Roy Jones Jr. Talks 'Hammers and Nails' Fight With Mike Tyson, Still Open to Anderson Silva Fight


You're listening to Fox media PODCAST Network all right. This man needs no introduction in fact is getting ready to fight Mike Tyson on September twelfth in an exhibition match and Carson California I cannot believe we are saying these words and having this conversation right, but I am so fired up for this fight I can't even begin to tell you. How are you awesome and anybody WHO's not? Five out of their mind. Damning. You gotta be out of your mind. Can you too little? Most entertaining solo database of boxing in the issue sport entering at the same time with three eight apart and not be excited. I have to know. How did this come together I know that you had been talking about maybe fighting Mike for a little while now, but now that it's come together in Penn is gone to paper, and this thing is happening. How did it come together? Called me told me they've been thinking about My will come out Faisal better than we got. You've got one two because travel the people, but it just keeps going box motives boxing manages. Box in the business boxing lawyers. We don't want to outside of boxing. Day You get your money. Mike is one. A bike is what they deserve the pay by us in the world, so when she take care to every tally, do somebody else. They bring us so we feel like you on person that we could do a whip. WHO WON'T HAVE TO BRING disappeared truth. I want to do academically title anyway, so says I wanted to fight him at the beginning of we jam. He outboxed Come back in. He didn't want to get back in a box at a time. I will hit moved on. Now the opportunities presented itself. How could turn a deaf? It will how it goes. When, you got Kobe. All. Pretty much on lockdown candidate do watch season some players some that. I just read the things Warner, eight five or eight players tested positive so those teams was a problem with stopping admitted to would save sport than once. What went on us to fighting? that would whatever which doesn't necessarily or but thank what they've been saying so to get a sport where you're GONNA have to. Guys. Shattering one night. Entertain the whole world. How did you say? How refreshing is that knowing that? Even this point in your in your combat sports career because I? Know you're doing with with island fights. You've dabbled in May as well, but you mentioned not having promoters boxing people involved as you guys putting this fight together and making it happen. How refreshing that especially in this day and age and what we've seen in boxing over the last several years, just have to guys that want to fight and you guys just get it done without much of an issue. Super refreshing to me super refreshing. It's a beautiful thing and you guys are both getting taken care, and that makes it even better, but when when you got the call that this was a this was an option for you. How did you react to that knowing that all these years later, you wanted this fight so long ago. Now you get to actually have like. How did you react to the news of like man? This is really happening that side but I don't want. That will get to his death contest fool! The fool paperwork done. In about two weeks ago. That full work done now. Yes now guess. So. This isn't an exhibition bowed so for those who? Don't really know what that means like. Some people look at it as like Oh. These guys are GonNa Throw Hammers, and then the other the other side of the equation, not just an exhibition fight. Like how would you define what this fight is going to be all about? And and how it's GonNa play on the rare theme. Right throws a hammer. He don't have throw him out, but a hammer, so you but hey, bob prepared to deal with a hammer coming at you and if I am comes at me, throw a nail bag, so he throws his hammer. I'm going to try to nail him. How fired up, are you for this? On a scale of one to ten from a competitive standpoint, hammers and nails I'm on twitter. Hammers and nails that could be the poster right there. I saw the post already, but that could be the new cameras. This is exciting stuff. I can't believe we're talking about this. Can you believe this like if I if you if I said five years ago that you're GonNa Fight Mike Tyson and twenty twenty hindsight. Have answered that a responded to that we. Responded you had told me in nineteen, Eighty, eight thousand become champ. I said no way so for those who are on the fence about this fight. Roy and I don't know why people would be on the fence. God's. Cheer. This is this is amazing. I can't believe this is happening, so everything worked out great for you on this. Get Out to get in a chair In terms of your boxing career, you're coming back in fighting. Mike Tyson huge. This is a one time only thing for you or Me Unless it will go is competitive I'll try it again if you want to go. That's why hell. Out, even the guy one time they don't give them a shot. Beckett he was end, and it's a good competitive fight I mean. Is, easing in the, why do it again, but is a competitive by? Be and it works out good and nobody seriously hurt against to people entertained in what they wore out of it. Why would you not try to get? With the of is not that good, not always tack. Just if it's a competitive is just mike or nobody else, or is there somebody else that perhaps could Pique your interest in getting back and doing this once again? All it Mike. Out think can payment up to become is to haul. right now. Only thing pushing me right now. It debate that not. Kill and opinion shapes us a by I will get cable so dyke kill myself or survived twenty at me I'm did meet that. Push me give a morning and do what I gotTA. Do My Buddies d TAT right now from work, but to go again because I know that if I don't I'm a trump mini. People made me feel that way. But they might wait. What are they going to me? I mean get lucky to tonight gas. There's no key. Before so as anybody else, don't put a bit in my heart this. Is a threat. This is not blow up. This makes me get up and go. Where would you put your conditioning level? At this point? I know we're like seven weeks away from this fight, but we've seen all the photos of Mike. He's dropped all that way. Read and like many think he's in the best physical condition of his life right now heading into this fight. Where would you put your physical conditioning? At this point? He looked like it in close to the second best fiscal then within these next seven weeks. I will be in the best physical condition to Akhenaten. While took, so is all. So. What's like a typical day day by day? Process for you to to get ready for this fight like you said you wake up early and you're getting the motions. But what else are you doing to to get this from physical sense or in the gym everyday? I'm doing no machines scenes dump to give my Cardillo There'd be careful knees now Zona ruin them. But I can't be best. Walk I on my career out of my light thousand sacrifice basketball for boxing minutes. Can you believe that I came saying that? I'm not paying no basketball after by soccer preserved my knees. Can you believe that? Comes out of my mouth. I'm not no zero. Basketball, which Rachel no basketball he got, keep it. He got a with it. How big of a sacrifice that for you right now? There's huge, says the biggest sacrifice. Made Box, no basketball I can dream of a day of or. Fighting than say acting. Be Basketball that they'll. Never. now. But if I don't my knees, GonNa be hurting. That can't get away gotta be. Designed, Guy, you want get. You remember the last time. He took this much time away from the court. I know did. So. This is a big sacrifice. Rio this this jazzy is. Do you play every day while three at least three times a week at least three times a week, so. Basketball so you're going to have a little bit of. A little bit of hunger in you to to to make Mike pay and then get back on the basketball court a couple of days after that. I have to tell you, Roy. You broke a lot of I'm in Massachusetts. You broke a Lotta hearts several years ago. when you fought Ruis and you beat him. That was a that was a heartbreaking day for the Massachusetts. Natives understand. I don't do them to break Give entertainment at to make history I want is just make history with none against worries, none against injuries, fans, the gauze would i. who except in a fight I would never had a chance to do so due to break, ause I to try to entertain people and to history Dan firelight. This files that people. Will work can't be disguised to be. That was perfect. Go desperate like I like to be the underdog. Can't himself so it wasn't nothing personal. Guess, General Generalize that the President Says Massachusetts that the president's nobody that wouldn't trying to record. Entertainment and it just see that when God is for you. I was a hotshot. Twenty year old kid, who, in that fight happened so there's one heart. You didn't break that night and I don't think I've ever said this to anybody. Even my friends, who is watching it I. Actually Bet on you fight, and you may meet somebody even though you broke a lot of my friends. Hearts in break mine at the end of the day because you wanted me a couple of bucks when they lifted his interview, you they're. Reds are going to be so bad so. We're seven weeks away from this fight. You're getting ready. What's? GonNa ask for prediction, but because it's an exhibition by we don't know what's GonNa Happen Hammer nails like you said, but what can fans expect on September twelfth when you guys get in there and and throw hands at each other. I'm excited for it to me. Expected Mike, Michael! Be Dangerous I two. Maybe three rows. Even a may be deadly accident the whole night, but to me is the most phone will. Rows will be around one two three. My best rugby rounds six seven and eight so probably be very interesting, because if he can carry his low one, two, three, four five. He'll get the advantage whatever I can take. Seventy eight in down around four five to I. Have the advantage, so we'll see what happens. Do you have to like watch tape of Michael? Do you watch like SPA videos? Do you go back and watch any of his old fights or do you just? Do you just have that knowledge that you've seen from him? Over the years being a boxing I, being in the sport, being a champion, you've seen Mike fight a million times at this point. Not Stealing your home nodule face, cheesecake, W homeboy get treated legs arena fight. You got hall once you know what you're up against because you'RE GONNA. Get dragged on the island and not be available. House the Movement right now you've been known for your movement. You're defense. You're dodging. Making people miss because people get those arms tired. They swing at you, and and you just maneuver out of the way in such a spectacular way. Hey, how's the movement right now? It's coming back. Really coming back. So and they say it's like riding a bike. Would you agree with that or on a percents? What's been? What's been the best part about this for you just to say? The guy left me and my. With opportunity to do people thought we'd do. It knocked onto To have a big fight in the social media error. How what openness? I do want to ask you about about island fights because you know you've been a big part of that and getting into the mixed martial arts, world is with this covert era. Is there any plans on getting an event back on the books when you guys thinking on that? Right now we think as September. Things will be the best time and we'll get. What happens in November was deadly because they're standing expecting the second wave cove in November. So we get get one septum. It may be Cam because. We gabby pitched down again November December if that happens. And you guys are making some waves because we've seen a lot of your fighters. Get the call up to the UFC these days. So how does that make you feel getting into the sport and providing these guys with a platform to get those life changing opportunities? That's the biggest part of me to give guys a platform to give the opportunity. To get bit chance at the base thing for me. My thing is got me died. Use Me as instrument. They played his music through. May Be I can help. I think that's always a my things the other people more so them myself. There are some other guys on the roster that you feel are going to get that. Call sooner rather than later that stick out to you. There few. daynet name because I'm do names very well, but they are a couple of guys who are not going to get the causes attack. That's a great thing and those people Roy who who say that boxing has been struggling with MMA. I feel like boxing is a really great place right now. We've seen some of the big heavyweight fights, and we've seen the numbers of those who do and the gates that they're doing so when people say that I just don't agree with it. That boxing is being suffocated by MMA right now. What is your? What is your thoughts on that? As you're getting ready to come back and compete yourself, was it? Media outlets. I was GONNA. Help us. His box event, so they will put together. Good box events I'm sure Dana White has no problem with have modem. He's audited. His hand mode does one. Of. The outlets would love to have things to talk about with the intimate outlets, but they deal in combat sports. Boxing May Combat Sports to the combustible. They wanted to use you gotta have the are destined. Had the nerve Audi right conversation to be able to size Promote Boxing make it biggest probably have been boxing. Make by combat. So why will one that skirts the other batch? The article happy jeopardy so better boxing. The makes us and we get to get to the top people always WanNa see clancy will happen whether it's a boxing match or elements you by people talk about silver box match for years even before the middle of the. We would walk without ed unlike that. Has Professional boxing spirits? May granted. So. This is much global competitive fight as best being older, because now because he has experience is much easier to. At a young Tagore original, he doing older wardrobe with he may have a chance at didn't live because much older than that. But that's a big bit, and it would have been a big event and happen back the. Mike Show you now. Never say no. Opportunity may come. Notes, so that fight with Anderson Silva is still somewhat on the table. If the numbers and everything falls into place perfectly, because he's a great friend of mine, he's a good person. Does speak English, but he always wanted to make a fight. They just not allowed opportunity to do it or the right time to do. So because we both gave hours, we have got opting will adopt. The comes along I'm sure that may be one of the other entertain the that might entertain because I gave them. My word of advocating became I would have been cool after this fight he could get. Lots of be excited about and I'll tell you what you made. Some great points about getting boxers onto these outlets and having these conversations when Dean tax you and says that Roy Jones junior is ready to talk to you now you get on skype and you talk to that man right now, and that is what happened here I. Appreciate the very much I know you're a very busy man I'm really looking forward to this on September Twelfth Royal, Junior, taking on Mike Tyson. This is unbelievable, Roy, thank you for the time I appreciate it very much. Thank you member of. You're listening to the VOX media podcast network.

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