Hour 2 - Danica Patrick (11-06-19)


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There's no football teams in New York but there is some football whether I got the cords on today. That's a cold weather. Tell I went corduroy. Today I went hoodie today. I wanted to look Nice for Danika Patrick by the way people think that we're related. She could be my daughter now at my age and her age she could be my daughter. Were not related. But we'll share the stage here coming up in about fifteen minutes from now. Dan Patrick will join us in studio and I need to tell her about what Aaron Rodgers wrote on our super bowl poster back in Minnesota where Aaron earn Rogers signed a poster to the show to my second favourite deep. Patrick and all right. I'm in the top two there among Patrick's and I don't know if I was ever number one and then all of a sudden she kind of knocked me out of that maybe a decade ago. Maybe maybe but And I'm happy for her if she's happy happy that I'm happy so she'll join US coming up. Tony Dungee will join US coming up a little bit later on. It's Ohio state. Lsu Alabama Penn State. Clemson Georgia let the arguing continue. Oh or start. That's exactly what college football needs. They want somebody to be upset about this talking about this. Now that you have clemson now five. Oh my gosh you gotta be upset all right. I think Ohio State is probably the best team right now in college football but I have no problem if Lsu was one Alabama. I don't think deserves to be one or two right now but if you win I mean that's all it is it comes down to if you win. It doesn't matter you'll you'll move up and you shut everybody else. Up Penn State are they the fourth best team in the country on a couple of weeks. We'll find out just how good they are in Ohio state. I guess when they go toe to toe it plays out this is a made for TV event last night by ESPN. They do a great job. They roll it out and then everybody starts discussing college football because prior into this. What are we talking about? been very quiet. We we can't even really zero in on a front runner for the heisman trophy. I mean are you sold on Joe Bureau. Put up great numbers. We're GONNA find. Just how good he is coming up this weekend. LSU In Alabama Cam. Newton's done for the season Nick foles is back for the JAGS. Peter King joined us last hour. And here's Cam at age thirty. He's whatever he is whenever he he comes back he's going to be more of a pocket passer. I don't know if he's capable of doing that at an elite level because he's not going to be able to use his legs as he wants to but he's done for the season if if I'm Carolina I move on I get out maybe CAM latches on with Tampa Chicago. But he's if you're expensive in your injured that's not what I want to bring in right now and you know you have the shoulder and then you have the foot injury. If I'M CAROLINA I move on. You've got something nicer with Kyle. Ellen you got will greer there so maybe you have your future there but if you can move on from a big ticket item like Cam Newton at that age that position I would. Yes mclovin when you be excited. If you're a young fan another city that could get Cam Newton. I I know what you're saying. I feel like he brings a lot of star power to a new team. Well no when he's healthy he's he's tackler and there's there's that star power that's there I just don't know if he can be Cam Newton Newton. He can't be superman again but it wouldn't be upgraded place like Chicago and you said Tampa Bay Tennessee. Those teams I. Would I think in the first block should be really exciting waiting to get him. He's never been a great passer. And if you're going to put him in Chicago. Is he going to be an upgrade over Mitchell. Trubisky now you would say of courses. Corsey is well when trubisky was playing well last year. Is that well enough. If you're bears fan you would you would take that. Now he's regressing Sam Darnold regressing Baker Mayfield is regressing. What is happening with these young quarterbacks here and then trying to figure out okay do we go in? I didn't get another quarterback if the bears can't okay you have you trade up and you get Mitchell trubisky and it looks like you screwed it up right now. You'RE GONNA trust the same people to go in and get another quarterback. I if I'm Chicago I would get Andy Dalton in a second because Andy Dalton or teddy bridgewater gives me a chance right now and they would upgrade. I have a great your window of opportunity was Chicago is going to close. And you're going to go. What could have been? It's like. The giants was Saquon Barkley. Better get your act together because you're going to waste Saquon Barclays Great Years but the bears if you try to drag you don't have draft picks you know you got Khalil Mack. So you don't even have traffic's here you have to bring being in a free agent there. I'd bring Andy Dalton or Teddy Bridgewater. Yep You know in the past mclovin always said that second year quarterback natural dip when they figure out tape on you Cam Newton first year unbelievable second year like a C.. Plus than the zoomed backup but doesn't seem like there's patients anymore like trubisky. I don't think there's going to be patients in Chicago. It seems like Baker Acre Mayfield has earned patients and because of his first year it was pretty high end as last eight games. Yeah but what happens in these last eight games. If he doesn't put up really good numbers. It feels it's like Freddie. Kitchens is coaching for his job. Because if your success is tied to Baker Mayfield and Baker Mayfield's not getting better. Why am I keeping you? Yeah there's there's no reason to keep pretty kitchens and also Adam gays if I brought you in because you're supposed to be an offensive minded guy quarterback whisper but the quarterback is regressing regressing. Why am I keeping you? So I don't know if our trigger is a little quicker with quarterbacks or coaches now and maybe they're intertwined eight seven seven three. DP show email address DP. Dan Patrick Dot com twitter handle with DP show. The chargers owner Dean Spanos says the team is not moving to London. This is how he responded yesterday to that question. It's total okay. We're not going to London. We're not going anywhere. I playing Los Angeles. Bizarre home is planning to be for a long period. All right. I'm good good with that. I mean I think it makes sense to be that declarative because of the fans I do have. I don't want to alienate them. Because we're taking all Al- stragglers there you know it's it's like those When they do these baseball movies and they put up fake fans in the stands to make it look like they you know? The the outfield field is full. And I mean that's probably next for them they're GONNA put out cardboard cutouts there and you don't want to leave it out there where there's the possibility that you could be going to lend but now business wise you may say. Does that. Make more sense. If I'm the chargers this is all about Pr. You know I got. I got to satisfy my local local fan base here and that's why when the story came out I said man. There's so much going on that it would be really really hard. I could see a player revolt where they go. We're not going to London and you've already got already signed up to be in this new stadium in Inglewood like how do you get out of that lease do the rams once you you WanNa that lease so the story came out. Peter King joins US last hour and he said No. There's there was never any truth to that but somebody said it and then it got reported and then all of a sudden we started to speculate. We don't stop to go. Maybe we should ask if this is real like no no no. That's that's not any the fun we love to speculate. Hey Do you think this is real. Who Cares let's talk about it? We spent a whole morning on it. Yeah Paulie you know how some phrases could be read a two different ways. I saw a headline yesterday. chargers owner says this team is going nowhere. Okay yes in more ways than one as well or ways wasn't the devil and Tonge. Tony Dungee will join US next hour. Tony Dungy has been on fire on twitter. Tony Dungy the esteem. Tony Dungy Hall of Famer please. NFL fell due to favor. And don't let coach's challenge anymore pass interference calls. You're causing teams to lose timeouts making your officiating department looking out and making us fans feel stupid like we don't know the meaning of clear obvious and significant exclamation point Andrew Sicilia no tweets out the following following pass interference challenges initiated by. NFL coaches through nine weeks. Fifty three calls. How many do you think were overturned out out of those fifty three? If you said five you were right ninety percent of the calls upheld. This is because of an inept officiating crew in New Orleans that we've made a mockery of pass interference. Now here's my question. Do you admit your mistake. And then and go back to what it once was and the reason why you can't do. It is because you have to ensure that you won't screw it up with a game on the line in the postseason. Maybe they should just bring it back for the postseason not the regular season because really. That's what this is. How they just use it for Saints Games? That's it saints whenever the Saints and Rams get together then we can challenge pass interference because it silly like that. I'm watching you. You know the game with the giants and cowboys and I go that that has to be overturned that that's past interference it and then it's not okay I I I wouldn't challenge a pass. Interference call anymore. I'm a coach because it's clear the. NFL does not want to embarrass their officials anymore anymore than these officials are embarrassing themselves. So you've done them a disservice here Yoko. I was watching a game this weekend and I don't know who the play by play man was but he had a rules official either on the liner in the booth he goes. What do you think that interference? Because it wasn't really interference use the word really like yes or no. He's like well. It wasn't really interference. Like extreme interfere. Interfere it either isn't you can't be sort of pregnant. Yeah yes he but the whole game is sort of pregnant but there's almost most everything in the game that you're sort of like well there's contact but his interference. The whole game is is gray area. was that holding or wasn't it is it catcher. I don't know the ball move. I don't really know okay but you might have gray area and other parts of the game but when it comes to pass interference and and you can challenge. I'm not challenging holding. I'm not challenging any that. I'm challenging pass interference and ninety percent of the time. The people who who I'm paying to look at this in replay to then tell me buzz down to me ninety percent of the time they're wrong. It's horrible. It's embarrassing Canton. You don't want to embarrass the officials but then even worse you're embarrassing the league because we're all watching at home and we're seeing the replay that they're taking several minutes to figure out and we can blatantly see someone got pushed in the back before the ball touched receiver and the saying of just leave. It alone is not passing parents. You would think if Tony Dungy is is going to come out and say this is a hall of fame coach that that would resonate with the Home Office right. I mean Tony doesn't get too angry. Animated excited about too many things but but this has been something that he has been railing on and I said at the time and I still believe. It was an overreaction by the League you made a mistake took you forever to apologize Johnson. Admit you made the mistake. How about you have the anonymous eye in the sky at every stadium? We don't know who it is but there is a person there who is just going and get help you with extreme mistakes. He's the extreme mistakes official and then he just says there's no challenge. There's no challenge involved in this. It's just somebody who. Who is there a big brother who's able to look over your shoulder to say that's not the right answer to the test you guys hey regroup guys regroup and then all that is is? You're just helping them if we have the technology. Why aren't we using it correctly into? That's why I'd say and I've said this for a while get rid of you an instant. Replay get rid of it if you're not gonNA use it and use it smartly wisely to make your game better than don't don't use it. Oh we don't want to embarrassed the officials you're embarrassing officials in your embarrassing yourself. So just get rid of you. Don't want to get rid of. I'm fine with mclovin poll question you got today so I still have the WHO would you invest in Zion. trae or Luca Danni and it's a runaway. Luca Danni I mean maybe not fair design. It hurt we could go back to college football if we want to get some tweets a lot of LSU fans are twitter yelling at Ohio state being being number one over. That would harder schedule. Is that fair. But it goes back to what I said to start the show if you WANNA treat it as a business and it is a business then just get the elite teams. Put them together. You can have relegation so you can play your way back in. But how the top fifty or sixty teams and out of that you you have sixteen teams that will make the playoffs just like the NFC AFC just like Nhl the NBA have sixteen in schools. Make the playoffs and then they face one another but you have the TV entities. Create the schedule. So you're not playing paying wofford or ut Chattanooga it's big business it's each weekend marquee matchups treat it like it's the NFL. Yes mclovin then you gotta start paying these guys real money if you're GONNA make it have pro sport than Baker Person. But I'm fine if we organize it that way and you're part of those fifty schools schools. Then you get this yes he lies it more pro if you reorganize it versus like they're in conferences now. They're grouped together now. It's just damaging the way they're aligned. Yeah but you have teams. That shouldn't be in these conferences. Yeah Yeah like vanderbilt. Shouldn't yeah but it's like if you get rid of the teams that shouldn't be there. It's not like all of a sudden. They'RE IT professionals. Okay that's the exact same games the exact same thing. There's just less bad team. Yeah but if I take away the bad teams now. If you're a good team then you're paid for being a good team so you're primetime it's like paying an actor you know I'm GonNa pay you because you're one of the stars if it's vanderbilt or it's You know throw out some of these other. Oh programs that they're not worthy of this then you don't get paid you know rutgers you don't get paid you're not invited Maryland. You're not invited. Now see but those schools it seems like it's more okay than your payment would be a scholarship. You're not like that kind of school like say rutgers. It makes sense to me that right. You're being rewarded are not rewarded but your your payment is a fruitless free college tuition in order to play football but there's other teams that these kids are clearly professional football. Yes yes they should be paid money. Yeah but that's that I'm in. I'm including the sixty debt programs that will be Alabama and Penn state and Clemson in Lsu in Georgia all of those schools. And then you can get into that top fifty. There's relegation their promotion and relegation in their eight. I don't know it'd be far more interesting with college football because it's it's not it now we're down to the final four now if you want to have sixteen now now we know exactly what it takes to get into the sixteenth so the top sixteen schools therefore every single regular season game will matter in the seating. Are you gonNA host a game. Do you host two games. Then you get to the bowl games. I don't know maybe I'm shouting into the night here but I just I'm trying to protect college football. It took me six years to get them to change the BCS or at least yellow about it. Maybe even longer I kept going. Is this about money money. Oh it is okay. Here's a way to make more money. And then all of a sudden these sycophants who were all the BC ESCO. We're going to change for the Fourteen playoff in new team. TV deal and everybody's GonNa make more money here. Well everybody but the players you can be super duper saucy Alabama's the third right now. which is kind of unfair to Alabama tradition to be third whilst undefeated but if Alabama has like a ugly loss to LSU Saint Louis by a couple of touchdown then they dropped down if Alabama does not? I know there's a long way to go preface and know that if Alabama doesn't finish in the top four with one loss that's how we get to eight a fan base like this gets shut out. That's the extreme version of a five new somehow Alabama. His five at the end of the season prepare for or an off season of we want we want well. I think that people already want that that that nobody wanted it now. They saw it now. They want more because we don't want to get left out. And now if you have that and look if you want to expand to sixteen then fine now I sort of go and kicking and screaming with that but if you say this says the new college football model and that we're going to have you know cupcakes here and and and make it so you're playing ten regular season Games are eleven regular season games and and then you're going to get to the playoffs here but let let's not fool people here. This is big business here absolutely anything else. said I need to mention here Tony Jones next hour and Danika. Patrick will stop by anything else. That on the menu that I've forgotten about your calendar. Pictures Tomorrow All. Yeah yeah the calendar is out we We sold a thousand yesterday. We just showed you some of the pictures there the next three months each day. We're going to have a roll out with a the three more months and We just showed three and they pretty pretty incredible. That's a great calendar and you can order it online. 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The retired professional racing drive me retired. Yeah happily blast what I do. I'm like go on vacations. When's the last time you drove over a hundred miles? Inner well accidentally almost go that fast in Green Bay because there's like five lanes and no cars so I I go fast there but I did some ride alongs. I did some two seater rights at Cinema About a month or two ago and actually fun. Did you ever make somebody it crime or throw up in the corner on the right along yes I remember the first time I remember that was back in. South Carolina was at like a BMW M. School school and this is back when I drove for them which was a long long time ago and I was doing some schools and so part of it was a road course in sort of there was some slalom in it and there was a dad my son in the dad. The Dad went through A. I'll think there was one other time I drove a rich billionaire. Around for his. Birthday's yeah yeah. It was a rich Russian billionaire that was having his forty second birthday and I was asked to drive him around Laguna and and I drove around Laguna and I thought after lap one he was like yeah so much fun he was tapping out but we did another lap. And I think he threw up after that. What attract you think you could make me throw up or scared any of them? Oh really yeah road courses more so I would think but people have a a real discomfort for driving next to the wall so if I drove next to the wall somewhere. You'd probably get a little uncomfortable right. Let me give you the Las Vegas. I get a little nervous service. They're probably okay. That's just 'cause you're hung over a Dan. Patrick has launched her podcast pretty intense. That's the name of it where she speaks with some of the biggest names in food nutrition business science and entertainment. So now you're on the other side of the microphone. They're asking questions is being curious listening. Who Do you most want to interview that? You haven't oprah okay. Have you made inroads with Oprah. I mean we've had we've touched base with Oprah's crew about a couple of different things but I don't have herself so okay. But what what is it that you're curious about with Oprah Her Spiritual Journey One of the things that really got me on deeper into the spiritual journey the internal looking internally is super bowl Sunday. Have you ever seen that. No No On own and then she interviews people like Don Miguel Ruiz Gomez and Brent Brown and people that are really insightful site full spiritual healing people so yeah I just would love to know how that began for her. I'm curious how hallel racing began for you because normally you don't have. I have three daughters. I would be shocked if one at age eight goes you know I think I want to be a professional driver. What age do you say to your parents? This is what I WANNA do. Well I was ten and before I want to be a driver. I wanted it to be a veterinarian singer and a secretary wait all at the same time or in that order like those are all drains before I was ten okay. What was your fault if you didn't race course I never had to think about that I mean at sixteen. I left high school to go race in England so at that that point in time my junior year. That's usually when you're thinking about what they're gonNA do next. What College am I gonNa go to and I was going to college in England for racing so like I was pursuing suing it? When I came back I didn't have a job and at that point in time I could have thought to myself Geez this? GED My not serving me. So well. I did get it I did fail the first time should be known that I failed the ged the first time because of the constitution test. I passed everything else. No problem but the constitution test. You had to get thirty out of sixty right and obviously that means. I didn't get thirty out of sixty right so I had to retake that part of it But yeah that that point point I didn't have a ride for you know two years really and so I could have thought to myself at that point but I had just so much blind faith that it was going to work out. Yeah but how do you know or how does somebody know you're good while your lap time is fast. But that's it. Yes so if I know if you have a quick lap time then I know that you have the potential. That's that's the first thing I'm looking for. Yeah good lap time. Good feedback honesty. You don't crash the car you're on time. How professional who tried to talk you out of it driving? ooh No one really no one parents. My Dad loved. My Dad loves racing more than I do so so he definitely wasn't talking the out of it. My Mom and dad met on a blind date at a race. So she's clearly into it and then my sister started when I started. We did when we were kids. I mean she she was. She was there in the beginning. So how do you satisfy that competitiveness like. What do you do now to kind of? Fill the board other than mystery of Green Bay High I mean the all the all the things that I do now with whether it's the podcast and learning how to get better at that I mean every time I do a show in every sustaining in the room afterwards they go. If there's anything you see either new different just tell me. I'm coach -able I wanna no. I'm not offended So the competitiveness in me comes out with other jobs my winds insomnia Growing that and selling more wine so it's not so it's not quite as much instant gratification As you get get with a lap time or a Finnish result So yeah I do miss a little bit of that part of it because it was so easy to quantify you you qualify on the pole you qualify thirtieth. You know. Those are pretty different. Did you enjoy the experience racing. Yeah went by pretty quick. It feels like Sometimes we don't like it seems like just yesterday Dan. We were doing center commercial. where I parked in your parking spot? Patrick Patrick Patrick there but it was crazy even then for you because I think you were flying. You had to be done at a certain time because you were flying by helicopter to Letterman. Does that that sound right. Yeah that might be right. Actually teaser right now. So it's but it's like you you Kinda look back and and even my guys who've been around me for seventeen years they'll go juve. Remember when we did and I don't remember those things because you kind of keep moving constantly moving you're constantly trying to prove yourself or prove yourself you know to your own self or to other people and all of that and then you kind of look back and you knew you wake up and you got it. What happened or it's over? Do you ever think to yourself. I still need to prove everyday really. Oh absolutely there are. What are some markers that would tell you just me? It's just me some but like some big moments where you're like okay. Yeah you know. That's that's pretty cool. It is but I can. I have a problem of looking back. Even when I hosted the Olympics could have done better. That would have been a marker in time you could have gone. That was pretty cool. Accomplished some great things handing out the super bowl trophy not to your boyfriend But handing out the Super Bowl trophy and this here yeah. I'm not doing it anymore but I still look back and I know I could have been better better. I still beat myself up over. Not Asking Nick foles question about his daughter on the podium when I'm handing him the Super Bowl trophy because he had it is one year old there with her headphones on and I I was going to say. What are you going to tell her about this moment? Like I still beats reach me up so I like what you're great though is because I feel like in greatness you can still I mean as an example you know. Aaron has fantastic asked game the other night not the perfect game and I said good job and there's still that little moment of like well I think it kind of felt effortless in some way and it's like yeah well you know. I'm sure there's plenty other games where you feel like you know things were in your favor and whether the defense wasn't you so finding a way to get to you or whatever it was and it was a F- more effort list game and you have a few of those a year and do you have perfect for games every time so like Aaron greatness you greatness like you're always looking back and thinking what could I have done differently or being not dismissive dismissive but somewhat like How you think just you always think about what you could have done and how to improve? But that's how you improve but when you having having been an athlete how does that help you. Does it help you when you watch him. Play a sport like you were in dangerous sport. He plays a dangerous sport. I don't no no do you take it. Do you have a different process than somebody who was not in a professional mike. You were in watching your your boyfriend. Well I'M GONNA say Husband Watch you watch your boyfriend yeah. Is there a process. It's different for me watching it. You think it's different for me because I've well I can only tell you how I feel and that's when I watch. I'm not nervous because the nerves I felt like when I was nervous. It was because at things I had to do like there was a responsibility. Don't crush his car. Be Smart on restarts Miss Accidents Past that car if feel the car pushed to the limit try new line. There's all kinds of things I had to do so. I was nervous for like the things that I had to do. There's nothing I have to do when he's playing football so not really nervous but I tell you when he's still hold onto the Boston. Yeah after a few seconds and I can you know like I mean. Obviously he's great out of the pocket but any escapes. Many many many people trying to tackle him. I do get a little tense but watching the charge. Get along I kiss that okay. Okay okay okay okay. Okay but watching the charger guests. Yeah was under duress there. You got tackled a couple times early and that's not fun at the game now. Okay what what do you like to watch the game with at home. What do I like to watch? What are what are you like? Oh like if I'm with you. Oh are are you standing up. You buy it focused and I jump up when things get good. Like if there's a touchdown or something I just jumped look. It's like many many workout that for me but I focus. I watched the whole thing and I've always felt that way about sports whether you're watching racing or football or whatever your passion is If you don't pay attention to the EBB and flow of the of the game. It's really hard to get a feel for the game like just watching an individual play. He is not. That is not always that interesting. I mean there's always a couple of amazing plays in a game but most aren't right. It's you know five years rushing up the middle and they fall down on. You're like okay. But if you know the ABN flow of the game and you know who has momentum and who doesn't and then when you see a breakthrough play you've realized oh boy. The tides have shifted shifted right so I watched very attentively. We're talking to Dan Patrick and she has a new podcast pretty intense. How do people get your podcast? Rushed anywhere. You listen to podcasts. Because I'm on podcast one. I don't I don't know well I mean it's on Apple podcasts certify where wherever you get your podcast wanted to be professional here and make sure that I let people know find pretty intense where she speaks to the biggest names in food nutrition business. It's new science and entertainment. Does Aaron let you drive. Oh yeah and I know for sure is any good. He's actually great driver. He is he even knows how to set up a corner naturally. Wait what does that mean. Well there's a turn in Apex Exit and she'll be angled one one driver in the house. Yeah Paulie turn an apex exit and so he knows how to set it up and he knows that apex the corner and Yeah he's he's a good driver the driver though like you don't critique I mean a little a little like oh you had. It could've gone. That's usually the most common time. People don't calculate things right. Is there there holes and gaps where they could turn in or whatever is. See those like. I'm visually so attuned to the closing rates than to how much space I have I also pretty tuned into having small spaces and and finding finding away. So that's about it but he's right driver If you were going to help Nascar now and you can make one change. Would you miss g see that. Roger Penske bought indycar series I m s productions and the Indianapolis Motor speedway. You've got a lot of money. Wow I we were trying to talk about how much they're coming back. No God I just thought that was fascinating you know. Jewish families owned those for you. Know Seventy seventy plus years so it's yeah forever so it's it's just it was just a big news But you're asking about NASCAR. What would I do make take all the radios live? So you can hear all the dialogue at all times are they. Can you listen to all everybody. Every radio polling used to be able to on serious they used to have the driver pass where you could hear it but it was also censored so if there's any swearing there wasn't censored exciting. I always made the hit list after the weekend because because I swore a bit so that was normal. Though you're in the heat of the moment it'd be like wouldn't you love to hear what was going on at during any any game with the athletes talking. Wouldn't you want to know here that we wanna hear literally what's being said on the line and football game when she wanna hear what's it's being set out there on a hockey game with those guys with no teeth. I'm in fantastic so I think that's interesting but fundamentally I mean there's just so so it's just so many grey areas in Nascar to push the envelope and I mean that exists everywhere but I don't know if it was was that easy we'd do it right if there was one easy. We're missing something with NASCAR are we. Yes what do you. What don't do the what? What is it missing this? They're they're not stars. They're not stars the way they they can be better drivers more complex drivers but we're missing. We're missing Stewart. You Got Earnhardt. Not There Gordon Gordon. Not There you're not there and the you were not you were more than just a nascar driver. Okay so that would probably come down to a little bit more of sponsorship you know when a big driver you know doesn't have a sponsor they go away right that happened in Indycar to Big drivers wouldn't have sponsors. There's and then money would come in. And they would get the job and they might be from another country they might be someone unknown and that doesn't develop the personalities of a sport fort if you don't have consistent names so I mean that that that's a big part of it like Denny Hamlin has a personality and he's not afraid and then you'll have these dust ups there and then you get like Joey Lagaan like you'll get attention for that. I love those fights. Don't you love the Feis. Those are always good for him. But who did you. Who did you almost hit of like there was a there was like a side by side with denny of like? Were you more scared of Joey or more scared to Danika. Because I was like I grabbed onto his suit because he took me out twice the Daytona. But did you WANNA punch you. Did you come close. ooh I grabbed a suit though. This prophet borderline okay but But I I was Yeah it was fired up and you could take Casey Kane. Yeah he doesn't race anymore either but you could have taken yeah. He's pretty He he's just too nice. We won't talk about. He's fit but I think he's like endurance fit. Yeah he's a tiny guy you could take. I wish you the best with your podcast and you come on down. I would love to absolutely. I'd be honored and if I could help you in any way with this whole goofy medium that we have now that you're in be more than happy to help you a landscape of media so much different different. What is your favorite? What is your favorite new element of media? I don't think I haven't seen this simulcast. I love because what I tried to to do with the simulcast is create movement where you have TV cameras. But then I put a basketball gym in golf simulator. We move around. I wanted to give you behind the scenes. Not just one camera that you'll see on a simulcast. I want you to see us when we're not on radio on TV behind the scenes and that to me it was fascinating that that's what I wanted to give the audience in almost like voyeuristic. You get to watch us without us really acknowledging you so that's something that that's interesting for coming. You aren't afraid you do say Oh yeah we do it. I mean we've had but crack shown we've had a partial nudity. We've had language but that but that's real real so I'm you know who doesn't want a little nudity and the person we'll take a break here. Danika Patrick and the podcast. Outcast is pretty intense. Thanks for joining us. All right. We'll be back after this if you're like me and you WanNa play sports until you're really old. You WanNA play basketball every Saturday morning. Then let me tell you about Thera gun to hand. 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DP show again had their gun dot com slash DP show. You'll love it. Hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all our great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast. We certainly couldn't do without either of you. And I wanted to remind you that you can support our sponsors by going to our show page at podcast. One DOT COM clicking on the support this podcast button and now you will see all our wonderful sponsors that helped make this show possible. Thank you for downloading subscribing at of course supporting and now back to the show. What the heck is going on over there Paulie so Dan Patrick's getting ready to leave the gloves? Can you give me some tips on parallel parking Brooklyn India Nascar translate to parallel park. She goes. I'm actually really great. Parallel parking of mclovin is asking for driving arriving advice in the city. DANIKA GET OUTTA here. Don't don't don't listen to mclovin. Oh my God yes yes. Yes mclovin on the Steve Levy Asif. Aaron Rodgers was a good parallel park after data instead he was a great driver. Who here is the best parallel Parker of the five of us? I I know I know it's not I know him better than Todd. discography and a city. He should have the advantage but I don't think he drove. Yeah I think that would be a disadvantage. Todd can parallel park not. Well okay. I could eventually Angelique get it to where it needs to be your fifty two very little parallel parking says in the suburbs in Connecticut. My first shot. It's rarely does it. Go smoothly yeah. She's good I. I've always enjoyed her and probably a bit around Danika for twelve fourteen years and You know when you when you. She's thirty seven I think. And then you go okay now. What is my life and she's involved in a lot of different projects? It's just how would you uh when I take when I leave this job. I don't know how I would ever fill that void of what it's like to have somebody on live radio and TV and you're sitting down. You're you're discussing something or interviewing something you can't. You can't replicate that and that would be really difficult for me. That'll probably be the one thing that'll be really hard to To fill that void of Yup. But don't you think there's a day where for all people that you would anyone who were won't bother you and that's when you know it's the data retire like right now. You can't picture retirement because you enjoy doing this radio show enjoy talking to people and you're you're curious guy that hasn't faded but won't there be a day way down the road whenever maybe there you know I. I don't want to do a week of radio shows. I don't want to do it for a month like Bob Lee probably had as good of a job in the media's has anyone could have. He took six months as sabbatical and they said Combat Mamba come back. He's like I think I'm good and Bob you inside us he was. I was surprised that I was okay. With it yeah but we do three hours of live radio and TV. He's doing an an a half hour show. Big Difference. This is this is live. There's no net. What you say can come back and haunt you the questions you ask people what their responses are I? I won't miss doing three hours of live radio and TV everyday but I'll miss the curiosity of somebody you get to just sit down and interview and that might be something I do in a long form. You know when I'm done with this but you know I'm still I love when we have people in and you're able to you ask them those questions and just the curiosity factor and I applaud Danika for doing this podcast because a lot

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