Nimai Delgado: The Bodybuilder Who's NEVER Eaten Meat - IMPAULSIVE EP. 65


I don't know little punks. Meanings means for the future civilization say. What are they suck, bro? We suck as it is humid sub besides you. And you and you maybe they say, oh, you're a scumbag. Talking about the new producer fucking hate. Have you ever tried sitting off the show for an extended time? Fancy new producers. Davis Billick we show. He comes in the first tries to kick. Mike off the fantail yours. Like, I'm pretty sure there say the opposite. Do what do you want home run sometimes and welcome back to a policy, by the way, the number one podcast in the world. And that is a fact that you guys are not subscribe, make sure to subscribe wherever you listen wash view podcasts, YouTube IT and Spotify. Whatever we do an extended audio cue Nate with the guests after the visuals done. So stick around for that. It's it's Susie. And we saw. Wow. Starting this off the split how many miles did you write today? One hundred and two you wrote one hundred and two miles on a bike has morning have either of your ass has ever died. Your ass at one time. I was in the Mediterranean. Ooh. Why? Yeah. My ass is currently did is it 'cause there's the bike. He is not comfortable. That's that's a big part of it. Yeah. Because then on a bike seat for five and a half hours. Look a lot of people are wondering why the fuck you did that. I don't know. You have no reason why you wrote one hundred miles triathlon coming up or anything. Anything to do with it nothing. Okay. Okay. Well, it was speaking of athletics and sports in Soros's, our guest at his dope. But he's he's he's he's awesome. Guys. I wanna bring them on. Introducing our guests. He is a vegan bodybuilder whose muscles have muscles. He's been featured in muscle, and fitness and he's never eaten meat in his life ever ever. That's a fact, ladies and gentlemen, it's Nima. Delgado. You've never eat meat in your life. Now, never come on, not even a little tab. Are you sure one hundred percent positive? That's crazy. How how does that happen? Like, what are your? What are your parents be like when you went to go get a cheeseburger at Denny's or something like what would they get? You never got cheeseburgers at Denny's. Both of my parents are vegetarian. So that's how I was raised me. My my brother and my sister all vegetarian. Okay. Wait. Let's let's clarify meat real quick eggs. No, no eggs. No fish. No. Are you fucking? Yeah. We don't get me wrong. When I was when I was older. I'd there was a period where I tried to eggs. And like when I was growing up there were some products that had like eggs baked into it. I wasn't like two particular about that. But now that like obviously the last few years like no egg products whatsoever. No meat chicken fish. That's nuts. I want to dive into that. But I look at this man's physique. Ladies. Gentlemen, specific ladies, you are ripped out of your mind. Your muscles have muscles. This is crazy, man. Good for you. I have a question are there. More dudes or women sliding in your in near DM's dudes. Are you serious? One hundred percent, no way. Auditors percent. Dudes one hundred percent. Better understand this. Oh, she's the ratio. I would say probably seventy thirty. Wow, girlfriends so that that problem never stopped. Anybody? Never stop. The thing is you what do you mean? It seems like a stop you from from taking advantage of any of the like manual. No to be honest. Most of the DMZ get our people asking for advice. Okay. And it's mainly guys that want to build must oh not trying to hit on, you know. Okay. No. There's definitely guys. And and ladies that come in the DMZ, and you know, make their pass. But you know, I got a girlfriend, and I don't swing that other way. No. So the asking for advice, your good person, ask advice, do you obviously? How do I get those muscles? Do I have to be vegan and never meet because I'm way past at no, anybody can build muscles. But I mean, it just takes years of training. I've been working out since I was sixteen seventeen. And this is just, you know, ten years after the fact, you know, I feel like you're sort of at home you sort of in a comfortable place. Now, we got a lot of vegans with you surrounded by spend spender is Janka. Yup. Beyond trae. They actually Andre Andre like we're outnumbered by vegans right now. Is there a transcendent? No, no. Is there is there more I over there? Okay. So we're not out in November. Ratio is set here. So. Hey, we all speaking. Plant based. What's it like being vegan in the fitness community? Is there a stigma against the type of muscle? You can build it. How much of a you can build. Yeah. There's definitely a stigma. I would say I mean in the fitness community is a little bit. It's harder to like help people understand that you can build muscle, right? First of all people like have trouble building muscle in general. And then they see like a vegan that has any significant muscle mass. And then they're like, oh, this is fucking bullshit. Like, it's real it's real it's real plant based. Yeah. It's. Soft at first. But when you flex gets hard and do all more time moly by unflexible on find it looks like a walnut that I take this is massive we zoom in on that looks like someone's stucco football in your arm. We use we use protein on the meat eater side. To gain muscle. Do use photosynthesis gained muscle from the sun is our oil. That's where I'll protein is link originated. So technically. Yeah. Secondhand shaken hands on the planet. Are you? You also really into like the biology of how. Yeah, you know, what I never started off like this was like never goal of mine. Mike, my background. And when I went to school for was engineering, and they saved dude. Yeah. Yeah. What which one industrial and systems? Okay. I did mechanical tight. Yeah. We got a little bit of industrial. Bill gates. I hated it. Totally bro out later over some just go. Gosh, everywhere build like a bridge or something. Now. Now, we're not qualified. Pecan build it himself. He could just hall all the materials and I'll true. Sure. But yeah, no, I never I never intended to like be in this industry. Oughta that's the thing. So from the biological or biological perspective. Like understanding what works they add. It's interesting to me. But it was never like a goal of mine, but to be honest after getting so many questions online that you kind of have to understand things a little bit better. So you can explain to people. What is the most common question that you're you're being asked protein for sure like how do I how do I go vegan and not loose size. How do I go vegan stay healthy? How do I go to build muscle? Is it healthy? Do I have to supplement? Can you get all of your central nutrients and vitamins from vegan diet, that's majority of or I want to build muscle lose weight at the same time, you know, the standard, and you have answers to all these questions. Yeah. Of course, I'm gonna ask one right now go so little personal anecdote. We've talked about on the show before I I was vegan for four months last year. I was down to try anything anything and anything. Now. I mean got. I know I just said it twice, but not anything. But I was I was in a point in my life where I was like searching, the fine myself a little more. And so I was just experimenting with different diets, a my relationships with people, etc. And I went vegan for four months. This was also while I was training for the for the boxing fight. And I went to a nutritionist how to shift it had a chef. And she made I think it was like eight to ten thousand calories a day the right amount of protein, everything I was doing it like perfect except my muscles began eating themselves. I had to drag myself out of bed this morning. I was sleeping twelve hours a day training with miserable. I ended up looking gone. Like, I might as well have been a skeleton, and I was getting a mentally affected by like, I was depressed. Like, my friend Georgie sat me down. He was a goat. Are I have asked you depress? And he asked me if it was because of my diet, and I said, no. But I was clearly affected by being vegan. Does everyone. React. To being vegan the same way. Is it possible? You open to the idea that being vegan isn't for everyone. Or you think maybe I did something wrong to be honest with? No, yeah. One hundred I'm like real when it comes to this stuff. You know, like, everybody's different. Do you know everybody's bodies respond differently? And everybody has a different internal cues that respond differently to food. So for you. You know, your situation might have been a little bit unique to you because you were training quite used that you're training for a box four hours a day at four hours. That's a long time. It'd be training and on top of that you're eating a brand new diet that you probably weren't accustomed to be like, what was your dia before that the I mean the exact opposite? It was still very healthy. But lots of meat based protein. Yeah. Yeah. The nutritionist said that one of the only problems was that you were working out too much what he said. Yeah. But but I wonder on a regular diet like would the results chefs switch to throw out names. But definitely got better agree agree. Yeah. After that switch. Yeah. I mean, there's there's a few different factors there. Overtraining is definitely a possibility. And but also like adapting to that new diet like and then going full force into like ultra training mode for this fight. Right. So if you've been eating healthy right now twenty four twenty four so if you've been eating that way for twenty three years of your life. And then all of a sudden you do like a hard left and do something completely different. Like, your body has to adapt in order for you to even create the environment to simulate those nutrients, so there could have been maybe a lack of assimilation from some of the nutrients, you were you were eat or like the food you're eating, but also like giving your body enough time for like your micro by to adjust because if you eat microbiome. Yeah. So basically, we all have bacteria in our digestive system. And based off of the food you feed it, you will kind of like, cultivate, different environments that could be more suited for digesting plants or more suited for digesting meat. How long is that process? Is it different for everyone? It's different for everybody. It's like the the best way. I heard it described as like, it's. Fingerprint? It's unique to everybody. So depending on how long you've eaten a certain way will kind of be like the deciding factor of how long it could take you to adapt to a new diet. Gotcha. I don't know if this is a myth, but people who eat meat. I'm sure this can happen from plants to it's been said that you have parasites that can, you know, be in your stomach and those have to get flushed out when you switch over is that a myth as. I mean, I mean definitely animals carry parasites. Right. And if you ingest animals, you could possibly digest those parasites as well, and you could develop some, you know, parasites in your body, but it's more about like the bacteria in your body. And whether or not that is able to because I mean, that's like that's like the first place. It goes it goes into your digestive system and gets into your stomach. And now, we're all these things live and your digestive track. And that's what's like absorbing nutrients in giving them the place to go where they need to go. So if you don't have the right bacteria, you physically can't like, okay what what type of vegetables. Did you start eating like when you went vegan for those four months? What was your diet? Like, it was great. I mean, I wanna fiber a lot of gas. It was perfect to be honest with you like again, I made sure every day. I was eating a certain amount of a certain food, veggie, whatever it was. You almost dot. I almost died die actually at one point. He says he has really nice platform dead right now. And there was at one point he tried to order a crypt. He was going to start sleeping, laying cough it, and I was like dude something about this doesn't seem like the right place talk. Talk like I'm turning into a fucking plant. Are you one of the vegans who who is pressing the vegan movement on the non vegans or do try to educate the ones who are to do the best that they can? Yeah. I'm all about meeting people where they are. You know, like, I okay. So I grew up in a bit of a unique environment. So I grew up obviously eating vegetarian, but I grew up in south Mississippi, and like my both, my parents, one of the reasons why I was raised vegetarian is because both of my parents are or Hindu. So they're from Argentina converted from Catholicism Hinduism crazy. Yeah. This they went from a temple in Argentina. And basically went from Argentina to Brazil Brazil to south Mississippi of all places because they had a temple farm light community down there, and it was literally like a bubble. So inside of that bubble was Cal sanctuary. We had our own garden self-sustaining garden, we had a temple. What's that you're Amish? No, not not not. Like, a horse and wagon still trysofi I mean, it was just like a very like humble place where everybody kind of did their own service and just a faith based community have that big beard like with high again. That's Amish told me he was on. I know I've made mistakes. Sorry. It was more like women wearing saris, and and ornamental Doty's. And like, you know, what you've seen India? Oh that's in south Mississippi. Whoa. Are you still Hindu? Yeah. No way. Oh, I don't think I've ever met. This is the first false. Know, you said Jay on the show into Fischetti second. Jay. Jay J Alvarez. What I learned very young from a Hindu teaching that eating was the way, ready and. Could be the back. See Alvarez being a good Hindu believe it for a second. Dang, man. That's crazy this. Oh, okay. Because when he first said said south, Mississippi, I was thinking while it seems like a place that not a lotta vegans are, but you're saying it was a little tight knit community. Oh, yeah. But it was I mean at that in that community is vegetarian. Okay. Okay. So no meat. No fish, no, eggs, nothing like that. But just they would include dairy products, so dairy that was derived from like the milk from the cows that lived on the farm. So it's something called a hymns of milk. So a hymns is like the concept of compassionate nonviolence. And that's the way that well it used to be the case in India where they would treat the cows with love and respect because they saw it as like almost like a not like they just they they tried to treat it with as much respect as possible. So obviously now things have changed with factory farming and everything else, but in in that farm, they would raise them they wouldn't sell off the Cavs or anything like that. And then whenever the cow would produce mill. Whenever is pregnant, then they would milk it and then serve the community. James Ashby told us some pretty horrifying stuff about the way. They they get milk from cows via faculty farm lobby stuff ended up getting like disputed online. Like, I I had a lot of people reach out to me about kind of fear mongering not to say that that stuff's not happening. But like people one person works for the top distributor of meat in the United States. And was just like yo this is all not happening in our like I-. He's like, I'm one of the handlers at the company. This is all none of this is true. It's fear mongering on the part of the against to get people to switch out of meeting. I'm not saying that's true. But like I took a lot of the stuff that James especially said with with a grain of salt because he really served it up in the most horrifying sense ever. I'm not saying that's not happening. But I don't think it's happening at the rate that my question would be I'm sure it's happening somewhere that these stores are derived, right? So so I think there places is too many plot. But that's not. Not going to decide that. I'm just saying I I don't want to focus on the meat industry as inhumane industry and say that it has it's happening everywhere when it is probably a select new places. Well, don't get me wrong. I mean, you can you can milk cow. Like, just, you know, go into a field a milk a cow. But if you the thing of the problem is when you scale it, right? And you have such high demands that you have to make things operate more efficiently. Yeah. You have to automate you have to have systems in place, you industrial engineering. Right. You understand the concept? Like that was one of the reasons why I went vegan in particular was because at the time, I was an engineer, and I had moved to California, and I had seen a video of kind of what goes on behind a dairy industry and seeing all the mechanical systems that are in place to make this operation run efficiently. Smoothly into you know, increase their profits. And I just thought to myself I was like man, this is is so similar to what I was doing at the time. But for a totally different industry like I worked in the oil industry. So my when my responsibility was to optimize their systems for gas plant. And the plants looked very similar. So I thought to myself like man, I'm sitting here working for this company. Trying to you know, make things operate more smoothly. Save money save costs. And there's the dairy industry. That's doing the same thing at the expense at the expense of animals with no respect and no regard to their wellbeing. So that's when I made the decision to just kind of cut out dairy altogether. What's your age Nema twenty nine twenty nine? Yeah. And you look so young. That's vegan skin glow. I've got you. Both have it y'all are always blowing all all over half the time you are hung over. Counter counter that point we had a we had one of their friends roll back on veganism, and he was vegan the whole time. We knew him, and he was always like a pale kind of like walking around this. He came back, and I'm like damn, bro. Yet fucking olive oil skin. He was golden Brown. Like, he just came out of the three seventy five. I was thinking about taking on a date, and I'm over he's talking about John. So he ate cheese though. What a what a fun, and she's hey, hey. Are you are you still friends with him? Because of course, are you? Sure. And no. This week. He said when he told you to that. He's he goes he goes Logan. I'm actually not eating anymore. I saw your guys is. Woller? Don't get me wrong. It was a shock because out of all the people to like do that him was a shock. But now, I'm I'm not I'm not going to be judgmental. I think it's like the same reasoning for me is the demand for like, even if you look at what Leonardo Di Caprio puts in his films, like the demand for me is just not sustainable. There's going to come a point in our near future. Like little Dicky's video. He's talking like twelve years. That's what they're saying. You know, that's what scientists are saying. That's how much time we have. I think that point is coming. I I'm curious like, what do you guys think about that short time on I want to hear his answer for? Yeah. No. I think we're growing at unsustainable rate people are living longer and they're eating more. Right. And it takes land to provide those resources of people in most of the majority of the farmland is fed to animals to feed to human. So it's like there has to be some change there in like, obviously, not eating the animals is a really good place. A start that everybody can kind of like, you know, take ownership of that. So I mean, it's our future generations that we're talking about not necessarily our lifetime. I don't expect to see it in our lifetime. But if you want your kids or your grandkids, your, you know, your grandkids grandkids to have a planet where they can enjoy and have the same type of luxuries that we had been like we have to do something about it. Like, it's hard to this. She's probably shouldn't say this. I'll stay. No. It's just like. To picture. My grandkids grandkids like darling, give a shit about them. What if they suck? What like what are they suck? I don't know. I don't know. I'm just I don't know. I don't know a little punks. Just meanings means for the future civilization say. What are they suck, bro? We suck as it is humid suck besides you. And you and you maybe they say. Oh, you're a scumbag. And you have to admit that United. I mean, we all suck on many different levels saying nobody's perfect. You know what I mean? You know, what I mean like individually, we can make small change, and it makes a grand it makes a grand scale different. That was the question. I was going to ask to is like how do you decide like what? 'cause I love compassion towards animals that love animals, but like does that take you away from doing things like what do you drive for for example? I drive a Jeep like do you are you are you concerned about climate change at all. Yeah. Of course. But I, but I know you're doing more for climate change by not eating me. I do know that because I've we've talked about those synthetics, and I believe those, but it's just sometimes like, I get a feel over inundated. Like there's a homeless person right there. There's a there's like sometimes like someone like me who's not as conscious as you to in terms of like stuff that's happening outside of the business world or the influence our world, or whatever I get over inundated and shut down. And I. That's a great. I think a lot of people are like. Yeah. And that's when it does get overwhelming to because there are so many different things, you could be passionate about you could make a difference in this world in and like to me it can get overwhelming to like which avenue. Do you? Choose like, do I just stop doing everything altogether because it obviously leaves some kind of footprint, but for me, it's like it's like making those small changes, you know, you can make the light bulbs in your house, and you can drive a Nico car. You can do all those things you can recycle. But you know, the studies show that like the biggest difference you can make just by choosing. What you eat because everybody eats. And you do it four five six times a day in some cases. So like choosing where you invest your money is supporting those companies, so even if you're choosing to invest your money into more conscious capital companies that are making it shift and making a change maybe not overnight. But that's like the kind of direction we need to go. Because obviously, we've created a system that isn't sustainable, and it's been working for the past hundred years, but not for the next hundred. So it's up to like people like us do the younger generations to use our voice, and maybe even inspire the future generations to be the next politicians that come in and make serious change Nima. I feel so useless when it's when it's just me recycling or eating a plant based diet. I the thought that plagues my mind is how much of a difference in. I mean, Logan singular truly making right now. We'll let me put it this way. Like, one of my favorite quotes of all times is like what can I do? I'm just one person said a million people. Right. So when you phrase it that way, if everybody makes a small change in a million people make a change that's a huge difference. Right. So you just have to trust if the trust that there are some good people out there making changes, just like you. Yeah. I mean, you can't control what everybody else is doing. The only thing you control is yourself and your actions in thoughts. And what you do, you know? So like to give you an example late. I posted a video about this recently about like the impact from just like the food you eat from like, an animal perspective and resource perspective. So most people are really like infatuated with bodybuilding infatuated with protein intake in the normal amount is how much. How much how much protein should you get produced sixty grand per two point two kilograms sixty s so it's made that thirty sixty grams sixty grams so that's for like your your average like regular normal person. Right for like an athlete that's trying to build muscle. Normally you hear like the one to two gram range. Right. It's like one hundred ninety pounds you need at least double that to build muscle. Right. So if you were like for me, I weighed on a wait one eighty right now. But I did like like last year. You know what I mean? So that's I would get about one hundred and fifty so like, you know, a fraction of that. I wouldn't even get up to two one gram per pound of protein, but most guys are eating two to three times that that our one eighty to try to put on muscle in like the amount of like animal protein that people consume like most of the time. The bodybuilding fitness night is like chicken fish eggs in the morning. Grass-fed steak, you know, wash it down with the way protein, shake all every single one of those are dry from animals. So if like for simplicity sake if you were to just get your protein from one source like chickens, you would need at least one chicken per day. You know, so at least one animal privee, just if you were to get strictly all your protein from chicken. Now, if you do that every single day or two times that much that you're talking about over seven hundred chickens per year and not only that but it's the resources that's embedded into those chickens. Right. You got a raise you got. Yeah. You gotta you gotta you gotta raise the crops to feed the chicken. You gotta have the water to feed the crops to feed the trickiest tation the gas all that. Yeah. I mean, all that stuff is just like extrapolated in the mic the reduction like or the inefficiency between the amount of energy and resources, it takes to raise the chicken is like it can be as bad as fifteen to one or five to one in something like depending on the animal, I think beef is six to one. So it's like you're you're putting in six times more effort just to get one gram of animal protein. I think I think one of the biggest reasons celebrities and end like influencers feel the pressure of responsibility. Anymore than average folks is I mean at the end of the day, he's a taste maker. And so while he says, I'm just one guy technically fifty million guys. No. But if you start spurting out that knowledge of what, you know, eating plants, and like doing all these good things lead to technically a lot of your fans are going to do the same thing. So I think you're a huge scumbag for not. For not doing anything. He's allowing the space for people to talk about it, which is just as shirt, right? She did it for four months for months and still speak highly about it. Like, I think there's. Honestly, I think everyone should try being being vegan. And I mean the. That concern. And the reason I voiced it is because like, bro, even me not to be cocky. But even me like, I do have a voice, and I could make a difference. And I know that even me that still thought is that thought still in my mind so imagine Jimmy in Kansas, bro. How does he feel when he when he's the one person in his town that doesn't want to eat meat? Everyone's calling him soil soy every call Jimmy soy Jimmy where. Boy, you're soy to on that shit was gonna call him. Buddy at least online everybody. Everybody calls. Everybody. Sit on my. From impulsive. For the first time somebody's calling me soy in real life. So thank you. Said it. Fight. Good. I think one of the issues with telling people to try to go vegan. And I'm curious to hear from you it there's so many different people out there, promoting vegan diet. But then not a lot of them are actually really well informed. I've found there was actually one that was promoting of of raw vegan diet, and she got caught eating fish. I saw recently because she was having health issues. But like there's so much science that one hundred percent, raw vegan diet is not healthy. Like long terms outta the term there's a lot of health issues. So like, how do you know like just telling someone to try veganism is like to me that's very dangerous. 'cause there if they don't do it in an informed way, something that were I've learned where I've scaled back on telling people to go vegan is that's a it's a huge conversation is not just as simple as I'm just gonna stop eating me. 'cause then you might go to store by some blood is by some things that aren't going to give you broke your nutrients you actually gonna get legit. Sick. Yeah. Think about it. I mean, you're changing your lifestyle. You've got a certain way for twenty something years. Like, you've got it down like, you know, what to do. And if you change your lifestyle overnight, you wouldn't build a house with no blueprints. Right. You would at least try to like I mean, I could I'm and you can build a shitty house unless you're like a genius. And you just figured out along the way. The highest I q in the house is true. But I believe you I believe you can tie. But it's like you have to do the research behind it. And you have to inform yourself before you make such a big decision because you can just be like, okay? What have you can eat? They don't eat this this in that. But they don't necessarily think of all the other things that they could he it's more of like, I can't eat this. But they don't frame it was like, I can't even all this. You know? So I mean, you can just start off by slowly eliminating like, I think raw food diets are for some people. That's like the far end of the spectrum. Right. Like, I don't promote a raw diet. I don't think it's the best diet for for anybody. You know, things raw as dangerous a lot of times, very true. And sometimes you have to really think sometime, I mean, sometimes you have to cook food to get the nutrients and a lot of times, it feels good, you know, but it could harm you. Stay away from Grozny raw. Great great. But it's also dangerous. But I I mean, I don't I don't think Iran diet is is the way to go. And every time you say that word don't want to call something else on cooks. Yeah. But I mean, okay for her for example. I mean, there's a lot of factors that we probably don't know about her. You know, she she built her platform on, you know, selling this is essentially like this her livelihood. So I could see the conflict with somebody like her to not wanna come out and say, hey, no longer vegan guys. You know? That's a lot of like as influencers I can relate to her. You know, I can empathize for that. It's a big pressure. It's a lot of opinions. You know, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the that the diet is the the source, you know, could be a lot of personal issues then went on with that person. And just the same way that you know, everybody's unhealthy in a sense. You know, but it it tends to be the the outliers that get you know, more publicity. You know, there's a million people that are dying from disease and heart disease, and cardiovascular issues or diabetes and things like that that are derived for meat, but it's just like kind of just like that's just how it is. But you know, when a vegan comes out and says, hey, I wasn't healthy because of it for like really personal reasons than it's like, Aw that beacon diet as. It's for anybody. It's selective. Yeah. I feel like I feel like people have trouble with it. Because it's such a drastic not not. It's not as drastic as you would think it is. But like the thought of not eating me is so drastically different from what we've done as a human civilization forever. You know what I'm saying? So it's like it's just a lot to swallow. Yeah. Well, I mean in reality like the like the industry like the industrial age, they really helped to scale up how much meat we're eating for generations. And civilizations before us. It was more. Like, you know, a delicacy rather than a staple for every meal? So that's probably why you know, they didn't see the same type of disease that we did. And again that scale ability problem that I was telling you about factory farming. It it's producing like, you know, things that we haven't seen in in the past. So even like, okay, there's an there's a study for what was it the gladiators like this study that shows the gladiators were predominantly vegetarian. So it's like, and those are like some of the most bad ass people in history. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. And they were vegetarian. So it's like it's more like, you know, it was more like. A supplement to their diet rather than like, the staple of their diet. So we've been eating plants are entire existence to are a heavy vegan. And you go to the gym often. How how often by the way it's like once a day once a day. Do you have a meal? Yeah. What is that she meal? How can you have fun if for night man, fed LA? It's it's an easy really easy. I'm not gonna lie. There's some really good vegan desserts. What's what's yours? I don't have much of a sweet tooth. But I do like like the raw vegan cheesecake like. Yeah. No strong. I do. Oh, I think your sister brought at once I'm for shot up onto a sister. I thought we had one from veggie grill the other day that wasn't as good so umbrella back does it was a character. Okay. They're delicious. Cookies through the chocolate chip cookies. Realistically, you could eat all the same foods that you normally eat that have been vegan is now there's so many alternative meats that are available. You can have you can pizza. You can have you can chicken wings. You can have the buffalo wings and everything, you know. Okay. So you're in a relationship with that girl over there him. Yeah. Abe doing she on social media as well. Yes. She is. You guys have like what's it like being so attractive to so many people and getting so much attention does that ever mess with the relationship in any way? I mean, I feel like you should know, you know, you probably get a lot of attention from people and people try to like it is it is challenging like. Okay. When we first started dating, we didn't really talk about it or publicize it at all. Because we knew that we had to first of all get to know each other. You know, better when we first started talking, we are like across the country, and when we first met and like met in person, we will know still getting to know each other to we weren't gonna blast each other all over social media, and then just have people insert their opinion. And whenever also. Yeah, it can be challenging for sure. But as long as you have that open hitting on her often celebrities, you name, it NFL players side into this who's into the let them know who's defense. Dance dance. Football players rappers from the actors. Let's say math from the eagles falls. Is that what you said I wore that the MC pick that shit up. She's you heard it here. So do you have Janka in the love sack of rules for each other? Like like this post is too sexy too revealing you have to about me once a week. Now, I take I take like ninety five percent of her pictures and most of them, she's half-naked. Do you give him photographs? Sometimes. Due yellow her what she doesn't give you photograph. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I do that. But it's like a ton of guys and girls hit on her too. But it's like as long as you have that open line of communication in like, you're not hiding anything. And you're just like open with each other. Then you don't have anything new. What's their what's the difference in follower count between the two? I don't even know. All you, don't she's got more. She's got obviously, she's got more. I didn't know that. Do you? Do you throw? You got lady. Half a Miller something. Do you think in in this age of social media that the person who wears the pants can sometimes be dictated by our count the person who wears the pants can be dick like like if you're like going on my boys night? And she's like, oh, yeah. You're gonna want your voice. Five hundred twenty thousand followers. Go out meet tonight. So why don't you sit down and watch Grey's anatomy? Eat plants. How that works. Not quite we don't really go out that much anymore, of course, ingratiate. Yeah. I mean, not I wouldn't say it's like that. Right bay. No. I mean, we we do most of the things together. Anyway. So of course, it's not like fucking. Look at you guys kissing underwater. What's that like who took this picture? My boy Reese shall REEs. I was in Bali as she's she's actually known for her tattoo on her. But you see it was the say Vegas says. Our our type of girls it would say. Not. I'm not might might sorry. Once my girls. I'm just looking for a nice nice girl row. This. I I know a lot of this. When you work out for photo shoots. You really? Yeah. Me when I see her in the gym, okay? To be honest. We'd go to the gym every day together. But since we have two separate goals. Like, she goes her way, I go my way, and then we'll see each other, and we'll run into each other and give you know, a kiss here and there, but it's not like we're like that or not one. I'm not sure couples, you know, it's really wraps her legs. And I do pull up now, we've never filled one of those videos, and I don't think we're going to respect level. Just went up. So tell you know, there's a lot of unhappy meeting fat people not talking about myself dad bonds that see Jim couples and they've said man alive. Jim couple getting destroyed nowadays, you know, that now online running joke. Fringing? It's pretty cheesy. But you know, to be honest, it's really convenient because she does social media. I do social media. We're both in fitness industry. She takes all my videos. I take all her video. So it's like it's a win win for everybody. That is awesome. So you just spoke at Google, right? Yeah. Back in January. I believe so why why is Google having you come speak? What's going on? I think I know was having to do with me getting back on Google preferred. That's what I was saying. Is that what it was? Yeah. That's they wanted me to get you to get back on their so. That's good. Speech for it. Thank you so much. What else? Did you talk about this speech? Besides that. Which is a fact talked about I talked about a little bit more of my life kind of like my background. And then how I use that background to kind of be at the place where I'm at now. Because like I've been asked my entire life like growing up vegetarian and Mississippi. It wasn't the most open minded relations like environment. If that makes sense, you know, growing up in school. It was really tough. You know, I had to bring my own school or bring my own lunch to school every day. My mom pack my lunch box, and I'd open it up, and it's just like straight Indian food every single day because that's what they cooked. So, you know in south, Mississippi, nobody eats Indian food. Nobody knows like nobody's even seen or heard of it. So it's like the moment you open it up all this flavor, and and smells and things come out. And this is like. Jio? What's that? What are you eating? And then I have to explain like why there's no meat, and it's just like this constant conversation. I had my entire life. And it was just like so overwhelming for a young kid that just wanted to fit in that knew he was so different. Like, let's face it. My parents are from Argentina. I wasn't raised in our Indian, by the way, no one another. They're they're white both neither their straight up from Argentina. You know, they speak Spanish. So it's like in my household. I spoke Spanish, but I was following a Hindu religion. So I was surrounded by Indians. And then outside of that bubble. I was in the deep south of Mississippi, which was like Southern Baptists very like proactive preaching like evangelists, and like like to be honest. It was really challenging were the enemy. I was just so different on so many levels. And I didn't have that sense of identity that I didn't feel like I fit in with the with the Hindus because we're white Argentina's spoke Spanish, I didn't feel like I fit in at school because I was Nima. Yeah. Like do that was the weird Hindu name kid, eight vegetarian food neon? Then it's like I had to I had to constantly like find who. I. Was and be comfortable with it. But part of that process for me was just like not talking about who I was. So I just like became like, a chameleon and essentially just live that way all the way up until a college. You know, my friends knew little bit more about my life and things like that. Why didn't eat meat, but it wasn't until I like really came into my own like when I was like twenty twenty four twenty five where I started talking about these things vocally because I I felt enough like like I felt comfortable enough with who I was that nobody could questioner attack that. And that's kind of what led me into speaking about it publicly online, and and having these questions and not being afraid to just throw up in his mouth on the podcast. And he is. Stay on board him that much. I'm I'm not sure I've never seen you throw up your mouth like what did you just do? Was there your word? I don't know what avid, bro. Can you describe it? I think it's because I was biking and like did you really throw up? No. You're about to expose Donald died. Hamstrings intact must be vegan. Dan, I think so we'll see who wants to kick off the show after this episode. That's pretty fucked up onto Cali Florida. That's man, I feel bad food when it's it like as a vegan kid trying to follow a vegan diet in school. Right as possible. Yeah. I would say it's probably a lot more available in. It was back in the day. There's probably a lot more options. Now, I don't know what they serve at school lunches to be honest. A pizza boat pizza boat. You guys get to go sick. Oh my God. Danny can you? Please order some Bosco sticks for the house and make sure they're vegan Bosko's. You don't have to be. If you only the non vegan. He said they need to be. Bosko sticks comment below please. If you remember Bosco sticks own gonna got days every Friday, bro. You just ditman. The thing is. Wow. Bro. Somebody gift that that double-handed Bosco Gluck Gluck. Gift that Rogin smiley. I'm looking actually. That is interesting thing to look back on. It was like how asked food was in Michigan and Ohio and for you. You see I was forty two years before cafeteria worse than it was every day was the same options cheeseburgers pizza boats and cheeseburger, pizza votes, those three probably left high school like four hundred sixty two pounds. I diabetes. This is it's a serious their bomber. Yup. Great lady. Shouts out, Michelle. She did a lot of work trying to get better food into schools. I just say what I think about Trump, but he loves McDonalds. He serves the sports stars. Mcdonald's house we change up the food pyramid to and by the way. All your man, we did something there. Yeah. When I was cutting weight for wrestling, and even football, you know, we'd have our games at the end of the day at the end of the school day, wrestling, we'd weigh in at the end of the day. I always found it so difficult to either a not eat for the wrestling weigh ins or try to eat healthy for the football games. It's next to impossible in in small like middle America or like, mid west cities healthy is like what is healthy and those air. What are they what it's I believe? Desert. It's a place where there's no healthy options. It's just McDonald's arby's bird like that's all. I have for miles. Not Taco Bell was healthy. When I was by the way. Ways don't know start talking about talk about a bad way right now. Oh, you don't. Okay. Okay. Shocking dice. He's fell is the MOS on Mexican food on the planet. According to crunch boxes available for. Sponsored talk about what about del taco. That's like a west coast thing. Then he goes he goes, what is del taco? I described as like a cheap Taco Bell kinda is it's just they just they just offered the beyond meat crumbles at del taco. Way beyond me is what exactly beyond meat is an alternative plant based version of chicken. They have beef have beef crumbles. So that's the deal that they struck with us as pla- it's plan based. Yeah. I think it's P P isolate or soy ice credit to is like the main ingredient, and then the rest, I think I mean, there's I didn't look at the full menu is yawning list the brand because there's the burger right? Yeah. Yeah. Same. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. Like maverick maverick made a B burger is that that's different than the impossible yet. Yeah. It's different. Totally different. Burger King picked up. Did you see that a Walker now? I think so just came out. Like I saw today. Subway came out with a vegan symbol house. Junior. I think the conversations going to get more interesting with this nipsy film, getting put out to did you did you guys see during his funeral or his the the celebration of life? His was I think it was his mother encourage everyone in the audience too. Oh, really? Yeah. Because the documentary vegan. He was I think he was actually he might have been vegan towards the end. He was talking about it a lot because the film he's doing on Dr CBI is a holistic doctor from Honduras. I believe and. Yeah, the documentary. He's doing this. This guy Dr CBI discovered that a vegan alkaline diet was curing like aids. Like all of these diseases like reversing them, and he got attacked for it. And then defended it and one. So he was able to keep making those claims he will he was vegan for a bit, by the way, what he type in was nifty hustle. The first thing is was nipsy hustle vegan. Yeah. So I think that's just because Google's listening also. No they ours. And we have proof of that. Unless you let us back on preferred to actually, no, no, we don't please leave me alone. Don't harm me or my family. I'm sorry. I don't know anything. They literally press a button, and Alexa will just get up into. Yes. Slap your family Skynet ahead with a vegan. You are. You allowed to have fun as if he can of course. Yeah. How do you have fun? How do you have fun playing? I drink him party of my friends in Dez I used to do that. I mean, we still we still partying and dance with our friends. We were just in Bali, and we had like an epic tie, y'all sober. Yeah. No. I mean, it's like it's like we don't put like a label on it. Like, I I think the last time I drank was like a year ago or something like that. But it just doesn't it doesn't serve me anymore in college though. I went to LSU and callers like that was my shit like I drink every single weekend the weekend started on Thursday and ended on Wednesday. You know, that was running a beer pong table, bro. I always beer pong check. And see was champ back in the actually I'm sorry. Don't even try. No, I'm so sorry. I can't hear you. It happened it happened. And I have proof that I will pull up at some point. Go ahead. I won the beer pong championship. My junior year old milk championship. It wasn't beard. It was a beer Jack in my full savage. Is you sent it for a part of your did, bro? Yeah. Champion Dr a gopher you d- one. My fraternity fans out there. You're gonna watch that part. Fucking what I believe I believe it Spencer show me some stuff. He did when he was younger you were wild, man. Was you remember that voice over you made of your teachers you want to explain that. I really want to at some point release that to the world Spencer show me a video. I'm not I'm not going to get too. Crazy. You show me a video of you making like a promo for your school. And your teachers were talking is. So is my principal and vice principal and that they were off. They're awful. Nobody likes. Nobody likes you might as well just on a voiceover. Making them say look at the Dicks on the wall. He took a video them talking. And then just what's it called role? They dumped it over. Anyway, we're getting crazy off off topic here. Can you be to Jack Jack? Yeah. I think there's a there's a fine line between being too jacked know, I competed in. Yeah. I mean that was that was right before. Bodybuilding contest the Arnold. You guys are from Ohio. I went to the island. I was this close to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yeah. He's a cool guy. But that was right before the Arnold. So that's like peak condition actually right before. So that was peak week so before starting drying out or Shiva got ASA wipes. You're too big. You can't wipe through now. I mean, you look at me. I'm not like a crazy like, Phil. He like one of those like. You draw the line though. Like when you start having trouble getting that Sharman up there. You know, I think he's about. Three ply toilet paper available at your stores flex keep coming. No. I think I think if somebody wants to get that big. Then by all means, do whatever you want to do to get that big for me. I like to like, look a certain way and beyond that. Yeah. I'm saying this this. Oh, okay. But we'll find a real one God like this. Are they doing steroids? Is that dude? Doing a steroid that man. Like come on, man. This. Of course, he's doing steroids his face vans. Look at his legs. I mean, there's definitely a strong possibility can imagine as might as well be oak trees, I could imagine that dude stepping on buildings. Can you just imagine for a second? Like just what if what if one of them is just like tally? Are are. Joe Rogan talked about this girl's into these types of bodies anymore. I don't know there's there's someone out there forever. Yeah. That's right. You go to those Expos. I mean, you've been a fitness expo all those guys have girls like hanging on there arm. A wanted all of them to punch me in the face, the girls and the guys the guys kind of gross to its does happen. You know, what you know, what I've noticed about the girls that belong to those guys. It's either usually a really small very small like blonde chick, and she's just getting dominated by this massive behemoth Godzilla, man, you know, what my favorite one, it's a girl. That's as big as them like the giant bodybuilder? Yeah. The guy from game of thrones game of thrones. Yeah. The mountain and his girlfriend Mouna his girlfriend. This is incredible. Wow. Strong fucker. Damn he has to just by to be close to be fair. She's probably like five seven. No. I mean that isn't that guy like six seven years. By the way, huge by the way, I got a DM from him on Instagram him. He's like he's like, you gotta come to Iceland. I was like are you inviting me in Iceland tight punched in the face by him. Can you? Do you have like a punch in the face fetish? Yeah. Yeah. Really? I had a friend like that one time. They was Patsy real Astle. All I ever wanted to do is get hit in the face. And why yes, no talion Pascall out. Always said, why are you always trying to fight people and he'd be like twenty points in the fucking face be out drinking, and he'd be like feel pain? I'm like, do you good? I was always a problem with the drinking friend that just got too aggressive deck. Those those. Fall victim to it. Evan, bro. Oh, really always tries to fight me doesn't always he did once and how it's me. I tried to start to fight. And then you've got to step in and finish it. Yeah. I had a friend like that too. This is life. I'm a happy drunk. I'll drink I saw you crawl on the floor on time GI, Joe sto drank too, much anyways. If I went in there one last question on my end, there's a upcoming film say last question, you just completely gone back on because I'm saying that because I could die like, I don't know how I'm still here. Game changers film. Yeah. What's what's up with that James Cameron's producing vegan documentary, and you're one of the guys in it this big deal. Oh sh-. Now. This is a big frigging deal, dude. Yeah. I'm I'm one of a few athletes in it. And it's just basically James Cameron's one of the executive producers another James Wilkes, former UFC ultimate fighter championship winner. Also Joseph pace. I mean, these guys off vegans, I'll vegan. Yeah. It's it's basically a documentary highlighting the health benefits from a performance perspective on the plant based diet and addressing a lot of the. Common misconceptions about a plant based diet regarding protein, b twelve inflammation cancer. I mean, a lot of different things. But what I really like about the film is that it promotes from very positive light. You know, there is no real fearmongering. It's it's very inspirational. And I think that when you approach anything from that angle a lot more people will listen when you talk about the benefits of something versus the negative. I agree. Why you shouldn't do it for why you should write about your? When your kids misbehaving. Sure, you could spank the shit out of him or you good could explain him. Why what he did was wrong and why not doing it will benefit his life? Like imagine. How much how much Sochacki cheese candy could have got if you didn't act up like a little bitch. That's the most effective way. Yeah. There's a study. I rose. Kids in a cage as the best is out there saying now like a kennel. Yeah. They've never seen him be wrong about a stat. So it seems like that from very legit science. Throw your parents out there are you saying like dig a hole and put them in the kennel, or did, you know, that's inhumane. Okay. Just regular kennels. Yeah. It's illegal fish drunk in Ohio SIL eagle eat, garlic. And then get on a bus within one hour in New York City. I'm not I'm not kidding dead series. Because your breath is overpowering enough to turn people at to vamp. I love your mind like this. This goes right in the fast lane. Who's going to Gela? Nah, I'm not going. I'll go for you shot that we're going to weekend to oh this'll be out on Monday. So question are you out of your weekend one in weekend one, and we can do that just came back going again? You're you have a major problem. Yeah. Consult a doctor ace talking to you. Mark donor. Check in. Why are you going for two weekends? You're gonna die. He's freshly single though. So that gives you a lot could you off the and he's looking great, and he looks he looks great. Who'd he almost looks vegan. Really good for you on last night. He was walking down the street. And it's underwear. What am? Yeah. You actually that's not a joke dead serious. He's hunting on and we talk about some current events. Yeah. Current events. Yeah. Go for it. With boxing at all a little bit. Yeah. It is much Terrell Miller and he failed his drug test. So he will not fight Anthony Joshua wa- alleged from the UK who is like plant-based when he trains, right? Is he yeah, I believe so I don't know. I don't know if you've follows it all the time. But I'm pretty sure I've read interviews where he says that when he trains he goes he opts for a million. I know Nate Diaz and it is world heavyweight champion boxer Anthony Joshua eats vegan before competing in. And the oh Anthony Joshua. Blows my mind that do this two hundred seventy thousand pounds. He's the mountain. Oh, my top of a mountain Oma. God. All right side, note that blows my mind, but I was gonna say. Dear I feel like I'm seeing a lot of this lately of people failing the drug test. What are you pulling up? I don't know some Google news about someone surprising first impression of Logan, Paul from pokey main. I hadn't even seen this big news from aids, I'm not kidding from Google from pope who is news four four you. Combine the base under interest. David knew how on interested. I am. I don't know why. Can I shake your hand? So I appreciate you for interrupting sorry. No. It seemed important Morita. I'm Marie to after shut up Hoke Amman. Okay. I got a tattoo got to catch them. All I thought he was kidding swirled that too. It's a poke on there we go. Girl, girl. Still miss. You should never go with me again because that had to what she's not she serious anyways, the boxer drone Hillary failed junk, and he can't fight Anthony Joshua. I feel like I'm seeing a lot of this recently of athletes failing their drug tests why they doing it. Why are they doing what drugs they doing to put in their system? Is it worth the risk because I'm going to be honest, bro. Roydon juiston juice. Is it is it peds? They're getting PD's that they're getting in trouble for is it like what are the specifics of that? Please. Taneja drugs. I was talking about mopeds. Yeah. You're you can you can you can drive. Yeah. Shit. Now. I'm just saying busted. You would have you ever done stare? No never have would you ever to be honest when I was younger and just starting like my bodybuilding career. I thought about it every body builder. That'd be completely. I if I didn't think about it. You know what I mean? But I knew whenever I started my journey. I did my first show ever as a vegan. And that was like kinda by chance because I had stumbled upon that video and decided to cut out dairy in the time I was vegetarian, but like I knew that like I just wanted to prove to myself in nounce it on Instagram and do all this things. I just did the show. And then afterwards, I I won the show. And I saw that there was something to like people really interested. So I thought why not share this message? And you know, there was a point in time where I was like, okay, I could like really expedite this process by probably taking this stuff. And I've had like professionals tell me that the only way you can make it in bodybuilding is if you take stereos, which you know, I I don't think that's true. You know at like, there's so many other things you can optimize before having to resort. Something like that. You know what I mean? Most people don't even give themselves a chance to see what they're truly capable of to reach that ceiling before they automatically will will take whatever under discernibly. There's some sort of test that takes place, bodybuilding competitions and some federations. Yes. And some federations it's as simple as a P test. And I think in other ones they do polygraph for my fight. They cut our hair. It was like, okay. Yes. It's because say grows out like you a lot of these guys a lot of these guys will find. Yeah. Yeah. And like cycle off a certain time before a show, and then get it out of their system. Yeah. So I mean, yeah, it's pretty prevalent in in bodybuilding for sure and like even in the league is compete in its non-tested. So like there's guys on stays that are competing with me that are clearly doing it, and it's like their personal choice. And I love those guys in there. Some of the hardest working people. I know. But for me, my message was always promoting health. You know what I mean? And I never really wanted to deviate from that, partly because like my own personal longevity. I really care about. But second I knew that like if I ever resorted to doing that. Then it would completely nullify anything that I had done. You know what I mean? Like, get the asterisk. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Like people people still accuse there's videos about it their articles about Reddit threads. You know? What I mean? Like, I get it every day. And it's an argument that's not going to go away because people will see an image of somebody. And they're like they paint the picture for that person. They make a lot of assumptions when they don't know the the full story. You also didn't have to get bacne because bacne sucks, dude. He's tough, bro. Not it just it's I had acne, bro. I didn't have bacne. But act me, and I was speak for some who did have backing because I had acne. There's nothing you can do everything steroid induced or different ballgame. When you have steroid induced, I've seen some bacne that. Yeah, you see the guys in the gym than have the cysts in length orally bad bacne on their back. Dr. Dr barber and they also get the hime oh toes like the in their nipples like where. Gynecologist? I had that I had that you got stiff nips when I was going through puberty. There were these little balls in my nipples in my boy, Sean Turk would always give me titty twister as he was such a dick because he knew I was going to be any new my nipples percents. Always twisted you haven't removed or they went and went away. Went away. They went away. And I got pets. It was like it was weird upgrade there's a predecessor for PECS always wondered if you ever took ROY before I met you everyone does everyone does. Now, I was happy to hear. I think if you have any kind of like muscle, and like, you're you're in good shape. And you're like you've got a really good Bill to you. But like, it's just a communist option nowadays. I feel like the internet has set the bar so low that anybody that has any kind of mass masses like Royds, you know, what I made a stupid, but it is just so common nowadays. Because people don't really first of all a lot of the comments were made by people that don't work out or don't have any idea about what it takes to build muscle, or it's the same people that go to the gym every day and don't see any results in like, I didn't see any results. So that's how are common section full of wizards, bro. A my opinion they know everything shot common sexually love shot fucking lane of X of people's existence. Just what are you gonna say we go to audio only going to do that best idea? Or should we talk about that song, Tom, right? What about humane meals? You know, my bed. I wish you would've told me after sorry. She's beautiful. I'm interested in Sleipner DM's. I'm not gonna lie. We'll see. I always. Hey, listen. Watching this episode of impulsive, I'm going to ask them more current event related questions to need my on the audio only version you can catch it on Spotify. You might go. God. Thank you for joining us. Of course, man. Thank me. Of course. Where can they find you on social social just neem? I underscore Delgado on everything. Beautiful. We love you guys. We'll see you next time. Take it easy fan. Here. We are audio own. Different high so yo- current events this is due Davies he called Lil NAS Xs old town road wack take. I'm going to. To be honest. I haven't listened to it. But I know because Bianca came home, she takes dance classes, and she did a a dance routine to that song. You have listened to it. I've listened to clips online I'll made them listen to the song. But part of it not the whole thing. Yeah. It was catchy. It was super. It's a good for nothing. I hate these of songs, but let me tell you when you're in a car of twenty drunken idiots, leaving Coachella. And that song comes on. Road. More b I knew it. I'm from Mississippi. I grew up in new or the old town road one. Oh, yeah. I grew up. Town. I grew up not liking country. But I'd like that song. It's pretty revolutionary when I heard it. I was like I I didn't I don't know about it. But then I was like damn this is like big mixing hip hop with country. It's funny because Sean. They said the same kind of things about Chope inn's eight and Sombor when I was releasing sixteen hundreds and I think people have the same reaction. And now look at that's timeless masterpiece of music, and I think old town road is heading in the same direction. But I think Chopin's on solid open or Bach. Those people to be honest. I think we're going to the same place with this. I'm sure he's got many many more to come. Listen. Dickey's earth came out as well. Have you seen that yet? I haven't seen it. But again, yuckiest me young bianca's, the one that's more up to date. You'll bianca. Yeah. I would guess twenty two so vacuum vegan vacuum cleaner. Sounds like oh bless saw. All on one side. We're getting attacked by vacuum alien. A blending. She's making a smoothie tech will it blend. Throwback. Okay. So I think you're like little Dicky's earth. I hey, we should get a little bit on the show. Yeah. For sure. Yeah. We'll make that happen. Do think we could. What are your thoughts beyond thing? And it's cool. Like, I hear about as opinion. Well, I'm under. Well, it's cool, man. It's cool. I wish I could say it's great. I'm sorry. It's gone like Ambrosetti to right? It's got everyone in formula was so cool. The hook is incredibly catchy. When I first heard the hook. I knew I was going to sing we love the earth. They had that song. What was that song in the in the in the nineties with like, Michael Jackson and all them? It was really the world. Yeah. That one's really good, by the way, number one on. Now, it's seven six or millionaires. Here's my prediction killing. Here's my prediction. This will sit around eighty to a hundred mil which is still great for a music video. But then again has every single Ayla celebrity in it. I'm just saying I mean to use his platform for a mess. I love a gotta give it respect. That's why. It's funny though, because we actually put out a similarly important piece called flatter to the edge and back. Are you argue equal has a similar amount of views on believe at this point. It's funny because I didn't know did it make it on the trending list with you to know how many of us is one. Oh, it's gotta be up around the same amount as the video it's like four and a half. But actually, not at all there's no chance of catches up to it at all going to smoke on the less. It's so weird that it wouldn't even make the top twenty. I mean, does that seem right to you seems like it might beginning bearing now I'm YouTube, and I we got no. Beef, bro. I love them. That's funny. No, are you focusing on YouTube at all no, not at all. No spokes endless unites you watch any blogs. No. I don't have time to one. I don't do that, bro. I I never got to do it. But my last blog if I had ended logging properly was going to be like, yo I love you guys so much. Thank you for watching all of my content. But my number one piece of advice to you is don't watch people live their lives. V of log go out and live your own life. And it's really good for yourself. And again, I love it. They wash myself, but he was going to say that. But he's not saying that now Logan continue to watch content. If it comes out put up put down, whatever you're doing. You got basketball practice. Don't notifications on vacations on your dinner, whatever it is watched. The wlac starve yourself said don't every afternoon by the fuck emerge. Sue to be honest. I had I had I do have a YouTube. I've barely post on it. And it was like one of those things where I wanted to start it. And it's just like I like Instagram way better because it's just like picture caption go I feel like YouTube is like so lazy person need. I it's not fish, right. I'd rather direct my energy towards something else. Those muscles got that. Big from pressing publish. Bro. I don't know. Nope. What's the worst habit? People have at the gym texting. Oh, no how come every day someday? For those people. How come why texting? I took to the gym it distracts me between my workouts. And then I forget that I'm at the gym. Yeah. You wanna know what else? But then you're on a machine. Are you sitting on my fucking dumbbells that I've been waiting on for the past thirty minutes guys? Calm down. By the way, I'm the worst at it. I'll sit there and I'll forget for thirty minutes. I'll look up stuff to do ADHD is for oh, you know, what I would say to is singing lyrics out loud that always bugged me as ever happened to you as the guy in the gym. That's just like he's always blasting his own music. And he just starts singing, the Lear IX out loud like terribly. Okay. But sometimes it's not his fault example of old. Tom wrote comes on him singing that focus on. It's just the Jim sing along like a. Down road known. No, you know, why we can do that here because audio only on Spotify itunes, and they won't remove the content because if he's on YouTube they claim that shit for real my off. You're right. My biggest pet peeve is the grunter 's. And I don't mean, I don't mean normal runners. I don't mean like just a little extra power for that. Twentieth wrap when you're going for like a PR I mean like the fucking eighty throw that are like. That's solid expelling sloppy. There was a guy. Jim turtles made. There was a guy at my Jimmy other day. That was literally he was like singing gospel like, no. But like like he was like not possessed. But just what's it when the the spirits in you episodes? Yeah. But he was literally like praised Jesus law like inbetween his sets and later saying that everybody was really uncomfortable in the gym just kind of watching him. And I think my buddy got a video of an off to opposite way more weight though. No. Jesus. Jesus. Get you bottom. Did you Jesus? No. That was the first though. Do you ever? Get into ego battles with maple. No must is bigger than your mum. Now eagle battles like eagle versus your eagle like you. Fly in the sky and fight someone via eagle eagle fighting. It's becoming goatee stick. In the Czech Republic. I don't really. I don't really care too much about if if somebody's bigger than me, whatever I admire people that like, you know, they stand for something and they have good characteristics about them. You must have a giant dick, Brian. You do. No comment. That you. No. Arms. Also to watch. He's been on video for that one whole grown putt on the bang bus one time. Really do the cucumber in another life, bro. You're the Bangladesh. Master. Maybe I still am dude. You make podcast and make porn casts. What do you want from me? Yeah. You're right. It's a new wave as an idea. Bang bus Sadat. Yes. Already going into motion Riley talk about soon. I'll let you go. Oh. There's one thing. Our listeners can focus on to get healthy and get ripped. What would that be? Just start eating more plants. It's base. Pretty simple. Just starting more plans. That's actually true. I know behind that cutting out the junk, you know, it's really like people just by cleaning up their diet lose like ten pounds because they're normally having onto this like junk food cravings. You know what I mean? So you have the most control of what you eat whenever you go to the grocery store. So I would start there. Just make sure you don't buy junk. And don't keep it in your house, and you won't eat it. You heard it here. First, folks. Thank you for listening to the audio only extended QNA with neem, I dug out any my. Thank you, brother. Thank you. We'll see you guys next time. Thank you watching a pulse of de-subscribe and Rita. Dr do all the things.

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