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Today answers matter more than ever before. That's why IBM is helping businesses manage customer questions with Watson Assistant It's conversational designed to work for any industry. Let's put smart to work. Visit IBM. Dot Com slash, Watson assistant seventeen ESPN is presented by progressive insurance. All our guests appear via the Shell Pennzoil. Performance Line Matt born joins US here year longtime NBA veteran. You could check him out all the smoke podcast with him and Steven Jackson some of the best stuff. You can listen to right now it's it's a mixture of everything sports culture. It's it's an unbelievable listen, so do yourself a favor and get on it. Mad Of course it Ucla legend as wild joining us here, so matt thanks for taking the time and hope you and yours are healthy and safe, obviously a lot of stuff going on this NBA restart and the big topic of conversation. This week has been the position. Of Kyrie Irving. Dwight Howard. And Avery Bradley now since then. Avery Bradley his kind of veered off a little bit and a little more definitive in what he would like to see from the NBA its partners. We'll get to that in a second, but just kind of water, your overall views of Kyrie and the guys on that phone call and just kinda his position in general. I think it's unfortunate, obviously with four hundred fifty guys. It's going to be hard to get everyone to agree on everything But you at the same time you have to respect everyone You know opinion and I think that's where I initially jump to conclusions than in Kinda. Said some things when I was talking to Jack like it was just me and him for getting the that the world was watching But my whole thing was and like you said Avery Bradley is kind of off. To to sit out just to sit out is pointless. Sit Out with the plan is what's most important right now so before I saw with Avery Bradley said and I think like I. said as long as you have a plan, I'm going to support that plan, but just to sit out, and that's what Kyri initially said. It made no sense. I feel right now that the black voices stronger than it's ever been any particularly. The the black athlete voices struggle with ever been so right now we really have the momentum, and and and in a lot of people behind to go out and make change and I think that starts with making some demands to some of these owners. As as far as being know what's really give back to communities and do things not just for the PR move for a one time donation, but really do think to give back to these communities that we came from. You know I'm very passionate about the community became from and get back and do them. But, we can only do so much. You know what I mean. These owners are billionaires coming to set up in these in majorities, urban cities that need help desperately and I think it's. Called a call to action for these guys to really Kinda. Start giving back to these communities also diversifying management I. Think there's some things that in some talking points. They're gonNA. Come up with those are just some things I just came off the top of my head, but Go in make these demands, and if these demands are met then it out, but just to sit out I think you're missing the moment in the opportunity to possibly. Face a sports and help this country. Matt Barnes this year Yeah Look. I couldn't agree more. You gotTa have a strategy and it's clear that avery has a strategy because he's alluded to some of the stuff that you mentioned. Which is the NBA and its partners making investments in the black community and Whether it's the NBA itself as a League whether it's the individual owners to be held accountable in this situation, but not only them Matt like. I go a step further, the shoe companies right and the apparel companies I think that this is a moment to seize beyond just the NBA, while I agree with that part of it in the NBA Community, being involved here I would take it a step further and involved the apparel companies to. Absolutely no, absolutely I, think everyone who is at the end of day making money office, because they see our contracts and everything, and and and they're the guys making crazy crazy money for athletes, but if they're making that much money, how much money are these owners making? How much money are these apparel companies making so I think you hit on the head. George I think there's a real ass. Because the League seventy five percent African American so obviously without this league. There would be no mba you know, so. I think it's time that they really stopped. you know doing just enough to say faith and realize the really be a part of this change I feel like for the first time in four hundred years the world here this. Unfortunately, it had become through some looting and burning stuff down, but nothing else has worked up to this point we've been asking for. Equal ground for four hundred years. We've been silently protesting. We've been doing peaceful marches. We've been putting our fifth. Their Capture Caen none of that work. You know we're finally at a point in twenty twenty. Where they here I think not only does the NBA have to plan, but the you know the the the African American community minorities in this country have to have a plan as well because now they're listening now. They want to hear what we want and go in there blindly just continuing to do bad stuff or sit out or or do stuff without a plan. I think is really counterproductive and we're really going to be hurting. Our children and our grandchildren if we don't come up with strategy right now. Matt Barnes joining us here Matt. You look you lived. You were there during the Donald. Sterling. Situation a very unprecedented situation Adam silver took control of that situation very quickly, so you you've been involved in something that that caused real change very quickly when it came to the NBA are. You confident that Adam Silver, and we'll come to the owners and will come to apparel companies, and will kind of move this 'cause forward. Are you confident? That will be the case. I'm confident that he's the Best Commissioner for it now whether these owners do it. I can't speak for these owner. You know I I can't say their. We've we've we've been able to hear loud and clear. Said if we have going to bat for us as far as the commissioner, Adam silver is the best person to do it. And also you know our our president Chris Paul. you know he's always the President Dan with Donald. When Donald Sterling stuff happened, he's the president now, and he's always on it. He when I've been talking to you know a lot last week or so just kinda gauge and bouncing ideas off each other, and you know him Kinda. Just telling me what's going on in the climate and their coach Louis forward so I think the situation left in good hands. like I mentioned at the beginning of the interview. It's just it would be better if we can get. Maybe, open up the communication more, so we can try to get a majority or all of the guys on the same page, because not only in basketball, but in the country the only way we're going to move forward. Is We finally together? We've always been a African Americans. We've always been our own worst enemy. We've always been divided and I. Think for the first time. This is an opportunity for us to really really come together and make change Dalian sports, but in the country, possibly the world. I agree wholeheartedly Matt Though there is you mentioned and again I this is not on the same level as you were discussing, but there is some division. Amongst the NBA players not just about the restart, but even more recently right like a Kendrick Perkins. We all know we all love him right like he's been very vocal particularly about Kyrie and maybe got a little personal. About Kyrie and Kevin Durant goes on instagram and rips him calls him a sell out, and then perk goes over the top on twitter. What do you make of that back and forth? And how do you try to remedy that and kind of bring people more together even with Mindy NBA Family? It's tough and to be honest with you. It's not a good luck. you know a chance to talk to perk last night? And and and he is speaking his truth in real opinion, you know he heard from. People close to the situation that. Kyri situation happened the way it did. He was very pro. Let's do this. Let's do this. And then he found out he couldn't go, and then he flipped the script. And then he wanted to play in really really willing to give up everything and you know to each his own, but how you be so gung Ho one week, and then the next week. You know you're completely flipped. Amanda Allowed to change his mind and at that, but like I said I would agree with Korea if when he said. Let's not play I'm willing to give up everything if he came up if he had a plan after that. You know because like I. I said this is we all know that is putting dribbling? Put the ball in. A HOOP is not going to change our current climate, but I think the message they can send every second. They get a chance to Wa. The whole world is our on them and getting these partners in the league, and he's owners to make a difference in the cities and make a different both actually just playing basketball is not going to change everything. It's GonNa ease people's minds. Lord knows we need that right now, but as far direct change wearing t-shirts and all the stuff that we've done. The past hasn't moved the needle at all. Matt what did you make of the stuff that Kyri said about starting his own league? Like what did you make of that? But the. I heard that he didn't say that I. Don't know if he did say that. Now, what ever is the time for? That kinda thought outside the box. Thinking when you think about the districts. Currently not impossible, but it's pretty up there in the ninety percents. How far as not being possible at this point you know if you WANNA have basketball player in the next year or two you know did the NBA is over one hundred years old, and it took him so long to get two words that now sort of completely. Destroyed that in start something new for us by US like I, said I love the outside the box thinking, but the realistic operas you know? Realistically of that happening. I just don't see it happening. Like. The play, and if that's the plan. If you're on that, you can find enough people to get involved I I'm all for playing. I'm just not for trying to mess up a movement without a plane. Right only get Matt Barnes with this year Ucla great of course, longtime NBA, veteran, NBA champion, check out the podcast all the smoke with him and Steven Jackson. It's phenomenal. Let me ask you this Matt? If you were returning. If you were a player right now, what would be your biggest concern? What are things that would concern you about the bubble and it could be something as important as safety or even something that may not be on people's radars right now. To be honest with you I would trust. That the NBA has done everything possible to to have me say if I was still playing to go out there, but to be honest with you. Kobe wouldn't. You know range on my mind is heavy at some might think I think the biggest thing on my mind, and and where I would make sure I was front center in involved in would be moving forward with this lack lives fatter and ask you for change from the owners and partners I would be the number one pressing issue to me. but outside of that. If you think about it, obviously, you know being over near family for that long. It's GONNA be tough. But I think it would be like a cool you situation. You know what I mean. You've got all the best players in the world and one little area. You know you're GONNA have a lot of come rata read. There's there's thing to do to stay busy. I would I would I would be excited at the opportunity now. Probably be golfing every day. There's a lot of stuff for these guys to do that just kind. Kind of clear their mind if they've created a fun atmosphere thinking outside the box to be able to even try to bring the NBA back which which I have you know? Wherever came up with everything out over his team? The Players Association Chris Paul I love their thinking but like I said I think my most pressing issue wouldn't necessarily be my concern about the bubble or or Kobe mindless pressing issue would be. Proud to strike while the iron is hot with these owners. Matt couple of quick ones for you before we let you go and thank you again for all your time. There's a lot of questions and I don't think anyone has the answers to this, so we're all guessing here right, but when it comes to the actual, restart I think the NBA's done a good job to try to level the playing field. Right teams will have their training camps at their home facility than they'll get to Orlando, you know twenty some odd days. Days before the start of games do another training camp. They're even some exhibition games kind of get guys ramped up, but do you believe that the stoppage maybe favors certain teams or certain kinds of players more than others like? Do you guys have an advantage in this situation over older players like? Do you have any idea about that or any feelings about that? I just WANNA say the world is in trouble because the bronze have been resting for four months. We've never seen. A well breath in the BRA. The brand has always from the day. He's got Paradis team. As far as they've gone whether that. Be You know playoffs? You know eight finals finals. But he's always had to do that all the heavy lifting for him to have this long off for for Hawaii Leonard, who you know has been nagging injuries that all these big time players that are carrying their team. We're never going to have seen them this. Rash in a playoff or championships situation, but with that said. It's not as easy for older players. Get their engines started again. You know we cut basketball off. Was It march eleven? Maybe right? When basketball was real, this was the funnest time to watch basketball host. All Star guys are getting Timothy Down there rhythm down telling back from injury where we're getting ready to head into the playoffs so to stop basketball then for nearly four months and now get going again. I just hope that everyone's able to stay healthy and provided absolutely every amenity hand for their bodies because this is going to be a fun. Run I a speaking because I. Hope it does happen. You know giving these guys you know possibly to training Camp Exhibition Games and And giving them a regular season games going into the playoffs. Hopefully, their bodies will be able to just that bad because you know unique. It's crazy you got. You gotta get back in shape, but they a month the month and a half after that you got to be playoff shaped. which is you know we're we're we're having to you know we're. We're creatures of habit especially. If you're an NBA player, you know that you know that it's a dead period around after Christmas as a dead period, you know that right after you know going into all star adviser kind of their on, and then you know that post all star going into who really turn ended on, you know. That all stopped and have to start over in the summer. It's GonNa. It's GonNa. Be a lot when I'm opening. These players can handle all that. I'm just hoping they're gonNA. Be Able to act link their bodies fast enough so that we can avoid injury as much as possible. Man Let me. Ask you this. Because this story came up a while back and I haven't talked to you in a while, so I wanted to ask you I saw the story that you still haven't. You haven't gotten your Golden State Warriors Ring or that. You don't want it maybe I'm wrong the way I interpreted that story. But what is the story behind that? So, what happened, the story got. Came up on the PODCASTS, 'cause another know who was talking about team was talking about earning ring, or whatever and I told him on the same page. I feel like nothing. My career I took. Millions upon millions last to play on better teams to win. And I felt like every team I played on that contributed to whether other starter or six percent off the bench I was always in the mix and going into this. Golden State my last season. It was no different. You know. Katie happened to go down I was leaving. Sacramento I went right in my first game, I played twenty five minutes, and I was consistent within their rotation but oddly enough a week before the the playoffs star. The first Katie comes back, I nearly had the worst ankle sprain of my my career like nearly break my ankle. My ankle never swell. The blew up like a bubble couldn't lose. Wasn't healthy until going into the western conference finals, and then you know being a veteran. I know that playoff is all about rotations in chemistry in and what's working right now you go with so I been out of the loop, and you know kind of play sparingly in a weird situation Steve, Kerr Without the Mike Brown's coaching other never really feel like I got a chance to really contribute in the playoffs, but that's what equity out there grinding with those guys so. I was a part of the team I. Just didn't feel like I earned that ring so I I got. Ceremony they had a ceremony for myself. My twins. I got the twins ring as well and I gotta a game so after I got the ring I had it locked up in a room because I didn't want to carry the big box around the whole time, and when I was ready believe they couldn't find the key. So I just hadn't gone. Go back around. The wasn't my I. Did one I didn't expect it I, just hadn't got a chance and now Raymond Ritter, who's the head tr guy there inside monkey more than that now, but he's a good friend of mine. And he just has the ring locked up in his office, and he said I get around to come into the new arena. I can grab it. Okay, Heard all kinds of things that I didn't want the rain. I didn't accept the ring then of that was true I just didn't. It was locked in a room when I left and I just haven't been back since okay Gotcha that clears it up. That makes all the sense in the world. Thank you so much clearing that up all right to a couple of quick ones on the way out rapid fire style stuff. We've just been debating all week. This is all food based okay, are you ready? I Best Fr- fast food fries are. McDonnell! Okay, thank you for saying that because we've been trying to argue with people people trying to say in and out still just announced fries. They're fresh doesn't mean they're good. In and out things like five lakh chopping. Being a little chuck. Thank you. What's up? Okay so the next thing? Are you a Mayo Guy? Usually. Not Heavy, but yeah. Okay all right, fair enough and our doughnuts overrated. No I loved. I wish I hated them. I Love Them. There is Matt Barnes. Check out the podcast all the smoke him and Steven Jackson. If you're not listening to it, you're doing yourself a disservice. It is one of the best things out there right now from an audio perspective makes you listen to check it out there doing a great job together Matt. Thanks for always taking the time. Man Appreciate you. Stay healthy. Stay safe. You and yours man thanks again. Thanks, to our good there. We'll same to you and your family I'm good. There is Matt Barnes this year.

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