fact that the Texans and the reason I was so confident going into the game that the chiefs would not just win but crush them was because the Texans defense is drawing dead against Kansas City. The only way they were going to slow down Kansas City was dropped passes of guys running wide open and that's the only way they stopped them all day you wanted the chiefs stopped dropping passes. They went on a fifty one. Two seven run. That is a high school basketball run against a a small school from the suburbs and they did it in the NFL divisional round of the playoffs. So that's how it happened. And the Texans as soon as the chiefs punched back the Texans folded and the chiefs had no. Oh folding them whatsoever coach yeah look they were able to mount an epic comeback because they played ethically bad early in the game. And that's really where it is and I guess if you WanNa on at spot someone else twenty four points at home in a game is important as this and for some reason not come out and play sharp Initially and hope hoped that's a formula that can somehow translate into the championship game and Super Bowl and win. I think it's low percentage football and and look Patrick Mahomes had had a had a great game but really early on until the drive at the end of the first half. He really wasn't that productive and and to me that's when he started playing well if anybody gets. MVP It's gotTa be Sorenson for the game. Changing plays that he made and Sorenson people don't know he's the one that made the tackling the fake punt and then he's the one that forced the funny yet and back to back back back turnover essentially that that put Kansas City in the position that they were in. It's it's disappointing to watch his team start the game the way that they started and obviously it makes it that much more dramatic an impressive that they were able to come back. I just don't know this Is something that that's a win. Most playoff games to score fifty one points. I don't have the numbers to prove that. But I think I think. NFL history scoring. But you don't want a lot of games when you spot got someone else twenty four we may have an aberration air. But but if that's the form you think it's GonNa work for them until I rarely give a blocked punt touchdowns and then have tyreek hill. Muffled pump up the point. I'm yeah you're right. You usually don't want to go down. Twenty four nothing but if you do have to go down two thousand four nothing having number fifteen on your team is pretty good antidote to that having Patrick Mahomes is always key but Nego Hartman. He gave his team life with that kickoff. Return because this Jesus still had come out first and ten and still try to get something going join. Gaza's open just dropping the ball and they were killing theirselves soon. They self in a foot once heart Manhattan. This return. It gave his whole stadium life gain this team and then the second quarter. They just found a match up. You know a mismatch with Travis Kelsey on Texans safety whoever it was Travis Kelsey with the MVP of the second quarter quarter you know They tried to double them. He was still getting catches and Travis Kelsey opened up a lane catching the ball. It's just a cheese offense as a whole just opened up and Patrick Mahomes. He got more confidence because he has completely either throws Kelsey and then he just couldn't Mitt every through traffic schrafft's Kelsey second quarter. It was well and to your point brandon. The Texans clue that made the point. We're not gonNA let Tyreek Hill beat us and you run out of people if you're GONNA if you're gonNA central US one extra player to go over the top tyreek hill. Then what's going to be wide open is Travis Kelsey. You're not going to be able to double to guys not when the team still of Mughal Hardiman. Sammy Watkins those other guys. And they went to the match up repeatedly and it was the key to flip in the game. We talked about the Ravens and we thought maybe there's a lot of it that was russ that week in heart didn't play the players really the week before when when it comes to this. Why do you think that the chiefs started the way they did? Why was it so sloppy rust as well was it not focus? I mean there are at home. They have that crowd they you bet energy. How does the team come out like that you know you you always go through this? This series of decision-making Layton season and really the start of the season two. There's two times a year we we were talking about rest versus rust. And and I've seen it go both ways I've seen teams and New England. I thought we did a pretty good job with is is being able to come back and play strong. But you're you're balancing because you don't want to go in and and have someone get hurt late in the season and that final game the season then you don't have them mm-hmm but you also want to keep keep your guys sharp and you you preach and you talk about it. And you try to simulate the conditions of Mexican but the fact is if you have that time off guys do you get away from it. Hard to balance and I think there's the pressure of coming in as a massive a favourite knowing. You only have something to lose very the chiefs making another. AFC championship game while in the prior the the PM error the pre mahomes era they had never hosted an AFC championship game. They've now done it two years in a row they've never been to back to back. AFC Championship Games. They've been out on a both years with him as a starter but they lost a massive disappointment new saw but you saw from the coaching staff and the players early except for Patrick it was affecting them and as much as I adore coachman Jeanie and that hug was sincere. This is the exact that thing you have been demanding. He do show us when it's really tough well. It doesn't get tougher than twenty four. Nothing at home in a in a playoff guy gets twenty four. The road could be tougher but there was no win. The patch went down. Twenty eight to three in the Super Bowl and seven of those points came on a Brady pick six and they ended up winning by the skin. Another teeth and overtime thirty four twenty eight it is about the brilliance of Brady. MAHOMES had a ten times greater game yesterday. Then that playoff game for the Super Bowl for Tom Tom Brady it was A. He pitched a perfect game and to say you didn't look didn't pitch a perfect game and and a lot of a lot of things went right for for Kansas City. After a lot of things went wrong. So you get the stop on. First you get the big kickoff return huge K.. Then you get the stop on the on the fake punt then you get the ensuing. Doing what did I thought I thought both those decisions. He's getting killed four right now. The fourth and one field goal and the point. We're fine at some point. One of your twenty one. Nothing you don't agree to go ahead. You take the points and then that other situation the only time that you're gonNA WANNA run a fake on his when you've got the element of surprise and if you're gonNA GONNA add the element of surprise it's when you're backed up in your own territory and it's when you get the right. Look if you try to do that at the fifty yard line or on the plus side of the field at the other teams punt safe. which is this their defense? So it's.

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