September 7, 2019: Tupac Shakur


Today is Saturday September seventh two thousand nineteen on this day in nineteen ninety ninety six rapper too. Pasha core was fatally shot. Just off the Strip in Las Vegas Nevada. The rapper lived the sort of violent eylandt criminal life. He often sang about and he had numerous enemies at the time of the attack. Although several suspects have been suggested to to pox murder remains unsolved to this day welcome to today true crime apart cast original every day we flip back the calendar this date years ago and recount one one event from true crime history. I'm Vanessa Richardson and today we're going back to September seventh nineteen ninety six when rapper to who Porsche core and his music manager should night took what was meant to be a relaxing trip to Las Vegas instead the men got into a fight eight with a rival gang member and later that day unidentified assailants fired into shrugs car fatally injuring two pock before more. We unpacked the ramifications of the murder. Let's go back to September seventh nineteen ninety six shortly before eight PM at the MGM Casino in Las Vegas. The slots were hot. The women women were smiling. There was no place on earth quite like Las Vegas to parks. Shukor needed the night out. He'd been recording nonstop up for the past eight months for pairing for his next album. It was good work invigorating but it was also exhausting to make get all the more tiring he'd been shot two years before rumors circulated that he had lost a testicle in the shooting and the press had widely he reported onto pox emasculation. It was humiliating on top of that to pocket spent nearly a year in prison afterward. Good friends had turned their backs on him and to pocket tasted bitter betrayal so often he almost forgotten what loyalty felt like but his new manager should night was different like to park should came from the streets. Both men knew that blood was thicker than in water not just the blood in their veins but the blood they shed to both knew that to get ahead. You had to rough some people up nope. They each fought their way out of their brutal environments and now here they were in Las Vegas running the High Rolling World of commercial rap. Money and fame had their perks like tonight when to pop got to play a few hands and flirt Lord a bit before he and should watched Mike Tyson fight at the fabulous. Mgm Casino in Las Vegas Not bad for a poor boy from Harlem Harlem but when the fight was about to start should night was nowhere to be seen to park paced by the entrance no tickets that I was just typical. Shug he always had your back so long as you acknowledged that he was in control and his petty power moves ensured. Did you never forgot it to park had always had a temper it had gotten him in trouble before and he knew that should would have no patience chance for an outburst but he didn't care it was time to let should have it with seconds to spare before the fight began should push pushed through the crowd as quickly as it had begun to pox fury abated that was another of his traits quick to anger quick nick cool. He forced a smile and hoped it didn't look too strained. The pair gave their tickets to the usher and found their seats together. It was a good thing that show didn't arrive. Even a moment later. Mike Tyson entered the ring with a fury knocking out his opponent less than two minutes minutes into the match. It was an anti climactic ending two hours of anticipation but to pock was thrilled by the quick and brutal will fight. There was nothing like a tough guy who didn't put up with anything. Nobody was as impressive as the beast who shut an opponent down in seconds as the fans filed out of the auditorium to pot crowed fifty blows fifty blows. I counted them. Shook seemed to be in a hurry. He broke the usual routine steering to pock back to the casino rather than filing backstage ax stage to congratulate. Tyson on his victory to pock didn't know what the rush was but he trusted sug- he led his manager dictate there route just as they emerged from MGM's auditorium to tried to push his way through the crowd the press of people was constricting and all he could see in any direction was a sea of bodies but then like the Red Sea parting to pock looked forward through a gap in the crowd crowd and spotted someone. He thought he'd never see again. It was Orlando Baby Lane Anderson who publicly humiliated a two pack months earlier when Orlando and his friends jumped and robbed him to park wasn't the paranoid type but he was positive that Orlando. Oh was there to mess with him again. The rapper felt threatened like an animal trapped in a cage. He was no coward. He was Harlem alum tough but he knew what it meant to be vulnerable to be scared to think he was going to die. He never wanted to be a victim again and the only anyway not to be a victim was to be the victim Eiser with should by his side to pox Strode Torch's Orlando with swagger. He called you from the south before Orlando could do or say anything to poke pushed him against the wall he could see the fear in Orlando's is good scare. The other guy enough and you don't have to feel scared yourself to block was going to make sure that Orlando knew he wasn't to be messed with. He wasn't going to sit still and let his enemies come at him. You mess with to park doc no to pock messes with you. A single punch dropped Orlando to the ground like Tyson had done in the ring minutes before four to park now dominated his opponent. No mercy not playing just a brutal effective beat down a few kicks and thrusts slater and Orlando didn't have any fight left in him was that blood on his fists might be all the better better. Let him be an example. Let the people talk for a minute to pock lost himself caught up in the thrill of the fight. He was startled. When a hand came down on his shoulder he almost came around swinging only to see that the man at his back back was should night. Good old shook always thinking a few steps ahead he indicated to the security camera mounted on the ceiling and said I said let's go to park couldn't agree more. He wanted his rivals to know he was tough but he didn't need to go to prison again to prove it shook into park hurried out of the casino passed a Bouncer who watched them with suspicion to park settled into the passenger seat of shucks. BMW. He was still jazzed from the fight. Loving the thrill he felt alive. He turned to look at sugar in the driver's seat. It was great when someone had your back as annoying as should could be with his tardiness and power plays he always turned up when it counted whether he visited needed to talk in prison or pulled him from the scene of the crime before the police could arrive. Shug was always there to pock wasn't worried read about the security camera footage sug- would take care of it more importantly to poke knew that he didn't need to worry about Orlando Anderson anymore more after that beating it would be a long time before anybody messed with two Pasha core again up next to pock learns that his confidence is misplaced now back to the story on September seventh nineteen ninety six to Paktia corner and his manager. Shug night visited Las Vegas to watch a boxing match the the announcer well-meaning fight was almost upstaged when to pock jumped arrival in the casino lobby afterward only hours after the beatdown on at the MGM Casino and unidentified assailant fired ten to fifteen shots into should nights car while they idle at a stoplight blight while shook escaped serious injury to pock took four hits to his chest and torso to pock was rushed to the University University Medical Center of Southern Nevada where he lingered in critical condition for six days on September Thirteenth Nineteen Nineteen Ninety six to pock Shukor died today. The shooting is still unsolved. Several suspects have been put forward as to the perpetrator of TUPUC murder. Most people agree that he died as part of the ongoing East East Coast West Coast hip hop rivalry in November nineteen ninety four to park was shot five times outside a recording studio in Times Square air because the shooting was never solved. It's impossible to say the motive behind it. Although to pock suspected that puff daddy put a hit on him for for threatening to leave the label and that Puff Daddy's star performer notorious B I g was involved to pox survived the shooting thing only to sign with west coast producer should night in October nineteen ninety-five presumably notorious B I g and puff. Daddy ordered to park murdered to take out his competitions. Most lucrative artist adding fuel to this theory notorious B. I G was murdered. I heard on March ninth nineteen ninety seven six months after two pox death his murder to is unsolved but notorious B I g isn't the only notable figure who's been suggested as to pox killer. Some believe I believe that to park may have been killed by Orlando Anderson or his associates as retribution for the beat down to pock initiated the same night not he was shot other suggests that to pox manager. Shug night put a hit on the artist because he was threatened by two pox success or in response to the rumors that to park was considering founding his own rival label. Thanks to a culture of silence. Few of two pox friends or family members. Were willing to cooperate with homicide investigators. Even sug- who witnessed the shooting firsthand declined declined to give a statement to the police after two pox death the east coast west coast rivalry continued to heat up and the rap scene earned under reputation for brutal violence but while the well publicized crimes and scandals tarnish the reputations of many great musicians they also lead to more record sales today to talk has eleven platinum albums and was inducted into the rock and Roll Hall of fame in two thousand seventeen. He's widely regarded to be one of the greatest rappers of all time and while his death was is tragic to pox reputation as an artist will never be overshadowed by his untimely murder for more information on the life and death of to park auctioned core check out our episode of the dark side of on should night which comes out September ninth and explores the culture of violence that was so so prevalent in the nineties rap scene. Thanks for listening today in true crime. I'm Vanessa Richardson today. In true crime is a podcast original original. You can find more episodes of today in true crime and all other parkas originals for free on spotify not only does spotify already have all of your favorite. Everett music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like today in true crime for free from your phone desktop top or smart speaker to stream today in true crime on spotify. 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